The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1954 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1954
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

' F*b. 19, 1954 Mi son Clly Globe-Gazelle, Maton City, la. Augustana Defeated 19th Straight Time SIOUX CITY W) -- Morningside handed Augustana its 19th consecutive defeat of the season Thursday night, winning a ragged North C e n t r a l Conference basketball game 76-66. The Maroons trailed during the first period but spurted for 30 points in the second quarter and went on to win. Morningsido, in third -place in the conference, has a 6-3 league record. QUAKE VICTIM GETS SYMPATIIY-A victim of the disastrous earthquake'7hTc°h struck Greece s Ionian Islands last August pours out her "problems to Queen Frederika during a royal inspection tour. A military escort guides the queen past the victims. Right Around the Corner: A Talking Letter By HARMAN W; NICHOLS /WASHINGTON "(UP)--They arc talking about "talking letters" which are said to be right around the corner. They can keep it. around the corner, for all of me. I do a better job with my two or three "talking fingers" on the typewriter. And besides, I can make file carbons if I want to. According to manufacturers, a family would have to have a machine at each end of the line. Both could transmit on a record and receive the answer--which would be dictated on the other side. Would Work Like .This It would work like this. Mama sits clown at the mike and tells about the wonderful gooseberry jam Aunt Nellie has cooked up. Then she tells one on the parakeet. The little rascal has confused his words and embarrassed everyone in front of the parson. Uncle Ned listens to all of that in Pitchfork, Neb., flips the patter and com'es back with the news that a couple of rattlesnakes did Grandpa in and that Granny is down with the gout again. Most folks like to keep a file of folksy, personal letters. How can you keep a file when one letter is on one side of the record and the answer is on the other. There can be only one file-most likely at the wrong end of, the line. The people who make the newfangled letter talker say corpora- ti o n s with "far-flung operations" already are trying the idea out in inter-office niemos. Works to Advantage One insurance company, though, has put the new gimmick to work to an advantage. This outfit has claim offices in 100 cities all over the country. Say an adjuster is on the road and makes an estimate of the loss to his client's done-in herd of horses from a fire. He "talks" his report on into a mike and for three- cents or for airmail postage mails it to the home office. The office gels it the next day. There is a.hitch there, too. The thing has to be typed with carbons to all hands concerned anc! there is a duplication of effort. Plus a lot of expense, plus the original cost of a couple of machines. Iowa Horse Nation's Leading Trotter for '53 Harness Season COLUMBUS, Ohio (UP)--Official figures of the U.S. Trotting Assn Thursday showed Goldie Bales, an 8-year-old pacing mare owned by C. E. Martin of Denison, Iowa, was the nation's 1953 leading race winner with 32 victories in 40 starts. The daughter of Napoleon Bales was th_e second Iowa horse to take a national harness horse championship. Viola's Spud, owned by 'C. L. Jennings, Centcrville, Iowa, finished first in 1952 with 27 victories but won only 18 in 1953 to tie for 10th place among trotters. NAME-DROPPER EAST HAVEN, Conn. (UP)--A Bible salesman was using his n a m e without authority as a reference until a warning was issued to fellow, townsmen by Police Chief Edwin B. Priest. S T U I K E R S L E A G U E Won 1st 2nd :ird Jawson 0 r.77 M'J HIS Whites Appl. .. ;s Gil lilO (iu; "). Wass 137; F. Lewis US. Hep. Tot. 178f line xwsrc Co. .. J l . A m u n d s e n D e t e r man . . . . Freda's Cafe F. Courchane ;;0(J. 543. Lytle's i :t SSI (i.ji u c k b e r R c r . . . 