The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 11, 1962 · 72
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 72

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, June 11, 1962
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1 to U w 14 Port IV MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 11, 1962 Ava Gardner to Do Film for Bronston To Star in '55 Days at Peking'; Katharine Hepburn Also in Film . ' BY HEDDA HOPPER s - Ava Gardnerwho's been off the screen for a long stretch, is all set for a comeback. She's been signed by Samuel Bronston and director Nick Ray to play the femme lead in "55 Days at Peking." Ava, who leads a gypsy-like life in Spain, must be serious about her ca- fa i V Ava Gardner picture of that with George M. Cohan in person 35 years ago. ' "r Scores Again f Ann-Margret's new beau, Angel pitcher Bo Belinsky, first saw her on the Academy show. When asked whom he wanted to meet among the movie crowd, he said, "Ann-Margret." They met a month ago, then he went -on the road. Back in town, he called Annie and they went out several times. "He's nice and lots of fun," says she. I warned her she'd better not keep him up too late. In case he starts slumping, she'll get the blame. ', An excited Sammy Davis told me he and Rosemary Clooney were requested by the President to entertain at the party for our new ambassador to Ireland at Washington's Mayflower Hotel Saturday. Just returned from a jaunt halfway round the-world, Davis flew east; but after logging more than 170,000 air miles last year, he's getting leery about planes: III 1UIU1C. . Sammy and wife May dined with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Rome. I asked what he thought the outcome of that romance might be; "I'm in no position to -judge.We joked about it at first, then skipped the subject. They seemed tremendously happy." "Well; let's hope the picture's good." "If it isn't," said Sammy, "they won't be able to get their money back even if they cut it up for mandolin picks." - " " He missed Frank Sinatra all over Europe but they left messages for each other. I asked about stories that their friendship had cooled. "Everything's wonderful," said Davis., "But I can't hang out all evening any more or meet people at 3:00 a.m. I'm a married man." The Davises adopted a two-year-old Negro boy. They want their little girl to have a big brother. Says Sammy, ' "We'd like to have six kids." Prize Package Marlene Dietrich receives the Donatello David award from the Italian government for her contribution to films on July 28th in Taormina. Janis Paige will have to finish here by June 28th when she takes off for Nice to 'Follow the Boys." Shirley Jones can't go with us to Chicago' because she's'rehearsing for the Hollywood Bowl, but she'll join1 us in Mason City, Iowa, for the premiere of "M"usic Man." ' . Richard Quine signed Peggy Lee for ."Dilemma." She'll also write the songs for the picture. - ; (Released fay Chicago Trlbune-N.Y. News Syndicate, Inc., Viti) 1 v vit'ral'i i Ulf Aart J w'i , . . .' . I : w i Jl j reer again, bhe spent several days at Elizabeth Ar-den's Maine Chance Farm , getting streamlined on her trip to the U.S. a few weeks - ago. She'll have ; some competition in the film though, since Katha-: rind Hepburn will be play-; ing the Empress. . : Fred Gwynne, lover boy 5 on "Car 54," deserves bet-s ter than "Seven Keys to ' Baldpate," which he'll be doing on the Dupont Show. Lordamercy! I did a silent . "I may travel by pogo stick i -- i kit i-. 'sl'Wlllft-- MM,;t.j A fcUvi bAksUl' r Hi I I J ' 9 . it.