The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 5, 1935 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1935
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JULY 5 1935 ELEVEN Good Values FINEST CREAMERY BUTTER Lb. 25c COUNTRY EGGS Doz. 21 c MILD AMERICAN OR BRICK CHEESE Lb. 17c 100 HUPMOBILES G I V E N A W A Y ASK US HOW YOU CAN ' WIN ONE. 12,200 other prizes S 125.000.00 total value SEMINOLE TISSU 4 rolls 25c BED CIRCLE Coffee ft 31bs....50c HILL'S BROS. Coffee £ ... 2 £ 59c TAKE FLOtiK Swansdown s ¥ hs °" 27c WATER PACK Apricots . N can 10 49c .IPTO.VS - - 0 0. P. Black Oft/, Vs Lb. OQn ·* ^ Lb. PkB. U\J*~ Green £j^7l/ CAMPl,^. VS TOMATO Juice 3 14 c.£-21c T T ROOT BEER Extract 3 B °" 25c WBIGLEY'S 'Gum 3 p ""10c PACKER'S LABEL Spinach 3 Sw DEL MONTE SLICED Pineapple 3 SJ -ruaricno SMOKING Tobacco 3 cans 23c CUT RITE Wax Paper 2 Pk " 15c BALL MASON FRUIT Jars ?£ 65c SE 85c RED RUBBER JAR Rings 3 3% lOc flEA.VS and SWEETENS Bowlene 26 o£ z 17c TOILET SOAP Camay 4 cakM 17c WASHING POWDER Oxydol 3 | k501 21c WASHING POWDER Climalene ... 3 kr 18c Fruits Vegetables Bananas, 4 Ibs. 25c Potatoes, pk. 29c RED RIPE Tomatoes, 2 Ibs, 21c 45 SID. Cantaloupes, for 25c Quality Meats 6 SPRING CHICKENS Lb.21e SLICED, BIG FRESH GROUND Lb. 15e LOliND Beef, Ib. 14c SHOULDER Veal Chops, Ib 19c SLICED Pork Liver, Ib lOc FROZEN Scrod Fillets, Ib. lie Bologna, Ib 15c LARGE JUICV Franks, Ib. 16c A P Food Stores Too Hilarious Joy Seekers Pay Fines Following Morning Police Judge Morris Laird spent a busy morning Friday giving out fines for intoxication and disorderly conduct. Fred Falsinger, Mason City, John Lowrey, Sioux City; and Walter Heilman, Mason City, were each fined $25 and costs on charges of intoxication. William M e ye r s, Manly; Joe Kasales, 1123 Massachusetts avenue southeast; and Joe Davis, Racine, Wis., were each fined $10 and costs on similar charges and Andres and Angelo Molino, Corpus Christie, Tex., each forfeited bonds of $10 posted when arrested on charges of intoxication. Albert Wilhass, E. J. House, R. H. Henry, and Raymond K. White, all of Belmond, each forfeited ?5 bonds posted when arrested on South Federal avenue oa charges of disorderly conduct Thursday evening. The French government's motto seems to be: "Not so fascist . . ." --Louisville Times. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality. Same Prices at Both Stores You cannot beat our Quality and Price any place in town. Trade Here and Save. SATURDAY - MONDAY Miracle Whip^'^ CRACKERS,, Fancy 1 Q,, Lb. Cafldy 1 J\j SUGAR, 10 Ibs. With $2 of other Rrocerlcs at rock bottom prices. BEANS Nectar All Flavors , 3 Bottle* CRISCO, 3 Ibs. §8c MUSTARD ^ Fancy Napkins, 100 in pkg. lOc V r anilla, 8 oz. bottle ICc Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls 25e Gelatine, all flavors, pkg. 5c POP, Quart Bottles AH Flavors Mazola, quart 34c lOc Pineapple, 3 cans 35c English Walnuts, 2 Ibs 35c Maraschino Cherries, Ige. lOc 25c Olive Oil, bottle 16c Sweet Pickles, qt. jars .. 25c Brooms, good ones 39c, 49c, 59c ME. FARMER: Bring us your eggs. They buy more here. 20 to 25 Ills. Sur* fine WATERMELONS TABLE SALT »* Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 Iba. . 25c Oranges, Juicy, doz. 18c, 33c, 3'Ac Mac. or Spaghetti, 5 pkgs. 25c 25c K. C. Baking Powder .. 19s White Flour, 5 Ib. sack ... 25c Stuffed Olives, jar lOc OAT MEAL pkg. l@c Crystal Wedding With_ Pishes _ CHEESE, "£T" Ib. 17c Spring Fries,,^xlb.21c Peanut Butter, jar lOc, 23c, 32c Red Rose Salmon, 1 Ib. can 19c loc Salmon, 2 cans 25c Dried Peas, 3 Ibs 25c 25c French Dressing, jar 14c f nff no Uualltj Brana Ik LOllCC Guaranteed 10. TEASIFTINGS 1 ^.- NOODLES- ··'SS-I4e VINEGAR MS BANANAS, 5 Ibs. 25c COFFEE, p«r pound 19c r r£? 