The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 11, 1963 · 55
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 55

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1963
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Wallis Won't Wait Lon for MacLaine Durant Pens 'Fall' Prologue; Tonuny Np'onau Is' Producer' u7 . 5 h k r wl UiLJ COMIC Steve Franken is one of start of i stage musical "Ciuy carnes LA." at Coronet Theater. Show is in fourth month. . BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER ; 'Pending a court decision, Shirley MacLaineV contract with Hal Wallis remains suspended in mid-air." She has already lost the lead in "Wives and Lovers" (formerly "First Wife'), the picture over which the trouble started, to Janet Leigh. If Shirley will just come home, though, the producer has a couple of other. " properties waiting for her. ( - : , k One is "Boeing, Boeing," from, the Paris and London stage hit, a comedy. It is already In script form. Lionel Davidson is turning the second, "Beggar's "Choice," by ' Cteorge Axelrod, into a screenplay right now. Wallis Bays he will roll both, with or without Miss MacLaine, by spring. ... Julie Parrish won a Toledo beauty contest (as Joyce Wiibar) and was subsequently discovered by Jerry Lewi lis and producer Jack Cummings. She had a small part in "Rnvc lipdlllpii Jerry's "It's Only Money" and a larger one in "The Nut- P) ? OCIICUIUCU ty Professor." Next, on Cummings' recommendation to playwright Allen Scott, Julie goes to Broadway for the lead opposite Macdonald Carey in the romantic comedy, "Memo." Ray Walston and Pippa Scott will also be in it . ,iv., - , .,- Paramount will throw a welcome-back reception for l Maurice Chevalier next Monday on the sound stage of ,MeI Shavelson's "A New Kind of Love." The perennial 1 boulevardier will have a guest-star role at the studio , where he gained screen stardom 30 years ago. Durant Presages Fall of Rome - Historian Will Durant will write the prologue for. The Fall of the Roman Empire," , Samuel Bronston's next epic The period is the second century and the; Roman Forum is even now rising 16 miles outside Madrid, where Peking stood last year. Principals in an international, cast will be Alec Guinness as Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, James Mason and Christopher Plummer. In the "co-starring" bracket are Anthony Quayle, John Ireland, Mel Ferrer and Omar Sharif. M :-t v . V The script was devised by Philip Ydrdan, Basilio Franchina and Ben Barzman. Repeating as director for Bronston will be "El Cid's" Anthony Mann, with Yakima Canutt heading the second unit. The camera; man is again Robert Krasker and the designers are Veniero Colasanti and John Moore, Oscar-nominated for "ElCid." Process Is Ultra-Panavision. . , Everett Freeman will produce two films for Seven Art: "Sunday in New York," to star Jane Fonda, and "A Heart and a Diamond," original by Eileen and Robert; Mason Pollock, who live in Rome but will come here for .consultations. "i" : ! J' In June, David Heilweil will produce and Stanley Z. Cherry will direct "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall," modern drama bv Cherry (he's from TV) being adapted by Eva