The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1913
Page 6
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Are You to be Rec These? 90 Per Cent of people at fifty years of age are penniless" This crrave state of affairs can be avoided by systematic saving. «.-- * The average man throws away enough money in ten years to keep him comfortable all his life. The First National Bank offers you the sure road to wealth and comfort in old age. Stari on that road to-day by opening an account in our Savings Department, Under the Supervision of the United States Government. Three and one-half per cent compound interest allowed from the first of each month, Do not hesitate if your account is small, you will receive the same prompt attention and courteous treatment. Special Notice Handsome home saving safes are loaned free of charge. _You keep the safe. We keep the key. The temptation to spend is emoved. Our special representatives are bonded and a receipt signed by them will be honored at this bank. National Gettysburg, Pa Capital $100,000 ^urpliis $150,000 LIKE NEW SOME SUGGESTIONS ABOUT REF I N I S H I N G OF OLD FURNITURE- Much to Se Done Before the Actual Work of Putting on the Enamel la Begun--Cleanliness Most Important. .-_^- _.___ ^.^ %f \f5s?S2r^SWC!§J \3=S^55SS?^ in every household entered * i £?r===-'5r«s^ by Babbitt's 5-ceat "can of sunnv cleanliness." *· Babbitt's Cleanser takes the i: back- The convenient can ·with tke sifter icp, 5c Babbitt's Cleanser doesn't cost you even 5 cents, because Babbitt's ? ^t§.-??£~-?ri53L25SJ- trademarks can oe evervthing you can trunk 01. "Write for our new preimu catalog. Ask Your Grocer for Babbitt's B. T. BABBITT, Inc. ~~ York Citv "vThen old furniture is to be enameled to give it a ne«r Jease of life there is a good deal to be done before the actual putting on of the enamel, and upon this .preliminary preparation depends the success. Begin by giving each piece a thorough j good scrubbing ^rith hot vrater, soap, t and a strong bristle brush- T 11 ^; scrubbing brings a.-s-ay any dirt and! chips of paint, leaving a surface clean, j bat chipped -where the bits of paint j have come o£. Then tafee a piece oij Sne sandpaper and rub the furniture | aU over --ith it, and It- must be a j really fine sandpaper, as a coarse j piece -- ould scratch and spoil the sur- ·, face- Then If your furniture is to ba = meled vrhlte the nest step is s j coat of -n-hite paint, not enamel bctj just fiat ^s-hite paint. Put this on Srst \v!th a small brush, filling in all the. clipped places, and letting them dry before patting on the ^hole c7st- This -^ill tafee several hours to dry. bet it must be left till quite firm, first toe spots and then the coat of paint, j Before opening the enamel tin saake j it hare, so that the contents may "ba, thoroughly mixed, then give thsj enamel a. good stir -with a piece 011 stick, pressing out any little Iump5| against the side of the tin and getting j the oriole mixture as smooth asS crea-p.. For aattins on the enamel j use a soft, fiat brush, aad -work al-ways } is the same direction. Put on a thla j Srst coat, trying to use as little as| pcss-.ble. and be -rery careful aotjloj leave pucdies or thieve dabs In the? corners. The first coat of enamel may j take severs! days to dry thoroughly-.-, \vhen it is cnite 3rr sandpaper it over j very lightly indeed and put on aiioth-. er 'coat- This second coat is some- j | times not necessary: it-depends ou| ! the condition ana former color of the: piece of furniture to a great extent-1 and must be judged of by the painter j he Have the iiaen closet fitted -srith shelves provided Tvitii drop fronts; have the" fronts hinged by means _ of chains at the "sides held at just^fee angle to transform the fronts into additional shelf room ^here they are dropped. To Clean Vases. Glass Soever vases are apt to become much, stained in time, especially if such fio-s-ers as mignonette and for- i gec-me-nots are left in them for a few days --ithout-changins the -water. To remove the stains fe-w methods are better than, that of placing a handful of used tea leaves at the bottom of the vase «ita a. little vinegar, and -with the hand placed across the top. shaking it -ontil the mars have disappeared- It not completely elimi nated, this should be repeated, -while in addition a rag vrouad around a sticlv and pushed into the crevices -xrill effectually remove the most obstinate stains. SHOWS SOME NOVEL IDEAS Handkerchiefs for This Season Are ·Dainty. s.r.d Many Original Designs Are Seen. Care of Matting. Trv sewing your new mattii with raffia, says a writer for the Modern Priscilia- Dampen and split each strand. This will make a fine seam that will look well on either side When laying new matting ons can prevent ridges and wrinkles if. after putting down as smooth as possible, you -will wash -with a pail of hot water to which a cup of salt has been added. Leave quite wet and In drying the matting will shrink