The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1954 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1954
Page 3
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Concordia Choir Demonstrates Voice as Supreme in Music By ROLF HOFSTAD A musical event of major n niuHieai event of major importance occurred in Mason City's, Trinity Lutheran Church Thursday evening. The. Concordia College Choir, un- -- , , «,.,,, 0 mourn" wound in and around in a Trinity Lutheran Church Thursday m a n n e r illustrating Christiansen's evening. . stalure as a composer, The moclu- --. i v-ui.ugi: viiuu, u ,i-'"lions of the closing phrase, "and dcr the dynamic leadership of Paul S ' 1C is J" bitterness," will long be J. Christiansen, demonstrated once remembered by this reporter. : " "'-' "'- ' ' There were two climaxes--both works by thc conductor's, father, Melius Christiansen, founder of Northfield, who alone again that Ihe h u m a n voice, molded to fit the exacting requirements of sacred music, is the supreme musical instrument. the St. Olaf Choir, The G2 voices (three of the col- Minn., anil the man lege students from thc Moorhcad, Minn., school had to sit this concert but--touring is a tough, demanding business) almost evenly divided between men and women, t » » i \ » i ~ w JJL-HV trull lliu/l untl WOmcZJ ^ * * * OL ul iJiv-au WJA UclKt., reached absolute perfection during Awake, 1 .' of which there is only this fiCVOral nf t!ir cr»lrflinrn.' i\n 4K/» to Sav--Slinorb. Thiu frinmnhnni several of the selections on the well-balanced program--notably in Nivolsii creation, arranged by thc the Bach chorales and the original el(:lci " Christiansen and interpreted Paul J. Christiansen composition, !·' P a u l Christiansen and thc choir, "Four Prophesies," sung for the 's surely' one of the greatest emo- first time last Christmas. tional experiences we shall have The audience nearly filled '[Yin- lms Sl( ^ c of Heaven's gates, ity Lutheran, coming from ns far Tlic choir was' called back for away as Spencer. Unfortunately, several encores, the capstone being there was some confusion at thc tn . e beloved "Beautiful Savior," program's start as to the propriety without which no choir concert of applauding in church. However, seems to bo complete. As the 62 as thc choir marched from success voices broke the silence of the to success, the people forgot their church with the opening phrases, natural reservations -and by the end of the program the high, Gothic arches resounded to their applause. Gregorian Chants sigh rose from the audience. This was the h u m a n voice at its greatest. This was music at its greatest. After Thursday night. That Gothic setting matched the lh ° rc ai '° man ' N o r t h I°wans who mood of the opening selections, . agl ? 1c lnat the Concordia Choir which included two Gregorian I s " ow .^0 foremost ' ' chants done in a somber, deliber- IxaLlcm in thc w o r W ate style. The concert opened with thc Palestrina "Hodie Clirisliif Natus Esl," sung in Latin. Thc dark quality of the alto section, so pronounced throughout thc concert, appeared for thc first time in the Bach chorale, "My .lesus. The director's absolute control was nowhere better illustrated than in this majestic Bach work, especially in thc minutes' during 'which the voices hummed. One of. the two major efforts Thursday evening was the long and difficult B a c h number, "Jesu, Priceless Treasure," done with consumatc skill from the opening of the many movements to the final, glorious chorale, the t r i - umphant "Hence, all fears and sadness, Jesus enters in . . ." Audience Marvels Truly, the deep spiritual resources of both director and singers here was brought home to those who came to hear and went home to marvel. A contemporary, Norman Lockwood, appeared on the program following the short intermission. His "Inscriptions From the Catacombs," an interesting work done with verve by thc choir, proved to be controversial. Some liketf it, some didn't. Of the shorter numbers, none was better sung than Paladilhe's "Benediclus." Tenor Gordon Dahl here showed his excellent training and natural talent. Thc altos again brought forth that lush, dark tone so peculiar to great church choirs. Sadness D o m i n a n t Christiansen's long suit is writing of death and the innate sadness of human experience, of bitterness and suffering. "Four Prophesies" --the four parts being "The Ways of Zion Do Mourn," "Thc Desert Shall Blossom as the Rose," "The Annunciation" and "Mary's Re sponse" -- is dominated by that theme of bitterness, except, of course, for thc closing sections. In the first of the'four sections NEWSREEL By MORRIS COOPER Raymond Burr, the character