The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 5, 1962 · 72
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 72

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1962
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'"IB Part IV-MON., MAR. S.l THE TV SCENE I What Critics at B j Home Are Saying BY CECIL SMITH, WE GET LETTERS After watching the live television coverage from start to finish of Col. Glenn's historic flight and then watching the actual live broadcast of his return to Cape Canaveral, I can't help feeling TV is one of our most wondrous and wonderful inventions. By what other means could I personally experience the tensions, excitement and sincere pride I felt while watching the orbital flight, and this was actually happening while I sat there and watched? MRS. NORMAN EILTS, Woodland Hills. Cecil Smith I noticed the prologue given before the last excellent adult production of Play of the Week, stating the particular type of audience the show was designed for. This idea might be followed on other shows. For example, before a private eye series, the announcer might say: "All mature adults who do not enjoy senseless blood-letting might better use this half-hour napping." Or before a situation comedy: "This show is designed for those adults whose taste in humor has declined since childhood." PEGGI RANDOLPH, Los Angeles. Or for Ben Casey: "Brain surgery, anyone?" ; I would like to nominate the actress who played the - part of Mrs. Fain, the older nurse, on Dr. Kildare oppo-j site Margaret O'Brien (Feb. 15) for an Emmy Award. i By her superlative acting, she gave dignity, sincerity . and beauty to a part which might have been only tear- jerky and shallow. In her lite scene with Miss O'Brien, instead of acting piteously she gave understanding. I ': found it personally rewarding to learn that I belong to an openly recognized host i of dedicated nurses, in-? stead of being an odd-ball. ?; ROBIN A. CARTER, ' Santa Ana. X Nurse Fain is played by l Jean lnness and is a regu-flar on the Kildare series. l.She is the wife of actor 'iVictor Jory. She gained great Southland fame play-ling the role of Ramona in i Hcmct's Ramona Pageant. The Judy Garland Show was the most entertaining evening my husband and I have seen in many years on television . . . We cheered and cried . . . f. MRS. M. C. MORGENTHALER, Reseda. ! Your article on Judy Garland is fantastic in its praise , of a very mediocre program . . . MRS. E. B. KELLAM, Los Angeles. I'm in a highly euphoric state induced by Judy. She was marvelous . . . HELEN L. INGRAHAM, Encino. I How you could ever exclaim as you did over the Judy . Garland show beats me. We thougtit it a horrible ? farce . . . MRS. E. WEATHERLY, Los Angeles. ' Miss Garland was' a pretty child, is an attractive ; woman, but she has a shrewish voice and the manner- isms of an advanced neurotic . . . : . HOWARD H. HOLMAN, Los Angeles. : Welcome to the cult for Judy! I've been a card-' carrying member since last September when she ap-V peared at Hollywood Bowl ... ; NETTA PFEIFER, Beverly Hills. . ; Et cetera, el cetera, et cetera ... I Previews