The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 14, 1962 · 67
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 67

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1962
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Albright in 'Fix With Gene Barry Ransolioff Holding Garner; Dore Scliary in Total Recall BY PHILIP K. SCHEUEB The screen will be welcoming Lola" Albright back her first movie, it seems to me, since "A Cold Wind in August." Anyhow, Gene (Bat Masterson) Barry says he has signed Lola for "The Fix," which is to be his first indie venture novel by John tteher, script and production by Robert . Welch. Theme of "The Fix" is dope addiction what else? Barry has extensive night-club dates to fill before he will attempt this film. - Young Christine Kauf-mann, who starred in 'The Take-off" with William Bendix, has agreed to re-, peat for Harold Nebenzal and Astra Films of 'Munich V in a second, still to be se- Scheucr lected. Nebenzal's partner, Alfred Strauss, will arrive this week with a print of "The Take-off ," which was made with" the co-operation of the U.S." Air Force. Nebenzal reports additional activ-; ities: purchase of "The Urge'of Evil," by Heinz Friese, ' also to be shot in Germany, and of "Laguna Beach"; screenplay by Victor Brooks, to be shot for a;wOnder -here. ,- : '. v Allied Artists, which distributed "El Cid' in this '-country, will perform a similar service for Samuel Bron-stem's next, "55 Davs at Peking." The new epic of the Boxer Rebellian will be launched in June in Madrid and will location in the Orient. Star is Charlton Heston, , writer Philip Yordan and director Nicholas Ray. .; Garner W heels for Ransohoff James Garner appears to have cast his lot with Martin , Ransohoff, his boss on "Boys' Night Out." He will play ; in two more, first to be "The Wheeler Dealers" by George Goodman. This is a comedy involving oil-stock promoters. Ann-Margret, under contract to Columbia for a pair, will go to worK toaay m the first, "Bye Bye Birdie." The second may be "Under the Yum Yum Tree" or a remake of "Gil-. da." The hyphenated young lady has a bid from ' 20th to pitch woo (expression from my vanished vouth) with Pat Boone in "Evil Come, Evil Go." Her young brother in "Birdie" will be Bryan Russell, 9, late of "Safe at Home" with Maris and Mantle and "How the West Was Won." In Paris, Laurence Har vey and Anthony Mann jointly latched onto "Ceremony" five hours in the life of a young soldier awaiting execution and will film it together. Harvey's next is "The Ballad of the Running Man" for Carol Reed; Mann's next, direction of "The Fall of the Roman Empire" for Bronston. Looking ahead, Ray Stark is offering Jane Fonda a three-picture contract to begin next year with "Sunday ' in New York" and a story by Tennessee Williams, "This Property Is Condemned." Miss Fonda already has two to do for -MGM, "Period of Adjustment" and "In