The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 12, 1962 · 61
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 61

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
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n"i- 1mrKl" nt Aiisr'"3 l NiVenM1 Contest) Hesffl in" Tekiiiff . Shibata Sells Script?. Self; r Darin Showbiz Phenomenon BY PHILIP K. SCHEUEK ' , David Nivcn is the man who will engage in a conflict of ideologies with Charlton Heston in "55 Days at Peking." Philip Yordan's script about the Boxer Rebellion 'calls for a British ambassador committed to a diplomatic policy as opposed to the meet-violence-with-.,....-. -violence campaign of the :". American marine ' major '4- played by Heston. Eventu--0 ally the pair compromise on their beliefs. . Nicholas Ray will be di-' " recting this' new. Samuel Bronston epic in Madrid ' before the month is out Heston, incidentally,: flew .; to Rome, where Niven is I 1, completing "Captive City, and communicated his -en- thusiasm over a sharing . Scheuer : , of the leads successfully to v the British actor. - Warners has claimed Maureen O'Hara as Henry , Fonda's co-star in "Spencer's Mountain." This is the i latest Delmer Daves opus for the studio, s from the novel by Earl Hamner Jr. ; Irving Berlin has found his "Mr. President" in Robert Ryan. The star will turn his pipes to song in this musi- -cal with book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse; and opposite him, as his First Lady, will be Nanette Fabray, Leland Hayward will present the piece on Broadway Oct. -18, following tryouts in Boston and Washington..- v-' Shibata's 'The Twain' to Toho George Shibata, now in "The Ugly American," has sold himself (as co-producer and star) and his original screenplay, "The Twain," to Japan's Toho; studio. Toshiro Mifune will enact Shibata's brother and the director will be the country's top man, Akira Kurosawa.? Still-handsome Corinne Griffith dropped .in at Para-: mount long enough to see "Papa's Delicate Condition," from her book about her early family life in eastern Texas, officially launched. Miss Griffith ("I'll sue if you -call me a silent-picture star!" she told me) has another book, "Hollywood Stories," coming out soon. She: remarked that "Papa" is being directed by George Marshall, which was the name of her divorced husband. Just a coincidence. . V The child Corinne is Linda Bruhl, blond, brown-eyed and just 7, who has been active only in TV commercials . in the east. Glynis Johns has been cast as her mother and Jackie Gleason as her father, Jack Griffith. Glea-son, in fine fettle, announced that he has returned to Hollywood to play in a picture "with a kid and a monkey"; that his last movie here was something called "The Desert Hawk" 12 years ago, and (superfluously) that he has grown a mustache. Darin: Actor or Phenomenon? You may not love to look at him, but Bobby Darin continues to emerge as one