Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on November 30, 1933 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
Page 15
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'SIXTEEN PRIEST DOES NOT PLAN TO RETREAT CoughHn Declares He Will Not Hedge in Statement on Smith. DETROIT, Nov. SO. (IP)--The Rev Father Charles 'E. CoughUn today refused to retreat from his position m. the controversy with Alfred E. Smith, precipitated by an address at New York earlier this week In .which he attacked Smith for his opposition to the monetary policies of President Roosevelt. Declaring that "I am not hedging at all," Father Coughlin reiterated his assertion that Smith visited the office of J. P. Morgan in wa attempt to arrange for a loan for the building oE the Empire State building in New York. Justified in Conclusion, I , Although Bishop Michael J. Gat; lagher of the Detroit diocese, Coughlin's ecclesiastical superior, said he did not. believe that "Mr. Smith is a top],of Mr. Morgan, or that his »tt£tude on the money question was Influenced by favors received," he added, that "Father CoughHn was Justified in concluding from the report he received that Mr. Smith approach ed Mr. Morgan for financial assistance." In a statement Wednesday Father Coughlln said "now that Alfred Smith and MonsiRsor Belford (pastor of the Church of the Nativity , at Brooklyn, N. Y.) have practically painted me as a radical and th latter has painted iny bishop as be Ing- more radical than I, why don' they complete the trinity and pu the pope in our class?. He Is the toan from whom we are taking our prders." Wrote "Own Obituary.'^ ; Bishop, Gallagher yesterday said that he planned no steps to restrain rather Coughlin from pursuing the controversy. "No heresy has been preached, 1 ' he said, "Father Cough- lln in his addresses is advocating the principles set down by Leo Xm and Pius X. He is perfectly justified In doing- that." In his reiteration of his New York remarks about Smith, Father Coughlln enlarged upon them to add the statement that in opposing the monetary policies of the president, "Smith has written his own obituary notice In lining up with the .phlloBO- phy of the Morgans." Is Banking Minded. He again voiced a belief that Smith is the "outstanding- Catholic laymen of this country," but added that "Alfred E. Smith Is banking minded--he cannot wriggle from the rock which he has cast upon his own head--a letter which he published Insinuating that President Roosevelt and those who are supporting him In attempting to free this nation from the financial slavery which, consciously or unconsciously the Smiths, the Baruchs and the Spragues are supporting---namely that the president is a crackpot and so am I." Father Coughlln announced his determination to carry on a campaign against the men who he said "because they hold and control money are able also to govern credit and determine its allotment." "I have gone so "far and intend to g-o still further," he said, "in pointing my finger at the very Individuals who concentrated wealth and who welded, link by link, the economic chain which has bound us to the floor of a hellish poverty." MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NOVEMBER 30 jm 1933 AFTER MOB STORMED JAIL TO LYNCH NEGRO TAX AND LIQUOR ISSUES ON WAY (Contltmrd From Page 1) ganlzation when the senate added its approval to that of the house. A report supplementing that filed at the regular session was presented by the house committee investigating affairs of the state highway commission Recommendation was.made that future types of paving be selected according to the amount of traffic carried on the road to be surfaced. Continues Efforts. .. . Governor Herring was continuing his efforts to get final adjourn ment by Christmas. He stated las Monday that lie could see no rea so:, why this was not possible, as serttng that by. the time the two branches had agreed on a tax bill the liquor control law would be ready for consideration. The governor believes that It should not take more than a week for the consideration of each sub- ect. On the question of poor relief the administration will ask for an appropriation from the general fund, nder present plans. The chief ex- cutive believes this sum can be ept well under $1.000,000. by ""* St JoSeph ' ' Mo - etching; the body of LJoyd Warner, hanged tho confessed attacker of a. young white woman. Men women ° 10 ' 00 ° P e " ons who P"^P^ »" and watched the lynchtag. " Tile Contract Is Let. NEW HAMPTON, Nov. 30.