The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 13, 1952 ツキ Page 21
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Am. 13, 19S2 Mnon City Glole-Gテつサtllテつォ, Mum Ctty, Here and There-News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota HANLONTOWN -- Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose Hirmer and two children of Milwaukee, Wis., spent several days here visiting Mrs. Hirmer's mother, Mrs. Axel Strombom, and other relatives. GARNER--The Jaycees recently received a donation ot firewood from County .Siipt. Charles S. Whitney for the City Park which they have been improving during the summer as a project of the Junior Chamber. SWEA CITY--Pテつ」c. LeNcir Emer son is on a two-week furlough during a transfer from Port Riley, Kan., to Fort Lawton, Seattle, Wash. Two other Swea City youths, Irving Valvick and General Hungerford, are arriving home following honorable discharge from the Navy and the Air Force respectively. CHESTER--Mr, and Mrs. Jess Weaver of Belvidere, III., were recent guests at the Henry Grana- hans. SWEA CITY -- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cohea and family of Briggsdale, Colo., have been visiting al the home of Supervisor and Mrs. A. M. Kollasch. / TITONKA -- The Rev. A. Roskamp, pastor of the.Ramsey Reformer Church anil his family arc spending 'their vacation at Toron to, Canada.' ' GARNER--Airman First Class Ronald;Knop arrived recently foi a 20-day furlough at the home' ol his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Knop. Knop has been stationed at -San Antonio, Tex. ';テつキ THOMPSON--Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thorson arid son Larry re turned home following a week's vacation in the Black Hills in South Dakota. Marvin Thorson is an em / ploye of the Winnebago REA. . SWEA CITY--Esther Charlotte Smith arrived home to spend two weeks with' her parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Walter G. Smith, after attend ing the University of Iowa summer session. She is a candidate for an advanced degree in music. TASTf WAUCOMA--Maj. and Mrs. E. V. Kretzschmar and three children 3f Champaign, 1)1., and Miss Phylis Balk of Minneapolis/Minn., are spending a fortnight at the parental ". U. Balk home. GARNER--Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mitchell are the parents of a daughter born at the Municipal Hospital in'Forest City Aug. 3. 'BRITT--Marshal C. L. HarUell, A'ife and daughter, Margie, loft on a two weeks' vacation trip to North Hollywood, Calif., to visit their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phy. THOMPSON-Word has been received here of the birth of a daugh- :er Aug. 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sodgins of Hawaii. Mrs. Hodgins s the former Wilcla Alquist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Alquist. BIUSTOW-Fred Sherman, who :ias been a patient in the Mercy Hospital, Waverly, the past week, has returned home. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. L. Jackson have purchased the house on the Edward Engstrom farm and had it moved on to lots near the Lewis Jackson home. The Engstrom family are living in their new house.' POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. La^ Verne Hahn and daughters oテつ」 Allison visited at the' Ray Cmelik home. the parental Henry Engstrom home and ,left Tuesday for Sah Diego to have a checkup at the Navy Hospital. He was a victjm of cerebral spinal meningitis in June and is making a stow recovery. ACKLEY--A pre-nuptial shower honoring Miss Wilma Grafe, whose marriage to Horace Holmgaard of Alden will take place m the near future, was given by Mrs. Clarence Richtsmeier and Mrs. AnrrHeffel- meier at the home of the former, PLYMOUTH--Mr, and Mrs. Ed Benhart of Cedar Rapids were visitors in Plymouth recently. . KANA\VHA--Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Muhm. visited .in the "Dr. Kocher home in Lanesboro, Minn. ' POPEJOY--Mr. テつキ ami Mrs. I. 0. White and two daughters of Mt Pleasant visited Mrs. White's par ents, Mr. and Mrs. J, B. Johnson OS AGE Mrs. Jennie Heltfie CORWITH-Mrs. D. E. Brown of Crescent is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lydia Martin SPILLVILLE -- Marcclla Balik, R. N., left by plane for Los Angeles after a two weeks' visit here with her father, Anton Balik, and family. Marcella is head supervisor of the Queen of Angels