Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 17
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FEBRUARY 1 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SEVENTEEN 7 STATE HEAD TO TALK TO CLUB Young Democrats of Cerro Gordo Also to Elect Monday Night. Edward Breeu of Fort Dodge, state p'resldent of the Young Democratic clubs of Iowa, will be the main speaker at the Cerro Gorflo county Young' Democrats' meeting- to be held Monday evening at 8 o'clock in Mason City. This session, to lie held over Ford Hopkins drug store, is called for the purpose of electing new officers for the coming year, as well as support- ln " a general plan of organization work to be carried on with increased enthusiasm. Invitations have been sent to the Young Democratic club of Worth county as well as older democrats of Cerro Gordo county to attend. There are now more than 300 members in the Cerro Gordo organization. Embezzlement Charge Against W. P. Triem, 35, Is Dismissed The case of \V. P. Trieru, 35, Mason City, arrested Wednesday on a charge of embezzlement, was dismissed Thursday by M. C. Cough- Ion, justice of the peace. It was claimed by W. M. Huffman that certain accounts which Triem owed Huffman and the insurance company had not been paid, although they had been collected. Triem, who worked for Mr. Huffman from Jan. 14 until Dec. 23, 1933, claimed that he worked in partnership arrangement with Edward Logan. Triem said that he had paid on open account more than enough to make up the difference of the accounts and claimed that he would pay what was owed but that Huffman was attempting to get a sentence pronounced on him so he could not sell insurance in Iowa. MODERN PORTIA An average of about 53,300,000 is spent annually by North Carolina farmers to replace aged and decrepit mules and horses. February Clearance This is our Annual February Sale time. You can now buy Furniture here at attractive Clearance Prices. Your opportunity to save money on Suites, Chairs, Tables, Lumps, Bugs and other pieces. Joe Goss FURNITURE STORE 113 South Federal Avc. Measure Prepared to Authorize Erection of State Office Building DBS MOINES, Feb. 1. (/Pj--Governor Herring said today bills are being prepared for presentation to the legislature to authorize the state executive council to contract for erection of a new state office building. The building would be erected as an addition to the state historical museum and would be financed in part with a public works administration grant under present plans. .Estimated cost of the construction planned for the near future would be $245,000. Legalize Expenditure. DES MOINES, Feb. 1. (/T'l--The senate today passed a bill to legalize the expenditure of the Muscatine county board of supervisors of Sll.969.31 of the county insane fund for maintenance of the county home. Because of two hurricanes last fall, northeastern counties of North Carolina failed to produce a profitable soybean crop this season the first time in years. ' 2c Per Mtlc One-way Coach ' ' i ~ 5c 1er Miln Round-trip Coach Between All Stations on The MINNEAPOLIS ST. LOUIS RAILROAD and various connecting lines Examples of One-way Kxamplra of Hound-trip Coach Fares Coach Fares $2.8(1 Minneapolis $5.21 Minneapolis 51.77 MarshaHtown 53.19 Marshalltown To St. Louis §8.83 one-way coach -- 515.88 round-trip coach. To St. Louis $18.31 one-way 1st class -- ?L7.85 round trip 1st class. 'S.--L. ZEA. Agent PHONE 203 i SETTLEMENT FOR COLLISION MADE $990 Agreement Reached in Behalf of 3 Lincicum Children. A $5,000 damage suit brougbt against Don and Duane Weaver by Ed Lincicum in behalf of his minor children, Viola, Jean and Kenneth, wag settled for $990 soon after it was filed Thursday in district court. The action M'as the result of a collision last Sept. 24 at the intersection of Sunny and Division streets in Clear Lake between an automobile driven ay Don Weaver and a car driven by Clyde Barton of Clear Lake. The three Lincicum chlldreu, who were riding in the latter car, were injured when the cars collided. Fire Mason City 1933 Loss Below That of 1932 Is One of Iowa Communities Cited by Fire Marshal for Establishing New Record. Mason City is one of the 11 cities out of 18 larger cities of Iwa selected by John W. Strohm, state fire marshal, that showed a reduction in the 1933 fire loss below that of 1932. Other cities that showed reductions were Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, Dubuque, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Marshalltown, Ottumwa, Sioux City and Waterloo. CENIORS in the law school at Vandel-bill university, Nashville, Tenn.. decreed that their classmates should wear bat-wing collars, but they graciously exccptcci