Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 17, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1949
Page 2
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I'AGE 2— NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TIIUHSI1AY. NOV. 17, :i!|.|[( DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Jimmy Roosevelt Now Charting Straight Political Course; Knows What He JWants And Goes After It; Can Win California Democrats' Nomination For Governor, Despite Truman; Rebellious Admirals Back On Board As Sherman Shows Firm Hand. Los Angeles—It looks like Jimmy Roosevelt is definitely coming into his own. Once a callow youth, floundering under the weight of a famous name, Jimmy dealt with almost anybody who came along. At one time he was the political pal of Mayor Jam'es Curley of Boston Another time his life insurance sales to George Washington Hill of the American Tobacco conrpany didn't help the noowx-elt fun illy. However, Jlmmie la 42, now. and the year.] have done something to him. He hn.s excellent political Judgment. He is careful about friends. And most important of all, lie IK now nhlp to cliarl a Hlraiprhl political COUI-RO. .linimy know;! what lit? wunt;; and j, r uci* aftnr it. One of Ihi: most Intcnt.MtlnK developments about Jimmy Roosevelt is tin; Kroup "I" youngsters (irmimt him. II. IN reinlniTCont .of tin- Youn^r Democral.H of liis fa- Iher'M day, thi: yoiintr people who wonlil IlKhl anil rlii; politically to defend I lie mime of Roosevelt Those Yinvnir nriiinurabi of 1!>33 huve no\i- put on a go, in .some C.:IKC,J mould and crust. Bui a new Keneri'tion has come alonpr in California and their adoration of Jimmy Koosevelt i.s prohably greater than that on;- c nivcn his father. Jiminie is amazinffly popular in California. When he (,'oes into a restaurant, a political meeting- or any place where people jrnthcr the music .--'topH, or elnc: he/;inn, or a whiKper sweeps over 1he roorr,. You can write it down that he can win the Democratic nomination for governor In a walk, whether Truman utipiwrts him or not. America's Most Complete Line in Style and Price $5-75 to $13.50 PER SQUARE YARD BIGELOW RUGS AND CARPETS Bigelow's quality has been known through 125 years of carpet making for the homes of America; Won't you*give us the pleasure of showing you these beauties today? CARLSON'S 175-185 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK (Open Friday Evenings) Free Buses from Beacon Falls to Naugatuck Friday Night 1760 WATERTOWN AVENUE OAKVILL^ (Open Thurs. & Fri. Eves,) NOTE—Tho President's Ive rtt those who supported Elaenhower before the Philadelphia convention hiiH chunKixJ toward Mayor Olnvyer of New York, ,7rick "Ar~ vcy, the poll'tlcal boss of Ohicasro; Senator Douglas of Illinois rind vnrlonn others. His peeve iiKulnwt ./Ininiy Roosevelt probably results not so much from the Elsenhower indldcnt but from hlw Joalo,uny for all things Rooaovcltian. Adm. Shcrmmi Shows Spunk On the West Coast where the ndmdrals first hatched their revolt things are a lot different now that Adm. Forrest Sherman has taken over l.ho Navy helm. ]-Ic's atcerlng a steady course and rebellious admiral* are climbing back aboard. Sherman's policy Is friendly but firm. Hi- demonstrated thai. he could uj)(, mi Iron hand not only by nlwllHhlntf operation 23, the Navy propaganda unit, but by cracking- down on another Navy propa- Ktinda neat at Pensacola, Fla. There, the Navy was even mlmco- Kraphlnj,' form letters of com- IrJnltit to congreisamen, then handing them out to the congressmen's conwtituenta to sign. But Admiral Sherman sent hla deputy, Adm. John Price, to Pensacola, and stopped the smear campaign. Adm. John Roevej, l n charge of the operation, is being replaced and will retire in April. Simultaneously, Sherman showed he wasn't a yes-man by letting Capt. John Crommelln off with a shai(?i rebuke. This was a decision which Rear Ad'na. George Russell, the Navy Judge Advocate, urged Sherman to duck, and dump In the lap of Secretary of. the Navy Matthews. But Sherman replied: "Cron mefin is under my command, and I'll take the responsibility." Though Sherman had been .smeared by his fellow ndmlrals II.H a "Quisling," he didn't barge Into his new office swinging the ax. He started by "golni? to school," and calling In each bureau chlof to bring him' up to date on naval affairs. Result: Peace and order is beginning to come back to the armed forces. NOTE: Admiral Sherman decided upon a naval career at tho age of six when he first sot foot on u battleship, the U. S. S. Kentucky. AH early as 12 ho showed hU son- mnnBhllpl and spunk while sailing off the New England In o whaleboat with 'his grandfathe/r. Several miles off shore, his grandfather died at the helm, and young Sherman brought the boat 'home :nfely through choppy water. (•ovrrimrn llwv nvi-r Knli.sldlcx Two rinigli.bui ing MnvornorM J, Hrmiken l,ee of Utah and John W. Banner of Montana—got into a row over mine subsidies the other day nt a closed meeting of 13 western 'governors at Salt Lake City. The row started after the gov- i-rmu-, heard a mining Industry !i|>i>ki>M>nan, <; n rl Triuiormnn, pl<m'<) for higher larlff.