Hospital. CORWITH--Mrs. Francis Oxley returned to her home from the Methodist Hospital in DCS Moines following surgery. GOLDFIELD -- Norman Gangstead, 21, who recently suffered a mild attack of polio and was taken to Iowa City by airplane, was able Decorah, is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ingvald Halvorson in Osage. She is the widow of the late C. P. Heltne, retired pastor who died July 22, at Decorah. KANAWHA--Mrs. Mary Wenti of Cedar Rapids was a recent guest in the home of her sister, Mrs Russel Burnquist, and brother Charles Brower. PLYMOUTH -- Mr, and Mrs Orrin Peshak, Mr. and Mrs. R a j Harman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harman and son Ray, Mr. anc Mrs. Glenn Harman of Mason City and other members of the Hnrmat clan met Sunday at the home o a relative near Floyd for a picnii dinner. , DECORAH--Employes and wive of the Decorah district of the In terstatc Power ,Company wer honored recently at an informa luncheon. The company has com pleted a full year without a lost time accident. 'OSAGE--Lawrence F. Carter i at the parental Arthur Carter homi on leave from Randolph Air Fore' Base, San Antonio, Tex. He is t report Aug. 18 at Keeslcr Ai Force Bas'e, Biloxi, Miss. GARNER--Mrs. C. J. Clemen and Mrs. Elvin Adams of Unio were recent guests in the T. H Ziska home. \VESLEY-A daughter was bor Aug. 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lai benthal al St. Ann-Hospital, A to return home. He suffered no ill effects from the disease. OSAGE--A post-nuptial shower was held Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Woodiwiss honoring their grandaughtep and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van- dergras, Anchorage, Alaska. Mrs. Vandergras; nee Nancy Lee Willard, is the daughter of Dorothy Woodiwiss, formerly of Osage. NASHUA--Billy Topp, a former show man who lived here until 16 years ago when he went to Bakersfield, Calif., is a guest of Nashua friends. WESLEY--Robert Engstrom has concluded a 30-day sick leave in gona. The mother, is the forme ernice Johnson, daughter of the arl Johnsons. ALEXANDER -- M r . am! Mrs. larold Hazletl and Mrs. J. D. D. ,etts of Rock Island, 111., visited or a few days at the Art Peters ome. Mrs. Letts will remain for longer visit, SPILLVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. .eonard Houdek and daughter, lister M, Leonard of Chicago, were テつキisitors :at the Rudolph Novotny ionic, テつキ . ; . . . C O R W I T H -- Mr, and Mrs, :harles Martin and Mr. and Mrs. ..eon Scheaffer returned to their lomes at Geneva, Neb., after a '[sit with Mr,; Martin's mother, Irs. LydU Martin. Sandra Green- ield, oテつ」 Washington, who had been テつキislling here, returned home with hem. OSAGE--Pvt. Charles Warren ingry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary ingry, formerly of Mitchell Coun- y, now of Ames, left Snn Francisco, Calif., recently for Yoko- inma from where he will be sent o Korea, . . / CHESTER--Cpl. Richard Pisney ot C a m p Riley, Kan., is spend- ng a two weeks' furlough with lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank テつーisney. BLONOIE By CHIC YOUNG テつキ NOAH =. IS IT TRUE. THAT A PERSON WHO ALWAYS HAS HIS MOUTH OPEN HAS A CLOSED MIND? -- P. G. GVPA14 AM MILL- , So. =テつキ \P : MV ABE ANO MY ANNA SEPARATED/ WOULD YOU CALL. THAT^ *A8E'AN-ANNA SPLIT" ^* SEND YOU*? Wl/MSKUtLCCX To ! DtitnbulH by Kin* r*Mti?*i Hvmllnt* ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN Sweeten breath, too Chew Wriglcy's Spearmint Gum. : Enjoy its lively, delicious flavor. '\ Cools' mouth - Freshens taste. ' SWeiltdchcw-anytimel so little so AG393 ^ D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS :1. Prefix . meaning .,4. Talk. '7. Poison (obs.) /S. Italian coin -10. Spring up 11. 2nd U. S. ;-. President 33. Magicians 35. Gyp (var.) .3 C. Born 17. Aegean Sea ; island : 38. Depart .39. Enimct 20. Redoubt 22. Fetch 25. Discharges 26. Outer skin 27. Demand, as payment J8. Avoirdupois {'.テつキ (abbr.) 29. Source oC -30. 12, M. 19. Eying 21. Transparent 22. substance Help Boast Kind of cheese Royalist refugee (Fr Rev.) Beard of rye , Blemishes /Speck , Particle of addition . Paddle-like process 23. 24, 25. 27. 29: 30. 31. 32. Gold (Her.) Alloy of copper and zinc Metal bolts At home Steamship smokestacks Owing Boils slowly Goddess of Uie h u n t Particle East, by northeast (abbr.) Vpsteriluy't Answer 3'). Mark on the sicin 36. Great quantity 3S. Also SO. Perish .33. Stitch . 