the Cool 6f the Day," and "The Fun Couple" on Broadway in October. Mr. Asano, the Japanese gentleman of "A Majority of One," is finally to be enacted by an Oriental! Philip Ahn will play him at the Laguna Summer Theater week of Aug. 16. Senary Recollects, Pens Drama Dore Schary has written a play about Hollywood his fond memoirs? It is titled "Banderol" after its principal character, relates "a struggle for corporate power and the resistance of big business to change," will be staged by the author and presented by Robert Whitehead and Roger L. Stevens on the road Sept. 10 and in New York Oct. 9. The Seattle World's Fair will "honor" "Adventures of a Young Man" and its producer Jerry Wald at a special screening June 1 , . . Peter Sellers of "Lolita" will play a return engagement with James H. Harris and Stanley Kubrick In "Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Iove the Bomb." Kubrick is scripting the satire with British novelist Peter George, "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Va cation," starring James Stew art with Maureen O'Hara 'magazine, to Hedda Hopper. Jane Fonda 1 JOAN WINCHELL- CARROLL BAKER will be seen in the film play "Something Wild," opening Wednesday at Four Star. Comedy Due 25 on May Post lime for Pillars of Society. ON THE TOWN (or "A Beveri y- Hills ". Jeweler s Opening, Dinner for Carol Channing, and the Cocktail Party at Hollywood Parks Opener"),. , J WE COVERED the above three events all iri a 24-hoiir period: And all three had one mine in common - lasci- nating people who' are' fun- loving, stimulating, and are doing things in our citjv THE : FIRST w a s Don Hoffman's chic jewelry sa lon opening on Camden Dr. in Beverly. It featured Cham pagne, ; sky s-the-lirait - bau bles. and e u e s t Sf anging from Edgar Bergen s i Aca- pulco-tanned wife and Janet; MacLeod, West Coast fashion editor of, Town, and Country Chicago and Edna Rothbart of Palm Springs. Fabian, John Saxon, Marie WTilson, Reginald Gardiner, Lauri Peters and Valerie Varda... will open Friday, SAW the latter three at Hollywood Park Opening next afternoon. Saw a few thousand other friends and familiar faces there also. It was all like one big,, wonder ful cocktail party. . LOVED giving uncle Wil lard Keith a great big hug in the Directors Room for his president William Gargara,! Wagnerian Lfturitz Mel- chior, Eddie Spivak of the Redwood . restaurant, Jack Oakie sporting a red vtst.' Jules Stetn, thoroughbred owner Ann Peppers, John (La Quinta) Ellsbach, Jack Warnerr'Jr., Bryan Foy, Mrs. Orrin Tucker. BH hotel own-l CAROL CHANNING f . , . guest of honor. Jack K e n a s t o n, Newport beach s Ramona .and Mau rey Smith, Eugene and Roz Wyman, Walter O'Malley,! Phil Connors, Beverly Hills vi and Fred Nason and Ethtl McCarty, TV hero Vince Ed wards, who'd just picked a winner in the 3rd, and Mer- courageous and smiling re-Jvyn LeRoy.who had a win- 3to0 