Wolas. "Private financing . . . Agnes Laurent will play a French tutor in "Ten Easy Lessons." to be made independently in New York next March by Thomas Black, producer, and Mark Hanna, writer-director. !: Noonan Promises Her Anything Howard May- Play Second Bligh Role . Trevor Howard, the Capt Bligh of MGM's "Mutiny On the Bounty," may make a career out of portraying the desDotic commander. The British actor has been contracted by an 'Aus tralian film company to once more play the role of Bligh this time .for a film based upon the skipper's days in New Soutn wales wnen ne was imprisoned by his own men following a rebellion of armed forces. Howard is now en route Iter. 16 AustraTIa !n connection! jffaf gngtlrg Clmt 4 Ftt.JAN.lU963-PrtlVf f with openings of "Mutiny On the Bounty" there and will discuss the other offer. His performance as Bligh along with Marlon Brando's por trayal of Fletcher Christian can be viewed locally at the Hollywood Egyptian Thea-! 'Marienbad' Screens Last Year at. Marienbad" is now showing as a special attraction at the Cinema Theater. "Eclipse is jthaj other-feature. - Vienna Choir Now on their 19th tour of the United States, the Vien na Choir Boys will sing in Philharmonic Auditorium on Saturday night, Feb. 2. The, 22 boys,, ranging In ages from 8 to 14 years, are members of the historic Sem inary School of Vienna established ' in 149S. They were depicted in the Walt Disney film, "Almost Angels." George Shearing Julie London - .Bobby Troup in r-' Jazz G:r.s:rt , sMfii iw UkM um ailM) Wertilee Tonlht 8:30 p.m. Long Beach Municipal Auditorium TMete . M IMP, - at likely m AeeM Nte Clt Jerte HO l-UM Ml MMt tn otttw om oii I t.a. M - 64 m tUH ArMi 11 BEST M0T10H PICTURE CF 1962" NnhonW loerel ef tnhw 42 stirs in DARRYL F. ZANUCKS THE DAY NIGHTLY it 1:30 Mats. WED. t cuts JtlP.M. ' ReMrvcd suts at box Hict, by mail. So. CaUfornUMwicCa. and an Mutual Atnc!tt - CART HAY CIRCLE 631S W. Sn Vicentt IW, Iw Angelei, 48 rH Wl 3-S147 Km HURRYhlBSt 7 Daysm Mate.Wed,Sit,SBHt2p.n. WINNER OF 10 ACADEMY AWARDS! rmvrn rrirc I HULA I UP UII fi..,.. NATIONAL SENERAl CORPORATION CAU. THEATRE OR BR. 2-9261 CR. -4-041t Melina Anthony Raf Jules f" 1 " MeTcouri Perkins "allone Dansin's I ryj "ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR! . -BOSL(VCROWTHEII,M.Y.TIiM i Divorce Italian-Style KtLuMastroianni , ieiuivtLy hEMUSSTPICTUKESmm - I lot mttts TH at wl, m at U. Urtra Mall vnriiCtMT'S - PERFORr.lArJCC CJ00 "nw. MATINEE 2:OQ ' EVENINO n:oo WHIN YOU HI NATUM TAXI ITS COUtSI UTWIIN AN AMtKKAN PLAYBOY AND A HUNCH I BEAUTY QUEEN IN SFICTACOIOKII mini VE? . Tommy Noonan turns producer next Monday at KTTV with Promise Her Anything," in which his leading ladies will be Jayne- Mansfield and Mamie Van nnren. Director : is Kina Donovan, cameraman James Wons Howe and production designer Serge Krizman. -It is derived from Edna Sheklow's" The Plant,' a stage t hit in Palm bpnnes, anyway. , ; ; j Billy Liar," a 'stage hit in London, where It earned Ktardom for Albert Finney, will have its Coast pre miere at Stage Society Jan. 30. John Harding will present it. The comedy about a young daydreamer U by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, in the company will be