of (PM, KTLA (5), 11:30 a.m. Gloria DeHaven, Robert ;v Newton Peck, Abe Bur-'t rows and Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein of Mad Mag azine guest today. Expedition, KABC (7), 7 ; p.m. I. Expedition follows the as- cent of a Russian moun- ! tain-climbing group up i seven peaks of the Pamir v - range. t I Rifleman, KABC (7), 8:30 p.m. Young Mark wants the marshall to free a con i demned killer because the t man once saved his life. Great Music From Chicago, KTTV (11), 9 p.m. - Wagner's Prelude to'Dje ,;. Meistersinger," excerpts from Prokofiev's "Romeo v and Juliet" and from ."' Strauss' "Till Eulen ; Spiegel's Merry Pranks" make up tonight's con-j cert Eric Leinsdorf con f ducts. , - .'" Andy Griffith, KNXT (2), 9:30 p.m. ir Sterling Holloway makes ; a guest appearance aa a f hapless door-to-door - .salesman who is aided in his business by helpful ' Andv. Should be some j laughs here somewhere. Hennesey, KNXT (2), 10 p.m ' Hennesey takes his box 962 l08 flngrUflCfntM NBC has estimated that 135 million Americans saw all or some part of the orbital flight on the three networks; some 60 million watched the actual launching. Broadcasting Magazine reports that it coxt the three networks an estimated $3,053,000 to give the full 12-hour coverage of the orbital flight, involving the work of at least 568 persons. All that so you could watch, Mrs. Exits. Jean Inness Today's TV ing gloves out of mothballs to enter the ring again to participate in the President's physical fitness program. In the first round, he fights the battle of the bulge. Thriller, KRCA (1), 10 p.m. The skeleton of a man poisoned by his wife and her lover returns to haunt the pair. What a killjoy! Luciana Paluzzi and Kev in Hagen star. Ben Casey, KABC (7), 10 p.m Cliff Robertson guests as a much-decorated and frequently hospitalized former Army pilot whose Distinguished Service Cross becomes a charm piece against disaster. A Monday night highlight I've Got A Secret, KNXT (2),! 10:30 p.m. Milton Berle is the celeb-! rity with a secret and Barry Nelson subs for; panelist Henry Morgan. Amusing game show. Golden Globe Awards, KTTV (11), 10:30 p.m. (Special) KTTV moves its cameras to the Beverly Hilton to cover the presentation of the F'orcign Tress Association's Golden Globe Awards to 1061's best films and stars. Steve Alien is the emcee. (J w t imam WIWMM III UWV ' ornriniffi MONDAY TELEVISION PROGRAMS KTTV(ll) KNXT KEYT KRCA KTLA XETV (2) KABC KFMB KCOP KHJ KOGO (7) (S) (13) (9) (10) (3) 14) 15) (6) f. Ml WT1 A m mJt ! L. 1 t "i it it an MvertiMmnt. imorowllon tor trww logs It furnlirwd wvition tttioni. Th rirrm t "a o rewomiblt tor Msf-minut cfwwxix "wm. it indicat color pros' m MORNING 5:45 O FARM REPORT 6:00 Q COLLEGE OF THE AIR O (T0) CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM 00 minj Itftioil 6:30 O UNDERSTANDING MUSIC O ITS) CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (30 win.) RoTon . (I COLLECE OF THE AIR 7:00 O (T) CAPTAIN KANGAROO ' Ci) TODAY (2Br$J O TODAY (25 niiO (10) TODAY ON THE f ARM 7:25 O HrVYS " 7:30 Q TODAY OOmlir.) (P TODAY'S CARTOONS 00 niflj 7:40 O SUSPECTS