The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 31, 1962 · 49
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 49

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1962
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Bronston Plan Seen as Film Revolution Madrid Operation Js Bashed on Pro-Selling Productions BY PHILIP K. SCUEUER The Bronston Plan is the biggest single revolution that hag happened to motion picture in yean. When I 'was Jn Madrid, Samuel Bronston'g headquarters, I learned all about it from Paul Lazarus, a veteran of United Artists and Columbia, who a the company's ex ecutive vice president. Schfurr The plan began with "Kl Cid," in continuing with ",V Days at Peking" and will go on with nurh projects as "Fall of the Ho-man Kmpire" ami "The French Revolution." Gran riioe? Certainly, Rut that's the way Rronston, a umall. graying, Soi bonne educated American of MTiipulous politeness and a driving creative spirit, operates. "The big thing aboul the Bronston Plan," said Icarus, "is that it leapfrogs today's two worst problems-studio and distribution. In effect it is a revised version of one of the industry's oldest practices, states' rights. (In the early days of films an independent moviemaker would peddle his picture piecemeal, state by state.) What appeals to me is the fact that Sam's technique is five years ahead of the real of the industry states' rights, but on a glottal bais. Investment Made Sight Unseen ' Bronston signs up from 10 to lf countries before he starts. Thene distributors don't wait to see lrn picture; they invest before it goes before the cameras. In effect. Bronston has the entire negative cost given or loaned to him in advance. He asks no bank loans as such, whereas other producers ask as much as .V)", or WYi. inf Inoiilnnt inlU- 1 1 nileruml A hi UI'lifr 'Kin? of I Kings.' '"Kl Cid' was the first film financed In this manner. H enabled Bronston to go on to 'Peking' a deal established mostly on the basis of guaranteeing Charlton Hes-ton as star and Nick Ray as director. Subsequently he added Ava Gardner and" David Niven at no mean expense! Rut it represents a kind of keeping faith. "A distributor gives us first money now; second, a note payable later, but on which it is possible to collect now. We give him, in return, the right to distribute 'Peking' in certain territories. When we recoup we participate with him in the profits, roughly on a fjO-SO basis. Our pictures are designed for the broadest possible acceptance, the international audience. 'Kl Cid' cost million and will gross between $2' and $H0 million. "An extra bonus Imth ways is that the distributor shares a reeling of personal partnership with us. a kind of dedication. Our man in Japan, for instance, suggested that the presence in 'Peking' of Ichi.o Rami would enhance its value in the Japanese market. He's in the picture." Peking Gleams in Spanish Sun Bronston first set up shop in Spain for "John Paul Jones." with Du Pont backing and frozen pesetas. Today he occupies both the Sevilla (leased) and Chamar-tin studios in Madrid. He has built the largest sound ftage in Europe and al Las Matas. 