-Members of the New Hampton city council, Monday evening held a special session and awarded the Northern Lumber company a contract for 1,500 feet of 18 inch tile at a cost of -$1,350. The tile will be used to construct a storm sewer. Women students outnumber men, 3,202 to 2,858, at the University of California at Los Angeles. ROLFE RECEIVES HOOVER REBUKE Public Message of Censur Added to Criticism of Lynching Stand. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30. UP)-A public rebuke for the governor of California, to which the name of for mer President Herbert Hoover was signed, today Intensified the cross- Ire of criticism over the San Jose ynchingr of the kidnap-slayers of Brooke L. Hart. Governor James Rolph, Jr./ who vas censured for hia approval of the fnchlngs in a statement signed by Mr. Hoover and other prominent San ^ranclsco district residents, said In Sacramento he had not decided whether to reply. State la Disgraced. The statement, Issued through J. W. 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E · PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTRIC Co. eyes of the world by a brutal put burst of primitive lust for venge ance." Laudation of the mob violence, i added, "particularly when coming from the chief executive of thi state, undermines the very founda tlons upon which the state and al civilized society is built." Considers Statement. Governor Rolph, who a few hours before had declared "I am not taking back one word I have uttered regarding kidnaping and lynching" said he would require sometime to consider the statement. "I do" not know that It calls for a reply," he said. Of 324 telegrams and letters he las received, Governor Rolph said 267 praised his expressed attitude and 57 condemned it. "The San Jose Incident should be lesson as I have stated before--lesson to the whole country," lovernor Rolph said. Throivn Into Bay. In Hayward, near which the body f Hart was recovered from San "ranclsco' bay a few hours before he lynching Sunday, a coroner's ury held he had been thrown Into he bay by Thomas H. Thurmond and John M. Holmes, after they had tidnaped him Nov. 9. -The jury barged Thurmond and Holmes with nurder. Private funeral cervices for Thurmond and Holmes, victims of the mob violence, were held in San Jose esterday. Thurmond's body was uried in the same cemetery which olds the remains of Hart. Holmes' ody was cremated. iWicab Burned in Philadelphia Dispute PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 30. UF-- 4. third taxicah was burned today .is a dispute between union drivers and the Philadelphia Rapid Trangjt ompany, operators of three taxi ompanies, remained unsettled. IN THE RADIO WORLD THURSDAY, NOV. 30. llVntrai Ktafiaara Time} Note--AU piugTArns 10 Key and bUlc aJDn or groups thereof unlcat specified, ·oajt to coast ie to e deslffaatJon include* li aval table stations. Program! unbject to chnn«t. P. M. NDr-WEAV KETWOKR ASIO--Cast: wear wife .weu wUo wlaa tag wcsb wn V*llt wfbr WTO vtgy wbon 'caa wtam wrwj waai; Mldnut: wtnaq w e f t Ed woc-wfco wow wdai 'ORTHWEST A CANADIAN-- WlUlJ Wlba ·tp webc wtlay fctyr crct ctct. OOTH-- wTva wptf wwnc wla wjas wfla iuo wtod warn wtnc wab wapi wjdi warnb voo wky wfaa wbp Kprc wool fctba tub* NTAlX--koa kdyl kglr kght AC [Fir (OAST--kao ten KCW KDIEO khq fail ktat KEU 5:30--Jolm B. Kennedy--to c. 5:45--Slzzlera Male Trio--baalc. 6:00--Mountaineera--wcaf only. 6:15--Billy Bachelor's Sketch, S:30--turn and A.bner--east only. 8:45--The Goldbergs, aerial Act. 7:00--ftudy Vailee'a-Hour--c to c. 0--Tn Showboat Hour--also c. 9:00--WhSteman'a ghow--c to c. 0:00--Viola Phlto, Bongs--baatc. 0:15--Uftroff Orch.--east; I*um and Abner - --mtdwtat repeat. 