-i win I f .1 ,--' . -if JOAN WINCHELL Life Is Buoyant on THIS COLUMN should be subtitled, "How to Take a Luxury Cruise and Only Miss One Day at the Office" because that s exactly what Matson cooked up on a quickie funathon to Ense-i nada. ' . I HAVE always felt that steamship departures are among life's greatest thrills. Quicker than you could say "Raise the. gangplank" you're in the buoyant mood everybody strives for on HELEN O'CONNELL . . . sings on the Lurline. : New Year's Eve but usually misses. Streamers streaming, bands blaring, champagne flowing, and under-pressure human -beings unwind, relax and leave their worries on the dock. ; MAYBE IT'S the soothing motion, of the ship, the way it feels to breathe deeply when you stroll down a mahogany deck, topside . t h e thoughts that cross your mind when you .watch the porpoises by day and the Big Dipper by night. Whatever this magical therapy, the results are miraculous. THERE ARE two good reasons wny more people don't take more , cruises money and time. But the Matson Navigation: Co. .cir cumvented both, on its reasonably priced two-night-and-one-day trip to Ensena- Ida, in between is regular Honolulu runs. And we pre dict sellout, crowds if they schedule same permanently, iust as .would be the Aca- pulco voyage if they ga-e the public a cnance to plan for it. " ' " . THE ENSENADA trip started at 6 p:m. Tuesday, returning to Wilmington at 8 a.m. Thursday, and m between we were wined and dined with everything from fiestas to rodeos to floor shows, not to mention donkey races, cock 'fights 'Gallows Humor' in Tliird Week "Gallows Humor," Jack Richardson's comedy satire, has just entered its third week at Stage Society, where the play performs weekends only. - , fe I II 1 1 1 1 1 1 II if arriwe mv m 1 i'tnwr tuiyw'l tcMlaMA ar eiMMil t4ut aj ft t ft esitiia (lie m 4Vvifill(UWJU r-IMUHMWel ft 1 4 vv Irii4liyf Bit llwltf fJtiV f'l VMJf I ! i J t 1 1 fm.s.w!-' im SWS BTi L. i i iirniiii.M mm t.V.'.rin I r" m - mm i r'A- jj I r If 5 TO Quickie Cruise and Mexican roping exhibi tions. THERE WAS no extra charge for the "Pat McGee for State Senate stickers which we saw pasted on many main street windows. JOHN PINCETICH, as sistant ' to the president of Matson, staged a cocktail party in our honor the first evening, and Helen O'Con- nell was the official song stress for the occasion, I WAS so flattered I near ly fliDDed when chief stew ard Jack Abramson remem bered me from the 1947 Mat-sonia sailing, but John Pince- LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AAA. Sdwy.-Monchfw-n. 3-5437 Nw Program Start Friday AlVAftADO, 710 S. Alvarode-HU. J-8893 Sraktat-Tittany'; Hihmonoro, Yi.M BALDWIN, la Brea-Rodeo td.-AX. 3-7164 ExparlRMitt in Torrorj Moioriry of One 6EIMONT, 126 S. Vermont-DU. 1-1808 Cap f eari Houtt of Women, 6:43 Bill ROBINSON. 4319 S. Central AD. 19341 Don't Knock the Twut; Safe at Home BOULEVARD, 1615 W. Wa-h.-Rt. 4-3944 George Raft Story; Thunder Road EAOl. 4884 ImU Rock Blvd.-Cl. 6-0189 Cape rean The Outsider LAKE, 7th and Alvarado-DU. 2-3130 Majority of 1; Roman Spring, 12:30 IA TOSCA, 2930 S. Vermont-RE. 3 7292 Zwei Matroten Auf Per Abni ft 2nd Hit IEIMERT, Crenshaw at 43 Pl.-AX. 4-5131 Cape rear) Ocean 1 1, Color AflANCHESTER. Mon.-Bdwy ,-fL 3-1431. Horror Chamber or Dr. fauitui; Monster MIDWAY, Pico 1 bl.W.elWstn.-RE. 4-1000 .4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; Honientat It. PALMS, 3751 Motor Ave.-VE. 7-7171 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; nonzontal.U. PARK, 5825 N. Pigueroa-CL 54654 . Battle Cry; Mister Roberts PICFAIR, Pico-Fairfax-WE. C-5296 Hustler, 9i40i Cum St Navarone, 7 RAMONA, Sunset-Alvarado-DU. 9-5040 Houss-Women; 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse REGENT, 4012 S. Vennont-AD. 2-7825 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; Horizontal u. RIO, Westem-lmperlal PL. 4-2895 Cape rear; Rome Adventure, color : SOUTHSIDE, Ver.-lmperial-Pl. H 191 King of Kings; Satan Never bleeps STARIAND, 2624 N. Broodwoy-C A. 5-8090 The Blob; Assignment Outer apace TEMPLE, 5826 S. Vermont-PL. 2-4100 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; Horitontal It. TOYO, Adams ft Crenshaw-RE. 2-7103 Japanese films txlusively WESTLAKE, Alv.-Wil.