16 miles away, on a rolling barley field belonging to a Spanish marques, the city of Peking. China, in 19(X), time of the Boxer Rebel-linn. ' Its spires gleaming in the sun against the Sierra Guadarrama, this is an Oriental dream city sprung into 20th-century existence. Its 2"0 acres encompass an outer Tartar Wall, an inner Imperial Wall, the Temple of Heaven occupied by the Dowager Empress T.u Hsi. foreign legations, missionary quarters and shops a set comparable to "Cleopatra's" Roman forum at Cinecitta and Alexandria at Anzio. The bare-to-the-vvaist workmen busy on it were very much like studio artisans anywhere, except that they were using burros as carriers. At Chamartin, Nicholas Ray was directing Flora Roi son, the empress; Leo Genn and Robert Helpmann three eminent British "Chinese" in an interior replica of the Temple of Heaven's throne room. This, too. could have been Hollywood; the chief differences were that orders were relayed to the crew in Spanish, that the air conditioning was limited to wind machines and electric fans, and that the signs posted around the set read "Silencio!" nowTI TNE MOST DEFIANT WARRIOR OP THEM ALU rc7'7 3 Mir Ml 'Spiral Road' on Schedule "The Spiral Hnu," tar iring Rock Hudson and Bui hes, opens next Wednesday in a multiple run including the Jlillstim anil Pantageu theater ami Olympic am Van Nuyu drive-ins. Gene Rowlands co-xtars as ti Dutch gill who corner to the Indonesian jungle to marry Hudson, a dedicated young Dutch doctor. Bur Ives portrays the veteran medico who is an authority on jungle diseases wiml leprosy, "One Plus One" will J companion feature. J?J - li 0fln&flf0i:illtf9 TUES,MY31,1962-PortlV J mm ... '. h -xm or mi. i MSTUDIOfim n l MACi 10 601 1 ' 7 b Tl KM.' i. Moriiix M'iMtnal hit inning and daiuiiij( Ur of "Iriua I. a DniMf" oil Bill more lajt nana, f nunriaiinaniTn Wbln r EIT LANCASTER Three stories of (he sexes, ..somewhat different, somewhat daring somewhat delicious! CHIRl.IFT-Ty Hardin, riht, ami mllier oMier give lift lo ailing Burniete native girl, played hy Lux al'Icz, in cr ne from "Mrrrill'i Maurauder," Wrdiw. day at Orplieiuii, Pix, lteeU and other tliealer. Fellini Filming New Picture in Secrecy PiOMK W Does KedericoicrediU include '1," Kellini have another ' La'-Nhts of Cahiria," "l.i Dol- nivua;;iip hwKiieyf7 Vlta.. and nne nf ,he . : rne nauan rum wruernu-: rector has a new movie U-! fore the camera1. The cast is d big one: Marcello Mastroi- anni (the l.a lice Mta TWO GREAT HITS! r "A combination of charm, suspense and humor" iHtlft. "K I' PIUS-HIS FUNNIEST PETER SELLERS