of the best young actors grimacing young actors, granted in the industry. Stanley Kramer is quoted as saying Bobby in "Pressure Point" will have the greatest impact on audiences since Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" The kid's unique Jn; that the films have kept him hopping through six in, a single calendar year: "Come September," Too Late Blues,", ,"Hell Is for Heroes," "State Fair "If a Man Answers" and this "Pressure Point," formerly "Panic Button," in which he plays a psycho. He has his own company-r-Ferrion, Incfor moviesV.TV and records, and "the closest star-manager relationship in the business" with Steve Blauner. Seventeen magazines are doing story and picture layouts on him. On June 21 he will begin his first concert tour, "An Evening With Bobby Darin," and may go from that intO""The Victors" for Carl Foreman. ''Over-exposure?" Bobby asks, shrugging. "Not if the vehicles are top-flight" '' - ACTORS GET JOBS: Ron Randell, the Centurion of "King of Kings," cast as the husband of Janis Paige in "Follow the Boys," and Nigel Davenport, Angela Lans-bury's romantic interest in "In the Cool of the Day" (MGM) . . . Jim Franciscus. in Disnev's "The Miracle of the White Stallions" in Vienna . ... Walter Matthau, who will leave Broadway's "A Shot in the Dark" for "Not on You,r Life!" in Greece (Warners) . . . Ray Wal-ston, four months of Actors Studio plays to be presented commercially in 1963. He is staging O'Neill's "Hughie" for Theater East here June 19 . V- Sennett Comedy r Mack. Sennett's -1914 fea ture comedy, "Tillie's Punc tured Romance," with Char lie Chaplin, Marie Dressier, Mabel Normand ; ana the Keystone Kops, is featured with selected comedies of Laurel-Hardy at the Silent Movie. ' YVONNE WHITE portray role "of Mab$l in ; fTne Best ' Man," opening - to-, night at . Gallery Theater. MGM Sets 11 r.::..: yiii inv " at Premieres YMutiny on the Bounty" win nave twin rorld pre mieres in New York City and Los Angeles about Nov. 1, it was announced to day by Robert Mochrie, Met-' ro-Goldwyn-Mayer vice pres ident and general sales man' ager. Between then and the end of 1962, some 22 otherl cities will' begin reserved seat presentations. . Filmed mostly . in the South Pacific, - the picture produced by Aaron Rosen berg' stars Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard ' and Rich-j ard Harris heading a casti of. thousands, with 21 reels of -the 27-reel film "now at the Technicolor laboratories for final negative cutting. . ' Brando and several other members of the cast will re- t u r n.