The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 13, 1962 · 15
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 15

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1962
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! if EARL WILSON Baritone Lucky He Found Weede ; NEW TOSS Etrl Wrightson, tht bearded baritone, enjoys saying, '"I'm " lucky that when I came to New York; I ran into Robert Weede instead of some- phony voice teacher." ;.. ','v T . ' Frequently . W h e n . h e mal;3 such a remark, a voice student inquires, "Does Mr, Weede have you" begin each day. with the"' fundamental ' animal grunt?" , " , "What!"? shouts Wright-sbn.' "That'3 what I mean! HelU" he adds, "there are some great teachers; but so :many voice teachers can't afford to be honest because .there aren't that many . people with talent walking into their studios. They earn make a living being honest. "Anyway," Wrightson growls, "it's also the pupil's fault. They want som. magic formula, such as lying on the floor with books piled on your stomach. . '.; ..-7. . "Walk through Carnegie or Steinway Hall and listen " to what, c 0 in t s through, those doors and you'll hear what I mean. Voices mashed up,: voices that ' shouldn't, even be allowed out of the bathroom! I've talked to teachers who've said, Tes, but if I don't take Jheir money, somebody down the hall will.'" : Wrightson, . you ' may begin to suspect, is a rebel and a troublemaker. His father was a Methodist minister, "a real dedicated cat," Wrightson says, who used to speak just about as b I u h 1 1. y about hi3 church colleagues, with the result that the Wright-sons got demoted farther and farther down the totem pole, winding up in a village of 1,000 people. But the ministerial background helped him in a strange way. BARRYMORE OF . SINGERS ' Back in Baltimore, his father had introduced him to another minister's son, famous baritone John Charles Thomas, who asked him to visit him in New, York, so he could give him a lesson. f,He was the Barrymore of the singers," Wrightson recalls. "He could get out of bed half stoned from the night before and start singing. He got me acquainted with Bob Weede, whoi-was singing at the Music Hall." . , . 1 Dave Garroway, "G or die MacRae, Bert Parks, and Efrem Zim-balist Jr. were NBC page boys when Wrightson got a similar job there "and Gregory Peck was merely a building guide and we didn't even speak to him." Weede he now calls "Pop" because that's what he's been to Wrightson. 1 "Weede won't take on anybody who can't sing," Wrightson says. "A voica teacher can only clean out the junk and make you sing naturally. Weede made me sit down and read the newspapers aloud and open up my mouth. It's drudgery. It's nothing magic." Eventually he followed Weede into the Music Hall, then he became one of the first TV stars, making about $4,000 a week with his two shows both of which were suddenly cancelled. "Peggy Lee came along with a show and offered me $400 for a guest appearance and I , said Tm sorry.' . " ' , "After months