The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, September 16, 1913
Page 5
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SERVE U, S, WRIT ONTHAWCAPTORS Federal Marshal Takes Charge of the Fugitive. SOMPL1GATIONS ARE POSSIBLE EDWARD RAY. Noted English Professional Goif- «r Now !n the Urnted - States. MUCUS RULE IN CURRENCY DEBATE BASE HALL SCORES Following Is ths ReAuit 31 Played Yesterday. AMERICAN LCAGUE. Games U. S. Court May Free Slayer Before New Hampshire Governor Acts on Extradition. Colebrook, X. H., Sept. 16.--H. ?- Xute, United Slates Marshal, arrived in Coiebrcok bearing a writ of habeas corpus calling r'or the presence of Harry K. Thaw before Federal Judge Aldrfcb at OttSeton. AVith the service or the writ, Xute ana Sheriff Drew, of Coos county, became joint, custodians of the fugitive. Thaw v.-as taken to Littleton today Postponement of Gnat action on the -.Trit wiii be asked, pending the extradition heanng tomorrow afternoon. William Travers Jerome, Xew York's special deputy in the Thaw natter, planned to accompany Tha-ar to Littleton, as did Franklin Kennedy deputy attorney-genera! and SheriS Hornbeck of Dutchess county. The Thaw lawyers desired to have argument continued in order that the writ may be available at a later date should it be found necessary to block extradition. It Judge Aldrich should insist that argument proceed it might result in the freeing of their client at once, prior to the extradition hearing. With Thaw free again serious complications are possible. His lawyers v.-ould be acting within their rights if tney attempted to rush, him from the State. Jerome and his forces would o£ course seek'to hold him. A physical struggle between factions Is not out of the question and both sides will have a lot of private detectives on hand. Thaw conferred wit'n the ram- ilv ^ representative, former Governor Stone, of Pennsylvania. Tne official request of the state o! Xev.- York for the extradition d Tiiaw was Sled at the oSce of Governor Felker in the State House, at Concord by Bernard Jacobs, a lawyer, of Lancaster. X. H., who was acting for the Kew York authorities. Governor Pel- ; : ker's" desk was" buried beneath a pile |" o* "letters and telegrams relating to the. Thaw ease. Most of these messages appeared to be the result, o* a movement originating in 2Cansas to create sentiment favorable to Thaw. Protest Law/ Aainst il9.T ! *VJ» " ad-i E FEW At ngtou, i . -- Ba:ter:*-= -- Rtis . \Vast- A Royal ChaQge of Mind Br ARTHUR V.'. BRE\VSTER S_U vi i;;itii-£i. At Xe»s York--·je:rji., T; JXev Ycr.v 3. Batteries.^ V\":i^-i aud Mclvee, nolds. " At Bosioa--Bestci: ·;; S; Louis. 2. Batteries--Co-lies ami Ciriigan; \Yei' i. The king of Aurank: h-i-i askwJ the j : kins of Wortenberjj for the iianil of ***/* !? *"^"£*»*"c rt*('*«tr ^** 'i* r !»T'( i r' ^ ?*"* *l ^*** t-utj »*·· 4-LtTi i U.'ufc^T^fc \»*,. **,-·,*·· W%-* · ·.*,**..!..--«., for the former's MU. Pr.nce C-iri. Tile matter having I«e0 5?:_u»fac:orHy ar- GQillinery Opening Friday and Saturday Sept. 19th and 20th ;easonable Sera Press AssocJaUon. Nearly Half ani House Tomorrci«. Bill Display of Pattern Hats and all other s Millinery goods. Flowers, Silks, Velvets, Feather, Hats. The Misses Cliritzman Pa. Ribbon ' 5 cognito and arrived :it the :u:a NATIONAL LEAGUE . At Chicago -- Xew Yor ~ eursfcii. ^:«,as-ire n Der^otratic caat-us Xo: oi iLe D:J S-«i been 10 nnlsh LAST PAID "BIO TIM" SULLIVAN lOJ 0 Persons Struggle to Get Sear Gnyrch. D- fu- ~ -Hope to Get Thaw Bsck to Canada. ilontreai, Canada, Sept- 16.