The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTlstujo. Published .Daily Sscspt S-naay Tiiaes and ^Ce--ra Fublishis W. ULYE2B HAFEE, _ Secraarv and Treasurer. ?±uLH B. S PHIUP H. SISLE, Editor rtvsb-rg for 25 cents per Pries: and Aumu!!sr Girl Whom He Confessed ?»'ordering. PRETTY PARTY FR9GK SATES Single copies to sc^-s^bscriesrs.j-^cenca. ^ Mist as of Siri's ' syivams.; p~ s£; t a ··?. Ir.sar.-ty," GENEVA'- O NEW V "ORK A. i'BOSE B FoeiBj Crimina!, Shamming Coroner, t'J' Cable From S=ys insanity | ^ Runs in Family. ] Xev.- crtr. Sent. 17.--Stripping from York's river :i.urdt.-r Its mysier- ;jo!:ce bartd a «es; of crisis, leathered, they cl"iai by Rev. Haas -hm:*!-, confessed slayer of Anna Aa- er and »?·* :ail- Dr. Sresc A. Modernist by dav, by night alleged \Van-ads- One cer.c per tccrc eacn ir.s^rnc-n. j.v.e Srst cage position. Kesolutions of respect, poscrj per Ts-ord. T,-O --nt« a -word if guaranted! counterfeiter. __ TMy akd~22emoria.jns one cent · r.luret is under arrest, on a tec-am- j . ', c-al charge cf having in his posessioa " r. xjistoi !n violatioa .of the Sullivan 5 ·avv. Me "-as arrested after detecaves! ~O OUR READERS rn'-overc-d evidence -o shov.- that Sch-| « : 't was a co'juterfeitc-r. This evi-· ransacking Schmidt's apartments, had' At Stock Yards A carload n !^etlysur£o of riorses ana i v i i ies e Thirteen head of Males, t\vo and three years i!d. with plenty of bone and size, will make large mules \vhen matured. Twelve head of Range Horses with good size for general purpose horse or farm use. Sa";e 10 commence a; one o'clock, \vlaen reasonable credit will be given by, Horbes romey i WHITE CHIFFON MOST; APPROPRIATE FOR SMALL" GIRL. j As Mach Attention Given" to the Do- tails of Children's Wear as to That of the Grown-ups--No Fixed Waist .Une. r .. A Little Story Of a Big Town ^J^.A By M. QUAD Copyright 1£J3. by American Literary Press. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS I stood under a lamppost on Hester street, watching the overtired children i Xo" afore fhf*-r. ia grown-ups' is there 5 rested iyi lack ofj^raHety in Treariss ap-"" pare! for ehSdresI" Coats, frocks, liats --eaca - shows , interesting. "- little touches, "writes Cora' Moor© Is tee , j as they fell asleep, while sitting OB the j J 5te:*s, the inea as they smoked anc. : . Paragraphs of News Telling of the I Happenings in and about TOWP i - , _ 320 . ThOSC 3Irs. D. J. Swartz, of Baltimore ^ ten "davs with women as they dragged j !on;r and pur- j _ _ a bit here and tbere to stock · street, is _ _ -:he family cupboard., for Sunday. On J friends :n Reading. ", ,) ,". Canal, on Grand.-- aionj; tbe Bo'.very, i Mrs. EHen J. Thomas, has returned 'square, use" aud women | to j ier home in Bencersvi'le, after unusually sho-t just now, pre .^sum;? ia good nature as they j sp8n j; n g. several days v.