of nobody calling me. to pay ma $4,000, 1 put tip a sign saying '400 is a lot of money."' ' Wrightson,. now 37, is constantly on TV now and also appears ; in supper clubs and' theaters with Lois Hunt . . . but his Van Dyke-like beard has occasionally caused some difficulty for TV. He refused to work for a couple of sponsors who wanted him. to shave it off. "Why do I insist on it?" he said. VWell, I have a foigettable face without it. And, after all, you don't go Into this business to be anonymous. And besides I like it!" THE WEEKEND WINDUP Gordon and Sheila MacRae are studying Italian they have an offer to do a movie musical in Rome . . . Kirk Douglas'll sign-five stars to appear with him in his controversial "Seven Days in May" . . . Richard Egan, of the "Empire" TV series, may star in the remake of "San Francisco." Louis Prima's vocalist, Gia Maione, who opened at Basin St East last time with one dress and one pair of shoes bought just before brings in a 25G wardrobe this time . Glenn Ford may follow "Grand Duke and Mr. Pimm" with a film musical, ; "Say, Darling" United Artists'll -spend $250,000 advertising "Man-churian Candidate" on Election Day . . . The film "55 Days at' Peking," being shot in Spain, hired a batch of Chinese waiters from London restaurants; besides their salaries, each got $106 to 6have his head for the movie. The Howard Hughes headlines recall the time a film queen announced she and Hughes would wed, and bought $14,000 worth of linens mono-grammed HH. Hughes denied the romance, ' and sent word to the actress: "Tell her to marry Huntington Hartford." . Distributed, TH, ey tha Hall . Syndics!, Inc. (All rights reserved) lffiV' f ENTER THE STRANSE, 1 FASCINATING WORLD OF THE SCIUZ0! 1 lav, una ( nil mm spi prmiiiy.. paycbo... M. f CYRIL rna k7,t ifiik ? If 111 i DIANE "f !! i 1 - - .VIUUI 11 v VWWI IWI 1 1 -'W1I..;" t,KARt.TUNi)ERa.fcfcw-AUOREYERSKINEUNOOP ROQEKT-oTtVENS . mi w ANATOLE CE GRUNvVAiO Lmendal " At Stanlty txrat TSiatn tit A3 ttt''x CiinU Tiuini " raeptUHsSrtiSsPtJrt - CM Dirsctarj Ails f er 2ad Featmrts at C ar ummxsmiwm-mmr ' I a. "S faa "" p.iypiil MGMW' CUIEMASCOrtAMETROCOLQK TlSr' CALL THeATRB on DRive-IN pom TIMES ru aias t. tote M MU.l T? Veil LUk MT.M1M m4 Ml. Mill "'inrJAtT-' Mir tANfMRIHfl I- 1 mv-wl t-. ' I 1 INHTk-M T I NEW 'WADE' OPERA HIT AT CITY CENTER NEW YORK UP) "The Passion of Jonathan Wade," a new work of vigor and beauty by tke young Ameri can composer Carlisle Floyd,! may turn out to be the opera hit of the season. At its world premiere Friday night . the p 0 w e r- fui musical drama received a rousing reception at a packed City Center. And it couldn't have been per- ormed better, with superb singing and the kind of inspired acting you don't alr ways get in opera. , o The opera is set in Colum bia, S.C., in the turbulent days just after the Civil War's end, and composer Ctt M484 SAT.J:SSt 4:St, DO10:5P.M. nvr. ttl n - HH' H ) ENGLISH COMEDY iL rr-'."y : tm ' I m hm ,...,r 1st. $. , n ... H I 1W'' ii 1 MUSIC MAN Robert Preston, at Prof. Harold