The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 13, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 13, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG: TIMES THftW S HEARING PUT OFF AGAIN W. ULVERE HAFEB, Secretary and Treasurer. Published Daily noccept Sunday Times and News Publishing Company President. GOVERNOR FELKER PHILI? E. SISLB, Editor "SUBSCRIPTION Serrea by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. 6 c J Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per monta. BATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 centa. golh Sides Are Afraid Hake a Move. ~t f5~^904 at Gettvsburg, Pa., as second-class matter, tinder} * ' ~ nongreggjgarch 3. 1879. :' BELL PHOXE UNITED PHOXE 0*e« IT Northwest comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 'K'S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR POSEStofJS ADVERTISING BY THE: . | CENESAL. OFFJCES NEW YORK AND CKJCAGC- per TO OUR HEADERS ' Our advertising columns are open T ¥Mii The HPcndfcsvIIle Sehtools xnfil hold a Festival on New Hampshire Executive Decide Thaw's Fate. Auditors Report, ;of Gettysburg School Accounts , Summary of statement prepared by jthe auditors of the Borough ol Get'cys- CHURCH NOTICES .METHODIST Sunday School-at S^30 a. m.; Ep- { burg, of the finances of~thef School worth League at 6:15 p. m.; preach| District of the JBorough of " Gettys- - ino . at 7 : 00, Notice change in hours of " burg for the Fiscal, year-ending July ' JL - o*-Leag:ue and,Church- A wel- 1st. 191-3, and of all receipts, expendi- »»·»«. ~ ~"~* - - tures -and credics -whatsoever" of all come to ail. .L- i/ow utt, pastor. School offices and of the assets and GETTYSBURG U. B. liabilities of said District- General School Account- r Receipts By I. L- Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand, . .$ 177.47 Taxes 10,034.78 State Anpron'n, .. .3,799-66 Tuition, -· 1JL49-60, Proceeds of loans. .1,500.00 Miscellaneous, lo.75 His Lawyer Will Demand a Hearing at Concord Before Extradition War-] rant is Honored. Coiebrook, X. H., Sept. next legai- battle in in Harr"-" K_ Thaw will probably be at | ! Concord, X. H., before Governor Fel-1 ' ker. The fugitive's lav.-yers, lear-- j lag that an extradition warrant from Ac-zins Governor Glyan. of New York, - -.vas on the way to the New Hanit- shire capita!, dec-iced here and to a hearing of the governor be-j yg lie acts on the matter o: extra- ^77^$j£^^ einon. They h,ent a representative to | fl^^fflv^T 1 ?^ Concord to confer with Governor Felker and rehiforced their appeal by tel- - Total receip'cs for year . .§16,677.26j " JExoenditures Teachers salaries,S10,400.07 Janitor's Salaries, .1,114.00 Offices, -. 310,00 PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and about TOWP PeopIe'Xisiting Here, and Those So}Qurnin^*Elsewhere, Harry Beldelman is spending the reek-end at his home in Harrlsburg. Dr. L. L. Sleber, of West Middle *- by F ' P ' C " Hoffman - j street, Is spending Sunday in Jeffer- · Sunday School, 9:30 a. in.; preacii- ling at 10:30 a, m. by Rev. P. C. Hoff! man; Junior Christian Endeavor meet- { jing at 2:00 p. m.; Senior Christian En- j jdeavor meeting 6:30 p. m. J. Chas. (Gardner, oasior. 1 - " SALEM TJ. B. i Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; preach-j J. Chas. Garcner, pastor. . - , SSFGKMED son. fHusic by trie ^Ille Band OF S the e Dab New Fish Fresh Fisri and Oysters Daily Give me a trial. :he v.