The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 31, 1962 · 59
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 59

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, August 31, 1962
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I I 'Rocket to Mooiv -Viridiana' Reviews l Odets Play Orbit Erratic; Spanish Movie Depressing BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER "Rocket to the Moan" is late in blasting off and then doesn't stay in orbit. The play's title, of course,, did not have the missile connotation when Clifford Odets wrote it in 1938; the reference is to a leading character Ben Stark, dentist whose imagination soared but who was unable to soar with it.f "Rocket" was officially launched Tuesday night at Schoenberg Hall as the latest production of UCLA's Theatre Group. It carries some bad 'writing, some puzzling writing and occasionally a kind of stumbling eloquence. Its three acts all of which take place in Dr. Stark's waiting room in New York improve progressively.' Daniel Mann's direction, like rx-actor Odets' writing, is a combination of realism and the theatrical, but too often the realism seems less to rise out of the real than to be propelled arbitrarily by the playwright's penchant for rhetoric. It awakes, but it does not always sing. Susan Has Youth in Her Favor In the company of seven the key figure is, though not by any sizable margin, Geo Singer, Dr. Stark's assistant. A girl of about 20, she is desired by her unhappily married employer, by his wife's old roue of a father, and, more incidentally, by an uncouth Hollywood dance director named Willy' Wax.' Cleo is portrayed by Susan Harrison. The part is too big for her to cope with a romantic adolescent's first love stirrings, to which she responds with a surprisingly uncomplicated honesty. Miss Harrison is all fumbles and gawkiness, yet in a perversely appealing sort of way she sometimes catches the stance of truth and she has, to be sure, Cleo's very real youth in her favor. Only she is not yet a pro. Cleo is in love with Ben Stark. They have a brief affair, but the "roots" of his marriage go deep and he cannot tear them loose; his sense of guilt is too great and he returns to his equally neurotic wife. Mike Kellin plays this rueful role well, or well enough. Steven Geray makes a standout of the sporty old gent who can be persuasive even in his ruthlessness and who can cloak even his lechery with charm. Ben's scolding wife is painted clearly by Jennifer Howard. . Joe Mantell, as another dentist, is called on for a curiously sudden emotional breakdown but fills the bill, as does Daniel Ocko, a phlegmatic doctor nicknamed Frenchy. Lewis Charles acts Willy Wax. Group Theatre to Theatre Group in 24 years . . . You will find this interesting early Odets but not, I think, very memorable Odets. 