0:30--Enrlc JfaderiEuera Orch. 1:00--Ralph KJrbery, Baritone, 1:05--Cnb Galloway's Orch. 1:30--Jack Denny and Orch. OBS-TTABI nTETWOBB RASIO--Call: wabc wade woko wcao waab "mac wgr wfcbw wkrc wfcn chlw wdrc weau ip wjaa wean wrtl wsod wJsv: y MtdwFit bbm wgn wfbm tcmbc kmox wowo wha» EAST CANADIAN--wpg tvnp wlbw whet wlbi wrea wore wet cfrb ckac. n IXXE--T?gat wa fa wbro wqatn Wdod Ura wrec wlao wdiu wioc krld wn ktrb kUa waco fcoma wdbo wodi wbt wda» wblp wtar wdbj wwva wtnbg waj*. IIDIVE-ST--wcah wgi wust wmnd wlaq wt»u wlbw kfh Ufab whbn »cco w»bt KHUVTAftf--Hvor kit Koo *·! ·OAST-- k h j koln ksb kfrc kol Kip? *v» RADIO TUBJES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GBUNOW SUPER SERVICE The flmt real nd vatic* In electric refrigeration for the tinrat V A N C E MUSIC CO. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 124 North Federal Phone 188 Htblt tan] kwg Hero kdb kxmb. strong--repeat for midwest. 5:45-- Little Italy, sketch--eaut; stamp Ad · ventures--midwest rpt. 8:00--Myrt »nd Marge--cut only. 8:15-- Jual Plain Bill--east; Panlco orch midwest. 6:30--Denny Orch.--east; Buck Roget mldweflt rpt.; Showmen--Dixie. S:45--Bbahe .Carter, TalEc--basic: Between the Bookends--west. 7:00--Elmer Everett yets Skit 7:15--Blnsln' Saai--basic. 7:30--Tnr Volco of America. 8:00--Stokawakl Orch also c, 8:15--Mystery Guild--c to c. 8:45--The Columbians--c to c 9:00--Kostclanetz DOrch c to c. 9:30--CBS Broadcast--c to c. 9:45--Gladys Rice, songs--basic; MJTt and Marge--weat rpt, -0:15--Phi! Regan, T«nor--to c. 10:30--isham Jones Orch basic. 11:00--Ozzle Nelson Orch.--to c. 1:30--Abe Lyman Orch.--c to c. 12:00--Ianee Hour--n-abc only. BASIC:--Emiti wji wBz-wfcza ffbal wham idka wgar wjr wlw w«sr wjnal; illdneil tnj ftyw treat wu 4WU kwct noil wru wrnaq Kso VOBTmVEST * CANADIAN-- wtroj wlba tslp webe wdaji Jtfyr crcl cfcf. iOUTH--wrva «-ptf wwnc rein wjaj wfla Tsun wlod warn wrac wab wapi wjflx wamti voo wky wfaa wbap kpre woai Rtbj KUu " a l Z * 0 * V yl "*" "Bhl. TOAST--kgo kfl ktn Homo «ho Rlar. 6:30--Old Songa of Church--east: slngtac Lady--repeat to wgn. 5~:3--Lowell Thomas--east; Orphan Annie --repeat to midwest. 6:00--Amoa 'ii' Andy--east only, Muskeleera--east. l BarlMt--to east. 6:15--Concert Favorites--to c. 7:00--Klor'.t!, of the flea-- eait. 7:30--Health Adventures, Talk. 7:45--The'Revellers' Quartet. 8:00--Death Valley Days. Play. 8:30--Wayne Klns's Orch. 9:00--Hands Acrt S3 the Border. 9:30--Schwab Concert Organ. . 0:00--The Three Scamps--east; Amos 'a' Andy--repeat for west. 0:15--The Poet Prince-- also c. 0:30--William ScoW and Orch. 1:00--Charlie Kerr and Orch. 1:30--DanclBK In Twin ClUes, TWO QUIZZED AT COUNCIL BLUFFS Third Shot While Trying to Elude Police Following Store Robbery. COUNCIL BLUFFS, Nov. 30. (8 --Police today questioned two met believed to be companions of Pau Askew, 32, who was in serious con dition at a local hospital of bullei wounds suffered last ntgjit while trying to elude police after being suspected In a grocery store rob bery. Askew, who said he had served time in three prisons, was shot once here last night by Detective Pat Bangs, who fired as he scrambled to his feet after being knocked down. Attending- physicians reported his condition as fair today. STATES PREPARE FOR DRY REPEAL (Continued From Pago 1 in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Nebraska. States which have no legal barriers to consumption of liquor when prohibition dies or which have already enacted regulations are Wisconsin, Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Arizona. TO TRIPLE IMPORTS WASHINGTON, Nov. 30. t5P-- Plans o£ the administration to obtain distilled liquor and wine from abroad after repeal apparently envisage the tripling- of pre-war imports. The government's plans contemplate the importation of 35,000,000 gallons. Kurope's income from these purchases would run over ?50,000.000. Were foreign countries to triple their pre-war exports, France, on a rough calculation, would sell the United States about 600,000 dozen nottles of still wine, about 60,000 gallons of still wineg in casks, more ian 700,000 dozen bottles of cham- agne and sparkling wines, 1,200,000 gallons of brandy, and 750,000 gallons of cordials Italy would sell about 4,000,000 gallons of still wine n casks, and another 500,000 dozen bottles. England would export more than 2,000,000 gallons of gin; Scotland vould sell a somewhat larger quan- Ity of Scotch whisky. Before the war the United States lought large quantities of wine and iquor all over the world. On the tripling basis, Japan, for instance, would provide about 1,500,000 gal- ons of still wine, and China would furnish more than 330,000 gallons of distilled liquor. Found to be sinking Into the sea t the rate of 4.9 inches every 100 ears, New York seems to have been ivrested from Tammany In the nick f time.