David Winters, Helena Nash, John Alderson and Moyna MacGilL ! Irving Wallace's "The Three Sirens" has been bought ' before publication tor filming Dy jawara u. Aiperson ani StanW Mver. Hia "The Prize." the "inside" on Nobel Prizewinners, has been budgeted by MGM at $5 million, with the screenplay written by Ernest beaman. r Don Murray will essay the role of tne ew iorK minister in "The Norman Vincent Peale Story." which 5 Frank Ross ("The Robe") will produce for United Artiste ' Hume Cronvn. Jessica Tandy and George Grizzard will topline the 30-member company occupying the new Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in March. Rita ' r :n l fn1 Ufa's TVio Vtltop" znA PipV. iidiri will iidvc uai io m ivut& a v v. hov's "Three Sisters." ft INTRODUCING C3I3I TO DUVAL "MISS RtVltRA" The smile:..lh9 shape;., i Th silky softness of anangef,.t OPEN DllY12:0O NOON mm a?g77 f Tu4 .4 i,C-"iU 9 71 r r ' L "A MOVIE NOT TO BE MISSED;.. as exciting, . as touching, ' as the Pulitzer H v . Prize novel gv on which it , ; is based. Take V the children." ' -Gooef Howtfcaapfng ; Mogcrzfnt , "A superb and r', virtually flawless delineation by Gregory Peck." . i Philip K. Sehutr LA.Tmti Qrd WONDERFUL WECKI CARTHAY CIRCLE ill M VkMtl Wt 3-SI47 "THI LONGEST OAY" Tonirht S-.30 P.M. Boi Office Open 10 to 1 RtStHVlO SbAIS - IS 1 7 WlliMr WS I-1 101 1:41 S. loren-A. Ekbirg, BOCCACCIO 70, Clrt Walk Oft WHO Side 07 In. HI. Wt-JMIl!S HIGHLAND M04 K. HI. CL I-H4I l9 MUSIC MAN (f A Mm Answin Elvit Presley. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS; McQueen- wejner, war tovtr I inn Last 12 Davs! iw W Heel Mlrcillo Mastroiannt, 01 UW Part ' "DivBfCt, Italian 8W I I HOUYtVOOD 0 4-1111 lait 7 Oiys! "WEST SIDE STSRY" " Tonifht :30 P.M. ' Ho VWOOd s' Winten, The Chapman I2. .. "eporti Holden-Kwm, HO 3.6371 World of Susi Wsnr iOKH ALL NIGHT UNTIL S A.M. OAlCf MS iit Syittra Pk. HO 3-2184 12:13 Science Fiction! DAY " MARS INVADED EARTH, Youn Gum Of Texts VOGUE tick Ununen-lM M7J Htllyww Remick In PAYS Kii OF WINE OSES, Continuous Performances 12:00-2:00-4:O0-6:0O-:15-10:30 PM REST IM07 Crwitliw AX I. aSJI 1:45 Ditney'l IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS) If A Man Answer! "MOST SPECTACULAR FILM I'VE EVER SEEN lw - EARL WILSON "ONE OF THE GREAT ALL-TIME FILT.15! A picture to rate sheed of Kwcl' and West SWo Story' an awcrd-wlnnlnc crend clammerr . , -ARCHER WINSTEN, N.Y.PQST "EYE-FILLING, SPELL-BINDING BLOCKBUSTER! An outstandlnc treat In this or any other seasoni', A.H.WEILEK, N.Y.Timss , "ONE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE PICTURES IN ALL MOTION PICTURE HISTORY!" CUE Nsgstln I muLTiiiLS-ffsiioai tafutin WILSHIRE 1444 Willhir. 0LS-MSI:4J Gregory Peck In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD STUDIO CITY MUSIC MAN Jtl 7-1977 mj bGISIU S. Winters. The Chapmaa Report; Helden-Kran. World Of Smie Went;, FINE ARTS ISM WlUhlre OL I.I33S fMLLAl . Melln Mercourl-Tony Perklni-Raf Vallone, PHAEDRA; Dly 1:30PM TR 7-28S3 12:11 GUILD . 