The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 2, 1931 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1931
Page 6
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MASON CITY OLOnE-ttAZETTE FEBRUARYS 1931 WOMAN'S CLUB PARTY AT PARISH HALL DRAWS CROWD Department Committees Give Stunts Tea Served Following Program at Affair in Afternoon.' ! More than 350 attended the part · given by the Woman's club Satur · (Jay afternoon at.the St. John's par ' ish hall in honor of the new mem ! bers who have joined during th present administration. There wer : a number of members from Britt ; Forest City, Clear Lake and Nor; Springs who worn present. The entertainment included a se ries of stunts presented by th committees of the various depart menta opening with a one act play "Collaboration" written and stage -by the drama and music depart . ments. It told the, story of wh* ·happens when a committee plans a party. With the characters working ; on a .gay nineties party, in whicl ' Spanish music and dancing couli be included and tg which "anyon 'could come who had a gay ninetie: dress," developed the plot to a cli max with the serving of'tea. ' : Breakfast Food. '_ 'Table talk was confined to wha husbands will eat for breakfast and when. The play ended much like a . serial with- the announcement that plans for the party would be made at another meeting, this time a luncheon. Mrs. William H. Hathorn's wed ding- hat produced to prove what could be done with a gay nineties party provlQed a nigh point of interest. There were several solos bjf Mrs. B. Raymond Weston and a · Spanish dance by Miss June Barber The cast" included Mrs. Frank .'Pearce, Mrs. Don FitzGerald, Mrs W. H. Hathom, Mrs. Merl Sims and · Mrs. Weston of the music depart- 'ment and Mrs. R. B. Romey, Mrs. 'Frederick J. Olson, Mrs. M. G. Kissick and Mrs. Louis Woll. Children Give Skit, ' An amusing stunt was staged Pancakes Plus We bow to the . old-fashioned »pancake ... 'J^v: J.p 1 /. ''''" i: ;:,- " .1 ".\fl5r generations : ;America's favorite breakfast dish ... and now better than ever . .. because of improved flours . . . and an improved syrup. After all, · ; tha enjoyment of ',, pancakes depends . very largely · on the syrup that is eaten : with them. · Try Amaizo · Golden Syrup · next time you have · pancakes. ; Then you'll get pancakes plus ... ; a new flavor, " rich but delicate ... . smooth, satisfying. \' . Your grocer has Amaizo '. Golden Syrup--and the · other Amaizo quality · products. . · Every Monday Evening at 9:30 o'clock Don' Amaizo broadcasts his program of music and adventure over Station WMT. ; Look for the Amaizo name and gingham background design. AMERICAN MAIZE-PRODUCTS CO. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME GLOBE-GAZETTE 15 CENT PRACTICAL PATTKKN Pattern 208G By ANNE ADAMS. Spring frocks show a feminine grace that is intensely flattering. This model places its flares on bodice, sleeve and skirt in a delightful manner. Especially noteworthy is the treatment of the collar which ends at the left shoulder and is replaced by a soft bow of the fabric. Three quarter sleeves are very popular. The frock opens in coat fashion, and is well adopted for maternity use. Pattern 2086 may be fashioned of satin, flat crepe or triple georget. A. solid color or a print will make up with equal smartness. May be obtained only in sizes IB, 18, 20, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44. Size 1G requires 4%, yards of 39 inch material. No dressmaking experience is necessary to make this model with our pattern. Yardage for every size, and simple, exact instructions aro given. , Send 15 cents in coins or stamps (coins preferred), for each pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size wanted. N The new spring and summer fashion book is now ready. It features an excellent assortment of afternoon, sports and house dresses, lingerie. pajamas and kiddies' clothes. Price of book, 15 cents. Book with pattern. 25 cents. Address all mail and orders to Globe-Gazette pattern department, 243 West Seventeenth street, New York City by the child conservation depart' ment which depicted a typical clinic in miniature with children impersonating the mothers and doctor and dolls, the babies. Jacqueline Hanson took the part of the doctor, Jean Cadwell, thii nurse, Sara Jean Senior and Helen Harris, assistants and Ruth Harris. Harjorie Hight, Betty Sinnott and Martha Iverdson, mothers. Mrs. Hugh Shepard who acted as master of ceremonies read a tele- ram accounting for the uon-appear- ence of the current events department whose members were suffering ^rom the effects of trying -to digest he Wickersham commission's report