Hill, brings joy to heart of Shirley Jones small brother, played by Ronny Howard, with gift of a trumpet in scene. from "The Music Man," Meredith Willson's stage bit filmed by Warner Bros. It's now screening at the Hollywood Paramount. . THE SOUNDING BOARD 'Giselle9 Dances in Way That -Won't Q oil Floyd, who also wrote the libretto, spared neither side. "The Passion of Jonathan Wade" is a title with mysti cal implications that become clearer . as the somewhat- Christlike figure of Col. Wade, the occupying Gover nor for the North and a man of sweet reason, approaches his martyrdom. Theodor Uppman ' that! rare creature, a handsome, stalwart tenor brought a; human kind of dignity and believability to the title role, As hte wife, a Southern girlJ despised by her people for her faith in the Northerner she married, Phyllis Curtin gave the same caliber performance. by ALnriiT, cc-LBsrna In one respect no one who went to Shrine Auditorium Thursday night could claim he did not get hi3 money's worth. After a' preliminary program of four divertisse ments the Boishoi Ballet put on the longest and slowest "Giselle" on record. At 11:30 p.m. Giselle was still show-j mg reluctance about retiring to her tomb and her inde fatigable Prince Albert was. betraying no signs of Imminent death.- If by some chance they tacked on a happy ending it will have to go unreported; by that time your reviewer had had it Other companies in the past have claimed to present a complete "Giselle" but in view of this exhibition they must have been perpetrating a fraud. We "have .seen the piece innumerable times, but never was it dragged out to this extent Part of the time was consumed by the addi tion of long pas de deux to the first act part by the elaboration of the second act, and part by sheer leisureli- ness. These Muscovites cer tainly have marvelous en durance. No Heart Perhaps it would not have seemed so interminable if the performance had been more convincing. It was not bad the Boishoi people are never less than expert but it never struck fire. Marina Kondratieva as Giselle knew all the routine and much of - "MUTINY" Th3 '-;. , I J Tbs E!::MMy frsHiStisn. . icsrs! n Lin TIss Rat Isfsstsi Feed! r, r 1 rN JihiU ; .- '.":' x. . if. ; i "' , ' , , - - : f- .:. ; y -. ; ' J ' ' : 1 and DEFIANCE from the Captain 'who stands alone! MC GDIIIIJESS V Cotnl torn "Rtvr Kwtt"is to C&m c Tt ftl DIMBOGARDS iHMOIJraiME mm torn itimm tt it tost m n mm IimH , MCa KNtAU ml EBMIM) HLNORTH .m4m m-, mam TUUCf fwiniorJomsRAaouRK. U CCLOHsnd OntmaScop! A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE 0iiwliitrtiHtl , lin)!'lNUHntrV IUMIM I Hiitirt I win uw;i tict t'.,,vj iJmiH ifi w.-l ca ?i47 ium raw Eat-ns i;6i0 ft "! - , r -...J KUa-i1 tltf. :- tefliiA .Viut umw ' TO"' I MU. IX. HaJl CtuwiSl 'j.0. " 3V!E " 1 ' p,.'..!.!., '.;'" 1 'tl T""'J,T ,JLt t ii OaJ " g f jj j ml Ww.Nt Mi.4-)st I THAN lilt ) V.v Wirt I " I --- ItrunMit ",,vr"?n I fox k8 1 i 4 I -?i iv w ' f...