The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
Page 11
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FWDAT, MAT W, BL! I HE? FLU! (AUK Political Announcements Subject 10 Preferential July 29, 1952 Montevideo. Uruguay was named after the cry of a lookout on the Magellan Expedition—"Monte vid' eu"—"i see a hill". Election For County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clark GERALDINE LISTON For State Senator GEN LEE BEARDEN HEMRY K. HOYT WILLIAM H. (BILL) WYATT For State Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. ^ The Lewis and Clark expedition ' [;•; Is believed to have taken the first «'hlte men to the Yellowstone Park area in 1807. ROYAL world's NO. 1 . portable USE IT WHILE YOU PAY...ONLY JOHNSON OFFICK EQUIP. CO. 106 S. 5th Phone 4420 k' FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se/y That Stuff" , Phone 2089 Of f ite & Bu!k Plant— Promised Land "After graduation she's going to marry her high school sweetheart! Just think, four years of college, wasted!" 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Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm income without penalty T\u Famottt FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i« written info your note tellfn you have a loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co 213 Walnut Phone 23S1 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds Alias Basil W.llinq •y Helen McClojr ^ XXXIII •ROSAMUND YORKE put astd her cignrel. "I t o ld Thereon to meet me here—Inter. He didn 1 seem (o mind." Her eye, lified to Dr. Zimmer ' " e ^ cnt '" k ™ her. (her. ,!ropnc< her hands and jerked nway "No herel Anyone might come in .1 any moment. Don't torment me!' He turned his back to her walked straight toward one of the French windows and siood looking .out into the grmten. his hand, on (he grille that fenced Ihc lower hall of the window. Instinctively Basil Willing and Frank Lloyd moved farther bath ^ !, nt< L v° shr . ubbcr y. "-en remem- * bcrcd how dark tl lc B! , r den must ^ Cn i l ?,. an - V ,° nc looki »S out from the brilliantly lighted room Rosamund watched Zimmer a moment, her head on one side, a flicker of smile at one corner of her mouth. Then she drifted forward winging a while scarf with an idle motion of one hand She slipped the other hand through h arm. She rpoke softly, looking up at him. "Let's be .happy ." "We're going to be — but we mustn't take foolish risks " fV*'i" dr i? P s . plasl '«j'on'the back of Basils hand. At the same mo- menl dimmer snid, "Rain. It here" n ' SM that D " e « an came ••<=?"•? , a| ? r>c; "" ed b <*ind them. Shall 1 shut the window sir?" ".No. Its loo hot for that." -Why not try the C |T CC [ 0( mu _ sic? said Rosamund. "That steady orippinn ^ such a sad sound here when it rams." Zimmer nodrted. "ft might help." rerSll, ?i v. nCW !o "«-Playing records, sir?" suggested Otto. No. They're too serious. My Wests must he gay." But his voice was not gay at all. Oddly it was grim. He turned away from Rosamund and lit » cigars* "Noth- ing u more curious in its effect on people tlian music. Even gay mu sic makes people sad. We mus have something rousing and robus as well as gay. Something lha stirs the blood. Not the music tha makes people think." Rosamund laughed suddenly and clearly. "I have it—The Mer O Widow!" . • « • QTTO permitted himself a smile but Zimmer shook his head seriously. "Too nostalgic. And ii they start thinking about the past they'll start thinking about the fu- That would never do." ture. , music?" said Rosamund Again Zimmer shook his head. There's a sobbing note in that animal passion. I have it!" Now Zimmer himself laughed. "Amer- can music! The most utterly unlinking music in Ihe world! Music that has no association with the past or the future!" "Very good, sir. I'll see to it at once." Otto vanished. Zimmer extinguished his cig;irel and sat down it the piano. -He began to play oudly—some of that gypsy music ie was afraid to let "his guests hear. Rosamund cried out furiously 'Don't!" •" Music ceased In » crashing dis- ord. Zimmer sat still. "I'm sorry." She crossed the com to the piano bench, put her lands on his shoulders. "I feel as f I were walking on explosives hat might go off at any moment. Max, when are you going to re- ire?" 'I'll retire -when I've made nough money," said Dr. Zimmer. 