Old Bill Present. The art department with the pur- iose of bringing a figure of inter- lational importance to the Woman's lub offered Mrs. E. H. Wagner, in lie person^ of Bruce Bairns father's Old Bill. She posed to depict two artoons, "The spirit of the troops s excellent" and "This Is going to be a war of exhaustion." . The book review department had irepared ' a romance made up ot Hie titles-of 55 books which was read by Miss Lydia Margaret Barrette. Prizes were awarded to those who distinguished the greatest number of titles and Miss Katherynne Trissel won first place, Mrs. L. A. Moore, second, and Mrs. Frederick J, Olson, third. The closing stunt was a one act play by the outdoor life department ~iving an '"over the back fence" conversation between two amateur ardners whose parU were taken by Mrs. F. M. Norris and Mrs. W. . C. Bagley. Mrs. W. C. Odell wrote ie skit which contained reference :6 various affairs the .department las sponsored and much amusement vas aroused at the woman who brot :he same plants to the plane exchange every year, because she liked a change, the woman who expected istrology instead of astronomy trom 3r. Morehouse and the neighbor who the cat's neck to tied a bell to warn the birds. Tea Served. Tea was serveH at tables centered with snapdragons and lighted tapers twined with greens. Mrs. C. H HcNider, Mrs. Bert Thompson of J'orest City, Mrs. Earl Moody of Nora Springs and Mrs. A. E. Sondrol of Clear Lake presided at the tea'tables. General arrangements were in charge of Mrs. B, F. Weston and Mrs. Hugh Shepard of the hospital- ty committee. Hostesses were Mrs. 3.;'J. Steinberg, chairman, Mrs. J. H. Woodstock and Mrs. Thorkel Sondrol of Clear Lake, Mrs. Letitia "Jilbert, Mrs. Alice Brown, Mrs. J. A. Gashel, Mrs. B. E. Manl'ey, Mrs. 3. J. Drummond, Mrs. A. B. Hunkins, Mrs. Nate Lapiner, Mrs. W. H. Reese, Mrs. C. M. Franchere and Mrs. -H. V. MacGregor. The board assisted in receiving the guests. Gasoline is' selling eight gallons for SI, but the price of breaa is th« same as last year, which proves, ot course, tnat the cost of living really would be down 20 per cent if one could live on gasoline - Detroit News 2086 Neglected Wife Ought to Seek Aid of Lawyer Sage Tea Turns Gray Hair Dark Says Ruth Starr Gray Disappears tay young, my friends. Above all. why let your hair get gray, when here's a simple way to lose gray lair overnight and in a few days lave beautiful dark hair. It's a rew of common sage tea properly blended with sulphur. An old recipe vomen used to steep on the back of he stove. Now improved and sold y all druggists for 75c a bottle. Wyeth's Sage Sulphur. Use it fol ; owing directions and very soon it vill restore your hair to its original oloring, so evenly, so naturally no- iody'11 ever know. By VIRGINIA S LEE I am a great believer in modern youth, as perhaps those of you who follow the column have discovered. Occasionally I find myself raving a bit about the^ lack of responsibility in young people today, but I decide immediately that it is probably no worse than it was in other generations. And that there doubtless always will be some people who just naturally shed their responsibilities and leave .them for othersi. to bear.. .······*»-..; ... A letter tells of a married couple, the girl 17, the boy probably not much older. They have a baby. SBut they do not live together. The girl wife complains that her husband runs around with other girla and that she formerly went with another boy, but quit at her husband's request and promise , that he would give up the girls with whom he goes. He doesn't work because his parents don't want him to care for her and the baby. 'He could- get a good job, away from home, but evidently doesn't plan to take it. What can the young wife do in this case? BABY: Not much can be done in your case, Baby, unless you go to court or your family does for you, to compel your husband to support you and the baby. He is not so much to blame as his parents. Tiny should have taught him his responsibilities to a wife and chile! anO ohould not uphold him in his ao- tions. You can apply to the court to compel him to support you, or to have the marriage annulled. It would be best to take such action thru your nearest relative who is oi age. * * * DIMPLES: You are in a bad way. Dimples. Not only have you lost the boy friend, but your mother won't let you have boy friends..! don't know how you can win the boy back .if your mother won't let you go with boys. What did you do to make her forbid you to have bny friends ? Try to win her consent first, then maybe there will be some way to win your former friend back. * * * " JENNIE LEE:Of course you know what I think about your problem. If the boy friend is dissatisfied with you he prefers a different kind of a girl friend. And if you can't be ,that kind of a friend without lowering your ideals, why, you will be much happier in the end to let him go. I don't imagine that you will have much difficulty in gaining a friend who will love you as you aro ANXIOUS LOU: You might havo a parley with your husband and his mother and try to 'bargain with them that if you come back home your mother-in-law will go to visit. 