The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 12, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1913
Page 6
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CHICKEN CORN SOUP The ladies Avi Society of-Mt. Tabor will ser^e a supper of Chkken Corn Soap. Ice Cream. Cake ana other refreshments. Flease do uvt forgt: this lat?. Saturday Evening Sept, 1 3th. DAINTY DANCE GOWNS NETS AND LACES NOW USEO FOR ENTIRE DRESS. SOME DAINTY DISHES NEW RECIPES W H I C H I N C L U D E THE DELICIOUS STRAWBERRY. Only the Simp'est Method of Draping Can Be Used in These Delicate Lscy Frocks, and It Looks Best. Piquant Flavor of This Fruit Adds s. Delightfully Appetizing Touch to Many Dishes -- Combinations Worth Trying. BETTER THAN GREAT FORTUNE Knowledge That One Always Played the Game Fairly Is a Comfort. " - Ing Thing to Have. APPLE, OR.CARD IN BEARING CONDITION SE/T WITH FRUIT, FOR SALE, j S Nets ana laces, Instead of appearing , merely as trimming, are now being used for entire dresses or 'for dress iisics, and. when combined '"with a A contributor to the American ilag- azine^says: | "When you get np in the morning 1 take a look in the glass. How do you j loot to yourself? . - = "If you can look yourself right, in {tfce eye and not be ashamed of any- · ] thing you've done, you are far better _ Boiled Rice "With Strawberry Saace j off T - pgT , j^auy.^ *-?"· wilh. lots morc^ I -Put into the upper pare of the dou- S^ money than you. f j We boiler a cupful and a. half of watersfj.i^Of coarse, IT. is nice-to be success- i i pale satin, the effect: is charmingly _ ! soft and vouthfuL It v.-ill not be pos- f* ' " " o*-*i«*oc: T- Between sis and seven acres, located delicate ii.-r A-end^mill. set with a crop of \ lacy frocks, but after ail the simpler Entire orchard, except aboutj draping looks best, and a nost e~ee- exposure aui irv:".-i^i from Land ««u the ·A'CS: auii jaordi. j ;-·"£ coarse, IT. is nice-to be success- i 'fui; to save money." No matter what j the game it's marbles or | business--it is nicer to win than to i lose. Success' brings happiness; but it | j must be real success. If you've cheat- j * ed to win, you've destroyed the pleas- j D. C. ASPER. Aspers, Pa. FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only | spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width j -nd Iron- t J to 2 ft beyond the wheels with less worry on the I team You'only need'drive half as far to get your load off, While the ordinary spreader throws manure on a narrow strip behind the spreader." If you want a spreader, come to see now rhev work and examine it yourself before you buy I have them here on my farm and will be glad to show how they work. Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery in the Walter A Wood line, on short notice. W. C. WEILE, Biglerville, K. 3.. ^Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY YTiih -ou^rn "team equipment. I am prepared to io seneral repair work blow-oats." sections and retreading ^ If the hole is not longer than Die tuo it can be repaired. Satisfaction guaractee-1. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable It-liable and Powerful. Try it. Tours and Battlefield trips a specialty. United Phone 117 X C.A.STONER, prop UTTi «£. \,UL**X* «.-**·* **· --»---- -- - - - f f ,, to a foolf, add a half teaspoonfut , of salt and one cupylui or rice, thor- - oughly washed. Cook over the fire \ Qve miniues. then set in the hot water * boiling water. Cook until the i -- ,_ , . , - . . . . . . . · has absorbed all the v.