'But you told me you would ctire perhaps next year." "That depends on how much loney \ nuke the next tew "I shafl enjoy seeing South \merica and yet ... Are you sure ou want to i«tll« there; Why ran'l we just go there for a while ind then come back?" "Because I prefer to settle in South America." "How peremptory you arc!" She laughed, but there was an edge o( irritation in her voice as she went on. "I'm not Otto, you know. I'm an American." not," retorted Zimmer. - that's one reason I want to settle in Argentina. Authority is understood and respected there. The people in this country are undisciplined to the point of anarchy. What a relict it win be to the rest of the world when they and the Russians have destroyed each other!" "Why didn't you go to Argentina in the first place?" "I had friends like Canning who made i( possible for me to got out of Germany and come here. I didn't have any friends in Argentina. I want to arrive there wi:h plenty of money so that 1 shall he respected from the first " "You will. You are clever, Max." "Only Americans think it's clever .0 make money. Any fool can do ' //. he ' s Wil!in 5 <° lake chances." "You mean any criminal can do t." Rosamund laughed and turned away. "Even Americans know hat." Zimmer rose to follow her 'There's nothing criminal about he things I do! I practice wha! eiifitmcists preach." "Oh?" She smiled over h?r .houldcr. "Try telling that to the lolice!" "Don't say that — even in fun ve been careful. No one knows 'Xtepl those who have to know " "Not even Greta?" "She's the last one I'd ever tell She ..." He paused. Greta Mann cam« nto (he room. Be CtuUuucd} Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 4 HHDAY NIGHT, MAY 30 6:00 Dennis Day 6:30 We the People 7:00 Big Story 7:30 Aldrich Family 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports 8:45 Bill Day 9:00 Around the Toivn 0:30 Playhouse of Stars 10:00 Lights Out 10:30 News 10:40 To Be Announced 11:10 To Be Announced 11:40 News 11:45 Sipcu Off SATURDAY, MAY 31 8:30 Test Pattern 8:45 News 8:r>5 Morning Meditation 9:00 Kids & Co. 11:00 A Man's Country 12:00 News 12:15 Nature of Tilings 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Film Fcaturette 2:00 Gianni Schicchl 3:00 Youth Wants to Know 3:25 Morgan Beatty 3:30 Hootie Knzootie 4:00 Quiz 'Em 4 :30 Sky King 5:00 TV Teen Club 5:30 Hanger G:00 AH Star Revue 7:00 Show of Shows 8:30 Your Hit Pnrade 9:00 Die Am. Barn Dance • 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 c. A. Preview 10:45 Ken Murray 11:45 News 11:55 Sign Off :.) COURIER trewy OUT OUR WAY OUR iOARDtNG^QUSE — wiri. Major PAGE ELEVEN •y J. R. WHtMHM ^ HOOPte APTE.R /EARS OP L NEXT DOOR ^ r-J COPVOF TVle CtTV PUMP, IT'S ReAmy BALM FOB tue eyes TO se& OU SPADING A GARDE M/ WH/VT ~~ 'ARg you I'M PUTTIKlG IN A STAWD OF^I CATTAILS, MV SIMPLE '•"*•* "X DOKl'l YbO HA\|£ fug MEHTAl^COM^ To ccwioecT MY VJlTH TME FACT OUR DO6 BURieD A TREASURE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ME SHIM.' TWO HOURS A STRUCTURAL WORKER TO 00 FIFTEEN MIWUTGS MACHINIST WORK.' OH, WHV DON'T A MACHINE UKE GCf gfX rO TAKE flTAffV , fcf? FIMANCIAL.NOT . \ AGRICULTURAL^ Benefit by Reoding and U*in S Courier New* Classified Adi FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Biytheville Motor Co. Phone 4122 CVptDT CArCttl HflLTCRS UflUITY SHO€ SHOP 121 W. M fl t N ST. Free Picture Of Your Catch , _ Jusl hrliiR your strini! of Rsh to our store anil we'll take a picture lor you any lime until 0:00 P.M, No thargc at all. Oooil lurk to vou on your rislnn.? Barney's Drug CAMERA l!F.AI>QUAKTF.RS 200« W. Main p nc , ne 364 , I* 601 N& TO (2M!£ CLOSE JEEPER-3, Pop! I'LL BET OLIVER WIL1 \i7 HAVE THE BEST HOUSE TOWN.i SOMEONE'S RINGING POP CANT COME TO 1 THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY ALWAYS GET ALONG SO NICELY OUR BELL, PRISCILLA' THE DOOR! HE'S IN THE DOG HOUSE! I FEEL FUNNY. WJSH FLIMT WOCXP HUKKY ' ' T t*5 E . A Of- COJTSK. KfffiHT ON 5CHEPULE/HERE'S WHERE J WHAT'S VWONS? CO VOU THINK TUB PDOK CHAP AV8RT WEEP OUT T VOU'UE FIND NO ^ SIQW Of UMOfR THERE TU88S, OWETHING'S MOVING 311. BEVDMD TK' PCMUT HERE THBY COUB 1 , CLWWO IF 1 C*W GET UP THK1J TAMSLE OF ROOTS, OK MOT AGAIH. CtlMGIMS TO M&.WSR0UE- Koore-.., , , MARIONS BREATHING ,0 NOW WHILE THE TIME-MACHINE IS , HEATING Lit; YOU'D BETTER CHECK THE VIEW-SCREEN BEFORE I START PULLING SMITHES, _' '- - • - ~ HtY 1111

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