The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on November 30, 1933 ツキ Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
Page 12
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*ft SPORT NEWS テつキ テつキ * . . . * * テつキ Two pages of sports news are published in this edition. See next page for additional stories of the sports world. NOVEMBER 30 テつキテつァ 1933 BASKETBALL テつキ テつキ テつサ . . . テつォ テつォ . Schedule for Y. M. C. A. basketball league announced in thia edition. See second sports page for dates. L D. P A N A M E S FIRST SELECTION OF STATE TO BE IN NEXT EDITIONS Sports Writers, Officials State-Wide Plan for Naming Gridders. . i The Globe-Gazette and the 2 " ; \\ther newspapers affiliated wit the Iowa Daily Press Aasociatio. announce the second all - stat high school football team selecte by the association with the aid o more than 200 high school coaches officials and football writers. The third team roster was pub lished in the previous edition. Tb テつキvarsity all-state eleven and the rol of players selected for honorabl mention will appear in the nex edition. The Iowa Daily Press associa tion's all-state teams are as nearlj an official selection as could b made. The 27 sports editors wht, conducted the initial survey for the team sent ballots to coaches and officials who have seen virtually every high school football player in the state In action. A committee o live sports editors met at Mar shalitown recently and selected the three teams and the players worth} of honorable mention from the nominations made by the coaches and officials. Every player hon ored by a berth on one of the teams was elected solely on the basis o merit. Circulation or sectional fa .voritism did not enter into thi ^committee's decision. 1.3 on Team. The association's second all-state team is made up of 13 players just outside the charmed circle of the stars selected for the varsity squad ( Had the competition for first team places been a shade less keen, most of the men picked for the seconc eleven would, have been varsity se- lAUections. 1 The second team has weight speed, power on offense and defense and a number of men who would make ideal captains for any 'school's eleven. Clyde Dobbs of Charles City and j Roland Hushmore of Jefferson are I the selections for the end positions (Both men played on teams that 'ranked with the best in the state I this season, and both were import'! ant units in the success of the clev- j ens with which they performed, i Dobbs, in addition to his other 'qualifications, is a fine punter and I a. yard gainer on end around plays. Kushmore stopped every play sent at him all season. Versatile Tackles. The tackles on the second team are Prank Bohac of Grant hieh Cedar Rapids, and Frank Gallagher of North Des Moines. Bohac not only does his chores in the line in stellar manner but can step into the backfield to para, run or kick Gallagher is described as the best prospect for college development that North high has had in years Kenneth Smalley of Clarinda and Jake Stong of East Waterloo give the squad an almost unbeatable || pair of guards. Smalley was a fine k' play diagnostician, and repeatedly smeared the offensive of Clarinda'g Hawkeye conference opponents. Stong was the only veteran on the East squad at. the opening of the season and did a half dozen Jobs well. He called the signals, served as captain in several games and inspired East, which was scheduled for a poor season, to come through with a good record. . Tho second team center is Paul Jones