Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 2, 1931 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1931
Page 11
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FEBRUARY 2 % MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WUV DOESHT 3o BIG, (SAME MORE WELL, DOES' UE ·M HAVE. To WfWE- A. So' H/V? T'PAY FOR- A A LOVE 5TORY Scotch Woodcraft!! ByZWAROBBWEBSTIR ^^RLV* W' £ 1SJO. Csu«l Pn« A»*UU». IM. !*«»* ·* »»l I-vta t«7. five of my men surrounding you with their guns ready eef you fire," They did not doubt him. The ounds they had heard before his . Allan Dowling had taken a new lease on life. All day he had wroUeci in the tropical heat, selecting ana appearance had m.ade it quite evi- bags various specimens putting in of the ore to take hack with him and have it assayed. It was now strapped to the mule, ready to start, and he was enjoying immensely the den that he was not alone. "Well, what do you want, now?" asked Dowling. "We want nothing. What you thot was your property, we have sharing of supper with his miners .aken in the name of our countree. and their foremen. The chile beans It was never yours, you see." and tortillas and thi:k black cof- IMOE.E0 1 . VA/OFCTM IT-iU'bT LOOK THE LOOK OF ONS HER. FACE · "Why, you nervy fee were ambrosia to his palate to- UOOVCV Fl-Fl can't get away with that night. He had promised them each uotsjci soW ·SHE'S JO"5T ABOOT FERCfOTTElO XT- BV A RELIEF -THA.T OOQ WAS A BIQ started to protest. But he got no and all an extra bonus for loyalty PET- THAT ,iOoT VJOtslDERFOL'? further;- and never did quite remem- and fast work, and as soon as he ber what happened nexit. There were shots and men scurrying to ambush provisions, he would be with them more shots, groans, cries, threats-to stay for awhile. and the next thing he really knew The sun wag setting behind the :ie was roughly held by the hands o: jagged outlines of the mountains in three men, who were frisking him a blaze of splendor and Allan lifted for weapons and tying his hands his eyes to the hills and remembered those first years of his out here in The next morning brot no return the west that was still God's own of the captain U, the Montezuma. By country. Somehow, in spite of mod noon Uncle Charley ern progress and ingenuity, the west Joretta in her cabin without making resisted the onslaught of civiliza- her presence known to the others. tion. The very nature of its char- She was greatly alarmed over, her acteristics challenged the comparatively puny efforts of man to conquer it, guarding fast its hordes of "You say he has never failed to gold and silver, precious stones and countless other sources of natural return by early morning?" Never. About the same time he wealth. But now, leaves on the morning before, allus." more--he--was he avowed firmly. successfully, wrestling some of the "What do you think, then? Don't Bowels of its treasure from the be afraid to tell me. mountain safes, more shan't faint, or anything. I want to ITS SO BftUGED UP- I'U. BE" A2W\MGO TO EL DAODV -1MB AR Sl.vlpLV BEAUT I'M \--i AQOUT THEM CM NOD - AF ttfi SMASH up \ help do something. NOU 'SEE THE SWELL Y, CAR, THE combinations. Vastly pleased wa: "Well, I'm convinced there's mis- Allan Dowling, and at peace with chief up. That outlaw gang wasn't the world. Then, out of the evening stillness out fer nothin' yisstiday, and I wouldn't be surprised and it had something to do with your dad. The echoed the clatter of horses' hoofs way he's been a comin' down here Op \SttU AU-THE each other, wondering, then stooc 1 on the sneak fer so long looks purty up and grasped their guns. The sounds died away. Then, pres ently, a lone horseman apeared bad fer him. And we know now that he don't stay here in town as we thot mebbe he did. It all look? mighty queer," sadly. around the concealing cliff and rode into their midst. Without a glance "Well, what do yoj tnink we cai for any of them, he dismounted and Don't know as they's enythmi? we kin do about it but wait awhile longer fer