44c BUTTER NUT COFFEE A Delicious Drink 30 E. State St. Phones 112-113 508 First St. S. \V. Phone 114 Cut Rate Grocery 10 Zfc 33 41 16 17 14- 34 27 31 IZ 19 -40 IS ACROSS '1--Boy's name 24--Fruit of the oak" 25--Kind of hat 26--A number 28--Peak 29--Like 30--Metallic rock 82--Year (abbr.)- 33--At 34--Worship of hearing: ,.'7--Craft 10--Charmer ·13--Member of ' parliament (abbr.) 14--Aloft i-15--Verb intran- '. sitive (abbr.) 116--A state ot the 36--Near U. S. (abbr.) 38--Delicacy of 18--Area of a . square 19--Masculine pronoun .20--A trifle 22--^"..stable an instrument 41--Greek letter K--Born 43--Indian weight 17--Shackles 31--One of the 19--A mythologl- Great Lakes ca! monster 20--Male human 21--Before 22--Girl's nickname 23--Personification of night 27--Examine thoroughly JO--Supreme Norse deity Answer to previous puzzle 33--Snake 34--Like 35--Any power-j ful god 37--War god (Teutons) 39--Nickel (symbol) 40--Part of verb "to be" a--Act of '. (suffix) · 2--Estimates 3--Compass point 'A--Island of Na- DOWN 6--Cleave 7--in the year of our Lord 8--Resound 9--Three (prefix) poleon's exile U--Note of the --Remain ru- scale dimentary in 12--Compass .development point Mosquitoes Halt Some Emmetsburg Workers EMMETSBURG, July 5. UP)--A scourge of mosquitoes, presumably brought on by excessive wet weather, has made it impossible for some farmers and outdoor workers to continue at their tasks in this locality. The mosquitoes are particularly bad in the business district here at night. 128 Hogs on New Hampton Farms Die From Disease NEW HAMPTON, July 5.--V. C. Leach, New Hampton livestock dealer, reported the loss of 40 head of hogs that would average 125 pounds. They were killed by the intestinal disease, necro. Last week John Arnhalt. New Hampton dairyman, reported the loss of 88 hogs. Woman's page editor says wives should go away in summer and forget "their small inconsequential annoyances." Yes, indeed! But in some cases the husbands insist on going along.--Knickerbocker (Albany, N. YO Press. Clear Lake Briefs Dr. and Mrs. John Nollen, Grinnell. are spending two weeks in the Hanford MacNider cottage on West Second street. Dr. Nollen is president of Grinnell college. Charles Gilbert, Mason City, has purchased a cottage at Oakwood park from C. F. Crane. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos G. Tredway and Mrs. Natalie Kimball, St. Louis, were guests Tuesday and Wednesday at the E. P. Carpenter home, Jefferson street. Mrs. Tredway, a niece of Mrs. Carpenter, and party are enroute to Yellowstone National park. Joint installation of the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah lodges will be held at the I. 0. O. F. hall Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Porter, Decorah, are houseguests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Knutson, over the Fourth of July weekend. Miss Esther Cobb and her mother, Mrs. Julia Cobb, entertained a company of relatives at Miss Cobb's new cottage at South Oakwood on the fourth. A picnic dinner was served at noon and the afternoon was spent visiting and swimming. Included in the group were Leslie Cobb and daughter, Wilma, a recent graduate of the Waterloo high school, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Crawford and two daughters, also of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cain. Other visitors during the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Beek, Klemme, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moffett, Mrs. Ned Blackmore. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Peterson and son, Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phinney and son, all of Clear Lake; and Mrs. Clara Miller, Sloan. Mrs. Clara Miller of Sloan, Is a houseguest at the home of her son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phinney, 409 Bell street. The Daily Vacation Bible school will open Monday at the Ideal Sunday school No. 7, Grant township. All children of the section are eligible to attend. A meeting of the Farmers' Unlori will be held Monday at Fertile. Bob Moore, Des Moines, state secretary of the union, will be the speaker of this meeting. Better Koads to Hades Argument in the next campaign is likely to rage over intentions as paving material.--Wichita (Kans.) Eagle. NOVEL IDEA IN PALACE FEATURE Climax Reached in Party Arranged for Bob Montgomery. "Let's murder him during a bridge game . . ." More than one scenarist has discussed this means of injecting drama into a motion picture; climaxes in this era of dramatic restraint increasingly are being reached over innocent games. In "No More Ladies," the new Joan Crawford-Robert Montgomery pictrue opening Saturday at the Palace theater here, the final climactic scene, toward which the whole picture builds, is played over a bridge table. Invites Tangle. To face her husband, Robert Montgomery, with the living facts of his unrestrained life. Joan Crawford secretly invites a tangle of guests to their country home for the week-end. Among them ar e wives, ex-wives, jealous husbands, grateful husbands and truculent, one-time competitors of her man-about-town mate. Meet at Cards. This amusing, ill-assorted gathering finally meets over a card table where, between bidding, scoring and the perfunctory gestures of card- playing, the crucial dramatic scene swells to its height. In the early part of the same picture, a key scene is played over a backgammon board, in which Edna May Oliver and Reginald Denny discuss their most significant aspirations--their lines heard over the innocent rattling of dice. Edward H. Griffith directed the picture, produced by Irving Thai- berg, which was adapted from the New York stage hit of the same anme. JOHN THOMPSON ELECTED, KEPLER DECISION STATES District Judge Affirms Findings of Contest Court in School Election. John Thompson, contestant, was declared elected director in the Mason township school subdistrict No. 9 election on March 11, Judge M. H. Kepler decided in an opinion handed down Friday afternoon. Judge Kepler confirmed the findings of the contest court, which had held that Mr. Thompson was elected by a vote of 22 to 21 over Glenn Roberts, incumbent. In deciding the case the judge held that it is not necessary to place a cross in the square in a rural school election. The case hinged on whether three ballots for Mr. Thompson, in which no cross had been placed in the square opposite the place where his name had been written in, should be counted. The judge ordered Mrs. J. M, Pederson and Mrs. James Rhodes, election juduges, to issue a certificate of election to Mr. Thompson. $10,000 Bond Frees Doctor of Waterloo WATERLOO, July 5. (.-P--Dr. Anna J. Longshore, 60, charged with murder of Lilla Belle Davies. 14 year old McGregor girl who died here, allegedly after an illegal operation, was releassd from the county jail today on §10,000 bond. She had been arnsted June 16. There is honor in making a better mouse trap. It doesn't ignore mice and sneak up on young song birds. --Kewanee Star-Courier. Knows Her Navy Belle Burns Gromer As the wife of a commander in the U. S. navy, Belle Burns Gromer knows the personal life of naval officers and their families as only one who has been part of that life can know it. She has sailed the seven seas and she has lived in the naval colonies along the Pacific coast from Coronando to Bremerton, Her background enables Mrs. Gromer to write a highly interesting story of the navy with authentic details. by Belle Burns Gromer Beginning Saturday, Ju!y 6, in the Globe-Gazette PICNICS MORRELLS 4 n 6 . Lb. A vs. Ib. 19c QUALITY BEEF SALE Boiling