9 1 1 t Laniunniai po t-nn t i aGE WnlwM4 en 342 iJ BMT WtwM4 141 6 ft 7-2487 S. Winters. The Chapman Report; Holden-Kwen, World of Sutie Wwt CULVER :4S VI. 1-3124 S. loren-A. Ekberg, . BOCCACCIO 70, Clr.t Walk On Wild Side Science Fiction! DAY MARS INVADED EARTH) ' Young Guns Of Teei 3 WESTCHESTER I I liaul. P. 1411 141 S. Wlrrtert, The Chapman Report; W. Holden-Kwen, wono or une wong INtlEWOOO T3 ACADEMY 1:41 Ptrk IC5V PL l-ll S. Winter, The Chapmen neport-, Hoiden-Kwan, World Of Smi Wony OR 1-2173 S. loren-A. Ekberg, BOCCACCIO 70, C'ri Walk On Wild Side STH AVE. tin. Miner,. PL l.tfM (41 "X ORI-lllt BARABBAS Notorious landlady MCI rwnnn Slnetre-Heryey-leiih, W.ltV IIUl '.II u.liuru.iu. Pigeon That Took Rome CRITERION Cwit. 12:11 IX I SM2 WILSHIRE Selenct Fiction! DAY MARS INVADED EARTH; Toung Gum Of Tinas . I4S Put x i-nsi S. loren-A. Ekberi. BOCCACCIO 70, Clrt Walk On Wild Side Disney't IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS! Annie Get Your Gun IEDON0O IWMTTM Htm OS! n 1 & A V U VUMm SAM SPIXCE-OTII: , , IWUBV41V14 V. mm FOX-Rdond05 Winters, The Chapmn I 6a-1 41 l rn 4-iMii ReTm'osaT M I-S24J mm : s tMtilll i tunMI II 3 V ' 1 HQ ?07?1 I ''I II 1 -foWa . k. (- i : i si i ' :y:v PRIZE. LAMAn -VCa PR 2-we!4i 6Q California fm tt. il iMki VC3 LU 7 IIII :Cpark fr S3M Pulft. JLCMT" fQ LU .MI:4I TOWER Report: Holden-Kwan, World Of Sunt Wong SAN HRKAHDI WU.ET EL PORTAL Ne. Hollywood AREINA Irierman Oaki ST 4-1141 1:45 f. BOCCACCIO 70. Cfr; Sky Above. Mud Below S. Winters. The Chepm4 Report; Holden-Kwen, World Of Suite Wong . OX Via Nuys IT 1-2731 12:41 CAW S25S Van Ntrya 8T l-WIII:4l Science Tiction! DAY MARS INVADED EARTHS Young Guns W Tctw MUSIC MAN My Gelshl y tlEWDALE I i 11 Ft - f. Wlnten,TheChtimll c.nt it Heporti Holden-Kwea, ch 1. 1?2 world Of Suiie Wong GLENDALE Loren A- 't. 80CCACIO 70, Clr.i ch -28 n Walk On Wild Side t ACADEMY .". T"e Chepma c.i.7. iJ Report; Holden-Kwen, wu i-esot World Of 8uzle Wong STATE loren-A. Ekberg, 45-Part BOCCACCIO 70, Or, tv i-7131 Walk On Wild Side ItlALTQ DUney'i IN SEARCH M. PeVidani OF THE CASTAWAYS) MU2-i2jlii The legend Of Lobo 1 10W8 ItACH i 1 WEST COAST Sophli loreo-Anlta Cwt ll Ekberg-Romy Schneider, Htl-4200 BOCCACCIO 70, Clr. CREST BARABBAS 4274 AMantle , . " "?7 , Own I Prk Best Of Enemies BELMONT Disneyi IN SEARCli olVnl! OF THE CASTAWAYS; Ht i'iooi Whistli Down The WlnJ IMPFRI1I Science Fiction! DAY ' El 1 MARS INVADED EARTHs M-397S Young Guns Of Texis 6i A. Quinn. REQUIEM FOR teal ta HEAVYWEIGHT; Holden. Qgl" I2 Kerr, Proud Profane I SAN PEPRO I irf. BOCCACCIO 70, Cfr; walk on wild side Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS) Annie Get Your Cun HUNTINGTON PARK BEU'CONPTON Science Fiction! DAY MARS INVADED EARTH; Young Guns Of Texas BARABBAS DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; t. Stewart. Naked Spur CamBUfrPartr. m i-hii a are Oisney'i IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; ' Annie Get Your Gun Oisney'i IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; Presley. Glrls-Girls-Girll I 1 REDLANOS BANNING ALEC GUUNJNfcifc K seduhk ANTHOiNY QUINN Mir a. tr aws writ w i m . i r mm evrirt -nnnnrn ' aw a a Bk a BLi m-tw mdv mA m-tr . t T JUOJCj JCXjlUUjiV - Wv RIVERSIDE Elvis Presley, GIRLS, CIRLS, GIRLS; Oonahu. Steveni, Susm Slide i OV 1-7JII S Winters, The Chapman Peport; Holden-Kwan, n World Of Surie Wong 4-44M Ol. I Selma fiction! DAY MARS INVA0E0 EARTHi