-rit of habeas corpus as they were j at Cherbrooke. Bora sides are p-ayiag iesal poker and there Is much b!ua- :ng and a genera! reiusal to show their hands. Thaw In the meantime Is In the custody or Sberla Drew. Ke \vas to have been-arraigned "riciay, bu The governor of rSTe'X Harapsliire is the -ran who isrH! say v.-r.ether or not Harrv K. Thaw, slayer of Stanford "Aldte. shall reiura to ilattea~2ri- Ininiesliaccly on Varaiss of Thavr's ^_ - resi in Co!elroo=r. H-. Actins Governor Giyna 01 X Refunds, 15.98 Loans' repaid, 8QO-00 Repairs, " 332.74 Miscellaneous, 49,86 Books Supplies,. 1,726131 Furniture Fixcures,32S.3Q I Collection fees, 279.41 (Fuel, 855.19 Freight express, ..32.17. I Light current, 64.26 . Postage, -.12.67 Advertising, - ."16.75 Prinnng. 31.51 Insurance, _~7.20 Sprinkling, 10.00 Warer, 156.21 Quit Rents. ..-. :9.00 Enumeration, 25.00 Interest . discount, -12-50 Auditors, ." 30.00 Tol expenditures, 16,619.13 Balance on hand 5S.-13 Building Fund Receiots Bv L L/Tavlor. Treasurer. Balance on hand".. 168.22 .·^- ii.. -ri^tiiie, X J T J » -- i».j- «.._- -- -- -- = ftf-n --** 0 VO---C began ^renara^OT^ xo fc^ve T=a-.v I Taxes, - 1,268-*3 1 »».r-=cf*«d. 5"e"o^ th? =2rst reports rrom j Loan repaid from GeneraUund. " -· ! ;;.; .sooloo ' Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hodman, of Dr. T. J. BarMey will conduct ser- jBig!ervii!e, entertained at 'cheir" home · vices at St. Mark's at 10 a. m. Xo I Thursday evening 3Ir. and Mrs. Sam- ch'Jjch services at Trinity Reformed. je i Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. Price Oy- ehurch. . . »!er, Carl Ovler, Salon Ovler, Robert ,_ ST. JAMES LUTHERAN JQyler, David Oyler and Anna Oyler. Sunday ScaooL-9:GO: preaching ser-j 3^ Salome 31. Stewart left to-day vk-e..^ 10:30.- r sabject "The Heavy ] IO " attend the national G. A. R. en- Gale"': Christian Endeavor, G:00; jcampment at Chattanooga. preaching service, 7:00,-subject *'Pre- j ^f r . and Mrs. John F. Frazer, of paration for Canaan." j Baltimore; John T. Frazer Jr., of New EPISCOPAL York City, have returned home after Sunday School. 9:45; morning service, 10:30. COLLEGE JLUTHESAX Dr. Edwin Hey! Delk, of- Philadelphia, ivill preach at the morning- and evening services. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Stra'tton Street: Sunday School, 9:30; preaching, 7:30. Marsh Creek: visiting ac the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taivney, Steinv.-ehr avenue. -Mrs. Lucy A. Riiey and Mrs. Nicholas Redding, of York street, are spending a fe-.v days with relatives in _ Fairneld. Miss Ruth Faber has_returned from a trio *f several weeks to Atlantic --S 16,077.20 j Sunday School, 9:20;-preaching. 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN once, deferred bringing him Into court on the ground that a preliminary hearing would bring no good results. In fact, it might mean ais liberation with arcJ ol iha.1 state. "6AYNOR3~"BODY DUE FRIDAY r; 'otal receipts, '. S2.236.95 Expenditures ,Bonds redeemed, .81,000.00 i" Interest coupons. 700.00 Tax, ?!...... .-.-'..4.00 ·nt possibilities o~- h!s seizure. It was announced tiat by mutual consent of counsel the searing has been pur off. Thaw Issued a formal statement summoning up his case and lamenting the fact that Xew York siate was i n bJm. The [ "--«--- Ft;ncra! -of Nev/ York Mayor to- be j iTo'l expenditures, 81,704.00 ; Held September 22. New York, Sept- U.-- The body of Balance on hand, -- 532.95 -S 2,236.95 General School Taxes. ,W. H. Frock. Colloctor. "DR. To taxes outstanding last audit, ............. 