The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, September 17, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL Xo. 274. Gettysburg, Pa., Wednesday, September I7th, 1913. Price Two Cents. SPANISH WAR NURSES HERE SMALL INTEREST I* : J i * i. DAYS AT IN PRIMARIES! HANOVER 1 MIR PUTS TRUST IN IE" PLANK LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS LAMSON HUBBARD E\I,]L AND \VMTER STYLES , For Sole Bij ECKERTS STORE 3$ "On the Square" Newest Shades and Shapes In : Men's Furnishing Department Window | -O-VO^oVA**u^AA.%d!WV^^aaOiAOWO'*OOOOO****-O-O-* o * WALTERS ~ THEATRE" Sl'KCIALo liEK!^ TOXKII1T ; Women who Horsed Soldiers through; Small Vote throughout the County.; Opening Day is Spoiled by Threaten- j Sstiysfaurg Bay and Seeder will b e j Correspondents send In Many Hems Fevers and Wounds during! Harry Bcmbaugh is Chosen on! Country's last War n. w In Bettys-: burg for Annual Meeting. Democratic Ticket for Tax Collec-: tor. Other Features. ing Weather. Two Races Prove: Interesting though one Proves to I he Almost a Farce. Relied upcn to Take Care of the,; of Interesting Mews from their Pitching in Coming Series Barnes. World's! Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Hems. ARENDTSVILLE Arendtsviile--Owing the the eontin- s! ued drought and the dry condition of ·n- j the ground there has been no fall : seeding done yet in this locality. ! tysburg to-day. Sessions are in pro- j to register, and in part to the few j A number of r^i^zy attractions did | Mack is noc so P^*Mstic of ultimate: Our farmers are busy · gress in the parlors of the Eagle Ho-: contests. : tel. " ! The principal fight i~ the otherg got ^ too The nurses nov.- here are located in | was for the Democratic nomination for, The m - yas borough; cutting of? three- i'XNi"£ DILEMMA his a {rt-t;v Sh Tli!: LL'KK ' J F T H K SACKED I'K V K L FOI: PSARL.'"6vSTEr^'AT THL"i^DA V THE RISE A N D FAI.i.«»F Mcl';o Bio"r.i|!i farce »T:.;«-'iv ALMU?r A \VJLD M A X iiiojjraph :.ircc L«JII:«!V " M A N O A'iT A X PJLA Y E l'~ * vvhile o'chers are employed by citie | schools and stiil others are engaget ·private nursing. ' Miss Mary M. Cloud, the president, who occupied the chair at to-day's fno'cput in their appearance, while ! vjclor " as he W2S w^en his team op- j their corn and report about a " ~ to eynjbit, ! P° se 2 ^e Giants two years ago. In J fourth crop in this section. jjjjj, ; discussing his club's chances he said: j Miss Beulah Minter, of this olace Margaret Donaldson-, of spending some time in nd Atlantic City. Harvey Spangler and rge and Carl, of Xaeh- twiriers j usa, 111., were recent visitors in this I have stood me in good stead for a j place. Totals, Bumbaugh 101, · ,j, e character o f their «nie was d=s- i namoer °f years, and they are surely i Sev. T. C. Hesson will hold Holy covered by the authorities. not S°^-S to throw me down now. j Communion services in the Reformed "I have four good young pitchers--! church in this place on Sunday morn- :3 or ] Plank 46; Second Ward. Bumbaugh 34, \ than Jasc year hovvev^ ,J i n j Plank 1 9 ; Thhd Ward. Bumbaugh 2 1 , e com ;, el!ed to c!os£ ! T-II » n a T* - l_ TT-»_ -t, -- . . ,-^_ 1f\1 · -- i Plant; 24. I Plank 89. 1 All the candidates announced on the j The main building is comfortably meetings, is at present engaged as a j party tickers in these columns several j gi! e d. as are the other buildings on the j nurse in the United States Naval Hos- j weeks ago were chosen but in several · oltal at Brooklyn, Xew York. Miss I instances, no regular candidates ap- | Rose M. Heavren, of Fergus Falls, 1 Prirg, there were many scattering U to all«Minnesota, is the recording s I Miss M. Isabelle Karroun. o: :ecretary; j votes for an office, f Toledo, i C. B. Dougherty K In the First Ward ·eceived tv.-o votes f t }, e During the afternoon more than 100 children from the Catholic orphanage, j near Abbottstown, attended the fair. of Fair Association. N E W PH 0 T 0 P L A Y jand Mrs. Charlton, of Xew York City. 1 others received one each. Mr. Dongh- ' is the treasurer. j erty vrfll accordingly go on the ticket. i The organization is principally for j J- A. Smiley, a regular candidate, re__ _ To night and To morrow eight the show will be for the benefit of the Firemen, j soe ; a i purposes though they carry on a ! ceived about the total Democratic vote any (! cast. HIS HrlDi'MPTlOX Lniiln The-Jaiicjlttt-r t£ the «:ir!e:s COURTIS a convict, v.hen pr!