The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Meteoric Racetrack Career of Herod, 'King of Morgans,' Is Set Forth by Grattan Challenged to Make Good on Claim That Rigging Used Was Wrong, Decorah Man Developed One. of. Track's Best Performers, EDITOR'S NOTE--Tills ninth chapter of the M. T. Grattan autobiography, written In a c4U at Fort Madison, Is the story of Herod-not the one who watched-Sutomo danco but the one which burned up the racetracks.of middle west. Herod wiu» a racehorse, owned, and handled by.Mr. Grattan. The father of President Roosevelt was a contemporary of the Decorah man in the horse- \raclng gamo 'jfrid comes'In'for interesting mention in this installment of tho remarkable Jlfe story. By MARVIN"*. GRATTAN. Leaving the horse out of this autobiography would be like--oh yes, you know the hackneyed comparison --the play without Hamlet. And readers in these days of automobiles and airplanes will not care for .equine tales. So I will tell one and no more save by request. After selling MeCormlck reapers the summer of 1865 from Lansing to New Hampton, I taught a winter school at Washington Prairie, near Ossian, hoarding^ with John DeCou anil old man Rosa. Frank Hilliard, hear Ossian, brought a pair of Morgan mares from Madison, Wia, and Tired one of them to. the Decorah stallion King Herod, an inbred Morgan from Vermont. Colt Developed a .Temper. That winter] I wehtsleigbrlding with Addie Hllliard, Frank's daughter. In the spring the- Hilliards moved to Chicago, James Brooks eventually getting.the.colt by King Herod which developed a temper and was not harnessed until five years old, James Brooks 'having "died and Captain Brooks owning htm. He was a coal black, no white, registered as Herod, nicknamed King-of the Morgans. He could trot fast from the start and Al Hammer of McGregor,'fided him. Camobell of Madison, WIs.; a clothier, got'hlm, Shaffer driving''him, until well along in years. Then'S; B. Larabie of Deer Lodge,' Mbfat., bought him tp beat a neighbor and got beat in time slower th'ah'Z:46. Charged Improper' Rigging. - In the Breeders' -Gazette I said Herod was a better .trotter than he had ever shoivn, that he had never been balanced or properly rigged. A few days after Mr. Larabie, a stranger to me then, called on me at Prsston, Minn., saying he came to sell me Herod. I traded a. bit of land for him and he was shipped to me at St. Paul. , V.He hated men. . and dogs,,loved women and children. My wife drove I him and after a brief season in the stud I entered him in the i'ree foi all trot at Mankato against suck stars as General Hancock, Baybrino, Lulu Judd and several others. Herod Was the DurUhorse. The pools sold freely with all well backed except Herod, his entry regarded as a joke. Deacon Lee, a real churchman o£ Sparta, Wis., and I buying- him for a dollar. VonAr- num, that Commodore Kittson had just bought out of the Grand circuit for $10,000, was drawn after John Splan had brushed with Herod, warming up. The old black stallion won first money and got It, but lost the No. 1 pools. I have them yet. Shaw of Minneapolis skipped to Canada with the box. Harod*a next race was the stallion race at the Minnesota state fair, all the money to the winner which he won and a whole string of victories beating track records almost without exception the three seasons I raced bim, verifying my Breeders' Gazette prediction. President's Father Mentioned. This was in the days of high wheels. James Roosevelt was racing Gloster then. I saw him in his last race. Budd Doble had him. He died a few days later going to California. The president has his tail in a glass case at Hyde Park. Herod's tall is in my barn at De corah. His last races were at Monroe, WIs., winning the stallion race and free trot the same week, beating the track record as usual. I sold his progeny in almost every state in the union and In foregin countries. The U. S. remount service had more of his descendants in service than those of any other stallion. His picture is in Sander's