Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1954 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1954
Page 9
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Talk Given on Religion in Business "Hcligion in Business" was the theme of a talk presented by Basil Piipnntonis at a meeting of the Wesley WSCS Thursday evening in the Wesley Fellowship Hall. The program also included selections by the newly organized Wesley band, directed by Ronald Ives, playing "Faith of Our Fathers," "I Love to Tell the Story" and "Stand Up for Jesus." The audience sang the concluding hymn with the band accompanying. Jn his talk, Mr. Papanlonis spoke of the basic truths of religion which enable a man to live his life without limitations. "The sole purpose of man is to express God," he said. "And he should be motivated by a desire to he of service to his fellow man. The law of God is set up for your well being. M a n , in his separation from God, creates problems. If he allows the Jaw of God to reign, man will find peace of mind and his task in life will be made easy." Mr. Papantonis said thallh busi ness a man should strive to prac ticc the teachings of the Master ant that religion should not be mcrelj a Sunday morning observance. The program was presented by Mrs. Howard Miller, vice president and opened with devotions by Mrs LeKoy Axecn. Mrs. Marvin Peterson prcsidec at the business session and outlinee the goals of the WSCS. The hus bands who were guests were we] coined. Announcement was made o£ th( Missionary Circle meeting to b held at the home of Mrs. Georg Buehlcr, 318 Virginia S. E., Thurs day at 2 p. m., the smorgaasbon at the church Thursday from 5:3 on, a family night Feb. 28, anc circle meetings M a r c h 4. Refreshments were served a One Ear Can Hear Almost Like Two By DELOS SMITH -^^nauuu t" IULU mi: tuuuu Hurv NEW YORK (UP)--A scientist ous s y s t c m - they will undoubtedly has exploded the one-ear theory of c o m b i n e - but - thcv wi " nnf noc^. listening to noise. A noise dcfi- FUR POUF on a black a sweater. T I E . . . 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The bram new 1954 Spring-Summer Fashion Book is agog from cover to cove with 'exciting new - season style and ideas for easy sewing am smart going from, breakfast unti bedtime! In colpr, this book in eludes ' up-to-the-last-miriute fash Ion forecasts for every age, everj size, every occasion! Yours for only an additional 25c. ARMSTRONG'S LINOLEUM and TILE BAILEY'S ' FLOOR COVERINGS Th* PUc« Ta Go For »h« N*m*. You. Know M 2nd N. I. Phon« 393 the close of the program by Circle 0, of which Mrs. Axeen is chairman. Table decorations were in keeping with Washington's birthday. M r s . Paul A. Peterson and Mrs. M a r v i n Peterson presided at the tea table. --o-Co-Op Creamery Holds Meeting STACYVILLE -- At the a n n u a l meeting of the Co - Operative Creamery Association at Ihe Visitation parish center, Corbin Blake o f ' S t a c y v i l l e and Ervin Schullz of St. A n s g a r were re-elected. The creamery the past year manufactured 802,676 pounds of butter. At a reorganization meeting of the board, Henry Kocnig was elected president to succeed Anton Hci- mcr, Ben May was elected vice president and Anton Wagner was elected secretary and treasurer. Other directors are Fred Halbach, Anton Heimcr, Ervin Schultz and Robert Sprung. Hunzinger New Yard Manager BELMOND-Wes Hunzinger, 24, has been appointed by Spahn and Rose Lurtiber Company to m a n a g e its Belmond lumberyard. He comes from Waverly where he has been assistant m a n a g e r of a Spahn and Rose yard for the past year. He has been in the employ of the firm for four years. He is married but has no children. Dcnnie Hook, former manager of the local lumberyard, resigned his position to find other work that would not entail such strenuous responsibilities. He had been an employe of Spahn and Rose for 17 years and manager here for the past six years. GOLDEN WEDDING PLANS ARE MADE G A R N E R -- M r . and Mrs. L. B. Olson of Garner will hold open house for friends and relatives Feb. 24 from 2 to 5 and from 7 to 9 p.m. at their home in observance of their golden wedding anniversary. Vatican City, one-sixth square mile in area, is Europe's smallest independent .state. Monaco, the second most diminutive, is almost three times as large. U. S. Women Very Alert: Alistair Cooke By E L I Z A B E T H TOOMEY NEW Y O R K (U!')--A man needs more tact to compliment a woman's intelligence than to praise her beauty. This can be traced to a girl's basic guide for .social success: Let him think he's smarter. Such mental modesty on the part of A m e r i c a n women is a snare and a delusion, Alistair Cookc claims, though not in those exact words. He finds women in this country (he grew up in England and later became an A m e r i c a n citizen) far more alert and informed than the men on such subjects as a r t , music and literature. What's more, he came to most of his conclusions while lecturing to American worn en's clubs, a group often cartooned as simple-minded and o v e r- drcsscd. U. S. Commentary A suave and scholarly gentle man, Cooke became f a m o u s in England during World War II for his weekly broadcasts on life in the United States. Recently he became well known here as master of ceremonies on the erudite "Omnibus" television program. ''It is a well known historical cliche that the arts of life had to b6 left to the American woman in pioneer days," he began, then paused and, with a frankness evident in all his comments, said, "Please write down what I say exactly. I often find myself