-iih relatives as for the waist line, it ^ay | elbow eacb otber au^tbrous t^tor.3 | in tovvn Ger- ages are wearing | youthfulsess. ChiSoa seems hardly suitable for | children's frocks, even for ..wear at. | the most, pretentious parties, ixtit s fashion, sot always discreet, insists I uroa introd^eirs it for^ their small ladyships this year; and. since that is so, liere is a delightful" little model [ I that can be made up ouite inespen- Tiie skirt, gathered - T«itii a t'.vo- Urtie o'.d \vomtn who had j 3i rs , Charies Wilson, of East Middle so softly that I did nor stre et, Mrs. C. Doll ar.c Mrs. Will-am Doll, of Frederick, have returned from an extended trip to Buffa- jlo. XIagura Palls and Canada. While !t was hear ber. -V.'here do you Hve:" I as-ed, SUe pointed to a four story teai almost opposite. "Any family V "A sick husband and four children. at Detroit, Mich., they spent some time s:r. Suns Schmkic. ai; osslst^n* priest az St_ Joseph's Catholic ch :r-_h r.i ~5 \Vest On* ^Tc'Kr dis- gs, The Janitress 01 the ba:ld:n brought face to face with Muret, greet-j f^d LIKJ as Miller. iluret r unaware ot his iiipendii'-s apprehension, recos-! six'--.* her at once--and said so--as the | ..-oojaa from whosi he rented the Sat 1 under his pseudonym. Schmidt and jlaret, the jaaitress | said, asd IMure-t, admitted, had spent | Ions hours tosether in the fiat. The": told the renting agents that they were | rcedicai students and v.-anted the flat ss a place for making; experiments necessitated by their studies. What they really did, the police aliege, TTOS to experiment in coaaterieitiag. The] Kitchen v.'as fitted up as a dark rooin; a camera, a printing press, photographic supplies and other ecu-Ipiaent handy so counterfeiters, v.'as iound there.! ttr.t v.-hat the police relied on to rivet f? :-¥ ,, ^_ , Tv .- c ....-.,.f--.-. sirest. their case was a bundle of charred j ^^"\^, s "c.-nfe=se-i "i-it-rjirins a=d co;iatert"e:t bills under the kitchen rs.^irA^rms the bocy of Anna Aa=n sink, aaci bits of many other such bills charred by Sre, scattered through the four rooms. Inspector Faurot announced that his detectives had discovered evidence that Schmidt had burned one cf the sections of-the leg 01 the murdered i ·woman in a vacant lot in ilacomb's Place,- beween 151st street and 152d street. "This tip vcas given, to the police," he said, "by an employee of a contractor named ilclvnighr. On the night of September " a man -eras seen j walking into the vacant lot carrying a can and a large bundle. '"A fe'.v minutes later Sames appeared ia one corner of the lot. The ' man remained beside them. po m arlng on oil from time to tine, vrhen the fiarnes seemed to be dying out. He at the high waist line. S!:e kept looksHir bact and there v.-as j v.-ith ilr. and Mrs. iletzger. j Sixty s:: tickets v/ere sold at ths this 01 draaing caught ap-Tinder the encir- j -.jQ^r u-i." \ "Aisd as v.-e reached the upper hall i v.-e turned to the righc. passed down a j D:~.SM. Usil ruanias the otbtr \vay. and CGC eoposiilng the paj-cs o£ Uxe torso in; the Haflson river. The s--' ~'-"-is a. servant j in" the ho-^se oC-ar.other priest- Mystery , sarroun.llr.jf -the- SnJirs ot parts c£ the j bcJy baSled theTpoii- ^ o;partir.ep.ts*oi^src_,. cities, bat Xetr Tfr-i oScers rrere sue- j i compicta coniessJon.-froi sfifip.ooy "Verv \veil: ou. and I trill fol- Western Maryland ticket office morning for Hanover, bting fair \vc-e!i in cur neighboring iov.