-- to the MGM studioi Aug. 1 for approximately four days to' film an additional scene , to be insated near the end of the picture. Release pattern, according to Mochrie, will be similar to that of "Ben-Hur." Many of the theaters already set are the same in which that great attraction was first present ed. Theaters -set to open the production in 1962 include Loew's State in New .York; Egyptian Theater in L o s Angeles c and the Michael Todd Theater in Chicago. Young Set for 3 Films Gig Young will soon be seen co-starring in three films." They are Universal International's -"That Touch of Mink" and ( two United Artists' releases, "Kid Gala had" and "Five Miles to Mid night" " - How did they ever make a movie of -LOLITA' f 0 PERSON OVER U YUM Of ACt . f 3 W" "II Hill I 'Urtfil'Tilttl ,J,T ll'lifil'i "W4 1HEO.0K.. THE GALLANTRY Of THE GREATEST KNIGHT OF ALU THE SPLENDOR OF KING ARTHUR'S COURT! Spheui MA 4-U71 e.IIWa) BCSEDX mm tnt mm 1 Round Talk NOW SHOWIN01Il12 wurwooo MO 9-9171 rwrrMl RMTKIK. imtus MUSTS nn OK 47271 MOWMUI . UM 4-221 BSTtL - I0UUVARO M 1-MM JMKBW tl7!JJ , w , mum I ( 1 lESMOItr SOUT 1 OHIVI.IN I ' F awn T i Plant Cill Theitres for ShowTimn . a i m UIVUMI aim Mil T HM SOtlTI CITT I It DI(VI.M I mm 4-1 ijt ElMOKTC Buvi-n Mia SMML MM-M . fOOTHia I SEPtlLYIDI CILMOCE MWf-M I JJU tone ieui . W 444M MtoShom'ng "Ivanhoe" and A "Knights of the Round Table1 GLYNIS JOHNS DAN O'HERLIHY 3id Stock Week! Suspensell Films'atiH Vagabond International stars are fea tured in "Victim" and "League of Gentlemen." British suspense -films now showing exclusively at the vagabond Theater. , "victim ' follows police op erations in tracking down, a blackmail gang. It stars Dirk Bogarde, : Sylvia Syms, Dennis Trice and Feter Mc Enery. . ' '' "League of Gentlemen," about a band of scheming men who execute a daring million dollar robbery, stars Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Richard Attenborough, Rog er Livesey, Bryan Forbes, Robert Coote and Kieron Moore- Tour Planned Cliff . Robertson is plan ning a summer theater tour after he completes the film 'PT 109." ID flnstltaa BUST. 11 TUES,JUNE12.1W2-PrtlV How did they ever make a movie of LOLIT4 Ot ratSONS OVE II TEAK OF AGE f tTAMM I 3rd Shock Week! CJiizxl'vz MOHonNiutiULWuir: I . mzxti vast vnizsi METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER presents " ?i' . " RAUL NEWMAN' GERALDINEFZ OTfNNIMH .' fnKiUt Mult imrtilwiwit Ooort optMU noon 712 Hollywood Blvd. ' THROUGH A GLASS DAfcKLY AND THE VIRGIN SPRING IAST ' ; DAY! ''"'V 'j. J"' staVtTtorrow ' t (MMCMA MMterii at Sta. Mwiico wiiibiiin uo.l477PirkFro V sit Lu Anielei Tiunn Dl 7I ' Miuuiii'in BR. .! Pt1i Fw i i .A V1' JJ' IS ' .'ill "J; Ml- : FOVDER-KEG OFTHE I'lSOLEEAST- wbreal! iswcrthno tncra a rrcb it lillllH4l r7r?nr: X r k .... v Escape " to expunvt advenlure with a ilranqt convoy of desperate men andaleauiiful girl with a last' minut lust for life! s V ., .-, - x: p:" .. - cm f1! Tfi m vMDnc . if in v n c ronauj niame starts Tor.ionnorj r.r.Vreu. Ik I !)!. I'- I'rtshi mp."C M J Mgr. .rtJi I- i ymtct (tttll M'INI( (0 .... r 0 Maid . . I J .. ( a) - 1 ;. Iff I lit tt-oMi fy i li .1 1 , i ,rt t . 