Beef, Ib 8c Rump, whole, Ib. 12 l / 2 c Kettle Roast, Ib lOc Chuck Choice Cut 12'/ 2 c Round or Swiss Steak Tender -Julry Ib. ISc J. F. Maroney Injured When Auto Tips Over Two Miles From Lakota J. F. Maroney, manager of "Jack's Place," a recreation parlor at IS Delaware avenue southeast, received bruises on the head when a car in which he wag riding with Frank Robinson, also of Mason City, turned over following a blowout of one of the tires. The accident oc- cured about 1:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon two miles north of Lakota. Mr. Maroney was at his place of business Friday. Mr. Robinson was not injured. Piquett Given More Time to Plan Appeal CHICAGO, July 5. (.-B--Attorney Louis P. Piquett, under sentence of two years in prison and a 510,000 fine, today was granted a time extension to next Tuesday in which to prepare arguments on iiis motion for an appeal from a conviction of harboring Homer Van Meter, VA- linger gangster. Six Killed in Crash of German Airplane BERLIN, July 5. (.PI--A pilot and five mechanics, were killed today when a trial plane crashed through the door of a house at Britz, a Berlin suburb near Tempelhof airdrome. The cause of the crash was not determined. French Government to Revise Pensions PARIS, July 5. (.«--The government published a decree today ordering readjustment of all pensions except those for veterans actually wounded or sick as a result of wartime service and for dependents of war dead. The decree was expected to cut one billion francs from the budget. Refrigerator, Not Firecrackers, Causes Only Blaze in City The only fire call to mar a safe and sane Fourth in Mason City was not caused by firecrackers but a commercial refrigeration plant. At ·1:20 o'clock Thursday afternoon, smoke filled the Buchler Brothers meat market. 214 South Federal avenue. Firemen forced an entrance at the rear of the building and found the electric motor to the refrigeration plant had stuck. Five gallons of water were used on the motor, which had been ruined by fire, and firemen spent considerable time at the building airing it uut. Chief Dan Shire stated that considerable trouble has been caused by fires of this type, due largely to neglect of the owner in oiling and caring for mechanical parts of the plants. Congressmen must cross their fingers when they swear to support the constitution.--Miami Herald. Lard, 100% Pure, with Meat Order, Ib 15e Milk Veal Fed Breast, Ib lOc Shoulder Rst. Ib. 12'/ 2 c Chops or Steak, Ib. loc Special Lamb Sale Breast, Ib 7c Shoulder, Ib 12'/ 2 c Steak, Ib. ..16c Beef Liver Yonng Tender Ib. 16c Park Beans 16 Oz. Can ea. 5c Minced Ham In the Piece Ib. 121/ 2 c Brick Cheese No. 1, Whole or Half Brick, Ib. 16c SHOP WHERE QUALITY .IS ALWAYS CONSIDERED LOOK ti£B£,PROFESSm THEY STAY CRISP!" BLENDING is a new Kellogg achievement. Never before was such delicious crunchiness possible in such a delicious wheat cereal. Kellogg's Wheat Rrispies owe that remarkable crispncss to a new discovery -- BLENDING! Just enough rice is blended with whole wheat lo give Wheat Krispies a new goodness. Pour on milk or cream, and taste them. They slay crisp and delicious . . . right down to the last spvonful. Blending has improved the flavor of Wheat Krispies. Enjoy them often for pleasure. For nourishment. For new crunchiness. Your grocer has Kellogg's Wheat Krispies. Buy a large, economical package today. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. G U A R A N T E E **!/ you are not delighted uiiih Kellogg's Wheat Krispies, just return the package and your money mill he cheerfully refunded." OF BATTLE CHEEK SMALL LARGE |(T|4 SO. FEDERAL RING Bologna Ib.l Qc WHERE QUAL8TY AND PRICES CANT BE BEAT! FRESH CUTS . pound . . - p@und

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