Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa on January 30, 1957 · Page 5
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Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa · Page 5

Oskaloosa, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1957
Page 5
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lOOIAMeUT w.d., j.., jo. ifif IXTENSIVE INTERIOR REMODELING at th« downtown Thriftway store, 224 First avenue east, is pictured above. All of the walls were repainted, the interior was decorated in pink, blue, and yellow, and almost all of the food display counters were rearranged both to increase space devoted to individual departments and to improve the display arrangements. The fresh fruits and vegetables department was moved from the east side of the store to the west wall, the frozen foods section was greatly increased, the meat department was moved to the rear, and all new shelving was Jni*a!!ed. (Herald Photo I 117 Famifies Moved To Oskaloosa In 1956 drea. Ton. IT, Judy, 9, sad Katkjr. 4, iiwton. la., to 1M» street; Mr. aad Mrs. ingston and ettUdresv Bobby, t. sat Jaw Pittsburg, Kam, to Ml nuee*st;Mr.a»dMra. and daughter, Ottumwa to tit I--» -. H. De Bok, from Newtcei to J.003 XlTlJA ·V*M*eJMI *··**» XBW MSID1WW *·***·* J? the city in December were Mr. and Mrs. Peart Wilbur, waft grown daughters, from to 809 High avenue east; Lena S. White from CMeafe to 420% north Market street; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swift from Des Moines to 206 north Second stoeet; Mr. and Mrs. Max Shaffer from Sioux Falls, SJX. to W8 a*f* avenue east, and Mr. aad Mrs. Dale Shirkey aad children. Sherry. 4. Mii-hart. 3, and Anna. Mae. 1, from Packwood. Ia_ to *1» avenue east. Records kept at the office of the Credit Bureau of Mahaska County and children, Sandra K«y, IT; William, 14; and Kathy Ann. 5, from 206 north Second street; Mr. and ] Mrs. Virgil Hudson and sons. Gary, '3 years, and Mark, four months. Sdwel moved into Oskaloosa Some of these families will be in Oskaloosa only a short time, some already have iroved to other places. However, most of them will remain in Oskaloosa and be- from KirksvUle, Mo., to 317 north ] fefanlcd Its First A street; Mr. and Mrs. Richard, to 1402 eouth **TM*: Mr. and Mrs. Donald D.j**«»«« «***; Mr. and Mr*. Jack «*H« -- chudren, Karen, 7; WUUunier and children. Jean. *, SIGOURNET. Deborah and Donald. 3, and Susan, JiB *. 6, Sue. 3, and Karen. X, from 3, from Emmetsburjr, to 1307 Sev- ] Hampton, to 819 C avenue reas cornea in many -Prog- different forma, and one noteworthy form enth avenue east: Mr. and Mrs.I « ast : Mn and Mrs. Richard Dau-! is aeen at Sigouraey'a achool for them have bought homes here. Almost all of them are interested in the churches, clubs, schools and other residents of the town. MOVING HERE in January were Sam Lappas from Centerville to 405 south J; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Franklin and son, Michael, 1, from Des Moines to 1515 south Second street; Rev. and Mrs. George A, Krengel and children, Barbara, 6; Tommy, 5, and Mark Z, from Bo-wen, m., to 1015 north Market street; Dr. and Mrs. Keith Campbell and children, Betsy, 2, and Scott, 4. from army service in Japan to 1016 High avenue east, and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Kitchell and daughter, Elaine, 14, from Shawnee, Okla., to 608 north I street MOVWO here In February were Mr. and Mrs. William Piper and children, Jeffry. 2; Deborah, 4; Sharon. 8, and Marv Jean, 1, from Cuba City, Wit., to 1104 Ninth avenue west; Mr. and Mrs. Marion Slater and daughters, Vicky, 2, and Debra, 1, from Spokane, Wash., to SOT south B street; Mr. Phillip Brondes and son. Phillip, |b*r Peterson and sons, Mike. 5. J'., 1, from West Palm Beach, i*nd John, 2, from Maquoketa to Fla., to 328 north Market street; 1420*4 College HOI avenue; Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neff, Jr., and sons, Teddy, 2, and Tommy, 1, from Wayland, !., to 923 north Mrs. Robert J- Knoepfler and children, John, 3. and Sarah, almost!happy lives. 