angtl Zinxts 13 MON., MAY 14, 1962-Part IV er Ben Silberstein and Nan cy Russell, Frank (Mr. Mojo) Miller, Neil Petree, Bill Cain, insurance man Jim Callanan, A. M. (Rocky) Rochlen of the Airport Commission. ' CALtTHEATRe or Bft; 2-9361 CR. 4-011 r thi Tuct to col attat Z2f . PARTY NO. 2 followed, honoring one of the , finest men in show business. May 25, at the Fox WTilshire Charles Lowe, and one of the and Academy Pasadena The- funniest gals, his wife Carol aters, and Van Nuys and charming. It was given by Gage Drive-ins. The film comedy, based on the novel of the same name by, Edward Streeter, was di rected by Henry Koster. Channing. It was given by one of the town's top host esses, Maggie Ettmger, so you ' know the combination was a ring-a-dmg-dmger. "Child Buyer' to Stay Until Sunday, June 10 Theater Group's staging of Hersey's "The Child Buy-; er, will continue at UCLA s Humanities Building until Sunday, June 10. Strindberg's "Creditors" will open in Schoenberg Hall on Monday, June 4, with Paul Shyre directing. covery from simultaneous eey and back operation. Also there Ed. Crowley passing out money to eyerybody to bet on Eddie J in the 5th, be cause "My liaise s Eddie J Crowley": ."- Haitisan . Chan dler.v who told us . it" takes longer to drive from Pasa dena to Santa Anita (due to the traffic) : than to Holly wood Park (due to the free way). ALSO in the Directors Room,' Betty and Bill Wilson with the Earle Jorgensens, Palm Springs' Helen - and GUESTS INCLUDED "Unsinkable Molly" script writer Richard Morris, lieorge-, Burns (who ex plained to me wry Jack. Ben ny isn't always funny), UI Producer Ross Hunter, WB director Mecca Graham, L. B. Mayer's widow Lorena Nidorf, Dorothy Manners, Jacques Mapes, Joan . (Ambassador East) Bering of MlCKEV CoGER ;,lAII7iLE.fMRlS w m mb mm m N60LELE . m m mm no:;!O0!HBiSCA '-it J is. J J m w m - a ' Bio BuiflW xm yn 1 Laaouerl f BRYAN RUSSELL -Sun. U 7 t ' OMdrtwif WILLIAM PATRICIA DON FRAWLEY BARRY COLLIER iwMUDsminaiw fMMM.AeOUMKnCIUBMM 1 miw moucTicN-A Columbia rcTurcs wluk u MMUM mil iir' FOX t. urn con K I11JI HAWAII ho mi CAflTM NHH It SIM P..4 01M WIRNH mm MTISTf O. t lYll ttw l . CtTl N HUI 4JM iMW I "SAF I "Don't II "SAFE AT HOME" 'Don't Knock tho TWIST" tt fOOTHILt IMbM W tO OM4 stnuvEM HMVI M (0 OOMI rori UMorc sm m TM.-iirr 0UTH T I0UTI CA7I MM m ITU0M MUtMM 6 UU UN 4AMCl M (UMH MW HI wnnin Mtt m A. 1-4111 1KRM0HT . Mtvt m 0 OM mng ticKet on that $117.60 Fast Travel in the 2nd, SO DID owner of the Ix)s Angeles Nut Co: Eddie Gen- del or so said haberdasher Sy Devore, sporting a peacock-blue sport coat and an ear-to-ear grin. STILL MORE hellos to (and how do you like this for variety?) Bill (Mr. Bunki.r Hill) Sessnon, realtor Carl Schurz, Elaine Fields ("I got a wig, so now 1 can swim this summer"), BH Club vice asida cf Hfs you nsvsrexofcted to see on the screen! ADULT . r - P1CT0KEI , l V TTTin W CCTDLDD