4 V J i i y NOV1 It's sheer magd JOSCPH KAUFMAN PKtSCNTS OYD CHARISSF, HOIRA SHEARER A ZJZI JEAKfMAIRE, ROLAHO PETIT &AURICE CHEVALIER 'Bird Man to WilsWre July playdates covering 16 Cities have been set for Unit ed Artists "Bird Man of Al-catraz" following July 3 Initial national playdate of the Harold 1 Hecht production, starring Burt Lancaster, at the Fox Wilshire. CALL THgATftg or Bff,g-92S1 Cr?.4411 wilTJpwwm:wiP-'iuiuiiiii l,. ,.i mi ; TMi. HACt TO GO ' li 2:16 42 6: JC U 8;06ndl0:16l -I d II I XII m w li in t I ' 11 v i ill -Dnncroc-p. ukMMrDQTTiM i." !a nuuuLiia u i n i uiLivutLiii r mj i it mm YOSUE IJtSaSE 571 AYE I BEVEBLY 1 .'"iS l X mimx A uvm kmj h I I I I tOYOU STATE - EIEKDAIE I FOCI STU I E2"r -SH! I gt-Ml 8T71 HM WMMl I Zt 1 PWl J I MumMMC mu oaks! it houtwoooI I '"fSSL I I I -A PAH I LAtCSA apMTAL im f I " " nwoo I wira hmsso I "T DOOM OPfN 1i4J HOW TIMES 04 PM H M ft X i ai oWm ANN CAI.'CnOFT ANO IffTXOOUCIM PATTY DUKE Js!ni ?-HTy WOW riAVIMOt piSJrawsBasiwsssiSfSWssa ADULTS ONLY n RITA TUSHINGHAM MURRAY MELVIN Cannoo Film Pastlval Winners NOW I OU5 8396 OPE" ( P.M. clulv tSAT. SUN. M I U ONI PATONtT TO PAY I CtttlMHS ftw K: Jl PI US "... VASDNAi: JUJiftfiSBU UXlStlSulJ! ! BMW j t2413 S I j rtffiiiirirtiniiri'irirtr P ' ; vy' f ESOOERS&HACERSTEIH'S inrPATEOONHGYBi;) TOM R'ELl -ALICE FATE .CS BRACKETT-Iflf RIM 6REEN OnbmaScopE COLOR by DC LUXE Check Theatre Directories for 2nd FEATURESl IRS MI-21M . rex WCST COAST riucE HUNT. MRK 1 CAureA U 15111 THtA' . HERMOSA HERMOSA FR. 2-6245 SLENDM.C ALEX CH V1S25 2L. EL RET wiHiei SANTA MONICA -CRITERiCI M " STUMoenr I MtAetiu $tuc;o crnimEDitrsTa IUMJ77 -' Mil77 in i I VtwtY tenitiAr AUniMt A VERDI'S "AIDA" In glorious color Sophia Loren f $49 1 PUCCINI'S TMADAfilE BUnERFLY' TECHNICOLOR .' ' CREST, Lone Betca FOX, Anaheim CALIfORWA. San Bennnfios FOX, Pomona FOX, Riverside 41 v - TO PAY J : Kapriicnt All-color ium propam! BALLET CMtntm FrtM 1 F.I, ROYAL. JJL BRUIN Westwood I LOS ANGELES 3 last Week! ELCID Tonltht--a:30 H CAR7HAY n i ii n i r WE S.I47 T ELREY CHINESE Pit Mill MO 4-11 II 55l7WIUhlt . 2 Rodger And Hsmnxntein'l Greats! STATE FAIR: KING A I R. Taylors. Taylor. fVANHOEi R. Taylor. no I-M7I . Knights of Round Tablo OPIH AU WIGHT UNTIL S A.M. DAILY 7S07 In. il. WE JIIS:4J N. Fit. IS 1:43 rA HIGHLAND otanwyck-Marvey, WALK ON THE WILD SIDE;' S. Whitman. The Mark t5e Syittm Pk. HO 1-2184 I2:IJ G. Peck-R. Mitchum-P. Bergsn. CAPE FEAR; F. Sinatra, Ocean 11 A TASTE OF HONEY with 'na Canne Winner. Rita 01 s um f irk Tuthlnghaw M. Welvin VnClir C. Charisse. BLACK 87i Hollyw TIGHTS, 1i15-6-10:30t .ISAM FERNANDO VAlT!?j. AX I MESA 5S07 Crtmhnr t:49 t. Ford, 4 HORSEMEN UF Ai'UCAtTPSE; presiey, mat Follow Dream 0 0 KYEktTIIlLS'lESTICCl CUlYilClTT STIinin PITV 2 Rodten A k T-IS7T STATE FAIR; KING A I L PORTAL c- Charlssa-M. Shearer, No. HoMywml BLACK TIGHTS) MacRa. TB 7-2983 12:15 Jenes, Oklahoma; Ertatl WILSHIRE 44 Wilfkm -OL t-DM 1 :4S FINEARTS 853 Wilthir, OL Z-I99V Jj. Stewart-Maureen O'Hara, MR. HOBBS 1AKES A VACATION -Ann Barvroft-Patty ' Stanwyckarvey," WALK 511 Ltnktnhlej UN IW WILD.WUti GUILD 511 Lanl PO 1.2272 t:45 Duks In THE MIRACLE WORKER: Ofc 1:4S Dry. ' i VHIASF '1 - Rodgen-HammerSrtirl '? k W7ti STATE FAIR; Man WHO 5A9PM7 LArTEIrffl Shwmn Oaki TR .88M:45 I awn a.ao42:4.v-, - Shot Liberty T BRUiN " ' Wat Ballet 1-! V I1 Ww -vf B01SH0I B .'