81.626.93 ' CR.' - r. w 22 Carlisle Street SfOGKiNSS FOB YOU! zxv-ysKcs e=p=ricscer in yrliing Hosiery, bcjpctl oa! b^ Parcel Post rr^**=-- tSesc OQcrs uobSiSic- BVsdhcg DIRECT-FROM LOOM TO YOU we sOc."RED" HEART 5ILK HOSS at ""3 PAIRS FOR $1.00 Do=ble role and caonblc ea^ra hi;h sr!ic --H iach. jptzre Je£Jt boot--c!cj»tie lisle :op-fail 3cn«h--laU jishToned--u£ct v colors.-BIack. White a=d T=- Also. ~e ecu ijrvc you better valoe than LISLE HOSS sT "4 .PAIRS FOR $1.00 In H£h£ or E3co^u*u 'vrcighc--double *o!c--JcsH= rush spliced Iieei-- lioablcicrtertop--colcrsncvcr ~ raae \VHte. T£J Black. The best Quality Red. Heart every day Hose. We £hip th c'caa. Saciiary p2C*--s^c a=d return o^r" znoncv i£ -- oi i^ti^HES. Se=£ Si.03 s=3 s-^i= wbi=h yon prefer. ,,- _,-_ -., ____ ,c.-oi= -- v r"^ HE BED HEAK i KQSlctSTT Gil. l --'- : ^ S-3.-AHE, HEVV^uHiC crrf- spending so nraca cioney or statement ic!io\vs: -I think the people of my o'sra state would like to kcov.- by what -Trarran- of Iav- or common sense the money of toe people of the state of Xe-s- York is being spuauuereci like v.-ater by many mere thousands of collars than are~ available to me In these persistent ana uriscnipalous efforts to return me co T.Iatteav.-aii. *-!f I am sane then certainly I con't belong to Mattea^ran: if I ~s~e insane then the latvs of iNe^ York State Itself make it compulsory that I be deported from Xe^ York to my home state. Pennsylvania. "The statutes of Xe«r York require that insane persons from another state ·srho are seat to llatteav.-an. or to any other Xs~ York public asylnin not charged v.-ith crime fanci I as an ac- ilayor Gayaor v,-as put on the liner Lus:tan!a. outward bound from Liverpool to Xevr York. The sis turbine Is clue ~"STe nest ,, ,,_ 'By amounts uaid Funeral services for iiayor trayuo- i Treasurer. 492.17 will be held la Trinity Church, this iBv~c"omrnis- " -~ citv. at II o'clock on Monday morales [ sions, 125.50 September 22. The services vvill ba jBy exonera- pablie. j tions. 448-13 This was decided at a conference In By Percentage m- ha_afece »f ^.rayor Kline, attended by eluded m expn- representatives of city departments eration. - - - ---·=- iEcl the Gaynor family, the I-Tisitania BETTER AT THE PRICE THAN THE BEST AT ANY PRICE PUBLIC SALE ; The undersigned intending to quit i housekeeping will sell az Public Sale | at her home 4vi miles from _Getto - s-1 fatrrg on the Rid^e Read, lues-day. \ September 30th, the following real es- j tate'ar.d persor-al property: X.ight Ywo horse wagon, very suitable lor huckstering-, one buggy one i r ii i n i in i ser namess gooa as new. tor. one set frors or.e siilttea man Sie.!ic eicaetiy in tn:s ;lass). shall be reported to the state coard of deportation and promptly ^ent out of the state back to the state DI their residence. "The Xev.- York law is so anxious to get rid of alleged insane persons from another state that it provides that fioe- :ors and ~urses, If needed- be supplied EO get rid of them. The United State? courts have adjudicated me a resident 3f PIttsburs: and reaffirmed this fact vritbic three months. Xo~, ~jy does -nc Xe" York official squander ^ew Tork money 10 retarn me? "''SignetD H. K. TH.A.TV." A remarkable tale was told of a plot ind counter-riot involving Thaw. "Wi!