The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 15, 1962 · 69
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 69

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1962
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Holfo vood Morals --. - -,: Have 'Bright Look' Scheuer 100 Scripts Get Clean Bill; Mann Discusses Roman Fall " r : BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER Hollywood is cleaning housrvThi is the word from Geoffrey Shurlock, administrator of the Production Code. The effects, however, will not really begin to show till 1963.. .: , "It looks as if many of these questionable and border-! line subjects have had it in Hollywood," Shurlock declared. "There's a brighter look all around in the pictures coming up." Of 100 scripts recently submitted to the MPA for approval, not one dealt . with gangsterism, juvenile delinquency, dope addict tion or an illegal operation. "And only six of the 100 are really bothersome. We're getting such good co-operation from produc ers that I'm sure all the problems will be resolved from the' code's standpoint before-these pictures are seen by the public." . , FILM FESTIVALS: ARE THEY WORTH THE EFFORT? "I read with great interest your Aug. 5 (Sunday Calendar) article," writes Irving M. Levin, director of the San Francisco International Film Festival. "Your report on the Berlin festival, which I also attended, is excellent. But upon rereading. I am unable to find an answer to the question posed by the title." 13 there one? Mr. Levin, who is hardly unbiased, thinks there is: "Festivals are, of course, worth the effort." He cites these benefits: opportunity to compare filmic techniques, acting and direction, and to gain in-; sight into the culture of each nation and of its progress ' in the art of motion pictures. Also the attendant publicity, which "spreads this information around the ! world."- 'We are all striving to emphasize the motion picture r' a3 a true art form," Mr. Levin adds, and I concur. Of this column he asks "a positive approach" and "a sound endorsement." Well, let's say I ain't agin' 'eni . Guinness Heads for Roman Fall As a starter, Anthony Mann has landed Alec Guinness for his "Fall of the Roman Empire." This is the "El Cid" director's next for Samuel Bronston. Sir Alec will portray Marcus Aurelius. In London recently, Mann reeled off a whole list of hopefuls for the rest of his principals, mentioning Kirk, Douglas, Sophia , Loren, Stephen Boyd, Richard Harris, Albert Finney, John Giegud and Terence Stamp.