--Harry K-,Tha.v."s Canadian lavryers haTe rtoc 'given up hope o£ bringins him bact to the Dominion, T_ K. LaSamme, one gt-,-their .number, announced in court '· an'd Ihis associates still er- he Appeal Court o* jpebec jbr- z. 'decision on the consn- EafiSo^aliry^qf the immigration act ia- ^dike^'T^flea'Ths." v:ss hustled across ISfeXJEEadian border into Vermont. If |TfeySsu"cceeaed~"in having the lavr de- InTalid-they ^vould make a for* demand "through the proper chan ae said, for Thaw's re- Canada. ;: : KM±f~W!FEj_TRlES SUICIDE a Man V/as Jealous of Yorl:, Sept. 16.--^Timothy Sullivan v.-as burled after such a neral as fev.- men have had. In the streets around old St. Patrick's Catnercial, where 50.000 men, Tvomen and children struggled to get some-vhere near ihe church, in the 100 carriages nlled v.-kh mourners: in the tweat c-arriaces that held nothing save oiterings of 3ov.-ers from,dozens of -.-arious societies and hundreds of _,,._,,,, saaJvidaals,- but .-most ol all ic Y 25 Governor Pel- J found in the evidences of grief that met the eye on every side. Big Tiaa had mace life sappier for verv many OL. thhese- Then. too. the sadness of his last days and o£ his death ^ras clear in the .minds or the onlookers;' that and the chance tha saved from a nameless grave the man --ho had seen to it that so many had -.he last benefit ot clergy, a decent ba- :iai and a proper headstone. Perhaps 10,000 looked ac the body before v. vras carried a^ay to old St. Patrick's. The honorary pallbearers vrere Edward jIcCalL _^^_. Thomas F. Fo-ey and ex- Sheriff Xicsojas Hayes. Judge Orio A. Rcslasky ana Al. Erlasger. and Senator ".lames E. Frawier ^^°- Thomas Solemn reuiern mass ^as celebrated ·J5 ?tgr. "Kearney, the rector, long cime fr'end of Mr. Suiilvan's. Within -he chancel rail -K-ere ssany priests, all 3f ~hom had I-cro-am Big Tim- in- erment was made at Calvary Cemetery . 1*5,'."^Wife's Divorced Husband. Philadelphia. Pa., Sept. 16.--Harry "'" """ "If,- a steam fitter, killed his aie. at their home, 203 N. o^uid" street. YTest Philadelphia, and tlfeif.shpt himself. He is In a critical conjiitibn- " STfapiell is forty-seven years old, £s"it is said that jealousy^ of Ms wife's ^first husband. Paul TTaug, led tol-the~crime. Mrs. Shappeli -was only plenty-one years of age. 'Tne slayer had been married before, his^ first'-svifs having died, and in. the bouse at the time of the snooting -eras ais- 14-year-old son, Thomas Saappell j through a neighbor, not through oj, that the police learned of the saooting. -Sbappeil and his second ivife Tvere married two and a half years ago. It *s-said.that Shappell observed "STaas In, the neighborhood and learned that bis" -wife "and her nrst husband -«ere exchanging- notes, and meeting each other. 'Eenionstrated -s-ith, Mrs Shappeil proniisea her ausband that she -s-ould eac these meetings, but later she got Into the habit of leaving home on oc- easibn, and .this caused bitter QTiar- rels._ _ Charles F. Murphy, TV/Q GIRLS ACCUSE MAN eroea" Victims at Exceisior 12 and - t £- YeaFs Old, v.:;;-i charges cf "gag Saws" ai.U "cajctis, ruie," zroni the laincrsiy, v. :iu o'.ct-^ijni symya- tiietic re:;!.fc= iroiia tLc L.