The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1913
Page 4
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Published Daily Except Sunday Times and News Publishing Company ^ W- LAVEHE HAFER, PHILIF ta. Secretarv and Treasurer. .- rriMES OlBLPRlEST SLEW SAIDTQBEMOTHERii GOVERNOR LEE CKUCE. Oklahoma Executive Who Revoked Pardons Granted by Lieutensni- PHILIP E- BISL5, Editor «*BS^RIPT*O.N~ Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per moats. -" " ' t ?-ilea outside of Gettysburgfor 25 cents per nosth. *1ATES Single copies to r.on-subseriiers, 2 cents. !sw York Police Search For Body of Child. : KIS OEFEHOE UNITED PHONE " , . · -_. . _ . Gettysburg, Pennsylvania fS/torewWc" 1 rests to God _t ·* ' j " hanrs," but TeHs ChspJain to -Drink Her BSood." n' ^cs. One ce-.t ^e- -rrord each'insertion. Two cents a word if guarantee" erst "page position. P.esolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent r word. ,,____ TO OUR P.EADERS The Gettysburg Times tekes absolutely no part in pol?dci!, being ne STIC slat ccccern Our Socialisr; papers and vrhleh is strictly non-partisan. LT aGvertising columns ara open to all candidates of all rarti garnes. At Stock Yards in Gettysburg, A carload of Horses ana Mules Thlrteer. head of Males, txvo and three years old. v.-Ith plenty of bone and size, v.-iil mules \vhen n make Iaro;e Twelve head of Rang-e Horses with good size or ·a! purpose horse or farm use. Sale to commence at one reasonable credit \vill be eiven by, o'clock, \vhen IB ins ile pa pel TF-- u NEW EAGLE HOTEL C-pacity 400 Rooms with brte, en suits TT«T £ iTcCo^onty ?r f- T 7 5- Speclal for this week Men's c:.d Boj's 23c golf ears IC'c. BIGS PRODUCE COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid for all -- PRODUCE-- ·you vrsjxt a. weekly paper get S'THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS i More local reading matter than [ any other paper published. | Price $1.00 per year. j CHAS. S. MUMPER i -- Fire Proof Storage -- j Warehouse for Furniture ar.d 1 Household Goods stored | any length of time. j W. H. TIPTON i ; -- Photcprapner -- ! : i Gettysburg Souvenirs Under Times OiEce, Gertysbarg. j TvlLUAM E. ZTEGLEK j ? Experz Electrical 12 Carlisle !·{ Phone 94 Y. Xew Tork, Sept. 16. -- Coroner Feia- JC-rg 'carried, thai ITV eat j o ear-old Aana Auraaller, the girl who -«as IDUT- lercc and v.hose torso was found !loa.-Jng in the Hudson river, had be- f-oie a "raother before she v,-as mor- slcred and her body dismembered by Father Hans Schmidt, a curate of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, who is in 12:1 here. Sc-haidt, who confessed to the crinie ha\ing improper relations ·.viih the gir!. and told the police that she soon T,-oc!d become the mother of i child. Investigation by Feinberg, ho A ever, convinced him that the child had been bora 10 the girl before Sch: ?ie-.v her on Sepiember 2 in. the little Sat that he had rented for her. The- authorities believe that Schmidt I'urlcd the baby alive, and began dig- ci:js 22 the neighborhood of the 3at re the giri ,v.-as murdered in the hope of finding the baby's body. Schmidt, in his cell was calm and fiant. He refuse-.! to see reporters, ant; when one of them sent a note to :!ni requesting an interview, Schmidt se~r back the following written re"I don't think you will understand me. There is BO use talking about it." An. examination, of Schmidt's mental condition was made by the Tombs physician. Other examinations will follow as it is believed that Schmidt is mentally unbalanced. Acting District Attoraev Xott said that any efforts to prove that Schmidt was insane when he killed the girl will be combatted vigorously. Xott declared that the man. was sane, and that the nionve fo»- his act can be shown without s. doubt. Schmidt's defence at his trial -- if he makes a real defence -- probably will be