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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, September 16, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. YoL XL No. 273. Gettysburg, Pit, Tuesday September 16th,-1913. Price Two Cemtfc. BOILING JEP | WILL ORGANIZE OVER LITTLE BOY! TO BUI IN \MM DAY BUSINESS OF COUNTY COURT PATTERN ADAMS COUNTY LAMSON HUBBABD AND^WINTER STYLES j ; ! J ! i Charles Mark!e s Little Adams County! Plan Fifteen Thousand Dollar Ccr-! Flans Suggested for Observance of j One Put on Probation, Another Given So Urges Philadelphia Paper in Boy, Fatally Burned when he Tilts over Kettle of Preserves Dies after Terrihie Suffering. For Sale BIT ECKERTS STORE , "On the Square" Newest Shades and Shapes la Men's Furnishing Department Window | poration for Purpose of Erecting' Fifteith Anniversary of Lincoln's I a Number of Oweiling Houses for j Address. Many Local People] Town Residents. Heard him Make it a Month's Jail Sentence. Divorce Granted. Other Current Business I i Transacted. . i Editorial aver Apple Situation in the East. Calls Attention to Last Week's Convention here. As the result of scalds received on i A movement Is on Encouragement from everv quarter j As a session of Court held on lion- the 2 \'i \ number of the business men of town j has followed the news of a plan "to I day Charles Peterson-was pi iced WALTER' S T HEAT R E PATHKPLAY EDISON V1TAORIPII DliOP OF BLOOD Vstu^rai.b bram:t Saturday, Charles Herman, The'chi'd's mother v.-as nreservir.g j That the town is or. the move and · best manner in -which to conduct ihe j of practicing veterinary I peaches and had a large kettle of the | muss have accommodations for more j exercises. A num' -' ' - -- ' -'-' -*--«·- - «:_^^ T, ,,.-,,. ~ = fruit on"the stove "co boil. She left j families is evident. Our industries call j have responded t ! the kitchen for a mossent, and was \ for more laborers, and v.-e understand J names o: The Philadelphia Press says in an on j editorial: "Pennsylvania is by nature a great :-gro%ving State and the orchard- met, last week in annual con- at Gettysburg wish to restore medicine I its former importance as a producer of A number of local citizens [ without a license. It was preferred by that fruit. "Apple growing in almost" all Eastern States has been treated ioonded to the reaaest for j Dr. E. D. Hudson, for the State Board f those now living who heard t of Veterinary Medical Examiners. - f Mu-.or u:u CIVIC PAKADE. KE\V VOI1K CITY inx all ·iejvirinieni.- of Xc'.v York City. " i pour , 1 burning t! er-c»»r:eJ !n a iru he flesh ir: a frightful man- j We are told by Mr. Reaser, manager jj Eery site and having s i of the Eeaser Furniture Company,; v.-ith ihe President at tl r The inother removed the 5c i clothing immediately and did shaken hands he dedication. child's | that his company recently desired to | Mrs. Wisler also marched in a parade celebrating Lincoln's first election to all ck ··! AX PI-AYEIS" "PrI.-es 10. 2i\ '" a new feature to their business seveaty- .hat it ! rnoned and upon his arrival he gave! v.-as found impracticable to do so on ' her power to alleviate his sufferings. | which would have employed sevi | Dr. C. A. Keagy, of Hanover was sum- j five to one hundred men, but tr - TIT ~OlLl *~\ ^"F f\ D T 71 \7 ' nromBt treatment, but had little hopes I account of the scarcity of dwellings. iV H MM i i l . U 1 l J j L l j r i . 1 j of recovery. Mr. Oswald., superintendent of the the as 3. Peterson oleaded guilty and was put i by-product of-the farm. Apple produc- on orobation for twelve months, also \ tion. was never the chief thought and oaving the costs. j interest of the farmer. The business Jones is the colored man who inter- j is suffering now from competition with fered with Officer Emir-ons while he I the far West, where apple growing is was trying to stop a fight at the Western Maryland station on the day of the big excursion. Judge Swope adminis- ] tered a month's sentence. Mrs. Nellie Cason was given a ,di- made a specialty and the care of the trees, the picking and shipping of the fruit are under careful ana scientific znanagement. To meet the competition of the Pacific Coast'States the Pena- the oresidencv and v.