Breeds of Livestock, Battell's Morgan Register and other books. A magnificent individual, a great race horse and a great sire. How Rigging Was Changed. How did I rig him to verify my prediction? Light shoes, no boots, no check. He was foaled a trotter and had been hampercfi with paraphernalia. He lived to be more than 30 years old, earning great enconiums and space in the press of the day and leaving as heads of Morgan stock farms his sons and grandsons. His title, "Herod, King of the Morgans," was well earned and yet but for his Montana beating in slow time he would have died unhonored and unsung. \VhoElseSawThem? Chance plays great pranks with men and horses. The day James Roosevelt's trotter, Gloster, 'won hia last race, he could beat any trotter on earth. Doble, with whom I spent the day, said he would be the next champion. He was in fact champion then for he could have beaten Goldsmith Maid and her record over a fast track. They were at Dexter Park, Chicago, where the stockyards are now. Who alive today saw them then? Am I the only one? I pause for a reply! (TO BE CONTINUED) (More horse-racing and racehorses in the next chapter.) A. H. Krause Sole Owner. FENTON, Feb. 1.--A deal was made here whereby the Fenton Mer- lantilo company dissolved partnership to become effective at once. G. R, Krause, senior partner of the GRUPP? MEATS fhone 420 LET US SUPPLY 1'OUB FOOD WANTS GROCERIES 1339 N. Federal The wo'fd Hamburger does not stand for ground beef. Try our ground beef and enjoy the difference in taste. Ground Beef ............ , 2 Ibs. 25c Decker's Chili Con Carne^T . . . 20c Ham Rolettes Pork Roast Shoulder, Q pound · UC Apple Butter ; ioc Large 2-Ib. can Ib. 15c Pot Roast Pound 10e and All Bran Kellogg'g, 2 packages. 25c Folger's Coffee 2 «« 63 FREE I TOWN CRIER FLOUR --5-lb. bag with each 24^-lb. sack at. sl.15 White Front Grocery PHONE 1688,' 211 North Federal Ave. WE DELIVER SUGAR, per 100 Ibs $4.65 SUGAR, 10 Ibs. .: _.47c KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, 2 pkgs _23c RENSO, large size _ ,,... 21c PECAN MEATS, fresh, Ib '. 39c BUTTER, best creamery, Ib 23c COOL SPRING TOMATOES, 3 No. 2 cans 25c Green Mountain POTATOES, per 100 Ibs. $1.65 BANANAS, 4 Ibs. _... ·. 23c GRAPEFRUIT, seedless, 6 for 25c FARMERS: We will pay top prices In trade for "' your eggs, Friday and Saturday. BOYS! STOP!... LOOK!... LISTEN! - . WANT -A- NICE NEW BALLOON TIRE BICYCLE? WE ARE GIVING ONE AWAY--FREE COME IN AND SEE IT IN OUR WINDOW* (Ask us how you can get tills Bicycle) FEBRUARY 1 193'! FORMER TOUHY AIDE W. A. "Buck" Henrichsen, o.v-policemah who turned beer- runner for the Touhy gang, testified at the Chicago trial of Roger Touhy and three others for the John Factor kidnaping that he had rented on Touhy's behalf, tho house where Factor said he was held prisoner. (Associated Press Photo). firm, retired and A. H. Krause, junior member, became the sole owner of the business. This ia the largest general store iin Fenton. KROPMAN GROCERY 19 Niuth St. N. E. We Deliver HOME OWNED^STORE OF QUALITY FOODS Specials for Friday and Saturday SUGAR, 10 Ibs .45c BUTTER, Ib. .. 23c EGGS, dozen h 18c POTATOES, Early Ohios', peck 24c POTATOES, Early Ohios* bushel '. :90c PURE LARD, 4' Ibs. ,, , 25c MATCHES, carton 23c KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, 2 pkgs. , 25c AVe Have Various Other Bargains Come in and Look Them Over MR. FARMER: We are paying 18c in trade for eggs. NATIONAL FRUIT CO. 101 S. FEDERAL AVE. 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IOC BACON, Decker's, J / » Sliced, Ib IDC PORK CHOPS, n End Cut, Ib OC PORK LOIN o ROAST, End Cut, Ib.OC HOME-MADE -| A BOLOGNA. Ib... 1UC SPARE RIBS, r* pound OC PORK HEARTS, £ pound DC ROLLED-RUMP ROAST, I b . . . . . ROLLED POT ROAST, Ib BEEF ROAST, Lean, Ib RIB BOIL, Choice, Ib GROUND BEEF, Only, Ib... ; : . . STEAK, Round, Sirloin, Ib BEEF TENDERLOIN, Ib VEAL ROAST, pound . . . ' . . . . , VEAL STEAK, pound HOME-MADE WIENERS AND BOLOGNA Folger's Coffee ib.35e Chicago Meat Mkt. PHONE flOG (120 SOUTH JACKSON KESLERFOUND GUILTY BY JURY Will Be Sentenced Saturday for Robbery of Farm at Emmetsburg. EMMETSBURG, Feb. 1.