'Viridiana' Offense to Decency "Viridiana," written and produced by Spain's Luis Bunuel, is the new film feature at the Beverly Canon starting today. If Bunuel had set out deliberately to outrage one's sense of decency, he could not have succeeded better. The picture won the grand prize at Cannes last year and has been hailed as a masterpiece, but I cannot see it as such, even on purely filmic terms. However, I can hardly dispute that it is the work of a professional. ;'' Bunuel hasn't, as the saying goes, a good word for anybody. But he performs the cruelest hatchet job on the one who is the least deserving of it: Viridiana. Along with this he hacks away at the church, the landed gentry and, to prove he plays no favorites, the poor, the halt and the blind. He makes no outright bid for communism, though he does cut back and forth between farm workers gainfully employed and a group kneeling in prayer at the Angelus hour. Bunuel was born and raised a Catholic; Time calls him an anarchist. Viridiana, novice in a convent, goes unwillingly for a last visit with her uncle, Don Jaime, before taking her final vows. The aging don, obsessed with her resemblance to his dead wife, begs the girl to marry him. . When she refuses he drugs her and fondles her body, but stops short of possessing her. From then on the poor girl has scarcely a happy moment; at the last the supreme cynicism she paints her face and goes voluntarily to the bedroom of the don's illegitimate son. The high point of the film is an obscene orgy of howling, drunken beggars to the Hallelujah of Handel's "Messiah," so designed as to suggest. Da Vinci's "Last Supper." It incorporates an old dirty) joke. The Viridiana is lovely Silvia Pinal. Fernando Rey, an actor of limited facial expression; plays the uncle, Francisco Rabal the younger Don Ju&n. Margarita Lo-zano, notably, and Victoria Zinny portray his mistresses. There is also a child, Teresa Rabal, ekposed to all this evil. 1 PjJJMPL MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW 4 Siim It Cinemascope "and Color.. ; baker Mwr til hut IMS taw ",. 4tSl WEEK n 'Mi "EtOOUtHT" -N Y. TIMES "ONE OF THE BEST" -Her.Trlb. "INCREDIBLE" .TIME MAGAZINE "lEAUTIFUL" .NEWSWEEK 13th Big Weekl Pico nr LaCienaga OL. 5-8396 Fre.rVsme OPEN BP M.'SAT. SUN". 1:45 1 1 ' OSJielulve 8e9mont Wj II 11 ( -i ARTHUff INNED mm mm m EU Wit J V -4 "The Battler 2ft 88 . i 41 I 9 'LPpry , w n i i i J 1 1 1 , i i j a44i eat est w. fta i iwa HT a M fiTeTVraiTWiTrTTM 1 TUSHINGHAM Winner Best Performincea Awird, tannei mm mjiitii iwi MURRAY . MELVIN Winner Best Performintis Award Cennei Film Festival 1962 WINNER OF 4 BRITISH ACADEMY AWARDS ADULTS, PLEASEI Ml : ( f ' ft , I JOHN WA17SE vill etar in circus film for Samuel Broneton and Paramount. Stellar Cast Planned for Circus Film Paramount Pictures and Samuel Bronston Produc tions have entered into an agreement for the produc tion of a spectacular interna tional circus story to star John Wayne and other top