-as one of a num.- j voree from "Brooks Cason. desertion J sylvania apple growers need to s'cudy ·EC!A I. TONIGHT T.ED AND WHITE HO 'ES VITAJRAPH T\VO REEDS I After lingering until 3 a. Morgan An«ire\«, for Governor. as=L:teiI in idav, the little ^i"! .-*/ child died. m. Sur.- casring a ber of girls representing the states | being the ground, on which the decree j and adopt some of the PaciSc coast that gave him majorities. She is the last of these girls to be living- Mrs. Wisler's maiden nam= was Louisa S. Auburn Shale Brick Co.. tells us that 1 Young- She is very anxious to attend he v.-as comaelled to close down he his j the celebration in November but is in Be-trv W'HKiev. hi-5 Saacce. rival beut 0:1 creating scandal ar a IU «in B beli«« And,** , a:,I LI,:, ,Ie J««u«r.. an **«* Ag««* P~=^g j U B^^^ parenis . an eider | rcnning nO w with about half as many | G. W. Weaver, S. D. Reck. Mrs. ni whhe roses tj Although fully aware of his pfcrfiicy. t sister survives. men as he coald profitably employ, j H. Baker, Dr. T. C. Billheimer, Dr. P. confirmed. '-"! deeu g'oom ever the home and the en- i plant this summer because he could | poor health and fears she canno "^' cornmunitv. I n o £ §£*· suStlear hands and that he is j unless she is greatly improved:el, sea«H:i!r {·lot 5= successful an-I Aridrci\r is Bet! i ha.- re:u:-in=d lojal. Muanwhi!e £i ; £a cni= hc-rr*!f in io\v vrkh Andrews and felis h:r ;,i:!=ed. Ra'p!« Chirk. Andrcv.-s* ^crr'_iry, has J*ea dispatched to L e .u= to not-fy her that Autlre-.vs has l^eis oe:"-"^="e-t. V. hilt there froiiEC-'i -»v Lkliaatl laier bv AcsirewF. A 3 rries'of acciiraiious « n-=u«r. A:uire-.\- iiisapptars ainl i.~ fouau uead ue_next il Revocation. Soiue do it was asked. I methods. Henry Moul and C. L. Livingston I "The San Jose scale which ^desolated were aopointed school directors for! so many orchards in this State seems terms of six years in the Conewago Independent District. The first account of Mrs. Mary C. j Bair was confirmed absolute. J. j All the advertised bat is Funeral Wecnesdav. Seat. 17. from I He also tells us that he would have no T fioa=e. KS · - « - - - fpc : a-t- ! diScuitv -- c - - in remns «*-1 Beta s ap.*rt- j they are con-! ing at the services. Interment at St. j otner parts to come ".ere. I Bartholomew's Cemetery. ' v er e available. ' ._ with lammes irom houses -iay. sui attempt? fln=:u;.--u^!-s^ivfcI--*y- tiiouch? inter we see them :ianjt!y juarn^i. HILDA WAKES Tbe fansbaad is la search for a co u k and V-jfail of r.a eiupioyiueiic agency. The show on \VeJ- aiul Thars. ti inn, 2. uiaL Esanay Comeay la! bnreau in- j BENJAMIN R. GEORGE The plan is to start with a capital stock of $15.000 divided into- SCO- | shares of 850.00 each, to purchase real is:!,:;: v.ill lc- fo-- the benefit of the F:retnen. Knovrn Franklin County Farm- [ estate and begin the erection of houses er Dies in Chambersfaurg. j as soon as may be practicable at such Diaces and at such cost as the Board M. Bikle, John E. Pitzer, James E. Weaver, and Mrs. Saliie Weaver ail recall the various occurrences of the day and some of them took part in the parade. James Weaver rode with Sec- The Butler Township road case w argued and decision reserved- AUTUMN HUNTING F'-r ntw styles; 5n It^!- beei« now. su'i? and :r.t ihe ma: bric.- are aw^itir.jr choice acd and Dr. Bikle were in the line of college students that brought up the rear of the parade. There are likely many others about town who were present j' Benjamin IL George, a well-known j o f Directors shall determine. It is be-i and every effort will be made to get a Franklin County farmer, cied^ar the I l e ved that not ociy will the interest j complete list at as early a date as pos- home of h:s daughter, Mrs. Ehis E- j o f the town and ail our business 1 sibls. | Foust Chambersburg. Sunday morn-. people be advanced: bur tha't fair re- | Among the plans suggested for the The j * n » ac r ^° o'clock, in the SOth year oi | rums v.