-Wellt could be. - "We are taking Rome at the -greatest moment of its history, of the empire and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius," Mann explained. "He recognized the empire I; must tan unless it trained its barbarians to become Roman citizens; that it was not walls or armies or frontiers that counted, but rather the education of all, the making them a part of you. It was the Pax Romano time, a kind of United Nations. "What will we try to say? That it was all closely aligned with today. Rome carried the .seeds of its own destruction; the army was bought and the senate, which refused to support the great experiment, was bought. It doesn't matter who or. what you are,: if you don't change with the times you are destroyed." Mann said he has found his ancient Rome in Sagunto, Spain, well preserved on a mountaintop outside Valencia, and a Roman aqueduct in Segovia. 'Valley of Swords' New Biggie One of the bigger productions I wasn't able to get to, outside Madrid, was "Valley of the Swords." Although the actdrs were mainly Spanish they were led by Venezuela's Spartaco Santoni as Fernan Gonzalez, "count and unifier", of Castile in the ninth century-such far-from-home North Americans as Cesar Romero, Broderick Crawford and Frankie Avalon were also actively participating. Linda Darnell had had to bow out because of illness and was replaced by Alida Valli. The heroine, the infanta, was played by Mexico's , Tere . Velasquez. The cumulative battle between the Spaniards and " th Moors of Abderraman III was directed by Javier Set in Carazo and employed the customary "cast of thousands' The Spanish-American co-production was headed, on the American side, by Hollywood's Sidney Pink and Richard C. Meyer otherwise Cinemagic, Inc. X.' "3 GE.NE T1ERSEY appears in "Advine and Conufnt,'' to screen today at a score of theaters and drive-ins. Story Verne' Basis of New Film Thriller Irwin Allen's film produc tion of Jules v erne's "Five Weeks in a Balloon" opens next Tuesday at Los Ange- lest Hollywood, Olympic, Century and other theaters and drive-ins. . Red Buttons, Fabian, Barbara Eden, Cedric Hard- wicke, Peter. Lbrre, Richard Haydn,' and Barbara Luna costar in this science fiction story of & flight across East Africa in a giant wicker basket , ... Fabian and Hardwicke plan to pilot their ship into the African interior to claim land for the British crown. Rivals in this effort are a group of slave traders who want to, keep the land for themselves and the slave trade," so there is a race to see who will make the claim first. Buttons plays a news paper reporter along for the ride. 'Bird Man' Now in Multiple Run "Bird. Man of Alcatraz" is now playing in a multiple run, including ' Orpheum, Pix, Olympic, Van Nuys and other theaters and drive-ins. Burt Lancaster, Karl Maiden, Thelma Ritter, Neville Brand, Betty Field and Ed-mond, O'Brien star, in this story based" on the life of Robert Stroud, a federal pen itentiary inmate since 1900. Alt' TMtATKP a 1 mBBXm 1 an TONIGHT at 8:30 Major Studio H9 mm Ai r fTV: r 73m iff Harold Lloyd's Film to Remain at Vogue "Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy" holds for a fourth week at the Fox. Voeue Theater.. The feature in cludes sequences fromiarht of the comic's top films. ; NOW n JTATI THEATAC 7t A Iraa4a MA 7-742 Cant. 12 nrtf"i jiz Midi J ry CMEMISCOPESb!'Aj$. MiImM ay , ir.'W:' ' UtttMIMt$ X'f'fL r '.' ewounoi Jfof V - v ''Lancaster's best...!'