Miss Julia Reese, also a class member, and told her that she needn't alter her feminine attire to conform to the custom. But the young Portia had her own ideas OH the matter, and appeared on the campus fully claci in mannish attire, from stiff collar to cuff links. "I have to wear stockings, though," she remarked, "because I couldn't find any men's socks small enough to fit." Miss Reese is a licenced, attorney in her home state of Georgia, where she passed the bar examination. She also is one of the leading candidates for the founder's medal at the college, which is presented each year to the law senior who has the highest average. House of Cabellero Is Restored by Aid of County Welfare The family of Modeslo Cabellero, Mexican, again is intact at North Platte. Nebr., where it had resided APPROVE CROP LOAN EXTENSION 35 Million Would Be Used, According to Plans of House Group. WASHINGTON, Feb. i. (.T*--A bill to extend crop production loans to 1934 to a total of 535,000,000 was approved today by the house agriculture committee. \ The committee after receiving facts and figures from farm credit administration officials, raised the allotment in executive session from 530,000,000 to 535,000.000 and the individual limit from 5200 to ?250. Agricultural officials were understood to favor the extension of the loans so long as it was made 'clear there was no conflict with the crop limitation program now under way. for 10 years before being disturbed by Felix Duedes, also Mexican, The latter bonibre ran away with the wife and five children of Senor Cabellerro recently and came to Mason City, where he succeeded in getting a house at 726 Harrison avenue southwest and also relief: from the county. One of the children was enrolled in school under the name Duenes and everything was going easily for Duenes when Senor Cabellero suddenly showed up. He had trailed the i family to Mason City and asked police to help him. Funds were obtained from the county and the family was sent back to North Platte with its rightful father. Senor Duenes is still in Mason City trying to dispose of a 192G car to get enough money to leave "Iowa has shown a reduction of about 44 per cent in its fire loss in the short space of two years," said the state fire marshal in making his report to Gov. Clyde Herring. "Furthermore, Iowa fire chiefs and fire prevention leaders are additionally gratified over the fact that the 1933 loss record is nearly $2,000,000 less than any report for the last 10 years." Kecords Maintained. The records maintained by the national board of fire underwriters is made up data collected from their committee on statistics, the bureaus and the fire departments themselves for the period covered by the yearly rather than the au- iiual report, Slason City's fire loss for 1933 was $28,848.72, according to the yearly report of the local fire department submitted by Daniel H. Shire, chief of the department, to City Manager 13. H. Crofoot. The loss for the previous year, 1932, was $45,939.48. "The low fire loss for the year 1933 can be credited to the salvage operations performed by the department," said Chief Shire In commenting on the report. "This service should be expanded to a salvage company manned by a lieutenant and one salvageman with a piece of apparatus for salvage and first aid emergency work, vitli at least 50 covers. Such equip- nent is now carried by the com- lination company. Equipment of his sort will more than pay for its speration cost." To Save Property. Inspections by fire departments ·fficers and firemen in the past lave been from the standpoint of Ire prevention. In some departments control and extinguishment vere added but no thought was given to the problem of saving property or reducing water at fires. On Jan. 2, 1933, according to he report, orders were issued for a ialvage inspection to be made so hat officers and firemen would lave a knowledge of the condition. 1 n all buildings in the business dis- rict. This is as much the duty of he fire department to enlighten he public and to deal with watei damage, its prevention and control xs fire prevention control and ex :inguishment. The year's report shows in condensed form an account of the op For a Longer Honeymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on foreyer. For you--or him--to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking just a little too much. But--beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact--of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for the joy of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health, of inestimable value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris. that the manpower and equipment at hand could not cope with it, continues the report, except in one. or two cases where .these fires were at the city limits or in territory where it was Impossible to bring water streams on the fire. Fire knowledge gained from the fireman's school at Iowa State col lege at Ames has aided greatly. ! "This together with fire prevention and what salvage operation? e are able to carry out has en- bled the cl.