personalities, it was an nouncedby Samuel Bron 9ton and Barney Balaban, president of Paramount. j Pre-production filming for the new picture, which Para- mount will release in the western hemisphere,; gin this . November in the! capitals of Europe and Asia.1 Principal photography is slated for August, 1963, in Spain. I The story will trace the formation of a novel circus troupe that tours the capitals of the world during the first part of the 20th cen tury. Nicholas Ray will direct from a screenplay by Philip Yordan and James Edward Grant. In Fifth Month "Les Poupees de Paris" i has started its fifth month at the Krofft Theater at P.J.'s. ' 4 fU CiViS1. reT,.n. ih. CLViaj 'eV i COLOR .OELUXE St vt ' fb, DAVID WEISBART wrecw ai mm ex UNITED D3UTISTS sswnsM IftPHEVN . MA 4 'l 1m 'fMf MKUMH tIX 10 anr etmeuTM rmoisc e eoee m 1 1 PIC wool e f ACADEMY hu lesoe ih iies GO OUT 16 A MOVIE TONIGHT! PaORAMA aiiMiv ' j ff Cfjcatcts Spoken Drama esJMs4i QAY AM7JFJY 'XRmcS' CHOICE'' lA0UNA EACH SUMMER THEATRI r. UNICORN SFLXSWLl JOSH TED MARKLAND Where will ' O eiicirnlni peoplt le ' 0 e Tonitt, Riynird to? e ooooooooeooooeoi F THeWerW Femo'ue PrtSr I Fun fee Kids One Perf. Sat. 2:30 "ALICE IN WOUDEHLANP" I If GRAND, 1451 N. CAHUEN9A HO. l-4fSS CHILDREN SI - ADULTS SI. 2 AIR CONDITIONED sky; Mud' at Vogue The story of seven men, spurred on by a love of ad venture and the . desire to film never-before-seen rites of a "stone age" civilization, i3 dramatically told in "The Sky Above The Mud Be low," which heads for a third week at the Vogue Theater. The Academy Award win ning documentary, which is setting new attendance records, is considered a valuable record of primitive man ex isting in the space man age. Play Cast Will Rest on Labor Day Labor Day win otter a respite for the cast of "Under The Yum-Yum Tree," stage comedy at the Ivar Theater, after a weekend which will find the company presenting five performances. Del Moore, Bill Bixby, Beverly Ballard and Regina Gleason are co-starred. "Hut jumpi mait opulent production Two Martini Show" Bongord, Htrafd "Strictly an intoroitt of laughter professional and entertaining skillful comedy cast" Harford. L.A. Timet "Continent of laughter yummier thon 'Yum Yum Tree' " Zippermon, Caifornian iterrlnf - Les TREMAYNE 1 HOWARD MORTON SUSAN SADLER I ' TRU GARRETT 4 Directed by CHAS. NEWMAN ElABOtATHY STAOED Nightly (except Mon.) S:40 Reservation! Call HO e-76jS Prices: JJ 40- eO MIRISCH COMPANY ; presenti rll!fr 1 Presley MS MS! THE imwiTIITItfSt eiuar mis I. Of THE mutt wow).. "m 8 uvm" h "mm tur intiwiiK 'HOME S WHERE THE KMT 8 i 601 me "1 WW5TLIM runt" Alt m Me ACAVkHr PHIL KARLSON wpu, k VMLUAM FAY NOW PLAYING fl : Nit: Vine (Bon Casey) Edwards "TH1 HIWIO GUN" !!!!!'mmf'' '''erlssl 'V -mm ; IKCmS WTMrlC CENTURY SAIVU. I ",, I osivi-es eeryi.M I Biivi-in mn X "' A. tMinrr ZIZ, I we em w Mwlt T WW Hil Uuui I WAN NUTS SANOAIIKl VWEIANB I SHIM TS7Sie JIH'll-lll IMT SOSTSIS J , .. f mumt Y riti T un mn MM IDSECMKS WHITTint SAN PEDRO I 'Vt. I osivi-e. I Mivi.ei I tone s m 44) nwmiiijl nime J LAST THREE DAYS S07 SUNSII Fai.