-HU. 3-5313 Spartaan; House at women, U-.JO WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY NILU BEVERLY, 206 N. Beverly CR. 5-4484 Black lights; U la homo r BEVERLY CANON, 205 N. Can.-CR. 5-5244 New Sptty Comedy: Five Day lover MUSIC HALL, Wll.jDoheny CR. 4-6869 . ' Peter Sellers Comedyi Only 2 Can Ploy CREST, Westwood at Wilshire-BR. 2-5876 End. t.A. Showingt Carry on leacner DEL MAR, Pica nr. la Brea-WE. 4-0375 Majority of One; The Outsider, 13c TOHO LA BREA, 9th & La Brea-WE. 4-2342 K. Kegawa m Till Tomorrow umes, VAGABOND, 251 1 Wihhire-OU. 7-2171 Victim; league of Gentlemen STANLEY-WARNER THTRS.-HO. 9-lSil BEV. HILLS, 9404 Wilshire-CR. 1-1121 Exclu. Showingi Advise and Consent WILTERN, Wilshire-Western-DU. 7-6147 Experiment in Terror; Rome Adventure HUNTINGTON PH., 6714 Poc-LU. 5-0944 Ivanhoe; Knights of the Round Table SAN PEDRO. 478 W. ath-TE. 2-7227 , Monster; Horror Chamber at Dr. rdusnn EASTLAND THEATRES BROOKLYN, 2524 Breoklyi-AN..8-49B 4 Horsemen Apocalypse; Horitontal It. MERALTA, 2035 E. Firsf-AN. 8-7914 ; 7th Planet; Monster; Invisible Invader TERRACE, 3945 City Terr. Dr.-AN. 8-6000 Walk on Wild Side; Fellow That Dream VERN, 281 1 E. Olympic AN. 2-2222 Walk on Wild Side; follow l not uream EAST LOS ANGELES BOULEVARD, 4549 Whit. BI.-AN. 1-2665 Knights et trie Round labia; Ivanhoe CENTER. 4762 Whitfier-AN. 9-8332 Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus; Monster GOLDEN GATE, 5176 Whittier-AN. 9-8186 King of Kings; Ocean's II; Both Color MONTEREY, Whittier 8 Soto-AN. 1-2575 Laurens, Color; Vestida de Novia UNIQUE, 3645 E. 1st AN. 9-71 31 Corcel De Cananea; Muertes De Mtedo WHITTIER ROXY, WhitHer-OXford 6-2153 Kirk Douglas m Spartacus, color WARDMAN, Whittier-OXford e-3242 . Black Tights; Okkshoma. WHimtt, Whittier-OXford 5-2712 State Fair; Swtngin Along, Both Color LYNWOOD COMPTON ARDEN, 11709 Long Beach BI.-NE. 1-1555 Jessica; Follow That Dream, Color COMPTON. 136 E. Compton BI.-NE. 1-3670 Senda Prohibia; Mil T Una Noches, HUNTINGTON PARK SOUTH GATE ALLEN," 3809 Tweedy Blvd.-lO. 6-6157 ' Walk en the Wild Side; Parrish LYRIC, Pocific-Florencc IU. 9-2877-Ct. 12 Eva-Handyman; Desperate Women; 3rd VOGUE, 9325 long Beach BI.-LO. 84000 Cape Fear; 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse ELLFLOWER NUBEL 16711 Bellflower BI.-WA. 5-3711 Hell is for Heroes; Shot liberty Velanco LONG BEACH WILMINGTON ART, 4th 4 Cherry-GE. 8-5435 Fellow that Dream; Rom Adventure, dr. ATLANTIC, 5870 Atlantic Ave.-GA.2-3I6I Cape Fear; The Outsider GRANADA, Wilmington T, 4 J477 Cape Fear; The Outsider IAKEWOO0, Carson, NE. 67440 HA. 52530 King of Kings; 5 30 4 8 30 p.m. ORAMGI COUNTY ANAHEIM, BROGKHURSU-PR. -44e Jetsicei Rome Adventure m color AN AHUM, GAttDcN-Ktvstene J 0141 I Teuei I Travlot BALBOA, IAIIOA CI. 8-4048 The Bridee; tloht U the Fmrse IUENA PARK, File Bernh II.-IA. 18I taperirwHif in lerref; Oteen'i , Celef IUINA PAK, Orand-lA, I S317 Wild for Klcie; Jesette af New OrlsetH COkONA tit I MAR, PQRT-CI. iM I've Outsider; Bummer nd f wse C06IA Mis A, Ml $A-llbel I ls peiiment In ferret; Bate et Heme It h fi.4, WliSrilt-Utet I till I unuk fi tJAJ,r4illO sutuies vt, fM-JI 41111 ti I Bltwii His I iw Methine tkblM LtQVf , lm P'" of f ') Hxnsj le Muiial JNIIWiiJiilf IACr4, lUff- li I OA 400 Ul.ui III '. 1 1 KM tl t.l i if ..;. .i.l, at I, Maijull IA',UiA 'yultf,r,S,ilJ, UK tt'M m, Ivors ff tVl"f 14 le twixe h 1 tW . f ...ii .i. ui.j, iMl biu fjully I n fVI ...!.! ),. M ILl1 l. ,1 l:4 '"ia ii ki-yiH ii Mli leier t J, I. tit, A it 'wi a'i' a.-. rl sVf-ist li.i a it it sV ,(. li ir f a h t t ..ikl., tf.iiii iaih.j tf.ilf.. r.i-i 4i r V,!,($ fil?, Jreiat cVmi'! TI "l 'it- ii.i.