^artment to do what has," said Chief Shire. Hazards Exist. According to the report the de- artment realizes the conflagration azards that exist in the business nd mercantile districts and knows le construction of buildings in this rea, which is bad due to low para- et walls, exposures, unprotected oor openings, etc., and knows nat. if a fire once gets headway it ·ill cause a serious fire for it can- ot be confined to the building of .s origin. Water is the controling factor in fro fighting and there are large reas In the city in which no fire 'ghting streams can be brought to ear, continues the report.-Here the re department is confronted with ae same problem as in the business nd mercantile districts where fire lydrants and water mains are ivailable, the need of pumpers. The practice of raising water vorks and main pressures was dis- ontlnued years ago in this city ind its practice should be discour iged and not resorted to any great extent due to the danger which at ends it and the possible failure of he distribution system due to raifing- pressure for fire fighting according to the report. In order to :oncentrate the required quantitie of water needed under high pres- Byrd Crews Work I Unloading S t o r e s of Bear of Oakland BAY OF WHALES, Antarctica, (Via. MacKay Radio), Feb. I. UP) --Crews of the Bear of Oakland, supply ship which equaled a record from Dunedin, N. Z., to the Bay of Whales, and of the Byrd flagship today worked at a. feverish pace discharging winter stores to the bay ice, six miles from Little America. Haste was necessary, as leaders of the expedition feared crumbling ice might again threaten the ships and supplies. erations of the department, valUi of property, insurance and losses a fires, for the year. A review of thi losses, fires and alarms from thi year 1920 is also given and other in formation is shown, together with :he chief's recommendation for the future improvement and increased efficiency of the department. Recommendations Mndc. The following recommendations were made for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of the fire department and to enable it to meet conditions with which it is faced. 1. That an additional engine company of not less than one officer and three men on each shift be add- od to thp department. The p u m p e r should not be of less than 1,000 alien capacity, with not less than 23 per cent reserve, and should be equipped with a water lank of not ens than 100 gallons and hose body with a capacity of not less than COO "ect of .3 Inch and 800 feet of 2y- nch double jacket fire hose am other standard equipment. 2. That a salvage company, composed at the start of one officer and one salvagcmim on each shift, he or- janized and placed in .service with a I'/i or 2 ton six cylinder car equip Qd to carry not less than 40 sal- i-age covers and all the salvage equipment now carried on the com bination and that a total of GO sal vage covers be purchased. 3. That all small two-way fin hydrants in the business and nier canile districts be replaced with two-way and steamer fire hydrantf of not less than 600 gallon capacltj a minute, 4. The purchase of not less than 1,000 feet each of 3 and 2',!. incl double jacket underwriters labele fire hose. 5. The construction of a drill lo\\ or and training grounds on the c i t j property in the rear of the fire sla tion so that all fire operation.s am schooling cnn be handled there a there is no place to train member of the department now. 6. The construction of anolhe hose drying tower and the rcpairin of the present one and the turnin over to the fire department tha part of the building that io no\ being used by the police dcpartmen so that there will be room for hnn dling, storage, denning ami drying of fire department c n r i n m e n f . 