WANTED 7:45 O CARTOONSVILLE A.M. 8:00 O PANORAMA PACIFIC O NEWS (30 mini O CHUCKO THE CLOWN ' Caj SUNUP (60 miaj (101 TODAY (25 mill.) 8:15 CD WAITING CHURCHES 8:25 lioj DATEBOOK 8:30 Q CARTOONS (30 ml..) (6J ROMPER. ROOM (30 minj flO) TODAY (30 minj CO SUSIE (30 min.) O LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS (30 min.) 9:00 O (D CALENDAR (30 minj f3i CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM CI FILM DRAMA (30 min.) Q (61 JACK LA LANNE (30 min.) Q MOVIE Comedy (1944) "Bride By Mistake." 116) SAY WHEN (30 min.) 01 THE PRINCESS (30 min.) PUBLIC SERVICE 9:15 (9 GUIDEPOST TO ART 9:30 O (8) I LOVE LUCY (30 min ) CI HIGHWAY HOLIDAYS (30 min.) O ROMPER ROOM (60 minj C6 ABBOTT AND COSTELLO Additional television in formation appears on Pages 17 and 20, Part 4. fj THE PIONEERS (30 min.) fio) PLAY YOUR HUNCH (30 min.) I COLOR I CD I YOGA FOR HEALTH (30 minj 9:45 CD GUIDEPOST TO SCIENCE 10:00 O LSI VIDEO VILLAGE O (S) PRICE IS RIGHT (30 min.) coio i (6) KINGDOM OF THE SEA O RAY MILLAND (30 min.) Q FACE LIFTING BY EXERCISE 10:15 O PUBLIC SERVICE FILM 10 30 O dl CLEAR HORIZON fl (3) m CONCENTRATION O WORLD ADVENTURE (30 min.) (61 LYNN TAYLOR (30 min.) O OUR MISS BROOKS (30 min.) O PUBLIC SERVICE (30 minj ! ITI PAUL COATES (30 min.) I FELIX THE CAT (90 min.) 10-55 O CJ NEWS Reasoner 11:00 O &) UVE OF LIFE O (3) (10) TOUR HRil IMPRESSIONS (30 min.) rcoLO O WOMEH'S MAJOR LEAGUE BOWLING (30 min.) fl (61 THE TEXAN (30 min.) O CRIME DOES NOT PAY (D BROKEN ARROW (30 minj 11:30 O '81 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW O (5) m TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (25 min.) O PMOOmin.) O (5) YOURS FOR A SONG O FILM DRAMA (30 min.) (D SONGO (30 min.) 11-45 FJ OR GUIDING LIGHT ' 11:55 O 1 NEWS Scherer AFTERNOON 12 00 O BURNS AND ALIEN ' O (i) (T8I JW MURRAY (25 mm.) coion t Q (6) CAMOUFLAGE (30 min.) (8) NEWS DESK (30 min.) O MOVIE Musical (1937) "Hitting a New High." CO SHERIFF JOHN (60 min.) NEWS 12 15 CD PUBLIC SERVICE FILM 12:25 O m m NEWS 12:30 O m AS THE WORLD TURNS (30 min.) O (SSI LORETTA YOUNG O (31 (6) MAKE A FACE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS (30 min.) 1 00 Q flD PASSWORD (30 min.) . ' o rai m YOUNG dr. - MALONE (30 min.) n DR. BROTHERS fl 6 DAY IN COURT (25 min.) CQ GALE STORM (30 min.) FASHION FOR LIVING 1:05 O NEWS 110 O MOVIE Drama "Gun Moll." 1:25 O NEWS 1:30 O W HOUSE PARTY O ff) ffi OUR FIVE DAUGHTERS (30 min.) (6) DIVORCE HEARING (30 minj fl MY LITTLE MARGIE (30 min.) Q TIC TAC BOWL (30 min.) 01 DIVORCE COURT (60 minT GUIDEPOST TO STORY TIME 1- 45 GUIDEPOST TO SPANISH 2 00 3 CO THE MILLIONAIRE ' CI (TO) DANNY THOMAS 11 f31 JANE WYMAN O MOVIE Drama (1947) "Out of the Past." . LLOYD THAXTON (60 min.) 2- 30 O C VERDICT IS YOURS O -80) HERE'S HOLLYWOOD O (3) SEVEN KEYS CD MOVIE Drama (1942) "Mo Key." 2-55 Q (f) NEWS Colllniwooi O 9(8 HEWS-Vanocur f NEWS 3:00 O CO tBIGHTER DAY f" If you ova Freedom " IIZAR LIFELINE KFI 640 dial 10:15 pm KTYM 1460 dial 8:00 im KBLA 1490 dial 12:15 pm KDES 920 dial 6:30 am Find and tiP ntthtr eaob tftf tki iai if ilirii wltr H L H PRODUCTS mtf ki pw Clltll. HIH PRODUCTS