-e I e H t il i iM 1 1- $ department) told me Abram son remembers everybody since the time he was born! SO APPARENTLY does maitre d' Harry Levy, -who not only recalled our Matson cruising to Acapulco three years ago but further aston ished by pointing as he said, "And you sat at that table, Spike Jones sat at that table, and Larry Finley sat at that table.'' And I remember we all ate ourselves, silly. The food is still as good or bet ter, and we succumbed to all sorts of delectables from enchiladas a la Poblana to baba au rhum. VIVA las QUICKIE CRUISES! ; THE TALE OF THE 5 DAY HER AMOURS UNDERCOVER THE FIVE DAY LOVER PETER ft IND TIIEfiT regree) tebieet LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE. 534 S. Broadway MA. 8-2820 3-Bia Hits-3 - CALIFORNIA, (th WMoirv-MA. 9778 Tora Nearoi Teetre Del Carmen, color CAMEO, 328 S. Broodway-MA. 8-1974 Cal Theatre for Proaram COZY, 320 S. Broadwoy-MA. S-889S Always inree g Hits LINDA LEA, 251 S. Main MA. 4-S648 forty line; Waldo's MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill-Hi. 9-4294 Villa Es Muertoi Muier De Cornelias MILLION S, 307 S. Broadway-MA. 9-2895 In Persom Morisol. Tona, Faiofdo, mas. TOWN, 444 S. Hill MA. 6-6668 Back Street) It Started fit Naples - - METROPOLITAN DWNTWN..MA4-62T1 ORPHEUM, 9th and Broadway Kniahts of the Round Tablei ivantto ' HILLSTREET. 8th 4 Hill Manstert Horror Chamber of Dr. raustws WARRENS, 7th and Hill Hell Is for Heroes; Airborne RIALTO, 8th and Broadway : : . . experiment in terror Mtrayea ; BROADWAY, Broodway near 5th - Horiiontal lieutenant; Somor h NEWSREEL, 8th and Broadway ' AlMrifi)AS.Terrori French Air Crash OLYMPIC 8th bet. Broadway 8. Hill love Me or Leave; Ihls tortn is Mine PALACE, Bdwy. between oth I. 7th Cope Fear; Rome Adventure, color -GLOBE, 744 So. Broodway ,jt 1 RemarkableMr.PenmDackeriNakedHilli ROXIE, Broodway between 5th 6th Walk on the Wild Side; The Outsider- ' LOS ANGELES, 615 S. Broadway Jessica; too web UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES STATE, 7th & Broadway MA. 7-7425 King of Kings; East of KHimamara POUR STAR, Wilshire llvd.-Wc. e-oil 1 Black Tights; Oklahoma - D.A.. Pasadeno-MU. I-6S77 State Fain Bachelor in Paradise U.A.. Inglewood-OR. -2177 Horror Chamber of Dr. rousrus; rnansrer U.A., East LJk.-AN. 1-3924 , Padre PisfoNu: Esaueleta Sra. Morales CAPITOL, Glendole-Cltrus 3-4261 Horror Chamber of Dr. roustvt; Monster WASHINGTON, Pasadena-SY. 7-0140 Flower Drum Sonat Satan Never Sleeps U.A., Pomona-NA. 2-3515 Moon Pilot; Honientat Lieutenant SANTA MONICA REDON DO AERO, Montana at 14th EX. 5-4990 Spartacus, color, 5:30 4 8:50 p.m. BAY, Pacific Palisades-GI. 4-5525 Experiment In Terror; Ocean's 1 1 ELMIRO, 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344 Jessica; Shot liberty Valance, tt. iz MAJESTIC, Santa Monica-EX. 5-2469 Horror-Dr. Faustus: Monster, Ct. 17:30 NUART, 1 1272 Santa Monica-GR. 3-5993. Call Theatre for Information- STRAND, Redondo-SP. 2-1611. FR. 2-8300 70MM-Kina of Klnas. 12. 2i45. 5:45. 8.30 TIVOLI PLAZA, 11523 Sta. Mon. GR. 3-1636 Thru a (3 tail Darkly; Virgin Spnng GLENDALB MONTROSE TUJUNGA MONTROSE, Montrose-CH. 9-3830 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; Horiiontal It. ROXY, Glendale CI. 3-6393 Exoetiment in Terror: Ocean's 11. color TUJUNGA. 6721 Foothill-FU 3-6953 Cap Fear; Reman Soring of Mrs. Stone BURBANK LOMA, 319 S. Son Fernando-TH. 8-7033 Nw Proaram Starts Friday . MAGNOLIA, 4403 Moonolio-IH. 5-1586 Jessica; Never en Sunday PASADENA EL MONTE MONROVIA COLORADO .2588 E. Colerado-SY. 6-9704 Kino of Kinas: Ocean's 11. both color CROWN, 129 N, Raymond-SY. 6-3131 Exoetiment in Terror i Hell is for Heroes OAKS, 5 N. Fair Ooks-SY. 6-2359 RmI Bur sk, Nudie Cut es UPTOWN, 2316 E. Celerado-SY. 3-4330 Jessica; Follow That Dream IYRIC, Monrovia-Elliott 8-31 19 Can Foar Rome Adventure, color SIERRA MADRE, Sierra Madre-EL 5-9054 Sts. Fri.i Snow White A Stooges; 2nd WEST COVINA EL MONTI BALDWIN, Main at Ramona-ED. 7-2759 Majority of 1; Horitontal lieutenant EASTLAND, Workman at Citrus-339-2401 Exoeriment In Terror: Hell is for Heroes El MONTE, Valley at Tyler-GI. 8-6922 Stat Fair; Man Shot Liberty Valonc COVINA GLEN DORA COVINA, 104 N. Citrus Ave. ED. 2-2003 Kirk Doua as In Soortacus. color GLENDORA, 108 W. Foothill-ED. 5-7070 Cap Feart The Outsider INGLE WOOD HAWTHORNE , IMPERIAL. Imp. at Crenshaw OR. 8-5131 Walk en Wild Side: Tender le the Night PLAZA, Hawthome-OS. 6-6289 Alexander the Great; Cat-Hot Tin Roof RITZ, Ingieweed, Mkt.