The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 13, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1913
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

- DAViD- Scandal." wp'TiNsiseos T " SAYS'WAN r A LOVE Mayer paynor Ccu.nt B OF ?E Enjoyed ry He me. TS i Life at Political Advertising. - '* rSowlo" Vote for ^ ·T" £*f ' ^·S ·*** AND P H I L A D E L P H I A PMIadelpIiia Reading Railway Saturd SPECIAL TRAIN aar fiBifiailLofiiiy Char * ziS one of tae active :-::2s o: .ht j S -\'ai:onai Aisoc-Iatio^ o." Jrs in Congress AQSTQT "«*jr»S c H*- \*,'H f OT "S -~--=«= -Jofe" Cannon a n - ' Aritlcol ii'vjLr ur si. ALL b l . . n;«g s Krv- t:oa "2 o: the c-r!m:aal code o:" the United Stares in connection Special ! Special. From Lv. A. II. j From Lv. A. M. Gettysburg : 7:25 'lit. Holly Springs 8:33 BlglervIIle 7:40 Carlfsle -Junction. 8:36 Guernsey 7:44· Boiling Snrirtgs 8:44 =?Centre Mills 7:48 Brandts\-ffle 8:50 Bendersville , 7:52 D. M. -Junction 8:53 Gardners 8:00 *Rosegarden 8:56 *MaviUe 8:03 ' *Grantham 9:00 Starners 8:10 Bov.Taansdale 9:04 ^Goodyear 8:16 : White-Hill ..' 9:1-5 Hunters Run S :24 _ Girard Are. (31st St.) -P31.12.05 *Upper Mill r 8:30 JHeading: Terminal(ar) F.M.12.15 RETTJRNIXG--Special Train v.-ill leave Reading Terminal (only) = - ; 11:10 P. 31.. for above stations. ».-i ULS 1 j dred associations and macv Individ- L3 · . _ _ _ _ _ - - ' BASE BALL SCORE; : ·( ir'", -- --js.. *-!; .-t^.-^-^r it ~-3r^- ----^^ ^*~ ^ zsi. , \ \ I). Tn vote^r .TQIfX \". KEPflART ^ i'^ n,,nM- i:atio!i i-.-.i- .uiu--." Opp- '?!;.- ill i;;-:; an X T I D f f T lArliFr ; cb!ae; you don't need to stl! the birds! ter. I to sing and more than you needed t c j .Ac "u'aiiington--Washington. i teh L'sic-'^ Joe Cannon who to annoir.: Cleveland,"* Bajteri-js--Johns., s an-ij i " ! Aiasraich" E'aac'U-r ~a--rs-i: s-.^ rr.i { on committees, sa:«i _i. "Tae com- -- --· Tickets include Admission to Garden posite Ity. endeavor to see that all patrons of this established hostelry "are served with, the best eatables/of the substantial and solid kind, as also with the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere.- The fact that I\Ir. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient "assurance that he will take good care of such of his friends and patrons as visit him. PINlv'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar, both on draught and in bottles. LUfi v.-ere mace up by Mr. Cannes. I I Busby, his secretary, and Asher Hinds j the ho?;se parlimentar^a::. and I nev- j er obtruded, my opinions." | When, asked to give an opinion oe c, man's Staess lor a cciniruites ? CuT rHIS OH-r A1TB TAKE IT \virh vo« to the p.*!.:? S-.r.t.-i.^.-r 10. 1910, :md use as a ^uld* At Pailadelahia--Ath.eres. 7; Chi- =' cago. 5. Batteries--P.iak. Peunock | |'i Ho^ck. Brush. Thomas ar.'S Si-nsns:! V* Beaz. KusseH. I-atnro-.. £as;c-r!v a~'J Scbalk. - * At Bcsien--Boston. IS; Deiroit. '-. UA»*P Pnnfprop* WH j a ""V K " e3S ^ " ^^-H BS^r^vl;. 1 L ££ anS^S £iUU-JS U U H S O i v G O I l y - U . s.t.oc he gave it, O "t v.-c-n_ no lurtaer.j Standing cf tre C:u£.s. · V»"atson said he never v.-as approached = TV. L. JPCJ v.