H L H PRODUCTS Foedt A Drugs v Dallas 1, Ttxas O SAY MM (30 BliJ 1 TIPS AND TRICKS n m oueen roR a oat . fio) NEWS Fail THE CAT (30 mil j 3 05 O OOROTHr GARDINER tfQ M0VIE-Orama(194t) "Easy to Wed." -3-15 O CO SECRET STORM ' a-aa n () eoge of night ; a PLAY YOUR HUNCH (30 mlij l cotoi I fl CARTOON CAROUSEL (90 milj O (D WHO DO YOU , TRUST? (30 mil.) , TEACHER'S INSTITUTE (30 min.) lec.All 4:00 O AMOS N ANDY (30 mllj Q movie drama iisdj "At the Stroke o Nine." O (3) () AMERICAN BANDSTAND (50 minj ClJ MOVIE Comedy (1937) "Danger, Love at Work." O BIRTHDAY EXPRESS . (id) TV CLASSROOM (30 mllj FELIX THE CAT (60 mil j 4:30 O LIFE OF RILEY (30 milj O MOVIE Onma (1950) "The White Tower." (TO) JOHNNY DOWNS (30 mllj CD THREE STOOGES (39 minj 4:50 OCT) AMERICAN NEWSSTAND 5 00 ri MOVIE Adventure (1951) "The Lady and the Bandit." fl) FACT AND FANCY (60 minj fl POPEYE CARTOONS (60 milj (6) BEST OF GR0UCH0 (30 minj O BOB CUMMINGS (30 min.) (10; POPEYE CARTOONS (30 minj fT) SUPERMAN (30 min.) JOE PALOOKA (30 minj 5:30 NEWS Q SOUPY SALES (30 m!nj (10) YOGI BEAR (30 min.) CO CASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST (30 mil.) MALONE GOES 60LFINS 5:55 O NEWS ALMANAC EVENING 6:00 C3J NEWS o O (s) O NEWS Latham BOZO THE CLOWN (30 minj SPACE ANGELS NEWS Ward NEWS Wilson NEWS Willis, Brundiee, Miller, Dolan . (10) NEWS ' CD HIGHWAY PATROL (30 minj NEWS Hansen 6:05 O WEATHER, SPORTS . I coio l C6l POPEYE (25 min.) 15 O m NEWS-Huntley-Brinkley Q NEWS Swayze, Lawrence, Mann (T) NEWS-Edwards CD HAROLD FISHMAN 6:30 O NEWS Uunphy, Green, Story, stratton, Keen (43 min.j f3) NEWS O CURT MASSEY O NEWS Roberts f6) HIGH ROAD (30 min.) O BEANY AND CECIL (30 minj 81 FRONTIER CIRCUS 160 minj O CARTOON EXPRESS (30 minj (TO) NEWS (30 min.) CD DICK TRACY-MISTER MAGOO WATERFRONT (30 minj 6:45 t3 NEWS Latham n NEWS Roberts, Harmon, Franklin CD NEWS Putnam 7:00 BEN CASEY (60 min.) O SHANNON (30 min.) O BEAT THE ODDS (30 minj (61 CHEYENNE (60 min.) O EXPEDITION (30 minj O SCIENCE FICTION THEATER (30 min.) (TO) INTERNATIONAL SHOWTIME CD QUICK DRAW McGRAW 13 "COLORADO COLOR CARNIVAL" HOLIDAY 715 O NEWS Doui Edwards 7-30 O TO TELL THE TRUTH 0 EVERGLADS O PETER 6UNN (30 min.) fl THE CHEYENNE SHOW Q MOVIE Adventure (1955) color I "Underwater," 11 GR0UCH0 TONIGHT!! 13 1 Search for Adventure 'Capture of the Condor' 8:00 O P"E AND GLADYS (3) SILENT SERVICE (30 min.) O (TO) NATIONAL VELVET O MEDIC (30 min.) (6J TOMBSTONE TERRITORY CD AQUANAUTS (60 min.) 13 Adventure Tomorrow "Low Flyiny Saucer! 8 30 Q CO FATHER KNOWS BEST f3l BUS STOP (60 min.) O (T PRICE IS RIGHT (30 min.) doi6i 1 O PANIC (30 min.) Q RIFLEMAN (30 minj 13 Songs! Games! Fun! EVERYBODY SING! 9:00 OH) DANNY THOMAS Macdonald Carey Guest on Corrupters Macdonald Carey has been signed as a guest star in Tar get: The Corruptors. Carey just returned from Dublin where he starred m a motion picture, "The Devil's Agent." 7 BANQUETS CmpUto lacUltir or Urg or tmall btmqueli, danctt, bttfeUf wtJdmgs, reception, oxhibiu, golf parties in on inviting, ' pleasant otmenphere. Superb tervice, friendlr management modest prices, targe ballroom, $tage, sound ft tern. F re park ing for over SOO tan. COUNTRY CLUD J800 V. Sliuwn, SPrinj 6-I79J 4 rv 4 1 Viillli O fT3l I7TI PRECINCT -' "CJ NIGHT COURT OOminJ' MEDICINE OF THE f Ol .