MVIM.THIU 7twtc7tM wiri 11 NOW COOdI OPtN I II fM CVEKY DAY HoneJl ....m. . W COCO WiHM ll C"tl 01 M)30 tjPK AUIN HFSNAiS' ft last y:ar at HYPNOTIC MASIIUPlCCI ytBKVCPItV 4?44 IIO.MI nn l A tHMt star). Claudia Cardinale, quencM of "Boi'cario 70," -la Dolce Vita'' (The Sweet Life), showing in tlie-aters around the world at special reserved seat prices i Iva im&u Ess -mm R IIVJl IMt MV'i'lvl 1U ill i Tl ' ft I 0 0 P-5 tuue BiuPDnrr miracle TKT W Picture! liirnmpr r-"ow jCt RITA TUSHINGHAM MURRAY MELVIN Cannaa Film f aatlval Winner mti&mx'm-xmm Avlu, Pl.tiii'i: f-f-'--iinr"'"pW'-'Tfi-ii hi Tin '".uMaiLj .tii.oi'jmwT l H AUGHI "WW I 'Lido OL. S 8396 TV FOB EVERYONE WHO LOVES TO 1 .MM WW mm-r-m w m ' ji m mr m I I I I I I (Aa Llofvds xioyiviVi aiS2K Door f)nn "'A MCIU1IVI INOAOlMINf -- 1 1 101 - . . Anouk Aiim-e, Sandra .Milo,' 11 ' "p u,r Svlva Koscina. nionpi m;,k'n "V'M evn' ' But the film has mi name. lurn,Hl ut .van Italian. At least Kellini is not telling ianyone what the name h.i Nor is Kellini, usually puh-' I licity conscious, t a i k i n g! alswt the plot. j The set is guarded. I I His actresses and actors ' ;are sworn to swrecy. 1 "I'm jusi given my lines !fwm day to day." siiys the well rounded Miss Cardinale. "The story is still a mystery tome." Sandra Milo. one of Italy's I loveliest and slimmest ac- I tressis, sas she knows only one thing. She has had to put on 1.1 pounds for the movie.j I remm mane me no n. she says. "Now no one recognizes me." talian newspapers and magazines are giving as Imuch fiace to the Kellini mystery as they give to real ife murder mysteries. Kellini has been one of the icountry's greatest and most 'successful directors. His LAST DAY! Rules of th Game CINEMA HO 74)71? lui "OIATM or A cvcittT" A EL I I J wi I. r FilRf LOS ANGELES". 4, HOLLYWOOD . EL REV W.I.HM 101 1 m FAIRFAX k 'U) Br,. Ill Ann (tncroM- Pitty OuH, IHf MlHACIC WORKtR W ' Holi)n i7 Pilm. COUNTEHf IIT THAI10H, Iht Child'in'i Hout aa I AIM IMAM -I A - , - I li uqv;r5;iiiiUl-WAy)arr7ienr man tjetsanew lease on livin'and lovin' from Mm Novak Jck irioves .in on a luscious blonde 1 WHAT ! HAPPENS W :J:J rrvv makes ,V WE MOST i vH OF THE 1 ?;w LJ ipfe: ftr lllteiia.e! jm 'fy f I W- I 'BOW JESTS a fiit. l7-0' ' I r. I UMriat ANN MAHION i I T I WOIID CHAMFIQN AlCHtt II I Hir.HI A Nf) Cont from 12 Knon jmm n. rii 1 inn .' av w Kiev I BIG P.E0: Tom Poi'on. 1011. Pui & Oifrey Cirtoom A 1ASTI OF HONtY, with tin w Pirt CJnnei winntri, kii OL 1-1 I'm Park Tutninghan.M. Milvin (COOltO BY BEHtlCERAtlON) MESA AX t.''5t t l) Bob Hopt Bmi Cfotby. ROAD 10 HONG KONG, Eiponmtnt In Tutor BEVERLY HiLLS-WESIWOOO CULVER CUT DIG WEEK! I .tlELKlQDDIlQDD TECHNICOLOR - . am JWUIIRtlAlAla M I r 2nd Feature All Pacific Thtr i oTmlS 85H TH" HoiiNJ Doctors ,tft"" F S Directories for other 2nd ftHurtt m " P p PACIUCORIVI-INS Ar rra? .So ww"5!? "CT .! t!C