-Mnchstr.-OR. 8-7272 Ivanhoe; Knights of the Round table SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BIG BEAR. Bio Bear Starts Thurs.t 4 Horsemen ef Apocalypse iun i an a. Arrow . , . New Program Starts Friday LAKE ARROWHEAD, Village - Satan Never Sleeps NEEDLES, Needles Theatre-EA. 6-3212 Sts. Wed.i Hustler; Purple Hills ONTARIO, New Rits-YU 4-9113 Experiment In Terren The Hellions, t$$ SAN BERNARDINO, Crest-TUX. 42-3146 Horror Chamber ef Dr. Faustus, Monster SAN BERNARDINO, liti-TU. 43-1225 Ivnnhser Kniqhts ef the Round Table SAN BERNARDINO. Studie-TU. 86-4403 Kina ef Kines; Rome Adventure, all cfr. UP' AND. Greve. 274 I. 9th-YU. 2-134 Cape Feari light In the Piaisa, color IAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY OBISPO THEATRE II. 8-2727 Cope Fear; ill Black Horses VINTURA COUNTY CAMARIllO. VAlttr Kirk Deunlas In f peytecui, seler FIllMORI, f IllMOm tolender le Hit Oreui Brnthflrt 0JAI,OJAI-MI.6)M Fmr.k Biralru m Devil at i A'aleck 0XNA1O, O(NA0-HUMer t I'll Frienely Psrsuetleei At Que Point 0nao, VQGUI-HUiMer fl6 (Hlaheme, Hark liafcls VlNlokA, MATAlR-MI. I Bill IkundM m4i llwj pig f evnlrf VINIUIA WNlUlA-Mr j )J) Meuse ef1 Weetee; tuar iiM,lyii, ARiiirUuN. iv ftege) ii'iiut, ni'. lulf ef &4 IV,tt,tU (st Ai J. . .U8, tJIm 9ieet 8 "8 '"'t!l iM'tnyl, tethaf t li-uf rr 14f 44 l'd f ,.,,!, l.,J I,.!,, iW N(. ll ii,i ti I 4il I ,.tl fi.ji.e f fiMg rii (4 lilt ff.ft et Bus . fhh If It It .i.i.i, It , . H I Jl b,.fi ff 'W ':. ,'ht-f fUH I ' 1j-it'f, I f in Pasadena Send Me No Flowers," comedy starring Robert Q. Lewisr Peggy McCay and Edgar Buchanan, starts its fifth week at the Pasadena Play house Friday evening. In support are Richard! Kneeland, Guil Dudley, Rob-: ert Gibbons, Penny Phillips and Garry Phillips. Directed by John " Marley, performances are each evening at 8:30 except Mondays.! Heflin Set for Film Producer-director Michael Gordon has set Van Heflin for a starring role in the film "Send Me A Stranger." LOVER WHO KEFT f ROM HER HUSBANDI NOW PLAYING f BEVERLY uxmonnitmsniet CR 5-5244 SFLIERS pNOw PLAviNatn azVEKLY HILLS WllSHIRE St OOHENY CH. -6869 HOLLYWOOD ACADEMY, Hollyw'd at Wileox-HO. 3-3491 Jessica; House of Women, Daily 12:15 ADMIRAL, Hollywood at Vine-HO. 3-5511 Fanny, color; Cold Wind in Aug., 12:15 APOLLO ARTS. Hllvwd..Wt.-HO. 9.911 naked Holiday; Shangri-la; Adults, 1:45 CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta, Mon. NO. 5-5881 Flower Drum Song; The Mark CINEMA, 1 124 N. Westem-HO. 7-5787 thru Class Darkly; Virgin Spring CLINTON, 526 N. Westem-HO. 7-9101 liaison Dangereuses; Deal-Madonna St. EMBASSY, Western nr. 3rd-DU. 3-4312 The Truth; The Mark GORDON, la Brea at Melrose-WE. 4-2944 Walk, en the Wild Side; The Outsider HAWAII, 5939 Hollywood-HO. 9-2275 -' Experiment in Terror; Excuse My Dust HUNLEY, 51 15 Hollywd. BI.-NO. 4-4616 . 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; Horizontal U. LOS FELIZ, Vermont at Fkln.-NO. 4-2169 2 Prise Films: Cheaters; Frantic. Moreau MARCAU6025 Hollywood-HO. 7-081 J y ..fl "r?. fufY! Boy on Dolphin ' MONICA, 7734 Santa Monica-Ol. 4-544 Dell Antonio, Adults, Cont. 2.00 p.m. NEW VIEW, 6656 Hollyw'd BI.-HO. 4-3757 ' Walk en Wild Side; The Outsider, 12:30 ORIENTAL, Sunset at Gardner-HQ, 4-0744 I'Avventure; The Devil's Eye -PAN PACIFIC, 7554 fceverly-WE. 8-7070 Bolshoi Ballet, Sana Wittuuri tA PARAMOUNT, 6838 Hlywd. BI.