-ater, which will j Ere _ -There is no satisfaction in bein 1 be in about twenty minutes, then add. g^cgg o t the other fellow if down in ; a cupful and a half of hot milk. Siir| your heart of hearts you know he is J lightly wkn a fork so as not to isasa: r j g |ufiilly entitled to be ahead of you. the kernels, and cook until soft. Pour ] -y/| a if you can win fairly. The · into a pretty serving dish and serve j srnowledge that there isn't a page in ' with stra-.vberry sauce. i your past to which you dare not. tarn, ; Strawberry Sauce--Beat a quarter j ^ at there isn't a man in the world I eupfu' o f butter to a cream, add gradu- j ^,-j p nt 7,; s gnger on any crooked ' " J ~" thing you've done, the feeling that whatever happens you have played the game straighc is worth mor3 than all the money and all the power and all the position in the world. ] ally one^half capful of powdered su- ' gar. and then having crashed a cupfus -, of strawberries, beat gradually intc j the sugar and butter. I 'Strawberry TritEe--Line a glass j dish with alternate layers of raaca- ! roons and sugared strawberries, - dip\ ping both in a little white of egg tc I make them adhere. Make a custard \ oi beaten yolks'of three eggs, a third j of a cup granulated sugar and one and i a half cups milk. Stir and cook over ! hot water until thick, then put aside J to cool. When cold enough pour intc : the lined dish. Whip the whites of the s eggs very stig and drop by spoonfuls I into a basin of hot =ailk or water and ! pnt around on top of pudding, placing I a ^ "If you are in business, no matter what the other fellow does, be content with smaller profits and a square deal. Clean money pays best. Crooked dividends bring wrinkles and worries with them. "A good test of a-business is what you are going to thini of yourself ait- erward." Noti ice All ;v Oxford Pure Food Company is no\vrcad to serve the Public with the following food, 2 Dairy Feeds 5 grades Swine Feed, Bran and Middling. Horse Feed, 2 kinds, also a fine meal for calves This is new and I ask the public to give it a trial. Located in rear of Scott Brothers Coal Yard. Terms cash _ strawberry with stem and hull left , on in the center oi each egg pun. i Strawberry Jell?--Mash a qcarc ot · ripe strawberries and strain through \ coarse cheesecloth. Soafc two-thirds f of a box of gelatine in one cap of cola water for an hour. Add a pin; of boil- I ing water, the juice of a lemon and a ! large cupful of sugar. Stir until the ] gelatine Is ail dlssolvec, add the straw 1 berry juice and strain. ^. . 1 Pour into a pretty shaped mold ci ! small caps anil'sec on the ice to hard- I en. Turn out for serving, put a border ! of ripe berries around the bottom ol i the form and serve with whippec ! cream. Red raspberries may be used i ; i place of the strawberries. " . Strawberry Mousse--Hulled wash LITTLE SHORT OF MARVELOUS Series of Miraculous Escapes From What Wotid Seem to Se Inevitable Death. Lace Tunic FIo\ver Trimmed. tlve method is followed in the dress ot the sketch. The foundation dress consists of a { it . ti _^ 0 -- sk ; rt of blue creoe meteor gathered at 1 oi cold water for an hour tnen me waist and opening down one side j solve in three tablespoonrd.s oi a. caart o£ strawberries, drain well and" sprinkle with one cupful of sugar Lei stand an hour, then mash and strain through a fine sieve. Soak a cabiesnoonful and a quarter of gFasa- iated gelatine in two taMespconnils At Geneva recently a professional acrobat who performs on. a trapezo attached zo a. balloon, fell into the T-ak3 c-f Zurich, a distance of 1,500 feet- He swam unhurt to the chore, just missing death by s. few yards, for had he not sprues from his seat Then ·srithln 50 fees o£ tie lake he would have- been dashed to pieces on the rocks. Several instances of people falling from incredible heights and surviving to tell the tale cr.Ti be quoted- At Brighton quite recently an actor knov.