insanity. Alphoase Koelble, his ·awver. so announced, after a. long talk with Schmidt, in the Tombs. "I shall move to have Father Schmidt's ease brought to trial at the earliest moment possible," said ilr. "L-oei- bif. "If i Then thick that he is insane I shall ?sk to have a commission ap- nointed to determine his mental status. If I taink he is sane, I will tell Mra that the only thing to do is_to stand no like a man and pay the penalty. "TThen I saw him. he -said: I do not need your services. Let's not talk about that now. Let's wait till God and Abraham have spoken. God and Abraham will communicate with you and teil you when to come to me. Don't Ho anything till that time/' 3ir. Koalbe said his client was rally aware that he faced the electric chair. Rev. Father Luke J. Evers, chaplain of the Tombs, after an hour's talk with :he self-confessed murderer said: · I asked Sfhmidt why he had murdered the girl. He said: "I was commanded by my patron. St. Elizabeth of f Hungary, to offer a sacriSce. Like the sacriSce of Abraham, it must be or.e of blood. St. "Elizabeth also xcld me chat ir, order to consummate the sacrifice I must drink some of the blood of the offering. So I killed Anna Auraulier. and after I had dene so, drank so^.e of the blood in order to consummate the sacrifice." '" In the rope of branding him an fcn- posier an.l pseudo priest, church authorities began a sweeping investigation of Schmidt's record and his pretensions or ordinatson. Tne murdered girl was a Hungarian about twenty years old. who had come TO Xew York tv.o years age to better her condition. She had worked as a domestic in b'.u two places -- the rc- tory of St. Boniface's chiirch, 2d ave- -x.e and 47th street and in. a residence on TliversHe Drive. It ?.-as while employee at the former place she rcet and ei:ere! into improper relations with Scr.jr'ii't. then a p--est cf the parish. In February the couple obtained a "-.cense, the priest giving his ra-ae as -7ohn Schmidt. Scniaidt told nsj-ector F^ot. he had performed Gi- ce:imor.j hnr.sol.. being a priest, end the girl eviderrtaliy PRETTY PARTY FROCK BELGIAN FARMS ARE SMALL WHITE CHIFFON MOST APPRO- PRJATE FOR SMALL GIRL. As Much Attention Given to the Details of Children's Wear as to That of the Grown-Ups--No Fixed Waist Line. No more than in grown-ups' is there any lack ^ of variety ia wearing apparel for children- Coats,, frocks, hats --each. .- shows interesting little touches, writes Cora Moore in. the Washington Star. National Law There "That Results In Holdings Less Than an Acre In Si». Aa ontstandin j feature of the Belgian fanning Is the small size o' th« farms. More thgn iialf of the" Belgian farms are less than £2 acre ia size- One cause o* ss^ll farms ia Belgium is a lav.- prohibiting the leaving by any nan 01 all his property to one child, declares Wallaces' Farmer. It is reouired that the property be divided 'among his children. Of coarse the 2 can agree to hold 'the land Children of all ages are wearing intact; but in practice 'the .result has been a great subdivision of the The average'acre of Belgian land rents for a' cash, rent of about $10, but @ by Aiuen KAGK OEFiES 111 SS ! Qlio to Appear, Bat Brings $5000 Libel Soli their skirts unusually short just so Tvhile as for the waist line, it may oe anyv. here ahove or below the nor r ' iaal ^-aist line, forjthe use of the normal line has a tendency to make the Sgure look older, and the chief char- I acteristic of any frock betweea fear and sixteen year sizes should be its youthfulness. Chiffon seems hardly suitable for children's frocks, even for ivear at the most pretentious parties, but fashion, not always ciscre-st. insists upon introducing it for their small ladyships this year; and, since that is so, here Is a delightful little model that czoi bs made up Quite inexpensively : The skirt, gathered, with a two- inch heading at the high waist line, has two three-inch tucks run around it, midway of the length. It opens down the front and has a small curved slash above the knees with a tiny bit of draping caught up under the erscir- ,,. I there Is some share renting, the agre- Albanr, N. Y, Sept. 1C.