'ier daughters for a time. It is certainly not fair to you to have her in your home all the time when she makes so much trouble between you ind your husband. If she insists on staying with you, you could take your case to a domestic relation:! court and get their advice or medi ation. No one can take your baby from you are an immoral woman, un- youa are an immoral woman, unfit to have the care of a child. 33 Licenses ^ Issued in January North Iowa Towns · Have Number of Weddings in Month. NEW HAMPTON, Feb. 2. Chicknsaw County Clerk of Court Ray R. Sission has.issued 33 marriage licenses during the month of January. They include Albert Barr, Wan- coma, and Mabel Zubroci. New Hampton: H. W. West, Marshalltown, and Hariet Masse, (Nashua: George Edward Young, Manly, and Zona Beryl Riehe, Williams; Lylc Edward Clarke and Thelma Josephine Fairbanks, Monticello; Lu verne L. Kurthe, St. Paul, 'Lenore E. Welton, Rochester, Minn.; Milton Fredrick Knockle, Dubuque, and Ina Leona Trumblee. Dalaware; Leslie T. Peterson, Denison, and Evaline Mitchell. Smithland; Frank E Polmeteer and Lois Phillips, Charles City; Louis ; Christenson and Eva McCrady, Albert Lea; James Ralph, Lawler and Olivia Frantzen, Alta Vista. Melchoir Brunner and ' Florence Elliott, Jefferson; A. C. Schmidt and Vida L. Sewell, New Hampton: John Segabarth, Fairbank, and Norma Meyer, Nashua; A. F. Kenaston, Sioux City, and Margaret " reene Schuller, Kansas City, Mo.; Henry Anderson and Alyda John- ion, Albert Lea; Alvin L. Weber, Irvington, and Ellam M. Jordon, Algona; Harry L. Mohr, Lake View, ind Thelma L. Spangler, Fort Dodge; Harry A. Doxey and Jo- mnna M. Suppry, Adams, Wis.; llifford Paul Zinn, Storm Lake, and (race Lucille Scothorn, Early. Robert J. Hanna and Mildred Hanner Furrow, Mason City; Donald E. French, Geneva, and Nellie ',, Fischer, Hampton; George O. iildah and Nell I. Stringeman, Iowa City; Raymond George Vogt and Anna Camilla Kelly, Lawler; Hiram John Button and Clara Dora linden, Reinbeck; Fredrick Jericho Irau, Mount Pleasant, and Maurine .a Pelie Colliver, Bloomfield; Will Johlos and Anna Hintz, Elma; Arthur Steenhock, Leighton, and .bertha Westercamp, Barnes City: Melvin Albert Rasmussen, Hariari, md Dorothy Marie Best, Shelby. Wish to Imitate Adults May Be Capitalized on in Children by Parents · By ALICE JTJDSON PBALE Two-year-old Ann' shiuaderefl when her"'mdther gave'her the new tonic which the doctor had prescribed. Since it would have to be taken all thru the winter months her mother decided to use · strategy. The medicine, being flavored with maple syrup was really quite palatable. Next evening she appeared with the bottle and spoon, pourert herself a liberal dose and with every evidence of pleasure swallowed it before Ann's wide eyed gaze. "It's good," said mother. "Good," echoed Ann, "then Ann wants some, too." Mother looked doubtful. "This is mother's bottle, but you can havo just a little bit." ' The baby took it, shivered again, but said with determination: "Good, very good." Three evenings in succession this! performance was repeated. On the fourth evening she no longer shivered, and her determined "good" had an authentic ring. She had acquired a taste for the prescribed medicine. The wish to imitate their elders is strong in most normal children. A little benevolent scheming, utilizing this tendency will often make a child clo gladly what he would otherwise do with the greatest resistance. Since most children must tak« medicine so often, it is well worth 'while to set up a pleasant attitude toward 'it whenever passible. Certain tonics such as cud 'liver oil. which most children at first dislike, become pleasant after they have acquired the taste. By rewards and the stimulus of adult example, we can help the child to accept something which he may later learn to like for its own sake. MR. AND MRS. LETTS OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. William Letts celebrated their fiftieth wedding anni versary at the home of their daughter, Mrs.'G. H. McKague, 1604 Delaware avenue southeast, Monday The guests included Mr. and Mrs Sherman B. Letts of Belvidere. Ill- Mr, and Mrs. McKague and son, Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Herman B. Letts, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Halsor ind children. Nancy and Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Letts. The f.etts have lived in Mason Citv "ince May 12. 