The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1913
Page 3
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PEOPLE OF, CURIOUS CUSTOMS; READY FdR IMMEDIATE USE Laplander*-Live, In Primitive Style,' .Holder Makes Sure Thai String, Scis- Following-Their Own Ideas of j \ sors and Paste Are on Hand Comfortfand Recreation. ' When They Are Wanted. "TCTxile civilized man suffers intensely from cold feet every winter, the Laplander, living in tie far north, of Europe, has no such troubled A traveler -writes: "Their boots are also made of reindeer skin, and. are ·worn, very large and the toes are pointed and curve upward, so as to be easily slipped into their ski. The Lapp usually fills his boots balf full -with, a pe-" culiar green grass, into - which, ne- thrusts his naked foot; he then packs" the boots full with more grass, racks the- ends of ills trousers inside and binds, them tightly round with many turns of a brightly woven braid. 'iVIth. these precautions they never suffer from cold feet, and chilblains, corns or such like civilized complaints are- an unknown horror to them." Concerning other customs the same ·writer says: "The Lapps are essentially s. nomadic race, and spend most of their lives wandering fancy free among the wild and glorious scenery of their nothera home. However, at times no doubt the stillness of the frozen mountains becomes EDO still and they turn their herds and start toward their nearest meeting place. Twice a year they hold these general gatherings--at Easter and midsummer-when they congregate and hold a general fair. It is OE these occasions that they celebrate their weddings and funerals. The revelries last only about ten cays, but many marriages take place between couples who perhaps have never met previously. "As soon as a Lapp can aSord to buy enough reindeer for himself he leaves the parental tent, takes a wife and roams away wherever his heart or reindeer dictates. There are no social cisunctiyns in Lapland. Should a, man have no reindeer, or possibly have lost what he had, he travels with a rich man and helps him tend the herd, but he lives and fe-ds with them is the same tens, and Is quite on a social equality, until he can afford to start oZ with his On~n herd." String, scissors and paste are threo j things that are often required at th same time and are seldom at hand ', when they are wanted. It is therefore-, well worth while to make a neat little receptacle for them in which they I way be placed and kept together. Our j sketch shows a handy little article for { this purpose made with the aid of an ) old cigar box. j In making IE a bos of a suitable size must be selected and the !iJ re- i. moved, 2s it will not be require;:, and; the box afterwards thoroughly cleaned i both, inside and out. A division :s ; sized across the center, and this can ; either be made o£ earebcard or yos- i sioly a piece can be cut to fit iron ; ihe lid of the bos and fastened ia its j place with a drop cf slue. To smoothly cover the bos -.vlih \ thin silk or seme pretty renj:ia:.t of cretonne is an easy matter, and the \ material can be- folded over the edges ; and underneath the box aaI fastened | In ;;c3:tjon -..i;ii any strong auliesl-. a. '. One divisi"^ is used for the siring ] U2! the other for the i-ss:e, ar.i la | front there 2s a strap into v.h!cU a :air cf scissors may be slipped. This Httl- arcici-'vii:! be "found me~ usefu: upon the willing t^.-if-. a:;d r-er- naps another more rcuzli'y made j _^ ;,,£,,, n ^ . £ .. r-\**n~^ -« ,-ir. . '-· ~ *-S. *-.-,- I -^i.*^TM^ --i--- ^1. .-,..t.V.d I.p^_l I-- ^ -- · t C S - C~ - I I EASTERN MOTIF FOR BLOUSi ALREADY HAD MAXIMUM LOAD Trooper Had Good Reason for Altovx- ing Horss to Go Without Rec. u'sr Equipment. There were few horses left la. the livery stable o" a certain ruddle Jer- sev town when tee local cavalry ccrs- paay went out for maneuvers. la. face, a number of cabmen had gone our. of business for the time being in. order that the eavalryme-- might, iiave mounts. Trooper Bright was on a steed .which, readily captured the prize for the most gaunt, tired-looking, and moth-eaten, creature ever see^. on a parade ground. "Say. Bright," said a companion, after he had recovered from, tb.8 first shock, "what, is thai: you're or.?" "That's a horse," said Bright not at all