*. T. pr. \ bv anv Xational Assoc.'azlon 01 ilann-j Athlencs S7 47 C50Ch:eaa:o. 7~' ^s rr7 I lactnrers' oEciai to favor any !es:s-! ^|;.;~ a ^g |I Uss- 6 .TM^: I- ^ - f; to Senators, ! laticn and never ^as Interested par-j Eosioa ... 5S 31 5 :5.X.Yor: : : 4S S4 C-:-5 shlrgtoa. Sen, 13.--"With the f£i-i ocularly in any ailis tney lavored er-l NATIONAL LEAGUE. same scheduled. Stancing of the Clubs. .J,-. "PC 1 .! TV. L. PC. nority members cf committee barred iron in^ r t2e Democratic ·*" ~^" is JT./^^ ~"«-£i»»f'g i COJl^ CL^ 2JC.-I.~I--,} tJ" Ct--.O-- fJ_^_, £Z1Q ciic | -v, -r,» Tjrcc^^d-' proposed e^emptica or laljor anionsj raajoriiv :r: " eaarge of the final TMork on thei:arL£ revision bill Degas Its v/crk cf ac- justing cGEfiicts" bet-Kreen rhe senate and hoass- At tlie eaci o£ a saort session tiis the operauoa of tse Si IIe said fce el - tbe sa -- e car In oat Democrats baa completed ^rork: oa the a fev '" ninths and da't make good chemical schedule 01 the bill, and Rep- j -e Denied taat Mulhal- helped raiss reseniar.$ve I7nuer-ooa and Senator 1 S22.C--"'-,' In that caaipalsa. H^s e=- Sisnacns "Dredlcted that the a-csress j pioytneat "07 the tana associatio ' as tov.-ari a complete agreement v,-ould a oe speedy and sanaO-Tiotis. in _ charge of the campaign for a tar- The Democratic conferres -- i!! not l ^ eommnssion vrhile.the Payne bill call their minority colleagues In en- j was : ~ t£e aouse and later in the sen- til they have settled all tshases of the | ate taris: dispute. " ! "There Is EGChing secret or insici- The house members yielded to the ! ous about my eniployneat." said he APPLE.-jcm-enARBIN BEABJNG^ TION SE:T WITH FRUIT, FOR SALE, :i.G nori';-..; v.:n.i~In' SJ.-Ing anil ::ii' v.ith ih:ibv.- ian-l--'r. liie Ifa.\v iiii'i a rrrii. oiajitA.;/··£· the lost Mi V'^.r-. Yi'ili st!i . c=: aii-i north, cai- to a quick TOIII/ f*0i* piy fiyijii^ y s f i It P. until A hA IV UOllia OHd viri nrri Finp itLUCU i U MfM ? s n I a? laPHFJi D. C. ASFER. Aspers, Ps. j_ Wlii Oofuf Wit!) senate on the majority of amendments accepting the senate lower rates on raost or the disputed Items. The redactions seade by the senate on coal tar ayes, including alizarin, and. an- thracene. ~ere approved. The senate's rates on soaps T^ere retained. A compromise --as made on the item of chlorate of potash, xrhich the house sad taxed at one cent a poaad, but ·a-hicit had been free-listed in the senate. It" s understood the compr ·K-iil be based on practically an division of the ho-ase rate- President T.'ilscn has laid before the earift conferres the protests by CS^L- tral. American... countries -against th.e proposed duty of one-tenth cf a cent a "I -svas nor in congress and I thought I fcac a right to that employment. 1 received S25Q a ~eek and my expenses ana probably a retainer of 5500. There ay have been some talk of a contingent fee. bat It mast have been ntnong the oEcers. I never Jieard anything about it." ·""^raile I ^as ~hip o£ 'he house for six years." declare I vTs. T SGis_ "I ·rc.s intimately accuaint=i Vr-ith almost i^iiK svery member, and I never knetr a g^-gn corrupt man iz* the ho^se."' "\Then qnestiored about lectures for the manufacture.' or a!l!ed organizations. "Watson diverted to take a shot _ ·Tie is the John D. Rockefeller cf pound on bananas. It is --inderstood ! · : - le chautauqi-C. platform" said "Wattee President favors" the