The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1913
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

SHADES FOR ELECTRIC LIGHT 1 EXPLAINS THE MERMAID MYTH | POINTERS ABOUT THE KAiR Pretty Paper Affairs Can Easily Ee i S3i!ors Mistook the Sea! or Sea Calf ' CleanJ'ness Js Most Important Fac'cr j Made -Fiower Patterns in Favor. for Mythical Creature They Thought They Saw. in Keeping Sea!? and Hsir in Healthy Condition. Green cartilage paper should be cut | Of course tfcere are no mermaids j into a circular shape \: ith a small eir- j suc ;, ss r^e - D8e;2 depicted to us by ; cle cut from the center and a"section ^ imaginative artists for many centuries » cut from the side, so that -aiiea the j --mrthieal creatures, half v.oiasia, j ends are joined it v. 11! zaafee the shade : j..,,/ Q^^ ^-nz j CE g varies tresses-- conical-shaped. Xei.t, before joining, ^^ $ - ' the pieces, draw a pattern upon the! lilaa edge, cutting it cut Tvith a sharp knife,' r£ , a ; ( ] practically makic^ a stencil pattern i OI1 a This is Venetian paper i\ erk, and i* ( jQ 2 g one is provided with a ver;. - sharp' te tnat nior© ilf the aEcfent pictures of mer- ClS^JiCCtO. t.3O C-- "ii*.li-- ^?i £-»«..--»· ·ock ia tho sea corubins ihe:r \ air and locldsg into hund mirror. Some doctors say it is nerves that are killing Ascerieaa -. oner's hair so that they have to purchase aa esira supply. To a ceriala esier-t the nenes are greatly responsible for ny disturbances of the v.bole sys-j ia- Saddea emotions create sudden j teia shocks v.-hicli naturaHy i»tr£ ib weakest part cf the bcdy. I as- cf the Grm belief, howe-.c-r. that a great i deal of fcalr is des'royrd by dust. Or- -.vh-t all i . isted) all possess? graph, pasie is excellent for this pur-; possC:SS j-g ir, aa tui pose, and s. roller is helpful in smooth-: VOK , e .. £ c combed it. iag the papers. Bo not bead the papsr to form, the cube shape until the paste is dry. Roll it gently to prevent it iron breaking Join the edges ar_d trim the lower and upper edge. If there is no brass globe , E{ , t lhis ^ not tr -« e i t Aas no sup . support upon the elpctrie light bulb i t ; CCH = t : OI1 OIi jHg n art O f the old artists, -.vill be necessary to r^ake a v.-ire trl- ^-:, e -. --"£3 their pictures :ro25 the de- angle across the top of the shade. He-. bcr ;j^i c .r. th-t thousands of old. s^a-far-' move the bulb, place the shade over it.' replace shade covered -with a ir js alv.-as ad'. liable to shake thc- fecir v.-e!l citer a Sons i'-ito run. 1J i v/orld of good. Ur? a. soft brur:: and brush at the edges, of the hair v.-c-!J. This removes ths dust. v.-lnch is r-.ore cr loss eri'- \ ll the na~..~ hairs j this is broken and i£ bad shape LLi ·t^O 75U*jVgr J^lWi 1 ·lit g ^g ?ii s%;gl IM this is the fact that nsa^y of these i Philadelphia Teleg-apn or the- v.-^ier. A"-'J.y"bach in the c ' e Jays, T.-'nen there v.ere fcv.- sailors 5 thcv had not saliecL lar in an Fish may be scaled, ranch easier by , quarter of the globe, the sight of s. j dipping thera for a moment in boiling · EC . a C oir ^,-,-as a strange, weird thing | Selection c ·water. } 10 the~. The sea calf does not look · : u:ui::s a hu^iaii be:TMg half raised out of ths ·K - 3t5r. y^ j LAST TOUCH FOR BUNGALOW j pprcpriaie s-urn tc Be in Keeping V/Eth Scrround- incs Important. The o'.d-faehsonea, nararal ponies should be ironed rough dry or -.\hil6. still slight!;.- dar^p. Spriaklir.£,is very apt to spot it. ! ~ i TO BE SERIOU Glassware that has been trashed in warm, soapy, blue water and dried in warm sawdust will have all appearance of the real article. Co--paratsve Har.