-or.f-r= v. 5iu was -Oiiti tu diy t:: the- hidden ajyisey. "THK RCrfTI.EirS SPUH E.-s=aji A vnisa^ ni.-tl^r. wh' L* i'o stronu t- \voik. c:".-= Oiic ? !n::i:h jf ctjaS/OVP at: fteBSSr to kick iip :. lot of oa?t. THE GOLL» LUtICK ?dis Comedy fe-cape from beneficial feat-are in caring for member who may need assistance. Annual trios are taken to some tilace of e caitL- an-i Drives a. jOhio, the corresponding secretary; j for town council while eight or ninej The racing program was shortened because of tv.-o of the events not having been filled- The tliree-year-old colt race was the feature of the events held, Joe Promise, owned by H. M. Eldridge, of York, taking both heats, the first by a spectacular iinish. In the last heat he got off to a bad start, but finished the first half in second place. In the second half mile he nosed out Dr. Bell. Jr., at the stand, winning the heat by a head. In the second heat he Shawkey, Hoack, Bash and Brown--but Plank and Bender will shoulder the brant of the work on the minaret for ing the 2Sth inst- at 10 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Orner, of Arendtsville, have returned from a the Athletics when we meet the j visit to Washington, D. C., where 'they historic interest and this year Gettysburg was chosen. Trios over the battle- Two school directors were to be chosen by the Democrats and only one name appeared, that of Charles S. Speese. There were many scattering iield have been a feature of the nurses' v( ^s for this office and an effort ap- = red to nlace the name of stay here and they express themselves ! ? as highlv pleased" with their visit to I women on the ticket- Mrs. Marie Three neivspspe-r in-ni attempt l-r xll 2-rki bricks ruaily v,-ottli -5737 but thev :in: iniuh'e to c.iL?;ose of them on;:u: of huinna incredulity.^ S:.-%r Start- G::10 · A«lmission oc for S250|. hi3place _ All the nurses several E7 AUTUMN HUNTING o-. er- who sa~ active service during the Spanish- American War, either in the mobilization camos or in Cuba. Porto Eico or Richard, of Springs avenue, received in Gettysburg 1 i2 votes in the Second Ward and Mrs. S. M. Stewart, of Baltimore street, ·was given sbc votes in the l"irst and Second wards. Milton R. Kemmel poll- the PMliopLnes. and tiiey have many \^ sixteen ' 3Lores o of For neir styles in sn:t- and li^s be^un "BOW. hut the it he ::ee! not seek any handsome and elegant f nesses, which overtook the the boro-jgh and he ·»·!«? knows further. Our fabric? are a\-:z -'-vie= ; ar? Jip-: fi :in ': ii:ii=h vour v ·- -. -. -~~- · , dealing with . lever and tne oaier boys experiences in ~ -, T ill- 01 o-ittit in a. :nan:ier o:siv :' -.-h e n von huve li I V/I-.l M. SeHIgman, Ca^h Taylor. s'tands as the other,Democra.tIe" candidate- The Third Ward had a contest on for Democratic councilmanic nominee- The three candidates received as follows, O. G. Baughman 33, Althedcre i bodies of visitors Gettysburg has had Bushman 27. James McDonnell 24. Ifor manv vears and at the same time Two were to be chosen. v.-ait:ncr vour cho'ce and oar! 1903, or in calling for those who were* -rc, an.l we will, ,^, is one oi most interesting · one of the most modest, the ladies be- [ing most reticent about giving any The only county contest was for the On September ISth, vre *iH A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. i facts concerning their organizarior.. i though they delight in telling their i recollections of -'war times."' - Democratic nomination for director of the poor. The totals In · town were Harry B. Beard 49. Peter P. Eisen- 5. Iii t!ia Displav of fabrics for ar.t~nin ; now i-ea-ly at -J:e LIPPY STORE :!.cru Li no room for as :o th-j corrtxt fx-hit.n or true «!".arty. E^rlv choosing is best choo-:n:r- J. D. LIPPY Tailor. McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrvsEown--Eavmond Grofc, held the lead from the start- The rvvo year old colt race, the second event on the program, developed more or less into a comedy, although the winner, Doc Elta, owned by E. C. Armstrong. Prince Anne, Md.. ran both heats nicelj'. A young colt enter- ed-and-driyen.