actor, did more dyeing last month than a cat with only one life left. Here's how.come: He had to dye his hair grey for a role in the movie, "·Rear Window." When the film was completed, Ray immediately restored his hair to its natural color. No sooner done than he was tapped for the role of an attorney in the Video Theater's drama, "A Place in thc Sun." Out came the grey dye. The actor's hair went natural again when this was over. But about this time his studio recalled him for additional film shots, so the grey hair was needed again. Filming again finished, he hastened to take the years off his hair. Then what happened? Yes, you guessed it. A call came from Video Theater to offer him another role . .. that of a grey-haired Southern Army captain! Film Star Joan Evans recently finished her contract with Sam Goldwyn, and, like so many movie stars, rushed into a TV play. "This Is' child's play compared to movie making," she (old-reporters. Three days later she was at home, completely exhausted! She /learned there was more to TV acting than meets the eye. There's more to a Sylvania TV set than meets the eye. Years of painstaking electronic research, planning and development have paid off In sound and picture perfection that, is but a part of the 'Sylvnnla story. For the complete ·lory , of Sylvania performance, ·top in at MASON CITY RADIO TELEVISION, Av». Pnon«: 2310. North Federal thc phrase "the ways of Zion da established the United States as the .. modern exponent of chorale inging at its best. Emotional Heights Thc first of these was "Wake, say--superb. This triumphant is now thc foremost choral organ- 'ration in the work!. Firemen Answer Three Fire Calls Mason City firemen were called out three times Thursday afternoon. Shortly after 4 p.m. the department extinguished a grass fire i n . a vacant lot at 12th S.E. and Carolina. The flames had spread from an incinerator. Firemen afiswcred a call from the Stubhs Motor Freight building, 401 8th S.W., at (J o'clock. Sparks from a dump had set fire to an old truck body. Nothing in the building was burned, ft houses unclaimed freight. Just before 7 p.m. the department was called to the Dr. T. A. NetUeton home, 521 Carolina S.E., as the result of an overheated motor in an a u t o m a t i c washer. O P T I C A L TIME-OUT STORKS, Conn. (UP)--The referee called an unusual time-out Seney and Storks Head Retailers Kay Seney J r . , was elected chairman of the Ketailers Board of Directors, Mason City Chamber of Commerce, Thursday at the Soda Grill. \V. E. Starks was elected vice chairman. The nomination committee consisted of Stan Fremgorcl, Emerson Decker and C. J. Merkcl. Officers will issue a list of committees for thc year. The board was instructed to set up a committee to act on holiday street C. Walter Bunger to Be Bethel Baptist Minister GOOD FOOTHOLD NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)--Still w o r k i n g ' f o r a hardware manufacturer after 75 years service, Robert Shelton, 00, explained, "I don't be- The Rev. C. Walter Hunger, Minneapolis, Minn., is to be thc newj minister of the Bethel Baptist Church of Mason City. Mr. Burigcr will take over his duties sometime this summer after graduating from the Northwestern Schools in Minneapolis in June. He received his call following a recent meeting of thc Mason City Church. The call was unanimous. The Bethel Baptist Church was organized in 1950 under the leadership of thc Rev. B. A. Rust, Britl, who resigned last December. The church is located at 2243 20th S. W. Archer L. Adams Service fro Be at Chapel Saturday Funeral services for Archer L. Adams, 76, who died Wednesday at the Elks National Home at Bedford, Va., will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Patterson-James Mason City Chapel with the Rev. Peter Jansen, pastor of the First Congregational Church, officiating. Burial will be at Elmwood Cemetery. 3 Escape Serious Injuries in Crash NORTHWOOD -- Mr. and Mrs. John Varland of Northwood suffered minor injuries and a severe shakeup when their pickup truck was struck by another from behind and thrown into a ditch on Highway G5, two miles south of Gordonsville, Thursday afternoon. They were on their way to Albert Lea, 'Minn., when a car driven by Dale Fisher of Hopkins, Minn., hit the truck, stopped and picked them up and took them to Albert Lea. Mrs. Varland suffered cuts and bruises and was released at a hospital at Albert Lea after examination. Varland a n d F i s h e r escaped with a shakeup. Both cars were damaged considerably. rlccoratUms - U was thcre Mason Citv's streets. ^·- v. v, v, u.