of Ames, who this year Flayed his fourth season of football He is described as a hard aggressive charger on offense, 'a tough nut to crack on defense and a fine leader. - - BnclificM Is n "Honey." The second team backfield is a honey. John Saggau of Denison is the quarterback of this crew. One ot the fastest dashmen in the state he made g-ood use of his speed. He can kick, pasr, block, tackle and run with the ball. His specialty Is S T" ing ' テつー nd he "me and ns-nm sr.r.TM,i on sensational ' : of credit w , t on tlle tea テつォ are Wilbcrt Eenda of Tama and Wendell Webb of Spirit Lake. Benda' made it possible for Tama to win " out of 15 games the last two y ears and he probably would have been a varsity selection if his team yiad played tougher opponents lテつ」 leveraged nine yards every time he K^V 16 ba " this season. Webb oテつ」 Sテつーod points, including L ?? dico ^. Mple threat back 5 lar ' to " M - Is the second テつキ M fullback ' テつォ e P^yed his fourth season, and showed improvement every year. LIddiooat i*- ;bfg and very powerful, and would (have been an asset to any team iHis passing and punting were verv valuable to Chariton. Utility Players, Otto Huebner of Glenwood is the utility back on the second team. He -sift, is n!so a tr 'P Ic threat back, who gSlI played at half and quarter. In the afer last four games of the season he JAKE STONG Waterloo (East) BIGHT GUAKD FRANK GALLAGHER Des Moines (North) BIGHT TACKLE KENNETH SMALLES Glarlmla LEFT GUARD PAUL JONES Arnes CENTER FRANK BOHAO Cedar Kaplils (Grant) LEFT TACKLE IOWA DAILY PRESS ASSOCIATION ROWLAND EUSHMOKE Jeffcraon KIGIIT END CLYDE DOBBS Charles City LEFT END T -' " ,, Hiqh School Football Team' WENDELL WEBB Spirit Lake BIGH'JC HALF BACK 1Z.M \VILBERT FIEJS'DA Tnnm LEFT HALF BACK SECOND TEAM 'J 0 JOHN SAGGAU Denison QUARTER BACK I),\LE LIDDICOAT Chnriton FULL BACK OTTO HDEBNEB Glcmvood ' BACK LEO BORST Spenoer UTILITY LINEMAN liled up 700 yards and averaged letter than 7 yards all season. Leo Borst of Spencer Is the util- ty lineman for the I. D. P. A. sec- nd team. An all-around athlete, 3orst played excellent football for ipencer this season, his third on the squad. He fits in at cither tackle r guard, and can play in the back- ield. He is a hard blocker and テつォ. idcious tackle. Thumbnail sketches of the second earn selections follow: CLYDE DOBBS Charles City Lclt End 5 feet 11 Indies tall, welshs 1(10 paiindu, 17 years old and Is a nenlor (n hlcn ctiool. This year wns his Ihlrtl nt le(t end. a can block, calch passes, anrt la fast own on punt.i. alert ami strong on dense. In a d d i t i o n , he can pass, kick, and a rast. shKty |,a]l carrier. He lテつォs kicked lo CO yards this rail and on end- round plays hla lonfi nin.i have either cored or led up lo ficorinp In nil crucial nference, games. FRANK A. BOHAC Grant High, Cedar Rapids Left Tackle Frank A. E'ohac of G r a n t hlRh Cedrvr AMcIt, la 18 years old. He Is 5 jeet ll chテつォ (all and weighs 180 pounds. He Is a nror and Is playini! hla third season of olhall, A (Ine |i!nyer at a tackle position. Bohae also goes to the backfield to punt, liaas or run. Ho la nn especially yood punter. KENNETH SMALLEY Clarinda Left Guard TAIs 170 pound guard of the Clarinda learn araenred play after play at opponents In the Hawkeye six conference thin year. He Is n fast starter after the ball Is snapped and has an uncanny knack of di- aRnoalng the play of the opposlnc hackfleld. Always J n hfph splritfl. coach Dick Barrowa nt Ciarlnda Jlnda him essential In hoMliiB up the