The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1913
Page 3
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'SRICH I GIFTINVALID Hr, 'Baney Mads, Codicil and -? Died in a Month, BASE-BALL SCORES Following Is the Result of Games -Played Saturday and Sunday. · AMERICAN LEAGUE. ' . ,. .-Saturday's-Garoes. J At'Philadelphia--Cleveland, 3: Ath- letcs, L" - Batteries--^Falkeaburrg -and 1 Carisch; Bender and Schang. · - At V/asbiEgioa--^Chicago, 6; .\Va~ii At .New Yozfe^KeV; YorK,. 4; Je-. trost, 3. Batteries--Schalz sad - Gos- I sett; Dubuc and ileKee. ; : At Bosses--Boston, 3; St. Louis, 2. i Batteries -- - Iievereaz- and * Agnew; 'Moseley and Cady., The." Law Forbid* Benevolent Se-, t /quests so Shortly Before the Giver's t Death. - ! -"'···- . \ "f Allenrown, Pa^, Sept, 15.--Al!eatowa etaafis. amazed over the probability \ tfcit ,th'e will of- former Judge Ed ward Harvey,. Its greatest lawyer, president i oi^tbVs Second National Bank as.cs of, tSe;!Ailentoyxi Hospital, is invalid, !njj ·o. far "as-bis 5250.C"3 : ,» bequest to the; Ailentown Hospital Is concerned, as{ tSe'ia'st codicil covering !t was made less"* than 30 days before he died. -'The. alleged flaw is his will, which, Mr.^ Harvey , ciaisell drew with cou- ·Clenlious care, recalls the Caw in the j ·w'flVpf .bis life-long friend, the latei GhlfeC Justice" Pa'xon. whose charitable! bequests,"-hoiahly that of almost §1,- 000,000 to "the Buckingham Farm School, were set aside, -"iii'xhe first draft of hs will, execu- ted-'July;l,-190S, Mr. Harvey first of fcU'bpqtieathed 150,000 in trust for tee Senefet df-rns aged auni Hiss Augusta Cassliae' -Morris, ^aad commanded that fclsrho'rae-iie kept, up ia th« same .style es though\be were living as long as ehe. lived.-'"'After her-death this $50,000 was - to- go' pi once, to the AliszL- a{Hospital, the .incoiae. to. go to maintenance' fund. There is nc ihe validity of this be- , ·«;· jr pQ I * -»v- T PG Athletics 87 48 644Ch!cago. 7l" 68 51l"! .Cievelnd 81 57 SSTjDetroit. 58 7S 426 f \Vas"htn. 7S 5S 574-St.Louis 52 SS 371 Boston.. 6S Ci olS^C.York. 4» S-i 358 .,. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Saturday's Games. At St. Louis--Philadelphia, 2; St. ".xjuss, 0. - Batteries--Alexander and Dboia; Perritt and "iVsago. advertising | e -j an{ j jtcCany. At" Pittsburg--Xew York, 4; . Plt's- ~. 2 (1st ?asae). Batteries--Math- Beyers; Luarsen and Si- Quest,~:as, it was -.not "changed later. Eirthen qic;;iri this original will, Mr. Harvey.-^ after makljig a aaraber o! ta^raoiiai'-jand'charita'ble bequests, has '- ' " -' Jffly' two' sisters, and the remaiaiag half O'taefAIlentoTrn HpspIta\Vto be used fprjmalntenaiice. dated August 21, of Pitrsburg. S; Kew York, 0 (2d game) Batteries" -1 -Hehdrix and Kelley; Frosaaie and '^McLean. At Cincinnati--Cineinna:i, 5; Boston, 4 3st game). Batteries--Ames and KHng;" Tyler and V.'ea!:n?. Boston, 3; Cincinnati, 0 (2I ga'oae). Batteries---Perdue and Whaling; Ro- V«"2H £^0 ^^'l^*?T Sunday's GameE. At_",Cisciaaati .-r- Philadelphia, 6: lacirmati, -0. · Batteries--Camrsitz and Dooin: Johnson and K!:ng. At Chicago--Chicago, 7; Xew York, 0. Batteries--Cheney and Archer; Marquard and ifcvers. At Sr. I-osiis--St. Lx)u!s, 7; Brooklyn. C. Batteries--Kichaus. Sallee an;! Winso; Bagan, Yingling. Pfeffer and Standing .of the Clubs. I "W r^. PC.1 "v\T. T,. PC. | KT.York.. 90 45 ^STfBrookin. 