-,r I her dancisg was of a hijh order. But the poignsncy and pathos of Markova, a Fonte3m or' an Alonso can command to surmount the fundamental absurdities were lacking; it was skillful play-acting but it. never clutched at the heart-strings. NIcolai Fadeyechev as Prince Albert was handsome enough for any hero and in the second act he warmed up to the lightest and most secure dancing he has yet dis played. But the true romantic aura was missing; he never made you feel the Jeast bit 6orry for him.' The pas de deux in the first act was handsomely done by Tataana Popko and Nikolai ChernichKin, al though it had nothing what ever to do with the action at that point The role of Hilanon, danced by Vladi mir Levashev, was consider ably amplified in the scene with the Wilis without add ing anything pertinent to the general scheme. Antique Staging - Nina Timofeyeva danced beautifully if without quite the regal authority one ex pects from a Queen of the Wilis, and the ensemble ranged from fair to excel lent And the melodramatic rushing around and final grief-stricken freeze by the villagers in the first act only accentuated the hoariness of "Giselle."' The divertissements, as before, included the Polo- MATINEE TODAY at 2:03 TICKETS 2t EOX OFFICE TONIGHT at 8:30 GALA FOR REPUBLICAN CLUB Of BEVERLY HILLS 42 stars in DARRYL KZANUCCS ; , DAY 10 Reserved seat performances weekly. Tickets Now at . ' Box Office. So. Calif, Uuslo Co. 737 S. Hill St, end at all Mutual Agencies. Phons AtA 74243 for nearest. CARTH: CIRCLE 'Hi 6316 W. Sm Vtent Blvd. Loi AnU 4S. Calif. WE 3-9147 Spae?l tttwttlsn to gmup thMtr prttM Wmn CH 4-0839 or WES74M r GREAT! of the funniest!" rJDIIIIMTP wnibbiAiiii N.Y.Jeumtl' AmtrtfH 'WICKEDLY, WONDERFULLY FUNNY!' .TIME MgulM 'PURE GOLD 1 . An xetfdingly funny movie! I reeommand It without resarvatlon!' mttwYtrtor Festive! Arsrd 1S32 CtttCemedy IrVPNIPIMlllir an,. . (. asiroianni M WINNt ItST ACTOfl AWMOi 0MnnMCrMHSMrRikbon) v. t. r LflUU PICTURES felilfiiiii $mh NOW I HIS. FU&! xetutivrtv 4.. . 4 Pka nr i.ii.iMiaM OL.5-839S fmHiUH op f i r.n.-jiT, fin. i-5 V m KOWATTKE f f zl ' f rUA itri.iu JBOTUUWIfM toimm-mus and T - Vfitsfiire mrfoCicnn A VI A :riN I- h's cinema matter -' - Nam ukiS.!! veaung, cMoiy Trtsnten. Doors Open 1:45 FM r.i'-:i tnJ Ersiowlik from "Ivan SusEzniG," -and" The Dj'ins Swan."--with llaya Plisetskaya's rubbery arms aT3ia arousing cheers that failed to produce an encore. New -were the pa3 d? deux fron "The Nutcracker," danced with di;-mirj freshness by Nina Sorokina and ViadiEur Nikonov, and the brief "Spring -Waters," in which the enchanting Ekate-rina.Maximova and the daz-zlingly virile Vladimir Vasi-liev stormed the stage with so much youth and vitality that they danced off with the evening's honors. SAT.,OCT.T3,l9i2-r,rtl 40 Show Bi2 Years Sammy Davis. Sr. will, be honored for his 40 years in show business at a testimonial party Oct 22 at the Co-coanut Grove, sponsored by the Beverly Hills-Hollywood Branch, NAACP. 