team's morale during touRh Kolns. Defensive'}- he Is a shining star. O f f e n - sively he can stand up with the best of team. This Is hla third year on the squad He Is 16 year" "lil. PAUL JONES Ames Center Paul Jones Is one of the f i n e s t centers ever developed at Ames high. Jones, who lias completed four years of Interscholastlc competition, la 10 years old. weighs 170 pounds and Is ri feet 11 Inches lull. Jones is nlwaya outstanding on offense. He [,テつキ; n hard, aggressive eharfier and has great ability to open holes. He has tremendous le# power. Jones IK a pood leader. Is respected by his tervmmates and has a spirit that carries him a- long way. Jones Is ft BOod student and has been president or the student council and president of the HI-Y. .TAKE STONG Waterloo (East) Right Tackle Jake Stone;. Waterloo's East sensallonal 'itonka High Wins by 17 to 15 From Woden TITONKA, Nov. 30.--The Titonka gh school basketball team won ere Tuesday evening from Woden, 7 to 15. Woden junior high won -om the Titonka juniors 19 to 18. テつキedyard Wins Tilt by 32 to 16 From Lakota LEDYARD, Nov. 30.--The Ledard Panthers defeated Lakota in a 'gh scoring basketball game, 32 i 16. I WRESTLING RESULTS By TlfK ASSOCrATED J'nBSS NEW YORK-- Cliff Olson, 204, Minnesota. . ~-W, TMテつォS, 37:22. NEW IIAVEN, Conn __ .Jim London, 20S, f - lc.ciueil .lacquen HtimTierto, 213, Italy, 20:00 (HumbeMo Injured). U1T.MINOTON, Del. -- Jim Bmwnlnj;, S20, Verona, Mo,, defeated Mnrln I'lmtina, 3411, (テつキ- . l"o F t r a l f f h t falTn (ZO:A5 nnd 7:25). DES .MOINES-- Pat ircfilll, 230, Winner, ....... テつォテつキテつォ Jimly la VUtl, 210, .Vew York. CHKTAGO -- Olno flarlbnldl, 220, at. Ixiuln, thrfw George Znfmriaft, 23rt r rncblo, :oJf. . . n -- Joe Mnlcnwlci, trtn-a, N . T., defeated Joe Savoldt, Three. Oakx, .Mlrh., two out nt three /oils. IOWA DAILY PRESS ASSOCIATION ALL-STATE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM SECOND TEAM Position L. E. L. T. L. G. C. R. G. H. T. R. E. Q. B. L. H. B. R. H. B. F. B. Util. Back Util. Lineman Namn Clyde Dobba Frank Bohac K. Smalley Paul Jones Jake Stong F. Gallagher R. Rushmore John Saggau Wilbert Bcnda Wendell Webb Dale Liddicoat Otto Heubner Leo Borst School Charles City Cedar Rapids (Grant) Clarlnca Ames Waterloo (East) Des Mollies (North) Jefferson Denison Tama Spirit Lake Cbariton Glenwood Spencer Ago Ht. 17 5' 11 18 5' 11 18 19 5' 17 5' 17 6' 18 6' 18 5' 17 .V 18 ,V 19 6' 15 5' 18 G' 11" 11" 3" 1" 10" 10" 10" 2" 11" Wt. 160 189 168 170 190 198 175 160 160 165 185 173 180 guard, was t h e only veteran on the Orange t e a m when the squad reported for drills. Ilia play, better limn average the Initial two years of his prep career, improved with each game during the current season and It soon became evident t h a t few, If any, better prep guards (ten Stone came along, Stong Is 17 years old. stands 5 feet 11 Inches In helBht and tips the. scalta at IPO pounds. He Is /ant, has mastered the art of pulling out of line to Tcacl Int e r f e r e n c e and has displayed equal a b i l i t y on both offense and defense, according to bis cnach, Leonard Rnffenspcrger. He has called signals for t h e team in most nf the games and has also acted as captain In a m a j o r i t y of the East team's contests. Raffcnspcrgcr Is authority for the stale m e n t that he has qualities of leadership seldom seen In a prep player nnd he has Inspired hi* mates to such an e x t e n t that Knst, doped to have a very poor sea- ion, has come through nnrj won most of Us contests. Slong