-c^oerat:c si Ifc. Kepresc-stative Mondell, of "Wjoia- iag, a£:d Progressive Leader M devoiec contidemtie :s:^e to p ^he Democrats to "break the I shackles" and desert the caucus pleti- ses. ilr. llondeil became involved in a spirited controversy with Represen- tatrve Stanifcy, of Kentucky, '.vhu had something to say about Republican caucus action. Representative Donavan, Democrat of Cenaecticut, joined with Representative liurdock In one of his attacks, declaring that the leai- ers had abandoned the currency bill to ta ne*." members 01 the House. _" "Xct more than half a cuorum is here," he shouted. "They 'Jra-a- their pav regularly and ab-ndon the vt-ork attached to their positions. This is nothing mere rhan stealing." '·\Vu3.t could they tlo if they were here?" demanded Representative ilur- dock, "the caucus has foreclosed ail action on this Diil."* A rapid «re 01 amendments was directed bv the minority, against the section of the bill providing that national banks must subscribe a sum equal to twenty per cent, of their capital in the Federal reserve bank in their district. Representative Lindbergh, of llinnesora, endeavored to make tbe subscription ten per cent, of capital and surplus and anew the banks 120 days in which to pay one- half of their subscriptions. Under his amendment the Federal- reserve banks ^-ouid have been allowed to begin business as soon as the full 35,000.000 capital'had been subscribed -svithout -Baiting- for full payment- The amendment alter a vigorous discussion ·* as voted do-sm. TS to 23. Several "similar amendments vrere de- feajed. ._,, ' "~ Air attempt ^as msde IG -trrite into the OiU a provision forbidding officers or dlreeiors in national banks iron: holding similar places in other nation al'banks or In any other financial institutions. The Democrats siosd by the caucus and the amendment -eras rejected, Tl to 44. Another Hood of amendments de signed to curtail the po-K-er of the Federal reserve agea:, named by tne bin as the chairman of the Board of Directors and zhe representative 01 the Federal Reserve Board of tne Fed- _eral xeserve bank, jiiso ~z deieatea . -and ::· ers; Smith. Lavendar and Archer. " At Cincinnati -- Phi-a'lelpsla, 2; ^.n- t-ianati, 2 It' innings, carksiess. Baf- ieries -- Rixev. Alexander a:iij K5ilU=r; Ko-.van and "Ciark. At St. Louis-Brooklyn, rain. Standing of the Clubs. ^T.Lu PC.' \V_L-. PC X ·\"e*-V 91 -: G';9 Brcokin. 53 75 426 Ph'lada SO 49 G2- Pcsio.i. 57 7-; 429 Chicago. TS O r 55JC:=.iav. 55 S2 { S Pittsbrg. 74 ( J4 5i' Si !-rj::is 4S 94 «as SAYS ARMY IS IN FINE GONOITi Secretary Garrison Daclares !f Never Was Bsttsr, c-oo-?c*»oc'QC-c-x»t'»-*^»»o "ft'ashington, Sept. IG.--"I don't believe the Army was ever in better condition," said Secretary of War Garrison, v.-hen he returned to his desk after an absence o: i\vo months, spent in visiting al! the important military posts. "" --ve are going to attract the men ive want, and raise the eSciency 01 the army, \ve must have a shorter term. 01 enlistment." said he. "I am in favor of a three-} ear term, with the privilege of discharge into the reserve as -soon as an enlisted man proves his efficiency. "I have cor decided what the shor- ^esc period of service v.::ii rir^~coiors- should be. I an in favor of discharging men. as soon as they -earn discharge, and as a reward for tneir hard Tork." Garrison said he had not ceeiflec what period a discharged soldier should, serve in reserve. '·To make the army more attractive to the best class of men." said he, "I favor Tocational training for the army, so-ihat :n add'.ticn" to ihe military alning and cUeigUne, which a man would acquirfe through service, he auld leave with some trade, when he :es again in^o civil life. "Wnerever ! went. I found universal approval of Garrison sala he-did no: favor. and the country v.