-by-John-Ij.-H. Miller, of Hanover, came close to being lapoed in the two heats. It and "Matty the Great" wer-e distanced in the first heat, but were allowed to run in the second heat in order that the money could be distributed. Miss Todwood, owned by Hentshall, of Baltimore, was the runner-up in each heat and captured second money. The attractions on the Quarter stretch were better than those las; -jg i g i H ! head stenographer and clerk in the of- g I nee of the York Gas Co., is spending S \ his vacation at the home of his par- p i ents, Mr. and Mrs. Tyburtius V. Groft. i§ ' -Joseph H. Heniler and Daniel My@ j ers, of York, spent Sunday at the for- hart 45. Jacob Goodenberger 16. Dan- year, the trained lions being a decided iel A. Miller 16. Simon P. Miller 45. feature. A comedy roller skating act The countv results nave not been tabulated. H! ! mer's home. While here thev made an g j automobile trip over the Gettysburg PRE-CANCELLED STAMPS Use Stamps Pre-Cancelled- at a Xum- ber of Offices. Beginning Tuesday the PostoSce Department started celled postage stamps. selling pre-can- The stamps | Battleneld, accompanied by Mr. Hem- have printed upon them the name of jler's family. The trip was made in Mr. i fjH5iIlP.llHH»IHIH!HII!m!nH!«lH!ini:nHlJI«lMI!:iHHHHHIIHIUHinillHHH«niWUHIiKHHHHIHIIItt itudent "The Approv'ed Kind" Soda Water. Ice Cream.--"The delightful sort" ; J.iyers auto. I V. H. Lilly. Esq., lias been busy for = I the pasr week securing hunters" li= i censes for local sportsmen. The fee is ^ 1 Sl.i-5 when secured from a justice of EE the peace or SI when secured from the := ' counly commissioners- E \ Paul Lawrence. James Law: = I Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Yictrola nnisic. and Hiiber's Stores. Si»r flJiHlKHminni Hintn»innii;«nn»niiHinniiinnnn»iimnnunnniuinnnsnminnnmnunir? Save^Money-Tliaf s what You Do, When you get Dr, Hudson on iko job. He don't farm you with any unnecessary trips at your expense. That's not Hs reputation. 4 ny phone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian ~ ~ 7 7 WHIPPED ICE CREAM ~~ finer ??· ·ence 1 and Frank Rider have laid concrete pavements in front of their properties. j Miss Emma Cooper will also lay a ! concrete pavement at her : next week. the postoface before they are sold.Snch stamps will be valid for postage on second, third and fourth class mail. and merchandise or parcel post mat- also came in for rounds of aoolause. L. L. MONROE Giants for the third time. ''I will not go on record as saying that we will outhit McGraw's horde. My club can hit equally as hard as that of McGraw, but in an abbreviated series, such as the world's series, calculations cannot be very dependable. My pla3'ers are more reliable aneld, and that will prove a big advantage in our favor. '·While Plank and Bender are not rated very high in the pitchers" records, they are as reliable a duo of hurlers as I have ever had. Both are at their b6st~in pinches, and in a short series I can recommend them to beat anything in sight. ·'But it must be remembered that Plank and Bender-are cold weather pitchers, andvthat is why I look to them to carry the Athletics through to another world's championship." Analyzing the foregoing, it is found that Mack makes the reservation 'that [f Plank and Bender are in their top form, this team had a good chance of victory. But should these veterans fail him--or should even one of them be unable to come up to the mark-Mack will be forced to call upon his youngs:ers and jeopardize his club's chances. :hef at the Eagle Hotel for the Past Eight Years. L- I_ Monroe, one of the town's most respected colored citizens, died S.L, his home on West street at noon today. aged 55 years, 7 months and 24 days. Death was caused by a complication of diseases- Mr. Monroe had been in failing health for the last year but was -connnea to tne nouse lor oniv a ter, but not on letters or other sealed " . . . . . . ' ,, _ . ! v.-ee.