-HO. 3-3263 jonn-u neriiny; caoinet of Calraoii PARIS, 8163 Santa Monica OU 6-1 18 1 " , Aduhs. Surftide 77; Naked in the Deep SILENT MOVIE, 611 N. Fairfax Ol. 3-o.y loffihcChaplin-Feature-lourel Hardy SUNitT, Western at Sunset-HO. 2-0721 Americon Premiere: Case of Patty Smith VISTA, 4473 Sunset Drive-NO. l-iIA . Immor. West; Carmen; Nature's Paradise SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AMERICAN, Newholl Phone 259-0888 Fri.i Horisontol It.; light in Fiona CANOGA PK., 21622 Shm. Wv., Dl. 0-1234 Alexander trie Great; Cat-Hot Tin Roof CORBIN, Tarxana-DI. 5-2222 , . g 1 1 T . u 'It . m CREST, San Fern., N. of Mocloy-EM. 1-6288 ..Some Cam Running; Home From Hills HOLIDAY, Toponga-Roscoe Dl. 6-0950 State Fair; Follow That Dream, color -LANKERSHIM, 7532 lank, Bi.-PO. 5-5952 A " ' l L. m- ' .....r. . H"'l"fl I'sm in riazza PANORAMA, 91 10 Van Nuyt BI.-EM 2-1 167 C4W K:.. lr . . m- tt t ! m ewiif Mtsjrusxiuai ax iiTTOtlT SAN FERNANDO, 303 S. Brand-EM. t-2212 row ioi Msniia; aenwra Pel Otre - t SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks-SI. 4-991 1 - TOWN, San Fernando-EM. 1-0155 ' -. Sts. Fri.j Amante V Asesino; 8 2nd . EDWARDS SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA, Main of Aflantic-AT, 2-6136 Block Tights; Oklahoma CORONET, 130 W. Main-AT. J-8475 . Wo Ik on Wild Sd., R,.k El RET. 333 W. Main, Alhambra-AT. 2-4941 oportocus, color; Watt Disney's Wale: GARFIELD, Garfield at Valley-AT. 2-4154 Jessica; Horizontal lieutenant SANTA ANITA, Arcadia HI llcrest 7-2195 Spartacus; Disney's Islands of the Sea , EDWARDS, Aiusa EDgewood 4-2502 4 Horsemen-AoocalvDM Harimntnl Is TUMBLEWEED, Gorvey-Val. BI.-GI. 8-0895 eign or biaaiater; Don't Knock Twist ' MONTEREY. Garfieid-Hellmon-AT. 2-3209 4 Horsemen-Apocalypse; liberty Valance Mrs wAdkiel, iKI w. Los Tun. AT. 2-5168 norsernen-Apocalypse; Horiionfal It. TEMPLE, las Tunas, Rosemead-AT. 6-3179 Spartacus; Walt Disney s Wales DOWNEY NORWALK AVENUE, Downey-TO. 1-5610 Oklahoma; Black Tights NEW MERALTA. Downey-TOper 1-2281 State Fair; Horizontal lieutenant NORWALK, Norwalk-UNiversity 4-2219 rvanhee; Knights of the Round Table SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONADO, Village Red Shoes LA MESA, HELIX-HO. 3-4485 Horizontal lieutenant; Th OutsMav MISSION VALLEY, The Movie-CY. 8-1220 megic epectaciesi I he Wildest NATIONAL CITY BAY G. 7-5731 Horizontal Lieut.: Fellow That Dream OCEANSIDE-CREST-SA. 2-6561 Black Tights; Oklahoma OCEANSIDE-PALOMAR-SA.J-2631 . Always 7 Big Fecttures -OCEANSIDE STAR SA. 2-2895 Mermaids of Tiburon; Girls Take Over OCEANSIDE-TOWNE-SA. 2-2135 Always 2 Bia Hits - - ACADEMY, 37th at University-AT. 4-1000 mru uiass uarkiy; leogue of Gents . KEN. 4061 Adorns AT. 1-1305 Girl Chasers; left. Front 8 Center UNDA-linaa Vista Plaza-BR. 7-1389 ' The Outsider; Horizontal lieutenant ' VISTA-AVO-PA. 4-4222 Roman Spring-Mrs. Stone; Tea tote Blues SAN DIECO, Caori-CY. B-0577 Nofalie Wood In West Side Story, color DRIVE-JN THEATRES BEAUMONT, Cherry Pss. Hi. 99-VI. 5-2529 Spartacus, color; Fury in Paradise BRAWLEY, Family Dr. In-FI. 4-3941 SeraeantS 3f Furv ha PnraliM CHULA VISTA. Big Sky, 101 at Main monster; Horror Chamber f Dr. Faustus inuus. visia, narbor OK. 7-1372 Man Shot liberty Valance; Brush Fire DESERT LAKE, Desert Dr. In-SM. 2-5343 Women like Satan; Town Without Pity El CAJON. Aero Drive-ln-H. 4-8800 Monster; Horror Chamber of Dr. Fouttus imr. ev.n ao. eoy ny. iui-ha. 0-3414 House ef Women; Somor LANCASTER, Lancaster Dr -ln-WH. 1-561 S Kina of Klnas. color, all mtmp OCEANSIDE, Midway-SA. 2-5189 . Iweet Bird et Youth; Horizontal It. OXNARD, Sky View Drlve-ln-HU.e-1212 House ef Wemeni Samer PALM SPRINGS, Sunoir Coll Theatre for Program RIALTO. Foothill Drive-ln-TR. I 42J7 tit. Thurs.i Kina t I; Plnecchl IAN BERNARDINO, Ml. Vernon Disney's Mean Pilot; littlest Outlew IAN DIEGO. Frontier Or, In-AC. 2-699B Jeatlcai Ceb Web IAN DIEGO, larnhe Dr. In-CO. i-MiT Bpartaeuti All Fall Dew IANIA PAUtA, DRIVMN.JA. 1-2121 101 Delmatiens; Frentls ef Atsisl IAUOUS, Corral Or, In-ISt JI3I fell Theatre for Pree'em , VtNTUIA. 