- iam T. Jerome, who is representing the State of Xew York, brought the swift- ist autoiaoline he co;ild proci:re to Colebrook together with, a chauffeur r.otec! for !:is reckless daring and his vrnungneps to "lake a enance." This chauffeur ivhile receiving pay "rom Jerome, it is saifi. began treating "· itn. agents of Thaw. ~.~Kh ~the resul? ec-lars. | "adder.! srsars. nnciies. rwo horse oia^kets. axe, hoes, saovels. barrels. o!d ar.f | young- chickens, also household furr::- j ture^ of Art-Ideal r-ar.grs' with pipe, no better ever se^ up. two '· Lumer Xe~K- Perfection coal oil stove, i parlor stove ar.d, kitchen cup- i board, buffet, safe. 12 fcot extension \ table, half dozen cln:njr room chairs, · ffCod as Be*.", ralf -dozen ca^e seeded ! chairs, parlor s^ar.c. couch, two Led-; steads, two bed room stares, o'-.e lied-; stead and bureau over hundred vears \ old in gooc cor.cit'.or.. three r.etr khch- : odd chairs, doc-:, wash bo-.vl and r:tch- f ' er. knives ar.d forks, dishes cf all i Idrcs. spoons, pots ar.i p; rors, pictures, lot of err.oi--- jars,' blinds, lace cartair.s ard pV.cs. two : screen doors. -»v,eniy \aru- st-;-j,I ^.r- : per. irsjrrair. camet. ~er vc.rl= l:r.^s,.;-~;, i matter:cr. lot of Look-. 0 - j c'ot'.s-. I table lir.en, douzhtij.y. ;c.r«. "j-s. * wash tut- and rubber, t".'-" ~czr~ At the sanis tirr.e v.~".I Le c r~-~r; home consisting of 2-* £'^e^ of lar I. irr.proved v.-ith a sever, r^.rr. f-s.^ -_ house, good Larr. ar.d a7 -c_^^=c:~- out buildings, plenty of :-,,;-. c,' \ water, ti.-o v.-t!]? ar.c r.vo scoo-1 -p -.-cr = . ]and in good tta.te of c.,ii.» u -_ i. Sale zo con^'rner.ce at o-e o'clock sharn wher. terms v-f.l Lt; bv' " Keduced Kates via -9SS.22 I Outstanding General School Tax: arrives _nere j S6SS.71 rptember 19 the body kill be taken p e ter Gulp.-deceased, Collector. :o the Gaynor home in Brooklyn and there until Saturday afternoon. DR. To duplicate ilus oer- - ..:..-fli,997.5S Then it will be brought to the city j centage, jail, where It will lie in. state over- . . , . Sundav and uatli the hour for the ~ amounts pam Treas- funeral procession Monday morning.] - -- er - . . . . . . . . - . I Outstanding: and now charged to H. E. , T...-- l^~,*~L C-O O « O A* Heads of the city departments met with Mayor Kline and adopter appro- j ~ "Bumbau^ 1 ,""~7.T$3,843^03 priaie resolutions. JH. E. Bumbaugh. Collector. J\.t St. James, the mayors country i - 'DR. bome a =ublic meeting was called for } To taxes ancollected by Peter Gulp, de- ilorning- v.'orship, 10:30. subject: ''Our Champion.'" Tne .topic in the evening at 7:30 v.-;!I be ''Xo Other to Whom y.-e can Resort". Sunday School 9:15; Christian. Endeavor. 6:45 p. m. - BIGLERVILTJ3 REFORMED Sunday School, 1:00 p. m.; preaching, 2:00 p. rn.j subject "Jesus" Love of God's House''. _ _ ARENDTSVILIJE REFORMED Morning service, 10:00 a. m. BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School at 9 a. ns.; Junior Endeavor, at 6:15; Senior at 7 p. m-; preaching at S p. xa. YORK SPRINGS M. E. Wenksville: Sunday School, 9:00: sermon, 10:00; Epworth League, 7:30; Bendersville: Sunday* School, 9:30; £pworth League, -7:00: sermon, 8:00. -Luther W. McGarvey, pastor. BF-XDER'S LUTHERAN Sunday School at 9 a. m. and Harvest Home -services at 10. BEKDEESVILLE LUTHERAN Harvest Home services, Sunday at 2 p. m. election of delegate to Synod; Christian. Endeavor, 7:30 p. m. ST. PAUL'S A- 1L JE- ZION South "Washington Street: Preaching at 11 a. m_; Sunday School a't 2 p. m.; Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p. m.: preaching at B p. m. A cordial welcome to all. W. O. Cooper, pastor. Samuel M. Ketterraan. of Dickin;on County, Kansas, is visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Ketterman. of Tiliie Route 1. CARLISLE FOR REFORM Carlisle Ministers woul(F Guard against Marrying Divorced Persons. Lest ilonda-y evemn so. the flavor's to tafee action . ceased, So many mes- - S3.S43.03 CP- 3U Liie .Vil- -»- S liea.