0 ISO A r i l s Callallan G I 5 67!) Mil 1(1 71:1 60'J M. B r e k k c 111. 13 701 (JHL (ill! 6M U.'.O (1 OS 10S -il) til.-. M l s. niscult .. L. L u n d c ICO, 113. N c h i I i!0 S t a t e Hraud .in-; 1KB: M. Heitlanrt 4.M. '·: M7 (III 57 I (ViC ·-' COS MU D. Mikqvec ItMi C. Klcken -IS?. B I G . S I X L E A G U E IV'on Is! .'ml Srti i l o x l e Service . ·-! 7:11; 775 800 I l o x l e Sales 1 IS 1 .'. (!!« (i(B JD. D t h n o r t 189; \V. Cooper 4113. lolel H a n F o r d . 0 (IRS (ili5 758 r r l t c h a r r t s ;i 718 715 790 We.i Brotlt 183! Ones B I S . . C o t t e r Dlst :( 7(8 7«0 781 M i d g e t H u r b e r s 0 (iU5 735 709 Moore XM7. 57'J. IVIAJOR L E A G U E flop. 381 5 IS 255 3.10 198 18K3 17IJ6 17.V, 18U2 Tof. 2KIH S I 7 1 iisi'a \Vnn 1st 2nd 3rd Hep. 017 81 Tot. 2011 Boriiens 1 (!7:( H I D J a p l l a ! Tobacco 'i 711 KfiL B r o u t llll. 481. i u p e r l o r Oil ... S 7T4 «1S 8'_'7 2:19 L a p i n e r 0 (ISO (J93 087 IBS I! 1 ," 1 A. H'allace L34, j(i,l. l e r m a n s o i r s . . '' 700 (i'JO 7 7 1 4*; ?!0i) , a k c f.irt Shop i 703 HI') G'J'J ' i','1 M. Mad s o n ' 1!IO, !«:'. ohnston'5 Fl. . ;: fiofl 7 1 ,',' G"i I ^On Betsy Koss 1 U I 7 63'i U 7 1 It. Ikciiberry I-'). -ITS. I. C. Appliance I 7111 8l!t B8G [akin Kio :'. t!Bl li.lti (|j(i U. Pusch l » 7 i L. K l v s i k 182. i . I l . H r e n d 0 6(X Ii71 7 X 1 T a r k h u r s l ;{· 77S ~»~i 8 R I 1.. H a c k h a r l SOI.' .110; K. Espluosa 114 110(57 "Ho Ml 1 7 4 2147 510. Early Romans had little interest in cosmetics, but adopted them Farm Auctioneering A SPECIALTY. Attend These Sales George Grotty, Mason City Feb. 24 Stanley Long, Clear Lake Feb. 25 Gerald Wohler Phone S282-J 315 South Tennessee after coming in contact with the Greeks of southern Italy. Trout Season to Open March 1 DES MOINES (UP)--Iowa's new continuous trout season s t a r t s March 1, but stocking of trout will not take place until about May 1, Memorial Day and July 4 in most streams, the state Conservation Commission said Thursday. In (he new trout season, fishing hours will be from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with a daily catch limit of eight and possession limit of eight. SIGN OF RAIN LAUREL, Miss. (UP) -- Hub Hosey said he knew clays in advance when t h e months - long drought here would end--Reedy creek "ran rich with water.', 1 Hosey, who lives near the creek, said when Reedy runs water during a dry spell, it's a sure sign of rain. "It never fails," he claimed. Some Pensioners Get Jobless Pay CHICAGO (UP) -- Jobless pay laws in some states provide benefits to persons on pensions who are unable to find work, according to Commerce Clearing House. The clearing house, a private reporting agency on business and tax law, conducted a study of unemployment compensation in various slates. In some states, CCH said, a private pension disqualifies the recip- PUBLIC SALE As we are dissolving partnership we will hold a closing out public sale on the Siebrecht farm 4 miles east and IVz miles north of Northwood, on TUESDAY, FEB. 23 COMMENCING AT 1:00 O'CLOCK P. M. 34 HEAD OF CATTLE 15 head of good Holstein milk cows; 3 2-year-old springing Holstein heifers; 1 registered Holstein bull, 2 years old; 2 short yearling heifers; 3 short yearling steers; 3 fall heifers, Holsteins; 5 fall steers, Holsteins; 1 black Holstein heifer and calf. 15 HEAD HOGS 14 Head Hampshire Sows, bred to farrow March I; 1 Purebred Hampshire Stock Hog. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. - -- -"· · · ^ i i i u 9 - _ i t i A i * m ; i 3 *. t «;iur i ^ - D u r n e r Gas P l a t e : IHC Hand Cora S h e l l e r : HO-fl. 7-Inch Hammer Mill Beli; Mr Compressor: Chicken Feeders and W a t e r u r s i Feed Mixer; F'ld .Tank! 55-ral Feed Cooker, n e w ; lOO-Ral. Fuel Tank; Overhead Fuel Gas T»nk, 300-jallon B U I L D I N G S -- B r o o d e r House. 10 x :iO; Portable HOE Home. UxlS. n e w . F E E D AND HAV--300 Bushels N e r n a h n Oats, more or l e a s i -1011 Bushels Boniia Oals, more or less, ( A m e s test by day of sale) i Some S t r a w ; 10-ft. Silage; B»led C l o v e r i T i m o t h y H a y . TEJIMS: C a s h ; or m a k e a r r a n g e m e n t s with your b a n k e r b e f o r e the sale »Vo p r o p e r t y to be r e m o v e d until s e t t l e d tor. F. H. SIEBRECHT SON Carl Jaspers and Carl M. Shelmo, Auctioneers Xorthwood State B»nk, Clerk Having a Farm Sale? SEE BOB PEDELTY '.'AUCTIONEER.AT THE CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. or PHONE 434-R-2, Mason City HAROLD O. and , CARL O: JOHNSON Rockford . . . March 2 HOMER FREEMAN . . FEB. 75 Rockford lent from jobless pay. In other slates, the recipient is disqualified if the pension exceeds the amount of'money he would get under unemployment compensation. If the pensioner has contributed toward the cost of his pension, some states will permit him to draw state jobless pay. In other instances the decisive factor appears to be whether his retirement was voluntary. . The latest state to take this position was New Jersey, CCH said. The New Jersey supreme court ruled recently that if a pensioner retired because a union contract re- FARM SALE Due to the fact that I have decided to quit farming and will move to town I will hold a closing out farm sale on the farm located 2 mi. south of Rock Falls or 4 mi. east and 3 mi. north of Mason City, on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 12:30 P. M. 80 HEAD LIVESTOCK 13 ( Good Milk Cows, Ho'lsfein, Guernsey and White Faced Crosses, some Springers, some with calves at side, and the rest in heavy production. These Cows are hand and machine broke 3 White Face Springing Heifers. 4 Yearling White -Face Heifers. 2 year old White Face Bull. 4 White Face Heifer Calves. 1 Holstein Heifer Calf. 1 Yearling Guernsey Heifer Calf. I White Face Bull Calf 2 Bred Ewes. 40 Fall Shoafs, L. T. V. 3 Old Sows, bred 1st of January, L. T. V. 2 Sows cominq with second litter, L. T. V. 1 Young Sow, L. T. V. T Hamp. Boar. 2 RIDING HORSES-1 Black Gelding with ba.d face and 3 white feet and a good rocker, gentle for anybody to ride. Roan Mare £ yr old, good broke and a real cattle horse. Neck reins the best. ' POULTRY-- 215 Leghorn Pullets, laying between 80 and 85%. production. 20 Leghorn Hens in very good production. FEED and SEED-300 Bu. Ames Oats, good enough for seed; 1,000 Bales 1st and 2nd cutting Red Clover, top quality Hay; 150 Bales of Red Clover and Sweet Clover Hay; 100 Bales of 2 yiar old Sfrsw PMG. 80 Golden Neck Hens in very good FARM MACHINERY, ETC. r i | A i f Jch " °^ re TraCt ° r com P' efe wfth s t a r t e r - l! 3f"s, -r°w Cultivator, power- trol 3-16 power-trol plow on rubber. '42 John Deere Model A Tractor, starter, lights, power lift culhva or and 2-16 m. plow on rubber. 