The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1913
Page 4
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flFl^TTYSBUR^TIMES ·*- * * *^ ^^ T».,V;.O_«^ rv»?i*r Fivrfint Sunday Published Daily Except Sunday Times and Se*s Fublisning Company W7IAYEEEHAFEB. Secretary and Treasurer BIK rE- PHILIP E. SISLS, Editor "RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. PRIEST ADMITS HLLIMBWOIIAM Says He Hacked Body With a Knife and Saw, RUFUS W. GAYNOR Son of Dead Mayor, Who Ac companies! His on Trip. -^ PTTON-S- UNITED PHOXS, BELL coiser of Centre Square, Gettysburg, ·u. s pi?ER REPRESENTED FOR ADYEST1SSKG SY THE NEW YORK AND CHICAGO per -word. - TO OUS READERS Our adverdsS c^ir^s^re open to all candidates o^^^^_ WALTER'S THEATRE Monday, September 15th Now In Its Second Year InSNew York City PRICES:-- .75 - $1.00 - $1.50. Seats on sale fat .People's Drug Store. LiVEO WITH HER IN FLAT York Clergyman TeHs How He Wrapped Up Portions of Body and Dropped Them in River^From Ferryboat. Xew York, Sept- 15.--The most --e-ftsome murder since the killing oi Gulc-ensuppe was revealed when Kans ^nniKlt/a Caihohe priest, 32 years o"d confessed to the slamg and CUL! n~ up of the body of Anna AumuMer ·i yea~~s old in a Sat at GS Broadhurst a^e'nue, wnere he was living with her. The s'-a!' 1 "i'l had been employed -t the parish'house of St. Boniface's church o-: -seventh street and Second' avenue, where Schmidt became acquainted with her some time ago. She disappeared shout rvo weeks ago. 5e vas about to become a mother, and" when this was discovered, she V.MS ordered to leave immediately She v.ent at once TX the priest, who aced he 1 - in the 2at Hs confession clears the mystery 1 of the torso found in the North river ^ w»ek ago sewed In a pillow case, "he ~identit} of which has been a nuzzle eier since its discovery. Schmidt, who lives in the parisa uouse of St. Joseph's church, at 405 West One Hundred and Twenty-fifth ·=treet, with other priests connected with" the church, was arresed by Inspector Fauroc and charged with the murder. . He broke down and in a wild xrenz.. of fear made a complete confession » horrifying in its details that the inspector" could only compare it to the" r^ ings of a madman. The young p-!cst tcld how he had fallen in love with the pretty girl, who had been m jils country only three years; how ne had rented a Sat and furnished it; how he had previously married the o-rl with a ceremony self-pertormed, 'nd how finally he had entered the gat at nudnighr August 31. armed with a new butcher knife. "Anna was asleep," he cried pacing the 3oor and wringing his hand. ""I entered softly and she awoke and recognized me. 'Anna/ I said, 'I love you dearlv. I ain now going to prove ir." He then seized her bj the hair and, drawing the knife, cut ner throat from ear to ear. He tnen dragged the bleeding body to the little bathroom and taking a rew saw. -which he had purchased with the knife, he proceeded to cis- member tr-e b^dy. '·First." he says in his confession. "I cut'off her arms, and having laid tnem a=ie=" cut off her legs close to the trunk and in all, I made five bundles of the body.' Having cut up the bodf, the slayer was seized with the terriole fear or discovery- Se ran about the apartment like a madman trying to think aov- to get r.d of the bloody witness of his deed. All night he considered then he decided definitely en his_ action. _ id the portions oi the bod Medical Advertising ECZEMA THAT SPREADS. .How a. JRoughkeepsie, X. Y~ 1 ! Found .Relief in Our Reliable Skin ' Remedy, SaxoJSalve. j "I had been troubled -nath -weeping 'eczema for months and usgd many ' oreoarations for skin troubles -without relief. The first application - of Saso Salve allayed the dreadful