Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 9
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FEBRUARY 8 1 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NINE CEDAR BACKING CORN-HOG PLAN Members and Non-Members of Farm Groups Supporting Control Program. TIPTON (;P--The "cow testing war" which gained nation-wide publicity for Cedar county in 1931 is almost forgotten--farmers have turned their attention to the corn- hog production control program. According to Emmott Gardner, county agent, all farm organizations ia Cedar county are supporting the adjustment program. County and township committees include members of all organ rations a 3 well as farmers not members or any organization. The original county temporary HISPERED Great Complexion Secret! rpOhcr friend she con- J- fesscdthtsecretof her flawless clear while skin. ) Long ago Bhe learned that no cosmetic would hide blotches, pimples or sailownces. 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Your choice oc MAROON, HROWN, MGHT ,.BE1, ALL-l'INK or GOL.I) DUST "It Is ante to .save un a/Craven Plate," Visit the nearest ,!'Cra l ven'; ; pm.e_Bhopi* as eoon as possible,.' U"'"wiiV pay you to' go 'many miles to take. advantage of this offer. \ · , - ' OATS"DAY SERVICE "Craven" Plates arc sold only In CRAVEN'S EXCLUSIVE Plate Shoppes ( L i f e l i k e T t f l h ) If you dralro I n f o r m a t i o n aboat plaits--WRITE--Vml will be «tl- MVCMVU by «turn ninlt. 18 1st St. S. E., SInson City 020 Grand Ave. 408 Locust St. DCS MohiCB 117 2ml St. S. E., Gednr Rapids ·U2 Nebraska St., Sioux City All Grnuni] Hoar I.ocnflons ro I'lioncR--Vim Pt 'ot Ji'wrt An A p p o l n f m e n t :ommittee of 17 included about six i'arm Bureau members, six Farmers Union and Farmers Holiday asso- iation men and five not affiliated with any group. Sentiment Indicates Support. Gardner expects 80 or 85 per cent f the 2,000 farmers in Cedar coun- ,y to sign the corn-hog contracts. Some, of course, are opposed to the program, a few will not sign be- :ause they cut production during the past few years in line with agricultural outlook recommendations if the state and federal extension ervice. Sentiment among businessmen and several farmers interviewed at ·andom indicated excellent support of the program. E. F. Walshire of near Mechanica- ville, president of the Farmers Union local and ex-president of the County Farmers Union, is chairman of his temporary township corn-hog committee. No Concerted Opposition- According to him, there is no concerted opposition to the plan. A few iarmers of all organizations are opposed to the program, he said, but most of them are willing to sign because of the opportunity to obtain cash while they adjust production to profitable demand. He said that nil but one member of the Farmers Union in his township signed the contracts. Walshire, besides supporting the corn-hog program, is a member of the corn loan warehousing board and favors an adjustment program for beef cattle. Walshire signed the contract on his own 276 acre farm, agreeing to reduce hog production, from an average of 236 to 177 head a, year and corn acreage from 92 to 73. Will Get ¥1,250. He la a breeder of purebred Angus cattle. His benefit payment in return for this redvictioa will be about ?1,250. Only two or three farmers so far signed in his township will receive benefit payments of less than 5300, Walshire said. One man will receive approximately $2,600 and another 51,300. The Longfellow-Evangeline park of 300 acres in St. Martin parish, Louisiana, stands as a memorial to the Acadian maiden in exile and to Henry \Vadsworth Longfellow, who immortalized her in his poem, "Evangeline." CWft! Men Here's A WORK SHOE that's really T O U G H ! A K n o e l t o u t Bargain! F u l l grain Blkskin leather uppers. Ex tra heavy long-wearlne composition soles--LEATHER INSOLES, sturdy conn Icr pscVets and leather back slays, roomy u n b o x e d toei, hall billows tongue, I fl mocrtn ffltnitv SHCK srofct · 18 So. Federal -- Mason City 39c Pennolene Motor Oil, 20-30-40 Grade, per gallon, in your container §1.50 Glass Frost Shield 9Sc 75c Glass Frost Shield 49c Rubber Floor Mats for Cars 77c and up Butteries Lunch Kits Complete $1.18 K. L, MICHAELS, Owner 102 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. Interurban Schedule Leave (Mason City Leave Clear Lake '(5:15 a. m. Except. SMI. 5:35 a. m. Except. sm. 7:35 a. m. " 7:UO a. m. 9:05 a. m. 8:10 a. m. 10:55 a. m. 10:05 a. m. .12:35 p. m. 11:45 a. in. 2:25 p. m. 1:35 p. m. 4:05 p. m. 3:10 p. m. 5:05 p. m. Except, sun. 5:05 p. m. 6:05 p. m. 6:05 p. m. Except. Sun. 7:55 p. m. 7:05 p. m. 9:35 p. m. 8:35 p. m. 11:10 p. m. 10:35 p. m. Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad Company CWA WORKERS SHOVEL SNOW AT WHITE HOUSE 10 Day Extension on Automobile Licenses Will Soon Be Over A total o£ 6,700 automobile licenses have been issued for 1934, according to L. L. Raymond, automobile clerk in the office of the county treasurer. This is considerably ahead of the number issued last year before the penalty was applied. The clerk called attention to the fact tbat those wishing to get their licenses without penalty must make their payments and sign the registration cards some time this week. The 10 day extension granted by the state department will then expire. Now all v/o need ia a P. C. T. to provide the cash for taxes.