1940 J.D. BTractor, road gear, mechanical Jiff and cultivator' ?;rhm.n°* 1^"? f^f cn . rubber in 9 ood 'TM d TMTM' ^hn Deere 4-row Planter with fertilirer attachment, 160 rds. planter wire, 2 yrs. old; John Deere 226 mounted Picker, 1-yr. old; J D Heavy Duty 7-ft. Power Mower, also Windrower, 1 yr. old; J. D. 15-ft. Disc, 18 in. Blades, 2\rrs' nLw. r'n M »' C n V * e ii° ad = r ' ab ° Ut " eW; J ' D ' End9ate Seeder; Int «»»tional Endgate Seeder] new J. D. 24-ft Drag, folding Eveners; 10ft. Case Tandem Disc; J. D. 4-s.ction Drag, folding steel Eveners; J. D. Manure Spreader, on robber, like new; Sid* Delivery Rake; J. D. Hay Loader Ch Vae .rn r !r ?* r Y K' /a " , 4 ° V lb ° W Ch3!n EleV ' f0r and Speed iack; WTM»^ Wagon Hoist; Allis' Chalmers 5 ft. Combine, 2 p.ckup attachments; Potato Digger; Implement Trailer with winch and anTs iS^T^r RBubb V i " d Runni "9 G«r.; 2 Flare Boxes; Narrow-Wheeled-Runn nflVe.r and Box; 30 I gal. Gas Barrel with stand; Flat Rack with sides to make Hay Rack; J. D. Hand Corn ShellerM-oadmc, Chute; Cooling Tank; Steel Tank and Ho 9 Waterer; Tank Heater; 16-ft Feed Bunk" 2 Heat Housers; International Separator; Electric Brooder, 500 chick size; McCormick D.ering B.nder, converted to W.ndrower; 2 Saddles; 2 Unit DeL.val Milker; Compressor and Pipe for 26 cows, complete; Montgomery Ward Garden Tracfor with sickle and lawn mower attachment! 950 FORD plCKyP-1950 Ford Pickup with grain and stock combination rack, 4 speed transmission and tra.fer hitch, also radio and heater in A-1 condition. ' · ' - Transmission LUNCH WILL BE SERVED ON GROUNDS By ROCK FALLS M. S. E. S. TERMS-- Cash or make arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled for. GEORGE CROTTY Gerald Wohltr--Auct. Un(»»d Hern* B«r»k A Tru»t C»., Cl«rk MASON CITY AUCTION Co. Livestock SALE Monday, February 22 Sale Starts 12:00 P. M. Sharp Our last sale was a good active sale, the prices were steady to stronger on all classes of livestock. 600 pound Holstein steers sold at 512.50 per hundred. Good native 1,000 pound Shorthorn steers sold up to $19.00. Lots of other cattle were sold in between this price spread. The good cows ranged from $11.25 to $13.00 per hundred with the medium cows selling from $10.00 to §11.25. Beef and baloney bulls sold from 512.00 to 514.00 per hundred. Well marked Holstein heifers sold from ?12.25 to 514.00 per hundred. A good selection of dairy cows ranged in price from 5125.00 to 5240.00 per head. Good calves brought from 518.00 to $24.00 per hundred. Medium calves sold from 514.00 to 518.00. HOGS -- Many brood sows sold from 565.00 to 5100.00 per head. Lots of feeder pigs, all good pigs, sold from 528.00 to $30.30 per hundred. Heavy boars went at 516.75 per hundred with the lightweights ranging up to 522.00. SHEEP -- Fat lambs sold from 518.50 to 520.00 per hundred and some lightweight ewe lambs sold at $21.00. Breeding ewes sold from $18.00 to $22.00. SPECIAL CONSIGNMENTS 2 Riding Horses. Plus our usual good offering of all classes of livestock. CONSIGN AND ATTEND Harvey H. Wood Albert Ashland ' MANAGERS Phone 5735-J, Mason City Phone Clear Lake, 476-J "We'll Do Our Level Best to Pleas* You" --BARN PHONE 3758-Gerald Wohler, Shorty Huntington Virflil Munsell, Auctioneers quired it, but was willing to continue work, he was entitled to unemployment compensation.. ASSESSORS MEET GARNER--County and city assessors from the North Central Iowa area met at the courthouse here. The forenoon was'devoted, to a school of instruction for the county and city boards of review which will be held at Garner March 17 and will be conducted by State Tax Commission officials. Sixteen assessors and deputies were present at the meeting on Wednesday. DOUGHEHTV--Dale Marsh is a patient in the Veterans Hospital, Des Moincs. COMPLETE CLOSING OUT FARM SALE I am quitting farming and will *·!! my personal property at public