--Frank Kesler, 39, Webster City, was found guilty of robbery with aggravation by "a jury last night after three hours of deliberation. Kesler, who was arrested in connection with the hi-jacking of the Dan Sibrel farm southwest of Em- metsburg, will be sentenced Saturday by Judge F. C. Davidson. Conviction' carries a mandatory sentence of 25 years. It Is understood the jury stood 9 to 3 for conviction on the first ballot and 11 Jo 1 on the second. Most of yesterday was taken up by the testimony of defense witnesses from Webster City, revealing Kesler had lived there for several years prior to the World war, had served in tte war overseas and received an honorable discharge. Many Signing Contracts. CRYSTAL LAKE, Feb. 1.--Many farmers have been signing up for the past two days for the corn-hog ·rO£nun which is being done by districts. Thank You "I bought a sack of Occident Flour from your dealer. From this flour I made some bread which took first prize at the Chautauqua County Fair . . , Strangely enough I do not give myself all of the credit because I have found your flour supremely successful in all of my baking. I appreciate your flour and prize it above 'all other brands." Afw.-r. R. IRA. ' Portland, N. Y. "Cott*More--Worth lit" LAWSUIT ENDS WITH 2 PARTIES IN SAME PLACE AS IN START NASHUA, Feb. 1.--A lawsuit brought by Otto Dettmar against F. W. Dann for 550, the amount nsked in payment for a cow which plaintiff claimed died from injuries received in loading into Dann's truck a year ago, when Dettmar moved here from Tripoli, was tried before a jury in the justice of peace's court Tuesday and the verdict allowed Dann ?10 for trucking and Dettmar $10 for loss of cow, each to pay their own costs. Danu claimed that the cow waa so thin and weakened that It fell down before loading and was removed from the truck with a block and tackle. The verdict waa unique in that each man was right where he started from in the beginning. PHONE 834"QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES SPECIAL FISH DISPLAY FRIDAY V1KB SIIRIMI" _THOUT BI^VCK COD 'FKESH LOBSTEKS OCEAN 1'EHCH HADDOCK SCALLOPS Select OYSTEHS IU5UHING SALMON HALIBUT .Pickled HERKING SMOKED WHITE FISH SUGAR, 10-lb. bag.. 49c LIBBY'S No. 2 / 2 FRUIT, Peaches, Pears, -t Q Apricots, c a n . . . . 1«/C PALMOLIVB SOAP.. . 5c SHRIMP, wet pack, Fancy Grade, 2 cans 25c GINGERALE, 3 boHlcg 28c ORANGES, Large Size Sunkist, dozen 35c Peas, String Beans, Onions, Radishes, Celery, Cauliflower. CHICKENS -- TURKEYS BEEP SHORT RIBS, Ib. 5c BEEF POT ROAST, Ib. 12c VEAL -- LAMB 'HAMBURG (Beef) Fresh Ground, 3 Ibs. 25c Green or Wax STRING BEANS, 3 cans 2oc BABY WALNUTS, Ib. 15c WALNUT MEATS, Ib. 49c MILK, 4 Ige. cans 25c TOMATOES, can lOc KELLOGG'S ALL BRAN, 2 f o r . . 25c SPECIAL DECKER SAUSAGE DISPLAY SATURDAY -- MONDAY Country Style Sausage, Ib.. I7t Frankfurters, Ib 19c Braunschweiger, Liver Sausage, Ib.. . 23c Link Sausage, Ib 17c BACK TO WORK 1 HOUSANDS of dinner pails going back to work . . . old dinner pails . . . new dinner pails . . . dinner pails that have been empty. With the return of men to their jobs comes the return of bread to dinner pails. Bread is the stand-by of men who work. They eat lots of it. Bigger pay checks, more pay envelopes, mean full dinner pails. The working man is entitled to the best bread he can buy . . . he is not satisfied with anything but the best. He needs good bread made with quality ingredients more than ever. Dinner pails going back to work call for.more DIAMOND BREAD. For eleven years Diamond Bread has been made from the finest tested flours. For eleven years we have proved it to be better bread. 1934 is on its way to another year of Quality Leadership for ALL BUTTER "STAYS FRESH LONGER" and IS APPROVED BY THE COMMITTEE ON FOODS OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASS'N.

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