-SAT.-SUN. OL I-SOiJ WHITE JR. shows Nimr " Watchinf our playi e a at the Coronet Theatre e Marcus Aurallui. e 36J N. la Cienaia 01 24626 e e e e e e e e e e e e e e il aio-iBijfl.iiin'" I TONIGHT AT PJ.'S Extra Matinees Set for 'Grimm' in Hollywood To meet the demand for tickets to "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm," Warner Hollywood Cfjeatcts Spoken Drama t HOLLYWOOD BOWL 41st SEASON JULY 3-SEPT. Saturday, Sept 8th cT piia I All j Soul PRICES: 75,1.M, 2.50, 3.50, 4.50, Bex eftiee epen dan 9:30 to ft All offices of the AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Souther Calif. Music Co All Mutual HOLLYWOOD BOWL "POPS mm i isei es m hs4 .7. 7 V ' .41st Saturday, Soptember 1 at 8:30 SIGMUND ROMBERG'S "THE STUDENT PRINCE" JAYE RUBANOFF, Guest Conductor LAUREL HURLEY, Soprano CHARLES K. L DAVIS, Tenor IGOR GORIN, Baritone Roger Wagner Chorale PRICES: 75, 1.50, Z50, 3.50, 4.50, 5.00 On Sale: HOLLYWOOD BOWL Box office open daily 9:30 te 9:00 Sunders 10:00 to 5.00 All offices of tha AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Southern Calif. Music Co., All Mutual Agencies I Wallichs Music City PATIO BUFFET SUPPERS SERVED from 5:30 te 1:30 sinew, i i i,w.ggeu wwmmnmmrmrwmmmmmmmmm ) mm MAURICE An ( Kith the incomparable . Star t Monday. Sept. 3 through Saturday, Sept. I ANDY WlLLIAlvISAlla HIRT Monday. Sept. 10 through Sunday. Sept. 16 JOHNNY MATHIS lesenrei Seats: $2.00 3.00 $4.50 $5.50. fieod SeaU Still Available Tlckiu it In Oltica (spei filrf It a..-10 r.,Zniii trie 12 aaf sH AfiKlts Curtail at 1:30 ynlm Parklnt Is free The American Premiere if the eutstandint British triumph imported direct frern tendon prior te Its New York opening! i vic artia a - rrnopia ddauiu UCHT .. nnicl "' ns.iii.k uivnuin Bnviin iPhV (.oitt ill rtnOnwiJl Box Offices: Philharmonic Aud., So. Celif. Music Co. mpkA All U......I eB.n; m Mm SJII UST I DAYS! HUNTINGTON HARTFORD THEATRE presents tfflTIirmyr nilUUliM WithHerEntlroComp.n,ofT iwilllMlint. WWIIianifB Smiiri, , introducing Bts5it UKirun in r EAtDar.arkucfi e.ei .a. '.: T ' A BRILLIANT J EVENINGS 8:30 e MATINEES WED. i SUTS NOW AT I0X OFFICE I MUTUAL 5? CITY'? lit I $37s LARRY TUCKER PAUL MA2URSKY - JJ75 HIGHTLY EXCEPT MON. 8:30 2 SHOWS STUR0r. 8 15-10 30 " A s ua Opening Tonight, Every THEATRE 90 870 Vint Far Rtsenratlans Call Aamlsslen 81 88 4 12.48 Q U W ". LAWRENCE ennan Qjtl 1 Rightly Ex. Mon. 8:30Sat. 8:00-10:30.Sun. T.tkeis: Ben Office Se. Cellf. Music Ce. ONI NIOHT ONLY-BAT., IT. OHO P.M. Camedy Star af Jsck Peer ft ; . Ed Sulliveit TV howl hfra - RUTH OLAY Tickets ea salt: I.M. Civic M. tn Offic 8e. Players' Ring OL. 4-0456 Gallery OL. 4-9192 N Y. Drama Critics Circle Award Play it You liked "Raisin" You'll love "Toys in the"-Attic" "Purlie Victorious" 'f Cen8. NU.iy Eic.nt Mon. 2 Shews St. 8 ft 10:41 P.M. Psrelni Theater will add two more matinees on Saturdays and Sundays. Since its opening, the George Pal Production has been playing to virtual capacity audiences, not only at the Warner Hollywood but in all cities where "Wonderful VTorld" has commenced reserved-seat engagements. "EXTRAS' EPT. 1. 