itching im- mediatelv'and after further nse my skin trouble en'drely - disappeared. PUBEIC SAME · - ~ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER: .20, 1913. The undersignedJExecutprs.",-of the will of Henrv*Al£Young, deceased, will offer at Public,Sale theifoHowing valuable Personal Property _and Real Estate at-theJate^JresIdence of the'. J_JOl-Hjt; filf Uii\--_^tifc^"* *· *r**-*l*--v*~---- T widow in. Cashtown^Ea^yiz: 1 * j ^ 1 -! nut parlor suit in fine 'condition, 2 fine In eczema 'the little vesicles or phn- oles are filed with a fluid that ^burns marble top centre, tables, .1 parlor clock, 1 -walnut- extension -table, 1 six leg drop leaf cherry table,' 1 marble top bed room'sult, 1 dining loom safe, 2 couches, 2 large chests, ,1 reclining chair, 1 invalid -wheel ehaiigjaibber tire, i 5 large rocking, chairs, 1 set.-,of. bed ' springs,^ mattressesj-bedduigtconsist^ , ing of pillows and cases,-sheets, · - PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News TeHMf if in and afcwt ~Tm In such cases we can conscientiously hoojoEo- glasses,' aueensware/. 'eonsist- reeommend par new skin remedy, \\ K0 . O f -J^Q or ^ore pieces of' plain Q^svrk ?snlvfa -rnr iT5 ^r-Hori nr the slvlK.!-r*^. u »t.i H .. -«!.;» *.-?Wmv«-»ve» · rli»s:^- - . 3 iiijl VK ·S.VV VA. i*iv.~*^ ff~v--^- -- ^ - S S 5 ~ 1 French china, plain stoneware, · glas T G1S- I . .« VA nHn *.?4-n. nn^ -Hr».i-07.» cfnriAVJV ware, granite and tinware,. stoneware iressing skin troubles is indeed marvelous. If It does not help you vre will return yoar money. People's Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. ?. S. If you have any skin trouble you need Vlnol for the Mood- We guaranteeit- nigr, crocks, fruit jars, uots and pans, I good iron, ketde.:l-. gallon brass kecrle, lamps, .-fancy parlor clock, 1 alarm clock, baskets,-garden -tools, ^1 WORDS FROM HOME Statements That May Be Invesfi?at- ed. Testimony of Gettysbur zens. CHi- People Visiting »«re So'pntnrmg'Ebe«hcre. Time Photo ·When il2or \\--!;»arn J. Gay cor stai to sail ror Europe 03 AUS 9. J9-*. =a p«-evea:efi. being snoi an-! seno-issy wo-jad- ed iv Ja-ses J GalLagUer. ^ was acco-T pam«d by his son E^-us W.jGavaor. -^f rSr^ acclffip^S by Ruttis. Ha so«. ;as th* first to r*ach his father's s!3e after h c a-ed- Youns Mr. Gavnor maae -he a-rapse^ients v.-^re'ay lathers ·Joav v-'» Se brotgbt back to This couatr:. on t'^e Lusitanli, ^fcich s^is from Q«:e«=«- ·n on When a Gettysburg citizen conies to the front, telling his friends and neighbors of his experience, you can T-elv OP. his sincerity- The statements of oeoole residing In far away places do'noc command your conndence. Home endorsement is the kind that backs Doan's Kidney Pills- Such tes- timonv is convincing. Investigation Droves it true. Belpxv is a statement of a Gettysburg resident. No stronger proof of merit can be had. ' -- " 46 Breckenridge says: "Since I endorsed Doan's ai6^~ --*- ^*VV**'Jp **·*«-*·*^*TM»» A3 · -- ------ e double heater and pipe-in good conoi- tion, canned fruir, .jelly-;" ;l=2 burner oil stove, 1 fancy decorates toilet sei^. 1 small 'meat grinder, potatoes by the bushel, and many other articles not mentioned. Also asthe same time will be sold 4% acres of fine chestnut timber, one half'mile'ffoni'Cashtown fronting on the nike, adjoining land of Adam Shukz, "Samuel Kuhn and others. ' ~ ~~ Sale 10 commence at JL 3. M. sharp, when terms will be made kno\vn by D. A. and L D. MICKLEY, Exr. George Martz, AuctToneer. John 31. HasrtnjanfCierK. burg, went to Mount Holly Springs today after a* "visit" of a week with friends in Gettysburg-' *.* ?