quoted so--so blowsily." This is a comment guaranteed to irritate an interviewer, jf it is any comfort to the men who arc about to get the full blast of Cookc's scorn, but he manages to make his most biting comments in a kindly tone. "We are long past the pioneer stage," he continued, "yet the intelligence of American men still goes into their work. It is astounding to see a man of absolutely dazzling intelligence about something like oil pumping or coal mining who is simply an ape outside his field." ' He paused, sipped his orangeade reflectively, and went on:' "A strong hangover from the American pioneer days is t h e j i t y he said was not so evident American male's suspicion I h a t j a m o n K American women who get arts are sissy, and better left to behind c o m m u n i t y art projects, try ,.,,,,,,,,., lo improve their own knowledge of cultural subjects and further their l i y i i l O l w m » * * » M t ^i* «yjt. t, 10 CIJ1U H.U "An educated American woman', c m l r l r c n ' s ;ir t education, is much more of an original than " I f f h a d ^n artistic i an educated. American m a n . It cems to me that men--and very often the scholars--arc cut out of a say, 'you'll like Jack, he's a reg- u l a r fellow and you'll love Mary, she's a good egg".'" Cooke looked honestly puzzled at PREMIUM STAMPS ··' King Kom Stamps FREE with Each Purofias* · FREE Premium Catalog · FREE Savor Book Buy from the friendly Merchants who give you KING KORH Stamps * ; · .' , · MASON CITY Clark's Cities Service ' 19th and South Federal Hagg's Texaco Service 804 4th S. W. Sedar's Motor Company 524 North Federal Thriftway Super Market 24 First Street N. E. BRUT Liska'a Service Station · . Route No. 2 NORA SPRINGS Gamble Store Trulson Oil Company FOREST CITY Herman's Service Station CLEAR LAKE Standard Service Jet. Hiway 107 and 88 women. idea that I wanted to put across, 1 would ask women to do it," Cooke concluded. ".Men have a terrible tendency to form a committee to make a study. by exactly one-half. Therefore, two-ear listening doubles the number of excited neurons. Which is all very well, but what's important, Garner said, i s w h a t happens when the impulses from the excited neurons reach the base membrane responsible for hearing. 'If two identical distributions of excitation go into the central nerv- combine, but they will not neces sarily double the total number of active elements," he said. "Between them they wil! produce a new distribution which is wider than either alone, but not twice as wide as either." How Loud Is Loud? He then showed, mathematically, that the distribution of impulses from two ears was only about one- quarter wider than from either ear alone. His big objective was to devise a mathematical scale for measur- , -- ing the loudness of loudness--from loud probably depends in the first a little l o u d to very loud--that instance on how many neurons anyicould be applied to practically noise sets off, he said. everyone with more or less normal nitely is not twice as noisy when heard with both ears, he said--it is only about one-quarter noisier. Dr. W. R. Garner, of the psychological laboratory of the Johns H o p k i n s University, Baltimore, was reporting on scientific research intended to provide a precise w a y of measuring how loud is loud. Noise and Neurons Neurons are the n c r v c cells which transmit any impulse to thq central nervous system, and how The one-ear theory of listening is based on the idea that it cuts the number of neurons a noise "fires" hearing. There is considerable confusion, even among scientists, on how loud is loud. F«b. 19, _ 19S4 9 Maion City Ciobt-G»itlle, Miion C!(y, [a. AN HONEST MAN LOUISVILLE, Ky. (UP) -- Ear! L. Evans thinks the reputation of women drivers is worse than they deserve. His car was rammed by a truck when.he stopped for a light. He placed a sign on the rear of the auto, reading, "1 did it, not ray wife.' For some people, sounds and color are so mixed that a specific color appears in consciousness for each note in the scale. ASK RAY SENEY 19 EAST STATE crtain cloth, much more of an Nothing ever gets done that way'" assembly line article. "Why is it that an American man's idea of ·«. compliment is to Gl D I S C H A R G E D KENSETT--Cpl. Oscar A. Olson, son of Oscar M. Olson of Kensctt, has been discharged from military service a f t e r serving two years as radio instructor at Fort Monmouth, ,, . _ , j- -- t.i.»i.u u i. * uu*i.s lll.Jll U V . L I J 1 tl L i. VJ| t, JTIUH UlULi Hi this desire among rncn to bo re- N. J. He took his basic training at gardcd as one of the gang, a q u a l - j C a m p Gordon, Ga. HAVE YOUR REMOVED OR TRIMMED During the Winter LOWER PRICES AND LESS LAWN DAMAGE Bonded and Licensed by Mason City F U L L Y I N S U R E D · F R E E ESTIMATE BOB McKINESS Landscape Service PHONE 2652 MASON CITY to use in training veterans at the nationally - f a m o u s G r u e n Watchnuik- ing Inslituie. Daniels Jewelers Wiil ^±^±QQ for ~ your WATCH or CLOCK regardless of age, make'or'condition IN TRADE ON ONE OF THESE MAGNIFICENT NEW GRCJEN PRECISION WATCHES I.isl word In dial and b»nrt alyllnjf! Dust 17 Jewels. Grucn Acclaim $59.50 S m n r t , modern beau* r with harmnnlilnf bracelet, n jewel*. Gruen Lyric, $50.30 Style star! Textured dial. Expansion band. 17 jewels. Gruen Esteem J71.50 NO MONEY DOWN · $1.00 WEEKLY (or $4.00 Monthly) NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT MAIL ORDERS WELCOME Open Friday Night* 'til · IV M. 102 North Federal VANCE MUSIC CO., INC. . . . SINCE 1900 . . . 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