The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, September 15, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XI, No. 272. Gettysburg, Pa- Monday September 1 yth, 1913. Price Two Out*. » ELECT DOMESTIC ENCE TEACHER COLLEGE BOYS AUTO ACCIDENTS SCRAP HERE AND NEARBY ROUTE NAMED FOR WOMEN SECURING LINCOLN HIGHWAY! PERMITS TO HUNT LAMSON i?HUBBAKD L AND "WINTER STYLES : And Pupils of the High School wili he jSophomore and Freshman Classes Gettysburg fratcists Arrive on Scene!Ten Million Dollar Highway from: Many Signify their Intention of Han- Eiven the Advantages of the New j Have their Big Annual Fight. First j Course this Week. Weil Equip-1 Year Men Capture Tie-up hut} ped Room. Far Sale BIJ ECKERTS STORE "On tne Square" Newest Shades and Shapes in Sophomores Bet the Match. soon after Man is Killed in! Crash at Crossing. Another Accident on Seminary Ridge. j The reaching of domestic science in | Rushing over Nixon Field at fall 1 Coast to Coast Planned through j ting this Fall. One fieitysbtir| Gettysburg. Half of the Money j Womsn First in Adams County already Subscribed. In Gettysburg: and several scores of to Set fte License. A number of Adams County women J. Frank Eliae, president of the J. | the Gettysburg High School will be j speed, from opposite directions, the j Frank Eiine Co., an electrical supply towns announcement was made Sun-1 have signified their intention of taking f started this week immediately upon j two lower classes of Gettysburg: Col-1 house, Baltimore, and president of the ] cay of the route for the proposed Lin- j out hunters' license this fall but up to arrival of Miss Anna A. Fox, of j lege fell uoon each tne WALTER' S T HEATR E Tonight - - Tonig "WITHIN THE LAW" Money refunded if vou don't like the show. PRICES 50-75-$!.00-1.50 : in a well equipped room. Mi?s Fox is expected either to-day fine ex- nerience and will come here ready to ! take up the work. Miss Fox holds a 'diploma from Bloomsburg- Normal :j!ege f e n uoon each other with deadly j Baltimore Electrical Commission, was! coin Memorial Highway from New j the present time, only one has applied h~ ! vengeance in the big annual scrap on I instantly killed and three rk i Saturday afternoon and battled to the! were with him were injure _, ! finish before a crowd of enthusiastic i automobile in which they were driving j ing its cost of 510,000,000 met by pub- j tysburg. is the nrst woman in Adams Men's Furnishing Department Window | j Shenandoah, the newly elected teach- j vengeance in the big annual scrap on I instantlv killed and three men who | York to San Francisco, now being pro-1 and paid her fee of Sl-00 for the neces- j er, who wili at once take "up the work: Saturday afternoon and battled to the! were with him were injured, when the j moted in Detroit -with the idea of hav-: sary permit. Mrs. Moses Bair, of Get- I or to-morrow. She is a teacher of s. great deal of spectators. I collided with a fast 'train of the West- j lie subscription. It was the third year that the "tie-1 em Maryland Railway at Snv.-ser's J The states wlch will be honored up"' had been tried to test the cotir-! Crossine. on the by York-Gettvsburg this memorial to Abraham Lincoln. age and valor of the new men and this i oike. about two and a half miles from year's class came out with colors flying- as they defeated the Sophomores N E W BIOGRAPII PH 0 T 0 P L AY E33ANAY School and also from Temple Univer- 1 by the handsome margin of 62 to 26. · sity, Philadelphia, where she took : course in domestic science and ar · Before entering Bloomsburg Normal : she taught for eight years in country i schools. '· The room which she will use for her York. Saturday night. Those injured were: Frank Rodgers, Baltimore; Thomas .