10! PI IN-MI. J JJfl Hsll Is for Heroes; Bummer end mei( VIHA, Vine stilvein Mee Pilot, eeler; littlest OvtleW , YUrf A VAUtVTUy Drive la) Cell fhselre for pieeieaa BlkMUP-INIO (VUNIY iKtAltt, Mwe Bueef full fluiaiie far Piee'am AtklllsieikM 6wUMfF M Uwi iif u a t,,v (n limi a f U k Hia Ilia.'! i-i V IU $i l,,t I' M fittHil Itl M if hiH ,u ,.' f Irte- i tut Bent f.U;Ks4 .f.Ur-s I tat 4 .lat'-i4 afUa, L.i aJ kt I vtf ft i- . i 9 -I Itl l!'f. b ...... A EPENDENT A HE GUIDE vltkeet tie M ! iff $-t0i Wf tnd$ 'Carry On' Does That "Carry On Teacher," hi larious British comedy which has broken all previous at """"WEST LOS ANGELES PICWOQD Maurice 1087 W. Piee SR. ;-2S4) ' ir HOLLYWOOD PIY . Cont. From ftoon r. Viet HOKROR CHAMBER OR. HO 4-61 is FAUSTUS ; MANSTER OPEN ALL NIGHT A C . I F I SAN FERNANDO VALLEY WRm KING OF KINGS iH i-1507 BLUE fWWAII CORNELL Bursank TH 2-5211 S. McQuecn-B. Darin HELL IS FOR HEROES OCEAN'S 11 T w H B A ' T R B "-' S EHCINO Encins 8T 4-KS3 Chevalier-Dickinson JESSICA Shot liberty Valance RESEDA Rtuds 01 4.0 1 JS . Glory 4 Gallantry IVANHOE Knights Round Table TORRANCE-GARDENA STADIUM Torrtncs FA 1-6373 Thrilling! ' BLOOD OF 0KACUU ANGRY RED PLANET PARK Cardans DA 4-4046 L. Harvey-J. Fonda WALK ON WILD SIDE HOUSE OF WOMEN CULVER CITY MERALTA .Culver City : Vt (-9432 Terr'tyini HORROR CHAMdER DR. FAUSTUS: MANSTER SHOW STARTS AT OUSK steal LOS ANGELES AREA HENTINELA OR4-M77 Cents. A Beael. Lavish Spectacle! SLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA : JtNfURY ' Terrifying! OR 1.1824 HORROR CHAMBER DR. Ceirtory A C'shaw FAUSTUS; MANSTER EtssI LUHAL T. Agullar-E. Qutntani 4N 2.07S8 EL SIETE DE C0PAS Med. N. ef B'tyn TRES VIVALES k GILMORE WE 3-2211 A fatrfsz Glory 8 Gallantry IVANHOE Knights of Round Table OLYMPIC GR ;-S8l7 O'vwsic A Bundy Ta.rlfuin HORROR CHAMBER DR. FAUSTUS: MANSTER SAN PEDRO TE I.S370 Chevatter-Dickinson IFC:irs Gaffey 8. Anaheim Horitontal Lieutenant sruDio EX l-liit Sepot. et lefTsen Chevalier-Dickinson JcSSICA Shot liberty Valance TORRANCE FRR-84DI Tar. W. at H'ttm Lavish Spectacle 1 BLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA VERMONT DAI-405J Vsreiset at 1828 Glory 8 Gallantry . IVANHOE Knights of Round Table SAN GABRIEL VALLEY FOOTHILL ulotY Gallantrr AZUSA IVANHOE ED 4.Q2M. Amis Knights of Round Table BIG SKY Terrifvini ti a-2Ma Onarte HORROR CHAMBER OR. FAUSTUS: MANSTER .UREWOOD CO 3-1156: Garyev E of 3 ts. Chevalier-Dickinson JESSICA . Shot liberty Valance tiW'RRDS HI 7-l7 Peck A Lrt Oak Lavish Spectacle BUCK TIGHTS ' OKLAHOMA Bl I-S423 IVANHOE Nr. Arsaa-Enu tn. Knights Round Table ' SAN GABRIEL Cte'ir:0'c.kinsn CU SSI 18, AT 85502... . ,C , Valley at Dal War Shot Liberty Valance STARLITE 01 17631. AT 80443 R'eiead at 6arve Lavish Spectacle BLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA 4 ll VINELANO ED (.7518 Valley at VlealenB Terrifying HORROR CHAMBER DR. FAUSTUS; MANSTER ki ORANGE COUNTY .UeJ ANAHEIM LA 8-8528 L'eiea A 0'theree .'Terrifying HORROR CHAMBER DR. FAUSTUS: MANSTER a MIRROR BLVD JE 1-1271 n.t. Balis-Eerntar em lavish Soectacle BLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA 'l-WAY 39 IE 4-8282 Nr. fin. Gr. Bl. Glory 8 Gallantry IVANHOE Knights Round Table 11 LINCOLN I A 7-2228 Batna Part B. Hope4 Turner Bachelor In Paradise SUSAN SLADE Chevalier-Dickinson JESSICA Shot Liberty Valance 1RANGE J Kl 7-8011 pniPAULO re S. McQueen-B. Darin HELL IS FOR HEROES ' OCEAN'S 11 Kl S.93II Corta Mesa UnDsJCD KING OF KINGS JL7L1 VI 7-8591 C Hsmttmtee Beech Horiiontal Lieutenant THE GtORY... THE GALLANTRY Of THE GREATEST KNIGHT Of ALL! M NOW bollvwooo HO 1 9371 . SjalSBat . Bitta BOULEVARD stasin4aHNsi BMStS'lrt LU 144 tSM 4isa UN PEDRO IU7J27 tHmam CULVER ni isMttua WHTfB ARTISTS w r ijer Please Call Theatres (or Show Times AlstShawryr "Knights nn 0S7272 KORYVAU UN 41 4aoja notes. akii m aerasF s 1 V Fl8FBBJ8Bjpafc 11 m a j, m a a s m 1 twMiaefisW TtMstsr'A I evu.LiAai sttiiuN ftsiimnoJ -"Ai' 'm.llJLllX I i ajaaaasasaaaaT "k1 niTvl i) 1 Koaagaaar mUSTRffT Tar3? ei a