Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1954 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1954
Page 15
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J-EG^NOTICES NOTICE OF ANN1J.U, SCHOOL KI.KCT10N Isolleu la h e r e b y ijlvoti io Ihu ijimllfled electors of flu, Imlepcndonl School MlhtVlc of Million Clly In the Cmmly ,t Ccrro G o i d o mid sinlc of Iowa, t l i n l lh« a n n u a l f,!?, V'l "T !?"'''* °' "'" « ' · ' » " · " · i l u l will )u lK-ld on Uic sucond Monday n M n r c l i , 1954. ( M n r c h 8) at whlci Hue- L m ' m,i!'. 0ll 7* *"! ",," °" cn /ro '» 7 "'"'"i* · .in. u n t i l 7 o'clock p.n,., of ii.KI day Voi riK pieclncls and polling place* lor nni f / m hB . vc " eun ""'a 1 '"*'"!'! by the lows' "·'''"··'aTM of said (((strict as fol- Flr»t Ward Precinct -- Scliniil A d m i n - UlriUlon Illdw,. 120 K. stale Siren. Kir"" Nw"" 1 J ' r c S l n c t ~ Court -Hon.... places I n t e r m e d i a t e thereto viii Iowa Highway* 14 and S7 ami U.S. H i g h w a y 1)5 In Mill-shall, Grundy, l l a r d l n . Franklin nml Lcrro Guriio Counties, lowii, The purpose «f this application Is to roniovo restriction u n d e r Cerliflcnlo of Convenience and Necessity No. 822. The Commission fixed Monday, March 22. Iflj-l, (en 10:UO o'clock H.III., ul the iifflco of tho M a r s h a l l County Auditor, A l n n i l i n l l t o w n , lowu as tlinii and place for public h v a r l i i K on thin application, IOWA STATE COMMEI1CF. COMMISSION I M V I O II', LONG. Chalnilrin .IOI1N M. HOPES, CoDiMiUsloner CAIII, W. R E E D , Commissioner ATTEST; Gco. 1,. AlcCnughan. Socrelury Dieted at Den Mulnei, Iowa, Feb. 9, 1054. Docket No. H-415G m rt mcnt, 13 .S. Delaware Avc. 1'OKrtb Ward Precinct -- S n Chevrolet Garage, IB s. W a s h i n g t o n · " One director to bo ejected for a tnrce year lerin lo succeed Mrs. L. vv Swan- «on; one director to be elected for a t h r e e y o n r tcim lo succeed L. H. Benson; u treasurer to bo elected for n two year term to succeed Hnlph E. Wiley February 12, 11)54. II. I.. M A I N , Secretary iioard of Directors i NOTICE OK TUB A P P O I N T M E N T OK A D M I N 1 K T R A T O H S No M-m' 10WA tV ' n ° G0nl Notice Is h e r e b y given, t h a t t|, c . u n d e r - ·Igned have- been d u l y a p p o i n t e d and i i u a l l (led an A d m i n i s t r a t o r s of Hie estate of A l a r l l r i N. Tn«e*c(t, dcccahed, lale of Ccrro C.rirclo C o u n t y . All persons Indebted to said estate are rcciueslcd lo m a k u Immediate p n y m c n l i and those having claims n j i i i l n h t the same will present thorn, duly a u t h e n t i c a t e d , to Hie midorslcncd for allowance, nnd Ille In the office of the Clcik of the J X i i l r l c t Court. A1AUT1N E. T A f i E S K N A N D MRS. A T I I A A , T A U K S E N CEO. It. L U D B M A N . Attorney D j t e J I'Vlmiury 10th. 195-1. C. II. M a c P E A K , Clerk District Court By JO ANN M U L L E N , Deputy OFFICIAL NOTICE B E F O R E Till-: I O W A K T A T E COMMEIICE COMMISSION To The C l l U e n i or A l a r k l u l l , Grmitij, l l « r i l l u . Frmikllii A n d C e r r o G o r d o Cnuiitlei, t o w n . Notice Is hereby given H i n t llos Freight Lines, I n c . , M a r a h a l l t o w n , Iowa, hau made application to the Iowa State Commerce Commission under nutnorlty of Chapter 325. the Code. 1950 as amended for a Cert i f i c a t e of Convenience and Necessity lo operate as a motor currier of i m r n n l a l e f r e i g h t between M a r s h n l l t o w n . H a m p t o n , and Mason Clly EXCKP.T for the triuupor- tatlon ot f r e i g h t lo or f r o m points and tit IN Till-; A D J O U K N K J ) JOINT SfKBTlNrt (H- TIII-: COUNTV IIOAHDB OF E D U CATION OF CICKHO . (ionno COUNTV, IOWA AND HANCOCK COUNTV, IOWA. In The M a i l e r of the V E N T U R A C O M M U N I T Y SCHOOL DISTRICT Cerr« Gurilu a:id H a n c o c k C'nuulfex, Stale dl law* F I N A L O l t D K K J t U U N t i O N OIIJEC- TIO.VH A N I F I X I N G I I O U N O A K I I C K FOB Tin: P J I O P O S K D SCHOOL C O H I ' O I I A T I O N UK IT U K M K M I I E H K n . that on Ihc 3I«t day jf December, 1933, a petition was filed w i t h the County Superintendent of School* of Cerro Clordo County, l o w u . sl«ned by 629 q u n l l l l c c l votern realdliig within the territory described In said p e t i t i o n , such number beliia more I l i a n one-third of the n u m b e r Of q u a l i f i e d voters rcKldlnu w f l h f n *afd territory, as evidenced by the a l f l d a v l t x of Sldrley A. Coe, Clear Lake Township, Cerro (iurdo County, Iowa; A i t l i u r F. A b u l , Union Township, Cerro Oordo County, l o w a ; M a x D i e t r i c h , G r a n t Township, Cerro Goido County, l o w u ; M a r r y S. Uuunliinz, KlilnKton Township, Hancock C o u n t y , I o w a ; A l v l n Meyer, Conconi Townshlii. Hancock County, Iowa; ICdwin A. T h l e m a n n . 1C 11 Township, H a n cock (,'fnmly, Inwu; qualified votci s re- Kid Inn w i t h i n said territory, in Die Towns h i p s set opposite their n a m e s above, which a f f i d a v i t s were and art- a l l a r b u l lo said petition and filed t h e r e w i t h , which a f f i d a v i t s show separately as to Cerro G o i d o County. low'a. and as to Hancock Counly. Iowa, the n u m b e r of qualified electors In lhal part o( each county Included In the proposed, boundaries, and which petition a*ks lhat a reorganized icliool d i s t r i c t , to bo named Ihc V B N T U H A C O M M U N I T Y SCHOOL IMSTHICT. In the countlei of Cerro Cordo and Hancock, Slale of I o w a , be established w i t h i n and including the contiguous t e r r i t o r y described and set l o i t h In said p e t i t i o n . The said p e t i t i o n establishes and shows t h a t the County Superintendent of Schools of Ccrro CJordu County, Iowa, is the proper o f f i c i a l IDi whom Auoh petition should be filed. That w i t h i n ten days n f t - r said petition was f i l e d , the County Superintendent of Schools ol Cerro Gordo Counly, I o w a , did FARM SALE The Following Machinery and Livestock Will Be Sold Wednesday, February 24 *t 1:00 P. M., af the Farm Located 2'/ 3 miles North of Britt and 2 miles east; or 2Vi miles North of Duncan and IVi miles west-25 HEAD CATTLE 6 Holsteln Cows 2 Shorthorn HeLfers 1 Guernsey Cow * 5 Holstein Heifers. 