. a WMt mA 6R. 7 Lcuu TT 5 r ui a. 2487 Ct. I, BALLETJe EaprT 25 Van Nn ST (1.39115 CULVER :4S Smoka : VES-II24 Tsvlor-E. Taylor In IVANHOE: Knlrtrts Of Th Round Table Q f westchesteT. Jl LOYOLA I Stay!. Pk. 1 t-l4ie:45 C. Charisso-M. Shearer, Black Tights; MacRsa-S. Jones In OKLAHOMA ALEX ; CiLI2 -CH S-1525 GLlNDALT 0. 8: CHS.2SI5 ACADEMY :4S Pa PL I-5ISI G. Ford-L Remlck. EXPERIMENT IN TERROR; Hell is For Heroes A X INSLEWOOD Lacai - P :4 0 6 .FOX "Oa. 12:11 OR (-232 5TH AVE. kSrfi-ajaneii. FPL - !4S Rodgers-Hammersteln' STATE FAIRi J- Hutton, Horizontal Lieutenant C. Charisse-M. Shearer, Black Tight; MacRae-1 lone In OKLAHOMA CRITERION tent iz:l EX 5-8282 aiiiaint RodMit-Hammerstsin't STATE FAIR: E. Pmsley, Follow I net Dream IRE :45 fart C. Chariss-M. Shearer, Black Tight: MacRae-S. Jone In OKLAHOMA nininu . k Dunui Mw . mm ': mT. wmr . MmV. . rr gf ai vr' . m ; at . 1 E A. . ' aW ' " . . s jg, .7. 7 II I EX.-44I4 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE: 8:S0 PM Horizontal It., 7-U;25 EX 8-4215 G. Ford-L. Remlck, :Experlmeirt In Tarrorf Hell Is Fir Heroes rftEDOHSO AKHATTAM'HERM3S Ml R njfin-S. McQueen TT. rj.UTr5BUHUU'f HElt IS FOR HEROES) FR-A49S' rHERM0SA "F..FR 2.824' I"M'"rM""My"MMMaBaawaal7"g'''C ovi a3 aiaaaaaaj fUSffffT aaauva, ciAmtrrt T. -- T eo"w mS-!' rKKB5 " K2P SATiM71- rSJSiiaia -. p, , iM4 aMt.tlIP W-t-OSSP cawa r ''"is"' (. nitUj ,: cMimiMM aaa ammo , aaaaar wli caSTi i-t- BmBaBHBJsasHsssasis 3 M POPULAR PRICES! 0RK1NIAL VERJIOMI UNCLm FUU LENGTHI EXACTLY AS SHOWN AT ROAD SHOW PRICES! NO acHavt kat twrrwuou naretatAMt T . Y II I 1 11 . 1 I !liv CUt TMOOTKlf PO MOW TIMC) lltoWi.fa.a.3alJ.aL. i DAILY MAI INI IS at Stilt . f ofmitma timtt in ethtr thtilrtt Sit., Sun, Oil thutu fnmfomtf (M NiMiia I I ukmUiii aoa hmmm IT.m ' lOUmiDI IfllOIKATl CALIFORNIA COLORAJO aun4naj vM'ktwal MWMIWajM. Meaiatia aw I ww UIM Pl.aVllat a IH) IM, Slaaf 8414 !atag8IKil'.is9SMli.J;g III IJUIJWMIIIII'III' 'H'jl 'KJft fit Kkf;t" on u.oHTRiR8 I IUBLARI i'i ...,. If ' ..'Mr.,.ii. ' - - - .. ' OtaJI wit atwt MM a'l . r n , .i. a f - . I 48 , Hit - Xc at f ' I 1 fllw-- t.llilVll ( Manhattan ' FR J-850:45 A. LAMAR 6i follow That Drear a Rodgers-Hammersteln' state Fain Donahue ' Pleshette. Rome Adv. s r. Charisse-M. Shearer, BLACK TIGHTS: MacRaft JOneS in UnLAHUMA HUHTIHSTOH mK 1 EEll'COMPTCN d - v ftAl IFflBJilA Rodgera-Hammerstain ct Ti-imiii" STATE FAIR; E- Presiay, 0 ;. K LU7 g 442 f LO ( Follow That Dream ALCAZAR BtBir ' ft r.hritM-M. Shearer, -S442 I2TOP JTmea in yninviTt-. G. Ford, 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse; T. Donanue notne