! BURT USTER BIRD MA LA TIMES WGZVl maiden ii nne mm Hmti r iiitiui nn nun iimrt J OFAICATMZ .nam rKH n hripn stuart millar UUI Ml GUY TROSPER m mvmt i HiT-liWIilgl brand OIPMEOI MA 4 (271 rau fuw rami 'CC fAMtMt am tr.llj not PIX OHfl m Hif M JWtM ST. 42)1 KCW00I mi hmm MONTfrilO DA. I2UJ; OH lntifM m mom At in nK4Bt cnom John Mills in 'Tha VALIANT' At til Pacific Drtvfrliw lACTBOfan V yAUflCOIIVI-INS-iHOWSTArttATDUlK J SDN ML "X m TH. 2 M77 awraei EDWUDS Hi. it "I!a0 MAH OF ALOATRAZ" " - 1 "Dtft 2nd f eiturf alio $ '!-. MI HOT WiWTS ST.4 7S19 SAN GABftm AT. i'mt CU. 3 VCRM0NT 0A.-40ftS UN?!!? em m art JIU0I9 M$CMHSl mnt m MC4 416I aounwATt V0GUC to.ixio 10 aonf roMti CCUIMBUPtCIVRZSi Ii fiTTFII 1 lilllili iiil ill ill J. w inc. tuuT DUCHIN STORY s- 1 -I TYRONE POWERj KIM NOVAK S V) WawmMMl -oi?- -Mr mm, lit AteHBKIUUl.twcWt.tL'iBgg vP llit EDDY DUCHIN cota.a REX THOMPSON JAMES WHITMORE Ar,JK0ER0STRUDW"CK VICTORIA SHAW SCMtN KAY V SAMUtL TAYLOK tw rr LIO KATCHIH MM MCHMmqi rciKMiNCAViuMNO rooeuctssr JIRBT WAkO MtxaHSIORQC ODNKY mmciatc raaucin MNII TA LIMITED ENGAGEMENT STARTS TODAY rr Hon. thru Fti. rranzpm Jit. ind Su. from 12:30 PREVilYI HiMiHGWaYlS AdVEIHURES OF AYOUIIGHAII : ' TONIQHT at 8:30 W HM LIDO THEATRE aretal tmnh a YA PRESS - PREVIEW! IK m nsMwniwwfl-ftMMM Kmaturt ttta . .JUulli piuui aAl .. OITA Tlieiiiuuill . I I tdc PlC IaCm( OL.M3M omttr.m. SAT.tUN.r4S W Qlkrtt Ktmt ! tk wsirvi Mtm. Mwvkat toint im kit iriifiwl 9 3r4 WEEK J 0L M3 i P 0 Dear Oiu IAC1 "'l.f 1:30 WE.1U0I A i r Dl 7- It li:.L..I II Ik R.L...1. UIAI I CV I llKTlil-l UUHeTRE$jH0aW00BIWESTCHSTR CULCIir I SANTA MONICA Si ' IRIS 1 LOYOLA 1 CULVEB I CRiTTRIOM L0m BF4CH I COMFTON I NO HOI t yWfWDI MF nK lacnnmiwiini cunii -a- crist inwuiaroirttiunKEW U 22? iSMff -Ll0!! L'JaT N I hrCAUFOKNUlWEST COAST I WEST COASTl FOX I FOX I FOX T1 k 1517 Wilihin fWI I-II8I :3 "yfAIRFAX ' J9M Bn. 81. i we. in u.i :4 LOS ANGELES REY Anna Bancroft-Patty Duki, THE MIRACLE WORKER Day-Grint-Yeuni In THAI TOUCH OF MINK. : tumnmeni in urror Div-Grmt-Younc In THAT TOUCH OF MINK LIDO Tonit ' 8:30 'M! w. Pte f . rntss rntvitw w Hot Put AWARD FILM, Adultll Plu "A TASTE OF HONEY" MESA IW Crtmliaw AX .tM:4S Dy-Crani-Youn In THAT TOUCH OF MINK Countirftit Traitor lEVEJtlYKIUJ-WESTWQOD CUlYEICiTY Ml. Sargai Bondqrchuk 1 A a. a . j. woDin-noaia Hilar i Domiall Darriaux in "MIGHT AFFAIR" Lcs Feliz 1404-2(69 1822 N. Varmont l nit Talk warn m vm u.a liiir I i ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN IN WASHINGTON REALLY LIKE THIS? WE. l-illl. a? IjhTghland