ffvCMMlN T-4, IHUSO' 0.;ilr TH.2Vn ST.tHIO p 1 iK O r fsocpi wnnTriftio tv montt turNTr mk mount iN tDo auutTTira UNITED GARMAR El MONTE VWEUNB MUCMNS SAN KDRO HWi $8Sr t; itT avigj G E R O N I M O ! Ins Iffiii PLUS Second Feature Also at.. j tM "'" 10 -000 01 0WILSHIRE 8410 Wil.lMf. UL I 4i B 0 10 0 0 WESTCHESTER . -f LOYOLA W gP.MI0Ut 0 lot B Daytl Butt lanciitir in THE IRQ MAN OF AlCATRAZ FINE ARTS Soh'4 ln"n BlU iJO W.I.Mr, lDetnoiriy scnnior, OLJ.i ;.o BOCCACCIO 70: 1 15 0y (COOIEO BY HtfHtGtKAItUPI) VII I Ar.F Tonita' MAJOR STUDIO Dorviru Mil aim r,'n'"-T(H7 A .41 THAT TOUCH OF MINK (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION) BRUIN r. in (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION) I Vt m vnfYiiiti, (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION Hcston-Sopbi toren, "EL CID" CH INESE -wcst sine story ' I.. I "I 'm IwlJY-2 1 I JO P M. HO 4 I'll RESERVED SEATS (COOIEO BYREFRIGEHATI0N HOLLYWO. H"iiayrn' (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION) IRIS " Oori Ojay 1 kt.iti P .Cr,.n'-'t .rounf H0a-.'i4 I.' IS THAT TOUCH OF MINK (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) VfJCUE Hiiold linyd l WO'R'lV m'i "I l "d OF C0ME0Y I2.20.2i28. H0 :!.?! 4 20-6 20 1 20-10 JO PM. (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) 1 4.SAN FERNANDO VALLEY. - STUDIO CITY H",:?opii.,l.?'M ;?5'..iS7"" EL CID (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION) EL PORTAL TP) 17:11 lonely Art Tht Bra (COPIED BY REFRIGERATION) GUILD " s,r c"( iin Xxkilin. StinleY Krmr'l P0 2-2277 :4 ludRment At Nurtmbr( (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) TP. 1.J0M I :U THAT TOUCH OF MINK Diy-Grinl-Youni In THAT TOUCH OF MINK, (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) rnv Htiton-Sophu Loren, iimm a.m.. tL tlU ' (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) CAPRI Corn Day-Car Grant-Git Yount In THAT TOUCH OF MINK Novah-Garntr-Randall, kJ04V.nN, BOTS' NIUHI QUI; t l-wi M. Chevalier, leuica (COOLEO BY REFRIGERATION) INGLEWOOD . Heston-Sophia loren, tL CID GLENDALE (19. t:45 ACADEMY Op. tj pjim (COOLED BYREFRIGERATI0N) PQY All Star Cast In 0. juOgmeni w nuremuBn; OR -2321 wiano mine wrniw (COOLEP BY nt.mibt.Kft nun) TAKES a' VACATION: ACADEMY A Maionty Ot one cum. 12 Oay-Grant-Yount In THAT TOUCH OF MINK: ! ALEX 1 Co'il. 12 CH i-im M. Monroe. Bus Stop (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) Novak-Garner-Randall, BOYS' NIGHT OUT; M. Chevalier, )eic k 3IH MIL. "V Sth.HHncn. 1 y pl ,:4 J SANTA MONICA'VENICT. $1 "M RESERVED SEATS!" CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES TODAY 12;5S 4:09 7 20 10:42 ljLj HOUYWOOO GReaIuRe f wm HWP HALF MAN-HALF BEAST AND QH5 MATINEE TODAY at 2:30 P.M. 