-rL as Lieutenant Bering, who was pleyiEg the part oL s. naval officer who is attacked by brigands in a cinemato- graah plav, and who "svas suppcseu to slip oTsr the cliff--in reality, however, t r.'g-raT-j c~ ajrilank which had been New Oxford Pure Food Company. HARRY T. SHRYOCK, Manager r iaa water- Add to the sugared berries, let scand in a psn of ice water aad stu with the front edge Turned under, draped a litle and rounded away just above the instep in. front- The under ,, -- _ . blouse is of white chiffon, cut with a | until it starts to thicken. higher neck and long sleeves than the ! .-- ' tunic,'so as to form soft finishing Two Delicious Beef Recipes, edges. The blue -crepe meteor is con-! Here are some recipes you might tinued above the belt in a straight! ma jj e US e of sometimes: liae, covering the chiffon under blouse j salmi of Beef--To one cup of brown just below ths bust. i sauce add one cup of cold roast or The tunic is made of Chaatilly net, j ijojied beef, cut in thin slices. Place- with rows of fine lace Insertion run- j a r t over ^e 5re in agate saucepan un- ning lengthwise for trimming. The! rll Thoroughly hot, but do not let it blo placed below the edge to maize the illusion complete--missed his footing and fell 90 feet below into the sea. escaping witii a sprained wrist- An even more mirecslcns escape after a fall over a clia was that of a sevsc-Tsar-old child who had been eatcerlns Sower;: en Culver cliff, near Saadown. Isle of T\*:gat. who slipped End isli £00 feet. She --as only silently injured, a bottle which sue carried being u Giortcs of Anc:ent Buildings. The famous Te-nple of Diana, at Jr UUL ^ ^- +~ - Spbesus. was 420 Saet to the saasort -^bs-u*3*.u. T- .. w j. -- -. --«_r , «,*·» v««-*-«"c»~-TM-' -- -* -* _ _ . ! - . * ·» -j. _,»t * *% T* Ti T» (2 *-o-S -r-a*"---3; i ·* ;s e part is suipliced and draped! cook . This ; S a good breakfast aisn. of tie root; * wa., a aunare.,^^ ^ -__ T_^_ ^=^« ,,- r n ^ -r-.,,=r -hi- ^ I ^ v _ _ ^ -. - Qe ^-aae tender bv cooking; building. Tne lajgest o^ _c.~ .r..._u-(-j ' - and -waT«-- six quarts ol { is 4S1 feet in fcc'-ght and S3o feet on ·vo pints of vinegar. When J the side. The base covered. 11 acres, mixing flour and water try a fork in The stones are c bout_60 leet in.I«ga ^^^ ^=a-r '-r CAT I At Himterstown ALE are outlined v.-ith roses, and there is a girdle of silver gauze about the! waist. The skirt part is gathered slightly at The belt, and extends some ten or twelve inches beiow the hips. It consists of an under part of white chiffon aad the over part of Chantilly. - The draping of the Chantilly is so arranged that the left side is eonsider-j ably shorter than the right, but the[ space is filled in by the plain chiffon i under part, which hangs evenly with i SATURDAY, SEPT. 13/13 One carload of Holstem Heifers and Bulls, ranging in weight from 400 to 800 pounds, also steers and heifers. A lot of fresh and fall cows, some big milkers and butter-makers. They must be sold regardless of price. A credit place of sDoon. Beef Ki'liiey Stew--Cut in small pieces: after soaking cover with water, add liver or beef, if you have any, salt, pepper, onion, and simmer until tender. Sometimes put rice or maca roni in. etrzsng Tosst, Milanese Style. :ct ten cents worth of dry. b!ac£ olives; stone thera and place hi a little saucepan. Cover them with olive oil and coolc slowly. 