1 yr. old 2 Purebred Shorthorn Cows H 1 /-, , 6 Springing Holslein Heifers A S ° Calves 30 HEAD SHEEP 30 Head Young Colombia Ewes, will lamb t a s t of April, and 1 Buck. 400 Bales Straw 500 Bu. Oats 500 Bu. Blackhawk Beans CHICKENS--125 Leghorn Hens Tractors and Farm Machinery FORD TRACTOR, new in 1950; Lift Type 12 ft. disc for Ford Tractor; Ford Cultivator with front end attachments; Ford Plow, 2-bottom 14", slats; Drag, 5-secrions, new in 1950; 2 Rubber Tired Wagons and Steel Flare Boxes; Tractor Jack for Ford Tractor; New Idea, single row, corn picker; Power Mower, CASE, 7 ft.; INTERNATIONAL No. 52 Combine with motor; J. D. "B" Tracfor with manure loader; 44 ft. KELLY RYAN Elevator; Speed Jack and Hoist; Side Delivery Rake; Manure Spreader; Umbrella for Tractor; FORD Heal Houser; SELF-FEEDER; and other items too numerous to mention. T E R M S : CASH or make arrangements with your banker. J. P. STROTHER, Owner Ben Reemtsma, Garner, Auctioneer Hancock Counfy National Bank, Clerk Ai this farm has been sold, I have decided \o hold a Public Auction Sale on rht former Markers farm, 5 milts south and 6 miles east of Maion City or 1 mile north and 7 miles west of Rockford, or 5 miles north of Cartersville or 6 miles east and 6 miles north of Rockwell . . . on THURSDAY, FEB. 25 commencing at 1 :00 o'clock 21 HEAD OF CATTLE 4 Hereford cows; 6 block, Whiteface cows, 3 to 7 years; T Guernsey cow, good milker; These cows are bred to a good Hereford Bull to freshen in Summer. 10 Head 3Vz to 4 months old calves. MACHINERY F12 Farmall fractor with powerlift and cultivator, overhauled last spring; Mounted I. H. C. Corn planter with wire and fertilizer attachment; IHC 2 bottom 12-inch plow; AC l!-ft. tractor disc; IHC 20-ft. folding evener lever drag; IHC Spreader; Steel Hare and runnina gear; Wood box and running 8««r; Tractor hitch horse mower; 8-ft. grain binder, 4 years old, in excellent shape; 40-ft. Farmer's Friend elevator and Hoist; Wood Bros, single row picker, good shape; good two year old oats turner; Spring tooth endgat* seeder with grass attachment; Feed and hay bunk; Stub pump; Motor and pumpjack; McCormick Deering cylinder shelter. Other mljc. items. i .. . ' ' 3 portable 8'xlS' hog houses on skid*; 2 brooder houses 10'x12', all in good shape. 400 bu. of Ames No. 2 Oats, bright and suitable for teed with a test weight of 36 Ibs. per bu. Good Oil Heater with fan. TERMS: Cosh or moke arrangements with your banker. Homer L. Freeman, Owner Bob Pedelty, Auctioneer First National Bank, Clark f i x Die 18th doy of .January, 1531, al 12:00 o'clock noun, an Die f l u u j Onto lot f l l l n j i olijectloiia In Ihc. petKlon In tin- oHlco or nuM county suporlntcntlenl, and illrl Klvu notice for at leant ten days, |jy publication in the Mason City Globu- Cinzottc ncwKpapf)-, published In Alnuon C.'lly In UK Usue of Jimiiliry fl, 1951, Cerro Uordo County, lov/n, there lcln« no ni;w j)u))ll(i)icil In tlic territory In »alil petition for i L - o r K a n l K o t l o n , tu all Pomona rcsldlnx or o w n l n « land w i t h i n lliu tcirllory ilcHcrlbcd In Iho p«litlon, or who would ho Injuriously nffemcd hy the pulltloned for, t h a t all ohjocllont to Urn proposed r«o)-«anl/cd school d i s t r i c t he In w r i t i n g In liin form of nn »f(l d a v l t , and muni he [lied In Iho office of Ihe County Superintendent of School* of C'erro Oordo Coiinly, Iowa, at AJnjoii City, Iowa, hefon; noon on Ihe I D l h i l n y of Jaiuiary. 1954, the dale f i x e d by Jtalil county miperlnleiident of echools for hearing upon »akl o))Jectlon5, That, nt the samo time iho County Sup e r i n t e n d e n t of School* of Cerro Goido C'ounty. (owa. fixed the 18th day of J a n - u a r y , 1034, nt the hour of 1:30 o'clock P.M. of sitlil day. In the Courtroom al the Counfy Courthouse, at Mason City, n Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, ai the lime and place and called a Joint meeting of Ihe County Hoanln of Kducatlori of Ccrro Uordo County, I o w a , and Hancock County, lows, to be held, at said time and place, to act an n slnKle board for the hearing of Mild objections. T h a t thereafter, the Counly Hoards of Education of Cerro Cordo County, Iowa, anil Ifnncock County, /own, met In Joint nt the t i m e and place so fixed, Ihe s a m e belnjj In the Courtroom In the County Courthouse at Afaxon City. Iowa, al 1:30 o'clock P.N!., on J a n u a r y I H , 1954, as board for the hearing of NaiiJ objections. Objectors and Interested persons were heard, and alter reviewing all objections and hearing e v i d e n c e In support thereof, and w i t h i n Jive day* a f t e r the conclusion of *Md hearing, the gairl board ruled upon all objecllons filed and entered an order f i x i n g boundaries lor Iho proposed school corporation an, In It's J u d g m e n t w a s for the best Interests of all p a r t i e s concerned, h a v i n g due re- for the welfare of adjoining districts. The Bald boundaries were n e i t h e r those petitioned for. nor those f i x e d by the county p l u n s of Cerro Cordo County, Iowa. or Hancock County, Iowa. Thereupon the liearfnx was a d j o u r n e d "to the 10th day of February, 1954, at 1:30 o'clock In the nflernoon ol said day, al the Courtroom Jn t h e Counly Courthouse n l Maton City. ' i n Cerro Cordo Counly, Iowa. The r u l i n g upon objections and order t l n K boundaries, above mentioned, was published in the Mason City Globe-Gazette, In . Ihc J a n u a r y 29lh. 1051 Issue of . said newspaper, and the C'ounty Superintendent of Schools of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Have notice for said adjourned hearing by one publication In Die January 29th, 1954, issue of saM newspaper, ax required by law. n o t i f y i n g all persons residing upon or o w n i n g land w i t h i n the proposed reorganized School District lo be named the "Ventura Community School District" as petitioned for by petition filed with the County Superintendent of Schools in and for Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, on the 3lst day of Dti-cmbcr. 