--Xorman E. ifack, former - chairman of the Democratic Xatioaal and State Committees, failed to appear gefore Judge A. Hennessey, Governor Siilzcr's special investigator, to answer charges of having failed to account for money contributed. to~hirn in the gubernatorial campaign, of ~19!0. HacX through his secretary, served Hennessey with siicinions and complaint in a S5.0CO for libel- Mack complains that Hennessey has caused to be published 'charges in effect that the pla ; ntiif unlawfully appropriated to his'ov.K. use money contributed by others as a campaign fund toward the election of John A. Dix as governor c£ the State o* Xew York, ana sard pablicatioiralso charges in eecTthat the r-ia-.atiS b-ackmailed individuals and corporations-in connection vriih the collection 01 campa-ga funds." suteer Wit-ess Missing. Tor!:, Se^:. 16.--Frederick Ii. Coiwell. ci Yorkers, - regarded, as a star witness aga-nst Governor Sulzer as his fortsc-orsrng trial on Impeaea- ment charges, has disappeared, according; to ai semblv bosrd ment being half and half, and the landlord to furnish half of the fer- tiliser. . The average value of the Belgian land is now about $300 an acre, pas- ture'laad averaging a little more than this, and cultivated land a little less. Eighty years* ago "Belgian land was worth.' justlialf this much. Why is Belgian land so high? It is not so ferule as much o* the land of England or Germany, yet is more valuable because there are some half million Belgians who have the ability to make ?300 land bear interest on the investment. They are able to do this because they work hard and are satisfied with little. Another reason, for the high price of land Is the keen competition for it. Because of the small raeces into- which it is divided land is constantly oa the market and there are always farm hands and renters who are eager to own a. piece c£ land for themselves, and so the price is bid up to the limit. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and about TOWP People'Visiting Here and Those SD]ourning*E!sewnere- H- B. Bender'has presented domestic, science deuartmeafc to of the the Novel Orange Jeliy. Mix together two tablespaoafuls cV geiiriiEe v. Illi a. large ciiyftii o£ orange juice, one orange peeled and sliced very tain, the juice or one lemon, two cupfuls of sugar and one pint of boiling v,ater. Let it stand after auxin:: it v-e!l until it is cold. Then strain it and store in the bearsn whites oi iv. o eggs. The latter give a pretty and frosty eSeet to the Jelly. High School a Koosier kitchen" cablnet. The gift is highly appreciated.' 3!r_and Mrs. Huber Miller have returned from Harrisb'urg where the}-- spenr several days. Mrs. Louis Earner, of Baltimore street, is visiting this week with friends in Hanover. C. H. Thomsen, of Susquehanna University, is spending several days with friends in town. Hev. "Willy Hensel is in tovrrx to-day attending the opening of Seminary. Mr. and Mrs. S- J. Sachs have returned from a short trio to York. Harry F. Breighner, of Sudbrook. is spending several days at his home on West Middle stree'c. Major Herman Shriner and Mrs. Shriner, of Washington, are spending severaLdays with friends in town. Miss Anna Collins, of Harrisburg, is .-·siting friends in town. Miss Margaret Coover went to hambersburg this morning to resume her studies at Wilson College. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sinceli and C. Milton Sincel!, of Oakland, Md., passed through here to-day on an automobile tria to Vermont. To Preserve Flowers- Dtp the Sowers in melted paraSIa. withdrawing them quickly. The liquid | should only be hot enough to maintain j its Suidity. and the Sowers should be I dipped one at a time, held by the \ fctem and. moved about for an ins:an! 1 to get rid of the air bubbles. Fresh 1 Sowers, free from moisture, make j cellent specimens. -- A. sow can be Sept too long, and by the ASCI impeachment man- ''Infcrnjation in the "possession o£ the boarj Is to the * effect that Colwell :s abs=^.ti2g himself from the jurisdiction, of the board as the direct insusatioa of the Governor and for the purpose ai avoiding testifying ag£.:nst the Governor at his trial," -cads a lengthy -statement issued on behalf of the beard by Aaron J. Levy, :!s chairman which a/Ids: "Colweil can shed much light upon these "Wall street transactions. This is well known to Governor Sulzer. Where is Cc-I-.\el!? Will Sulzer aid in acco"j5l ; sh:ns his retizrn?^ Testimony adduced by. the Srawley Investigating committee wa to the e'- fcct that Coiv. eil had purchased 200 shares of ra;-r.oid stock last fall with eight checks sent by contributors to Governor Sv-Izer's campaign fund, the persons! chec of Sulzer for $300 ana currency aaiojr.ting to $T,125/ Levy added that a co-intry-wide search had been made for Colwell recently without saccess. I ' ora::c-3 Schmidt established :r: a furnished r.ra jh jrs: a-»er.:e_ vrrere she was slain White Chiffon for a Little Giri's Party Frock. - - " _ ' frig of delicate pink chljion roses | that top the hem. . i Tjbe roses are also used about the [ -sraist instead cf a sash, though in } back "there is a fiat "no-- ~ith. long ' ends of azure blue ribbon. .- j The blouse is'very simply made on { the peasant variety^_with a round neck i and elbo«r sleeves "finished-with plaited lace ruSiag. The sleeves are set into dropped armholes and finished ·rfth s corded seam." Some of the fall- ness in front is draped up under tvro tiny bins satin, bov.s and there are rzro more set along' the outside of each sleeve. often n?an~ o£ us keep some old thing Tear too long.. - SURPRISE PARTY 3Ir. Snyder Meets Many Friends His Own Surprise Party. at A very enjoyable surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Snyder for Mr. Snyder. Those present were: Mr. ard ?ars. G. E. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. King, Mr. and Mrs. S. E." Shriver, Mr. and Mrs- D- V. Reaver, Mr. and 3Irs_ Claude Bixler, Mr. and ^Medical adverfising Mrs. Blain. Bixler, 32r. and Sirs. C. W. Foulk, Mr. and Mrs. 3Iilton: Kindig, Mr. and Mrs. Zisory Sachs, Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Conover, Mr. and Mrs! George I. Shriver. Mr. and Mrs. William Keefauver, Sir. and Mrs. .7. " .W- Spangier. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Sir. and Mrs. Earlington- Shriver^ 3Ir. and Mrs. ira Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Ohler, Mr. and Mrs. A. -E. Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph. £. Elicker^,Mr. and Mrs. -.Webster. Snyder, Hall's Hatr-BeDewer certaiulj stops f ailing hair. Kodoubtaboafcit-wh^- ^ -You -mil sorely be"satisSed. BRIEF FASHIOM NOTES Charles W.- Stahl, 3Ir. and; Mrf:£MS- ton E. Snyder. blisses 2veffie Katie Breighner, Seniah:__ Bessie Sherraan. Rosie Weikert, Esther Eartm man. JMarie Little, Edith-.JBorner/'Eu- ella Corner, llyrtie Snyder. jjBtiith. Bowers. Suth Appier. -Erne AppSr, Lizzie Appier. -Viola -MiBer, Kcafni Straley, Eena Collins, Louise Coi^sSf j Bernice Collins^ Delta Shriver,.