--Detroit News. IN DAY'S NEWS Veme Miller, wanted for tho Kansas City union station massacre of five m«n, was found murdered on tho outskirts of Detroit. MAYOR DEFENDS ADMINISTRATION Contlnned Fran* Page 1) without submitting the matter to the comptroller general, "But I don't think any citizen, re- jardless of party, would condemn aim for this. In times like this I believe public officials who are endeavoring- to keep people from starvation (and that's what we have been doing in Ottumwa) should not eave a city without police protec- :ion or refuse to 'make work' simp- y because a lot of cumbersome technicalities stand in the way. "The principal test for public of- iicials should be and Is: Honesty. We have been honest and we feel sure our honesty will stand the test ·even the acid test of partisan pol- tics." SEEK CLEWS IN MILLER'S DEATH Notorious Midwest Outlaw Found Slain on Edge of Detroit. DETROIT, Nov. 30. G»--Admit- tedly without clews-or theories, Detroit police and agents of the United States department oj justice today sought the slayers of Verne Miller, notorious raldwestern desperado, whose battered body was found on the outskirts of the city late Wednesday. The body of the man who had been sought aa the machine gunner in the slaying of tour officers and a prisoner at the Kansas City Union station last June 17, was found in a roadside ditch, nude and trussed up with bib. *·«»«. Identification was made by i.. ·« of fingerprints. Aside from the knowledge that Miller had been In Detroit recently and later had apparently left the city, detectives had little to guide them in their Investigation. An ex-' arainatlon of the body established ' the time of death as 18 to 24 hours before the body was found. Detectives sought a. possible link between the slaying of Miller and the slaylngs early Sunday of Abe A.xler and Eddie Fletcher, New York and Detroit police characters, whose bodies, bearing numerous bullet wounds, were found in an automobile near a north Side suburb. It was known by the police that a famous killer--possibly Miller--was brought to Detroit to slay Axler and Fletcher. It was determined that Miller had been killed by a blunt instrument which was used to beat in his skull and that his body had been transported by automobile to the -'-trts of the city and there rolled Into a ditch. Masters of Mileage. A class In tire building has juet been graduated at a 'local factory, but it is not recorded that the commencement exercises were followed by the usual blowout.--La» Ani?ele« Times. NEW Rupture Pad! Solves Big Problem for TRUSS WEARERS '"PHIS amazing new rupture J. pad -- The Akron Mechano- Form has an adjustable center which is regulated, a s f i t t e d , t o r . each individual case. No other rupture appliance like it Holds rupture securely without retarding blood circulation. Overcomes unnecessary tissue destroying pressure. The only rupture pad that can be ad/tistcd exactly as needed. Declared by experts to be the greatest development in many years. See a demonstration here. Dottai line., ·' _ Blow Xov Stuftn Be V»rlia. (JflicAaei A U T H O R I Z E D E X C L U S I V I A K R O N T R U S S MTTIR Climaxing Cur 12th Anniversary Sale With the Years Greatest Event ^--·--·-- -- DAYS means more than just another sale to us It la t-ha nna event of the year in which we MUST HAVE THE GREATEST VALUES sttur! day w.ll be the last day of our 12th Anniversary sale - - w e end this uta with our year'. Greatest Selling Event--TRADEHOME DAYS? 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