can "take It" too. He played in every name In his three yearn of varsity competition and hjj.i never been Injured. He Is the beat s t u d e n t on the East football flQimd. FRANK GALLAGHER North Des Moines Right Tncklr, Frank Gallagher ia 17 years old and weighs 193 pounds. Tackle. Two years' high school experience. The best cflllfRe prospect that North hag had /or a. Ions lime. A great football player, and it mighty nice boy. He Is b i g and handy, the sort of player who Is good "nd doesn't realize ll. prays hard nil the time and has nn unusual amount of ftMlltv, ROWLAND RUSHMORE Jefferson Right Em) Weight us pounilテつサ. Height, r. feet 1 Inch A Ke is. Classification, senior. Year Of football, third. Rushranrc IB n blK rangy, active oy. He Is a power In Ms team's l i n o offensively. lie Is a very fine bloclMr, and has handled every tackle [hat ho hn.l gone against Ibis year. He Is the type of n pass receiver than ran take them at any angle. On defense. Ruithmore has stopped everything sent at him this year. iテつサiSJ ut L e '" K . V? 1 "" テつサテつォ his f t e t or circled. nninu his stellar work afalnst a running nttjiclt, he has figured heavl'y in the pass defense, In that 1,| 3 team uses n wcaknide end In pass defense. He haa Intercepted n numher of passes for scores this year. lie performs very Well u n d e r klcfcj and Is usually there, walllnc for the hall. Rusli- rnore IS an honor student. JOHN 8AGGAU Dcnlson O.uurterliaテつォk One of the best backflew men in northwest Iowa, Called signals for Denison. Saggau Is versatile. H 0 can kick, pas,. hlocH, (ncJtle, run. A nmart football player. Climax runテつォ a specially--ran 70 yards for one of two touchdowns he scored ncalnsl Central.' Ilan ffo yards from klckoff for touchdown In another same. Kar.ed 31) nnrl 40 yards In other games. Change of pace nnd itldo stepping;, long stride f e a t u r e his running. Once I n clear, he spurts ahead nf would-be taeklcrs. Has scored Rli points thin season, Denison inst only to Jefferson this year, and he entered that game with Injured shoulder. WIL.BEKT BENDA Wllhnrt 13i-nda, a l t h o u g h ho played on a small h i g h school learn, vjtls recognized ns tho outaUindlriK halfback In central Iowa t h i s year, nnd only the fact t h a t Tama did not play many major teams Itcnt h i m o f f t h e first all-slalc, team. He was Ihe m a i n reason that Tama Won U nut of IS games m the last two years. H o n d a Is n hard nmnrr ami has averaged 0 yards every t i m e he cnrrlcil the hall this season. He In テつキi liood passer and an uutatamlJnK pass he- colvcr, while as u broken fleW runner was unexcelled In his part of the state. He Is - c i r l y n [ CC t t a l l , weighs 170 pounds, ha.i played three years, and Is n 17 year olf] WENDELL WEBB Spirit Lalto Right Halfback Senior. Four years' experience with Spirit f.alie, which thla season was undefeated and won Lakes conference title. F l c n t y ol speed nnd very hard lo stop In the open Plvols wit with n powerful ICR drive An excellent iiulck kicker and n f a i r paaser Always In top physical condition. Fine competitor nnd JfJre* f,'ame HALE LIDDICOAT Chariton Fnlltiack Mddlr.ont. (rlple t h r e a t h a c k f l e l d flash of Charilon high school, has climaxed four years of Krtillron play t h a t have rnnkctl with Ihe hest of Iowa prep circles by land- n K n. scconil nil-state team fullbacU posl- lon He la n teel, 2 Inches tall, and on o f f '" c " ] テつー P !a Vs or end sweeps literally ran his 185 pounijft over would-be tackier* this ycnr, Llddlcoal