brightly. -"Well. Ill take your --ord for It," replied the other. "Did yon. Icaow that he'd cast a shoe?" ·Tep." ""PThy didn't you stop o-r ar t£e garage and get him shod?" "TVouId save, but I didn't thlirk: lie could carry saore than three shoes." --New .York Evening Post- Persian Farmer. In Persia one or the chief occupations is farming, but It is carried on in such a manner that it can hardly be called such. If tie Persian -- ould follow the example of our --estem farmer his country might be very fertile, but he pays little attention to irrigation and cultivates the -soil In the crudest way imaginable. This crudity conies from two causes--poor implements End natural indolence. The Persian plow is a crooked beam of wood frith, a bit of iron at the end-- It is just such, a plo-sr, docbiless, as the "ancestors of Abraham used in the plains of Heso- potaraia. It stirs the soil to tie depth of only an inch or two. Persian indolence is well illustrated by the fact that in hoeing one man holds tie hoe while another pulls it tip arid down by means of a rope. Oriental Needlework ence In Given Prefer^ These Dainty Articles cf Dress. Japanese and Chinese embroideries 'iave ever been considered artistic, .nd this season shows a market! prei- rence for the eastern or oriental 5'aiy of the loveliest blouses are ·mbroidered in the colors one sees a the lovely cloisonne vases. Select a soft Japanese siik in white ·r a iale tint and, using a pctiem vhich exactly Gts, cut out the blouse, jn the front ar.d sleeves stamp a "apanese design of cherry blossoms, hrysasthsnsueis, butterflies or roses nc erabro-Gr with silk in tones of rory pink, pale rretr., dull green, Ice and yellow,, using a icng-ancL- hort stitch. If you desire to have year blouse it sheer white !:~en or batiste, em- 'roider the design In -shite or ceies- !al blue, using 'mercerized cottort. A v%hite voile blouse made with ilcr collar and turaec-back cuffs ~ould be effective if emoroiderec "ith a Japanese design. \\1iize crepe de ch:ne or soft satin aakes z. dainty blDuse. and you win :nd it an easy material to em- ;ro:cer. These Styles for Men Women Children WAUKENPHAST' fSS^Sft^htiSf^ DAINTINESS iTS CHIEF C-HARL1 Simple but Decidedly Attractive Gcwn fcr V/hich French Voile Would Be Appropriate. me gown shov.-:i in the crawing oda;- is of dainty French, voile, simply inace. bu: most attractive. Folded blue satin * ' ^ ^ , little vest o: naco frcm the Sviariomurcj -C--""-o TM-- il3 · haze myself"' - '' ie; Medical Advertising BOY'S SKIN and PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 20,, 191-3. The undersigned Executors of the will of Henry A. Young-, deceased, will offer at; Public Sale the following valuable "Personal Property and Renl j Estate at the late residence of the j widow In Cashtpvm. Pa., viz: 1 wal- [ t r.ut parlor suit In fine condition. 2 fine j j marble top centre tables, i parior s ' clock. 1 walnut extension table. 1 six | i lee drop leaf cherry table. I marble mills Ot Valuable Real Estate ·, Sept. 27th, '13 The undcrsiiinefl wi!! ofier at Publi lock Cured By Our KeHable Skin Saxo Sahe. Keaa the Father's Stt-rj-. ilr. Arthur Ti'hltinsn. 7a-. sav=: ''Fcr G-. cr a year Remedy, j o large rocking- chairs, i set snrinjrs. 2 mattresses, bedding- HOUSE and LOT Got His Answer, en the Sev. Jobn ilc-STeil was holding revival services at CardiS a young man one Eight, tniaking to perplex the preacher, senr up a cote jco the platform tvith the reouest that the qtiestion bs p^iblici^ ar swerea: "Dear Mr. McNeil: If you sre sees- ing to eriiishten young men. Mnfily, tell me who was Cain's wife. "\Ir McNeil reaa the note, ar^d tSjsn, sxnid breati2:ess silence, said: "I love young zaea--inQtdrers fbr trutii especially--and should like to give tais you^g man s. wore of aS- vicg. It is this: Don't lose your soul's salvation looMug after other people's- wives." Proving Daughter's Innocence. Ida Black had retired irora tie most 5i°ct colored circles for a crief space on accoaai, of a slis^ diScaltr coa- neeied with, .a ge^tlesaa's poultry. yafd." Her mother was oeios co^so.eo. bv^a- white.irzenc. "iWhy. Aaur Esther, I was ID sorryito near about. Ida--** ^aiarse John, Ida ain't nuvrer denr chickens. Ida wouldn't do sica a thins! Ida wouldn't denieange herself to rob nobody's hen roost--and, anyway, deia old chickens wam't nothing ·t all but feathers when we picked '·?