- Grertie Eeefativer. Rrfch Ohler, Clara. -Hoffe, Bessie Kohler, Jennetta Hoffe,, Ella Beahl, Edna Whorley. Florence-Beahl, Pauline Shriver, Iva Kindig, _ Cubist designs are seen even in some of the :neSf~corset materials. The biack and T^hite combination ia fcotvv-ear^cpann-ies to be likea. The erqvra dent Is a smart feature of the ne-Rr felts for coontry -wear. Chamois yellow is one of the colors seen among girls' topcoals. Xothiag equals Tsrhite chinchilla for the fashionable spcrts coats. Gold and green is fast coining to be Relieves Rheumatism by Cleansing the Whole System of all Imparities. Do not ury to relieve Rheumatism by dosing the system with dangerous drugs. R±i.t.TJMA Is free from all opiates and narcotics and cleanses the system in a natural hut scientific manner. The-dangerous ^waste" is eradicated from the kidneys, bowels, liver and skin. JRHEu.;iIA costs only 50 cents of People's Drug Store.' *'! was z. great sufferer from Rheumatism for ten years- After two days use of REEDMA 1 laid - down my cx Si. JL. *V_5 V _5 | 2 I .in-', d szser ser-ibered by him. ·t. I Armouac her ~7'-.~s Jai' a Pleasure. Chicago. Sept. 15--Jucge Mahoney ..a- der:deot to hold Sunday court an2 r.r.i s" r.t « A. 7\I. Youths and first C;Tit?ntJt?rs *^;.i not oe piacec. in ce.-S, Li :t TM.;" haip the use of rooms sap;-:ed --.:th books, magazines and 5 FAILS TO INDICT S^iTH Salisbury. Md- Probers of Giri's Death- Fasi to Fsnd True 3:U. ^ Salisbury. Md.. Sept. 15.--Haro'.d W. Smith, who :or nearly three months has been "iei · under S5.00 n baii on tne charge of ^'cr-'frus homicide in con lectJon «:lh ;he death of ..Ilss Flor ence Wainwrig-Jt. the -pretty bookkeeper for the l-.-s Gas Company, of which Smith ;s manager, 5s a -~ee man. Tfce Gr?r.d -T«ry announced a true biK ha5 r.f.t been found. The Court : mmf iiaie'-. discharged the twenty- three who have been Investigating rhe case "for a. -veek. Smit'r? oor.-;s-ian was released. The ra;Ia7" of the Grand Jury to £nd a t~? 1"1 Is looked upon by 3de. Frecuently such ganaents avvay. I am a well man."---J. JS^Crock ade over net. j er. 614 Sun^ter St. 7 Golianbia, S. C. "^_^*" 23 ^ i ting Smith. At a:s h--rs Tilr. Smith would make s^itemeiit except that he kne-r tj«sg of -~.if death of Miss Waln- r:cht. Fines' he was heir' ov the % ronr"=: i.:;v ie has maintained a Stomach Removed, '-.'srt Lives. Bor.'der Col . Sep:. 16.-- R. V- Hast- "_ i -L W -.-2S as We cordially invite vou to attend. i I I ii-.lnc; without a stomach. He orated upon for cancer, had his i t-o^arh r^njo\ea and returned home! apparent! _ conp-etely cured. Coburg. G"5maay. Sept. 1''---Eight persons -.^c:^ '..illeit, se-. en otaers are ;o LG lur;c' ; ;re were lUj'J icr.eniT.t here of a In the ruins, and O. by the collapse us the result of a E-c.ri.-Icr "if jt *. ai-~ t 1'." n-- rritu»b £j'-U-_r YCJ --..i ^ oe at-hamcd to rpend s »il ' , , .J old laay ID tL« prisoner. ( "Mr.v.c.'i.. n'.'h-d the connCt. "don't , Llamo tne ur it, I Assure you that I i sun here my v.ill." --, Mine Strike inquiry Closed. Washington, Sept. 16.--Testimony ia the Senate's investigation of the West Virgii-Ia coal strike has closed. A ro- * o »-_ -port is expected in about three weejvS. ( jege Burned to Death at Play. - Philadelp'-Ja, Pa. Sept. 16.--Margaret S Knliz. five years o'.d. set Sre to her frock while playing with matches at h.-;r home, 1215 North Taylor street Q died of hums in the Woman's Col- THREE furnis-hed rooms for rent. Two communicating. All conveniences. Apply at Times Office.--advei'tise- ment. /· « «, All Zace tmdenwear is distinctly in j crutches and have since the mode, are ma _ The" newest couars oa the fail ccats are fastened Tip high at the neck to allow for cold weather. Draped coats are liked lor dress wear; simple, straight cat garments for general utility purposes. Coat chains are being made of beads; steel intermingled with cut coral are favorites. The most fashionable corset simulates the tmcorseted figure. Stiff or constrained lines are a thing of the past. gven tnem FOR THE HAIR' If your-hair is too dry--nnttie--colcr- ss-lthm--stringy--or falling out--use Parisian Sage--now--at once. _ It stops itching scalp, cleanses ihs fc=:r of dust'and excessive oils, removes dand- Beads Tons White Costumes, inexpensive glass beads can be worn to give the right