1, from Sioux City to 473 north' retarded children, which opened last Sept 17 and Sa providing It* pupils with the opportunity to learn how to lead more ueeful and H street; and Mr. and Mrs. Ninth street; and Mr. and Mrs. Classes, under the direction of Mrs. Zelda Wickenkamp. teacher, Moines to 218 Rock Island avenue; Velma M. BunneH from from Pella to 1215 Third avenue east OCTOBER newcomers to Oskaloosa. were Mr. and Mrs. James George Reeves from Chicago, m., j Marion Den^ Adel and children, j are being held in the home of_ the to 415% High avenue west. '~ ~ " ~ ?TEWCOMER§ in June were Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Francis from Dea Duane, Iff, Jim, 12. and Jelene, 3, county nurse, Mm. Hartsaw. All types of facilities are being made available for these children, including outdoor play area., hot and Mrs. daughter*, Morton Seltzer and Candy Sue. 2, and Catherine, 1, from San Diego, Calif., to 113ft High avenue west; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Robinson and children, Steven, 12, and Leslie Ann, 10, from Shenandoah, la., to 1010 Tenth avenue east, and Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Jemison and son, Raymond Jr., from Newton, 413 High avenue west. MARCH XEWCOMEKS were Mrs. Kenneth O. Meyer (whose husband is in the armed forces), and son, Charles, 1, from Fort Hnacbura, Aris., to 703 south Market street; Mr. and Mrs. G. Globe, Ariz., to 411 north B R- SoDar from St. Joseph to TTni-! lunch facilities, and equipment adstreet: Mr and itTM Warwn Laf- versitv Park: Mr. and Mrs. Fred justed to the child's needs. street; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Laffoon and adn. Robert, 6. from Indianola to 1414 High avenue west; Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Eicher, and son, Donald, 16, from Fort Dodge to 111 north C street; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rose from Grass Valley, Calif., to 902 Third avenue east; Mr. and Mr*. Harvey Eaton and ·laughter, Connie, 1, from Tucson, Ariz., to 1109 First avenue west; versity Park; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Landon and children. Crystal, 9, and Wesley, 3, from Keokuk to 910 C avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. justed The national flag fbea e?ery school morning from it* ataff In the yard, reminding the parent* Donald Morgan from Missouri to and the community that education 812 Fifth avenue east; Mr. and;* for a 11 children, and It should Mrs. John Francis Hughes from j be and is provided on the indmd- Des Moines to 424 north Second 'oal basis -- for each child accord- street; Mrs. Mescall Barker and children, Sharon, 10, Sue Ann, 8, Sandra Kay, 4, Shyrc!. 2, and ing to his or her need*. The school is available, without additional expense to the parent, Mr. and Mrs. WflUam Sager and! Sonya, 1, from a farm near Fre- j t°* *H children mentally retarded children, Pamela, 9; RoSert, 7, and j mont to 414 south J street; Mr.; in » manner that permits the use Janene, 3, from Danville, la., to i and Mrs. Jack Keller and daugh-1 °* » apetfal teacher such a* Mrs. ter. Donna, 15, from Gibson to 110 north Third street; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fletcher and children, Wickenkamp. It is under the joint auspices of the Sigoumey and Keokuk county 514 north Fourth street; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mogren from Mar- shaUtown to 202 north Ninth street; Marian Smith from Des , - . , . Moines to 518% First avenue east; j Tommv, 15 and Ronald, 9, from ! Mr, and Mrs. A. P. Windahl from Los Alamos, N3L, to 608 north! visor, is assisting with the pro- Mrs. Ina , Duncan, Kenneth, 17,! boards of education. Miss Kathryn ' ~ " special education super- a farm near Gnnnelt to south Eleventh street extension; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Miller and daughter, Debbie, from Ottumwa to 906 Sixth avenue west; Rev. and Mrs. John Olthoff and children, Harry, 9, and Mary Alice, 4, from WeUsburg; la., to 320 north Sixth street, and Mr. and airs. Ray P. Hermes from West Des Moines to 317 north Fourth street; Lois I street; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fox, who have one_ married son, from Knoxvffle to 310 north Fourth street; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Harvey