ImJm H. Fit. f CLI.4I:4S -JLLIDI i, - If IL ' CIMI 0 0 I A IIP! - . WESTCHESTER if LOYOLA Gont. From 12 Noc WIKHIPF Tonitt' major STiinm wtiitiir rncvicvr, t b:ju; an 1 1 :4 nu Hammiway'i A0VENTURES OF A YOUNG MAN FINE ARTS Soonia loreit Anita Wi WiUhin Ekberi- R. Si:hnKlr JL BOCCACCIO 70; 1 15 Dfy .mm rn mm - ' VILLAGE Star 'Cart In WM1W4W4 AUVIM a tUNStNT (iRl.tu4?i'4l Only Two Can Pla ""aafAaiajiBiBjaw The Nominee V" 1 i-ikujNi ' -'Ik' ; The : " I - f - 4:1lllllTlll The Blackmailed 1 InGoraaoutCOLOB ' LI f "VALLEY OF THE NUDE" ...LAND OFTHE SUN WORSHIPPERS Matinaas Daily 12 Noon "Tho Affairs Of Annabollc" mm PACIFIC . FLORENCE LU. 1 1877 DAILY ; The Leader ftam The Playboy ' ACADEMY S:4J Ptrti PL I-Iiil FOX I. 12:11 JR t-tm mm: k Itk.Minth. .PL l-MMI-41 L-INGLEVY000 Bot Hopa-SIni Crosby, O, B0A0 TO HONS KONG; OR I-3III rSANTAWONICA.YENICE. ak CRITERION .Con'-from No c.t'V.. w" Bitnay'i BON VOYAGE: L ex a-aj lad, A Don Both Color WILSHIRE ; i 4-Pirfc i tx LBUNOY "What happened In Hawaii? That awful creature on the phone made it sound like he knew some kind of a nasty secret 1" "LACED WITH BRILLIANCE.' i.Ytmog. :'IT IS HILARIOUS I Naw ITorktr mag. mmmm t a ww semh mtj mnucriw imes I rhmi simttr mrm 1 ww'J L'ca vSsx e l'r.oni irn nv iidatiiiIi"V mum n w mneriM m mmivm Bivirly Dr. at Wilinlrt CR S-44M Oally t.X am. sat., Sim.. 1:00 SUDDENLY YOU HAVS laurent I 32-23-36ViSi0KI! LAURENT ? coos ':.Hssn.y r T ,V, i MATINEES DAILY 11:5Xm! Thi Hostess The President ft Th V.P. The informer The Blackmailer OTTO PREMINGER PRESENTS HENRVFONIIAACHARLES LAUGHTONADON MURRAY WALTER PIOGEON APETER LAWFORDftGLlVETIERNEi'AFRACHOnONLlf WAYRE3 BURGESS MEREDITHftEDDIEHODGESffiULFORDftBEORGEGlIZAffllNGASWEfJSON TTH PAUL McCRATH, E0WAR0 AN0MWS, WILL UO. BETTT WHITE. TOM HtLMOftC, HILLARY CAVES, RENT. PAUt. MKHU MOMTAU, PAUL tTIVENt, BUS ROWN, MAL0OIM ATTIRiURY, KRCENPIAV BV WNCOL MAYEt, BASED OR) THE NOVEL BY ALLEN DRUftV, MUSK BY JERRY FiaOMO, PHOTOGRAPHCD IN PAHAVtMONB Y SAM LEAV1TT, PROPUCTION BOMNCO BY LAS XHIXIIR, A O0LUMBI A PICTURES RELEASE, PRODUCES A DIRECTED BY OTTO PREMINSEB, ' l c A 1-4414 rF0XVEh ly:4i Pirn 7 1 VENICE rim Pi l U i f ',f 7 ; , -f" " r-l - - hi -V' 1 C-"!.4.- ' pA 1 r If i - -. II I I r lll ANt.X 1 r"r LAMAR "MajMajMMBaBMBaBBBjaawaMBBaWli'y ""7" niiiiiaailBtaalBaaiaiaasaMaii fill XnArx I i' ?R,na X 11 tAlSBk VaSri P r 1 ' WiiisiESTiuinr wssf r' f t 8504Pi!ill " rWI'W iiTia-nwna. i a t 1 laaaLU 7 3M2 12M r W II n r.l R PI LXREOUNDS ii ,M lui ft 4 ..T .... .uJP . jC 1 E BM I W m. n-ak ii ii f fi T Mi aiajliiii M iiinalaT UMiaaaiii niBral - BWi tr rr m BSI wpw d TL tl IT Bl .Am. aflalK. I an at 9 I ar W WW 1 LI i 1 f BANNING l m limn a 4i 1. VI 1-3714 Ii BRUIN WMtKM HUT. 11 CULVER Oay Grant-Youni In THAT TOUCH OF MINKi JljakfastAniffanyJi Walt DiEnty'i" BON V0YAI.F: lad, A Doji Botli Color Kacmaifui. Pk. SP 