3iash thera with a fork while they ase cooking un- the right side. Roses trim the edges. Probably the most natural and j tive roses 10 -use for the purpose are j the small silk or muslin ones that] "-{-"J^T, j^eg/ vrash and clean come in bunches in the millinery de-1 " 1 "· *"* - - partmeat, and incidentally they arej the least expensive. · anchovies. Slice it and spread Then put a thin and the layers are SOS- It employed 350.000 men la bunding. The labyrinth of Egypt contains 330 chambers aad 12 halls. Thebes, in Egypt, presents ruins 2; miles around, and contained 350.060 citizens zad -lOO.OCO slaves. The Teinpla of Delphcs was so rich, in acnatioas that it was plundered of 550,000,000. and tie emperor Xero carries away from it 200 statues. The walls of ancient Some -.vere 13 miles arourid. Dog Caus=d Boy's Death. A boy wss drowned by a dog he on s. leasa jumping inro the water and dragging aisa and his brother, walk- ias with aim, after it. The boys and Liking along the ! e. LUW *wfc--wv- \^_*.^-w."-j- -- , ,,-_.-!_ e--"-»o-- JYFZ i T Si i llCil i/ii** c*. * --'''' « --· ' ^_ -- ,-* .... ! "· Ui s " e " *v^. s-^ ? ., a coajDanion were raising along tr.e ALL SORTS OF NEW G1RDLESJ KS/ifS^So^l^^g,- TM£^S^ | ives. Decorate witii spnga o*. pars- ·= . , Becoming Daily of Greater Importance! ley and serve. Delicious cold or not and Every K ; nd of Material i for iuncaeon. Is Used. i -- the loci, before the accident nap- i - oo into | . will oe given. Spanish Potatoes. Girdles and sasaes are becoming j Cock medium-sized potatoes in thei daisy ol greater importance, and every ] s ^jns; ·when almost done turn _ .. inasinable kind of material is used j co3d -r,- a ier for a lew minutes, peel and j / Braid nanufaciurers. ribbon houses] B -. ace i u ,, _ ( and silk and cotton merchants are | o -,j On n ae . add one-fourth teaspoon oi j out special lines of goods j savory herbs, a little pepper; sprinkle) i over "the potatoes; cut two or three} with S ;; Ces of salt jxjrk aad lay over tbs j v.hoie: put one cup o£ warm -BT"--' Into tin and bake to a nice brown. ^eBed. An anxrm was at once raised and ons of tbe brothers was speedily rescued by some boys vrno were play- = ,r.£ uear. An elder brother of tbe caine on tlje sceae and plnnsed the canal. He succeeded In nn i ing the otner body, jbut artificial res baldag un:^chop a ssallj pira{icil prove a tmavaCiag. for mai-iing girdles. These girdles are worn both simple and witii elaborate cresses and | en the outside of suit jackets and also: wraps. i bead and bead ueck- \Ve desire to announce that Gettysburg's most Important * - ' eoing Of Fall Millinery Will take place at THE HUB Saturday, September 13th. And continue on September, 15th and_16th. In scope of Magnitude, In Variety, in Extreme Stylishness and Becomingness, In Smartness and Correctness, there are no RIVALS to our Magnificent Millinery Display French models as well as .our o\vn designs at $4.98, $5.98, $6.98 They are worth Sio and 512 \¥e have all that's nev.