«it~ i 4 1 1 1 ituunutii LJ I ili^'UUl. during a Yale-University of Con-! w , nS '"' "^^or^omething new for necticut basketball game. One of *'"""" the players lost his contact lens. Play was resumed when the eyepiece was found. Always wash egg stains in cold water. AUTHORIZED Sales Service PHONE 162 Home Appliance Co. ' . 20 Second St. N. E. Hove in retirement so long as you can stand on your feet." If a human body lakes in a speck of iron no bigger than a pin head Feb. 19, 1954 Maaou (Jily Globe-Uaielte, Maion Clly, 1». each day, it has enough of mineral to supply its needs. that THE REV. BUNGER UNDERSTATEMENT WALLINGFORD, Conn. (UP)-The mother of James Gallagher, aged 10, who broke an arm roller- skating and a leg ice-skating within a year, commented, "lie's a very active boy." Prime/ These steers being loaded at a western feed lot are in perfect condition^and will stay that way all the way to market. The Milwaukee Road carries thousands of carloads of cattle and other livestock for thc tables of America. They don't exactly "ride thc plush," but The Milwaukee sees to it that the cars they ride In are good cars and that the animals reach their destination without injury or loss of weight. It is part of The Milwaukee's creed to protect the investment of the shippers it serves. Whatever the commodity, every effort is made to get it to destination in good, condition and with all possible dispatch. Manufacturers, wholesalers and other shippers! Like the stockmen you will find Milwaukee Road service much to your liking. Call your nearest Milwaukee Road agent today. l*o* at H* mopf Phones 82 or 324, Mason City, Iowa SHIP-TRAVEL Industrial Sites If you ore looking for for your busine**, ask u hav« many desirable locations THE MILWAUKEE ROAD R O U T E O F T H E S U P E R D O M l H l A W A T H A S ^ Chicago, MIIwauk««, S». Paul ond P a c i f i c FIRST WITH MILLIONS ton Colds' Aches NOTICE . . ALL STERLING FACTORIES · TOWLE e- GORHAM · WALLACE · REED BARTON ARE NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS ON DISCONTINUED PATTERNS .,. . 50 YEARS OLD OR MORE Deliveries will be made in June and July, 1954. Place your order now, as March 1st is the closing date. If you have a partial set of old sterling you may complete it now. Bring a sample knife for style of blade. DIAMONDS WATCHES 12 EAST STATE STREET turn-over is easy; no battery drain. protection ' ' * Grease stays soft; no channelling.., no dry gears. No stiff gears; m- - - t finger-tip control} Shifting..... Enjou qu(ck,ea$(| starting this Winter^ *+ ^-- in your mo to roil guarantees Iff .You really appreciate Rislone in your car in cold weather. In your crankcase, it keeps your motor-oil free-flowing. Starting is quick and easy. Engine wear and battery drain are kept to a minimum! In your transmission and differential, Rislone keeps gear-grease from congealing. So put a little there, TOO---it protects gears, makes shifting easy in the coldest temperatures. keeps modern motor-oils doing their best. It absorbs gum and sludge as you drive, to keep your car at peak performance. In any -weather -- Rislone frees sticking valves, restores lost compression and power, gives you smooth performance at all speeds. Rislone is an oil-alloy that Prove it to yourself. Ask' your service man for Rislone today. Try it. If you can't actually feel the marvelous improvement in engine performance--your money is refunded in ]ull! This is the Rislone money-back guarantee. Money-Back Guarantee! Moke ffiis test today: Mav« your regular tcrvic* man put a quart of Riilone in your oiJ Joday. Ociv« 10 mil«i. Watch for t h e * * Feclable improvements: quicker slarting; smoother, quieter power; new "gel-up-and-go;" power-surge pick-up. If you don't actually fed fhl» difference in Just 10 filet -- relurn to your dealer for a full refund. The Shaler Co. Waupun, Wis. 'Wot Patchts," tbi Safttt Tube Kfpairt Known Distributed by: ARNOLD MOTOR SUPPLY FLOYD and LEONARD HATHORN MOTOR PARTS SIDLES COMPANY For Sale by: BRlTT Jim's Courtesy Motors CLEAR LAKE Moffctt and Thompson DOUGHERTY Co-op Seryic* Mike Ald.n · S e e Your Local Dealer For This Iowa Special! ' Get more engine power with a | RISLONE-KARBOUT -- --:--Chemical Tune-up Special Combination Offer... Only Regular Price $1.85 SAVE 45c GARNER Ffoyd Pontioc Soles and Service Garner Motor Sales · Hale and Phipps HAMPTON Farmers Hybrid Seed ; Corn Service Station Kreiner Motor and Implement , HANLONTOWN Hamonrown Implement MASON CITY Kotx Texaco Service Snell's Service ' Zenor Motor Company NORA SPRINGS Smokey's Shell Service ROCKFORD ' John Siefken Repair SHEFFIELD Fred Eichmeier Southern Chevrolet SWEA CITY Farm Service THORNTON Houg Motor Service WODEN Johnny Junker

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