1953, Including hinds l l n Cerro Gordo Counly, Iowa, and JIan- cock County. l o w n , and lo all person* Interested in the f o r m a t i o n of said school district or who would be Injuriously a f - fected by the f o r m a t i o n of the same, and lo al! persons who have requested to be Included In the said proposed district, t h a t all objections to the establishment of the V e n t u r a C o m m u n i t y School District wit!) boundaries as fixed in said order, must be in writing In thi! form of an a f f i d a v i t and must be filed in the office of the County Superintendent of Schools ol Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa, not later than twelve o'clock noon on Ihe 10th dny of February, 1954, and of the adjourned hearing to be held in the Courtroom ot the County Courthouse at .Mason City. Iowa, on February 10th. 1954, at 1:10 o'clock P.M., lo h e a r evidence and arguments, and to fix the boundaries for the proposed school corporation or dismiss the petition which shall be f i n a l . The t e n t a t i v e county plans of Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa, and Hancock Coun- ly. Iowa, were, on January 21, 1954 amended by the respective County Boards of Kducatlon of said counties to conform lo the boundaries fixed In said order o the Joint boards, pursuant to the rcqucs contained in the petition filed. The adjourned joint meeting ol the members of the County Boards 1 of Edu cation of Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa, nnd of Hancock County, Iowa, acting as board for the hearing of .objections w*n held at .the Courtroom In, the County Courthouse Jit .Mason City, lawn, com mcnclng at 1:30 o'clock P.M.. on the 10th day of, February. 1954. and certain objections harlng been filed pursuant to said notice, as follows, to-wil: CERRO oonno COUNTY O B J E C T O R S I.V G R A N T T O W N S H I P N a m e of Objector, D e s c r i p t i o n nf P r o p e r t y James P. llansen. SW U of NW 14 Sec- lion 16; and S of NE /t Section 17 Clarence Holmes, E Vi of SW '.i less SE ',4 of SW Vt Section 18 Sw«n H. Lovlk, E !i of SE Vt Ot SW Section 18 John L. Albers. E '.4 of SW Vt less J S E H of S W . V 1 Section 18 · Henry G. I l a u g e n . E V* of NW Vt Section I B · W '/« Section I'll NW '.i of NE ',i Section » \ Omer C. Krnrner, NW '/« Section 20 Alfred and K l i r l e d a Wolwood, NW Vi iecllon 23; K Vi of SW Vi Section 2»; and 17 Acre/i In W V4 of SW '/* Section 23 and iolnlng ihe ICast rt W a l t e r Ex««rth, S V4 of NE V, Section 3; W Vt of .'JW '/i of NW / Si:r-lion ·*; H Acre* Iti 81* corner ill N l-'i-l. 'A of NK M iection 3 more ptmicuiru iy dcHcrihfd In he objection Mm. Clara Hall. N Vt of NE 'A lcs« f r a c . n SE ',i; also 18 Acres In NW'A Section 1 . i KI.I, T O W N S H I P If. If. Thlcman. NK',i Kircliori as · HANCOCK C O U N T V O l i J K C T O K S KU.INGTO.N TOW.N'filllf* C. E. Larson. SW U Section 35 Dorothy and Ernest P r l n g n l t / , N Vi ol NE '/. nnd SW '/« of NIC 1-i Section 34 E m m a and Louis B. Olson, SW Vi Sec- Ion 34 Alma and Arno Olson. SW /« Section 31 A. H. Hoeft, SE '/» Section 3G Lillian and Dale I ' l t k i n . NW ,' Section U o Alex Rom E«Utc by A, J, Haw/ion, Trustee, NW Vi Section 34 Don Knudien for J. C. Tyficn, E ',4 ol N'E Vi Section 33 Mrs. Ida Larson, SW \'\ Section 35 Klla and Ole B. Pederuon, SW Vi Sec- Ion 13 Marilyn and James Odon, SW ',i Sec- Ion 13 Arnold I). Paulson, SE Vi Section 14 Pearl and Bennle Olson, SE i Section 4 Donna and Leo L n v l c k . SK Vi Section 13 C'ON'L'OKD T O W N S H I P Carl Hollatz. NW ','· of NE V Seclion 11 Conrad HollaU. NW Vi of NK Vi Section 1 Nellie n. and Albert W. Bird, SVz of iW '/« and NW Vi of SW Vi Section 2C H. M. Walker, W V4 of SW V, Section 23 Elijah Kennlnger. S !i of SE Vi and N'B Vi of SE Vi Seclion 26 Elvira L. and George H. IJonle, NW Vi section 11 M a r i n a and Wm. Boehnke. NW '.'i Sec- ion I I : and E V4 of SW Vi and NW Vi of iW Vi Seclion 3; and S. of Uitch NW i lection 3 Luella and Edward Boehnke, NW ',i Sec- ion 10; SW Vi of SW Vi Section 3 Mra. Lena Hall, NE '/ of NE Vi Seclion S V4 of NW Vi and NW Vi of NW Vi Sec- Ion 3 Margaret and Magnus Anderson, S 16 of S'E Vi and NW Vi of NE Vi Section 4 Dover Kramer. NE Vi Section 10; N Vi of W Vi Section 14 Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hayes. NW Vi Sec- Ion 10; SW Vi of SW Vi Section 3 Bella N. and W a l t e r C. K u r t z , NE U of S.W'.Vi and NE 20 Acres of SE ,i Section 2C A l b e r t Haugen, W of NW '.i Section 18 A l b e r t and Louise Haugen, W Vi ot SW Vi Section 18 J. W. flchl, NE 54 Section 18 Foster nnd Nelda Behl. NE Vi Section 18 Fred Wilson, N of NE Vi Section 17 Ethel Klsner, E V, of NW Vi and SW Vi of NE Vi Section I B George Klsner. E V4 of NW Vt and SW Vi of NE Vi Section 16 . CLEAR L A K E TOWNSHIP Mrs. E. M. E a s t m a n , E Vt of SE U Section 35 Lillian Holmes. W ,4 of SE «/« Section 35 Cecil Cox. SE \'t Section 35 S a m m y S p l l m n n , E BO Acres of NW '.'t Section 27 Howard L a n K . NW Vt and the W W of NE V Section 35: and S V4 of SW Vt Section 26 Carl L. llardln. NW VI and the W Vi of NE Vi Section 35; and S M: of SW Vi Section 26 , C. Louise Clausen, NW Vi and S Vi of NE V' and n portion of the N \i of NE Vt Section 28 Mnrvln and Margaret Peterson. NW Vi and S Vi of NE Vi and a portion of the N Vi of NE V4 Section 20 Ashlon .and Max S. Hugh, W 36.91 Acres of NW Vt Suction 27 C E R H O GORDO COUNTY OBJECTORS OUT ' G R A N T TOWNSHIP Spcnce nnd V'cra A b r a m s , SE '.i Section 18 Robert Kuhri, E VI of NE V* Section 19 Erwln Owen. NE Vt Seclion 20: and NW Vi of NW Vt Section 16 U N I O N TOWNSHIP Union No. 6 District by Allen Skjele, President nnd Garnet Hansen, secretary Sections 13. 