tuwlladoflow-tbritirong T w.Mwnxws n VIM MOCK W. vCTi miESUZ MORS hWkQWUflIlMk,EV)m Vll BELLE SOMRIERS' U jm fiirmhn ImJ Ka.. i Ttl r, . '" I o-"1 IDSINCOB MA. 44271 cmvfoT STUDIO Sm Grectone$ for 2nd Features for other Theatres rTielso FACifiCMivt mf RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN'S m mm. ID . PATB00NE-B08ETDOL1 PAMELA TIFFIN ANN-MABGRET TOMEWELUAUGEFAYEmW 0L - Excluilvtly V turn 1 iir,.ir CoirtiniMus from 1:45 pit IAST DAYS) "f'XI VUBItUI...-HtfII-EMm. oUCBESSUCDSD HCHtSSUir Lmisehievous9i!!L - i mimrtwma unnsiof mk mm vm nam Added Mill IIIDfl . "ERSATZ" Color Ctrinnn k HX LOS ANGELES mmsmmmm ; Daily 1:45 p.m.;f t ni riwn CARTHAY CIRCLE sax Vint 147 r-VciR( : f CI I 0 list 21 Days! "EL CID" Tonight 8:30 fM. RESERVED SEATS EL REY Staiwyck-Harvey, WALK ssi7Wihhlr on wild siuti cage- we i-iiei :5Marvey. summer, smone FAIRFAX ' Kwm-Umehi, FLOWER 7907 Bev. Bl. . dkuw sunh: nepourn. we t-sits :49 Breansi n iinany s HIGHLAND M64N.FII. . CL l-(M :45 Elvis Presley in fOLLOW THAT DREAM BLUE HAWAII ' Last 11 Davs! Sophia Pic.a eoLoren In TWO WOMEN; 6396 Park Whitman, The Mark MESA J. Russell, MAJORITY . rr . n.i ur unc. nepourn, The Children'! Hour 5807 Crenshaw AX I-S9M 6:45 LIDO I M7 W ' iiccA . inki A 5807 W wn BEVERLY HIUS-WESTWOOD CULVER CITY WILSHIRE 44 Wihhlra OLS-OMS 1:45 Last 11 Days! Ntw STATE FAIR 5 Continuous Shews FINE ARTS SM WlliMra OL 2-I5S0 Last t Davs! Chevalier, JESSICA; Ersatz; Op. 1:4S Dly. VILLAGE wastwoea n 3-S04Z 1:45 Tony Curtis In THE OUTSIDER: Blast Of Silence BRUIN Wntvmd 6B 7-iW7:45 CULVER 7:3D Sneka 124 J. Hutton, HORIZONTAL LIEUTENANT; Donahue, Rome Adventure Doors Open 7:30 SPARTACUS 1 Shewing-:15 P.M. LX WESTCHESTER X 0 Tony Curtis In THE 01'TSIDER: Blast Of Silence Tony Curtis In THE 01'TSIDER: Blast Of Silence G. Ford, 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE; Light In The Piana J. Hutton. Horizontal lieutenant; Donahue, Rome Adventure afu-aa tutu IM.HMI Iiwuiwao I nmtax I Miru Iwtstctu,! tuuinr I sa U tkt 0?s! ma w izzl " n : r m: :.r r -mmm w. , w w ULt-iUt OLJ2UT AW.i-07 Mwllt UU&IZT ' PLtTilSl W5A xewrrmu) newt kutiai uwim omumi fOX S'ttS5 rA.i4iT.4a j tZin dlTJu j T STrTAVET lcOOA f.wl I f 1 PLt-M:45 i nALiv nn Tnn wn ii vnii." i i unnmv i . i plua mnmc also at to. iiq pm toyj 3r :ftAter" rVm - " V- 4 !l HERMOSA HOLLYWOJIT CHINESE- BR 2.24 -HO 4-81 1 "WEST SIDE STORY" Tonight 8:30 P M. RESERVED SEATS HO VWQfld Stewart-Wayne, VAN I2-30." a m SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE; HOS-j7l Brynner. Magnificent 7 . OPEN AU NIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. DAILY IRIS JSC Syirjia Pk. HO J-2184 12:15 Hutton-P. Prentiss, HORIZONTAL LT.; Rome Adventure VOGUE f-i HollvwMd HO-!.62l II S4S G. Ford, 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE; Light In The Piazza SAN FERNANDO VALLEY STUDIO CITY Kwan-Umekl. aow ? 