-ill be made to th. stock-hold- ! observa*:ice of this anniversary is the securing, for an address, of Clark E. Carr. of Galesburg. Illinois, who is the last surviving member of The commis- . eiso.ish to ye a parrun oi Shop knows ihat he need act seek any [ his age. j further. Our hamlsonte 4 and fclegaiir'i He ~v-as born arid reared on the farm ] ers. our v.:n The cat)itai stock will be raised bv Ai£o _ Tn i c ' n - nas been in 'chelpoanlar subscrindon. and it is desired -- - :·.: _-i:» o::'y ^ _ i I*^-^? \ ft----^ 3». ^ -^;i^*« -- - r .~l j'ii- Vi-VtfiPin ;"- ::i;inne.- j possession of his family since it was" that men in business of every kind be- sion appointed to purchase the ground e Ijne -.vhen you h.ivc it j granted by \v illian: Penn, and there corna interested, the project being for j for the cemetery site. Mr. Carr, irsa'Ur by i spent pracdcclry all of his life except ! ;he purpose of general advancement |"though advanced in years, is an inter- { ' the time he attended the institution in ( In The town's basiness-^affairs. esring speaker and has been engaged ' ANOTHER ALAJRKER ·r to Stewart's Battery Erected on Mondav. to have spent Its force. The vigorous The erection of the las'c marker to Stewart's Battery was finished on Monday. It is of the same design as the other monuments of granite and Wi I M. SeIHgnian, Cash Taylor. bronze, erected under the Direction of, the National Park Commission, and is located along the Chambersburg Pike at the position the battery occupied. The inscription on the monument reads: ·'July 1. In position about 200 yards south of the. Theological Seminary- 3 p- m. when ordered to ·5g. General J. C- Robinson's spraying -which the State AgricuTcure Department has insisted upon has done a good work. To replace the trees accounts were destroyed new trees should be planted. They should be of the varieties now- most; in demand and the trees should be made to grow low,"as in. the West, with a view TO easy picking of^ the apples and treatment of the "trees. Anything like a bruise on , an . apple means a short life for it.-They should be handled as carefullyjand transported as cautiously as eggs'anH. shipped with as high qualityjif agples^uL. the middle or bottom of the.barrel as -at ths top. __ · _ - -,,·"-- '-J r . ' " ·'It is these methods"^and features that make appIes v -lastiiig2"£Hci"-TR3Tife- ;Tiem a ready market Adams,. County. In this State has gained alMgh repu'ce" for its apples and the.whole 'State can profit; by the extfrience'pf the successful growers in the immediate vicinity of the present orchardists'' .convention." '- ~ , ~."~ . " " - ' . -y* ^ On S; A S Baramore that is now Johns Hopkins j During the last, several years thirty! university. i five to forty new dwellings have been , , _ . .,, - _t.»' He was married to Lucr Chambers. I erected vearlv. but these have been ber 16tn, we will inaugurate, _ ; · - - - . C4S tj BUSINESS. ! Uecember 1-'- 1S.-2, and sne survives largely Dy parties wno were providing ' t _ r -- j^--. i*,_-^ ^.T-~i^i M.«. w. _ T A -- rt«-»Tt OV*** T*-» * -i-T- rt C^. ^,,~.^ 1,«--*-- *s ·» "^'·· " " ' " j him. as do t%vo children: Joseph Cham- j their own homes, ih ! be'rs George and Mrs. Ellis E. Foast.' Deities at moderate perae ! beea Tnet- I Ir. the Display of S::it fabri-s for autumn, now rea;:v at the there i-= rn rooas for (Io;;"u: a= 10 ihe correct :a=hion or irr.e -:r, Earlv cl!'-ft=ini: i- best choosins-. 3. D. UPPY i ailor. ren'cals has not The need, at this time is Mr. George v.-as a member of the ! thought to be for at ieast forty houses · Falling Spring Presbyterian church. j -o rent ar about SIO per month, to be § -!