1962 J ""DIXIE AT THE BOWL PETE FOUNTAIN QUARTET DUKES OF DIXIELAND BOB SCOBEY DIXIE BAND 5.00 -On Sale: HOLLYWOOD I rwooo bowl! to 5.00 I iLIFORNIA I S Music City I 9:00 Sundays 10:00 1 Agencies & Wallichs I 9 SEASON JULY 3-SEPT. m mm CHEVALIER """X : PIMM THROUGH W1..'' V , . 4 - SUNDAY. t sm.i er cnitrv vompanr 01 t9 M i, Danctra A Musicians CHE!f SAT. 2:30 FOR INFO HO 1-ISSI Lmm euferefei aw NEW REVUE AGENCIES eiTHMT.i feeieir'ai revue seaua to - THE 2" CITY m H Night Except Monday HO 6-8184 5:00-8:30 1 uoa n. ivm.ho.4-7ii ft Mutual Afcya, ft Musis City Stores r 8eata Mmiea . CKm uSiisrius Priceii 4 50. i.n, 2 75. 2.B0 Ticket lnle.,J)luaa tXl-tMl UP. '-""6 Calif. Mule All Mutual Aienciaa Music City w. I 1 3 ZogflngrtfgCfnttg ' FRI.. AUG. 31, 1 962-Port IV 1 1 Christv Minstrels pearance at the Greet am- ni,... . t , . phitheater next Monday The Christy Minstrels will night in the Andy Williams- make their first theater ap-lAl Hirt Show. CAtl! THfATiesr iei i iiniiiiiii ni , i, LVl 1 s1tnifilV1Fl i:i7ll.'e'3L 1 ni THE F-LACE A m'''J." f 1 LyAl " cinemascope Miracle niola r n:-a hIIIIIUUIW s..iiiMS n sm Mm . mmma exclusive vm'mmm Bsnye:4st. mi infl iim i , nun THEIR NIGHTS ARE AS FAST CUFF AOBIHTSQIf JAMES MacARIHUR ilK SUZY PARKER HAfA HARAREET t7,Y ".Tr "i"gi.lSKP.B I is.kMUt..KLruniHL f IS rICE aSlnrTs, LA REINA I ALEX I ACADEMY 0 REOOND0I LONG BEACH 1 LONG irs!mmmi : hollvwoob FOX I WEST COAST I CREST I WFST MAST I rnV PATTERSON 0 0 i t k Lin tiui-i:.":. 01 LOS ANGELES . FI RFV Anna Bancroft- 5517 WUthlre Patty Duke, THE MIRACLE WORKER WE I.IIOI 1 :38 FAIRFAX NOTORIOUS LANDLADY 7-11 PM; Pleasur Of His Company 9 PM 0 Jin? Be. hi. WEI-3II8(:4S HIGHLAND 5604 N. fl. CL 5-9M8 6:45 "EL CID" Plus Serengetl k LIDO TASTE OF HONEY, with I (507 w. Pice coo Cannes winners, Rita 8L, ol -396 Psr Tushingham-M. Mtlvin (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) 0 MESA "EL CID" Blue Hawaii M07 Creeshaw AX 1-6951 1:45 BEVERLT HILLS-WtSI WOOD CULVER CITY 0 WII5HIBF Tonite! Maiar Slurlin 440 Wiimir. Preview, C'S, Clr. 8:30! 0L 3-0863 1 41 Pius Hemingway's wuvcmurei or a Toung wan bwNNt AKI5 0Pni loren-Anlta 1551 wilihirs Ekberg-Romy Schneider, OL 2-1330 BOCCACCIO 70; 1:15 Dly. VILLAGE Cliff Robertson-Suiv weitwooa Parker-Michael Callan In THE INTERNS OR 3-30428:41 BRUIN Wtttweee fid 7-27S:4l Day-Grant-Young In THAT TOUCH OF MINK; Breakfast at Tiffany's CULVER All Star Cast In ADVISE CONSENT Experiment In Terror s:i amoKS VE 8-3124 WESTCHESTER". i nvm i Robertson-Parker, THE INTERNS: Piratea Of Blood River A seileesul. 