5S 75 435} PbHada. SO ~S 52f!;"Bosion. 57 74 435 j Chicago. 7S 55 570;Cincinti. 5S S2 41S Pittsbrg. 72 64 52S;St.Louis 4S 54 33S NAVAL OFFICER'S WIFE HELD AS SHOPLIFTER One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime--just one. Acts on the liver. Gently laxative. Sugar-coated. All vegetable. So!d for GO years. Ask Your Doctor. t^t'-"''^ Political Advertising. ^--sn d irt £·£ _ 41! Esespa Out One'Man, Who j Have the painter do your v;ork v.'Ith the paint that v/ill prove most economical and satisfactory. SHEBWIN-WlLLIAMS PAINT, PREPARED It wi!I prove most economical because it will put oS ihc seed of repainting for the longest possible time; most satisfactory because it will give the b=st resuhs In application, appearance and wear. We would like to have the opportunity of figuring on your pzint requirements when you are reedy. A fa!! hne of co:ors in S.V/. P to select fronj. -t Gettysburg Department Store. GETTYSBURG 1IASKETS ] Prices at:the Gettvs^"-^ warehouse c-or- i rected daiJy'by C.-Hilton AVoIf, Jr., Sae- i x-essor to J. Geo. \Vo!f 2 Soils Co. I " ~ - Per Bu | New Dry Wheat S3 j NewSsr Corn .....; .. so] Itve , ' 00! Oats. -Jo | BBTA1L PRICES j Per !C: » Badger Dairy Feet:' 51-3-5 ; Coarse Spring Bran i.35 j f land. 1'ackf.j Bran l.-?0 ! Com and Oats Chop ^..j.} ; Shcvifcaker Stock £V1 1.45 i \Viine Slisldlings 1.05 1 £***.? -\T-*!#-J?r.rrc 1 sro i A**;\* .»i.l.v*ia^«-.-. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .±,.f\f 1 Tuuothy H*y vO ! I'lasier 6T.."0 j-er ton. i Cement ?L-iu per bbh i I'er r/bl. | \\'ts:*=-rp FSoar % ^"GG 1 ^ "rer'i.a i ?l;i.-Ited Cora t'o i ivar Con: !-0 | Vew.Oats 5C- Dies In Firg, !| ill III ^151? 5"^ %i'^V?pi Qir^-s* t£ G S? \j ii' 'i £ W £ « ^ ^ ,, ^iB ^S? trw 2 Of O:mts*ia Co* ?c-7 Superior Cscr: Judge ~L £*'**· Si** I*"? ! Guests of a Berlin, Md., Hcsts!ryi|| Leave SuiSd-ng in Their r ^ i g h i i | j Clothes. i |j Serihi, Md, Sept. 13.--In a 2rs. | j| vrhch destroye-1 the Park Ho:el iiere.\-\ Theodore il. Pc::iK-i:ory, sevtuty-iw.. j |l .years ol-i, was burned to cc-cith, a:i'Jj;| several .other persons escaped a£tei I ·' climbing :n their night clothes iron:; Y/indows. s for nearly an. hour, despite eSar.r \ of the Beri:n Volunteer r-'ire D.-yar;-! :nent, a large sec-lion oi the :o'.v:i^ 1 threatened because of the- h;gji wind, j The hotel io^s wil! auiyui:;. ti nlo - ji: TO THE ] ig, Electrical Facial as: ilassage, ilatucurl::::. '^::-n ous Hair RemoviM. Mrs. Zlegler, Phone 94 Y. - 12 Carfi?k .$500: EieacdaeBs -and Old folks' Home, oi this-city;",tq read: "I give one-third oi : .my estate to my sis_ o£ Doylestown. j ·Lnocbjjjr-' ione-thi.rd to my sister, Emily { H.-cHer,; of. b»orristown, and the re-' inalnlng:"'. one-third - to the Allentown Jiqspltel/, to -"be used for ; eadownieat ftijidiand .income for maintenance." , -"TMsVpoQicil is" "less than 30 days old;- aad, ; it "is_ declared by competent " * " " ' stand nnceir The f-.Pennsyvania.-.-It is declared t5t^the;jreVocadon-of the one-half ol the .estate'to the hospital in the origt- BTvCoSicii -less than 3Q days old can- feqt;and will not fee confirmed by the courts;,-,-. - ". t : :l£:is ".stated that when llr. Harrey made §is codicil 'one "relative annoyed Mm" very.