-est In Untrimmed Hats and -- trimmings ALL HATS TRIMMED FREE OF CHAPxGE Hats for the Youngsters are here. The Values and Prices we offer Are Unmatched Anywhere. ine Store |M "The Ladies' Shop.' 10 Carlisle.Street, - PUBLIC SALE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER. 23cL 1910- The undersigned" Intending to quit housekeeping will sell at his residence In Cashiown the following : PUBLIC SALE . Of Valuable Real Estate. The undersigned will offer, for- ^_-September 25, 1913, a farm and mHi property- situated at Center .Mills, ' Adams "County. Pa_ nine rsules north iu^ii-sii^; \_*i«.ii^. -- ^-^ ^, _ table. 1-4 leg table, 2 small taoles, 1 suik/1 cupboard. 1 trunk, 2 wooa pox- 3 benches. 1 large chest, * ed;, 1 good 'bed spring:. 1 pair x-ciiies. 3 nairs steelyards. 20 yarcs brussels carpet. SO yards rag carpet. 3 i-ugs, lot of sheets. quilts and blankets. towels, napjans es steads scales.' and, nd Unearth Bones of Roman Soldiers. -, The discovery has been announced j 5 ^. \ from Borne, Italy, of z. large ossuary, laces, in the bright Bulgaria- colors, j Bo =i OIie CU r) of graulated sugar in \ ^^ J. March. The stock is tested -- Free from tuberculosis. H, brignt Bulga-ai: cotors, f Bo|1 one OTp ol grauiatec sugar in ~-- fl the iaT3S , OI1 of Iia!? are being snown for autumn. _ , one .half cap of water naul a manes;-- - - _ fcen inTa ain S 6{ la baadbagsslarics colors aaa crafle j 50^ ba n fc cola Ta^e o^, - _^ Df ^ c CJ t - 3e Ko . | ! patterns are seen in the form oi oma-1 su , V e. sprinkle fiour over ^.op, cea. it I I ·rr.fty!THTinr:_ These effects, however.; . fet.V*ti, "^l-** * * » J f c i W * » v -- -- -- *- f ~ » ^^^ _ j msiszation. These effects, however.; in ^^.^ creaky, Savor and spread on j ^_^; are more lively to become popular in j ca se Q ^jcltiy, Cocoa can be added i buttons ar.d as trimming touclies.--; chocolate frosting.--National roods SccEomist. '. 2j^e. or place for the deposit of the bones of the dead, near the port of Tclamo"- Tae discovery is on the scene oi the Telamon. fousht in tne ycai '·S defeated by the Ko- rains of a. Temple of ^ linen table clothes, glass- TTS.TM it-iu queensware of all kind, spoons, knives ajid forks. 2 -washbowls and pitchers, 2 lamps, lanterns, li 'vindo-- shades, 3 ne~ brooms, 2 mirrors, 4 sad irons, table oilcloths, 9 " ' th. lot of quilts, anc and feather bolsters. ··OUS.11JS utensils oi all kinds, Tvash- borier, stone jars and crocks, oil cans "nd buckets; lot of empty inut lara canned cherries, raspbernes. and canned" tomatoes, jeilles oC all Kinds, Th FAEM. PROPERTY _ : farm consists of Si acres, more hordes vrere The brick, chicken coops ana egg cases, shovel?, rakes and hoes, ivork bencti. forks, set of planes, hand .w and ladder. Gleaner and FOOLISH TO KEEP CORNS Putnam's Extractor Removes 'Etn ^Cc. .'ny tvi e.-.tract a c'~rn hke fviiiitin^ ·-.n Pnfnan:"# Corn Kxtraotor: it's the surest! O^m Doctor ever 'jiio'n is j E?.«cs «p t3)fet awful; ]-::ieh over aisht. brings f · HStthe hard kernel o f ! the -A-n and K-avcs the i"c sniiKith 35 silk. 3Iii- liosis of penile liave ;ir.',c-'i Pntnani's Corn F.Mr.u tor a genuine Mii"- t-r^p, it will icinovo your f-orn n . '. an.} '.d'ou c . :--ii! in ilv 1-r. 1 r - ' o m m r n c i i'V dni'.^i'ts inel ' Drair Store. Testing Kooks and eyes. ! To avoid using hooks and eyes that' will rest, test them with, a magnet- j If they can be drawn by tr.e magnet. they contain steel and should not be' risea on anyhing that requires laun- V/hsn Sewinc. Tne sse of colored cotton Instead oJ -a ; t° fo- bastins white material · "Let Jarss Do It," 7 _ knaves ; t iaac easier to follow the] "Let -Jane do if is the new la-., seams accurately on the r^chine. The j i u California since voaiea go^ ,ns bakings are also more easily and 5-rote. -XoTradays.