and children, Arlen, 16, and Mary, 6, from Bussey to 204 north Ninth street; Mr. and Mrs. William Klotz and daughter, Carolyn, from Decorah to 717 A avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. David Tansey and baby daughter, Jennifer, from Engelhardt, from Ocala, Fla., toiHumboldt to 1004 Fifth avenue 32114 north C street; and Mr. and! east; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Foster Mrs. Joe Wiusler from Moulton, la., to 810 Third avenue west. and children, Kathy, 3, Stevie, 2, and Tommy, 1, from Mason City Richard Tonslinson and sons, Gary, and alrs Newcomers in July were Mr.' to 2322 Ninth, avenue east; Rev. S3lA ' aA ilrs . Donald Calhoun and . 14, and Douglass, from Des Moines j David, 4, from Fort Dodge to 709% ! daughters, Nancy, 8, and Judy, 4, to 1011 Fourth avenue east; Mr. j A avenue 3.^. ilr ^3 ilrs Ed . \ fj^^ Aitkin, Mont., to 105 Fifth and Mr*. Kenneth Holden and war( j Koob and ___. _ _ , , _ ·»«"« .ivuuu HJIU uuuoren, j eWdren, Terry, 9, and Lynn, 3,, 8 ^ T 3 fr Dakota * . ' ' from Ottumwa to 207 avenue west; Mr. and Airs. Robert Krejci from Eldora to 511 First avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raines and daughter, Deborah, 3, from Ottumwa to 308 G avenue west; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jackson and children, Chester, 17; Ralph, 12, andjTMTM.* sister, la., to Shady Lodge; Mr. and Mrs. Carter Johnson from Hamburg to 807 C avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. George Wood, who have three mimed children, from Sioux City, to 517 Sixth avenue west; Mrs. George Foreman, whose husband is sta- H. L. Peterson and children, Joyce , tioned in Alaska with the U.S. Ann, 17, Pearl Kathenne, 15, Hil-, air force, and children, Patricia, lis, 13, and Bonnie Ellen, 11, from j 12, Penny, 10, Peggy, 6, Priscilla, gram. Transportation is provided by daily from the homes. The cost of j the program is shared by the local j districts where the chfld Hves, by! the county board of education, and 1 the state. I The class is purposefully directed from the beginning of the day' at 9 a. m. up to each child climbs happily into the car headed for home. ' These children learn to do things for themselves -- even to help 1 others; they learn many tasks within the scope of their handicap; they learn to becorre good citizens. Yes, That*s Bight, Times Have Changed! "How That is the Have Changed''' on one of tne 603 TM T M avenue west, Mr. and Mrs. to o8 G a v n « d G e « from ^ and 1 to 501 Sixth aWnue east; and Mr. ! - ^ dna Allenf from |and Mrs. William B. Coszadd and ' ! cnadren B ilene, 4, and Vicky. 2, to stones in the suto section of tne 38-page Annual Improve- Edition, published on Feb. Housto Tex to 412 souUl Pat ,, «. Mr. ,, . Don tb. Madison to 420*2 College Hill ave-j nue, and Quenfan Woodward from, Ottumwa to 403 C avenue east. S street, Jeral- , Freed, from Nashville to . t s t e e t : S t r f of April were Mr. and Dachenbach and children, Judy, J 8; Susie, 7; Reid, 4, and Rex, 1. ( from Beaverdam, Was . to 603 First ( avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hackett from Coriung tol 609% A avenue east; Mr. and Mrs.' Lormie Borders from Iowa City to the Elmhurst Country club; Mr. j and Mrs. Robert McCulloch from! What Cheer to 414 north Fourth street; Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cooney and children, Marcus 4; Dennis, 3, and Patrick, 1, from Knoxville to 808 Ninth avepue east: Mr, and Mrs. Dean Carlson and sons, Ricky. 2, and Chuck, i, from Humboldt to 515 C avenue west; Mr. and Mrs. John O. Woods, who have 5 mamed children, from Great Falls, Mont., to 513 south D street; Mr. and Mrs. LeJar.d Hunter from Delta to 705 ! £ Fifth avenue east, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nelson and children, Cynthia, 4, and Jeffrey, 3, from Des Moines to 1013 Fourth avenue east; Rev. and Mrs. P. H. Peterson, who have four married children, from Mystic, la., to 1327 Ninth avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crane and sons,! Monte, 5 months, and Jackie, 3,; from Cedar Falls, to 413'£ north, Third street; and Mr. and Mrs. Bachen, and children, Bruce, 4, and Christine, 2, from