--much by objecting to hi; tl5,OdO Vutright more in. the codicii thaii ia.-the_original -Kill." And I hare farther" arranged the will so that each ·-shall receive one-third of the residue -instead ot one-quarter. Xow. ratServthan have you defeat my intention .to~iaake a small bequest to the! 33joeBe_-Hpine, I shall not make any ed\to"tli6 codicil. Phiiadeiphia Police Believe Site : ^-js a KiepfomanlaG, Philadelphia. Pa., Sept. 35.--After concealing h'er identity for three days, a handsomely, -gowned anc refined appearing young"wqman - was was ar-j rested Friday for shoplifting, admitted" to the-police that'sae is" the wife of Lieutenant "vv". S." Rickert; a -nrealihy yoking naval ofacer stationed at the Brooklyn navy yard. . She also infomjed the" police that she Is a-daughter of Mrs.. Anna Copp of "S2' i toiis r arenSe," -'Pittsburgh, that .she niei; Lieoteaant Hictert at Coney Island and married "him three weeks; ago after a rapidSre courtship. "Resisting every effort of the police to discover her identity-the-young woman cid not weaken until she was confronted with some letters whch --ere. found n her rooms. These letters" -were from Lienienant Rickert and indicated that she was his wife, the police say. -In one of the letters g the lieutenant made as. appointment to ~ meet hs bride in 2Cew Tork on Sunday, j She broke down completely and weptj when she 'saw the letters. The young j woman's mother was sent for. In the opinion "of the. police, The fair prisoner is a keptemaniac. ..Irs. Rickert was arrested Friday in · r. local deaaijment score. She.-was j ^een, it is .alleged,, to extract a parse' from tae handbag-of'-anctser-wogjaiirj "VThen she was searched two silk ses ciosely: -wrapped ^and bearing tee tage of "the stoje" were found concealed upon her jperson. » I v.-jll be In i:*-: E y s b t: r ; every Tr.esday :i t 1'c n r q s c - r:yt.-nj- Jewelry "U". H. DIXKL2 ^e of OD-ICS 29 E. ?o=fre- S^.. C^^iisi Farmers I have iust received a Standard Automatic ^tii!k Seaaratar which can be seen at B-Ig!ervilIe now This iTtachine is -p-uaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number Installed. I will buy the Cream- at regular price for creamery butter. -- -- Left-Last Money With Family as He .:-·' '. ','' . · ..Left on-Trip. % J cnton, : X. J. Sept. 15.--After fight- iag-, a train crew "on the Federal express oh ,the Pennsylvania Rail- Tpafii'Joha .Henry was haled out of a'-iieii's retiring room, rushed to court, repnraaEded and ordered out of town air once: The man jumped on the train lij*--Phladelpnia, barricaded the men's retiring room and the train crew had to'"break "iipwn the door before they j got him. He insisted that he was justified In'asking the railroad to trrans- jKjjt'feini is this condition where he cqillci get.hold of his job- r Se'tpld the c.o-:rt that he had been oatjof work many months, had a large fsnsUjV now almost destitute, proven t6st : lie had given them ail the taoney S.e^ the world and started East ^vlfGUt a.-"cetit to get to the job in a strknge city. The long distance tele- i§. verified his statesients. The {'was,allowed to go, money was tiirwstL-in his hands at the station, he li^s : a-_ticket and is on his way to Boston to" get money to support his family. s *-- ." . 