£!."--Lippincott's. Better run a dairy without a dog than have one that is irritable to the cows. Many kicking cows are caused by the dogs nipping at their heels. SEPT, 23-26. Reduced Rates via Reading Railway On sale September 23rd, to 26th, good for return unti September 27th, inclusive. PRIVATE SALE JACOB A. STOCK, r of .Tac«'5« Stock «:cx-'.-a=e: PUBLIC SALE of IIou.sshoM Goods on PUBLIC SALE ; TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 23d. 131G. Tho undersigned intendinE: to qua '£-?:;: SM lizzie appi;ea oo- ero cf caizty lace. The short sleeves re finished with a narrow c"^f c~ lacs dainty undersiceve of net. The hree scant fiounces are Swished by s -jblic sale at her res;:eT:ce TWA! Aprons for the jreat convenience to the travese s a toilet apron. It is a small oiicioth , ^ ipron, that buttons snugly about the j £ .va;st- It is fitted witb many pock- ] t :ts of various sizes for the various j £ :olie* accessories. The damp sponge, j J the cake of soap, There T .v";! be a festiva 1 and chicki tennul Hill SchooMvjas^ onSnturdar ( 2Oth. The money to be iised to purchase S e t e m b e r t-asy po\ver j hand v.-asher made of steel and pieads. i ! f-n-.-vr.-- i i t J l i / C S pir-Ore^SUre s'.-alc?, :; pairs s'tcelyarns, 20 yards CO,.,)-., lUdi^CS ·; ] C , hrusseis carpet. S O yards ra-carpet. ; \vhich is easy, frictionlcss and ;; : harmless. Circulars f r e e . . tss toothbrasfc. as !.,. ruirs. lot of sheets. ouiit? " hlanh-els. tov.-e!s. napkin? linen. -1 linen table clothes, jrlass- !A prCHirum to tnose DU}"in^ v.-are and qnecnsware of alj kind ·locks, chairs, cries'. ha!l_ racK. ewin^ machine, l.itcnen cabinet, ioablc heater, c«al stove, like new. zas ranee. v?ed bnt a short time, oil leatcr. nf'-yds. orussD's carpet, sro^d -ondilion. oA yds. inatiing. * linoleym, TJ:T?. picl".:rcs. samps, one a psar.o well as the tnany other articles wbit should be kept firy. can be pui easily ;s the pockets of this v.-aterproof j ^^--- - ,,r= =_= ---- aproa. and will, therefore, nlways bs ] a , I . nai , n ,, ra :j5 n:u: , K ; : ;:,;;;KiKii!:i::H5iiiiiir.,:iJ.i!5i::!:HHi!n:::H:i:!i:ni i;j::::::i:!'!HHJH:J:iinng in place when they are needea. Th:s J = " = sort of apron is especially convenient when one is traveling on a train. It can be made at home, or can bc- bousht for 75 cents. our a^er.t. DAVID KNOUSS, : - ^..x^s". knives and forks. 2 washbowls ! amp. carpet ^.weeper, curtains, ar-^ T , - , -. .* - i . i * I --.-rt--:?-. T^^.lfc: \v:n«!O\\- s;r:nfies. Tt»r- piicJiers. 2 :amps. lanterns, 11 ] r«rs, -i 5Sii irons, table oilcloth?. " i ·.ards fioor oil cioth. lo ir iere?. o nancs. ror- pi:iov.-s, «","j:L.=!. ruanssts. coi.r.- ?. hnmc made linen, cus-hi^'i?. of dishes, ard other china, kit ran ·a- A V iledscal A Furniture H:rvt. To clean deeply carved furniture uss a soft sponge, squeezed as dry as possible cut of tepid v.-ater, to which a little turpentine has been added, cud go over the carving- It will take up all cust. Hub dry with a soft cloth. and you will he delighted with the result. If a hog niisses a feed watch him; _ he niisses the second feed, remove him j = from The herd and thoroughly disinfect = "-."here he has been. - 1 1 T~- t - f^ uiCkiVlLXtraCtS V^OIIl s*.. TJ " Oivcs Inslani 'rpnnc-i cherries, raspberries, ar.d can- j *cr. ''.coi^. i -.-(! tomatoe?. icsHcs of ail kinds. 5 ] S^lo to _ ^ __ coni:rc;:cc at - o c.uc.;. 1" C . S --;i t- r-* ** "^ ^1 % ' l Ci v Ot »"«-* Ci V A PI - 1 1 j ( l « l r, 20th = ; T- is- 1 ri:j3j,-:..V O-rn 8-,\;ra«-tor i= t " - - ' - ' - ' - - = ;-k re!. ^ Vv ». iK: '::-.'p:-fa' i i"^l' r;i: .:ser ;i,- 3 . early Rc^e potatoes. l^»"- onons, j wheelbarrow, r'rind-sione, lot of haro i , ,, r5ck c - n ; c - KCn conps and eg? cases, j phovels. rake.- and hoes, work bench, i ^ a n::re forks, set. of planes, hand j ' t a v.-;;_ drawing knives, wood saw and j T.IRS. LUCIXPA B ·\\ n ;v is s- --:;("· a s ,ini'^ Kxtractcir--: j U ]Teis. " "i-.i any in-! ror1 I!ia ev '' r cr s. These are | ! All hours, day or night, attention guaranteed. ga'c to commence at one o'clock' sharp when terms and conditions will J. H. P.IESECKSR. loo. J. Mavt^, Auctioneer. R. n. Breum, Clerk. V .NFW SPA PERI (FWSPAPFRr

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