-.".. ilr. and Mrs. O- -J. Geraghty and the Misses Trinr.ars, of Philadelphia. ar» guests of 3Ir. and Mrs. Xeil McCoa- omy. at the Eagle Hotel. Charles E. Beatty is spending' some time -with friends in Baltimore. [ presently she piishtd open a door, aau 1 v.-r- c-nier«l :t room lighted by a saiok- ia-^ -aiap. T -John, children, it's a stranger cose to ee us." said the -crom.ia as 1 stood tiad Joofce'l about. Here «rere t~o smaii rooms, three oh::;rs. a cupboard. :in old table, a \vretc!:«Hl bedstead and more -n-retched fntsfiiaK. on ivhx-h lay a man. Across thft rcom vr:is a mnttress. on -n-hlch the children ~ere !yi:i? as I entered- In ;he other room 1 s:ivr a stove, a wash- tui. and ;i bucket of conL "Sit do'.vp.. ir." s:t:d the -- omaa as ;hu jilacefl =1 chsir. The husbacd looked to be Sfry years -·\i\- rje bad the bright eyes and the 'iov.- cheeks of a coasumptive- "Are you a doctor:" he asked as I sat street. Is spending several days -.visit relatives in Fairfislvl. \V. 31. HOTEL PLAN *i« t§ Bl Li|5 JSS W. jSiijW EAGjun nuJLJ:-!-' Hooms -with bath en suits Ha= ileConomy. Prop's. Special for tr.:s week ; and Boy's 23c ~o~_i c, Trimmer's 5 £i:ci I"'c Store. Highest Cash Prices Paid for all | -- FAH3I PP.ODUCS-- ! UEder Times OS.ce, Gettysburg. ; -JLt- iTGu -=ra3t a weekly paper get 'THE ADAMS COUXTY X ; More local reading matter tlian any other paper published. Price 51.00 per year. do this for nearly aa continued to hour. ·'O'Xeill, a detective, investigated this clue. Ke found that th'e can vvit'n a little oil in the bottom had been left in the lot. Bits of pillow ticking T,-ere lying about. It -was the same as that in the pillow vrhlch cor:ta:aea part of the torso of the mur- carec ~onian. CHAS. S. 3IU3IPSE --Firs Prool Storage-- ecc-uES for Furniture Hcusetold Goods storsd or-v length of time. "vT. JtL. 'lir'Ti --Paotcpraphe--- Gsrrysb-rg Soavenirs "Finally Detective O'-Neili fotmc a frasni«r.t of charred bone six inches long. Both ends of the bone had been j sa'K'etl oS. In the middle "iras vraat i seemecl to be the knee joint. It v; 1 charred so ba'liy. hovx-ever, that this ! could not be ascertained definitely, j !r_ the embers left by the fire Detec- j tlve O'Xeiil found part of a bu:nec ! · pr.otcgraph. The only thing that could i i ';e niade cut Sn the picture "'vas tne I head and shoulders of z. man v.-ear:nc; a clerical collar vcho stood on the rear of a train of cars. The naze "Frisco I ! nr'Tieare'l Hear the platform of the car osi ·which the man -vas :] :Len~ before Schmidt came to t:-. i j United Scales he had a bad rec.-.rd ' i Sirar.goly snoagh. this ea-ly record '. \ not aecone until Monday an . ,1 it v.-? sent to 7-Isr. T-avelle. rec:or c- ! I c^t. J'pt-Ick's CathcdrJal. ; -n ansvrer a. ca""."c jr-"5STse asking "It ^'-"7«s to be prettr- thorough' T^ave"" "a ; a " tha His record abrc; Msrfti/i spr White Chiffon for z Little Gin's Parry Frcck. cling of delicate pink chiffon, roses thac top the hem. ·The roses are also used about the Op n teadon "Bv London. Se^c. IT.-- A mysterious T.-aisc instead ot £ sash, though in back there is z. Gat bov.