hecan hln grid career end, where he excelled as a pass snntcher, hut for Ihe two seasons has worked at fullback w h e r e his excellent throwing arm and i-ducaled juintlnp toe have been of untold value to the Chargers. He Is 10 yearn old, a senior has earned four varsity football letters and three basketball awards He will ho eligible for baskclhnll this season until midyear, when he will he graduated. OTTO HUEIJNEIl Glemvoo:! Utility Hack Otto Huc-bner ' ( u t i l i t y [jack), a. t r i p l e threat quarter onl half back on the olen- v-'ood H i g h School team. Jn the list four (,-ames of the season he nctlM better I h a n 7(10 yards, with nn all-season average of 7 lo 8 yards In oath try at the line. He weighs 373 pounds and calls for his team, He passes l e l t h n n d e d nnd kicks with his rlテつォht loe. Is 5 foet 11 Indies t a l l , f i n e on both o f f e n s e and defense. Ono of (he mont o u t s t a n d i n g liacka In western Iowa nnd has two years n f football playing l e f t b e f o r e g r a d u a t i o n . He Is IP, years old lffi.1 competed In IS Rzimca In Ills short (,-rM c a r e e r . O u t s t a n d i n g aa a qulck-klclc nr- T.EO BORST Spencer Utility Lineman Senior. A lackle Or guard \tt\a was con. verted Irom a fullback lasl season with Spencer, Iowa. Hard blacker nnd vicious t/lckler. A Bmart player who can be relied on In a pinch. Hla third year on squat! Rnngy, テつォ lテつォet, and Leavy-- 177 lha ccnler nnd Jeaillnc point gctler on Spencer's 1932 tllslrlct bosketball champs; captain ""'I Pitcher three yeara on baseball t e a m FIGHT RESULTS By TUB ASSOCIATED PRESS . A T I _ "Roujhhc.uBc" Olover, .Inclisonvllip. n a .. outpointed Slnncwnll Jack.tan, Cincinnati. (10); llnnny O-Jirnfo. 1 ' " nt *""" "" m " , ' S Pテつサ'"-- Oeornr, Morrjan, loo, Cnbn, Rtopprd Kdaardo Tnufl. ln7'A Kpatn. ( テつォ ; Ij-^rlto. 127. Mexico, onttxlnl- cil ilnsf Vrl.irnim, 127, Spoln, (0). I'AHIH -- H l n i n n f ' h n u v r z , Venezuela, oal- imlnteil .Nick Jtenfla, France, (10). Landowners in siomo Texas counties are estimated to receive as much as 535,000 yearly for leasing their land for deer hunting. Presentation Academy Wins From Pocahontas WHITTEMORE, Nov. 30.--Presentation academy played its opening basketball games defeating Pocahontas. The boys' score was 27 to 11; the girls' score 58 to 0. The academy's next games will be Doc. 8 with St. Joesph's academy of Mason City. Fox hunting: In the mountains of his native Georgia is t!ie principal diversion of Cy Grant, Georgia's great bach. FOUR JOBS OPEN ON CAGER SQUAD IN TROJAN CAMP Jaysee Team Opens Season With Emmetsburg in Game Dec. 22. : Lack of height and the loss oC four regvilarg were Coach Clayton Chick" Sutherland's chief worries Wednesday as he put his junior college cagere through ono of their first workouts of the season at the Y. M. C. A. court. Jaysee practice is held daily on the Y floor. Four of last season's quintet, which presented a well balanced attack, have been lost to the squad because of graduation. "Mickey" MacDonald, regular forward, is the only returning vet -- hence four positions on the Trojan team are open to those candidates who can. make the grade. Gibbs, reserve center last season, ind Yenerich, DeLacy, Dakin and Billiette of the B squad which played in the Y. M. C. A. league last season, have returned to make a. bid for varsity positions on the Sutherland-coached team. Prep Reserves Out. Jack Neighbors, forward on Zast ieason's Mohawk five, and Dcx Smith, who played at guard on Coach