-. Md.: John Geri a i As an on-set to this however, was the! Grimes, Ellicott City. 3 LIT. j score of 40 points made by the second! v.itz, Ellicott City, Md. ire Xew York, Xew Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, i County to take out such license. i"' In the other counties of the State, since the issuance began at the offices of the treasurers of the Tarious counties ten days ago, many have applied Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, for licenses, and a number of treas- Nevada and California. j urers have reported that in many cas- Starting in Xew York City the high- es wives have accompanied their hus- DRATH'S MARATEON- -Biozraj.h EDISON i department is located in the south- |-.vesu corner of the second floor of the ANONYMOUS LOVE- {fully equipped. Twenty tables, fitted THE TWIN BROTI1ER3- -Edison :D dc!A each other. afternoon won the vear class earlier in the when their ten picked men tug--of-war from ten almost equally valiant Freshmen, the final score being 66 to 62 in favor of the older class. This tug-of-war was closely contested and, -vhiie their classes cheered and urged them on, the twenty men strained every muscle to get their opponents over the required line. After two long pulls the Sophomores w-^re declared victors and then came the call for the tie-up. Arraying themselves at either end The twins iove the same girl, but she jnarriw the more sober of the wo. who | roorn a ". Q a c!ass OI ,. ta£ assaults a blackmailer. The rejettc-i drunkard nobly submits to urres: 5:i his-work without crowding brother's place, they both appear in co»:rt pSeadinir jruilty. but {.the man is not i In addition, a large gas range wili | call to charge and, when it came, they injured as they sapp"o3e and they are n^-astd. - - - - - ^ ^^ ^ received, built with many' SPECIAL 1v:o Jieei Ysazraph Tomorrow Night ''RED AND "WHITE j jjarts of glass, so that the ooeration ROSES". right ensued in which eash class endeavored to bind hand and foot as An Interestim: story o; mok-rn politico, how one candidate accomplish- : ~ n ( j gi-ojr'-ess o = |j a ij m g. m av be watcii- ed the defeat of his rival ?»v creaciii" scandal concerning IiLai. i V ~ ~- - ° · ... , . _. -, -i. - - i - - - - c~ ed witout ooemng anv doors. ;e snow on \\ -tt. au«ij-n;irs. ^ ishts -.\ ill te lor the :ent::it OL use Firemen- T . - , r : ,,,,,,, - , ,,_,,,, - ,, ^ ,,, :_; ~ i Large glass cabinets zor the storage! many 01 cue opposing xorce as pos| of pans, pots and other cooking uten- sible. Rolling over the ground, beating of the field the contestants awaited the traveled at their fastest for their op- Donents. When thev met a free-for-all A TT-rTT*ff».T U i UiVir-i I sils . have been built at; the one end of For new kries in suits and over-coats e ro ^ ~ I e a ^^^ aboat l2 x 4 i:as begun now. but the man who is I lest in size, occupies tne center or the "-vies are uD-to-rntt-msauK and we ^vill! thejivqrk of_a sewing class-^ S j.n.1 Sribi-'your 6:itS: in -j. rrfanaer. expected to aat in a first class sewing at can oaiy '·*: 'l"«ae when yoa Lave ir made by Wi'«I M. Selligman, Cash Taylor, · maciiine. | Te equipment of this room has ! beea made possible only 'through the ] careful management of the Board{Allen B. Plank generously donated all ard fighting, the youngsters worked their hardest, while a big squad of upper-classmen in fancy costume watched close!" for unnecessarv jway passes through Jersey City, Xew- Two Gettysburg automobiles, the | one driven by John Mcllhenny and the | other by Howard Armor, along just after and the occupants rendered what sistanee they could. The men had been- at Mount St. Mary's College on Saturday, where Mr. Eiine was an instructor in electrical engineering, and were on their way to York. Tire trouble caused numerous deiavs along the way or York would have been reached long before dark. It was about 8:30 o'clock when the accident occurred. "As we passed along the road toward the railroad crossing I noticed a bridge ahead of us,'" said Mr. Rodgers. "and found that it was over a brook. l " ~ i ark and Trenton to hia, then we °- v T ° Lancaster York Gettysburg. Chambersburg, Bedford and ^e'a^dentlcSed Greensburg, to Pittsburgh^ through .=. -^^A ,,-'n=r **- the north central section of Onto, over to Fort wayne and South Bend, skirts Chicago, enters Joliet, Rochelle. Sterling and other Illinois cities, reaches Iowa at Clinton and leaves at Council Bluffs, passes through Omaha, goes to Denver and north to Cheyenne, west through Green River and Evans'ton to Salt Lake City, finds its way into Nevada by way of Tippet's ranch and after reaching Reno, goes to Lake Tahoe. California, finally ending on the Pacific seaboard at Oakland and San Francisco. The directors of the Lincoln Highway Association have endeavored to ·select a route of-easy grades yet combining the scenic splendors of the countrv. Some of the tioints either on. Iv across. Just as we had passed over it and were about to proceed faster Mr. Eiine threw up his hand and I looked and saw the train approaching-. I heard no signal and the onrr liglits roughness. Not one man was disqaali- j were chose in the passenger cars on fied and the fight was remarkably | the train. The engine did not have a clean. At the end, of tenjaimites. time j headlight. was called and the score announced, i -1 swerved to my right to ditch the two points being registered for every man carried back of the goals. L.T.L.MEETDsG A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. On September 16th, we v.ill Inangtiratc, the tv.