-oi:Ii not tolerate a large standing -rmy " He refused to discuss the n'£.ns for the concentration to the i the prince seen a. vs. om-n w!o so c-»::i- j =· pSetety struck his fancy. Princes nesxl | § to be more carefus of their tU.:iij:* in j =| sociCr respects. b"t may take j;r?"ier | js liberties in others. Prince Car! purposely stu:ubk-d and. failing to\v;ir-i the rfr!. kho»ed her. ,_. She passed on without matins an\ i 2 protest, though tier cheeks tur:jcl t-rinj j g SOK. The prince a-- soon :is his :itte:i j S Clou cou!d be divertwl from her s^-.v | g a man standii:!; at ibe othar end of the | s corridor. looking at him with fi:v hs I g his eye. Can took ao notice 01" this j ? person, but entered the -^uit of span i fj meats thac had been assigned biuj. ; I- The roya! family ami suets :in-c for j § dinner, and Prince C:'.r! \va then for- | J maily -welcomed and Introcluc-cxi to bis j fa fiancee, the Princess Ac::iii:L ETe v.-as 1 g also introduced to her yaunger sifter. [ 5 the Princess Louise, and was a ^ w n - | j ished to reeojrnize iu her tbe girl v.-bo:a ] 3 " had kissed in the corridor. A third j J introduction was to DaniSo. crown J ^ prince of Endimia. v.-ho he was told · ^ was a suitor for tbe band of Louise. ', g He "was the man -who h:id witnessed j thekiss. Xeither Louise nor Puniio tbe slishest reference to Prince Ca. ^ traiisgressioa. nor tlici they ever show j E| br their manner ttuic they \vere con- · ^ scloas of it This -was not .- matter 5 ^. of surprise to Cari. who -svas used to j ~ eourc ceremonial and the treatment of ; ·= enemies ivlth a studied politeness. Bat 1 he knew well that he would have to 2 [£ Sundries! I r*» =g Everything in the Store Must (Jo I at your o\vn pi ice Nothin over 50e. -30c. Medicines 2-1e. 25c. IGc. Ail Bottles-Empty or Fall a part :-=." : 'Lutherar.s to Raise 510,000,000. -I-iToleao. Ohio., Segt. 16.-- As a p ifrths celebration in 1917 o" the four iitiiidreth anniversary of the Refor- iDaUos, the . Genera! Council of tee Evangelical Lutheran Csrarch adopted a'Yssolutioa to raise $2,000.000 for the minister's pension fund ana misslonr iry work. The Jubilee Coirsmiiiee of ·tbe couscsl wilJ cooperate Tdtb. other general Liitheraii bodies in this country to unite in naking a total rand of ' · - * Aged Orientalist Dies. ·rBUdap'sst, SeP 5 - IS.--Professor Armi~Elus Yanabery, one of the best known Orientalists, travelers and historical Writers of Europe, died aged SI. He was an honorable doctor cf Budapast University and Trinity College, Dublin," -Ke "was educated in Pressburg ftna*.Constantinople, and traveled cs- iensiyely all over Europe, Asia sad Africa*. ' TOR SALE: pair of five months old colls. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg-, Route 3.--advertisement ___^ Shamokln. Pa.. Sept. 16.---Mary Jin'. ;s lsky ana Anna Endusky. twelve and 'ourtees. years old, charge Sranny Ser- iSn. forty-five years old. wirh attack- Ins them near Excelsior. The two girls were playing in the picnic grounds near Escelsior Seraffin. wnom thsy knew ouiie oegan to talk with them. A voung man named O'Brien heard cries for help, and with several ozh- ers hurried to the spot in z:me to see SeraSin running. A warrant was sworn out for Seraf=n"s arrest. He was captured on Ae mountains and brought here 10 avo:d a mob in Escels'or. Ke was committed to jail at Sunbury. Paysicians gave surgical aid to tae Sporting Editor Dead. Ph'.]adei?h:a.. Sept. 16.