-i, a free gold mru-ket and—of all things -federal subsidies. This l« the first time the mining Industry, cotiMdcred a bulwark fo fren imlnrprlsc;, hiis Joined the chorus crying f,,r n government handout. Montana's Bonncr agreed that federal subsidies were necessary to keep etmall mines operating argued that it was sound defense policy to have strategic mntalH T'ourlng into our stockpile. Hut tnh'w T>c:n snorted that, the "Ions we hnvo to do with the fed- rral government; the better," and urged tho govr.-nors' not to undertake anything they couldn't do on their own. Communist 'Culture* In Shanghai Smuggled out hy a rofiiffoi; who escaped the Rod riil«r», fcliosti pictures of the CominiiiM*t-held port of JSImnifhul arc arming the tint to he token Hlnco tho fiimral r.Ity'n full. The harbor (top) IM filled with Hlilow Uiat were Niink hy retreating Nationalist force*. Below, an outdoor "cultural" meellnif, fiMiturlnj; wri'stlliiK and Juggling acts, IN lined to extol this virtues at CommunlHrn mid what It menna to China. (International) SCULLY, Florist Flowem for Every Occasion 480 BALDWIN ST. Wnterl/iiry MCO T. 8COIJLY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 Guess which 5-letter word means... and this..? \ l^oth this... ' -?» '" \s^f ' *, 7 ' ' Mj"W^/ fc ' ** A", c > ^ S^IW, ^i^'^^" - *$$&>&!? vsjjhjj i^Mfc But no guessing about BALLANTINE t/ r ' always means PURI3C¥ • The word is point! Right you are! The hunter watches the point.,, the butcher tests the point—and you, of course, get the point. Clearly, point ia • word that can keep you guessing. But no guessing about Ballantine! Ballantine always means PURITY, BODY, FLAVOR ... the qualities symbolized by Peter Ballantine's 3-ring trade mark. Look for the 3 rings; call for Ballantine— America's finest since 1840. Ask the man for Ballantine Ale^Beef Credit Stale Police With Reduction In Deaths By Drowning Hartford — Chairman Robert '. Catlln of the Highway Safet Comn¥l»«lon today credited th State police Department wit leadership In reducing deaths b drowning from 74 cases for th flrnt nine months of 1948 to 84 fo thii Hnmn period Kiln year. Hmlm lion of 20 ciuiiiM or 27 per con Indicates 19-19 may he tho Jowes year in Connecticut's history o vital statistics for .deaths I) drowning, he said. "Statistical information flic •with our CorriTTvission by the Bu reau of Vital SlaUwtlc.H of th Slate Department of Health In dl(«fi thMl, over the 'pn«l. <l*iea*l' Connecticut averaged 81.7 death 'by drowning," 'Mr. Catlin said "Prowpoctn are excellent tha't lO'l will he ehar^ed with fewer case than In 'KM7 when Hie record low of (11 drowningH wan recorded. "Few persons realize that dur Ing the pa«t few years tho Stati Drfarfcmisnt of Police has been relatively active In developing cf flcient public education in water safety as in patrolling highways In coopm-al.lon with tho nanlnrn regional olllcu of the American Red Cross, Commissioner Erlvmrt J. Hlokoy has developed a team o' expert water athletes Which toui od shore and lake, beaches dur Ing summer months, demonstrating water hazards and how to combat them. "Supplementing this excellent iRrogram have iboen expanding water safety courses by lied Cross chapters, activities of Hartford Chapter being especially »noteworthy. Beach authorities have boon encouraged by til,v leadership. Today we believe that practically all public beaches arc umiply protected' and staffed to nrnko their UBR generally safe, In addition, educational activities of State Police and American Tied C r o s s undoubtedly influenced miter water nl-jorts in areaa not ofllclnlly supervised. "It is estimated that 1948 deaths •by drowning may not exceed 61 eases charged 19-17. Previous ynnrn reported lotulu 1'n.nglng from 80 to 92 naoeB. Value of narefully planned water sufely effort In Connecticut has been amply demonstrated." Rainfall In Nicaragua averages 200 Inches annually. FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW, GET F1AKORN CORN MUFFIN MIX For grand corn muffins, waffle^ paocakes, you can't beat Flakorn. AU ingredients of top quality- precision-mixed for sure results at every baking. Just add an CRC and milk. Get Plakorn. P. Ballantine & Bono, N«wark, N.X WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Be Capable of First Class Work ATPTA' IN PERSON AT M. FREEDMAN Co, Ncary HiilMlng Church Wt. IIANGE BURNERS STOVE and FURNACE FIFES PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MATUE STREET Free Delivery Telephone E044 2» HOMKI,IS8S Colclbrook, N. H.—Firemen this morning brought under control tt .$100,000 fire at Solebrook. The blazo at tho Farmers and Traders Bank building left 29 persons homeless; FLOWERS For All OocaAfmiH SXOWEBS TUXliGBAPHKD EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP MO BUBBEH AVENUE Tet. 6!JZ8 BUCKMILLER Fisneral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 For The Best In Jewelry 'C.H.Tomlinsoi Neary Butldlnx Naiijrntuck, Conn. VENETIAN BLINDS OF STAY BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE THEY STAY Clean Our blinds custom made) with new FLEXALUMj spring tempered slats and vinyl plastic tape . . . actually shed dust . . . wipe clean with, a flick of a cloth. Won't fade.' Keep their lovely newness for, years and years. 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