00. .:45-PaVk DRUM SONG; deHavilland.'j tr 7.1977 - Light In The Piazrr" -1 EL PORTAL N. Hellywd. TB 7-2983 12:15 UILD Sill Laakenhlm PO 2-2272 1:45 Ton Curtis In THE OUTSIDER; . i Blast Of Silence S- R. Russell. MAJORITY v OF ONE; T. Donahuef ; LAREINA Sherman Oaki TR (.39801:45. FOX Van Nuyi ST 5-2731 12:45 CAPRI C25S V.i Nun) 8T 5-S9l97:39 Tony Curtis In THE OUTSIDER: Blast Of Silence Elvis Presley In FOLLOW THAT DREAM; Wayne, Comartcherofc -0 Doors Open 7:30 . SPARTACUS ' -1 Showing 8:15 P.M.' O 4, SLENDALE ALEX Cominuoui 12 CH 5.1575 Tony Curtis In THE OUTSIDER: fi Blast Of Silence GLENDALE . ! 0. 1:45 CH 3-2815 G Ford, 4 HORSEMEN OF THE Af 0CALYPSE; Light In The Piazza -.-. k ,5AWIA WUWIbVTtWmt I 1 CRITERION Stanwyck-Keryey. WALK Y Cnt. ' EX ON WILD SIDE: Hepburn, The Children'! Hour Tony Curtis In THE OUTSIDER; Blast Of Silence N. Man, FLOWER DRUM SONG. iSO: J. Cagney. 1-2-3: 6:45 11:05 P.M. FOX-VENICE E F0U0W 45-Park THAT DREAM; Holden, QaTsn never oicgp REDONDO ANHATTAN HERMOSA Tony Curtis In THE OUTSIDER: Blatt Of Silence GREGORY PECK ROBERT HIICHUH POllY BERGEN U Wt ft ' - - "it f -f f 2f5ft0 111 Pi .gFlfrnfg Jm--'? 1 in ADULf mm ?tiu- 1 G Ford, 4 HORSEMEN CF THE APOCALYPSE; Cagney. 1-2J Walt Disnev'i MOON PILOT; Civil lev. Blue Hawaii PASADENA SO. PASADENA ACADEMY Cant. 12 MU 1-6508 Teny Curtis In THE OUTSIDER; . j. Blast Of Silence ' STATE " Pusseii, majority ; fis-Park OF ONE: de Havilland; 1 sy 2-7U9 Light In The Piazza, . , RIALTO Sa. Paudena MU 2-1259 :45 Walt Disney's MOON PILOT; Jerry-Lewis. Errand Boy IQNG BEACH, ; WEST COAST 6 Fr4' 4 Norsemen Ce"l2 OF THE APOCALYPSE;' me 1.4209 The Angry Silence.-.- f.RFST Stewart-Wayne. MAN 4W5 Allintle SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE:' . 0 . (Park Horizontal Lieutenant " BELMONT Ot?n HE S-lWf imperTaT 0n 12 HE -W?H Stuart Whitman In 1 THE MARK: Harvey'.'" Page, Summer t SmoVc Stewart-Wayne, Man, Shot Liberty Valance; , Horizontal lieutenant BAY fcaal Barh GE S-II23 Theatre Closed Today Reg. Parfs. Resumes Tuesday TV IT PLANTS A nLtlBY.FI Aft mm m mmwwmm m mw mm m mvmr 9 m mmwwm ATOP ALL BATTLE STORIES! M-fMla aiaMia m Young Mm Wfit Vs9 Bluing Mttlfto hlitory ti lw$ Jimil mum i' iia e imam wruawu . .... "- Wi4 fNiMi ftIT "SmST ewaM m"' Vh P 1 "il-LLair' a la f iVfcwi im Ui"i)u4 Hjf -wif ifcWtii UMaf a.n y"T, ' w a ,, V f t4 i Unli.taitlia I la mi 'Diiar 4 ai. 4 iml yJf 'J'Am a 4 - ' i '' lor! mm mm balsam jam rruschik .teut tiVMi$ eWchaID Lf BELlCOMPT0N $ 4 ORANGE COUNTY spoAST mi.ii7l2 The Angry Silence FOX Anaiieim "EXCITIUG" Ntwtwiit CALIFORNIA Ci. (2 fcaaa IU 7-iM PARK a Ma 4'iiif tu 7-1442 n m MeT(i5.cCLDvVrT.UAVif EVA MARIE SJUMT - - - - ft". .Wil 1 wipwn rrinv Jy.i '0 KARL r.ALDIH ;tr firm?, teui tajliHUiaiMtlir raaaawaaju far (Mat P-HUM ana tu l inn a i Tony Curtit It 1H( OIIISIDCR; flail Of (ilanr ttanwyck-Hirvey, WAll? ON THE WILD lPf , Jai. Cunt, 17 I Wait OmwyVMOON PHOT; Civil Prattey l Riul Miwati Tower f amaiait 'ar al HI (lil Plv In rrXL0V THAT 61 AM: I m Mitinun), Thunnar Road m m a tk a . . k. REDLANDS ''' . t)T ipA o. i - iifiy vAiANri, '' Thai fjiai KG tanl iVlrn. AH'N i 'e?,.,,,.,,.. -tarn Ul-J 0K." 