-n!ess-.ess o Duei= Is Largely a Matter of Arrangement. If moths have attacked a carpet, work po-adered borax into the csrpet wherever there is a sign of the in sects, and scatter it under the furniture. A large proportion of tbe duels is France end v% itho-Jt olooasfcea. \7hen the c£ense is not ve~ serious it is agreed beforehand that the ~vorC3 o: The finishing to-cl\ of bc=."ty about' a^bungalow or summer hosis of any sore is the artistic. Summery-looking furaiture v.'hich is found not oc.1: French i V-J-J2 dcors but on porch and lav/s- In selecting such, furniture 'found that nothing is raore pretty and j fittiag than the Canton furniture: which is imported dirr-etly froi^ t-.' Orient. It is made cf bamboo an-7 ·wistaria vine and its special rscoTM n is that esDOSure to o anxious crowded for men, and sensi See our PUBLIC SALE I SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 20. _1913- j For vinegar, save all peelings iroin fruit; boii in enough ·R-ater to cover, strain and set asrde unsealed to ferment. Rinse out ail emptied jars and I pour the rinsing into the vinegar lug. L, The vinegar -vail be a,£r.e amber coior, | ^a^ ··-«_ "^ [^ sharp 'and pure. a scuare i top bed room salt Oriental make :ire ! --' Ga o ;~ e a range, the second \\Tien -srashing cream TTI ton goods, instead 01 us try putting the "s-ater onion, skias have been last rinsing ~ater. brighter and cleaner color made by coffee, ofte: ; T i;nTMt^, "^hich gives time zor Trash and dry fianneis as quick!,- as' r ccurste aim. A spsed of 140 beats possible if vou wish to keen them soft r.Inate c-Iio"S TIG use for ainuiig. SEC. and -- hite. Faded blue hair ribbons - therefore, is used "-hen tne =eco= may be-freshened by allOTriag thera. to' consider the u'cei should be isaae as stand in strong blue crater a few minutes after being washed and ironed; with, a warm iron. i I.'tie cangercas as possioi^ A to-wel raclx ! Rursi Life, the .Nation's Hope. i I v. arrl my countrymen that tec the three arrcs j r-rcat recent progress made in city is not a full measure cf oar rests at he at- placed on the inside of the cioset 01 j ; j, vrardrobe w:ll be found handy to placs · r -za --; ori f or O ur civilization res the neckties on. They can be easily j : . ottom ' cn ^ie -- r.olsso^eness. ·: selected box. long. been and used for belts cr strings of beads, i , est a3i .^^j. nee aed in our Anjerican ~~ ~~~ i life. Upon the development cf coun- Oid-Fashioned Cske. | trv life rests ultimate!- our aoirty. by Into a dish put one cupful of sugar j methods requiring the Irghest'.i- aad one and one-halt cupfuis of Sour to continue to feed and clothe j sifted ^rith one rounding teaspocaful ^ tie hungry nation; 10 supply the city · of bal-tiag powder. Into a measuring ] -riti: fresh blood, clean bodies anu cup pet the whites of two eggs, ada | clear brains that can. endure the ter- butter till the cup is half full ana then I ~ne strain of socern. life; -^"e need f.!s it full of sweet nilk- Beat 5vej -he development of jr.en in the open minutes and bake in a leaf tin in a j country who will he in, the future as modera T e oven. Frcst it -^ith ^shite j j^ tas past the stay and strengtli o; icing sprinkled over with sonse of the j -.he zaticn.--Theodora Roosevelt, red and blue sagar our grandmothers | ; used on the Christmas cakes of old- fashioned cays. Cod ^a Fromags. ilis one cupful of cold boiled macaroni, broke" into short pieces, and cne capful of cold boiled cod5sh and put into buttered baking dish. Take a Pebble Industry :n Norrnar.oy. The re«ble industry is becoiiirg «7u::e ir^portant in upper Xorniandy. France. The cliSs of th=- Caux region, rnderrrined by subterranean 3p~rg and by the waves 01 tne i'-g- iish cl~annel, slin, fall and break, znoy 3 ire fenced of a calcareous mass con- piece of butter half the size of an egg | Sints. These fiints fall to ibe and lay it on in bits, with a pinch of salt and a dash, of pepper, jloisten with about a hail cupful of milk, cover v.