elimination so -- "He has made more money oat of the tax, on the ground that it event- ^ ^ -- ari anj-body els? and he has uaily vTOtilc fall on the poor, -- ho use ' niade more monej because he has bananas largely as food. From Mia Peklc;. Sept. -fisr^ issued b? i i gone about abusing the other felloes guard for "akiticr isonsy." Provisional President Tumi Shi Ila^ signify, it is believed by foreign observers that China has ccniplie 1 -s-:th the demands of the apanese Government presented Thursday. The Japanese demands arose from the killing of three Japanese at Nan- king, the maltreatment cf a consular messenger, the to. fare of a -Japanese lieutenant at Haalcov.- and the impr-s- onraent for t\vo days of a Japanese ".ieurcr.ant at Shan Tung Japan de manced an apology for the iiisurs ;o C* 1 »~° T )iir'6£s *'"' i cr ^is^ Ti"" 1 "^ ^T*~^' t ^"^r those resnoi:si";ie an«i the paj ment cf ac Jnaexnaity. In the clash csfvecn Japsneso and Ch'nese so.tZ'e'-s at Crang-Ti. near Shar. Hai-KT.-aa. vrhere the .Tarianesc Tke Nes- Oxford Pure h cod Company is now ready to serve the Public ivith the following food, 2- Dairj' Feeds 5 grades Swine Feed, Bran and Middling". Horse Feed. 2 kinds, also a fine meal for calves This is nev.- and I ask the oublic to v.-[ve it a trial. ~ ·- ^* Located :r« rear of Scott Brothers Coal Yard. Terms cash Nev/ Oxford Pure Food Company. HARRY T. SHRYOCK, Manager of the r A. French stscleat of natural science holds the Tie~ ti-ar btigs are a neces- te . WAGES STEADILY INCREASING sary evil, his argument being xhac if j It vrere not for them the birds vronld } 1-ebor is^Gctring i.lors Mor.ey Desp: perish, vrhile if 'there were no birds j" Decrease in Working; Hours the btigs ^vocld consume ail vegetation ! "R"ashinsten.Se;,t. I-.--.there vras a and htiraau beings vrocld perish. ~t Qvp'' t.!KT f'. M. 1. Co 5 s steady susrease :n tae scase 01 ^sia to IaiGr in t~r.:s eouniry in the past s:x yrnrs. and this ·was accomplished in the :"ace of a steady reieticr: in the rlilns hours of lanor. Statistics 3ab!:sbec e Depart- ^ Farmers Pekin to the sea. one cf the -Japanese i soldiers ~as kilitd. The Chinere of- ncer later sent an apology to the Japanese commander. On Saturday, September 20 Atlantic: C:cy. Sept. 13.--A party found the body of Ec^arcl Likens, the sis-y«ir-oM sor. of Mr. a n ; ! ?.frs. "W- E. Likens, of Ventsor. The; body ~as recovered frotn the bofo_n j of the bay. asa :t is ?res ; :rue'i -".a:! :he youngster fell fror; his father's | boat ^7h:le at play. At Stock Yards in Gettvsburor. A carload of Horses and Mules Thirteen head of Miiles. t\vo and three ears Noted Sibiiographer Qesd. libaca. X. Y.. Sept. 1.".--Grorge PI :"- ip Philes, a jiotec! bial'ographer an : i j: editor of the Phllobible. t-ied a^re. He j , v.-a s S5 years old. i ^ I have just received a Standard Automatic MOk Separator - _ --, · ^ - O which'can "Be seen at "'" S Biglerville now S This machiae is guaranteed JjjJ to separate 750 pounds of milk |j| per hour, and as soon as I have © stifriclent number installed I J£ · will buy the Cream at regular 0 price for creamery butter. ^ J.W. Pettis I nietit cf "Labor indicate that labor no^ :s receiving: more renuiseration for fevrer hc^rs of toi^ than ever before. The figures ar. j bassd on compari- i sons ot snlon "vrnge s^^i-S agreements, trade -arion reports v.