1)41 f "8P.I4I0 PsiH If. IN6LEW00D ACADEMY C. Robertson-S. Parker-M. Callan, THE INTERNS; Pirates Of Blood River sariri. PL 1-5151 Cont From 12 Noon Disney's BON VOYAGE; Lad A Dog; Both Color r Centlnueai 5TH AVE. Burt. Lancaster In IIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ; Hudson, Come Sept. i. tth-MeneH. LINGLEWOOD r o. t-M Dav-Grant-Younc In THAT TOUCH OF MINKi s. OKI-am u. uay, rniow im r)4,SANTAM0NICA'VENICEj. CRITERION SJOSSS. Cent. 12:15 M. Callan, THE INTERNS; EX 5-1282 Pirates Of Blood River WILSHIRE . Shirley Midline-Yves Mortand, MY 6EISHA; Only 2 Can Play oa. i:43 rare, EX 5-6995 BUNDY :4S Pert "EL CID" IX 5-4l4 Disney's Big Red AF0X-V! I I25 Pl tmeftX 1-4215 uruirc CnnL From 1 P.M. rrr t ... t. r.... crih journey in wnni h."" REDCNDO ANHATTAN HERMOSA rnV.Rprfnnilne. Robertson-S. Pake FM-0495 Pirates Of Blood River HERMOSA Burt Lancaster in IIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ; Curtis, Tha Outsider opse e r H 'R2-45 LAMAR Manhattin Cont. From 12 Noon Disney's BON VOYAGE; 6idget Goes Hawaiian FR 2-8500 HUNTINGTON PARK V BELLC0ItiPTDW t& rCalifornia I JCt. 12 aneke 3 Stooges In THE 3 STOOGES IN ORBlTi Wild Westerners mmf LU T-l" ",l a a... I Wm I OF ALCATRAZ, LU 7.S44Z HOT "" " " ALCAZAR 4421 1. One Cont. From 12:30 P.M. S WEEKS IN A BALLOON; Tales Of Terror 0 LU l-J30 TOWER . "EL CID" Comaion rem Mermaids Of Tiburon QREDLANDS-BANNING. ' arm aunc Meitnn.Ssnhla Lore REDLANDS Haston-Sophla Lorin, Oise 8:45 "EL CID" 1 J PY 3-4331 Haston-Sophla Loren, "EL CID" esn 8:45 VI 1.3714 RIVERSIDE j. RIVERSIDE Cent. 2 OV 3-721? 2 Stooges In THE S STOOGES IN ORBIT; Wild Westerners N : Burt Lancaster In B! HUMAN UILUIKftii OV 4.4B0 0). t 'na Toung uuciore 5 California Shirley Maclalne-Yvea Ose" I "I TU I.2A78 Montana, mt etisriA: Hayley Mills, Titer Bay St SANPEDRO STRSNfl Haston-Sophia Loren, "EL CID" 8in P8re kTE 2-2MI lt:( LvW r S- V JFsL 2 SHOWS DAILY! MATINEES 2:00 PM EVES 8:30 tVtl BUN. AT 8:04) PM Dinars mw hak.i . - . ' r w ieiiiTriTrr TO 601 W fVltl f FOX ' and Color '4 WILSHIRE VUC DaurBnsrr mist snnueur a rnsiiHwns n - .-;.t'" AUDREY HEPBURN BREAKFAST J BRUIN coTmVAT TIFFANY'S WC1TWOO0I GR. 7-24HT Sun. I 4j AND FRANTIC AS TKEIR DAYS! 1 ft 'PIRATES OF BLonn pivfp In COLOR mrrin KERWIN MATHf ws WESTCHESTER I SANTA MONICA I LOYOLA I CRITERION BEACH I SANTA ANi I num.. . , m vwiivi f vet fi'T? to an Mf HOLLYWOOtT". CHINESE I'WEST SIDE STORY" BR 2-9261 Today 2 ft 8:30 PM HO 4-81 1 1 RESERVE0 SEATS (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) . eHOLlYWD Red Buttons. Fihun l f.SO-3 AM HO 3-8371 S WEEKS IN A BALUiei North to Alaskr'"'. -UNTIL S A.M. DAILY OPEN ALL NIGHT- IRIS 25c System Pk. HO 3-2184 12:18 3 Stooges, THE 3 ' STOOGES IN ORBlTi . The Wild Westerners VOGUE THE SKY ABOVE. MUD 8S7S Holiyweed BELOW, at 12:45-2:50-HO 2-M2I 4:40-6:40-8:30.10:45 (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) .frSAN