--Cedar Kaplds Gazette. Instruction School Held. OSAGE, Feb. 8.--A school of instruction for new officers of Bethany chapter of tr; Eastern Star was conducted at Masonic hall Mo: "iy afternoon by Mrs. A. L. Lenz of Mason City, instructor of district number two. Some 20 guests being present from Hasan City, Charles City, Nortliwood, Manly and Traer. Some of Washington's CWA workmen got jobs shoveling snow from the white house walks i\s the capital full Us latest touch of winter. {Associated Press rhoto). Unique Requests Are Sent by U. S. Veterans to Fidac 3 aris Headquarters Obtain* Certified Records From War Physicians. were arrested yesterday. Three other men were killed in gaug shootings, one is in the Missouri peniten- tiary and the other is reported to be in Florida. Help Kidneys · It poorly functioning Kidneys »nfl Bladder make you auffer from Getllnfx Up NieMs. Nervousness, Ifhcumntio .·. Pains, Stiffness, BarninK. Smarting. 9 Uchfnar, or Acidity try the guaranteed Doc Ear's Prc scri it tion CystcxfSiBn-tcx) --Miirt «* yon up or monw back, PARIS, Prance--Unique requests j lave come to headquarters of the ac here from American veterans since the passage of the economy act, according to a statement of H. W. Dunning-, assistant secretary general, of Fidac and department commander of the American Legion for France. Fidac is the association of veterans* societies of the allied countries in the World war, the Legion being the member society in the United States. Some of the requests taken from ijunmng's statement follow: 'Veterans stricken from the compensation rolls by the economy act want certified copies of records from hospitals long since disbanded; others want certificates from doctors who have treated them during the war; some seek comrades with whom they had served. Three Recognized Occasion. "One Legionnaire, who had aeen shell shocked while serving with the Belgians, gave a description of the event vivid enough that three Belgians who had been present recognized the occasion and recalled him. "A Legionnaire has requested that an Italian doctor he found. He treated the Legionnaire when both were prisoners of war in Germany. "One American, writing from the headwaters of the Amazon, re quested true copies of his French military record in the Foreign Le .gion, stating he had lost the originals in an encounter with an alligator. "An American aviator 1ms aslted the official account of an aerial j combat he had while sen-ing with a French squadron in ISIS. This was obtained for him. He had shot a German ace through the thumb. 20 Requests a Week. "An average of 20 requests a week come from the United States from American veterans for medals issued by the cities of Verdun and Chateau-Thierry to Americans who served in those sectors during the war. An American veteran who lives atop the Himalayas in India, cited three times in the Order of the Day of the French Army, is among those who have requested these medals recently. "Fidac has supplied plans, specifications and photographs of 40 and 8 wagons and French pre-war locomatives to more than 150 voi- tures of the 40 and .8 in the United States. Recently a request was received from the 'horns of the chef de gare.' The president of the Association of Ex-Service railway men of the Northern Railway company of France was contacted. One evening he and his little son brought these horns to Pcrshing hall where they were formally delivered in the presence of Dan Gihbs, grand chef de gare of the society of the 40 and S of France, and are now on the way to the Grand Voiture of Illinois. As a matter of information, they consist of the horn used by the engineer of a freight train and that used by the brakeman. The chef de gare uses a whistle." EDNAPiNG GANG SUSPECTS HELD Farmhouse Fits Description of Dr. Kelley at Time of Abduction. ST. LOUIS, Feb. 8. (^)^-A weath- ;rbeaten St. Charles county farmhouse, pointed out yesterday by Adolph Fiedler, former justice of the peace, fits the description of Dr. Isaac D. Kelley of the place in which he was imprisoned when he was kidnaped April 28, 1931, authorities said today. Fiedler has given authorities the names of eight men and a woman he said were responsible for kidnap- ing Dr. Kelley, who was lurod from his home at night by a fake Kick call, and Inter released unharmed. | Three of the mer and the woman Perfect Fit » Correct Style if you wear Jensen Glasses · O P T O M E T R I S T I.lvi'rg-ootL Bros., Ma sort City P. G. and E. EMPLOYEES CLUB * A N N U A L DANCE COME! "It'll Be an Evening- of llhythmic Splendor!" J O E K A Y S E R A R M O R Y M O N D A Y FEB. 12 $1.00 PER COUPLE EXTRA LADIES 25c J O E K A Y S E R AND HIS VICTOR RECORDING ORCHESTRA "The Band That Played for Sally Rand" STARTING FRIDAY SPECIAL STARTING FRIDAY NO ALE WINTER ILLS , in this Family! Winter months are sickness months . . . epidemics spretid faster . , . the death rnto is higher. There arc several reasons-1. Food SPOILAGE--from storing- thing's in warm kitchens or cold window boxes. 2. EXPOSURE of food to the dust and germs of the air with disease resulting. 3. 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