1883 when they moved here from Rockford, 111. MAKE RESERVATIONS Reservations for the annual membership banquet of the Y. VV. C. A., tcvbe held Tuesday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the y, W., wi;; be taken until Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. MARRIAGE LICENSES fSSUKD IN PALO ALTO EMMETSBURG, Feb. 2.--E. M Thompson, clerk of courts for Palo Alto county, has issued eight marriage licenses during January. They are as follows: Earl C. Kerns. Mailard, and Irene Calligan,' Rolfe' Bruce Kress and Alberta Smith; P. C. Salisbury and Grace Hildebrand: George D. Slonicker and Anna Wertz, all of Emmetsburg; Walter F. Vierow and Helen Smith, both of Ayrshire; George Bell and Anita McCuIlotigh, both of West Benti. Clande Pugsley, Emmetsburg, and Julia Pugsley, Cylinder; Victor Bargman, Rodman, and Vivian Hinton, West Bend. ACTRESS DISPLAYS FASHIONS ****^' Loretta Young, popular movie actresa. displaying the new spring fashions now the vogue In Hollywood. Program of 'Sittig Trio- Has Interest Variety of Selections to Be Played in Afternoon Concert. An interesting- combination of old and new music has been arranged on the program of the children'^ concert to be given by the Sittig trio Friday afternoon at the high school auditorium under the sponsorship of the Grade Teachers association. "Gavotte" by Jean Baptiste Loeit- let is the music which mountain peasants danced to and the distinc- :ive rhythm is preserved and made especially interesting by the use of a flute. · To Play Minuet. Another sort of dance, the minuet, known for its slow grace, will be recaUed in a Beethoven, minuet. "The Gypsy Rondo;" a -colorful fast moving number by Haydn is a direct contrast to the minuet. This particular rondo is reminiscent ot the native Croatian folk airs of which Haydn was fond and which he used considerably in his music. A composition of Sir Edward Elgar, English composer, "Salut d'Amour," which is one of his most popular works, will be played. Jt was written to Lady Elgar shortly before their marriage and its melody in three part form is of a sentimental character. Herbert Music Included The trio will also play "The Slumber Song" by Flaubert, "The Serenade" by Herbert, "Danse Phantas- tique" by Juon, "Waltz" by Brahms and "Marche Miniature," by Kreisler. Edgar H. Sittig, cellist, will play "Drink to Me Only With Thino Eyes," a melody as popular today as it was when first heard ' in Queen Elizabeth's day. He will also play "Tarantelle" by Squire. A strange superstition prevailed two centuries ago regarding the dance among Italians who believed that a person bitten by a tarantula could be cured by diincing the tarantella. Margaret Situs', violinist, will play "The Old Refrain" by Kreis- !er, "Gypsy Serenade" by Valdez anil "Mazurka" by VVeiniawski. THREE PERMITS AUE ISSUED NORTHWOOD, Feb. 2. -- January was a light month in the matter of marriage licenses issued by the clerk of the courts for Worth county, only three being reported for that period: Harold F. Mueller, Manly, Marcella V. Bergland, Het- teuger. N. Dak.; Harvey Kuhlman and Mildred Stalheim, Northwood; Joe J. Johanns and Laura Fluhrcr, Qrafton: Social Calendar ..MONDAY- R. B. Bridge club-- i 6:30 o'clock, Bovaird tearoom, 215 Washington avenue northwest. Miss Mae Cassidy, hostess. Eighty-Five club-6:45 o'clock, church dinner. Drama Shop Players-- '· 8 o'clock, Drama shop. Auxiliary to United Light and Power-8 o'clock, P. G. and-E. BenJIur-- 8 o'clock, First National bank, election of officers. TUESDAY United Chapter No. 53, O. E. S 7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple, stated meeting. Wilson Child Study circle-7:30 o'clock, school, lesson by Mrs. J. : M. Tubbesing, informal narty. Baptist Y v W. A.-7:30, o'clock, Miss Agnes Compton, 325 Second street northwest. Mrs. Dwight Compton, assisting. r n-T*»Ti_Vftl_^ - : - · ' '-*-'. -12:15 o'clock, Hotel Hanford. Forest Park Bridge club-2:15 o'clock, Mrs. H. D. Fallows, 928 Pennsylvania avenue northeast. Woman's club board-2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. D. A. R. Bonrd-- 2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Mntinee Musinnle-- Mrs. B. Raymond Weston, 21 Rock Glen, current events, Mrs Frank Pearce; "Granados and Pe- drell," Mrs. Earl Dean, Mrs. C. E Oilman. Clio club- Mrs. Fred Duffield, 507 Eas! State street. Chicago Northwestern Women's club-2:30 o'clock. P. G. E. Union 5Icmorial circle-!:30 o'clock, church, chicken pie supper. East Side Social cirelo-- 7:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. Warren Case and Mrs. Ernest Peterson, hostesses. UKO Igo club-Mrs. Dean Glanville, Kirk apartments. Owes d cliili-- 1:30 o'clock, Mrs. L. C. Schmidt; 1027 First street northwest, luncheon. IIUTH COOK HONORED AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs. L. 