tone of color to the all-white costume. Opaque beads are sold In chains srsSciently ioag to go abont the neck and drop in a T-liae in front--a line which is artistic and much more becoming than the rotmcl neck line--for prices varying from 50 cents to Sl-50. These efaaadaat. Try a SOc. bottie to-day- It wHliiot only save your hair and maJze It grow, bat give it the beatay you desire For sale by Peoples Drug Store- PUBLIC SALE . WEDNESDAY,SEPTEMBER 24,1913 Tbe taidersigned -will offer at Public Sale on Wednesday, September 24th. 1913. at his residence oa Penn street, Bi^lerville. his entire household goods. which is all practically new, having been used but a short 'rime. 1 I buffet, 2 leather rockers, oak I writing desk, davenport, bedroom suit, ] 3-9 x 12 brussels -rags. 9 small brus- isels rags, brussels stair sarpet- 1 coal I range. I gasoline range, library table, For Tight Shoes. ! round dining room table, square 3 ft. "summer is the season above" all oth- j table, stands, rocking chairs, .and ouu.iii^i io v.«c -==«^ manv articles not nerem mentioned. ers when one's shoes seem to hurt,, Sa ' Ie - co eomiRence ?t 1:30 p . ,,, I Terms: A creditor six months on ail! T beads come in various shades of green and are especially elective in jade color. They are also sold in yellow, red and bin©. and this year one looks in horror at '- Conover. Florence Ohler, Sarah Sachs. CroWa Foulk. L Mary J5ny_d_er, Sarah Sriy- der. Ruth Snyder. iCathrine Reaver, Delta Snyder, Marie Ohler, HDda King. Anna Sachs, Mildred Shriver, Messrs. Norman Conover. Russell HUE, Lloyd Reaver, Russell Reaver, Paul Spangler. Irvin Bucher, Clarenca Derr, Bruce Derr, Ezra Hartmay- Charles Young. Allen Schwartz. How^ ard Schwartz, Raymond Hess, Pau5 Miller. Ed. Appier, Amos Colliiis, Lloyd Palmer, Lester, Sacfcs. ilaryland Appier, Norman Appier, Harry Homer, Curvin Mtrmmert, Nevin Bair, Clarence Collins. Mark Sherman, Irvin Collins, Walter Milier, Arthur Shanabrook. Sammy Newman, Preston Snyder. Paul Kir.g, Charles Stoclc, Clarence Shoemaker. Addison Homer, Lester Shoemaker. Wilber King. Mervia Weikert. Ear! Whorley, Earl Reaver, Ralph Shriver. Herbert Shriver, Glenn Reaver, -Jennins " Collins, Wilber Schwartz, Clarence Schwartz, Shnver Gruber. Clarence King, Clyde Sherman, Milton Sachs, Robert Snyder. Ciair Shriver, Herbert Snyder. . Edgar Bixler. Clair Bixler. Glenn Shriyer, Warren^Snyder, Warren Bbder/Elvin Miller Sermit Shriver. COMING EVENTS Sept. 20-^Fooi Ball. Bloomsbarg Nor- maL Xixon Field. Sept. 22 -- Opening week's engagement. Manhattan Players. Walter's Theatre. Oct. 4 -- Foot Ball. Albright College. Xixon Field. the rows of patent leather ones that t sums o f 35 and upward with a r.ote are brought out In the exclusive shops, ; aK( j anoroved securitv. but true, these may be worn with j A * EDWARD MeDONALD. comfort if one will shake a little pow- ' Ira Taylor, Auctioneer. dered alum into the toe of her shoe-! William Kapp, Clerk. before going out Do not put it in- ' *. side the stocking, merely inside tha j TO THE LADIES toe. I Shampooing, Electric-il Facia! and If you have windows In the house keep them clean, as the hen hens need all the sunlight they can get days. -- 'Scalp MassagN Lay your plans to grow the bulk of OI , fe ^ a - f the feedstuffs on the farm this year. feed cuts Manicuring, Superflu card. Buying much high-priced Into the profit*, Mrs. Ziegler, i - - Phone 9 {Y. 12 Carlisle .J room OH the i Square over -"Stallsmith*s Store" on second floor, every Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 to 8 o'clock, - . where I will do fitting, or I will call on yon in your home, at yonr convenience, on any Thursday, Tipon receipt of post Please call and see the Spirella and corset accessories. C. MYERS. New Oxford, Pa. Spirella Corsetierre. \ ,: ? N ' A\ LWSPAPLRl

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