--Frank "L. Hcuah, sporting editor of the Phila delphia Inojrer, died here after a pro longed illness- He was 5- years eld. ilr. Hough i^ nest remembered for a;s efforts to "oiiild up the American League, and for many years had a ^naneial interest :n the Ph:ladelphla Atcletics- V/EATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weatiier bureaus taken at S p. 33- vestercsy foUow: Temp. "Weatber. 54 Clear. GO LEFT BROKER Albany Atlantic City- Boston BaSaio Chicago Orleans. rk Philadelphia.. St. I-ouis Washington.. 34 CG Clear. Clear. Clear. - Clear. Clear. C3ear. Clear. Rain. Cloudy. The Weather. Cloudy, rain tonight or tomorrow: gO'itncast vnnds. Relatives of Kiss JuSIa Garrett V»'Ii Try to Break Wiil- Philafieipaia Sept. 16.--The will o iiiss Jnlia_ Garrett, who inherited thi wealth of cer father, William Evans Garret;, the multi-millionaire snua: manufacturer, was admitted to pro: ja this city. The report that the "cul^ of the fortune, estimated to have valuation of S12.000.000. had been left to Isaac T. Starr, a bond dealer who for years ^-as the nsesi agent for Miss Garrett. was borne out by U18 testament which was Sled. The will also bequeathed nearly a half million doliars to relatives, a num ber of WnOTU have engage:! Jons. Jorinson. tne attorney to act in ihel- behalf in a contest they haie brougi to prevent ,t":ie probating of the will. A number of the cousins who have already aken steps to break the are remembered substantially in ths paper, but the ^««k cf the fortune wil be giien t.- Mr. S^rr under its provJs ions. iz "-"B.S exected on Octcoer 2S 1902. and devises al! cf Oe estate with the exception of ss\era! small be- j quests to institutions and several of a' zsrivaie nature, to z. sister. Elizabe'n- In-the event of the sister not surviving the estate :s given principally to 3Ir. Siarr. Tie sister did not sur vive. B 1 53 1 a 1 Great Reductions in the Buckeye Cattle Powders |j s Must vacate the room for Improvements! j lesscu i |=i ^ -cell The Buehler Drua^ Store. 1 Carl's I U I Chambersburg Street - | of the sri in a few strategic een- tres, rather than to have them distributed among 1" posts in unimportant locations. *"ily views 01 thnt subject will be made knc-vn in orders from time co :fn;e." he nail^i. "But I expect the fu:ie;r co-ore rat -on. of "congress in car--.-in-Tn ".2- effect.'' - ErT3 WIFE'S FAMILY Tcr.nssse£sr. Sr.oots Ker Father r.iother Brother. ilemph:?. TcnaJl Sept. 1C.--Edward Eax:er. "~ '-ears ola. v.-hose vrlfe Jessie Sm:rh iia:-:e-, haa left him. went -o the Lome o~ her father. Kenry STtiftb. an«I on being tcid that he coald uor "spp h:s w:.e.-shot and. killed 2.1r. and Mrs. Smuh and their son. Oscar Smith. 1'"* ;-ears oln. ilrs. Baxter, vrao faced death for »5va nunntes. Srclly escaped frorn her haif crazel -\::')~^ ana ran through the V.«: : a:"=; to ir'c backy^ra anI found I refuge ^iJ^ n-.g-bors. j After the ".-.'-'1.5 Baxter reloade, 1 . h^s ~ap and v.siS., ·: north 10 tne Bel' L-ne i Railway tracr"- The police osgan a search for h:ra cs soon 23 they vcere answer for his boltl act. How be vrould i be punished be did not knov.