'LAWRENCE' PREMIERE ON DEC. 21 The West Coast premiere of "Lawrence of Arabia" will be held Dec 21 at the Stanley-Warner B s v e r 1 y Hilli Theater, as a benefit for Cedars of Lebanon-Mount Sinai Hospitals' - free bed care program. : Based on T. E. Lawrence's book, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom,", tha Sam Spiegel-David Lean -production stars Peter" O'Toole as Lawrenca . and Alec Guinness, An-.thony Quinn, Jose Ferrer, Jack Hawkins. 5 JSALLTHf ATrPj?.a.9981 CW. 4411 A Wmn Of MTIONAt UHtm. pffigTinN j... v nm tut .f i 1 1 n-r?Er3crii r p Hallyn4-Nflilii4Mnil YWnniHO 3-9371 .B0ti.vmoe I Y OtNjNQS MOST THEATRES! 4 1" t.E I UlET mil tLmH LLi ItiM fcU IULJI FOX JCAursi imtrAoti swTAWrt I roMi I eivrtsmt CARTKAT "THt LONGEST DAY" r CIRCLE Today 2 ft 8:30 P.M. ILV WE l-uy RESERVE SEATS NOW i . El rCW f... r ...e I. k. ai7 WilsMr Disney-I UOY THE WE l-IIBt TRAMPt Almort Anglt M. Cilln-S. Ptrktr, THE INTERNSi Shirl.v 1 Mvialiw Uh C.lih. $Pc Kid Show 12 Noon ; CLI-M4 . Notoriout Undladyi utrqwioai wt I many LlDO Csnnei rstivl Winntrl tso7 w. P1m P Maredlo Mastreiannl'i OLMtixl Dlvorca, Italian Styla MFSA ' J. Stewart-G. Kally, " Ax l-69s 12:41 . Kerr, Prouj Profana I -y FAIRFAX L ..liaaaaaaNeHiaaanaiaaaaiiieHiHeaaMiaaiiaaa Lj - taivaBiT A r M40 WllVliSa THE SKY ABOVE, t 10LJ.M6JMS THE MUD BELOW FINE ARTS r. Sophia Loren-Anita tSH whai t EKBr-Romy Schnaidar, OL 1.1330 BOCCACCIO 70 Dly. ltlS VILLAGE Coot From 10:4S A M. Wtrt&i Olsnay'l IADY THE 0CH a.304t KM TRAMPt Almost Angela ESliifl Novak-lemmon-Astalra, WwtwM4 - NOTORIOUS LANDLADY) en 7.;48r Ml M.Chavalltf, Jeaalca Ly ve 8-3124 Road Ta Honi Kon rAJji kestchesteTX LOYOU ai 8eoi. if Cont. From 10 A.M. Disnay'a UOY A THE P I-1410 Pk. TRAMPi Almost Anesla tT, IHSLEWOOtT. ACADEMY io:iw rtr Pt t-tt8l tflt Guinnass-Boearda, Da. "tilt ' -I DAMN THE DEFIANTi COnt From 10 A.M. i$nay IADY THE TRAMP; Almost Antali STH AVT PL a-wsj itf Montand In My Oaiiha Hemlntway'a ADVEN. 1 Jf.Mln.S; QF TNG. MAN! WlaCUln- INGLjEWQOO Wl. Ona I2:4J OR -3ll( Doctor In lova CRiTERlGSI "' r EX l-2M Watliand With Lull! Lb 1 f WiLSHJRE I23 Park ex i-mis ' EUNDY 12:30 Part EX (-4414 FCX-Vsnic? ta. IMi far X C-42II "HATARl!" CaptalB't Tabl M. Callan-S. Parkar. THE INTERNS; Harvay. J2Ci Summer A Smokt Spac. Kid Show 12 Noon Evt. 4-45, Rear Window; Proud h Ttia protana M4-(W TRAMP; Almost Angela R1C itl Rodgeraammaratein'i oiS ii Hits! FLOWER DRUM rnt-e'o SONG; Tha King A t Hemintway'a AOVEfi. OF A YOUNG MANi at S Weekt In A Balloon 0 M.nn.toa rn l-as'1 FROM RUSSIA TWO f.E"ARSA8LE fl'J'M ,Vvl.,v 10 J N. C"n Br. a et im ? a-a wWiilKlkit TO RmL'J.BEaw T.I3 CLKa r. 4 Jlj rntcrrpTfi ; L. iuMm" TRAMP; Almost Angela t;'. TooyCurtia In THf V 5 PaaW. MIDNIGHT STORY A uj Brldgea T Crosa rUtAZA n.'S a. mi A III 1 Nemlncwsy's ADVEN. ftrtiifigwsy AoVE, OF A YOUNG MAN, '"'" ' eaaaeaaaieieaa afceaa-n.Hiaa aa, aa i laiiiimiiir t 5M, f r .Ma..nt 1 PT 1.11 1 IH' va Fj1 . r r a ,T - Pi SiMM Waakla, awiamYw ' - .r,-. INTRODUCING f RUSTY ALIEN Tha Moat BeanUiul JCirttolhaWoildl v ,-iOi - I A GfftT -vV"NU0iST'HiT V J I VI a-9714 Hemineway'a AOVCH. Or A YOUNB 1 Cnhlnat Of taHgir! gr"R.iVIR$tgE:j.; CV a-Ail TRAMPi Almost