-t betore his deatn came. mail matter. Xo sucn stanros nave veti T T . . , . , . . _ , . , . ,, ,, % ^ , He is survived DV nis motner Mrs. Seen receivea at, tne Gettvsourg oinee- j _, ^ -- · _ ,,. -. ,° . I Clementine Gilbert, oi Pittsburgn: two The stamos will be recognized oniv at . . . . . * . . * .' . orotsers, also or Pittsourgn and six ' children; three sons. -John H., of Pitts- _ , tne oface named on them. loss STUDENTS FINED ·'I am convinced that the through the re-use or fraudulent use of such stamps will be negligible", property j S ays Postmaster General Burleson, "'as compared with the great saving in expanse and the increase in efficiency to be effected bv their use."'" ' College Boys Pay for Placing Posters i in Town. Action brought by OScer Emmons · resulted in Messrs. Buehler and Hard, j members of the Sonhomore class at HOME Y\~EDDIXG Arno Pfaif, Hanover, and Miss Reva Althoff, McShcrrystown. Married had been the guests of the latter's brother. They also took in Mount Yer- non and Baltimore. Mr. and Mrs. Denton Myers, of East Berlin, were the guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. Emory Omer over Sunday. CASHTO^N Cashtown--We have near oor Httle burgh; Louis E-, of Canton, Ohio, and -I. G-, of Butler, and three. daughters. Mrs. H. C. Brant and Misses Anisa and Clementine, all of Butler. The body will be taken on Thursday to Butler where Interment will be j .,_:-··. made. Mr. Monroe was well known abou'i IDAYIL.LE Idaville--Preaching in the United Evangelical church Sabbath evening by the pastor. Rev. Mr. Burkett. Mrs. Elijah Irvin and son, Wilbur, were at Shippensburg last Thursday, attending the funeral of Mrs. Irvin's brother, George Karman. Miss Lydia Xebinger. of Steelton. is visiting Elsie Groupe. Mrs. Ross Saul and daughter, Elizabeth, of Steelton, are visiting George Groupe and wife. Messrs. Winfred and Donald Smith returned to Gettysburg College last Tuesday. J, Clyde Crist has returned home from York. C- E. Lawver has purchased the Mrs. Alberta Meade property- Born to John P, Bream and wife on Monday a son. Mrs. George Groupe is on the sick list- Miss Elsie Gronpe made a business trip to Biglerville one day last -week. j Karry Bricker. wife and daughter, Etta, of Center Mills, spent Sunday The home of Mr. and Mrs. The young men were in the j town as he was chef at the Eagle Hotel for eight years before the present management took charge of it ar.c was still employed as chef there when his death occurred. j with John Sidesinger and wife. i Miss Oir.a Keckler. of Mrc spent Sunday with John town a place called "Rock Top", a fine place from which to view the country. On Sunday afternoon guests called at this little place for a view of the country. They were not there long till they became acquainted with the Htde occupants who live tinder the little building at the entrance and beat a hasty retreat when the yellow-jackets made ieir appeanance. H. A. Bucher who has been employ- JQ by the Southern Pipe Line Company, at Chester,-£or -the",-last-three- rtonths returned home on Saturday, as they have completed the line~ that he .vas on as paymaster. He ·will next ;ake a gang of men over the pipe line ;o brush out the right of way across the mountains. - · : Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Cover, of Covington, Va_, spent several days -last .veefc with Mrs. Cover's mother and sister. Mrs. H. A; Bucher in this place. Quite a number of our young men .eft on Monday morning for New York State where they will be employed in :he apple work this fall. Others are Joing to Martinsburg and other parts of Virginia. John Pomeroy, of Shelby, Iowa, is spending a little time here with his sister, Mrs. Jaines-Diehl; -On Sunday afternoon Jacob Shultz j -eceived a telegram from Barker. Xew i'ork, saying his son was very sick vith typhoid fever. Mrs. Shultz and ;on, Nevin, left at 5 o'clock on the auto bus for Caledonia Park and from .here went to Chambersbnrg where hay took a train for Barker. F. Mark Bream and wife, of Gettysburg-, spent; Sunday with Mr- dream's parents Mr. and Mrs. EL L. Bream in this place. Harvey Hartman and family, of oig-lerville, spent Sunday at the home f C- B. Carbaugh and wife. Lee Harding, who spent several nonths on his farm near this place, j -epairing and attending to his young orchard which he has planted, left on Mondav for his home in Washington, D. C. Mrcdlesex. \ 