'ADVISE 4V CONSENT Cloaad tonight only Banafit Pravlaw Tht Notorious Landlady For Vlt t)l Mar Regular performances ADVISE A CONSENT resumes tomorrow from 2:30 P.M. Bra 8th SMASH WEEK! PARTNER SS'ST. CEMTEI MAJESTIC UlKrf ljJI Nti3 IX 1-246? " ' " MuraoM MtllVtM 60 0UI ACADEMY RITZ TWIN-YUE TO "" ." A MOVIE tl umi M PAULO Oirvl-iN II !33H I f 9404 Wilshire Blvd. at Ganin Or. I H CR 1.1121 BR 2-Q7Q4 f LLOYD NOLAN- RAY WALSTON J .;LL0YD NOLAN -RAY WALSTON waV RICHARD BASEHART.. A noval myat.ry rVA that pulls no 17 .- rsj punch..- aTJ lima MeoBima - I T, . ,1 SAPPHIRE- -NOW PLAYINCI Columbia Pictures presents A Fred Kohlmar-Richard Quine Production KM JACK FRED NOVAK LEMMON ASTAIRE "THE NOTORIOUS LANDLADY" with LIONEL JEFFRIES ESTELLE WINW00D Screenplay by LARRY GELBART and BLAKE EDWARDS Basil in l story by MARGERY SHARP Produced by FRED K0HLMAR Directed by RICHARD QUINE 1 CRITERION Com 12:1) ex i-mi WILSHIRE 12:00 Park BUNDY b:4i pam EX t-4414 FDX-VfHICf B 45 Pl k EX 6-42IS LT LF0X op. s r ril Day-Grant-Youni In THAT TOUCH OF MINK; M. Monro, Bus Slop Heston-Sophla loren. "EL CID" BOYS' NIGHT OUT, 7:05-11:15: Experiment In Terror. 9:10 PM "Bob Hooa Bini Crosby. ROAD TO HONG KONG; Escape Fiom Zahrain Heston-Sophia Isrtn, "Pi nn" MU I.S50H ' (COOLEO BY REFRIGERATION) I STATE :4i Pm m j.;i3 RIALTO 80. Pas-rtrm MU 2-1351) :4S Bob Hope-Bini Crosby, ROAD TO HONG KONG: Breakfast At THlany'a NovakGarner-RanrJall, BOYS' NIGHT OUT; lonely Are The Brava REDONDO ANHATTAN HERMOSA Redondo b:45 0495 Day-Grant-Youni In THAT TOUCH Of MINK) M. Chevalier, Jessica Rl 0 0 HERMOSA Open 6:45 R J.6Z4J LAMAR Novak-Garner-Randall, BOYS' NIGHT OUT: lonely Are The Brave J. Stewart. MR. H0BBS TAKES A VACAI IUN; FR 2-8500 l?Jl2!LLlLlQi. HUNTINGTON PARK RELLC0mrTUH f LONG BEACH "j. West Coast Dny-Grant, THAT TOUCH C." 12 OF MINK; E. Taylor, lova ME . 4 2M li Better Than Ever CREST Heston-Sophia loren, MA "EL CID" (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) BELMONT 0en 6 HE -(001 Novak-Garner-Randall, BOYS' NIGHT OUT; Counterfeit Traitor IMPERIAL Open 12 HE 0.3973 Bob Hope-Bin Crosby. ROAD TO HONG KONG; A Majority 01 One BAY Seal Beacn GE 0-1123 Curtain At I PM Film Festival! 400 BLOWS; Plus Japan alifornia Ct. 12 biiioke LU 7-Sl 1 1 Dav-Grant-Young In THAT TOUCH OF M PARK S504 Pacllle LU 7-3442 12:011 INK; M. Monroe, Bus Stop Heston-Sophia loren, "EL CID $ ORANGE COUNTY. West Coast Hes'"1Sop;1' l,;rM' Santa An. "CI f )" FOX Anthelm KE 5-3o02 8:45 ALCAZAR 4426 E. Gate IU 1-3308 S:4 TOWER Com pton Park NE 8-I3H 8:00. "Novak-Garner-Randall, BOYS' NIGHT UUi; Hell Is For Heroes 7 Stewart, MR. HOBBS" TAKES A VACATION; Escape Fr;m Zahrain r fox Fallerton LA S-2IUI Ddy-Grant-Young In THAT TOUCH OF MINK; Come September All Star Cast In Stm.ey Kramer's Judjfl .nt At Nuremberg STARTS IN A THEATRE or DRIVE-IN NEAR YOU! RK0 PANTACES THEATRE 7i ouvwan n-n 1 ikmipfr MISteigerI 2nd FEATURE STREETOFMYSTERY! : r nut llU If I 1 ov vm y. v. : r aTocni ANn5.RANNINGJ 1 jnLutnii- - IIREDLANDS mW Open 