(60phU ;un - O SURfSifli I U mliJ ,' 9 JOSE FERRER & ZSA ZSA GAB0R in 'MOULIN ROUGE'-Color : CD GREAT MUSIC FROM ' CHICAGO (60 min.) ' CD THIS MAN DAWSON (30 mllj 9:30 O fT) ANDY GRIFFITH (3) MANT0VANI (30 mil J O MAIN EVENT (30 miJ CD WATERFRONT (30 min J . 10:OO 0 (i) HENNESEY (30 mil.) (3) UNTOUCHABLES 160 minj CI QOl THRILLER (60 minj 71 BEN CASEY (60 minj CD NEWS Putnam (30 cilJ CD NEWS Hansen ' 4 ousmHemf v. f to . lit Now, you actually own Beneficial's new Hospital and Surgical Expense) Policy! You can enjoy permanent protection for the rest of your life. Company can't cancel your policy Company can't change your benefits -regardless of increasing age or deteriorating health, as long as you pay premiums in effect. Leorn about: DOCTOR CALLS . (Horn or Office) Rifer u $10,000.00 CASH ACCIDENTAL DEATH EXCLUSIVE FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS For young and old without discrimination "irt benefits. Benefits paid in addition to any other individual or group insurance. USE: ANY DOCTOR ANY HOSPITAL Policies Ijtuid by the LARGEST under-. writers if Individual Hospital Surgical PrDtection'tt alt California companies. Beneficial Standard Lift litsaranci Com pany Home Office, lit Angles, Calif. Over $70,000,000 ta lenitlti paid! . FREE Socio! Security Booklet Writs for this free booklet describing oil the benefits due you under Social Security. 10:15 O NWS Rostrti, Ranei, rraakiii CD HAROLD FISHMAN 10:30 O rVf COT A SECRET . O DECOY (30 minj . 11 Golden Globe Awards Hollywood's TOP STARS Q HENRY MORGAN (90miJ 1 1 00 O NEWS Danpkf (D NEWS ;8 MAHALlifjSoN SINGS () NEWS O NEWS, WEATHER , (f ). NEWSROOM (45 minj . QOj NEWS (30 minj 11:05 5 GEORGE SANDERS in . . "UNCLE HARRY" . . 11:15 O MOVIE-Orama (1943) 1 VSN'; fe: i" - ' - is NOW . . . a world-wide, low cost HOSPITAL AND SURGICAL punriirr nnArrATiAii CAr rRU I CV. I lull with an outstanding new feature. It is GUARANTEED RENEWABLE FOR LIFE! SICKNESS ACCIDENT CHILDBIRTH Poys Hospital Benefits- $25 per day for Illness DOUBLE INDEMNITY J " $50 per day for Accident (Full Benefit paid regardless of hospital room charge.) CASH for Operating Room, X-Rays, Registered Nurses, Ambulance, Out Patient, Etc. ( 1 85 days. to 365 doyi per confinement.) MAil THIS Bemficial Standard Ufa Insuranei Go. ! 758$. Sprint lei Anfilei 14, California I Please send me free information, without obligation, I about this new Beneficial Hospital and Surgical Expense j Policy that's Guaranteed Renewable 2LljlL I Si frte SkM liewlli Iteklit IttMrt tllfit). " I I I I I. flMN. I I City. ' rMptf o Uu," O GD JACrPAAl ' n lr. 45 miaJ ( 6117 OH MOVIl-Drama 'P. tlcan Tike Over " t' 11:25 O NEWS Willil 11:30 O H0NEYMQ0NERS (30 mliJ O M3V1C-0ramafl49) ; "The Setup." m BEST OF PAAI (SO nit ) 11:45 OR Urt OF A1LET (SOmliJ 12:00 O MOVIE Drama , "Timber Queen." 