3oy Yoked V/ith Steer. Sollv Springs. MissTM Sept- 15.---"W. j D." Mattaews was found guilty of i c '" tied-him jn a aorse, stall to sleep with *'**' ""'""" ' ~ ^--- - - * * "yo: ARGENTINE BEEF ARRIVES Butter From Siberia and Australia Also Awaits Tariff Drop. Xew-Tork, Sept. 15.--The first commercial shipment of Argentine beef that "ever reached Xew Tork was brought -here by the steamship VanDyke from Buenos Ayries. It consisted of XOGO Quarters, and on account of the^aigh price of domestic besf tae importers expect- to make a good profit on their venture. Butter from Siberia and Australia is acre in-bond waiting to make its debut, into-the American market along with'tbc neef. A full thousand firkins of the Siberian product, weighing about 144 pounds each, are stored ia warehouses waiting the passage of the new tariff "bill, which would reduce the present six cents tariff on butter to two and a half cents. Delivered into the refrigerators, the Siberian butter has cost 20 ·$ cents a pound and, _ aflaing the tax under the proposed tar-} if;, it would come to the dealer at] 23 I-S cents, about five cents -under the i prevailing prices for butter of similar grade from domestic dairies. Sotae of the experts declare that the Siberian produce is as good as the best graces of domestic butter. A smaller quantity of Australian butter and also a, Hiile from Canada also is · uere in~ bond awaiting the opening of I the gate into the American market, j IE! Special SHOE SALE --If-Ydtt-De- lire to Save MONEY Come In - ORDERED OUT | We have made the rounds and or- J dered out all of our Men's, Women's" | "and Children's Summer Shoes, and J now we are going to Make Them 1 Move. - | We offer Shoe. Bargains that you -I cannot aiibrd to jgnore.--^o one _jj with, feet should ignore this sale.-- 1 Remember the sale is now on and if g YOU -do stay a\rey, YOU are the | Loser. S Prices to vari^l and nnjieroiis too enumerate here. $15,0';=}. I The bia^e wss discovered by^s- Mary Andersen, o^e o: the- oldost rc^-i i de-Kits oi" Ber:!::, v.-ho livc-s ia "-i- At j :£nt:e HoteL Responding ta th- alarai! jiien aroused the gue-srs. It v.-as --:uu:, j seen that it was uHeleis to try 10 ^ave! the btiucing. j Moa ran tlirouz'i ihe hotel cani;:^ ts. · guests and shotting doors to checi | ihe rush ci ssoke ihat rilled the b'.rllu j ing. Robert J. ilassey a:;ii A. L. GoC ] fre;.% hole: clerks, were asleep on ih j lliir-i fioor. \Vhen they we-rc- :ir.-:::ce:s i ed the rlamcs were !ea:-ii;g u; tls-j Etairv.-ay leading to iheir rcc:ns, ans:" blocking their escape from the w:i: 'lows. They grouped through the saioks antl they reached a window sac low ered theatseives to a second-stcry win-1 eo%v frosi which they junnj'^-o the} ground. Godfrey v.-ns buraeJ ^ui h ; £ I injuries are not thought to be sen I ous. Eo;h v.-ere nearly sulfocatesi ;' Dasiei James jumped Irom the win j i ^cw cf his rcoai, but lost bis person I : £.'. eSeets, as did ilassey and God j ' irey. I ! Palniatory was asleep in a room 021 \ the third Scor, and before assistance , t could reach him the Games had £·"· j , veloped his apartment. Heroic eliorrs · ; were made by tie rescuers to save j \ hm. but ail avenues oi escape had [ j ng=r f .,-r rifr 7-Tig charred body wan'- 1 found in the debris. ' Palmatory came from Swyrna, Bel- j about thirty years ago. and for a loss t time was Berlin agent of the Bait!