we ore eMutw" V i . T emionwr tiT?: 6ifti mmu wmi wt &mM tini vht xsmi r.::.v:r nrr 1 aTE rinr mo . aVATe. I Ltfl 81 Btfew UHIBFI nt ajyiiaf op .1.1 a. Viwl fhi fiMltl ah SB Wm tit'ti-t4 si FokHHM fat Bullitll "mum mi ' iff mi tit mi i Mm tendance marks at the Crest Westwood Theater, begins the third week st its American premiere engagement-there Tuesday night. : Clxyilier-Anflt Oickintm JESSICA a most mlschlSYOUs girl Be toTfredrte Htreli le YQUN5 DOCTORS WESTCHESTER PARADISE Westchester SP 6-M0O Clwvalier-Olckinson ;t , JESSICA Shot Liberty Valance LONG BEACH-SANTA ANA I TOWNE 44 J.J Atlantis Chevalier-Dickinson JESSICA I Shot Liberty Valence . BA Z-IZ2I STATE ...Matinee Daily HORROR CHAMBER OR. I FAUSTUS; MANSTER i lis t. ocete HE 7-2721 RIVOLI 525 L. B. Bint. HE -3207 -Matinee Daily , JESSICA Haritmen Apocalypse BROADWAY TarrifulM! HORROR CHAMBER DR.! i FAUSTUS; MANSTER t ;. Sante Ans Kl 2-4737 MONTEBELLO GARMAR Montebelle RA 1-2133 . Chevalier-Dickinson JESSICA Horsemen Apocalypse VnCIIF C. Ford-L Remick Msntebeiie tipenment in I error i pa 1.122 - Horizontal Lieutenant i LA PUENTE STAR Le Piientf EO -243 Fantastic! CIRCUS OF HORRORS-MASTER OF WORLD CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE aU SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CANOGA PARK Chwl""H ' 01 8-8211 JESSICA Caneee Part Shot liberty Valance i LAUREL EM 8-2588 Terrifying HORROR CHAMBER DR.. . Van FAUSTUS; MANSTER Law. Cyn. PICKWICK TH 2-S72J Ala'ee W. Victory Lavish Spectacle BLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA RESEDA Dl 8-5550 Reaede at Vanewee Lavish Spectacle BLACK TIGHTS . OKLAHOMA SAN VAL TH 2-1177 S.F. Road-Wlnona Glory & Gallantry IVANHOE Knights Round Table SEPULVEOA ST 8-8520 Seoul, at Viet. Glory ft Gallantry IVANHOE Knights Round Table VAN NUYS ST 8.78 10 Rsseoeat Begot J. Stewart-M. 0'Hare , . Hobbs Takes Vacation Days Thrills ft Laugh. VICTORY Chevalier-Dickinson P0 8-5511 JESSICA Victory et Coldwatar Shot Liberty Valence HUNTINGTON PARK "" COMPTON COMPTON ' Terrlfyinf NE 8.8553 r" HORROR CHAMBER DR. Roscr. W. Attn. FAUSTUS; MANSTER GAGE J. Stewart-M. 0'Hara to 27185 Hobbs Takes Vacation 6sea et Garfield Days Thrills ft laugh. ROSECRANS4, Chevalier-Dickinson ME 4-4151 JESSICA . takowd. et Reter. Shot Liberty Valance SOUTH GATE Glory ft Gallantry-" LO 4-1137 " IVANHOE : Atl. at f Irartone Knights Round Table LONG BEACH CIRCLE Terrifying GE 8-9518 - HORROR CHAMBER DR. At Tralfle Circle FAUSTUS; MANSTER LAKEW000 lavish Spectacl. ' 6A 4.8931 BLACK TIGHTS ' Carsoe at Cherry ' OKLAHOMA LONG BEACH Sl0f Gallantry TE 4-8435 IVANHOE 22l2gsnta Fa Ave Knights Round Table LOS ALTOS Cteva.'e:;D'cn HA 8-7422 JESSICA Baiitiswsr-sarini Shot Liberty Valance WHITTIER -NORWALK AREA NORWALK - J'insvii,: ON 8-8317 JESSICA Near imasrtsi ' Shot liberty Valance . WHITTIER " wnn. at nesemeae nwnnun inwDca un, PA 1-6131 OX 9-5297 FAUSTUSr MANSTER SAN BERNARDINO AREA BASELINE Gl 8-3IM San Brnadine - Chevalier-Dickinson. JESSICA HOUSE OF WOMEN BELAIR VA 2-0378 Val. Bl.-Fentane Lavish Spectacle BLACK TIGHTS OKLAHOMA TRI-CITY TU 9-2025 San Bernardino Glory ft Gallantry IVANHOE Knights Round Table 1WI SPLENDOR OF l -T'I KING ARTHUR'S COURT! mm rvar J a 7$ SHOWING. " PACIFIC DRIV84H81- smhm terns un Seeut lERMONT SOUTH GATE tea Mtvia tM 44050 : oetvi-t 10 44137 irm roomiu Diivt-m o 4-czta StPULVEOA oaivt-itt reeue - LSI IMHtS CiLMORE eirvi-ei C S-2II1 tsmariea SAD VAL OtlVI-M 10NC BEACH Daivi-w ti 4ie THMirr "Ivanhoe" and of the Round Table" the Hjfff'rriter .... - 6ii mm by Kwiti fic tart j emmwt CAKA i. ii- . . 1 1 . r IWKrflR ft It i 40 . "II ar ' ciiirf hjti ' ' tti y vtii f XOavUS " FllBtUI p4i..,i,,ii.i I awftiie POACIDfeJ M ' b.h.- t8 H t eiifeitiiy WW1 Kaf S aV ftlltltiet t fit '.14 1J I rifi ut iim i - t FWNFiSJt if (l fill titit'it-l tHit - i'f ""J r I i ! I mm yiiir A Isilm ii i .if f pint fF f'f

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