35. Mental strain 07. Say 39. Raise the :, spirits of 40. Gradual ;41. Goddess of the moon 43. Goddess of the dawn 43. Body of water DOWN , J. Corn 2. Ends of Saturn's rings 21 28 34- 2-7 テつキ25 39 30 31 32. NO\W, LISTEN テつキ テつキ -I'VE GOT TO HAVE THE GROCERIES AND MEAT NOT LATER. THAN FOUR."- SO DON'T GET INTO ANY POLITICAL ARGU/AENTS / . AND PICK OUT GOOD STEAKS テつキ テつキTHOSE CHOPS YOU GOT ,. YESTERDAY '' WERE LIKE .,.,, --^ ' EATING ^-7i-V, SUITCASE , i'jjP^ HANDLES/ GP-EAT SCOTT/ テつキ-VOU EXPECT ME TO CARRY ALL THIS ' ENOUGH TO BOV/L-EG A CAAAEL/-- tl" EGAD, AND SUCH HANDNWRITING/--- IT'D BE EASIER TO READ THE KINKS AND SNARLS OF A PHONE CORD/ 'y f"// ^ LfUE DOESN'T ' GRUMBLE OVER EATING THE LOAD'- SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT 8-15 A MUSICA1- PtRFORMAKCt of SOMt LtHClt StYLOAl. vo\Cti OR. WERi MADL IH -fitE. 157? CtH-tU RY MO WERE. t-S 1658 8/ USt of POU.E.VS . IK-frfAT PERIOD . 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A SHEET RIGHT HERE. 1 I'M THINKING ??O^ M ^^, DM A^^^MUCH AS r ADMIRE:-- BUYING A TYPEWRITER \ MAY I TRY OUT TH15 ; , I FIND NO COM- PEL) .|NG REASON FOR MARRVING HIM! MUGGS AND SKEETER n By WALLY BISHOP THIS MUST BE IT'S WOT OUR ANNIVERSARy.. ITS NOTHIMS LIKE THAT.m... GRANDMA WANTS 1 SOME KIND OF IT'S NOT ANVBODYS BIRTHDAY... BUT JUST THE SAME, IT'S A YOU TO TAKE A ' A. SPECIAL. I WONDER WHAT'S GOIN6 ON,' MOMEWTOUS OCCASION IM nit ' 1HI PICTURE OF THE DINNER TABLE, 3RAMFS.' A_M ,',." テつキ '.!,' NOW, DONHie,WE'LL NEED HOT -テつサ- ' テつサ- 'MILES DOWN TUE ROAD WATER FORACOMPRESS.ANO. (6 TWEBE A DOCTOR / IN THESE CfcRTS? OF ANYWHERE NEAQ HA.SAPHONE-.USEIT. TvJAT CALLS FOR FlREVJOOO. NOW GIT A MOVE ON,. J^=7/s/ IS SHE A' WE CAN CALL? YOU'LL HAVE TO 'N..'*-' ^*テつサ i v--*T i~, \\-j ~ r PHONE TO TOWN t J REX MORGAN, M. D. YES/ THEV'LL BB HERE SHORTLY' HAVE DLICE NOTIFIED OR,MORGAN ...QUICK/ HOW IS SHE, DS,. \ TREATING "HER MORGAN r WILL I SHOCK/ WE HAVEN'T SHE MAKE ITT /DETERMINED THE OF HER INJURIES OAKY DOAKS 8-/S ijTR.'BT FULLER*' IT'5 OUTA'KflLTB?/ テつキ vmL - IT'5 BUSTED/ テつサTVMO*J'T WORK/ Try and Sfop Me -By BENNETT CERF- DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: is L O N G F E L I, O W A X V D L B A A X R One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is uscrf for Hie three L,'s. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos' trophies, Ihe length and formation of the words are all hints Each day the code letters are different. . A Cryptogram Quotation U I L D R L O J I E O L - M L H R F F R T R K D C R F L R R D J Y P A M T E , L O P L O R F O J I H K T J L , U R P U H R L J S J D D P T K L O R W P M T -- V R V G F Yesterday's Cryptoqiinto: I HAVE NO LONGING FOR THINGS GREAT AND FAIR--NICHOLS. " . ' Dialrlbulcd by K i n g Features Syndicil* MARX is said to net over $4,000 a week these days with his radio and television chores, but there was a time when all four Marx brothers together had a difficult job keeping the wolf away from the door. Traveling from one town to another their mother, M i n n i e Marx, dressed them up in short pants and Buster Brown collars so they could ride for half fare. Once, when a harassed conductor Informed Mrs. Marx that her "little boys" were smoking cigars, chasing girls, and playing poker in the coach ahead, she boa'mcct at him and confided, "They grow so fast." * * * A' clever mother gave her eight-year-old son a wristwatch so that he could time himself when he practiced on the piano A few days later the son enthused, "Gee, mom, this watch is great If I wind it up light enough it does an hour in 52 minutes." Copyright. 1952. by Bennett Ccrf Distributed by King Features Synd'icaU. j MUROOCK/ DOW'TTELLMil IT'S QUIT 1 -- '" AFRAID TH' JOB 0' TRAWSMIGRATIN' MISS MUklW AW OAKY, AT TH' SAME TIME, WUZTOQ MUCH PER MY MAGICAL ETTA KETT iro By PAUL ROBINSON IDE AY Buryou CAW BE IM.THE""^^'-' |p i CANT BE N THIS SUr2E ETTA -YOUTWO CHICKS^ conrEsr; VOUVE- SIMPL/ ABE THE BEST- GOTTAテつ」-THINtcOF___^ MANAGE E/' LOOKING DOLLS Hfr- THE ABOUND '-L HAVE / CONTEST AND STILl-WPZITE YOUR COLUMN L'-JK FIND A PLACE It SCORCHY SMITH By RODLOW WILLARD I WAS TE5T1N VOU, SILLVJ I WANTED VOUf? HSAKT TO SHOW THROUGH THAT UWfFOKM.' / VOU LET MS WC#RV ABOUT SMITH AMP THAT SHPANPALl ALONS, 9Off IS PILOTING-HE?? \ ft

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