4.1410 Noon Ditnay'a BON VOYAGEi Lad, A Cos: Both Color Sf IN6LEW00D "fr All Star Cart In ADVISE t CONSENT, Only Two Can Play Novaklimmon-Astiirt, NOTORIOUS LANDLADY, (.ovnitrwi traitor Day-Grant, THAT TOUCH OF MINK: Tha Man Who Shot Litwrty Valanco Braakfast At Tiffany- Novak-lcmmon-Astaire, NOTORIOUS UNOUDY) Chtvalur, Jtisica Oay Grant Young In THAT TOUCH Or MINK; Tindir Ii Tha Niht Novak-LammoA-Artaira, NOTORIOUS lANMADY) Gountaifiit Traitor REDONDO WTTAN.HEBMOSA -A F OX RldOndO Ct From 12 Noor I o. ii:49 Disnty'l BON VOYAGE) Lm-iwI Lad, A Dog; Both Color P lirniiiitfiB "' in .. i. ""f'4l ADVISE t CONSENT; fz-bZ4 uniy iwo tan nay Manhalltn !-aiO0 t:4J Day-Grant. TOUCH OF MINK) Sinatra-Tracy, Dvil At S O'Clock HUNT1HST0K PARK BELL'COPTCN Cont. From 12 Noon Dimey'l BON VOYAGEi Lad, A Dot; Both Color 1 Chllllm! SusiwnM! PHANTOM OF OPERA) Hand Of Oaath Novak-ltmmon-Astaira, NOTORIOUS LANDLADY) Lonaly Art Tha Brav Cont. From 12 Noon Dlmoy'l BON VOYAGE) Lad, A Dog; Both Color BANNING). Novak-Lemmon-Artairo, NOTORIOUS LANDLADY Epiimnt lnTarror Oay-GraM-Young in THAT TOUCH OF MINK Hudson, Com Sept. fHVERSIDFL f-RIVERSIDE Cant. 3 UA LOV J.72I7 ; STARTS TODAY 2nd BM ASH HIT I rr CFTIiZ S ll5-TTT?taaa57 ' tut muuinl LJSwr. a- mm . i i. WARDENS DOWNTOWN MA. 4-6271 CONT. II A M. irunrr-witaiR WILTERM WiHtiinWtittm DU. 7-6147 MUNTINOTOM PAa mm LU. S 0944 OirBAL ROXY, Ct. J439J Cant. U MOM IN THBATRE3 and DITIVE.IM3 ALL OVER TOWN AT RKOULAR PRICE8I . fAcincetiviiHS HOtlVWOOO HAWAII MO. 9-2275 PREC PARKINa toAtiiiof SCSim'GE PL.sni FRtt PARK eeviNA CGVrSA CO. 2 2003 CAll TMIATIg OR BIIVI-IN OR SHOW TIMII sa ro wrsi eoAii imiathh' WESTWOOO VILLAGE CR.3 3042 VAN NUT! FOX ST. 5 2731 INOUWOOD ACADEMY PL151S1 HtRMOSA . , ifrn K8SA PR. 2 6245 STUDIO CITY Rtt PARKlba ' PASADENA ACADEMY MU. 1-6508 SANTA MONICA ELMIE9 EX 5 3344 WEST L. A. CLVMPlC oantai CR.7-M17 NO MOLLYWB) V1CTCSY omvc m - TR. 7-4423 , MONROVIA EIG SKY oatvi in CL.8 2SSS OUTM 0TC SOUTH GATE 10.4 1137 ftlAWia p ECCEW0O9 aw.m CO. use GOLDEN STATE 0m 2 OV 4-4M Cont. From 2 R M. Dlinay'l BON VOYAGEi J. Chandltr-T. Hardin, MERRILL'S MARAUDERS; Tain Of Ttrror 0 L TUl-2171 Hand.Of DwtR STRAND urt lancaitir In P.4r. - BIRUMAN OF ALCATRAZ; TCMMMIM- H. Mllli, Tigir Bay Sf HOLLYWOOF", ; CH NESE WEST sioe ST0BY- BR 2-.2i Today-2 a g:30 PM HB 4-4111 RESERVED SEATS (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) HOLLYWD Haiton-Sophia loran," ' aaa, "el cid" IRIS . MacMurray-VYyman l " 25. Syitm Pk. Ditnay'l BON VOYAGEi - HO 3-2IM 12:11 Lad, A Dog; Bath Cotof 1 VDCIIE M7S Hiiv4 Harold Llovd'l HO 2-4421 12:30 "WORLD OF COMEDY (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) . . Laughs! Camady! Funl 4SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Studio City Oa. 12 t Pin TR 7-1177 All Star Cltt In ADVISE t CONSENT) Only Two Can flay El PORTAL