- vdth long ends_ of azure blue ribbon. The blouse is very simply mace on the peasant variety, vrith a round neck and elbovr sleeves finished with plait- i ~!ii!e yoa "No." - - -"The rent is overdue, br.t ^e haven't even bread to eat." he said. "I am not your landlord nor his nsrent- ! simply came up to see yots -- ro sec If you vrere sick, to see v^bat ·--ou needed." "John, you snovr ho-re- it is trith cs · asked him on tr.s- street -for money. autl he's COKJSJ cp -to -- to"' -"To see if yon tvere really in need of be!?."" I said as she paused. "Have TOU li::u any supper"" \Vc-stcrn Maryland Railroad is .Interested In Big: Deal. President -Tanies Fitzgerald and General Manager of TrafHc Capies, of the Western Maryland Hallway -?.-sre in Cumberland Saturday in consultation ·-vitb a number of Cumber- i-anders \vho have formed a company to erect a modern hotel along the raiZ- road. The railroad oScial? dined \vith. Benjan-in A. Richmond, attorney- for tha comDany, after *.vhich they looked over the ground and mec the promoters. Tir* railroad officials and hotel promoterj. ·sill hold another conference v.-ithin a. few days. Iz is proposed by the hotel neopie to erect a modem hotel on thn property, and the company include** seme of Cumberlar.d's most enterprising business meru , ed lace ruSing. The sleeves are set rp .,_ iai!S.~susar. potatoes and meat. ".Tu^t a crust for lilm. sir. but uoth- 'czz for the rest, and but for you the ·_-iii!dre:s would be crying Tfith hua- I'l! mind the house ;o ont- Get bread, butter. into dropped arsiholes and finished [ --YOU--you don't mean it':'' she j^jiv.'-iWi'-'-^. ~^'--_ *"* -*" "· ^ ,m* -- - - l l i racteage round in a street of -Corta mth a coraea seaixu Some or tae ruL- London ^as To and to eon :\:ain fifty-! ness ia front is draped up under two BRIEF FASHION NOTES nom Par s to l-onfion- · Scotland Yard admitted that the i rc-r.rls have ^csn. positively identified | cs~ Lhose' t::a* r-iatts up the costly nec-ii | Cubist designs are seen even in lace, jii; tne r-..:ce would say no morej so -- s o f jn e ne-nr corset materials. about the tr.arsr. i The blacfe and ^tite combination in Tic- r-ear.s '.ere found by a -srork-j ; OO fH-ear continues to be liked. :asn:cr. or. r : s v«ay from home. He) ^he croxva dent is a smart feature :asn:cr. or. r s v«ay . e Usmca t'v.r: over to the Srst police- j o j T f Le :oan ie :SA T"vo "weeks ago five Cha TMa:i ~^ro a-r-sted charged "srith com- 1 iici.y in the theft of the paarl necklace. -71.1 in the Sov- street police court vere rcr.:£3Qed TvithouT, bail for trfas. ?c-3iv z -".etectives continued to Tork Q- tli'_ · "-se. ana it ~as aKeged ::i£t -Kv^d.-nct- ^ras fosnd involving -^Q jaode- FreQuently such garments are luade over net. The newest collars on the fall coats are fastened. · allo'S' for cold felts for ccimtry vrear. Chamois yello"»" is one of ths colors seen among girls" topcoats. Nothing equals vrhite chineMlIa for the fashionable s_ports coats. Gold and green is fast coming to he cne of the iavorite combinations. Ail lace tmderwear is distinctly in nigh, at the secS; to atlier. ed ccats are liked for cress i WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Er-rpert; Electrical vrork, Repairs ar.a supp'ies. 22 Carlisle St. Phone S4 Y- 1 II! i j ) S yiS'r,r., Gerniar.y, Rt. Ilev. Gec-r 3"'ir;i::t ""a^; : -TT2 in .-.c-anss Germnr.;-. T'rio.^t 01 tho ·· c: Tr.:*:^- Or"a.r.O'": in 'j. f ---~. 