-. but since j that vvas an age rrlien men fought per- j sfjpa.1 combats be expected a challenge. · --QHie oniy-p3r£?n -rh^se manner was not satisfactory to Prince Curl was the j Princess Amalin. She treated him -svitli i suca scrupulous politeness thac it ivas i eridenc she had been informed of his ! transgression. The day after his ar- j rival tbe king, her father, sent his j prime minister to say that since the j marriage with the Princess Amalia · had. been arranged political eompli-1 Uons had arisen than -would render the i match undesirable. j Upon receiving - this information s Prince Carl made preparations to leave j the capital. On the evening before lib j departure an ofScer of t!e household · guards called upon him" to ask satisfaction, on the part of Prince Daaito i for an. insult offered the Princess. I-ou- ( ise. Carl referred him TO a friend- and j ic %ras arranged that a meeting bbou'd j take place the next: morning at sun- » rise in an open space surrounded by j j trees in the royal park. i On the evening of his arrival Prince | Carl had sent a courier back to :-.if- father, the king of Aurunia. to suj that the match with the Princess Amalla ~^s.s impossible and to send posthaste a request for tne hanrS of the Princess Lcuise. -The reply to this, a formal demand for the band of the younger princess, was han'leu the king of TVorrenberg at tbe same tune that: Carl received Daniio's challenge. The king, knowing o? Carl's expected departure tbe iiert cay. as once called a family conclave to decide upon whether to give the prince encouragement to remain or to permit birr; to depart. After discussing the matter before arriving at s. decision tha Princess Louise was called in and the case stated to her. Shou'd the affair with Daniio. which was being considered by the counci! of state, be j allowed to go through, or should it be oS and consideration be given 1 ad of tbe king of Aur.i- [ ~ 1 3 i s ·a Special SHOE SALE If You De-,Ire to Save MONEY Come In ORDERED OUT We have made the rounds and ordered out all of our Men's, Women's and Children's Summer Shoes, and now \ve are going to Make Them Move. We offer Shoe Bargains that you cannot anord to ignore.---TS^o one with feet should ignore tHis sale.-Remember the sale is now on and if YOU do stay away, YOU are the Loser. i'riass to virleJ aaa n i. serous too enumerate here. C. B. KITZMILLER, You are invited to the showing of FALL ar.a WINTER MILLINER 1 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPT. 19 Located in Basement of First National Bank. Corner of Square and Chambersburg Street. Mrs. D. J. Riele. GEMERAl MARKETS \ -- FT.OUR 75^3 00: citj PHILATHi-PH *y'2u*'» i " /*l^sr. ^"* !arcv. 55 "!:·'- ~ 5')- H.YE FLOUR steady, at per barrej. "I tvill not marry Prince Daniio." psfee-said. --" if -Prince Carl pro- tK)ses to me I "ill marry bim. no matter Treat action tbe council m.iy take-'" XOTT, the princess vras a your.g vr.% TnnTi of considerable Smmess. See ; laid out duties for herself to perform daily, and It "was in -tvorktng costume j that Carl and mistaken ber identity 5 Her father tvell kne-K- that when she I 50-5J375 took a. position all the king's ncrses S-rn: mi'ls. I ·wili be In. G »· 11 y s b u r r I e\orv Ti.esviayi .11 I* " :·- r o s f I M\tT-~ .7e«elrv j Siore. · . H.DTXKl-S i Quit. Coocressrrsan Surkc f Pierre. S. D.. Sep:~ I: 1 laan C. K. Burke. Republican v hip of Si the hci:se cf representatives has aa- ! l cided on account of jilue^s n.ot .to be 5 a candidate for re-election. i i isvster to Guatemala. ; . m ..