14. 2,1, 24 Earl Bardsley SW Vi of NW Vt Section 13 E. W. Ethcrlngton E U of SW U Section 23 Elmer and" Garnet Hah.icn SE 'i of NW U Section 13; and the E 50 Acres of the N Vi of NWVi Section 13 SPECIAL OBJECTION Fertile Consolidated School District by L. B. WoUc, President and Wayne Van- Den Bosch. Secretary No description HANCOCK COUNTV OBJECTORS I N E L L I N G T O N TOWNSHIP J. L. and Lulu L. Tompkins. SE '.i of NE Vt and SW U of NE U Section 27 Henry J. Askland, S Vi of NW 11 Section 27 ' Pauline Wcttcrllng, N ',4 and SW VI of SE Vt Section 27 Erwln and Lillian Wcltcrllng, N V4 and SW Vi of SE 4 Section 27 C. II. nnd Pearl Slrecpcr, N li of NE Section 27 Hnlph Caffrcy, SE '« of SE Vt Section 27 Erna Olson, NEly 5 Acres of SW l'i Sec lion 35 Earl Anderson, SE li Section 33 Mrs. Clara Hall, W \t of SIC Vi Section Vernn nnd Norman R n n k l n , E Vi oC SE Vt Section 3J: and SE Vt ot NE J4 Section 34 Emma Irollatz. E Vi of SE li Section 34; and SE V4iff NE Vi Section .1-1 · ' ' . . ' / CONCORD 7OWNSHIP Raymond ami Huby Boehnke, SE Vi Sec' linn 10 . ,. . '::'.··. ; v ' v , · . . ' . . E. T,:«nd Evelyn'·. tJoelinko. SE Vi Sec tion 10; W 14 of NW Vt Section H; ami SW Vi of SW 14 Section H WU1l«m F. and M»rthR S; Dorow, of NE W Section 11; W V4 of SW Vi Seclion l l i SE Vi of SW '/i Section 11: NE '/« of NW \'t Section 14i NW Vi of.NE Vi Section Lorcn W.nntl Francos Eslnl, NE '/« of NK '/, Section H: W V4 of SW ,V'« Section I t ; SE U or SW Vt Section I I ; NE 'A of C O K C O H D T O W N S H I P Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Peterson, S V4 of NE Vi and NW Vi of NE Vi Section 4 E m m a and Herman J. Pucggel, E V4 of SE Vi Section 11; S Vt of NW Vi Section 12: and NE Vi of NW Vi Section 13 Agnes and Harold Quintus, NE ' i Section 35 Henry and Meh-ln Hollatz, E Vi of SE Vi and SE ',i of NE Vi Seclion 2: NW Vi of IW V. and SW U of NW 'i Section 1 Amelia and Wm. Gclner, N A of SE V-i Section 4 Minnie and H. H. Ollenburg. SE 'i of S'W Vi and E Mi of NE Vi and SW Vi of NK V-i Section 14; S H of NW Vi Section 13 Ruth and Norman Juhl. SE Vi Section Mr. and Mrs. Harold H a l l . NE Vi of NE 'A Section 4: and S Mi of NW Vi and NW Vi of NW Vi Section 3 Nettie and Kenneth Haynes ( a g e n t ) , E Vi and SE V'« of SW Vi Section 14; Vi ol SW Vi and SW Vi of SE Vi Section 13 Helen E. Hoyt. W Vi of Section 35 Birch and Barbara Robison, NW Vi of SW i and S H of SW Vi Section 25 Wm. C. Schow, SE Vi Section 3 KI.L T O W N S H I P · Earl Rygh. NE Vi Section 2 Ruby A. and E a r l Quintus, NW Vi Section 2 Mr. and Mrs. Gene G. Seim, S V4 Sec tion 2 Matilda and Wilbur Carr, S Vi Section 2 Mrs. B. E. Vail, SW Vi Section 1 Evelyn and Lawrence Radloff, W ''i o! NW Vi Section 11 Carmen and Lynford Back, E 60 Acres of SE Vi SecUon 24 Ed. D. Buntenbach, W 100 Acres SE Vi Section 24 Fred 11. Ban. NE Vi Seclion 24 Doris and Eugene Grelmann. NE Vi Sec lion 24 And now., to-wit. ,on too: 12Ui. day o February, 1954, within five days after the conclusion of the adjourned hearing, the County Boards of Education of Cerro Cord County,. Iow«, and Hancock County, Iowa In joint meeting, acting as a single board having made a careful review and investl gallon of the merits of all objections, anc having heard all persons who wished to be heard at such adjourned hearing, being fully advised in the premises, and havlnj due regard f o r , t h e welfare of adjoining districts, and h a v i n g determined -such boundary" line as will in the judgment of the members of the said joint board es tablish the best possible reorganized school district, the Joint board docs hereby rule on the objections as follows: R U L I N G ON OBJECTIONS 1. That the objections of Robert Kuhn; Earl^Bartisley; E. W. E t h c r i n g t o n : Elmer II. Hansen; Garnet Hansen; C. E. Larson; Mrs. Ida Larson; A. H. H o c f t ; Ole B Pederson: Ella 'Pcderson: Marilyn Odom; James Odom; Arnold Paulson; Hennie Olson; Pearl Olson,- Leo Lovlck; Donna Lovick; Carl Hollatz; Conrad Hollatz: H. M. Walker; "Elijah Fennlnger: H e r m a n J. Pueggel; Emma Pucggel: Harold Quintus; Agnes Quintus; Melvin Hollatz: Henry Hoi a t z : H. H. Ollenburg; Minnlo Ollenburg; Nettie Haynes; Kenneth Haynes ( a g e n t ) ; Earl R y g h ; Mrs. B. E. Vail: are hereby overruled and their lands hereinbefore described are included in the proposes district. 2. That the objections of James P. Han sen, Jr.; Clarence Holmes; Swcn H. Lovlk; John L. Albers; Henry G. Haugen; Albert I l a u g e n ; Albert and Louise Haugen: J. W, Behl; Foster and Nelda Behl; Fred E. Wil son; Ethel Klsner; George Kisner; Mrs E. M. E a s t m a n ; Lillian Holmes; Cecil Cox; Sammy Spilman; Howard Lang: Car! L. Hardln; Ashton Hugh; Max S. Hugh; ilcnry J. Askland; Earl Anderson; Edwarc H. T h l e m a n n ; are overruled and their lands hereinbefore described are excluded from the proposed district. 