*** Mrs- T. C." Billheimer was tie of relatives in York over Sunday. Mrs- Jacob ^ Butt and "daughter Grace, of Aberdeen, Kansas, have "returned to their home after spending some time with relatives in town. Mrs. Luther S. Black and 'son, McKnight, have returned to tlieir home tn Easton after spenaing: some time with Baltimore with AIr= J "Menchev. St., Gettysburg, Pa used and oublicly Kidney Pills some years ago I have had no further need of a kidney medicine. I never enjoyed very good health and when kidney complaint came on, it caused me much distress. I had pains in mv back and frequently had dizzy HUNDREDS VIEW run \ in i MIP onnv ^"=^ ^^" ^-- -- ^..T.~~V-- SULLiVAN o BUU i i me to ^ D ^" s ,^^ e Pi ". s J ^^ PUBLIC: SAIJS of Household Goods on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 3513. .3~A. »*-*.*.HW-- *- ^- J *^r--·*·*- ·* · " ·--- *· ··.-'------- " f The undersigned "intending -to ntiniie house keeoing'^-virill se! . » - ^ · » _ , _ ~ _ . _ 3 !± J^ * "Z. ;e!l -.\ tluUiXi-i«i iiUltoC rv^^iMiii^ ^. »· **·* «j-^-** -~j- public sale at her residence 454 _ Baltimore street, Gettysburg, the jcUowi!»s liiV/i\^ Zf*l.^rT~l*y -^*%.wiifjr *jw~£yy *,__*_ -- «. -.^. ^~, 2 bed room suits, 1 single^bed, 2 bed When a friend told . Store. This "Big Tim 15 Was Killed Dy a . Train 13 Days Ago. Xexv Tork, Sept. 15.---Hundreds cf friends or tha late Timothy D. Sullivan recresentative in congress, thronged the Sa'Jnan club couse at 27 Bo^ery u vje-a the body, «a'ch ^as brought from tne morgue 10 Ue :n state here. IT has net been explained v.Iiy-the name of 'Big Tims tailor and the name of one o: his guards, -rfuch vrere en his clothing anc hat T\ere not in- vestisated. Sis 1'nen also bore cis rnltials and the name of the maker was in cis shoes Despite all these I marks his body ^as listed as "un- spells and chills. me to try Doan's .. box at the People's Drui, remedy acted "promptly and before long, I -\vas in good health.' For sale bv all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-ililburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agent for the United States. Remember the and take no other- name--D can's suite, rockers, -walnut drop leaf 6 leg table, droo leaf "kitchen table, sid« board, dining room chairs^" stands, hal seat, 3 mirrors.--- one--6--ft,, 2-8 da clocks, chairsT chest, hall ^ rack, gooa sewing ' machine.* - MteheM? cabinet double heater, coal" stovej^"like- new- gas range, used but a short-* jtime, oi heater, 119-yds. brnssels carpet, gotx condition^ 56 703- : inatting,'^ linoleum rugs, pictures, lamps, one^'a piano lamp, larpet sweeper, curtains, and curtain poles, window shades, portieres, pillows.- quil'cs, ilankers,^. counterpanes, home made' lineh,^ cushions, set"of dishes^and'othec^china, kitchen, utensils, canned fruit and gellies, .glass WANTED: Lady- fair education and ^"^^^^lawn mower, large personality for local position in child i ce ]i ar table,- benches, brass kettle, MRS:-I:UCiyDA'BENPEE. Times" Offic H's bDfiy had. lain for 13 days the morgue and was OB. the way to j Potter's "Field when it was identiSea OI Larry au, his step-brother. lil^ ||,i ^ ||ltlf tia m$*. ft IffiPra ^ to Unjj t|e IMiip jea neefi. i --IF-i |-on want a weekly paper get i"THE ADAMS COinSTTY NEWS jlore local reading matter than anv other paper published. Price S1.00 per year. EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Soons "with batii en sote Hara McGono^-, Prop's. . -- i CHAS. S. 31 ._ -- j --Fire Proof Storage-- j-^Tarehouse for Furniture and ,,, , - - . ,_ -- .,, i Household Goods srorad Xen's arc 3ov s 2oc go:i cai»5 J.0c.', i any length of tune."s 5 ard lOc Store. --^..,, .. ...» . -.