'Mil L,7 TT i i i i ii nit muri a i tiiiiiit ." iisll STT aaaM' Aii( l 7t4 O f (.14 1A l4 , 9mf ( FOX I ullrrfaa 14 I. till Ml SONG: deHavilland. L'fht In The Piazza tony Curtu In THE OUTSIDER: !'t Of Silenra POMONA LA Wr CNTAmOaCLAREMONTajL f fj 6 rord, 4 HORSE MFN -i pLVana Of THE APOCACVPSti . HA t un I 41 The Angary 8Mnr I ' MT. 8ALDY J IHwlft- I Wivna. DRIVE-IN M" Mh ,hM i'f"""r Fmihi" waila finatre Maitil-1 IV l-lfiaa iawlnrd. OCEAN! H CIlANADA Wait 6".iay t?. moon nioii Piui (1 ui itii tilileit Outlaw VII LACE " " th7rMl('un'a" I ,."r NlfiOIN FORIkfSS; N4 I ;i)-4 41 jl j Piliwilat ( SAtj rlRNIffpiH i rn,. i,r, ,n, . curpRNIA f il t tf'l l a In ! TICHriT AT!Nl...tV aVr.Mfra.'a ' " Olh CMACfl WCCKf f.on oflht moit powtrfwl )VtTP0'MltyYVUrv4'"l 'J PAUL fiEWMAN' GEFlALDifJEFAGE 0- at4fa4ata avawf I ttt6ot wmt I ! yrrrv u,.-, - j -issvwviiSMfMi Miuiuii I -ii -,21 - J 1 f ft Vf LfUffUH -'' ar i I i --ym I J : Wa. ' ' ' ' ar w- wn . . . w m I M.rMP PraM, M'aittAi if Wj I V Pr M III I IAKERSFIELD . t't a l f ! Ill I frVlftay ti iiam a t.ri ai i ( a rox .. 14 1 I'll t II (AllfOPKfA ft a 4 i if aa rox . i pii It I lull II lu 'irlll la till flllHlllll f aM fit tia. I ftfMi'i, H4 Of faniuan'a t it,"iU CH PAIMAU frihKU, .,.!, ht tlft v'BfzST PICTURED VWivWlnatreflOAfdtmtAiKUdtV v finv r. PI ifnnnnupoLicY! UiiiiMtt risen aa.,,;,, a,a-,r,, iCAsriif iwAis mw DUf.T ACTOR BtftT fiCWIINPLAV nuiUftDtim 3 Ltirfiffssiett fiiil tK.iriNCIl ltit lal f 49r' ajaji 3 BLtf TiA fti avM4. t' 4. wfi5 W (4K tMC. 4 ill rMlllN I If a4l'4Wa fBlVaiaUCXMl lull pv 1 II II i T S.v- a I S3. 5 a4 aiial- ' X ' 'H' 4' af Hi (W4MI tUMIIMP MOlff MJ TCHICHT rrrfii fa vai ifrai .a .i Ml A f f4 PJ I. rVZ vaj ei at! 1 44 paa a4 aat naraaj ar l.iaal We lmm !! If IIII4II tan4j U4paaaifc, fxlKai . an) teitwiaanneamiwi Htvuri'Uiilvi W 44H H !M0t (4l AtacM! iM4 3ai aMV a' Thtatri lay ava4 I ! N aw'l ti)f t I ad M V fClat AVlrilCM Mr TAMri1YtaGRIMES "THE U1ISI1IKABLE HOLLY BP.0WH" 5 i - m i I'HiUtl'il: llhl tflllkhMimj' Rl'!!23UX' l''i"l"M 14 a a4 4a a 4" rr ?2 tM4.44l fX it . . ... 4a r w 1 r !i JOIOA 4 tutm, 4l4X4a MACHJltt ' 4-44 law n , I 4 P.. a 4 4. m aiaawij aa -44. 4 aa f aaxpf fN wt l'a lrt M M IIA'I M f la (4 l M m mi ' 1rri U IM I'M mnrw Itmmf fan a ft f (4i mm fil tiff! eV IWfVM " STATE Hit " HI Mflfl Hf ItSM""" ii mi pvmt mtii i4 ay -4444t 4 -., fpifaf! I a)la4 t K'if'IMI aV , laoi'ir i f aa 4 P affl 'layW " AatAM lM tk4 li''4""" 'l!t 4i l tM, 'II till I'lU M'.KII C . I , a4 ' a .', i. ,4 lN.a ' v'a 4 W (itinff "oo'ourfo "a'movii" ! TONIGHT Hiyvf ai aa n itMA,aifj(iC yu., fco. tALj 4rtiC Mil, Ai,f fc'.!4 I - -a 1 4n ( Mill ul A'ii' 'It Mart a.m Mm

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