3. That the objections of J. L. Tomp kins; Lulu L. Tompkins: Pauline Wetter l i n g ; Erwln Wctterilng; Lillian Wetterllng; C. B. Streepcr; Pearl Streepcr; Ralph Caffrcy; Erna Olson; Mrs. Clara Hall: Vcrna R a n k l n ; Norman Rankin; Emma Hollatz; Evelyn Boehnke; E. T. Boehnke; Raymond Boehnke: Ruby Boehnke: W. F Dorow; Mnrthn S. Dorow; Loran W. Estal: Frances Estnl; Omrr C. Kramer; El fricda Wolwood; Alfred Wolwood; Walter Efserth: are hereby sustained and their lands hereinbefore described arc Included In the proposed district. 4. That the objections Dorothy Prlngnllz are overruled an to the loutlrwest Q u a r t e r 'SW Vi) of the N o i l h - a»f (Juiii'UT (NE Vt) ul Section .14, KJIIng- na Town»)ilp, Hancock County, luwa, «nd t U included In the proposed i l l a t r k t ; and u n l a l n c d an to Ihe North H a l f (N V4 of he N o r l h c a H l Oiiurter (NE /t ol Keci'on 1, !C!iin«lon Township, Hancock Cuunly, «wa and U Is excludes! Iroin the propose!! I M r l c f . !.'. That ihe objection* of Erwln Owt-n re overruitd as to the Northeast ( J u u r t e r NK i,i ill Seclion 'M. Grant Township, r i o Gordo County, Iowa, anil H is in- lulled In the proponed d i s t r i c t ; and u » t u l n t d ax to the Norlbsvcsl Quarter NW Vi; ol the Northwest Quarter K'W '... f Section Hi, G r a n t Township, Cerro Gordo :onnly. I o w a , and it IK excluded from the roposed district. 10. Thai Die objections ol C. Lnulie :iauKen; M a r v i n K. Peterson; M a r g a r e t 'clejsun; are overruled us to the South lalf (S l i of the Northeast C j u a r t e r NK '/) and a portion of the North Half N Vi) of the N o r t h c a m Q u a r t e r ' N K Vi) f Section 28, Clear Lake Township. Cerro lordo Counly, I o w a . and. It U excluded rom the proposed d U t r l c t ; and sustained s to the Northwest Q u a r t e r (NW Vi) of ccllon 28, Cerro Gordo Counly. I o w a , and t In included In the proposed dlstrin. 11. That the objections of the Hoard of Direclors of the Fertile Consolidated chool by L. ·!·.. Wolfe, President, and A'ayne V a n D c n U o s c h . Secretary, anil the ndependeni School District No. li of Union 'ownshlp, Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, by Mien Skjele, President, and G a r n e t H a n en, Secretary, are hereby ovr-rruk-d F I N A L O K D I ' I t F I X I N G H O U N D AKIF.S The Jolnl board, consisting of the m c m - ers of the Counly Board of Education of rro Goido County, Iowa, and Ihe merr.. ers of the County Board ol Kriucalkm of lancock County, Iowa, does hereby f i n a l l y elermlne and finally f i x the boundaries f the V e n t u r a Community School D i s t r i c t he following land. This area c o n f o r m s o the amended counly p l a n of Ccrro Gordo ounty, Iowa, but does not c o n f o r m either rj the original county plan, or a m e n d m e n t 'jereto, of Hancock County. Jowa. The, rea lo be located in the proposed V e n t u r a "ornmunity School District is as follows, o-wit: * j L A N D S IN C K I I R O G O K D O : COUNT!', IOWA ! IN C H A N T T O W N S H I P , Cerro Gorrio County. Iowa The S o u t h w e s t Quarter (SW Vi) of Sec- .on 1C; The Southeast Quarter (SE V i ) . and that art of the Southwest Quarter (SW ' i i of ection 17 lying East (E) of the Winnc- ago River; All of Sections; 19, 20, 21; Southweit Quarter (SW Vtl of Section 22; West Half ( W V 4 ) ol Section 2«; AH of Sections 27. 28. 29, 30, 31, 32. 33. 4, 35 IN CLEAR LAKE TOWNSHIP, Cerro Gordo County, /owa West Half W ' V 4 ) of Section 2; All of Sections 3, 4, 5. 6, 7. 8. 9, 10; Northwest Quarter (NW Vtl of Seclion I I ; All of Sections 15. 16. 17, 18, 18, 20; All of Section 21 except that p a r t of the jouthcast Quarter (SE Vi) ot said Section yinj; South (S) and East (E of the Lake; of Spence Abrams; V c r n Abrams; Emmn O l son: Louis B. Olson; Alma Olson; i\rno Olson; Alex Ross Estate by A. J Rnwson. Trustee; Dale Pltkln: Lillian Pit k i n ; Don Knudsen for J. O. Tysen; Nellie R. Bird: Albert W. Bird; George R. Doble Elvira L. Doblc; Wm. Boehnke; Martha Boehnke; Edward Boehnke; Luclln J Boehnke; Harold Hall: Mrs. Harold Hall; Mrs. Lena H n l l : Magnus Anderson; Mrs Margaret Anderson: Wilbur Peterson; Mrs Wilbur Peterson: Harlan L,. Hayes; Mrs H n r l a n Hayes; Wm. Gclner: Mrs. Amelia Gclner: R u t h Juhl; Norman Juhl: Wm. C Schow; Helen E, Hoyt; Birch Robison; Barbara Rohison; Earl Quintus; Ruby A Quintus; Lawrence R a d l o f f ; Evelyn Rad l o f f : Eugene Groimann: Doris Grcimann; Fred H. Barz; Ed. D. Buntenbaeh: Car men Back: Lynlord Back; are hereby sustained and their lands hereinbefore described are excluded from the proposer district. 5. Thnt the objections of Matilda Carr SVlIbur Carr; Gene C. Sflra; Airs. Gene Sclm; are overruled ns lo the Southcasl Quarter SE V i ) of Section 2, Ell Town ship, Hancock County, Iowa nnd it is in eluded in the proposed district; and sustained as to the Southwest Quartei SW V i ) ol Section 2, Ell Township, Ha.n cock County, Iowa, and it is excluded from the proposed district. ( . 6. Thnt the objections of Walter C. Kurtz and Bella N. Kurtz tire overruled as to the Northeast ( N E ) 20 Acres of the South eail Quarter (SE Vi) of Section 26, Con coni Township, Hancock County, Iowa nnd It Is Included In the proposed district and unstained as to the Northeast Quar ter NE Vi) of the Southwest Quarter SW. W) of Section 26, Concert! Township Hancock County, Iowa, and It Is excluded from tho proposed district.: 7. That the objection of Dover Kramer Is overruled as to the North Half N V 4 ) ' o Ihe Southwell Quarter (SW \' t ) of Section H, Concord: Town»hlp, Hnncock County Iowa, and It Is Included in the propose! district! ami sustained as to tho Northeas Q u a r t e r (NE Vi) ol Section 10, Concord Township. Hancock Cotmty, Iowa, and I Is excluded from the proposert district. ' 8. That the objections of. Ernesl Beans, Wheat Are Stronger CHICAGO Ufi--Soybeans generally held firm and wheat showed occasional flashes of strength Friday. Feed grains lagged. News of dust storms in the Great Plains brought flurries of buying Jnlo wheat. But price bulges were cancelled as soon as the demand petered out. Firmness in soybean oil and soybean meal in cash markets continued as the main supporting factor In soybeans. Wheat closed % lower lo /a higher, March $2.14V B -%, corn ·s- : !'i lower, March 51.50 7 /«-$1.51, oats % to 1 cent lower, March 7G-76'/8, rye W-% lower, March Sl-17'A, soybeans l'/4' lower to Wj. higher, March $3.29'A, and lard 5 to 13 cents a hundred pounds lower March $16.90, F R I D A Y ' S G R A I N CLOSE C H I C A G O IP---KUial j n l n s F r l d a j : i'rev. W I I K A T - M » r . ... J u l y S e p t , Mar. M*r July S e p t . Jtc. OATS i l a r . .lay J u l y t p l . K V E ·Har. M a y J u l y Sept. S O Y B E A N S Mir. M a y J u l y Sept. N o v . South Half (S South Half (S of Section 27; and Northwest Quar- er (NW Vi) of Section 28: All of Sections 29. 