-- He in sheets"*ard pillow sups and determined to throw them into the Hudson . , On tae following ever.IngJie. camea the torso from tee apartment, carefully wra^^ed in z. p : llow slip ana waited until he throusht the coast was clear be^ fore descending the tnree Sights of stairs w'ih the heavy oundle. Haring reached the street unseen he made his way'to an Eighth avenue car. soa-rded : r. ror.e to One Hjufi-ed and Twene.^- j nfh street. ;ransfe-red to a crosstown ' car and p-oceeded to the Forz Lee Sullivan" who was ill. eluded his nurses -n the early morning or August 31, and a few hours after was struck and '.ailed by a tra.n at Pelham Parkaway. So many fr.ends and relatives identified tae body at the morgue as ;iar of tae beloved Bowery politician that wonder Is expressed that it was ijermitted to lie *n tne Fordham morgue 13 dajs without efforts be:ng made to n.n down the several clews that ot a ta-^or s label in tne coat cap name of one of his nurses in the band of ihe hat he wore when he was killed Valuable ReaT Estate On Saturday, Sept. 27th; '13 The undersiened. will oner ac Public Sale at the late residence of Fannie Stock. dec"d ; on ·Breckenridge street, in the boroush of Gertvsburgv HOUSE and LOT attiate on the SottdTsde of Breckenridge street, in the borough of Gettysburg, fronting 30 feet thereon, improved with a two-story Brick Dwelling House with a two-stroy Back Building, frame Out building, good "U eli of Water, etc. This T»ropercy is desirably situated and ·ill make a most statable home, fc has B'UBjLIQ SCE* . Of ValuableBeaLEstate. The undersigned-will "otter,for sale Seotember 25, 1913, a farm r "and mifl nronertv, situated at -Center MHls, Adams "Councy,"Pa-, nine.iiniies north of Gettysburg, and one ialf mile from Center Mills on the P. JlcR."° "FAPJMPSOPERTT-. ,,,. The farm cofeists of 8i acres, more relatives in town. Mrs. Clyde Ifuraper, of street, is vishlng for a friends in Philadelphia- 3!r. and Mrs. Huber -Miller and daughter, Margaret, of Baltimore street, are spending several days with friends jn Harrisburg. Blaine Widder, of West Middle street, has gone to Philadelphia where he will enter Drexel Institute- He will -cake a course in Architectural Drawing- Mr, and Mrs. J. E- McCammon are soending some time at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J. J. Bailey Kendlehart, of Harfisbafg, was the guest of relatives and frierds in town on Sunday. Dr. T. C. Billheimer, of Springs avenue, spent Sunday in Reading, bis former home. Miss Mary Earner has returned to her home after a visit of several weeks with friends in Harrisburg. Simon Stock, of - Baltimore" street, returned to Emmitsbnrg to-day to resume his studies at Mount St. Mary's College- Samuel M- Bushman and Miss Hary Power returned home Saturday evening after a trip of several weeks £o~ the Canal Zone. James Weikert is erecting a double dwelling house on York street- Vincent Martin, of Harrisburg, soent Sunday with friends in Gettys- bnrg. or less, lying "in the heart'of "-the fruit belt; about-60 acres,of tMs-Isthe best of farm le-nd, and 21 acres exception- allv finejjasture land and timber, such as "locust, walnut, oak.-.hickory, etc. There is probably about'-cwo'thousand ' dollars -worth of timber, on this pro- large bank barn, and good' 'Welis at both house and bam; -. _-»'- r -' / MILL PKOPEILTT z The miH -is known as Center KoHer FROSTS Cold Weather Earlj Part of tKe WeA. Genera'dy Fair Jjcter. Earlyjautumnfroits, in^^the __ lake region, the middle Atlantic stat^, Xew England and the extreme northwest are. predicted by the weather' bureau for Tuesday. The weekly forecast says: ·'The week will open frith rains continuing in the southern states a'nd^x- tending into the OHo valley and., thir middle Atlantic states and about Tues^" day tmsettled, rainy weasher -svill-pre- over all central and northern sec- -POISON KILbSCHILDBEN PJCE PRODUCE COMPANY j Higtsst Cash Prices Paid for sll ; --FASil PP.ODUCE-- 1 Usder Tinies OfSce, Gettysburg, j WILLIAM E- ZIEGLER wor-i. -K-. H. TIPTON --Photoprapher-- Gettysburg "siancias on tee rear end of the boat be wa.ted until it reached m!d- st-eam. ar.a then, leaning over qu.eti firr-pped e bundle into the r"-»c-r." Tivc distinct times he made tne trip :rom the Broadhurst avenue Sat across tr.e Hudson, each time bCF-.