8:4S ' PY 3-4331 Bob Hope-Bini Crosby, ROAD TO HUNU Kunii; Counterfeit Traitor BANNING Open :4S VI 9.3714 Hair-Raisins! Chills! TALES OF TERROR & Burn Witch, Burn RIVERSIDE 3- 'RIVERSIDE nt. 1:10 ' 3-7212 'GOLDEN STATE Ooi n 2 0V Heston-Sophia loren, "El CID" 2 Walt Disney Hits! BIG RED ft LIVING DESERT Open 1 :30 2H7H (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) Loren, "EL CID" WARRENS DOWNTOWN MA. 4 6271 CONT. II w. triNiCTWuma; WILTERN DU. 7 6147 1 a. SOUTMSIOf SOUTHSIDE PL 5 1191 CC 'IK OOWNtV MERALTA TOpat 1-2281 MOllVWOOB HAWAII HO. 9 2275 f ntl PARKINO PASADENA UNITED ARTISTS MU. 1577 MUNTINQTON PARK WARNER LU. 5 0944 CANOGA PtWK HOLIDAY !?2 lwaniiCr 01 6 0950 WtST t A. PICWOOD GR. 7 2649 PPEE PARKINQ aUPIANK CORNELL TH 2 5251 eiiNOAte CAPITAL Citrus 34261 UMONTf EL MONTE CI. 8 6922 KM WIST COAM IHIAIIIS .. Immi tkVkwitt JwtlMM:t , lWNT"WMJ'WTiW.IO A (XlLUMBtA RcLrAM: JJ MacKNNA HArlS A SAN BERNARDINO X W California Heston-sophi. u-e, k Oku SAN PEDRO STRAND nn PRilra ; 2-2HHI 12 00 F. Sinatra O. Martin, OCEANS 11; G. Ford-M. Schall, Cimarron rW A LA VERNE 1 y ONTARIO CLAREMOWT cnv Heston-Sophia loren, prmr "pi cm" NA 2-1353 1:30 v,u (COOLED BY REFRIGERATION) MT. BALOY Kim NovaH-James DRIVE-IN Gamer-Tony Randall. Fwth'li.Whltf 80YS' NIGHT OUT) Kirk LY 3-4931 Oouglas, lonely Ara The Bravt GRANADA u2,Ws''& Ontario HltS; BIG RED 8 YU 4-8H2 1:00 LIVING DESERT VILLAGE Clarrmont NA 4-2812 5:45 G. ForrJ-M. Schell. 4 Horsemen of Apocalypsei w. unevantr. Jessica BAKERSFIELD SANTA PAULA 1 FOX MacMurray-Wyman In B.maDiltm Disney's BON VOYAGE FA 3-7JH o. li Two Little Bears (COOIEO BY REFRIGERATION) California BntioriHrm FA 3-3021 12:00 John Wayne-Red Buttons In HATARI; V. Edwards. Hired Gun (CUULEP BY RLrHIGERATION) FQX Jim Backus-Tom Santa Paula Poston-Julia Meada, 1A 5-4119 a 4.1 Z0TZ; Plus Mothia (COOLEO BY REFRIGERATION) STUDIO CITY STUDIO CITY TR 71977 INGLEWOOD FOX OR 8-2323 SANTA MONICA ELMIRO tX 5 3344 pacihc pmvt-iNS iMow sunn at push WST ! A. OLYMPIC oaivc N GA.7 9817 INGKWOOD CENTURY caivf m OR. 3 1824 RUKBANK SANVAL . i TH. 2-1177 PARAMOUNT SOSECRANS tmai ME.4 4151 HCRMOSA BEACH HERMOSA rn. 2 6245 ati TMiAitt 01 oatvi in roa snow liais MONROVIA) BIG SKY mvt in EL. 8 256 J lNTtl( iVHITTIER OK. S 2712 IA NalRA LAHABRA oa.i ,m 871-1862 VAN NUYS SEPULVEDA Drt m ST. 6-6520 CANOGA PARK CANOGA PAIK Mivam Dl. 6 6211 (L MONTE starlit! OMVf M AT. 4 6036 .01. 8 7631 san Piono SAN PEDRO awn in TE. 1-3370 NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE! 2 SHOWS DAILY! MATINEES. LIU V.i)l mvnv 2:00 PM EVES 8:30 tves SUN. AT 00 PM BEST PICTURE!1 WINNER OF 10 :t ACADEMY AWARDS! iNKr btottft !' Forttcht MwmMot eeu iraimtottATlOH ,,J,H..t!1"(l GRAUMAN'S eallMOfrJm CHINESE UitillaKSl UKMlkmb, THEATRE. HO 4 Jltlt 33f 8. IM Sl.taal If kMaNl ( 8tt HOLLYWOOD. 8LYO.

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