-enty small gas ranges and put, Legioners Discuss New Anti Cigarette In the Display of Suit fabrics for autumn, so" reauy ar tne LIPPY | in the plumbing without; any cnarge ! whatever. The tables and woodwork jwere put in by Messrs. Diehl and Stallsmith. ax a cost to the tax-payers S i of tovm estimated at S100 less than 2 I the necessary outlay, had the equip- ill · menu been nurehased out of- town. Law. Its Possibilities. I there is r.o roo:n for coabr a= to ~-':A correct : Earlv choc-sinir i= test cnoo = : J. D/UPPY Tailor. 1=!..0:1 or true o^alsrr. g i TWO WRECKS g i Traffic Delayed by Wrecks on Satur-- s^ 1 dav-ar.d Sunday.-- i Two more derailments occurred on | the Western Maryland railroad Saror- ; day and Sunday. A large freight en. the- track Saturdav in the . ^^ s "The Approv/ed Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream---"The delightful sort" Candles, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, -in the_ sound of the Victrola music. People's and Huberts Stores. = ' early part of the evening at Gladhili == J Siding, and tied up traffic for several I£ ; hours before IE could be again placed = j on the rails. {E : Fourteen large battleship cars ioad- 1= 5 ed with coal were derailed and badiy = i mashed Sunday morning about eight H o'clock at Virginia Mills when a piece = of iron dropped from the trucks of = ; the loaded cars and caused fourteen of = ; the cars following- to leave the rails S ! ar.d, after pounding along en the = ; for perhaps a hundred yards, to E5 'up in a twisted mass. = j Many of the cars were entirely over= I turned, others were turned over on = · their sides and several were standing ~ , on end. coal was scattered in ail di- EE : rections ar.d it took a wrecking crew ^ '. from eight in the morning anal about | nine o'clock in the evening to get the ' the track repairecL tes pile automobile in an effort to avoid the accident and the crash occurred-I was pinned -to my seat by a part of the v,-ind shield, which had been broken, and when I aroused myself I felt to my left for Mr. Eiine. He was not there, but his seat was intact. I then leaped from the car and on the ground, face downward, just in back of the machine and directly in the middle of the road, I found him. I took the cushions from the automobile and placed them along the side of the road and called for someone to help me. There was no The regular meeting .of the Walter Senior Loyal Temperance Legion was held on Saturday afternoon. September 13th at the home of Mrs. Z. J. Peters. Guernsey. Wallace Peters, presiding- officer for the day. called the meeting to order. Several items of business were transacted among which were the reading of-the minutes ar.d the -proposal- of j -j tfeeR opene( i his clothing and felc i for signs of life. His heart seemed still adjacent to or to be connected by e Gettysburg. branch highways, Washington. Canton, the resting place of McKinley. the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, the home of Lincoln, in Springfield, IlL, Lincoln's birthplace in Kentucky, the scenic splendors of Colorado, the Grand Canon of the Colorado, and the many varied wonders of Utah, Nevada and California. Large posters and display proclamation of the route finally decided upon by the directors of the association after this transcontinental highway had been endorsed by the State "Governors at their meeting at Colorado Springs a few weeks ago. were recently sent from Detroit, to governors, legislators, business men and automobile concerns, in the thirteen states TO be traversed by the Lincoln Highway, and to side of the road and laid him on the cusmons. new nsemoers. The literary over to the program was grv-en anti-cigarette department- A very interesting and instructive paper was read by Miss Anna Michener. The paper was followed by back