5I::n ch :.···:· -.;ise o£ attem:.r..d o.nd -""sebarct"!. Snspcr.ceJ ·"· i for ih : s n^'i n5sj for ^:o?ont- «?:o.,-as in the theit. ?-.'.-. r-.-^k:ace ^as assembled 37-y..-. a Paris jeweler, and *-~ ·'*'" "*" "" * f -- :c"". the poi-cc. I -?.-ear; simple, straight cct garments for general tstHity purposes.. Coat chains are being mace of beads; steel intermingled Trith. cut j coral are favorites. ^~^ Uosats, Plnrslna Occu-j The most fashionable corset simi .-.o Were Hescued- j lates the uncorseted Sg-are- Stiff or AUTO 3U1N3: FiVE HURT C"' H-- Tue oi.-in rose up on his elbo~ to get :; better look at me. and I savr something- Hke :iJnrm in bis face. To qu: : i:m I saici: ""Tee t-;se is cieuf enough. You used to iret along a!! right, but sickness .,-:me: you could no ionger \rork: yon h i v e rescued your I.sst penny. Why -.kwr.'lu't I heip you :i bit?" -It's s.idly er.ou.2h "e need it. Gc3 .;i:ovv'b. but -- Iiat" -"But you can't make out -why J .-.ime up hcreV" "Xo. sir."' "·Weil, don't -worry about It- Queer -hJiiS^ "re always happening to all o:s. "BOTT Jcfss have you been ill':" .--Over :i year, ssr." "And ho»- hare you lived?" "By us:ag the feiv doILirs I had put ·T a a. i by sel'in-.: wiatev«jr we coaia -·j:;;^ until \-e nre ns you Sec c.s. I -::-f p:irrie-l n:y 5?. :i 'l.iy. sir. ::nd BC .;or man's l;ua;.y v.-as hotter cnre-;: COMING EVENTS Sent. 20--Foofc Ball. Bloomsburg Xor- inal- Xison Field. Sept. 22--Opening -week's engagement. Players. YTalcer'* Manhattan e. Dct. 4.--FOOT; Ball. Albright Nixon Field. Swedish, Bridal, Superstitions. tuH- In Sivedeir the bridegroora" hash's i:et I ?i"eat fear cf trolls and sprites, and all an. antidote against their power "lie . "A::.! todr.y yor. -ire pennliess :;:nzry?" "Avt,-. -ir. snd ss I In5« here 1"« ·r.t ray tlsroat if I hnd a knife." Bv .-snci !j"- :iS we talked. tbe~rnotbei n:3 children returned. 1 heard tht .:rter shouting, even en the towei -rr.irs. "Each fc::d n =oad. and tbe wirs- sevrs into Ms clothes various s t r o n smelling herbs, such, as garlic and rosemary. It is ciistonary to S1I thi? bride's, pcckst ^nrith bread, jrhich gives to the poor she meets on ·R-ay to the church, and so averts misfortune with the aims she bestows! Oa their return from church the bride* and bridesrooni visit their COTT houses and farms that the cattle may thrivi and multiply. Kow to Reckon i onnage. The method of reckoning a ressei'O tonnage, esrpeiiter's measurements, ig zs iOiio--s: For a'single-declr vessel; rnuJifpIy the lengtc of keel, th* breadth of beam, and depth of hold together and divide by 95. For it double deck vessel, multiply as before, taking half tbe breadth of beam for the dpth. of the hold and c|v:de by S5. - . Se;.t. 17.-- TV.-O constrained lines are a lions of the -' v tr.rr.«l r.fier =: :=\n;p. a bottle of win«- injure.1 siiS throe cth-j past, tn tr.e av.iOmob::e oil r T^ -3-t. ^ . 1 -·_· "-· ' ~ I are: Thomas Jacob?. :"r.i t '"\ · · ~ ~- . severs ci3ts al.o;;t heao i ~ ; a *» C'-. V.'o-rsr: r,'.sy Vote- ! r,:?. Xcir-.--'ands. Sen-. 77.-the parloic? · Bescs Tons \Vhite Inexpensive glass beads can 7 oe ^om to give the right tone 01 color .o the all-\*hite costume. Opajue 5 . c'c'ei o: tire depart ^eags are sold in chains snScientiy fceiurcd ar.d shotslde. long to ^ 2^3- the neck and drop .