-! ; more, Chesapeake and Atlantic Rail- j " ·way Company. Ke formerly was cash-1 \ ier for the I_ L-- Dirickson Banking | j Company. He took an active part Is 1 1 Republican politics. He retired Iron: |' business several years ago. i i 11 II ^s^is^^^ ^^- ,-^^g^ il^Zl * ^ ·' ^ "' · ^ .*··· ?v ^i5^^^ ^A^^S * i '".'- "/-"-?'-"«??·* ;-3i, J Cn-v;! 1 !:;;--; Cr.", J.O "Ore lei" nation fi;r Ju'i: op75oslie his iiaiiic. KEPIIART for the nomi-: ^upL-rioi- Court place an X; GUT THIS .OUT ArlB TASK IT \v-ith.y6u to; tlic polls Sci'rouibei- 1'j. 11*115. and use as a ^-uide in : " votmsr. "- . L;- 1^1 On Saturday, September 20 At" Stock Yards in Gettysburg...- ^ of Horses a: BANK LOOTER GIVES UP C. B. KJTZMILLER, 1 Man Who Left $200.000 Shortage · Surrenders to Police. Trenton, X. J.. Sept. 15.--Raymond T. Smith, secretary and treasurer olj the Roseviile Trast Company, who d;s-_ appeared August 13. the day before i tee institution was closed by State:, bank examiners leaving an alleged shortage of more than S200.000. sur-;"' rendered at Rahway and was broughi i to Xewars, where a conference of the , bank ocials was being held. ; It was reported that Smith was in : constant communication -.vita frienas here and his surrender is supposed to; La_£ae_resu!t o£ conferences v.-hich re :_ suited in some plan of settlement be- ins devised. . 1 Thirteen head of Mules, txvo and three years olcL vdih plenty of bone and size, will make large mules \vhen matured. *. Twelve head of Range Horses with good size for general purpose horse or farm use. | " Sale t.o commence at one o'clock, when"; reasonable credit will be given by, Forbes and Forney *_"; T" ~ _~ is 7$\ \ j--4 · Pols on Truck "KiIis'Boy. Chester. Pa.. Sept. 15.--Hugh Gibbs. · Jr., 7 years old. was roller-skating on Third street when tae end of an electric light poie which was being hauled on a truck, strucr:: him. fracturing his j skulL so that he died in a snort time. I ysier Fresh Fish and Oysters Daily Give me a trial. F. W..KAPPES, 22 Carlisle Street. j York Directory Shows 55,OGCf Persons. "Ydrk, Pa., Sept. 15.--A new citr di- r^tory Issued Saturday shows York's population is about 56,810. This is an Increase "of several thousand in eighteen months. It s" estimated there are 60,^50 persons residing within two asa one-half miles of the York County ·otirtnouse, t . · Buried-Alive, But Saved. - Bloomsburs;, Pa., Sept 15.--Buried alive, beneath a fall of many "tons of earth, Hugh D. Quick and Brace Penman had a narrow escape froin death. :"TSey were .making a deep excavation for a new theatre and the top of an embankment 40 feet high crashed down upon them. Fellow workmen dug them out. Penman collapsed and^ is .in a serious condition. BotrTirien were badly bruised, but 3mclc not seriously hurt. FOR SALE: pair of five months old colts. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg, - Route, 3^-jadyertisem'erit FOR SALE: double brick house, slate roof. East Middle street, B. F. Ligbtner.--advertisement X2^r OTrie S e t . lo Walter's Theatre IN EV SPA PERI JWSPAPERr

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