30, 31, 32. 33, 34; Southwest Quarter (SW Vi) of Section 35; IN U N I O N TOWNSHIP. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa Southwest Quarter (SW Ytl of Seclion 1, and that part of Southeast Quarter (SE Vi) ylng West (W) of the county road in Sec- Ion 1; All of Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9. 10, I ; West Half (W Vi) of SecUon 12; Northwest Quarter (NW Vi) of Section 3; All of Sections 14, 15, IS, 17, 18, 19. 20, 21, 22; West Half (W V4) of Section 23: All of Sections 27, 23, 29, 30, 31. 32. 33 34; L A N D S IN H A N C O C K COUNTT. IOWA IN ELLINGTON TOWNSHIP, Hancock County. Iowa South Half (S Vi) of Section 13: The Southeast Quarter (SE : ,«) of Sec tion 14; The East Hall (E « of Section 23; All of Sections 24, 25, 2B; The East Half (E H) of Section 27: The South Half (S »/41 of the Northeast Quarter (NE Vtl and the Southeast Quar ter (SE: .i) of Section 34; All of Sections 35, 36; IN coNconn TOWNSHIP, Hancock Countv, Iowa All ot Sections 1 . 2 ; The Northeast Quarter (NE HI of Sec tion 3 and IB Acres in extreme Northeas of the Northwest Quar Close 2. 1 Mi 1.5PI 1..VI' , 1. .'···!,, J - U U .76' -j .1:1' i, Hlfh 2.1-J'i 1. .-,!-, I. I H a Lou- 2.I1U Close 3.11=,. -MO ECONOMY STORY Local government receipts finally top expenditures. Finances ol Slale, Local Gov'lj ills (0 Dola: U, S. cl Comrn.,- OL A Morrl" Ko!i Local Livestock HOGS -- ( P h o n e 406.1) MASON CITV--for Friday . 160-170 *23.SO . KO-1XO fll.MI . 1SO-IOO ftSM . HPO-200 J25.75 J .'-"i 'A l.-it 1.19 '3.31'. 4 S.IS','. 1.11 l.ll'.i 1.2 P i 1.S3 1 :! 3.20 ',i Good light lights Good light l i g h t * Good l i g h t llehls ., Good ll|(ht l i g h t s (loot! r n f d i u r n w e l e h t i .. (iooil m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. (,'onit m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. (loud m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. Gciod m e d i u m w e l g h t i .. Gorjd jjiedlunn weights .. Good m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. Good m e d i u m w e i g h t i .. Good m e d i u m weight* .. fiond m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. Guod m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. (rood m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. Guod m e d i u m H e l f h t a ., Goud m e d i u m w e i g h t * .. (iood m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. Good lows Good s o w s Good I O W K Good s o w s Good JOBS Guod ows 310. J'JS.Bi SKO.'i 10 J'M.55 !.M)--JUO til.'JZ i'60-270 S'il.63 ·JBO-'iw) SiLO! :too-:iio v,';i.13 :IIO-:KO C H I C A G O CASH G R A I N ( F r i d a y ' s M a r k e t ) C H I C A G O U---Cash w h e a t : No. ·· ytllo, m i x e d 2.35't. Corn: No. J y e l l o w 1 r.r,'. No. -i. 1.5.', - .wii,; ,0 . 3 i - S | i j . 5 | , r No, 1 1.19; s a m p l e grade I.l5',i-.'il Vi. Oats: No. 1 htavjr white 80f.i-8lj sample grade 7S'/j; No. :i e i t r a h e a v y white 81'.;: No 1 while 81-81','.: No. 5 78-80; j a m p f e grade :(50-:ioo S-M ^70-:(0fl Ki 30o-a:io s j :2 .'cso-UBo fii sen -M) J'ji KlH-l.1l* K/.»3 t.",0-.jOO S'iO.75 CATTLE -- ( P h o n e 4071) f t .MASON CITY--For F r i d a v Prime ctttrs Prime- h e i f e r s Choice t e e r s Choice heifers Good steers Good heifer* Commercial steers heifers U t i l i t y steers heifers Commercial cows U t i l i t y Cowt Bulls Canners cniters S25.00-a(i.OU S'M.OO-'M.UO S-i3.00-ii.00 S2l.00-33.00 S18.00-20.50 S17JS 0-20.00 Sll.00-13.00 S U.DO-ll.OO SI i.00-13.00 S D.00-11.00 S 9.00-12.50 S 8.00-10.00 Midwest Livestock IFB1UAVS J ' K I C K S ) A l b e r t A u i t l n , Trend Good Butchers 130-100 I b s . ... 160-171)' I b s . ... Ib-.. ... m e d i u m h e a v y w h i t e 7C'i. Soybeans none. c l o v e r :!7.00-';«.i)o. Quarter (NE ter NW of Section 3; The Southeast Quarter SE Vi) of Sec tion 10; The Southwest Quarter (SW Vi) and the East Half (E Vi) of SecUon 11; All of Sections 12. 13. 14. 23. 24, 25: The Northwest Quarter (NW Vi) and the East Half E 44) of Section 2fi: The East Halt (E V.) of Section 35; All of Section 36; IN ELL TOWNSHIP. Hancock County, Iowa All of Section 1; The East Half (E Vi) of Section 2: The South Half (S V4) and the Northeast Quarter (NE Vi) anil the East Half (E % of the Northwest Quarter (NW Vi) of Section I I ; All of Sections 12 and 13; The County Superintendent of Schools of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Is directed to publish this order in the Mason City rlobe-Gazette, the same newspaper in which the original notice was published. Any person aggrieved by this order, or the a m e n d m e n t to the County Plan of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, is directed to he provisions of Section a. Chapter 117. f the Acts of the 55th General .Assembly of Iowa concerning the time and manner of perfecting an appeal to the State Department of Public Instruction. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, this 12th lay of February. A. D., 1954. THE SINGLE BOARD. CONSISTING OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF E D U C A T I O N OF CEHRO GORDO COUNTV. IOWA, AND OF THE M E M B E R S OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION OF HANCOCK COUNTY, IOWA. By EARL, M. DEAN, Chairman of the Board By HAZEL V. CHAPPELL, Secretary of the Board Stock Prices in Decline NEW YORK tf) -- Prices in the stock market receded Friday after a fairly steady start. The decline was moderate and a the most reached to around a poin and then only in a few instance: in key issues. Many small plu signs were present. Trading was slow at an estimate 1,400,000 shares. That is one of th smaller business sessions this ye; and compares with 1,500,000 share traded Thursday. Spring Farm Classes to Start Monday The spring program for the evening farm school will start Monday with a joint meeting for both farm women and men at Room 203 of :he High School and Junior College suilding. · Sessions are to be held for both men and women arid are sponsored by the County Extension Department and the Adult Evening School. Doctor William G. Murray, head of the economics department, Iowa Slate College, will conduct the first meeting on "Investments arid Farm Economics." He will also discuss the economic development in Venezuela.. . . : ' : . · ' Richard Franklin, county/extension director, will discuss "Pasture Improvement and Renovation and Fertilizers" March 1. Dale C. Hull, agricultural engineer, will discuss 'Farm Machinery Maintenance" March 8. \ , ;. Leo Oswald, Cerro Gordo farmer, will discuss "Farm Safety" March 15 and E. L. Quaiffe, animal hus- aandry specialist, w i l l discuss "Livestock Feeding Problems and Farm Management" March 22. At the women's classes William Egli will discuss "New Trends in Point and; Wallpaper" March 1; Dr. Carroll 0.:Adams, "First Aid for the Home" March 8; Mrs. Hazel Johnson, "Foundation Garments' March IS.^and Mrs. Marcus Lund- bcrjj, "Spring Styles" March 22. New York Stocks By The Associated Press (Final Quotations Friday) AJIiedCh 75V'i AlliedStrs Am Can 3636 AmHome 473i AmRacl 15V 4 AmSmelt 29 Ms AmTT IGOT's AmTob 60^2 AmWool 17 Anaconda 315s Armour 9% Atchison 99S BeatFds BendixAv 65U BethStI 54 Vi BoeingAar 5S3 CaseJI 15?4 Chrysler 58 ConEclis 42VS CornProd 72Vi CurtissWr S^is Deere DuPontlOS ElAutoL 4L KanCPL 34 Kennecott 70^4 KresgeSS 3256 Maytag 18% MontWard 61?S NashKelv \5Ys NatD airy 65^4 ·NatGyps 24V NYCent 23?4 ParaPict27?i PenneyJC 79'/2 PaRR 17% PepsiCola 15V4 GenElec Gen Foods 58 Vs GenMot62 GenPCm 51% Goodrich 85 Goodyear 5634 GtWestS 19 Vi Homestake 35% IHCentSSVi - IntHarv 153s InterstPwllVi lowalllG 30 7 /a RadioCp 24% Safeway 39 7 /s SearsRoeb SinclairOil 37% SoconyV 38 SouPac 41 Vi StdBrands 30 StdOiilnd 75^ StdOilNJ 77 s /s Studebaker 19^s SwiftCo 43V4 SylvElPd 34V6 TexasCo 6514 UnionPac 114M: UnitAirL 23 UnitAirc 53 USGypsm 129^4 USRubber 30 Va USSteel 40^ WilsonCo 8-ls Woohvorth 4314 Wiren Talks to County Firemen CLEAR LAKE -- Mason City, 'lymouth, Thornton, Swaledale, .ieservey, \ r entura and CJear Lake veto represented at a session of he Cerro Gordo Fire Association vhich met at City Hall Thursday vening. L. D. Wiren, field supervisor'for he Grain Dealers Mutual Fire In- urance Company, Omaha, ad- ressed the men on fires in grain levators and showed pictures, mphasizing what not to do. The Clear Lake men served re- reshments. The next meeting is t Swaledale March 11. All firemen in the county are invited to ttend, officers stated. SOUTH ST. P A U L LIVESTOCK ( F r i d a y ' s M a r k e t ) Cattle 1.800. Calves l.SOO. M a r k e t steady ftood and choice slaughter steers anc rearllnits lfi-22. Choice h e i f e r s -JO..'*. Ulll ty and c o m m e r c i a l cows ll-r,'.50, some IS Cutter and utility balls J1.HO-tt.3Q. Gccc and choice vealers 19-25, h i g h choice and prime 2S. f e w p r i m e 27. Uori S.JOO. M a r k e t 23 lo .10 c e n t s lower ?hofce_ IHO-230 pound barrows and jilts M-'J5.7.'. some 2ti, some choice one ant. .wo hogs 2G.25. Choice sows 20.25-23. Gooil and choice feeders pifs 25-27.' Sheep LfiOO. Slaughter l a m b s 23 cent! [ower. Choice and p r i m e woolert slaugh down Good ;er l a m h s around 105 pound] and 3I.50-11.7. 1 !. U t i l i t y and good 1U.50--21. and choice feeding l a m b s 30.5Q-tt.25. Vances Back From Two Week Journey Mr. and Mrs. John Vance of the Vance Music Company, Inc., were back in Mason City Friday after a two weeks journey that includec i seven;day cruise on the ship 'Ocean Monarch," and visits to Bermuda and Nassau. The-trip was provided by the Radio Corporation of America to ':op dealers in 47 states and Alaska The weather was perfect on seu except for a brief period between Bermuda and Nassau when the cruising ship ran into the; fringe o a_ ! hurricane and on another bcca sion when they ran into roughei waters along the edge of the Giili Stream. / Lea ' Steady , r!.«l . . si.ou . -.'j.'j.-i . ?.-.:M . S.-).?. 1 ! . 2.. ~~t . 25.6.', 'M-'i'.W Ihs. .. MI-210 Ibs. .. Ibs ·::,. -r, -.o-'JBO ihs 'tt.yr, Ml-!70 Ibs 'Jl.tiS Ibs 2t.;;r, 8D-S90 I b s !!4.0,1 JO-SOO Ibs S3. -,.~t -:uo ibs ^:t.i.- tO-fiO Ibs 2:t.l.» I b l 2'J.S5 iO-SIO Ibs S'J.M to-:ir,o ibs 22.75 50-:i60 Ibs. 22.'« ood Packing Sows 7U-300 Ibs 23.2; 23.33 ;oo-;!30 ibs, 22.M ;:iO-X8) Ibs s-j.-Js 2-1.33 360-400 Ibl "!.·;,- 21.W 400-ir.o ihs -'Las 21.33 «."iO-500 I b j 20.T.", 20.83 500-500 Ibs. 20.-J5 20.33 Minn. Sleady 21.60 ^:f.Ii) 21.RO 2o.«0 SS.K5 ·J..».1 25.6,- i."i.l«, 2r,.0.-. 2t".lr 21.13 24.ST. 2S.53 2:i,r. S'J.9.-. 22. S3 2-i.:i: 22.05 \Vaier loo Steady 23.1 21.1 -- ·". 