Aoigniuia Allirn A fnrrl.l Rmick. J.Zr.tLp . EXPERIMENT IN TERROR; NI 1-lllir.w nan t"- REDUKDS r py 4t , f Of. J7I4 KING OF. KINGS pert. I A A.SO PM KING OF KINGS I P.M. ' plsney' Bear Country WifnS3BMLm JO 'OV I.77I2 Today OnM A'DA MAUAMG IUTURFLY Bt"j M Cnlif Cn ilaa f iita Fsnda Csii L'""ii, Il 0aa 2 MR. WlblU'Si riariia- I4H Ray, .te t.ry rww . KSG CF KINCS il a 'af ",arrj HOLlVWOOlT. "WEST SIDE STORY" Tonight 8:30 PM RESERVED SEATS Rodgers-Hammersteln' . STATE FAIR; Man Who Shot Liberty Valance ' Page, Summer A Smok C. Charisse-M. Shearer; BLACK TIGHTS: MacRao-Jones In OKLAHOMA flY ,i.vv G. Ford-L. Remlck. IH-Wifti F. Sinatra, Ocean's 11 6. Ford, 4 HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE; Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany' Rodger A Hammers tsln's STATE FAIR: Presley, Follow That Cream C. Charlsse-M. Shearer, BLACK TIGHTS: MacRae-Jones In OKLAHOMA ACADEMY Cant 12 MU 1-850 J. Stewart-M. O'Hara, MR. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION; Ersatz STATE :45 Park 8Y 2-F1S pALTO Sa. Patadai C. Charisse-M. Shearer, BUCK TIGHTS: MacRat-Jones In OKLAHOMA Evening With George Paaadani wrigm in person at MU 2-i258:45 Our Wurlitzer Pipe. Organ at g:30 PM WEST COAST c- Charlss M. Shearer, CDflta IZ DUtwn iignu; imyawaaT" CREST Today Only! A1DA m mAwniflt suiinriai Both In Color KING OF KINGS Pert. 6 A :50 PM 427SAUaetla 0a. 12:30 Part BELMONT 0ae:30 HE 8.1001 IMPERIAL OaeR 12 Ht S-8878 BAY Oaal Beaek E 8-1128 B. Darln-S. McQueen, HELL IS FOR HEROES: V. Johnson, Battleground . Curtain at A PM Film Festival! RICHARD III STRAND " KING (IF KINRS 8Pdr w. .....w TE268ll?0 Continuous From Neon !fy ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST c- Charisse, M. Shearer, S" aJY'M' BLACK TIGHTS; MacRae ki s-8317 i2s Jones. OUHOMA for Today on y AlDA Anaoain MADAM6 BuTTtnrLT KE 8-S80I IZ:SO BOffl HI COIOT C. Chariste-M. Shearer, BLACK TIGHTS: MeeRa. m Fallai LA 8-2181 8:45 Jone In OKI ii Mei ;Cahqi MA PCMCIA U VERSED ONTARIO CUREIV10NT FOX Pamon NA 2-1 DRfVE-l Felhlll-y ' Today Onrr-AlfJA amana - MAUAMt BUTTERFLY na 2-i.WS 1V Both In Color BALDY IN Whtte- IYMMI GRANAOTT Onttrlt YU 4.88S2 : KA4-riU8-45 Cyd Charisse-Meira Shearer BLACK TIGHTS: Gordon MrRet-Shirley Jones In OKLAHOMA ' Rodgert-Hammtittein's STATE FAIR: F. Unatra-. D. Martin. Qcaan1 11 6. Ptg-L Htrvey. Summer A Smoke: Fort, Pocketful Of Miracles rl irftBMIl' Today Onlvl AIOA I7mnnw Maoami AuttirfLY Bom In Color r tAKEKSfltLD 7 HtitM-Leren In EL CIO FOX feaaarifltia' ' ' t A t Jll '4 tH'MiU-fV fa .ml if s Mt la OKI (" flil wan '." " " l...P.ia mill: HlHtw !t 5J2i.'. Ik 41 It I 41 Wlt( ear !:; i1:! mrAt n , J M : 'AY AY Wktkl M0&t . ,,A)AtaiPj TvNiCH? m n na ... J R&l N KHMfW m 133 " ifX..1 Aul atttiUl Fm .. a raw I fir P -. at. ' F (ait i ul. T It . 1 . L f . A i.- ai .ii J. 4 . L AV aT f llli! tJ 1 1 1 M A ' ' 'e-'i.:'! 4

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