FERNANDO VALLEY STUDIO CITY Burt Lancaster In BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZi Merrill's Marauders Oa. 85 Perk TR 7-1977 EL PORTAL Ho, Hollywood TR 72983 12:18 Bach To School Show, 10 AM to 5 PM: Suzy Parker, THE INTERNS) Pirates Of Blood River GUILO Novak-lemmon-Astalrs, 9ISI Lankershlm NOTORIOUS LANDLADY! PO 2-2272 :48 Only Two Can Plav LA REINA Cliff Robertson-Suzy-shtrmin oaks ' Parker-Michael TR 3-3980 a Callan. THE INTERNS F0X Van Nuys 8T 8-2731 12:48 3 Stooges In THE 3 STOOGES IN ORBIT) Wild Westerners CAPRI Kit Van Nuys 8T 8-3918 8:45 F. Slnatra-D. Martin, SERGEANTS 3; J. Wayne, North To Alaska 4 slendalIT. ALEX Robertson-Parker Cent: 12 In THE INTERNSi ch 5-I82S Pirates Of Blood River Patterson-llston Tickets On Sale GLENDALE Continuous CH 8-2818 Cont, From 12 Noon Disney's BON VOYAGEl The Trapp family PASADENA 50. PASADeII. ACADEMY Cont. 12 MU 1-8508 Elvis Presley, KID GALAHAD; E. Taylor, Love Is Better Than Ever STATE 8:45 Park BY 2-7I38 All Star Cast In ADVISE ft CONSENTi Only Two Can Play RIALTO Be. Pasedsnt MU 2-1259 Cont. From 12 Noon Disney's BON VOYAGE ft Living Desert, Clr. LONG BEACH. W(t CoattC. Robertscn-S. Parker Co". 12 M. Callan, THE INTERNS; he e-420 Pirates of Blood Rivt" CREST 4278 Atlantis Qa. 8 Part C. Robertson-S. Parker. M. Callan, THE INTERNSi Pirates Of Blood River BELMONT. Oaen 8 HI 8.1001 Hatton-SopMa loren, "EL CID" IMPERIAL Own 12 HE 8-3973 Red Buttons-Fabian, S WEEKS IN A BAU.00N) Brynner, Magnificent 7 DAV J. Stewart, MR. HOBBS si.! B.h . TAKES A VACATION, GEO-MM Disney's Big Red ORANGE COUNTY W8st Coast Robertson-Parker, THE INTERNS: Piratea Of Blood River tsnte Ane Kl 5.8317 12:48 FOX Anaheim e KE a-W02 Red Buttona-FaBian, I WEEKS IN A BAUOOMi Two Little Beara FOX , Fullsrtee ' LA 8-2181 8 48 Robertson-Parker, THE INTERNSi Plretee Of Blood River 1 POMONA LA VERNE ONTARIO .ClAREMONT F0X Pomona NA 2-1353 Oi- Efvis Presley, KID GALAHAD; Chandler, Merrill's Marauders MT. BALDY MacMurrav-Wvman In DRIVE-IN JfD.ane,;i i B0N rttfltnill-wniTaj vwmut; , oiytii;-i- LY 3-4331 McQueen, Mapiflcunt StvfH GRANADA Ontario I P.M. YU 4-8632 Heston-Sophla loren, "EL CID" VILLAGE Claromont NA 4-2812 Of. t Stewart-O'Hara, Mr. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION King ft I BAKERSFIELD SANTA PAULA 4 C. Robertson-S. Parker M. Callan, THE INTERNSi Pirates Of Blood River BsOrsflsie FA 3-7511 8:41 California Bakorsllsl FA 8-3021 12 418 3 Stooges In THE 1 STOOGES IN ORBlTi The Hellions FOX Santa Paula IA 1-4119 8:45 Burt Lancaster In BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZi The Young Doctore BEST PICTURED WINNER OF 10, ACADEMY AWARDS! - eaont ar airaia)iaATiN J I V llSTOHl i.Y r . "vf a for ticket Inforaoition GfTAUMAN S c.i.H0 4sm CHINESE MskatoatkCriMatisiei, TMtATne Hf3 4 81 1 1,ialaJsliHsl)8ial BKI NOUYWOOO BUR ft

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