^jj.- ^!\J iliiiiij i-tc-J . . , sages of sympathy for the Gaynor fain- | By amounts paia Treas : iy have been sent there tsat the teie- j *~ · ' : 1" have been sent there that the telegraph, conrnany has sent an extrn operator to the village to receive them. Xew York is a ci:y of mourning for Amount; outstanding, 32,261.0 ( Total outstanding General dead Mayor. Flags flew at half Tax §2,899.78 mast and public buildings, the city hall i Special Tax for Building Purposes, police h=adc;uarters and the inanicl- | _ "W. H. F]rock Collector, pal buildings, were draped la black. |i_s 20 YEARS AGO Wife's ponfesslon Crazed Hos- and f Wiio Wanted 3 Lives, Sayre. ?a.. Sept- 13.--^Sugh Hern. f-at he consented. :or a big sum. to {forty years olc. was killed -by -John i 'ske Thaw into 5Iaine instead of Xew ! Samonski, a shoemaker, o£ Sayre. Pa., ! T DR. To taxes outs'tanding last audit, .". S2oa.27 CR. By amounts _paid Treasurer. . 71.25 By commis- j sions. ... --3.75 [Bv exonerations, 27.08 [By percentage added j to exonera- "ons 1.35 The ministers pf_ Carlisle at their regular meeting took a step - against the divorce evil, which may involve all the clergymen of ^ne state. Ic was decided that every minister should decline to marry any divorced person, and a committee was appointed 'co present a petition to the local clerk of the courts requesting him to indicate on the marriage license whether either cf the parties contemplating matrimony has been divorced. This is not required by the state law. buc caii he done at th option of the marriage license clerk. The ministers, however, probably will make an exception in the. case of those who can furnish evidence that they are innocent o^. any wr.cngdoing. Another committee will approach all the members of the clergy in~Cumber- iand County, and if possible-the whole state will be awakened to the necessity of the clergy taking an. advanced position on the divorce evil. - . - motois Sale of S103.43 L-fess over pav- ment, ____ "... 4.22 S99.21 Due on Building Tax, ........ $156.00 Peter Calti, deceased, Collector. DR. York. In me meantime, a nurziber 01 tusky Frerch Canadians, all symrathi- ^crs or Thaw, drifted in from the Cz-- ,-ad.c.r. oordcr and opeit:-" deciare;! .r.elr alZegiance to the f-:gtive. The r~or;s '"c-unty authorities goi siispicious ;·:" tre ntjrr.ber of stra-gers in town inc piacel the present heavy gasrd Heading Haiti^ay f n sale September 23rd, to 3, good for return unti September 27th, inclusive. COMGHESSf^ArJ ELOPES ' Curry, cf Ne.v Mexico. Vv'eds T.iiss Gsns. or Unionio%vn, Pa- ~a=:.:3SiO"- Sentember 13.--Captain ~ccrse C;;~ay. ro-j::h governor il' Xew jii-^'Ciio C.TJCJ member of Con- sres=. e'opea frcrrs "vVasii^ngtoi: with :C:ss Marx'-.a Cura Gans. of Unio ! Pd.. to Rcckvj:. Me., where j \ere rr.arr;·_·('. by Rev. Samuel R. I 2. Ba-:;si ncir.ister. Cap:a:n Curray is ago at 51 CE. By amounts paid Treas- iirer, 912.97 10 tae woods iVaveriy and attacked her. Tie confession of tae wife aster "venty of silence seemed to tum Snmonskl" in:o a manIacT Hem --vasn Oatstanding and now charged to H. amp'ojes: as a clerk in a grocery store . I 4S and XIs? Cans 21. :.:rs. SaraonsKJ involved two other men highly respected. »n "\\'averl}\ Vy-;ta csmpiicii" in the crime to ruin aer. --her she was !:z a. slip of a girl. She :s not ye: iony years old. Samonski attempted to escape but --TSS c-a-j;gat. He sai-i, "I ^tended to : .i:l all iiiree of t^e men, -who acccm- Tjlishcd my wife's re In."