3IARRIAGE LICENSES Mrs. Alien Plank and two children, H'-snes a^d i Tirs ' ' K ' a y iie Keet and daughter and i Miss Emma Calp, of Gettysburg, spent ,, ,, ,, . c , - ; Tuesday in this alace with Mr. and wenrv b. Jtiuner spent in _ J . .,. - , . ^ . .krs. D. A. Mickiey and larajiv. Gcttj-sourg-. \ ^ s Funk preached his fare- j in the United Brethren ! church Saturday evening", Sept- 24. He TYPHOID FEVER I will go to conference at Mt. Pleasant Clerk Olinger Issues Wedding Permit j to Young Couple. i OILED STREETS ti'an tms · · i s LOT SOLD JBritcher, of Hanover, as best man. VANILLA, CHOCO3LATE, PEACH. . - ----;-- -' , Th^v will resid" i* 1 and 10c a plate. Soda.-; and S-indaes made with this j Property on Sooth Street, Gettysburg,! mey will res.a. i.. 'Ice Creasv '5c- | Changes Hands. 5--osr criminal a ^-cret proces--. " ' -"- "' ~ " J1 c.in_i«":nsde. * " FEACH. arc quaffc'-I-Sl n«ft ^ "" ' - - ,Theyourgcorrale were attended bv | Tuesday to Frar.k Kemper, of Heid- jMIss Loretia'ScraBsbangh, of Me- lersburg. _ar.d Miss Blanche I. Hor. of SherrvstowTi. as bridesmaid, and Paul porK Springs. There are at die present time 9S rases of typhoid fever in Hagerstown A carriage license TOS issued o n j Residents of York Street Lay Dust on ar.d nearby of^raich aamber 37 cases Xcarly 100 Cases in Hagersto-wn and Nearby. 37 Since Sept, 1. · Roadway. _ GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ; George P. Black, has sold a 40 foot ; lot fronting on South street, to Jesse '~~~RUNKPECKMAN f S REALTY REPORT FOR S VLB 1 9 9 acres 1V miles from R. R. Station, red loam soil, 7 | Snyder. ields, cood fences, 500 peach trees, 8 acres oak and hickory/amber, pubhc ; oad, 2 wellls, 2 cisterns, 7 room brick hopse wth nails, bank oarn 90_^x 4b it., THE Adams County Nursery offers : o^ pen other buidin^s, buidings m gooa repair. A good iarm for SoSOO VO acres 4 miles from town, good, rich granite soil, large amotin,, Woodland and cood timber, near store, school, mill, phone nearby, fine bank _ proprietor, Bendersville Station; As-, barn 8 room house raded lawn v,-ith iron fence, never failing water at house, per3 p os t Office, Pa. --advertisement 1 buitdWs in first class condition and a niighty fine home, ^some fruiL. The j "i' They will reside ir. McSherrystown j DOXT.forget Mrs. Lucinda Ben- · after returning from their wedding j Jer's sale, 454 Baltimore street, Satur-' - j day afternoon at o:ie o'clock. See advertisement beer. imp. i MILLINERY: much care has exercised to provide an attractive and up-to-date line of millinery which will be exhibited on Thursday and the bal- O f I a fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher, [ance of the week at Miss Anna Reek's. advertisement 1 NFWSPAPFR IF you are looking for style, service and comfort, try a pair of Crawford shoes at Louis E. Kirssin's.--advertisement FOR RENT: eight room dwelling house, good location, possession October 1st. Atpiy to Martin Winter.--advertisement 1 WANTED at once several boys and girls over age of 14, steady employment and good wages. Apply to Penn Tile Works, Aspers, Pa.--advertisement 1 The residents of the nrsi. block oi York street had gas tar placed on the road Tuesday evening to lay the dust and act as a binder for the stone which was placed on curing the summer in rebuilding the street. Portions have developed sir.ce Sept. 1. Everywhere the authorities are jrgir.g precaution and waging a nght igainst the further spread of the c;s- 3ase. The water froni many springs "las been tested ar.c, where found to e bad, people are, warned against its use. The milk from dairies is being ir.o: the block ivere swept before the j specte j an( dairymen, fo'ar.d to be sell- ng dangerous milk will be %vsrned to discontinue doing so. treatment was given. FURNISHED rooms with private bath, for rent. 32 X. Stratton street.-advertise: i?nt 1 FOR SALE: number of nice clean barrels, suitable for apples. Apply Gettysburg Water Company office*-advertisement 1 WAXTED: a girl store. Address X vertisement clerli Times Office. 1 in a ·aa- SEE ad of Mrs. Lucinda Bender's sale, Saturday afternoon at one o'clock. --advertisement I nFWSPAPFRI

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