-ith fine bread crumbs and sprinkle three tabTespconfuls of grated cheese on top. Base tiuni hro'wn. Dried-Up Cheese. ^ scod way to use up cheese that has become dry is to grate it, add a piece of butter, and cream if you have it; to moisten it stir with a fork tin- tii it becomes creamy and you -will _ have so--ethlr-g de'-icious. If ycu do j not have cream, milk will do.--Christian Science Monitor. oottom cf the sen, -vhere they become ~c.t ancl take an ovoid shape. Tfceir color is blue, sr-otted Tntn brown. yel:o~ or red strides. They are used to Tna~t-:acc::ro concrete stone aid earthsn^rare, ar.a ihcir 3cs. Is even employed to rr.ake pain; and rice povrder irrsitaticn. Over 120.0C3 tons cf pebbles aro an- nrally picked up cii the Xorniandr beaches- I'.Iost of It is sent abroad- Cream Tea Biscuits. Sift one Qnart of flour with two teaspoonfuls of baking ponder and cne- teaspconful of sa'.t. Tvlix to a soft dough with sweet cream, roll thin, cut into tiny biscuits ana bake iri a Quick oven. Calves Liver Dumpling. One pounds minced liver, one-half pound goose gr^jr^o, jolks of eight eggs, fcur ounces soaked bread, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley, small fine onicn ar.d mushrooms, \%hites of four ,esgs beaten stiff. F.ake in pa;*. Blood Orangjo tn Demand, Sidon oval blcoc 1 orAiigcs from Palestine- are the most prized in the world, according to a firm of iruit b:okers in Liverpool, · is now importing nearly a million boxes o£ Quser «rar,s:stjons. "vThcn the Bible «as .translated into Jnpar.ese, an equivalent to tae word "baptize" coulc net be found, and the. v.crd "soak" liad to be used instead. so that ths ,7ap£~esc Biblical students are scq'iaiTiteG with a person named "Jchn tiis Scaker," and with a doctrine of "soa-dng for r-eniission of sins." Is that case the .ministration is cue to inadequacy of language. A school "coy orlee' rendered "IVIiserere, Dornine" into "Oh, heart-broker, schoolmaster!" Aad another recovered from German the text "The spirit indeed is willing, but the ficsh is v, eak," in the form, "The gnost of course, is ready, but ths meat is feeble." _ Always Ready. It appears that there is always a ^.jsteri'jus ·woman waiting for the married man who wishes to wind up his Career with a joy-ride.--Chicago Rec- ird-llcrald. ~^- mentioned. Sale 1o l)es;!n ac one O"C:CCK P. I ScDte-nber 20. 19T-1- -\l .oil sto\e. 1 fancj" decorated toiict set., 1 sn-al! meaE g-nnder, potatoes by tr-e . PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY, SKPTJb..MiJi--t ^ .. The unders-srr.ea iniam.-^ to i AJ.V. undersidrieii -. =. . , . Iho-jsekeepln«f will sell at Pubnc Sale! Ion the above date at Siirlcrviile t h e j ·followirjs: household goods: _ { 3 stoves. 1 steel ran^e Xo. S. 1, i others. i Sale to commence at i P. 31. sharp.' ' v.hen terms ·will be ma-Je known by 1 D. A. and I. D. MICKLEY. E:-;r. i j George yis. r t7.. Auctioneer. ' i -John 31. Hartman. Clerk. i PUBLIC SALE j ___^_TM. ^ The unciersStcr.ed intp^ding: to quit. The -\vei! known Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased by John D. Kane, who as proprietor will in the future, to the best of his ability, endeavor to see that all patrons of this established hostelry are served v.-ith the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also with the best of liquors, both spirit and- malt- furnished anywhere. The fact that IVIr. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he will take good care of- such of his friends and patrons as visit him. FJXK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar. both on draught and in bottles. ; double heater. 1 oil stove. » y i of stove« ; and rroo"3S- canned fruit and jars. i dousrntrav. 3aro r-n-T ^ar 1 j parlor stcvc and pipe, kitchen cans. 1-GO , board, buffet, safe. 1^ foot extension cup- . : gallon crppe- kettle. 1-4 "~Jlon copper! table, half dozen dininjr room ·''-eitle- 1-S'" jra'lcr. ircn kettle, \\ash ;jrood as r.ew. half dozen cane i-or Sale B^" tckert'sSiore ·on JiieS-i'U-n barrels, carder rool^. IH* cf poul- !t er. knives ard forks, ^ry Lot of ou:cr th""SS too rra- ( 'ki".ds. spoons, pots and pans irserous to irsenuoi. Sale io coTsi5;:ence ar 12 o'clcek. of all parlor, j lamp, three snail lamps, three rair- j 1 rors, pictures, lot of empty jar.==. 3 hlinds* lace carlains and p-.Icr. 1'UBLIC SALE t-.vo 3IRS- ELIZA A. ROTH. Tavlor. Auctlonee-. 'Lemori-ccloret! chariscuso covered ·c-itli "black maUne. V'plst and ycks of skirt, trimmed ^itli heary fiucitsr. iacs. 'rivatc J\vash tul; anrl rubber.-two lard car.s, : mail box and numerous other articles. · ' At the same time v.ill be offered 'home consisdrsr of 20 acres of _land, |imnro\c'l with a 5evcn All ho-ar-5, day or niglit Prompt attention guaranteed. Eden Barnes To F.tskc a HaH Sedrsorn Pretty. The u n d e r s i n e d will sell i room j raJiie ill necessary fruit and r : ior.e 3 i^ if softly padcl2d, v.-i'l make a good windo\v seat, in 23(!:rion to being a convenient article for holding: shirt waists. A folding chair may be kept under the bed, to be brought forth as needed. Explains a Mystery. 'It has alv.-ays been my idea," remarked the Mar. on ths Car, "that s-omethlng jostled Nature's elbow t\hcn she was pouring the seed into tho ·watcrmcior-." miles south-west town, In the apple belt, containing seventy acres-45 acres clear; the balance in timber. G. A.MICKLEY, R. R. Orrtann MRS. IIATT1E E. F.OLLTXGER. _ J. W. Hoffman, Auctioneer. j C. R. Fissel, Clerk. " J Also at the same time and place, i I will sell ray safe driyinjr marc, with i foal, also one rubber-tire bugtry, good | as new; one second hand biiRpy, two I sets buf^KJ* harness, one set good as , new, one set Rears, collars, bridles n n d h.iltors. ' J. W. HOFFMAN. Singer and Wheeler Wilson FOR SALE BY B. D. SNYDER 1!7 IlnuoMT Shoot. Gi'Ujibniu', I V n n c a R l P A I R I N G A S P E C I A L T Y ] of Household Goods on ; SATURDAY, SEPTE3IBER 20. j:'13. The undersicrned ir»ter.din;r io_*r.- j co^t'nne house keepincj vnil_ rejl ^ ;-t ! public sale at her 4.i rf^iji- niore street. Gettysburg, tne foiivui:,-^ , 2 bed room suits. I single bed. 2 bea 'springs, 2 mattresses. 2 couches. I i child's couch, child's crib, desk, parlor ' suite, rockers, walnut drop ieai 6 s_etj ! table, drop leaf kuchen table, side Aboard, dining: room chairs, stands, hall ; scar. " mirrors, one _ * _ ft,. 2-S day 1 clocks, chairs, chest, hall rack, ^ffooa sewing machine, kitchen cabinet, Idouble heater, coal stove, like new, S eras rancre, u^ed but a short time, oil ! heater, 110 yds. br-ussels carpet, good ! condition, 56 yd^. matting, linoleum, i rugs, pictures, lamps, one a piano lamp, carpet sweeper, curtains, and curtain poles, window shades, portieres, pillows, quilts, blankets, Counterpanes, home made linen, cushions, set of dishes, and othor china, kitchen utensils, canned fruit and jellies, glass i jars, doucrhtray, la".\n mower, large i cellar table, benches, brass kettle, ' laundry irons, crocks, step ladder, gar- don rncls. Sale to commence at 1 o clock. MRS. LUCIN'D^ BENDER.

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