7. The drafting- and adoption of a complete set of fire prevention ordinances and the requirement of all bulk oil storages to dike so that in case of fire the hazard can be localized. Urges Adoption. All of these recommendations except the third Chief Shire considers should be u1optcd as soon as possible. In reviewing the serious fires in this city from 1920 to and including 1927, the report concludes, they were due to under-manned, and under-equipped fire departments, which lacked knowledge of the structural conditions of the buildings on fire and correct knowledge of fire operations. From 1!)29 to the present time, the department has liivd all tho breaks of good alarms and no fire Scores Unfortunate Publicity of "Radio Priest" in Detroit WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. (,-PJ---Kd- ·ard D. Stair, who headed the De- ·oit Bankers company, told the enate banking committee today the irst National bank, one of the orgeat units in Detroit, managed o continue operation in Its last nonths despite difficulties and un- ortunate publicity such as that by "radio priest." sures for mcnt at use by the fire depart- fire, it is necessary for the department with its own pump- ers to increase this, pressure in tin area needed ami not at the water works. .Pressures Ixw. "Hydrant pressures in the cit; rom tests that I have made over a period of six years under norma conditions when no fire was on, anc the checking of the compoun nages of our pumpers when oper atlng at a fire show a maximum o 65 pounds and a minimum of 1 pounds with an average in the bua ness .and mercantile districts of 4 pounds and varying from 40 to 5 pounds. "These pressures will not giv effective fire streams from fire h dranta when these streams ar taken to an elevation of from 3 to 100 feet above the fire hydrant When these hose lines are 300 to 60 feet long the nozzle pressures these elevations will not put ou 'The business and areas demand I',!, mcrcantil and 2 Incf TWO ARE BOUND TO GRAND JURY Hutzell/Thiederman Charged With Illegal Possession of Alcohol. Kenneth Hutzell, 203 First street southeast, and Don Thiederman, 42S Twenty-fifth street southwest, were bound to the grand jury Thursday morning by John C. Shipley, police judge, on charges of Illegal possession of alcohol. Their bonds were fixed at $300 each. Hutzell was arrested in the 100 block on South Federal avenue Tuesday evening and Thiederman was arrested on First street southeast Wednesday evening. Hugh Klitch, Mason City, was fined ?100 and costs for violation of ordinance 230. He was arrested at Second street and South Federal avenue Wednesday afternoon on an old score o[ three months standing. He posted a. ¥50 bond. Ray Goodwin, 115 Fifth street northeast, forfeited a $10 boud. He was arrested Tuesday evening in the 100 block on South Federal avenue on a charge of intoxication. The Latter Day Saints church has 85 seminaries In Ha school system 'in five western states. nozzle streams to control fire anc with the pumping equipment «- now have in service this is out o the question. Effective lire stream of the above size must have vol imc, pressure, vertical and horizon tal range, to be of any use in stopping fire. If all firea could b controlled by / t , \'z, ?i, 1 and I 1 / inch nozzle fire streams, the storj would be different. Can Supply One Stream. "The conditions arc such that we require fire streams with a vertical and horizontal reach of TOO feel and nozzle pressures of 90 and 100 pounds a square inch. This cannot be done from hydrant pressures or from the capacities of the pump- ers we now have in service. The department can supply one ly, inch nozzle stream but no larger and only one of these. "The improvements being made in the water system will greatly improve it and make available water in the business district for fire fighting at suitable pressures for fire department pumpers, but we will not be able to take advantage of this water due to the lack of pump capacity to meet the need of effective fire streams. "The trouble T find in our city when fire streams arc spoken of is volume and pressure are not understood by those who think they know fire department requirements. "These arc facts and conditions which I have bad to face every day t h a t t have been chief of the Mason Ctiy fire department. Although have not bad any great need for these types of fire streams so far I know that t h e department can anc will be railed on to face the nee( at any time for the conditions arc here and it will happen sooner or later. When it does the departmcnl will be helpless to meet the situation for lack of proper pumping equipment." hi.i gained licachvay to the extent HEAR THE IOWA RCA VICTOR DEALERS PROGRAM Broadcast over WHO-WOC every Sunday, 11:15 a. m.; every Wednesday, 10:00 P. M. VANCE MUSIC CO. t:M Xorlli Federal Ttionc TOS TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT POTATOES ORANGES CELERY BANANAS " k iJ','° Size SO 15-lb. Peck Size 200 and 216 each 5c 33c doz. 29c stalk 10c 4 Ibs. 25c SPECIAL Ic SALE Upton's ?£TM Tea '/,-lb. Pkg. lie or 2« «is. lc !/z-lb. Phg-. 33c or 2'/ 2 ll». 84« IONA BRAND ' CORN IONA BRAND PEAS DEL MAIZ NIBLETS TUNE IN! A, P. 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