-'S a portion o: Miss Aamaller's ro.'j r.nd ea'-n fme (Iropp-ng it into | ·he"". ater. Ilav'ng cleaned the apart- j irer.t of tr.e most damming evidences j o: ris c~"r:e 'ic was st'.Il confronted i --^a :'·; blooa stained mattress on r. en ~^e "had n.IIed his victim. Tor some *:me he was puzzled as tc OT. io i -.-nose of this b.ilh.y witness ,"?'riSt bin r":na' ! y se carnccl it iri -r.c oarl. : .acair lot' at One H^'.n.Ired i ape: For;:- lQ^ r i. street, between Se- 1 ^jt ; t or. A portion of tiiis ma'? --C-S .s now in the p?ssess:os of taej O. rd. . ) St. Borrfaoe's Catholic church 20 i :-s;x«.3 tiat Scaniidt is an ordained ·Hest and was assistant there three oars a"o. KP says Iriaself he has :d also in Louisville, Kj"- .o-. X -!.. TM 3SJO. Baby Drinks Carbolic Acid; Boy Vic- ttrr. of Csndy Ptomaines. Wilra-.ngton. Dei., Sept. 15--Florence. iS-month-old daughter cf Dennis Seardon, o: 1035 Pine street, died at the Delaware Hospital from the eSects of carbol.c ac.d which she swallowed. The po:son was in a cap in the bathroom and was used for disinfecting purposes. The baby toddled into the room and. t'-in'-dns she was drinking wate~, sxi allowed some of the iiuia. She rap screaming to her-mother, who was sick in bed. Attempts were made to get a pnysician, bat faahng m thss tne caild was sent to the Hospital, where she died two hours later w , private alley entrance iron street and ex" Lends South to a public alley in the rear. Sale rifl begin at-1 o'clock, P. M. terms trill be made known by. JACOB A. STOCK, Exe-cator of -Jacob Stock deceased rolls'^ and f^\oller,lsyst§^"of mostjThere-will also oe local showers early- imnroved tyoe; also one-llarge' chopr f in t he week over the Eocky Mountain ..r.r_ ^_,._ ^_.-_ ,- ^ ',,* y-o T^=V mc . I region and che nor thwest, but by Wednesday and Thursday generally fair" weather should prevail over all dis- Pittsburg Chicago Leave Gettysburg 10:35 a. m., connecting via Highfield iiii U.I_ 1_J » _VL. lfj^^-y i--»^.rf .*··----- _---^j^ -^ -- ^ ,, ping buhr.'This is one of the best cus- j torn mills in the county, with plenty of grain and" Teed bought _and sold right at the door. Water power strong and constant- Concrete dam and race^ Both in excellent condition and chiefly maintained. With the raill there is also a dwelling house'of seven rooms. a stable, and a blacksmith" shop. There is also a well of good_ water at this house- As these properties join they will be offered for sale together or separately as the pntcha'ser "may desire. Terms will be made to suit purchaser. Any one wishing: to buy a propertv of this Mnd should not fail to be present at this sale. Season for selling is old age of, owner. , One hundred dry locust posts will be sold at the saine time. Sale will begin aX one o'clock sharp. Ten per cent, reoaired at"time of sale. ~ HENRY BOTH. Thomas Calvin Hastes, aged w ' - w i t B . Chicago Limited, - vears. of 232 French street, died a; ais nose Trorn ptomaine po'sonlns. tne result of eating cheap candv, which had been colored with some kirid ot d-. e. 9 Tr.e 003' wortea at a candy stario* rear Irs home and had eaten some of the s-- eets. He became .1; and three physicians illness to tre canay. atfibjted his Sepa:rs a- 3 s 52 Car-:s'e St- Phone Si Y. Sco-e Burr.ed In Explosion. i. X. Y-. Sept. IS.