him. Tell you what, we'll Paving the Way went straight toward Dowling. "Good evening," Dowling offered sociably. "Buenos tardes," was the cryptic till dark fer him and ef he reply. And then, in broken English. think we better ain't come then, he continued, "I have come, to you Senor Americano, on veree import- back home as quick as we kin to ant beesness. I suppose you do not bring down some help." By Paul Robinson know that you are -- what you call -trespassers, that you are een a deef- erent countree and taking that which does not belong to you?" "Wltp.t do you mean?" demanded · · · · · · ' "All? Why, child, we ain't a drop in the bucket fer them killers, if they's real trouble. It ucl be suicide to foller your dad and try to help HBNK / ' "-D\T?.TV Fours. HOTS. vOHiu=. him the way we're fixed here." THPiT DO NT PO NO GOOD FHNV OP C2HU. -T^e-^v^. r5.K3.uT from here like the thief not belong to you." "Oh," Dowling smiled with relief. "That's where you are wrong. This is my own mine, it happens. BOO HOo rw LOST LOOtiiNb- flLL OU£f? FbR Hfn "Then what chance alone?" terrified. ' "Well, that depends -- on what he's been a doin' down here. But don't .. .. CITY DOO PoOHD VOL) 6fYV -VQU -- 1'LU 006- 5E6_ worry yet, honey. He might jist be bought it over six months ago from delayed and come along any minute. a man whose family had owned it You stay right here and I'll slip you - soon. It's easy enough. Ev,ery- "So ? Perhaps they only owned ee: buddy's dizzy. and sleepm 1 most ol because they thot eet was no good, the time while we're in the harbor. Nothin' to do till we start." For Joretta the hours wore or. endlessly. Wearied to exhaustion from her trip of the day before, it Eet ees not deefeecult to keep that wheech ees no good, for no wan wants eet then. But when you have the fortune, eet ees a deeferent matter," he smirked. News From Pete had been difficult enough to sleep "Well, sir, I own this land around thru the night. Her mind cavorted here and I intend to keep it. I have like a runaway colt, imagined all kinds of terrifying things that the papers right here to prove my right to it, too." might be happening to her father "So? Perhaps you would let me Would she alive? Then she would reassure herself see them, no?" , "Oh, sure," Dowling obligingly went to a small black bag and pro- with the reminder that he had tak- duced a wallet of papers, which he en care of himself for a long time laid carelessly upon the table pre- in many serious situations. He was paratory to opening it. In a flash. about his own business and knew the man had seized the wallet and what he was doing. She was sure it had his gun leveled at Dowling. could be nothing at all wrong. Noth At the instant, those of the mining petty and disgraceful about dad. ers who were armed .' THAT'S RI HT TOO. 1 |T'SAU)FUt_ ! t DOM'T KJOOWJ 6OHAT Oo'SOt-TT IT. BUT cue MUSTN'T Give tip. DO FIRSr/ 3AVS C -SHOULD BE -To TA.VC6. OR.OE.HiS C'LECT IM ADVANCE.! IT'S SAVS HE'S EM 3O CHCAP THE I N! \ HAROTOOOTHAT.' 1 Not dad. And still that band of horsemen trained on the intruder. He sneered. "For evree wan of you that have hees gun pointed at me, there are IT'S 'Boor TIME BUDOX UJAS -sEe\ti' THAT MAM BOUT THE CANARIES, 1 YES, WERE. WE COME-5 NJOtO.' H'M!SOMP'N'S GONE UJROM HE'S LOOK.IM' ZIP HE'D I.O-ST A- DOLLAR AN}'RDOOD j I -SA-0 TM6 BUT HE i-UOUL-ON'T BIROS VHOOT i PA\D 'IM PtRSTAW'AT SAME TIME HE 5EE(M PEOPLE UOASJT TO SEE WHAT THEY'ree. Buy iW. T0_ ·SELL. AT JER.RVS BOOTH, 'AT'S PCOPUE'D BESLAO AM' VOO C-A,tvi'T BLAME'EM -FOR. LET ME HAVE THE PR.KE,TOLO Ry CMPFORD M r R R I D E Time for Brain Work ME TO -SELL BIR.OS 'AT'S 8y Leslie Forgrave riphl. 10m. liy Central r ' r f M A5St.fiMjnii. I n r . I'VE TOL.D tU .-- -WHEM VOLi'F?E WE.ARINC5 vtuR BUTLER'S UNIFORM,VOU MUST [ NOT WEAR THAT RIDICULOUS HAT Y I MAAM Hard to Satisfy Wealthy California golfer who equipped His water hazards with electric refrigeration , 1931, by Central Prc, e at Association, Inc

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