-orldrig cora- pacts :n central cities throngho-ct the United States from IT'''7 to 3912. The bakers appear to have been benefltied mora than others. lor tueir '.rages _,. .-__ ,-- ,, -- _ . -- . l^or^increased 22 per cent, in the six Jtgf+l^g^'Vg* ffi ms,! n-nag dav -vrss ! fancv. S.x2-g5.6''. * ~¥S FLOUR steady, at 55.50^073- i tier barrel. j " ' " \VESAT Qi-iet; No. 2 red. se", §. o!d. %v:th plentv of bone and size, \vill make laro^e -X §P . 9 ^ r.iules \vhen niatured. A GENERAL MARKETS years. Trb'.Ie tr.e;r shortened nearly one-5f:b. Stcne cnt- i " T1 - T^ -i ,-i -TT--3 I ters and newspaper comisositiors are We isecomiGesci- sJi iliuaeyjjv 0 . 07 - es!1 ; a -s = C ai- ; - t"^e --an^- Pffls for tli^SIQNEYS/BIad-j crred'Jced'ho H "r 5 .~ der. Liver, Bowels, Drossy, I Backache,.. Kkeiimatlssi, ^ Ca-* Roc t tarrlial CpsdltloiiS etc. , j Lsscomb. st-pposc-f. to be a tvell Ask Dealer for a Free SainpL .-FOR SA'LE by Drusr itor: Twelve head of Range Horses with j for general puroose horse or farm i:se. Sale to commence at one o'clock, reasonabie credit v.-i.i be giver, by, T7 o r e s an ornev s z v : e n CORX Gu.fif; Xo. 2 vello^, S7c. POULTRY: Live steady; hen; The People's ; do fanner of Car.aseraga, X. i.. --as }lSc.: o;d roosters. 12 3 ,^c. Dressed f,r.n; ** · murdered near the entrance to the ! c-£ 5 j^_!°.F !s ' |§^; : . °^$ r .. 3s:er ^;, 1 :3 1 --^ · ^ yards of the Xev,- York Central Ha:;-1 ^__^ l -,i^';'j} "'" i- ' "" - t - t --' '-"'! j jroad in Charlotte nesr here. Ilobbery j ^'E^GS steady: selected. 34 © 2S^.; ijg :--as the motive, as L_:scombe"s pock-1 cearby, S2e.; ^vestern. S2c. 'g , ets vrere tamed inside out. A note t for S2.10G. payable to I.i:seo.r.:e in one seciai I ORDERED OUT #""57 COMING EVSNTS found near the bodv. Chief Severs Brother Dead. Stock warkets. i _ CHICAGO--HOGS ---"-- Sept, 15--"Wi'cliin the Laiv"'. waiter's' Denver, Sept. 13.--George Mejers, a Theatre- baseball player, brother of Chief Mey- Sept. 22--Openinsj "cveek's cr.-acen.cnt. ers - ° ; tbe Xew York Giants. I-Ianhattan Players, i'alcer's l hot 5 ead here durins a Quarrel Tnsati-e. Sarn Lang. second hand .Ford touring cars and an Indian motorcycle for sale.} LARGE copper kettle for sale, good Central Aulo Company, street.--adverlisei icnt York a - new. Little's Store, Sex'en Stars. -- advcrtiscr.ient i ^ .,,_. lo-rrer; S £ 7 9.2.^: Tiiix- * 5 1 bulk, SS?S.^: Ker.t. S. :d. S7.75'c D.20: "heaij-, S7.5-'^S.T5: · § Q A f I | We have made the rounds and or- |' j dered out ail of our Men's, Women's j i and Children's Summer Shoes, and SB 1 no\v we are going to Make Them 1 ?J7.80; stoel.ers ad__ieeders, $5.40 7.90: calves. SSI ii WANTED: a lady to work in restaurant. Apply at 101 Chan-bersburff { . ^ street. 1 --advertisement ('gj -.ire to Save MONEY Come In 5 Move, f I We offer Shoe Bargains that vou S J ^^ O 1 ___ * ^! I cannot afford to ignore.--Xo one i! ; with feet should ignore this sale.-- § 1 Remember the sale is now on and if 1 I YOU do stay aw?y, YOU are the I Loser. | Pri.c.-. to varied «u.J rr. noro"s lo"'.t_Lcre. I C. B. KITZMILLER, g "2. 1 2"3 o: f! iggiaE^jss^^^ JEWS PA PER I -IWSPAPKR!

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