--A score o! s5x seriously in of of the Clover Leal ·e. Seven Bakers Held for Court. "Wilmington, Del.. Sept. 15---Cnarsc with sell us bread weigh ins les than su-tecn ounces to tas loai, seven baVcrs were hesa for the uppe r coart by C.ty .radge Cnu-chraan. j he lower court tri not pass on tae suut of the ceieridants, out decided taat It did not ha-e final jurisdiction in the charges. through sleepers, observation jiarlor and club cars and tricts '·There are no present indications of any unusually high or low temperatures during the week, but frosts will occur Monday morning over the lo?er lake region, the middle Atlantic states Xew England and the extreme north wesr. coaches attached. Pittsburg 7:30 p. Chicago 7:59 a. Political Advertising FOR TAX COLLECTOR By resaon of my recent Tni=fortune which, has detained me in the York Hospital. I ha\e been unabia to ieisonal]y see the voter= whose \ote? I should like tn Arrive iha\e solicited; and take thi.« means of yoar support at the pnmary. nominated. I shall nse every , and. n^vf next mean«= withn mj po^er to Oeelec^-a and ^ ^ j a , t i,.- n ii y attend to ti.e duues oi tlje Ecspcctfuily- Harry E- Bumbangh Bryar. Heard by 5000 Virginians. Woodstock. Va., Sept. 15.--Wi'.liam Jennings Bryan lectured here st^the cr.a'-tar.5".a before a crowd of 50CG Ke was met at Strasburg by the local committee, and on arrival 1 by former St: at his home at dinner. Announces her FM * M^C I INFPV JL jr"S- 8 '-*--' i»iii-*i«s£.i ^i--»i.\. i Asiesp From Upper Window. S^anio^ii, Pa, Sept. 15.~In a som i------TM ~ ---- r - ~ T nanxtaHstlc state John IteK*TM^^TMTMTMTM^*^ China Bows to Japan Peking, Sept. 15.--Japan's demandE presented to Chna two days ago in nainljul'stic state -ionn KP-SKICK ross, ^~^~- ...,,...._ - - , from bed auS walking through «( nese subjects ^ uie ^pbn s ^f .he oi,ea window, fell tbree stones to th, Japanese flag bv Chinese were ac ' 5 fd-»alk. lie was badly, if not latillj cepted m their entirety b, the Pe- injurcd. ^ Governmeat We cordially invite you to attend. PUBLIC SALE: T will have a stocTx THREE furnished rooms for rent. Two communicating. -All conveniences.! _, ,, Apply at Times Office.-advertise-1 ^^ December 2, 1913. Emory Zepp R. C, Gctcysburg.--advertisement American Ss!T.or. in i2s?r:ania. Araencan salmon in the fresh waters of Vasnsania are prospering woaderiul- 1-. Some of them increased in weight from two ounces to four pounds in 21 inontis. Western Maryland Lines - - · · "· Charge Of J. D. Kane, who has had 17 'years exper j t ieoce in theiiotel business, has taken charge of j. The Hotel Washington and is prepared to take care of the trade. Bar stocked with the best. Everything in season j in restaurant. Horses fed and good care ' TRACT Tract--Mr. and 3Irs. Lewis Mc- Ctain and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. Shorb. 3Irs- D- Shorb spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Emmitsburg- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Topper spent Sacurday and Sunday in Waynesboro. Miss Emma Shorb returned home after a taro-weeks" visit in Waynesboro and on, the Fotoma'c Hiver. Roy Shorb and Ruth Ashbaugh wera :n Waynesboro over Sunday- Harry Beard is spending some time with his cousin, Miss Laura Beard. , Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCIeaf spent Saturday in Waynesboro. Mrs. Albert Dicken and D. Shorb are on the sick list- _ , Mrs- Darey Bellinger and son spent Tuesday in Emmitsburgr- . - A paste wnlcn will prove; Is made of ten parts ptarrqwroet, · hundred parts"of water,.one part $ei- atia, ten parts alcohol. 5°^^ aiin In tne. Ck W.JI *»i vfcftV' ^ ^; ^--*~ -- J · "" saving ?een^ ^ireviouslj '.ml? - - - , a smalL iaasitliy' of.waten and MM W or five minutes- cpok*« "Medical en of them. JOHN D. KANE

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