-.srely cs;_an3 jrn!sed j| ia ^ v-lij^in front--a line TMhich-is :·-. TJd var.J -1- Le-.-.s ann j a ~=tic ^^ inucn. more becoming -. c.i ar.a br-.-ascJ. | ^.j^ the rocnd neck line--for prices i rai:roa« t-a"k tbe cai vz ~^ s fpora 50 cents to Sl-50. These beads come in various shades of green i and are especially eSective in 5ade - nrr". refcrc "r.eZn caa'ej co j on They are also sold in yeilov/, ".5S ?ru.e :n srsat Can _ efi ^j, ; .rncu to death. For Tight Shoes. Summer is the season above ail oth- Announces her FALLM We cordially invite you to attend. Se|it_ IT.--Evan; ·was killPd by a! from the top ot a trclicy pole at' U s ; i i ' t Court 0:1 it' grouno, \vas barred by the on Red raspberry rows should bo atCKn slalate imitations. before going out. Do not put it in- 'side the stocking, merely inside the toe. :-.;· some other things. Poor so^i: -=;:e v,-;is laa::!s:Ji=: and cryir.a by torn? ·nd to have seen those forlorn cbil- iro;i sit do~n OP. tbe 2oor nrsd ent tb-? irv bread as fsinishiTJg ~o!ves devour . ^hcir prey ^ras soEiethias lo pain yonr "senrt. -It's rcn: meat- -loan." said the vro taen ns sne cnrne to bis bedside-- ·real meat, and real potatoes, and real s;:csir. astl tea. and tbere is a God iitei* all; -Yes. there is n CoS. ilaryr" he \vhispered as he wrept. Ar!d ·n'hi'e I sat there the vrffe cooked sup^'-r- Kn Q £l!e liuncer of a":i Tra? at:sSed, and tbe t\ro smaller children ] 2fter?vard krselt at the bedside and repented the Lord's Prayer and were asleep three minutes laler. It was only a drop, only a little ray of hope shining through the darkness snd gloom of their poverty and despair, bot to bave caught that one ray filled tbem witb ne\v strength to battle in the future, and 1 had touched elbows Trith still another phase of hu- !n Corr.pany- In mizec company, among accuamt- znces and strangers, endeavor to Isara something from zlL Bs stvift to hear; be cautious of year tonsue. lest you betray your ignorance and p^rhrps offend some ~io are present.--Isaaa Watts. Medical advertising \Vhen they fest come, the best tcne'to break them up. Oaestandard-xsnedyr-^ Ayer*s Cherry PectoraL "-'.-,*"Sol*2 -Tor TO years, ' --- ' ! « « · » » ^x . | Ass Your Doctor- - x.-.treii. Use Quleklinrs. fcrt plants spaced Uvo feet apart 5n the lov. (3.CCO to the acre). If you int, nd o ur.o hens for hatch- j , An earthen dish of quicklime placed in.7 sot tficni h, a dry place where the fn clouts will absorb moisture, act as is good. a disinfectant and kc-ep rats and mica manity. A THu, Pale OH ' It feeds -e=Iy; free fcaa carbos. Wa.verly Special Auto Oil Heal for ejer ait-cookd crwaler- cooled aulos. FREE--3'0 pars boot--all alxjst o:L WAVERLY OIL. WORKS CO. Pittsburgh, "J?«- " ^ GASOLINES LAHPOILS, The size cf the tomatoes produced uny be considerably increased if the number of bearing branches is reduced j to three or four and if the tips of these 3ALE: several choice building fronting on South street. Apply arc nipped off so as to 'encourage fruit R ^^ _ advertisement J r.Uher thaii stem_andjleaf production. \ . i -"

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