1 Ftb.,19, 1954 IS M a i o u Clly GMit-Cur.llt, M»on Clly, la. Chicago Hog Prices Lower CHICAGO M-- Butchers _sokl steady to 25 cents lower Friday Jespitc the fact salable receipts at 4,000 head were 1,000 under the advance estimate. Cows made up the bulk of receipts in the cattle section, selling teady to 50 cents lower. USD A -- S a l a b l e hogs I.OOOr slow a n d un- e v e n ! s t e a d y to 23 lower nn b u l e l i e r s and «.t luwer on « o n « l .Mail IKU-'.'lld Hi. b u t c h e r s WM-'iS.'Mt one loail choice -fit) b, 2(i.«3; most 210-280 Ib. 23.2.V2U.OO. I » r e.w loads ::t)[)-33() Ib, '«1.25-25.23; mostly 1M-IJOO Ib. sows 2(I..V)-«;:.'i5t good c l e a r a n c e . Salable cattle XOO; c a l v e s 20UT steers and hellers s c a r e d -A few tales about t e a d y t · mail freih receipts m a i n l y cow»! UiU class steady to SO l o w e r with some- h e i n t taken uff ihe m a r k e t ! b u l l s and v e a l c r a Uady to w e a k ; a. few mod and choice steers 20,00-21.00] c o m m e r c i a l In l»w good g r a d e s J8.50-KI.Mi a few u t i l i t y s l r e r t I t . 00-16.00! c o m m e r c i a l and food h e i f e r s 1.1,00-21).(if)i 11 few choice 000 I b . y e u r l i i i c h e i f e r s 30.00; u t i l i t y and c o m m e r c i a l cows ll.00-i:i.1)4: ciiuiers and c u t l e r s lt.r0-l 1.23; a few c u t t e r and u t i l i t y bull* I1..W-M.IW); c o m m e r c i a l to choice v e a l e r x IT.OO-'.'X.dO; cull and u t i l i t y 10.00-1(1.00; a f e w I IK lit c u l l s u n d e r to.00. Salable sheep l.OOOi s l a u g h t e r lamb* a n d sheep s t e a d y l good lo p r i m e wooled l a m h n 110 Ib. down 20.M)-:."M5| l a t t e r p r i c e fur «h»rt laid 102 Ib. average*: s e v e r a l deck* choice woolilclni 100 Ib. rtnwn ".'..'17,-, c u l l to low good l a m b s i;i.00-l!i.f0; c u l l to choice slaughter ewe* K.flO-fl..Vl. KSTIMATF.D L I V E S T O C K R K C L I I ' T S ( K r i d a y ' j .Market) C H I C A G O IP,--USD A -- E s t i m a t e d !alahl l i v e s t o c k r e c e i p t s for S a t u r d a y a r t 'M g s i ^00 c a t t l e and IDO sheep. Mason City Produce (Quotations by E. G. Morse) At 10 a.m. Friday Eggs, No. 1 41c Eggs, No. 2 35c Eggs, No. 3 30c Hens, heavy b r e e d s , 5 Ibs. over 20c Hens, under 5 Ibs. 16c Old Cocks - I2c C H I C A G O POTATOES ( F r i d a y s M a r k e t ) CHICAGO M"-- USD A -- P o t a t o e n : A r r i v a l . L3J, on t r a c k :)«0; t o t a l U.S. s h i p m e n t s Hi I; old stock supplier m o d e r a t e ; d e m a n d Mow ; m a r k e t d u l l : Colorado red McClures S'l.KO: Idaho r u n e t s s:!.:ir; Minnesota-North Dakota pontlaci, S'J.OO; new stock luppllr.t l i g h t : d e m a n d moderate; m a r k e t a b o u t stead j ; F l o r i d a rounil reds S'-'.-JS. 25.U" 21.7."i 21.45 ·i. is 2S.25 :K.B5 22.X.1 22.03 2~.35 21.1 20.60 Mason City Grain Oats Corn, No. 2 Soybeans At 12:30 p.m. Frida ............. . 75 ............ , ..... $1.3 .' ..... ..... §3.0 HE FEMALE F THE S P E C I E S Did you know that many breed- rs and owners think a female dog i v e s greater companionship, ·atchfulness and usefulness around home than does a male dog? Our booklet DOGS discusses this and numerous other interesting points. Whether you have a dog or are just planning to get one, you'll find this illustrated little book exactly what you need. DOGS contains photographs and breed descriptions of thirty-three ot the best-known breeds, and complete directions for selecting, feeding and training'. Only 30 cents postpaid- Use This Coupon The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, ' 1200 Eye St., N. VV., Vashington 5, D. C. I enclose 30 cents in coia (care- ully wrapped in paper) for a copy f the booklet DOGS. amc treet ity tate (Mail to Washington, D. C.) Public Auction As I have decided to quit farming I will sell to the highest bidder, at Public Auction, to be held at- the f a r m located Vi mile west of the Rockwell, Iowa, creamery, the following on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 Sale to Start at 12:30 P. M. 23 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK--2 Shorthorn cows to freshen by March 1st; 1 HolsteSn cow to freshen in June; 1 Shorthorn cow to freshen in June; 2 Holstein first calf heifers to freshen in May; 5 Black Angus calves on'full "feed, weight 600 to 700 Ibs. HOGS--12 Purebred Duroc sows crossbred to Hampshire boar, to farrow May 10th. 150 LEGHORN PULLETS -- One 8x10 brooder house; one electric brooder stove; 1 electric chicken waterer; 1 large chicken feeder. ONE No. 4 International Electric Separator, nearly new; two 5-gallon milk cans. · FARM MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT--One John De»re Model A tractor; one John Deere Model B tractor; 1 cultivator with mechanical lift; one 15-foot Case disc; John Deere 2-bottom il»t plow, 14-inch; one 4-section lever drag with folding evener; 1 John Deere No. IS mounted single row corn picker; I Kefly Ryan 40-foot, elevator, 1 year old; 1 John Deere No. 290 corn planter with new fertilizer attachment; 1 McCormick Deering 8-foof binder; 1 John Deere endgate seeder; 1 McCormick Deering manure spreader; 1 rubber tired trailer; 1 steel wheel wagon; 1 steel flare box; 1 wooden flare box; 1 plank flatrack 8x16; 8 hog pant; one 50-gillon hog waterer; 1 cream tank; 1 hand spray; 1 oil burner tank heiter; 1--55-gallon gas barrel; 1 lawn mower; and other articles too numerous to mention. ABOUT 200 BALES OF CLOVER HAY. About 120 bales of straw. COMPLETE LINE HOUSEHOLD GOODS--4-burner gas range; Coldspot 7-foot electric refrigerator; electric washing machine and tubs; kitchen table and 4 chairs; sink enclosed In cab!n*t; dinkig room set; living room suite; bedroom suite; 3-w«y fleer lamp; bed; dresser; kitchen cabinet; 2 wall cabinets; gas plate; and other items. . · , TERMS: Cash. No property to be removed until settled f»rv MHO F. BERGMAN* Owner Bob Pedelty. Auctioneer Fir»t National Bank, Mat«n Ci»y, Clerk

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