12:15 DAILY WORD 12:30 CQ SINCERELY, MARIA PALMER 12-35 CD MOVIE Drama (1938) "lucky NipM." 1:00 O MOVIE Cemedy (1954) "Hobson'i Choice." O FILM DRAMA (30 minj 9 SUSAN HAYWARD in "DEADLINE AT DAWN" 1:30 O HEWS . . COUPON TODAY -Agel I I I Jon Jl&xz U J J toe CM. Strlti j OMiweMaMawewMiaaaewaHMHMMtwel icktx V tLvtyfUi with. BILL GREFXY of Va. rirty, as notrrl, likes to . throw ripe apereions at RADIO. He said in print that a radio station keeps a news tirker in a broom clotet and on the hour a deejay tears off a snatch of p a pe r and pre sents News Coming Your V a y from the W X X X World News BECK Center." Too bod Grtsly wasn't around KNX that time when the homes of two ministers were bombed while they were lecturing on the clangers of extremism en The Right. Came the flash! Our Paul Udell high-tailed it to the home of the Rev. Simmons and got an interview on tape. At the same instant the KNX news bureau phoned Bob Ferris at home and bid him speed to the airport where he caught Attorney General Kennedy and taped ; his comment and interpretation of the meaning of the bombings. Simultaneously KNX news-' man Hugh McCoy recorded a phon interview with State Attorney General Mask. Meanwhile another member of the KNX news team obtained a recording of the previous night's meeting at which the two ministers were speaking when their homes were blasted. While all this was going on our Pat McGuinness rushed downtown to re-cord Chief Parker's press conference. Then he covered the mayor's press conference wherein His Honor called on the police department's bomb expert to explain about the bombs and the probable nature of the bums who planted the bombs. Bob Ferris, having gotten Bobby Kennedy on tape, charged onward to interview, tapewise, the Rev. Walker and. wife. Then he got to Dorothy Healey, a local leader in the Communist Party. Hugh McCoy ' recorded on Interview with Tex Talbert of the John Birch Society.! Don Ross went out and got man-en-the-street comment about the bombings. ; Despite having bad trouble changing a typewriter ribbon, a KNX re-write man combined all of the gathered material into a succinct report of the event and this went on the KNX air before Variety's editors were out of bed, most likely. ... All of the data and tap-ings of the voices of people involved in the story, plus authoritative opinion by the Attorney General and others, ' were expertly woven into the entire daylong KNX Radio coverage of the story plus a complete wrap-up that went on the KNX air at 6:30 p.m. over the KNX Kaleidoscope. The wrap-up had ovary-thing-every side of the story. This, surely, is not broom, closet news reporting. ; Of course the bombings tnnlc nil place KNXclusive way last month but o m e-thing like it c o u 1 d happen today, and again to-dav. KNX Hear a Follow-up n the PROSTITUTION PROBLEM en Kaleidoscope 0:30 Tonight wultl be broadcasting news and speed and clarity It was all in day's work for KNX newsmen Bob Ferris, Paul Udell. Hugh McCoy, Pat McGuinness and tha rest of the team. It'$ ell part of what Our Mr. Art Wittum directs me to refer to es "Wid Awake Radio for Wide Awake People," and that "go$ for their can, too. ' . . . : . - 5678910l2m4i5l m mmm u mm aj . ricu

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