Knoxville to T03 High avenue east. NEWCOMERS in May were Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Woods and children, Ricky, 9, and Maria, 4, { from Villisca to 1101 High avenue West; Mrs. foes W. Messer from MarahaHtown to 107 C avenue Mr. and Mrs. Irvut Simon west Mo. to Mr. y avenue Mrs John HERE m August and September were Mrs. L. J. Havener to 519 Second avenue Dr. and Mrs. Harold O from Gnnnell to 115 Third avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Nehls. who have one grown daughter, from Le Mars to 1111 Fourth avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. James Peters and son, Ricky, 2, from Leon to 1024 Fifth avenue east; Miss Kathryn Gumer, from northwestern Iowa to 1515 south Second street; Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Garrett, who have_ three grown daughters, from What Cheer to X 916 north Market street; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rupe and children, Jack, 15, Judy, 13, Bobby, 11, Dons, 10, Linda, 9, Johnny, 6, and Jimo., to avenue east; Mrs. June and Kenneth, 13, from Waterloo to 511 1 /! First avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Fuller and children, Wendell Jr., 13, Delphine, 10, Susan, 7, and Jimmy, 4, from Monroe, Wis., to 1042 First avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Klabnok and son, Randy, 1, from Hamilton to 213% Rock Island avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curtiss and children, John, 2, and Mary Carol, 1, from Rushville, Neb., to 824 High avenue east; Mrs. Gawthorp and son, Leigh, from Lansing, Mich., to 707~ Second avenue east; Mr. and Mrs. W. B Pollock and cml- ' Mahaska county had 1,980 aufs in 1916, when the first official count was made throughout tre t state. Iowa had one car for every The following makes of autorr"-- were advertised in that rogress edition: Saxcn, Paige, National, Cadillac (with V-type engine), Paterson, Dodge. Dort, Hudson, Ford, Reo, Buick, Studebaker, Chevrolet, Auburn, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Overlara, Willys-Knight, Haynes, Maxwell, Oldsmobile, Cole, and possibly others that were overlooked. HOURIHAX GARAGE Joe Hounhan has erected a. 20 by 22 foot garage on south Eleventh extension. It has an , overhead door, a, walk-in door, I and cement floor. Hoarihan plans i ' to erect a house on the lot next and will use the garage in!I 1 conjunction with it. ! Oskaloosa Home Of i. NEWSPAPER! "WHERE SPENDING IS SAVING" Now In Our 18 th Year in Oskaloosa! Iowa's L A R G E S T Independent Drug Store Since May, 1939, when we opened our store in Oskaloosa, we hare lived up to our originally announced policy of giving you low-cost prices on nationally advertised drug store needs. We have enabled the people of southern Iowa to enjoy the low metropolitan city prices on Drugs, Cosmetics and Farm Needs. We know that the people of Southern Iowa have appreciated our strict following of this policy, because they have given us a,steadily increasing patronage and found that shopping regularly at May's will save them many dollars each year. Two Registered Pharmacists on Duty Fast Friendly One of these men is en duty at al tunes, and win give you prompt courteous service when you bring your doctor's prescription in. REMEMBER . . . our low-price policy applies to our Prescription Department as well as our other lines. Prescriptions here, are filled by Registered Pharmacists* from the very freshest, highest quality drugs. There is no 'skimping' and cutting corners. We take no risks ... and neither do you. Fred London Charles Lenger coupon UBIUE HASSOCKS for Adults and Children Your Choice Reg. $3.98 $1.98 Regular $12.95 Seller CUCKOO CLOCKS Wolf Bros. Creekt or Hunter CIGARS 2 for Canister $3.95 CIGARETTE CASE $100 100 -- S-Grai« ASPIRIN SPECIRl COUPOn UfllUE Rocket Bank REG. 79c SELLER WITH COUPON INSTANT SPRY Msriionol Alcohol with 2% Permanent ANTI FREEZE $1.50 Yah* Infra-Rcd HEAT LAMP coupon umut DOLLS 3.99 Reg. $5.95 Seller $1.00SlMSMferfli AFTERSHAVE LOTION CAMERAS 1 to $19.95 SPECIIU coupon WHUE HOSTESS 10-PIECE MATCHED Cutlery Serving Ensemble 3.99 '*· IVV^/V',"*?'*

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