* -ic.l£ of the store waere the saoot- y fr.~ occcrrec :s :r. Xew York State and :;;c ot'ier half in Pennsylvania. A "ccal battle is likely to follow as to ".I ere tlie cr : .~a -aas committee. Jt. baugh. .S526.54 Valuable Real Estate On Saturday, Sept. 27th; '13 The tmciersigned will ofier at Pnblic Sale a^thelate residence o£ Fannie Stock, dec'd; on Breckenridge street, in the boroajj'i of Gettysburg-," HOUSE and LOT situate on the 5outbTsiue"of Breckenridge street, in' the borough of Gettysbnrsj. fronting 30 feet thereon, improved with 3. two-story Brick Dwelling House with a two-stroy Back Bnilding. frame Oct bniJding, good "Wlell of AVater, etc- This pro-pert^ is desirably sitaated and will make a most snitable home. It isas private allev entrance iron street and extends South to a public alley in the rear. Sale will becin at I o'clock, ?. il. \shen terms will be made known by. JACOB A. STOCK, Executor of Jacob- Stock deceased SURPRISE PARTY Golda WebB and her Triends Birthday Party- Enjoy A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Webb, of BencersviHe. Tuesday evening in hon.- cr of the thirteenth birthday of their daughter, Golds. The young people spent, a very enjoyable evening. Refreshments were served. Those present were. Thelma Routsong, Aouda Peters, Marvel! Routsong. Julia Blocher, Edith Biocher. -Grace Oyler. Mae Cook, Daisy. Hutton. Margie Cook, Bessie Bushmanr Edith- Fair,--Grace--Fair; Kathryn Toner. Hazel Fair, Harry Oyler. Russell Hanes, Charles Eldon, Donald Cook, Roy Hanes, James Heller, Alton Burger, Ralph Gettier. Ada Hinkle, George Bacher. Elia Toner, Mrs. Cook, 3Irs- B.eamer, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Wilson, -John Wilson, -Mrs- JL "W. Eiden. Mr. and Mrs. -J- W. Webb, Mrs. C. J. Hoecht. Golda V. Webb, Mrs. Margaret Wilson. Bumbaugh, Coliector. "DR. To tax uncollected tv Peter dec'd.. ..§526,54 CE. Bv- amount paid Treasurer, 184.51 Culp, Due on building tax, 344.03 -- i. i 5- The undersigned w;li sell ,- i- A. * " * *" ""-, *--'-^*-^^ C O * £± *^ f "* * *^ -r"""*^ t-- ^-..a.-v- SS.c. .jla iciTiTi s:tLated tv-o mf.e^ north- v.-est cf Orrtanna and t\vo Av;ator Fa!!s to Death. Cork. Germany. Sept. ^".--Hans "r.n. an a-iiator, was instantly kilieJ ,-jC-re. A win while at a co: Lorenz crashed to earia tbe ma- Locale ~E:cr Tim iotal special tax outstanding, .3500.09 Summary of Resources and Liabilities General School Fund. Resources. | Cash on i hand, S5S.13 I Outstanding Brer-sier's X. Y.. Sept. 1C.--"Big 'taxes, - .2,899.78 ir., w-o Z3.S been missis ;. , »» CLO i j_ov**~i f c . i « * t * * » ^ - ' - " j ^ _ , __^..1 of his monoplane bro^s ifrcn the r-or- of rJs brotner m \VH1- . . , - . 1 -o ---scr T--^^ c?-i^« A~:CT^' i:; o --!. W a S I ^c'c »"'^^ o 5 i 1 *ir-; ^5''-' J «»*--»- -iJ--^^*- . ...*_ v ^-v«ijx.^«- ^*» **^ _s.ue.«tj»e aji-i...u-- ^--v. - -cuatcnum of Dr. Joseph ' C:",;:ns on tat; Moarst Brook For i here. near Find Body in Ccrnfieid. j Trertcn. X. J., Sept. 13.