The en gj r , ee r said he had blown response and I carried Mr. Eiine to the P ublic officials and leading business men in all of the larger cities of the country. It COSE S5.000 in stamps to mail the 125.000 large tabes containing the printed matter. The addressing was done by a corps of 100 stenographers who worked at the task exclusive of everything else. Fully twice as many more were required to fill the tubes and prepare them for mailing. and I raised his head. At that instant he gasped and fell back. I knew it was the last. The train vras stopped and the engineer and others of the crew came a discussion of some length, which may be summed up in these few sentences. .,, . , , . As soon as the total of S10.000.000 ]his whistle as ne approacnea the cross- rf slibscri don fe obtained , more than - i ing. but if ne did no one in tne auto- j^ of wMch faas a]ready bean pledged bands to the offices and secured their cards and tags at the same time. This licensing of women as hcni-ers has been on a greater scale then expected and State game officials say that it illustrates the popularity of the autumn sport in the woods and that many people who have not beea thought of as hunters will take out licenses- It is expected that thousands of hunters will be enrolled during September and that by the rime the hunting season opens close to 100,000 will jave paid their dollars. One half of the income from sale of licenses is to be used to Xhe bounties offered by the State ;he scalps of destructive animals birds. the pay for and INSPECTORS TO MEET Orchard Men will Hold Conference in Harrisburg Next Month. "Since the teacher is not able to enforce the second clause of the new anti-cigarette law without incurring j _ he side Mr _ EIine the parent's displeasure, it follows | . tnat the law was enacted before pub- 1 lie opinion was ready. Therefore the j Loyal Temperance Legion must edu- ! mobile heard it. I examined the automobile and found that the engine had crashed the front left wSeei. It was on seated. He from the vehicle.'" in writing by less than 500 concerns Results of the inspection of -00,000 orchards and demonstration ;f new. methods of combating- tne San Tose scale and other,!rait tree pests ire on the program - for the annual neering of the State'Division of Zo- Iogy field forces which is .to meet in Sarrisburg next month to outline its -vork for the fall and winter. The de- oionstrators and inspectors will" be iddressed by State Zoologist H. A. Surface on some recent discoveries of parasites that destroy the voracious scale on peach and other trees and practical work in orchards near Harrisburg- will be done for the instruction of the force. The demonstration, of ^praying, pruning and other orchard vork will commence in November and zontinue as long as the weather permits. Demonstrations will be'given in ivery county and during "the winter nsjjection of about 25,000 jrchards not vet examined will be undertaken. HARRY J. CARBAUGH Died Suddenly at his Home in Freedom Township. Harry -J. Carbaugh, a young farmer 31 Freedom township, fell over dead at his bam about six o'clock this morn- and individuals, the real work of tablishing this continuous and improv- ] 1 Ing. He was aged 27 years, 7 months ,,_ | and 2 days. ed highvray from the Atlantic to Pacific wi!! be begun. i cate p u l c opinion. MET ON TEACHERS' 3IEETIXG Save Money-That's v/liat You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on the job. He don't farm you with any unnecessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation- j Fran]din Township Teachers will Meet Any phone, call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian- i Friday Evening. The meeting adjourned to meet at! Automobile and_Wagon Meet at Sharp the home of 3Irs. Aaron L "yTeidner. | Curve on Seminary R'dge. Arendtsville. j j - I Seminary Ridge was the scene of GENERAL INTEREST 1 another accident on Saturday alter- ANOTHER DANCE _- . j Mr. Carbaugh was apparently a -nan and this morning was working about the bam. He had just finished Dutdsg- a set of hay carriages on the | vagon --hen he suddenly fell over and Saturday Evining Dance in Fratenjitv House, College the men with him discovered that ne xas dead. He leaves his mother, Mrs. William Carbacgh. of Liberty township; his a sister, Carbaugh, township; More General Purchase of Tickets for! one of Holtzworih