Angela I i"" 1L7 1 r fir i . SfAlf kanjk.l ammfiti. Attain NOTORIOUS LANDLADY; Advia And Content - caw TU !' Doctor I Lova "A HOLLYWOOTX CHINESE an z-mtii HO 401 II "WEST SIDE STORY" Today 2 A -30 P.M. ntatKVEP SEATS HOllWYOOll Heniay ADVEN." It:30.a.ew " OF A Y0UNS WAN; HO 3-8371 Cabinet Of Caliraii .OPEN ALL WI6HT UNTIL S A.M. BaUT EiT fiita Tuckinah. I. 28j Syate Pfc " A TASTE OF HONEY; no a-2iB4 iz:is M. Chea er. VOGUE- . Cpnt From 10:15 A.M." 67 HoiiywMd Olsneya IADY A THE HO -st,2i in ;ii TRAMP; Almost Angela .SM FERHASD8 VftLLEf STUDIO CITY ' eulnnesj-Bogard. Of. 12 :4-Prt DAMN THE DEFIANTl V-TR 7-1977 Weekend With I . EL PORTAL c,0"1- From io a m: N. Holivwd. . -. Jlisney! LADY A THE in i-imi tkampi Almost Angelt GUILD M Cailan-S. ParkafT sm Unkaralilaa THE INTERNS; Maurice PO 1-2272 1 313 ' LA Ktim Sharman Oaka ST 4-1 141 Cont From 10 A.M. Diineya LADY A THE TRAMP; Almost Angelf- 'tn Niiya ..! n j . " DAMN THE DEFIAnVi w 8T -273l lt;4i Weekend With Lul' tm Van Nnya tT -S9l-li:4l "HATARH" Roma Adventur 4 6LENDALE : ALEX Cont. From 10 A.M. Centmaeaa IttN Disney! LADY A THE ' . ch a. 15.' TRAMP; Almost Angela GLENOALE Hamlnaway'a ADVENT, v 0T l"" OF A YOUNS MANi Roni,' CH l-2il Spring Of Mrs. Stone ACADEMY Cant 12 HU .(J 6ulnnasa-Bogardi ?' ; DAMN THE DEFIANTi Weekend With Lulu t STATE . 12:44 Pa V t-7ISt . RIALTO it. Paudana MU -l25fl548 Hemingway'a ADVEN. OF A V0UN8 MAN; T 8. MacLalne. My Gtlsh! "HATARi!" ? Tammy Tell Ma TnX 'g 10 W BEACH i 7$ t WEST COAST eMt rrm 10 M- v Ca" IIM Dlsneya LADY A THE f HE 1-4200 TRAMP; Almost Angelr-Fullmar-Tiger Fight Ticketa On Sale CREST 4275 Allantle lOflO Park ULIMT Cant. 12 Hta-inot - Cent. From 10 A.M. Disney'a LADY A THE' TRAMP; Aimost Angel. IMPERIAL Oaen 12 HE 4-3973 lAY Bancroft-Duke, THE T " MIRACLE WORKER; :. ' Splendor In Grasa V Two Comedy Hitsl . CARRY ON TEACHERit-Doctor In Lova v Sal Beaek 6E0-II2 Walt Disnay'a BON VOYAGEi Nu Tima For Sergeant V A UH PElW STRAK3 M. Callan-S. Parker, ;. f.a p.irjr THE INTERNS; EM IE a-ji-ai it Presley, KID GALAHAD Sundny, Norttl To Alaska; Unforsivt I PC'.ICnA LA VERNE "1 FOX Cont. From 10 A M Powina et. I Oisney-a UOY A f. ; NA 2-iasa TRAMP; Almost A'" tff AfS? K. Nnvak-J. 'n i I "'Vc i J NOTORIOUS UV'U.p.V . Ontario 12 Ml r " """I oancm n VU 4-BS12 Tha Mlrech) Worker . ffllLiHr" Children's Film 12 30J HHmt .3 P.M. Kmc Pert. My HA4-2H2 '. niriey Macnine, mt,' GEISHA; Only Two Can Play j WEST COAST' Cmt rrom 10 M A!r.UMi' Disneya LADY A TH Kl -H7 inAW TRAMPi Almost Anp.'a FCY I I. Stewart-8. Retry, .; Aaaiialin E WINDOW; Holdena. Kl a-W"t l?t Kerr, Proud A Pro'ans - tHY ' 0ulnnes-Bnrrd, -. FolUrtai. DAMN THE tf.FIANT U l-iim Mt . Weekend With Lulu , EMERSFIELD a uti nana 'ii FOX akurttlcl fA 1-711 Cont From 10 A M. v Disn.y'a LADY A THE ' TRAMP; Almost Angi' CALIF CRNIA e,tf- w,r,' w"",8rt ' iakaVii.iil Sky Aoova, Mud Belowf f A a-' i II iW NO PlJica Like Haffilrli' F0$ ' Day-Grant Yoimjt In X Pai. THAf TOUCH OF MlNKf. JA Milt I At Day-Hudson, PilieaJ UK 0

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