Grimsley's first squad, also promise to fight for the first string berths. Of last season's high school reserves who have been graduated, Jack Struyk, Starr Yelland and Cy Kopecky have all reported for positions on the Jaysee squad. Johnny Carroll, former ace for the Holy Family; Harrison Kohl, former high school eager; Hughes, lately of Waukon; Burgess and Prusia, both oテつ」 whom played in tho Y. M. C*. A. Sunday school league. last year, and Kenny Heimendlnger complete Coach Sutherland's first squad, which numbers 17 candidates. Heimendinger, big Mohawk fullback of the past season, has reached the high school age limit of 20 years and Is Ineligible for the Mohawk squad because of this ru'o. Heimendinger's height will no doubt be of use to the Trojan squad. Need Court Drills. With the aforementioned players to form the nucleus of his 1933-3* cage team, Coach Sutherland has a somewhat uncertain task In building up n quintet since few of tiia candidates have played together and practice alone will give the Trojan coach an inkling of his best combination. Elwin Snell, John Ross Winnie, Harry CordJe, and Decker and Batty, who alternated at cen- .er last season, have all left the Troian squad. Ten Hawkeye conference gtimea lave been scheduled for the Tro- ans. The conference schedule will 30 supplemented by an alumni game Dec. 29 and another non-conference tilt. Emmetsburg junior college opens the season here Dec. 22. ID33-31 .1UN1OH TClK UASKKTIlAMj .SCUKテつサI;I.K Iec. 22 -- Kmmct^ljiirir Junior cnllcKe, here. lire, an -- A l u m n i , here. ,lan. VI-- M n r s l i n l l l n u i i Junior rollrjri- IMTIV. .Inn. 1C-- WrhsliT Clly j u n i o r collide. here. .Inn. :rt-- Ilnnnn jiuiliir rolli-ire, 1hcrc. テつキIan. 30 -- V:AlherYlllr: j u n i o r rtiltt'KC, Ihere. I-'cli. 0 -- K m m r l s h u r j t j u n i o r collar, i h r t e . Fell. 0-- KsthiTvlllo Junior enlltgi-, litre. Felt. 13 -- llnnne J u n i o r crdleRC, here, I-VT*. 10 -- ."Uanihamoivn junior collide, here. I'ch. 2H -- Fort notice j u n l r t r college, here. Vlanly High to Open Cage Season Friday MANLY, Nov. 30.-- The M;inly ligh school will open the 1233-:M basketball season Friday niglit when the Manly team will meet tho Hanlontown team on the local floor. Tiie home schedule is as follows: I),,-. lire! Her. I l i r . J n n . .Inn. .Inn. Jan. テつキInn. テつキInn. IVb. I' Fell. Fell. Peti. Kcli. 1--Hiinlontown, here. 13--I'lymnulli, lirri-. I K -- f i n i r t n n , then-. in--Itorlfffird, llu-rr. K--Roclifnril, l i e r f , !-- SI. A n i m r . Ihrrc. U--Sheffield, hrrr. 1(1--Krnsell, there. 1 0 -- f l r a f l u n , hrrc. テつキ2C--Ferlirr, here. 3D--SI. ,lfテつサepli'テつサ ni.uon ; l l j r ) , fi f r.' i -- S t i r f f l p l i l , there. 0--St. .Iriseph'H (M L i*on C i t y ) , t l i e r i " 1--SI. AnsBar, here, 13--Ncirthivociil, here. 1ft--K-n'i'lt. here. 27--Norllintmd, there. Thompson Wins 21-10 From Lelancl Quintet T H O M P S O N , Nov. 30.--Tho Thompson high school basketball squad defeated Lelnml high school Tuesday night at the local gym by a score of 21-10. Ray Mauss of Ralta referecd the game. WRESTLING CARD MASON crrv ARMORY, 8:30 p. m. EI Meskc, Akron, Ohio, 218 Ibs., r-s. Homer (near-cut) Wright, Manhattan, Knns., 219 His., 30 mln- itfl time limit. Enrl Wnmpler, Scranton, 20S ls., vs. Dr. Vlo Muhl, Huston, Texas, 215 Ibs., SO minute time Imlt. Alii Kashe.y, \Viirreii, Ohio, 2110 fs., vtt. Jnrk Under, Kansas City, "n., 210 Ibs., 1 hour time limit. Russ Kelly, referee.

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