into place- The salt toughens it. Tvash. with the grain of the matting- Xever sweep matting with an uncovered broom, as it will split the Sber, bat cover the broom with a sort canton Sannel bag and dip in salt water to brighten it. All is astir In the handkerchief market- Xew samples are being received, lines for roadmen arranged and plans completed for the corning season. As usual, absolute novel ideas are few and far between, but the desired element of novelty is found in new and clever interpretations of old motifs. The one corner idea continues to i hold the center of attraction The | features of this t season~s productions j are daintiness of the designs and their I careful" arrangement so as to extend j up into the body of the handkerchief,' instead of spreading out at each side, t as in former seasons. '· One-sided designs are again in evi-1 dence, and will 2nd fat or by adding; the spice of variety. ^ The Longfellow initial ·won such widespread favor last season that its j position in this season's lines is prac- j tically secure, ilany new Lonfeliow j designs are shown surrounded by i elaborate decorations, but the simpler, j EXCl] TO AND Sand Tsrts. One cup sugar, one-half cap better mixed with sugar. Is a separate dish put one egg, one-fourth cup sour creara, or.e-third teaspoon soca, a few drops mapaline and a pinch of salt- Mix together, then add the sugar and butter mixture and two cups Sour. Roil thin and over the top spread T;he beaten -shite of one egg, then sprinkle with sugar and chopped nats-_ Pass rolling pin over lightly and cut in any shapes cesired. Place in moderate oven ar.d bake, but do not let brown. daintier effects will have first place in | popular esteem. __ | The oriental initials -which mado j their appearance last spring are again j featuredrand as the-eneatai iafiueace-j. is pronounced in TS omen's wear they i should find even greater favor than 5 : ever before. - ! I The usual big movement in simple ! initial handkerchiefs, both script and J 1 blocked, is expected. The dainty ua-1 | decorated letters are indicated for a j j slight preference o*.er the decorated j ' ones. Among the daintiest initialed * numbers are those finished frith a fey' Armenian lace edge.--Dry Goods £.co- noraist. .. PMladelpMa Reading Railway 27. 'French Bee Cut your beefsteak two-thirds of an Inch thick from a fillet of beef; dip into melted butter. lay them on a hot grid'-ron and broil over fresh coals, j TThen very nearly done, sprinkle with pepper and salt. Have ready some- parsley, chopped fine and mixed with; softened butter. Beat them to a j Biglerville TRAIN Special. Lv. A. M. 8:33 8:36 A number one chance. A grocery store on the corner of the square in East Berlin and four good bread routes for sale. Have been in business for nine years. On account of ill health and desiring to go \vest will sell out. Come at once. J. B» Martin, EAST BERLIN, PA. Closet Room. In planning a house lee the -women of the family hare something to say about the arrangement, number and size of the closets. Thev fcnow. or should know, how much housekeeping Is simplified -when there is plenty of ·*,-ell-arranged closet room. Closets should, it possible, be ventilated and lighted by means of windows. In addition fvery closet in an elc-cmcally lighted house should have an, «!ectnc. Training Vines to Grow. It is sometimes impossible to use string to train vines up a brick wall, and in that case adhesive plaster is an excellent substitute. Cut narrow strips of the plaster and fasten over the young tendrils until they cling tc the brick or plaster. How to Keep Small Fruit Fresh. To keep berries and small frrits fresh and sweet, put them in a glass rruit jar and set in the refrigerator. Tnat -.s much better than lea\mg the fruit m the boxes in v.-hich it conies UllVt-Ct t itil. i»*i*^ ·'-' » ·-·* · *--"i* T around on the platter. Serve with · Bendersville lemon juice and very hot- j Gardners Cleaning Glasses. j v ldavfflc ... Tumblers which have been ased forjgtarners . .. milk should always be rinsed in cold xr'^.^A~.-^ water before they are washed in hot ·\Vhen this is done the milk does not stick to the glass, and there is no danger of their looking cloudy. Hunters Run Mexican Fishballs. Equal parts of codfish and mashed potatoes, thoroughly mixevl with cooked red beets chopped fine; .mold into balls, brown iu the fat of salt pork and garnish v/Uh the crisp bit» ot fried pork. Special i Lv. A. 31. From 7:25 Mt. Holly Springs 7:40 Carlisle Junction .. 7:i4 Boiling Springs 3:44 .. / 7:48 Brandtsville 8:50 7:32JD. 31. Junction 8:53 8:00 - ^Rosegarden 8:56 8:03 j*Grantham 3'-®$ 8:10'Bowinansdale 9:04 8:16iWhite Hill 9:1-5 8:24 GirardAve. (31st St.) -P.M. 12.05 -Upper Mill .............. 8:30 Reading Terminal (ar) P.M.12.15 RETURNING- -Special Train will leave Reading Terminal (only) 11:10 P. M., for above stations. [Tickets include Admission to Garden

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