^. 1 aad ail the king's men couldn't make ^HCAT o/.:ie:: Xo. 2 red. no^, 3'^A \ her ^^ se ^ Without ^a!si=K to ^CORX cnlet: Xo. 2 yellow. SG^« j tear T7hat ha bad to say further she j S7c. * i vrenr to her apartments for cons.aera- OATS_ sreaJv;,, Xo. 2 ~hize. -49c; j aol ^ for she had got T^ind of tbe due! ! °POTATols'sVafdv; per barrel. 65c. \ to take place in tbe morning and .^zl SO · -Tvished to prevent it. Tbe result o* ! ^SSjIhe baf^S honored by his preposition, she decline it 5 -This -was taatamoant to nn order for j him to -vcitndra-vr his challenge, for. or~ i cept for being- considered an cppli- Uve Stock Markets. j cent for her hand, be -sras sot called CHiCAGO--HOG« 15?-3Sc lo-sver; ; trpon to protect her. Carl Trent to tb«» balk. SS5?S^\ :.?bt. ?S.'.0-ff_9.p^ nnj. | g-^-gs 5n the morring. where he r ed. 5rr.duato or Opi'.cs 23 E. ?o=:'r:. GETTYSBURG 3IARKETS .... ^aitneGetlysburs Trcrehosse t resred «Ta:3v by C- JIHton V- oh, Jr. - cessor to J. Geo. "V\ o'i s cons ^ \j 4_? j j i i*. i - . J « T « W .j«-v. **u - _ *Mi^k^_ j. - ·$£ i rj A^ Sc-- old roo-r?rs. 12%c. Prcs^e^ Srr: » ^ :hcic» !;·: oM'rviosto^. 13=ic j =a^ BUTTKH. Srm; f^ncy craame j. : ly ! EOGS siei i aesrby, o - 2c.: cr ?.± Co. Per Bn !Cew Dry "VTheat Rye BETA1L PRICES Sad^r Dairy Ftec~ Coarfe Spring Krsn fland Packets Bra« Corn and Oats Chop... V.'hite M:«:dl : .n2S 'Washington. "Wilson nominj Leaveli. of C: ter to Guatemala, clergyman. . v... $7.7:" SP." i . heavy. S'.5 : SS7a: ! ronsn. S7.-Wg7.SO: pig^, .^,25T7^\ J CA.TTL!% s-e~dv to 10c. c. -,? -o S.~-A^* I CATiu:% s-e-ay ID iuc. n:?.",!?_; j jenge. 3. Sep^. 16.--P.e^iaent, j, eeves s-5«5S3.i'5: Texas steers. $-5.iO i An(i jjjjg ^ jow a prince c iaated ^'iUian^^ynej «7?°- al ^|' 8r ^ i ^ 7 g| eed - rs - ^^'^ blood went courtins a princes .arrolion, Jtss, So minis-; «.» -· IT -, I: , T3 '._,_j.- »l ^A,, v,j^,o-- no. i ^,^-^,-^^t h^r-cictor ! Baled f-traw ! Piaster Cement .1 FESTIVAL: will be held by Bridge school, Butler township, the ._ i seed is Ke is a retired the Bridge school, Butler ^hip Satur-; «Jovejj» ^^^^^ day, September 2 th.--advertisement j °^ ^_~v._, -.. lOr. hi-rher: na- married her sister. ! t5ve sheen. SI-S"??'-?."?; ve"rliTs^. $4 So S i @5.75; native lambs, $5.25H7.50. i Do not give nitrate of soda tc i plants until well above soil, and then rory sparingly. froncds'in the morring. where he re- | Timothy H«y reived the withdrawal of rjie chal- 5 ^?,V"^ 5 highsv;: } lenge- of tne princess and ' Flor.r {Western Fiour _ * Imagine what could be accomplished ,.he ij' e a" Com .. Jn the way of community breeding j- nr Corn -Kith fifty herds in the same commu- _ nity. '· I .SO] ".'/.!".i".7o! tk 1 i ier ton. r-er bbii Per bhl. Ft-r i.« ^ fi^fcm Have the painter do your -work with the paint that will prove most economical and satisfactory. SHEBWIH-WlLLltMS fA/NT r PREPARES It -n-jll prove most_ ecoaomics! because it will put oft the need of repainting for ths longest possible tjrne. ir.oit jarfsfactory bscausi^it vriil give the best results in application, appearance and We tvoald lifcc to havt the opportunity of figuring on your paint requirements vchen you are ready. A full Isne of colors in S.W. ? to select from. Gettysburg Department Store. IV ®

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