'J Cook, S Taylor avenue southwest, entertained at a birthday party' in honor of her daughter Ruth, at the Holy Family school Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The occasion was Ruth's sixth birthday and there were 50 schoolmates and friends present. A Valentine motif was carried out in the de'c o r a t i o n s and refreshments. Games were played during the afternoon. Kiven away with each half pound package of SALAD A TEA purchased at your regular grocers. Good MONDAY TO FRIDAY r February 2 to 6 (Inclusive) --when presented with one paid admission. Fresh from the gardens'' F i r s t Pair Married in New Church Rector of Charles City Episcopal Church Wedded. At tha first wedding ceremony to be performed in St. John's Episcopal church Miss Ruth Vance, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Vance of San Diego, Cal., became the bride of the Rev. Herbert Thompson, rector of Grace Episcopal church of .Charles City Monday at high noon. The Rev. Robert Morgan Ileden- baugh, rector of St. John's church, was the celebrant. The "Rev. H. Gavalas acted as epistoler and the Rev. William Reed of Wymore, Nebr., gospcler. The ceremony was performed by Father Read anri benediction was given by the celebrant. Miss Marion Kiekenapp of Faribault, Minn., was the maid of honor and the Rev. Elmer Johnson of Eagle Bend. Minn., acted as best man. The bride was given in marriage by Vern Van Note. A blue tulle grown and a matching' hat were worn by the bride who carried roses. The bridesmaid was attired in navy blue crepe and her bouquet was of mixed flowers. Mrs. R. E. Patten, organist, 114 Attend Y. W. Play Day Events Afternoon Spent in Various Sports for Girls. One hundred and fourteen girls registered for the play day held Saturday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A. by the Girl Reserves for all girls in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The afternoon was spent in playing games and swimming and every participant was given a choice of two sports or swimming. The pro- gram was 1 designed to follow out a Girl Reserve slogan "A game for avery girl and every girl in a game." Following the games a short program was given including a reading; "An Ode to Posture" by Roberta Andrews and Dorothy Curtis which explained the question marks with which the girls ' had been tagged during the afternoon. Marjorie Brown spoke on "The Way to Health" and club songs were sung. Refreshments were served. ' The schools had been divided into two groups and of those which have sixth, seventh and eighth grades Monroe girls won first place and Roosevelt second. In the other group Madison placed first and Grant second. Counsellors who assisted during the afternoon Included Fern . Wilson, captain ball; Ethel Ehlers, basketball; Dorothy Cookman, kick ball; Eleanor Prescott and Ruth Starke, swimming; Jean Swift and June Artlnir, marbles and jacks; Mrs. -Nell Anderson, registration, and Marion Haaes, tags. played the "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin" as a processional, "To Spring" by Grieg and Mendlessohn's wedding march as a recessional. Following the ceremony a wedding luncheon was served in the parish hall for 32 guests including the Rev. R. G. Purrington of Owatonna, Minn., and J. R. Fillington of Faribault, Minn. Father Thompson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Thompson of Emmetsburg. He and his bride will make their home in Charles City. MR. AND MRS. BKOPIIY ENTERTAIN AT BRIDGE. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brophy, 728 Fifteenth street northeast, enter-: tained at bridge Sunday evennig at their home. There were three tables and high score prizes went to Mrs. Glen Kephart and H. C. Deterrnan.--- BOARD TO MEET Members of the Woman's club board will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock to elect a nominating committee which will draw up a slate of officers to be voted on at the general meeting in March. Smarter Styles.'Better Oivl'ty For Less Money Sinea 1920 ·OUBTK5V AND IATULTACTUM9 Wm BVUT Broken Lots to Close Out at Prices Below Actual Cost Priced at Priced svj Priced at Priced at Priced at $1.00 $9.00 SQ.OO 1 Lt~-- *9= = = Priced at Priced at Priced at Priced at .(MK to $|.95

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