Nt. HatlrwMd TR 7-zsai I2:li lad, Walt Ditnay'l . BON VOYAGE? -A Dog; Both Color ' GUILD Day-Grant, THAT TOUCH il Lankmhlai OF MINK; Tha Man Who po 2-2272 ta Shot Liberty Valanco LA REINA Slurmari Oak ta j.jHaa uhI Frad MacMurray-Jant Wymsn In Walt i Disnty'l BON VOYAGE FOX Via Nuya IT l-HJI li All Star Cast In -ADVISE ft CONSENT! Only Two Can Play - CAPRI 2M Van Naya if I.MII 1:41 Novak-lemmon-Aitalrt, -NOTORIOUS LANDLADY! Baymir, Bachilor Flit 4, 6LENCALF ; ALEX Con- ftom 12 Noon .' Caatiauaua Dunoy'l BON VOYAGEi ch -i52s Lid, A Dog; Both Color GLEN DALE Oa. 4:4 CH 1-2111 Day-Grant-Yount In THAT TOUCH OF MINKl J. Liwii, Errand Bop 1 PASADEtASO. FASADEflA- ACADEMY Cant. 12 MU l-MOf All Star Cast In T ADVISE CONSENTj . Only Two Caw Pity ' STATE 1 Waffe Carpot ItfO-Park strut 5, Daddy Lnr f IYI-7IM Lagit Eva: Day-Hudun. i LOVER COME BACK; Tht Apartmtnt . RIALTO s. Paaaaana MUM2MMS Day-Grant-Younf In THAT TdllCM At lilHir. Counttrftlt Traitor . $ L0N6 REACH V West Coast Cont-rrom 12 - Cat.rn.uaai . Dunoy'l BON VOYAGES hi t-.m Lad, A Dog; Both Color CREST Cont. From 12 Noon 4 4??l AtltniK : Disnty'l BON VOYAGE ll:4S-Part lad, A Dog; Both Color , BELMONT Oa'n I MLI-IM1 Riotously Funny! CARRY ON TEACHER) Dantirt in Tht Chiir IMPERIAL Novak-lommon-Astalrt,' Baan 12 . NOTORIOUS LANDLADY! HEI-M73 Tins Of Tarror BAY Saal aaaah L 1-1123 Curtain At B P.M. , Film Ftstivall - ''THE 10VEIS" West CfllSt Cnt. From 12 M PM. Santa An . Disnty'l BON VOYAGEt. Kl 1-1317 ' lad, A Dog; Both Color FOX Anahaim ' . Kg a-sao? Cont. From 1 PM 4 Blsnty't BON VOYAGEi . Lad, a Dog; Both Color FOX Faiiartwi LA 1-2111 141 All Star Cast In , ADVISE 4 CONSENT! , Only Two Cm flay- POMONA LA VERNE ONTARIO. CLAREMONT FOX PaaMna NA 2-1333 Cont. From 2 P.M i bisnty' BON VOYAGEt-Lad, A Dog; Both Color, MT.BALDY DRIVE-IN - FtaHtill-WMM LY 3-49.11 . GRANADA uniaria YU4-l32l:4l VILUGE (ilaraaiaiit NA 4-ial?, I4 Chilling! Suiptnitr t Lom-Saart In PHANTOM) OF THE OPERAi John Agar, HAND OF DEAW Burt Lancastar In BIROMAN OF ALCATRAZf Mtrrlll'i Maraudtri i Ptttr Stllart tit i MAN IN COCKED HATi f Twt Way Stratck i 4 6AKERSFIELD SNTA PAMLA ox BakarillsM ' FA 1-7111 l:4t Htmingway'l Advanturel 01 A Young Man; Taylor. Lova la Battar Than Evar California Bikaraflal FAi-at2i ii m All Star Cast In ADVISE a CONSENT! ; Only Two Can Pity Santa Paula JA 1-41 II 141 . Hudion-lvat, THE SPIRAL ROAO; Ton; Curtli, Brtat Impoil NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE! f 2 SHOWS DAILY! f in i iiikbu lit ti B-ayau A A a is tmSJI II I I 2:00 PM EYES 8:30 VtS SON, AT i:0 PM BEST PlCTlTii -ACASEKY":Ar"! For. tlcktf Information oaiia tY-Aiittaiuriaat URRANK MASNOIIA81584 (iinowia KSSEL WA.M7I1 GAADtNA IITTH ox. 8-2712 SUS80WIOX.J3242 ma 4n7. TMaMaaf.HMMIMigL, TMCATM a lw4Va 4Wl.aSaMaWajRaai VUMWVfc if rV

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