- Funeral services, Tuesday, 5 p. m-. I sold or leased, as -desired, and this 1 auite recently to make Lincoln speeches. . , ... sion. First Corps, ana took position on Another idea advanced is to have present Mrs. Christian "The Perfect Tribute'' and other books dealing with the life and character o: the Great i.mancipator. With the gen- Seminary Ridge, one half the Battery beiow the Cbamfaersburg pike and .cu is LU ""^iKailroad cut. the other half north of . the author or . . ,, , , tne cur in corner oi the woods was actively engaged. The Battery after- -.vards retired wi'r.h the troops to Ceme- ;the ir ailing Spri Intermenc graveyard. i WILLIAM H. BARMAN in ! number should be erected in the near j future if the town is to continue in the 'growth and improvement -which has bean going on for the past; six or eight era! interest being shown it Is most probable that exercises of exceptional interest will be afforded. MET ALL PROMISES ! tery Hill and went inzo position on the Baltimore pike opposite Evergreen Cemetery commanding the approacn from the town two guns on the Pike and two in the field, two having been disabled. Casualties killed 2 men [Former Carroll County | - in Philadelphia. years especially. The improvement is Farmer Dies j normal, gradual and substantial and i promises to continue. Oar one and j great need is for dwelling houses to Within the Law Pleases Audience in Walters Theatre. All the expectations of a first class attraction in '-"Within the Law"' were \ more than met Monday evening when ·a here for the "air sized house- It COMING CONFERENCE Affiliation With" Methodists - Will JBe Taken Tip. / ^ _ - " . " - . ,,- There is much, local Interest - in _the 116th annual session of the -Pennsylvania conference of "trie United Brethren church which will meet at Greencastle, October 8 to 12,- Bishop W. M. Weekiey, of Harrisburg, presiding. The conference comprises more than 100 ministers and lay delegates, who will be present. wounded 2 officers and 29 men missing ! Within the bounds of the confer- 1 36." I snce there are about 20,000 members ablet was erected on the : --included in sixty charges, ike some time ago. ! Probably the most imnor'e 3 men. Total 36. Another tablet Baltimore Pike He was s. son of the late Jacob "The Approved Kind" Scua iVater, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always askjpr. Its the place to meet your friends, i.n the sound of the Victrola music. j Elizabeth Hannan, and was born and j ANOTHER DANCE j reared in Carroll county. Md. Ke lived . Last of Selies c f Dances | for a number of years in Westminster,! j later moved to Philadelphia, where the j remainder of his life was spent. j as decidedly one of the strongest } shows that Gettysburg has ever had j , ,- - land deserved a full house. The suc- " | :ess of the play hangs almost entirely upon "the ability of Miss Aline McDer- ihe Alpha iau Omega fraternity _ His wife, who was 2. Miss Sarah ; entertained at a dance in their lodge. = , Masenheinier. of Hanover, died five \ on North Washington street, Monday ^ years ago. JHe leaves Xhe following evening. The patronesses were Mrs. W. § ; children: Mrs. Margaret Matlack. : A. Granville and Mrs. W. S. Shroea- = ' Misses Anna G.. Fannie F-. and Hollie ! er arid the music was furnished bv the SEMINARY OPENS Forty Six Students Enrolled at Opening of Seminary. Seminary opened this morning for another year's work with an enrollment of 46 students, of which number -, j. robably the most important ques- i tion to come before the conference is that of "Church Union With the 3detn- 3dist Protestant Church/* This question has been before the conference I several times. It has "Deen acted upon by the ger.eral conference and referred to the other conferences for their action. mott, ~ho plays the part of "Mary j twenty are new men, the majority j FEDERAL BUILDING Tamer", and her interpretation of the! from the class which was graduated : part seemed almost faultless to Mon. jfrom College last June. dav eveninsrs audience. Oliver Hinds- The regular opening services dell, who plays tne par · ·t of Eddie i held at ten o'clock in the I Five Months' Time for Completion were j the Work at Post Office. Chapel and' of the stool Diireon, is a member alter an opening prayer ana an ad- - -- i- -Z Of the bids submitted for the com- oletSon of the new federal building, People's and trailer's g Stores. = ! ' «. of the Sigma Alpha Epsilonfraternitv-. dress of u-eicome by the president fc ^d bv the iraternitv in znesr rooms in . ni . RIDDLEJIOSER--STUART Citv; and the following from , . , !town: Misses Mary SlaybaugC Viola | »e Star and Sentinel building on Save Money-That's wcat You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you with any tm- j necessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation, j .. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian, j . Jiiller, Frances Sheely, Jeanne Sieber, I Mr. Riddlemoser and Miss Stuart Mar- ] Lillian Kissinger. Rachel Granville, j ried in Datroit. jRutn Brumbaugh, -Janet Robertson. J 1 Zita Ramer. and Bumadette Thomas. John Riddlemoser, son of Mr. and ; }j es3rs . Thompson and Pomeroy, U. of ; ~ P». were also craests for the street. CORONER'S VERDICT Blame Western Maryland for caate Protection at Crossing:. or until about March, first. Darby ar.c ^"classes" is" as fol- P'^ce had the contract for-the eracjlows: Juniors 20: ~Midd!ers IS and I tion of all the temporary buildings | Seniors S- nuniber at the fiftieth anniversary camp. j Quite a number of improvements j 1 have been made to the buildings and j OLD COIN The WHIPPED ICE CPvEAM. Made · onsiaal fonuK^a by a" secw-t process;" Nothins: finer than this - can 1x made- · VANILLA, - CHOCOLATE., PEACH. · .- - int 5 and lOc a plate- Sodas - and Sundaes made wan 1 " ' Ice Cream Sc. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ~" " REPORlT" T. Manahan I of, Paradise, iancaster County, were \ raarried on Tuesday, September 9, .In i ;the Fourth Street Presbytenaa "Clerk Olinger Issues Weddin I Church, Detroit, Michigan], by the pas-" · to Young Couple. this 1 tor Rev. Edward H. Price. After Octo- MARRIAGE LICENSES Permit j grounds cnrir. coroner-s~Su^ empaneled at j at present.^ new cement walk is being j. "* " " " ~ n ~~ * t.n^, he past summer ar.d.i Finds Silver Spanish Coin 115 Old Xear Years bcr 1 thev vv-ill be at home at 11 Alex-' Clerk of the Courts Olinger on Mon- jar.drine avenue East, Detroit, in day issued a marriage license to Frank | ^^j n I which city Mr. Riddlemoser is engaged S - Graybill, of Harnsburg, and Miss , evidence produced showed did not ring. ; Gratia, 1797." -- T. ^ .,, to J " Marion'sanders. terms private, possession April 1st, 1914. FOR SALE--124 acres in Liberty Township, near mill, school and blacksmith shop, excellent fruit land, very pr(Kiuctive 18 acres oak timber lots of locust, fine 7 room stor.e house. wash house bank barn, 2 x 44 ne ? wagon shed, other buildings, runnm g water piped to buildings, ^^^ sunim_e^i aeres^Franklin Township, 1 }5 mile from R. R. Station, 15 acres voung oak and hickory timber, 10 roo m brick house and large summer house with basement and water, bank barn, h og pen, other buildings, running water, c-ood 1 stock -farm, buildings good condition. Price iisVO. ilUXK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. with the Goodrich Tire Companv. HOMES wanted for two boys, one j Margie Kauffman, of East Berlin. i WANTED a't once several boys and ' girls over age of 14, steady employ- five years old and the other one year ment and good wages. Apply to Penn old. XL A. Sheeiy, County Home.-- ad- , Tile Works, Aspers, Pa.-- advertise- i vertisement FURNISHED rooms with private bath, for rent. 32 N. Stratton street.-advertisement "i ment WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- Company.--advertise- na Canning ment MILLINERY: much care has been | On the other side it is THE Trinitv Reformed Sunday | «ci«d that he is king of Spain and *^i ^n I,«M ^ ,VA -rpam f^tival i India, The coin w as large as a suve. A hole was drilled through its jgen. School will hold an ice cream festival. to provide an attractive and j *r.d social at Edgar Faber's residence, j doHar. line of millinery which will Chambersburg street,^i! ' s^y even- b3 exhibited on Thursday and the balance of the week at Miss Anna Reck's. --advertisement 1 TAKE the big Steamer to fairs in neighboring towns. Phone Stoner, High Street.--advertisement 1 *, Sept. IS. The puonc » mvned.- TM advertisement FOR SALE: number of nice clean barrels, suitable for apples. Apply Gettysburg Water Company office.-advertisement 1 KODAKS, films, everything in Kodak line always fresh. Huber*s Drug Store.--advertisement 1 | WANTED: eggs 28c; lard I2c a I pound. Trostel's Store, Arendtsville, I Pa.--advertisement 1 .NFWSPAPFRf .FWSFAPFR!

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