-sa75iiissae.ea Sec · Sulleis, 3 R-1- Ked crowers. These art f nard to beav. Many other r.ot dientioneG. . . Sale to commence ait one o cloc^ :harn when terms and conditions wiii j quickly removed. ^ ''II / ^ To Remove a Perspiration Stasrs. ) Lay the stain over blotting paper, and sponge with equal parts of alcohol and ether xr.ised. R«b dry. then touch lightly with household ammonia. If it j leaves a blur, rub weil with powdered j French chalk on the wrong side. ^ ! Toed o; Sar. Francisco, "when a man Its approacc.Gd by political slave criy- Hickory Nut Cookies. j ers. who ass Sim to serve on all One cap butter, two cups sugar, twc | of tiresoaie cosiniittees, he jest says: one-half c«p sour milk, one tea-| -V.*ell. I"~. too busy, boys: jus., ass my spoon vanilla, one teaspoon soda, two j cups f.our, and sne eisp nuts. Roll out' and sprinkle with sugar before basing- Lucky Meeting Angry Investor--'"'.Yell, _ -I-ve out and seen t . hcon To-sgue-Twistcr.. Try this or* j Diir vocal organ. Say it over se*.rr.ii i:nie^, «ud csy it TSS!: i ~~ -- ,, ^ ,. ^ .. ·-A rat ran the roof wuh a lump of you." Real Estate M«in- of raw liver IE h.s wuth." \ S«st the chap I want to see. Yvi^ does it look ,-jfg sne imows more about it than r'do. anyway."--From "Beiow the Rio Grande." _ =^^- Fish Affected by Water. by aquarium experts have" indicated that salt water baths ·Viil cure some ills of fresh water 3sii, v. rule fresh water makes siclJ deep sea denizens well. ^^ ---- 5eo. J.'ilartz, Anctioneer. R. D. Bream. Clerk. JL *i v JLCLi K!*. »_*^llO«^HrfJ VTJ« i^r^- -fc*---*. w j -- -^--· or less. Ivinsr in the heart of the f rait ?elt; about-60 acres of this-is the best of farm land, and 21 acres exceptionally fine pasture land and timber, such as locust, walnut, oat, hickory, efe- There is probably about two thousand dollars worth of timber on this pro- oertv. There Is a large dwelling house if 12 rooms and wide Colonial hall, iarge ±ank barn, and good wells at both house and barn.- ' . . : MILL PROPERTY The mil! Is known as Center-Holler Mills. It has four floors, and consists sf three stands of Bntler doable rolls, and full Boiler system of mpgc ·rnprov-ed type: also one large chopping bahr- This Is one of the^bcst cus- n *TI11= In the county, with plenty .grain and feed bought and sold t at the door. Water power strong *,..- constant. Concrete dam and race. Both In excellent condition and chiefly .·maintained- With the mill there Is ilso dwelling house of seven rooins, i stable, and a blacksmith shop- There : s also a well of good water at this aoase. As these properties join they sill be offered for sale together or senarately as the purchaser may de^- =ife- Terms -svill be made to suit purchaser. Any one wishing to buj a oroperty of this kind should r.ot fev ;o be present at this sale. Reason ^.or Jelling Is old age of owner. One hundred dry locust posts -will be sold at the same time. , . Sale will begin at one o'clocK sharp- Ten Ter cent- reqrjlred at time ot sale. HENRY ROTH. FARMERS: another lot best tira- , Alsike, AlfslfaL crimson, and red ,,, seed, just received. Price guaranteed. Xone better. Trostcl's Store; Arcndtsville.--advertisement FESTH^AL: will be held by the Arendtsville schools. Saturday, September 20th.--advertisement _ 'BOARD -wanted: room td'th and use of bath. Prefer to get permanent location with private family. Not over §5 per week. Address Times.--ad~ vertisement. WANTED: a lady to -work In restaurant. Apply at 101 Charnbersburg street.--advertisement -

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