ar.d Hoffman's ] and F ; orence Kersh .of New Oxford: 1 Carroll Carbaugh, near Guldens Sta- i he Phi Gamma Delta f raternity entertained the following at a dance at their lodge on the college campus on noon shortly after three o'clock -»% hen j^-jj^ay evening: Misses Elizabeth school teachers of Uoerty .vife. "two brothers and Charles and Miss Grace Within the Law. Gettysburg's theatre-goers have at : last awakened to the value of "With- 1 three seated wagons *»vas run into by itne new Buick automobile o-.vr.ed and driven by Miss Gillilacd. Fortu- r.atelv no-one in either conveyance in the Law", the big sno-- which wili -..vas hurt- appear in Walter's Theatre this even- j As in the Miss Kathenne Be!I 7 or "i ork: Miss Florence Reinecke, of Sansas City; and the following from town, Mrs. J. Donald Swoie, Misses Viola Miller. tion. Funeral Wednesday morning with services at the house at 9:30. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Gettys- Mary SJaybaugh, Frances and Marian bur?. Friends and relatives will accept former accidents j Sheely. Amy Swope, Bemadette Thoirs- J -his as notice of the funeral. 01 ing, and a full house is promised forj a _ th5s po j nrj the intersection of j as. Dorothy Zane, Martha Neely, Janet. the attraction. "Within the Law" is j avenue and West Confeder- i Robertson, Frances McCIean. Mar- j WHIPPED ICE CREAM 3Iace over our erfsi^al formula by a secret process. can bemade. VANILLA, CHOCOLATE. ;5c pint. -5 and lye a .plate- Sjjdas ?.r Ice Oea:i! oc. 0 GETTYSBURG.'CANDY KITCHEN 2-5c quart, MARRLAGE LICENSES Clerk Olinger Issues Wedding Permit to County Couple. RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT TWO FRUIT FA1?MS FOR SALE 1500 trees and 153 acres in Menallen township with 3500 trees. Both these ( farms are big money makeis and offer an unusual opportunity for engaging;! · Alice Miller; ''What shall be I with the Unprepared?" E. W. ', Edna Kartman; ''How shall we I Deal with the Different Types of j Children?'' Alma Henry: "Tell about 102 acres ir. Franklin township with^ he Teacher who Influenced you most", 'all teachers. "" · show its appreciation of this treat and al c " that the people turn out with generous : patronage.--advertisement. out springs tourists. Just at the sharp car-, e. where i driver of one conveyance 50 cent silk plated at. 2-5 cents, fancy ;fae i tans and blacks. G. W. Weaver Son. not! --advertisement I Clerk of the Courts Olirger on Sat- rday issued a marriage license to {Clarence Shultz aMd Miss Blanche Shuitz, both of Franklin township. Thev are second cousins. ~~~~--" j hear or see the other, the machine ran MILLINERY: much care has been i j n - o the front wheel of the wagon," TAKE the big Steamer to fairs in exercised to provide an attractive and j breaking the front axle in two up-to-date line of millinery which will i knocking out seven or eight spokes of ~"iursday and the bal- j t he wheel. The automobile had one of .-,, be exhibited on Thun ^ in this profitable business. Soil, altitude and location cannot be surpassed in j neighboring towns. Phone the stetp for the nrofitable growing of apples and peaches of the highest i High Street.--advertisement quality. Both of these -farms can be bought for less than their real value. See us at once. Opportunities such as these are seldom offered. Stoner ' ancs °f tne week at Miss Anna Reek's. the front lights broken and the fender HUNK PECKMAX, Real Eslatc, Masonic Building. Gettysburg FURNISHED rooms with private bath, for rent. ?2 N. Stratton street.- Penna. advertisement 1 --advertisement 1 O n the sice which ran into the wagon i was badly bent. WOMEN and girls wanted. Oman-! Mr. Weaver was able to finish his na Canning Company.--advertise- j trip after coming to town ment 1 j curing another wagon. and pro- WAXTED at or.ce several boys and FALL stock of oar "Famous" 50 girls over age of 14. steady employment and good wages. Apply to Penn cent shirts are now in. This is unquestionably the best 50 cent shirt in ths Tile Works. Aspers, Pa".--advertise- j market. G. W. Weaver Son.--ad- ment HOMES wanted for two boys, one five years old and the other one year old. H. A. Sheely, County Home.--advertisement 1 vertisement FOR SALE: number of nice clean barrels, suitable for apples. Apply Gettysburg- Water Company office,-advertisement 1

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