auction to the highest bidder, without reserve. Farm located 5Vi miles ea*t of Cartersville; from Rockford go south to end of road, west V* mile, 4 miles south and IVa miles west; from Marble Rock 5 miles west, 2 miles north, I'/a miles west, on Tuesday, Feb. 23 SALE COMMENCES 12:00 SHARP 35 Head of Beef Cattle 35 Head of Beef Cattle; 7 Head of Cows with Calves about 6 weeks old; 11 Cows to freshen in Spring; 1 Bull; 8 Calves from last spring, and 1 small Calf. POULTRY -- 175 Barred Rock Pullets -- laying well. STRAW--HAY--CORN--OATS 450 Bales of Straw, approximately; 800 Bales of Second cutting of Alfalfa, more or less, no rain; 450 Bales, more or less, of first cutting Alfalfa in barn, and no rain; Some Alfalfa stacked outside; Around 1,700 bu. of Corn, inside cribs; Around 100 bp. of Shelled Corn in Closed Bin; Around 850 bu. of Marion Oats. Machinery and Miscellaneous W. D. Allis-Chalmers T r a c t o r ; 1 Allis-Chalmers W. D. 2-row Cultivator; 1 Allis-Chalmers Field Cultivator, Mounted; 1 14-Inch 3-bottom Pull Plow with hydraulic lift, on rubber; 1 Allis-Chalmers Mounted Cornpicker for W. D.; 1 36-foot Farmer's Friend Elevator with Wagon Hoist and Speed J a c k ; 1 1950 New Idea Tractor Manure Spreader on rubber; 1 1950 Viking Hammer Mill with power take off drive for a 3-plow tractor; 1 C a s e short- turn Trailer-Wagon with wide box and good rubber; 1 Trailer- Wagon with wide box and good rubber; 1 John Deere Wooden- wheeled Wagon with 36-inch box and scoop-board; All the above · machinery is in A-l shape; 2 Sets Tractor Chains; 1 Home-made Trailer-Wagon with flared box; 1 John Deere 10-foot Tandem Disc; 1 John Deere Endgate Seeder; John Deere 2-bottom 14- inch Tractor Plow; John Deere 3-horse Gasoline Engine; 1 4-section Harrow with steel folding drawbar; 2 Good Flat Racks 14-by-8 feet; 1 I.H.C. Corn Planter with Tractor Hitch and 120 rods of Wire; 1 Wooden-wheeled Wagon running gear; 1 Bob Sled; 2 Hog Feeders; Some Hog Troughs; Chicken Feeders; 5 Gatvaniied Hen Nests; 2 Electric J a m e s w a y Brooder Stoves; 50-foot of Hayfork Rope; 1 Shop Grinder; 1 2-horse Electric Motor; 1 5-gal. and 1 6-gal. Stone Jars; 1 Cream Separator; Shovels; Forks; Tools; and other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. No property to ba removed until settled for. LEO FENTON, Owner Virgil Munsell, Auct. First State Bank of Rockford, Clerk A UC Tf ON Sale On account of the death of Gene Kelley, we will offer at Public Auction the following articles on UESDA 2 Sole starts at 12 o'clock noon On the farm located 5!/2 miles east of Rockwell Creamery and 2 1/2 miles south or 3Vi miles south of Cartersville; or 2 miles west and Vi mile north of Dougherty 80 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 17 head of cattle; 9 head of sheep; 4 lambs; 5 hogs; 5 fall pigs; 40 head Hampshire brood sows. . r 25 CHICKENS GRAIN-- 500 bu. oats; -500 bales clover hay; 100 bales straw; some silage. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Maytag Washing Machine; Cook Stove; Frigidaire. MACHINERY " IHC.-rr.ct.,; IHC 15-ft. disc; " w; IHC 1950 3/ 4 -TON FORD PICKUP 40 Head of Hampshire Brood Sows bred to Field and Christiansen's Purebred Boars. These are an out standing herd of sows bred to farrow last part of March and first part of April. 6 of these sows are purebred sows. Consigned by: H. B. McGaheran TERMS: Cash or make arrangement with bank before date of sale. No property to be removed until settled for. All I la lYICuflnGrdn, Administratrix of Estate of Gene Kelley Sheffield Savings Bank, Clerk Jock Dorsey, Auctioneer

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