--The tody OLLIXGEH. nd p'.acf-. :.IRS. KATTIE E. J. "W. Hoffman. Auctiorie C. R. Fissel, Clerk. Also at the same time I will sell my safe mare, v.n foal, also one rubber-tire hujrpcy. scoo as new; one hecor.d hand baarij, vu sets buggy harness, one set -^ood ;. jiew. one set gears, collars, bi-jjlt, ar.d halters. J. W. IIOFFMAX. Cash! ui: :·::·; clear: so,.tr.-v,-est ci beit acres-45 acres rice in timoer. S'at'ngzon MH! -Burr.s. A'.lenlown. Pa , Sepr. 13. -- The Sia- Company occupying a tr.e app : e s: a man found in a f oTM~ e:d j t jns:;cn Si r:ear trsis city. The police think se : fcr ~ 3er Sv . ;il 0 . » v ,..:' IK Slatington. con- i has beer. 'Jeaa five 1as. In- one of bis j ^ a s ,,..,_,, ,, c .. , v fire 0! pockets a notc:ooi C. I found -zit'n i the of wig, 2-33 :^s- S ongin. The loss is $20,000. insurance street, Perth Amboy, X. J, THREE furnished rooms for rent. IT. A.JJTCKLEY -Txvo communicating. All convemences-j FOR SALE: double brick house, i a. » i f -- » V-A3L.JL/aV - » . = ° . . I , . . . i ~ , , - . r - i n . -x 4- T T^ I will be in Get t y s b n r ·_ every Tnesday a t P e n ro s e flyers' Jewelry Store. Graduate of Optics 23 E. PosTret STM VVILLIA3I.B. 3IcIlnenr,y will sell all Ms farm stock and machinery on }Iarcii 19, 1914.--advertisement FOR SALE: pair of five months old colts. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg. Route 3.--advertisement. A GREAT SHOW Best Show the Town ever Had, 3Ir. .Walter. Says ..60.00 Total Resources, .52,257.91 Liabilities Bills- Day- able," .Sl.500.00 1,500.00 Excess of Resources over Liabilities, Building- Fund. Resources. Cash on. hand. .S532.95 Outstanding taxes, 500.09 ..81,457.91 Total Resources, .§1,033.04 Liabilities. Overpaid taxes 4.22 School R. R. Orrtanna i Apply -.c-nt. i Times Office.--advertise-j slate roof. East Middle street, B. F. j J5 0 nds, .18,500.00 ILjghtner.--advertisement - . 'Over due inteiet Total liabilities, .18,564.22 . Excess of liabilities over resources $ 1 f ,o31-18 We. the undersigned, duly elected and qualified' auditors of the borough of Gettysburg, hereby certify that -we have audited the -accounts of the School Board of the School District of said borough; of the Treasurer of said Board and of the Tax Collector of said District for the fiscal year ending July 11st, 1913, and found them to be correct and that the foregoing are true and correct statements of said accounts. Sept. 1. 1913. M. A. MILLER, GEO. A. TAYLOR, HARRY D. GEISELMAN, - Borough -Auditors. Manager .John. F- Waiter, of Walters Theatre ; after witnessing the production of "Within the Law" at Hanover Friday evening, states that the big drama which will be offered Gettysburg Monday evening is decidedly the best that the town has ever had the opportunity of seeing and makes a guarantee of refiinding- all ticket money to any persons -who might happen to be cissatisSed -with He is specially -anxious fer a full house and iirges all to jnake an effort to be present- The chart at the People's Drug Store shows a small advance sale to date and it is earnestly desired that this will be largely increased and the house sold out. jtrhen the curtain goes tip Monday evening. There will be an entire Xew "iorK cast with elaborate scenery.--adrer- 1 nsemer.t I DODGE- "-ZUILL'S - · -. ·"EASY" Vacuum Washer. . Hand or power- All Steel, and Copper Easr to opperate- Ea;y to handle- Saves ihe saves the Plnfhpc «vres the Clothes, WoraErL Wntc Circulars free, our ajrer.l David Knouss, Arendtsviile. P.I. JEWS PA PER I JEWS PA PER I

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