Young 6 jni Of Texas 3 ANTHONY QUAYLE : CLAUDE RAINS ARTHUR KENNEDY PETEROmqiE?b! OMAR SHARE P1 VS3' OV 4-444 gT'l SAN BERNARDINO j lor en-Anita Schneider, ,CCI0 70, cir. STRAND n pior MUSIC MAN - " Romen Holldty Q POMONA U VERNE ONTARIO CLAREMONT D fox Bina NA :.J5J.:4J S. Winters. CHAPMAN) REPORT: Holden-KwM, World Of Sutie Wong . MT. BALDY DRIVE-IN Futftlll-Wklte IT 3-4911 GRANADA. Ontrl VU 4-89M Science Fiction! THE DAY MARS INVADED EARTH; Jas. Mitchimv YOUNG GUNS OF TEUS VILLAGE Clartm.nt N A 4.26 1 IMS Oisney'i IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS) I Carland, Gay Purr-eej Cannes Festival Wlnnerl A TASTE OF HONEYi Plus Dancer! World 1 CRAN6E COUNTY West Coast tenia Ana Kl 3-8317 12:45 FOX AnahelM KE l-im. :4S Science Flctlonl DAT MARS INVADED EARTHs Young Gum Of Tenet Dlsney'l IN SEARCH " OF THE CASTAWAYS) 1. Garland. Say Purt-ea iillarfan S. Winters.' The Chapmaa Report; Holden-Kwen , I 1 IAKEKSFIELO I I ' SANTA PAULA FA S-73II IMS CALIFORNIA Btkcrtniie FA 1-3021, H Sophie Uren-Anltt Ekberg-Romy Schneider in outtnuuiu ro, yir. Anthony Quinn In . BARABBAS : ttnl. Pads JA 5.4119. SMS Troy Donahue-Connie Stevens In PARRISH "- SUSAN SLAOE rAU MARY BADHAM PHILLIP ALfORD JOHN MEGNA RUTH WHITE-PAUL FIX-BROCK PETERS BANK OVERTON -ROSEMARY MURPHY- COLLIN WILCOX Scrtnoli by MORTON FQOTE Ui m Harper Lei's Howl To Kill I UMhV'C Music Vy ELMU BFJlNSTtlN Directed by ROBERT MULLIGAN. PtoJucH by ALAN WLU A PekuUMUgao. Sreahma Production! PKlurl 'A Ukmn rnua , Contlniwi-Dally from 5iJ p.m. ROBERTBOLT SAM SPIEGEL Mg4)rty DAVID LEAN SUPER PANAV1S10N 70T .... TECHNlCaOB: until AT an Y.nVPICBI OPe T MAIS. AliTat 5.cTnfomH Musk Co., 737 So. Hlll$t,and at lllMuto! feieeiai ArtenawmnW per liieatrej nmw mm r"-i MATINEES Widneidw.SiniTday, SBndiyM0P.piEVK.8i)flP.M. .Hb. Im 11 aa la I m . Im 11 IW ti I PttCIXTalMl.: tVn.(S.V.TM.) Men. Grrf Le Orch,l ; OrcK ISO; GTAM LG Y-ITJ A U N G H THEATRE BEVERLY HILIS Jr.aTMf CR.1-1121 BR.a-0794 KeywriiwMH.- -- - ... ...MiiiiiiiAPe RESERVED SEATS AVAILABLE FOK wll rLnrunMr.u "...ACTING, WRITING AND DIRECTING OF, ACADEMY AWARD CALIBER... ' . -Ptillfp K Schmsr, LA. TIMES 'lemmons is truly a great performance" . , - ; -Haul Flynn, CITIZEN NEWS ".jARD-HiniHG, DEEPLY iMOVIIIG..."; flTI - Gao. H. Jackson, ; : IjoryrAii toIan "The tint reel lleatene ti the e; "'" Arthur Knleht, at. "" SHIRLEY CLARKE'S CONTROVERSIAL FILM IASI0OIACIOllllR'l IHAmINJJlT BY AQATHA CHRISTIE Aether of "Wltneee far the PreaeeutVei" A rJiriirrnii sV -l WrV I TYV Mr IK II. -V A ESU GOLBWYH- j SOo ) TUESJ MARGARET ARTHUR MURIEL RUTHERFORD KENNEDY PAVLOYY Quut Star JAMIS ROBIRTSONeJUSTIOI LOSFELIZ ITIVOLI-FLAZA 1U1 N. V.rment NO. -Z'.4 IU21 ! Monica or. a-ieM li 'Ma alaf ftimtlii'i 'ill iW it hi ft Til i I l i ' LAHonlcf-Exm' jacit lemmon anD iee "Days o? nme anD noses" . ilMTlN MlHiS WMMkr MMK ( h-M n JACK. KKCLUatVILY tiumii MUlPUUt ' Ha J-0421 , OPEN 12 Km AttentEon Acidimrof Motion Pictnrilrti teal tttUaaat U L w . Cifi Will Admit Yon mil Dim Cant l - 3rtll7eek! ' "One if the years tan bBst1 Philip Scheuer, IX Timea Till HUNTINGTON HARTFORD Theitri HIS NORTH VINE JTFftn HOLLYWOOD 28M0tM(l k'FIH NOW WAYNO ' NIQHTLY it I P.M. Miti.Wid.,Sit.,Suil.H2P.M. Risarve: Hits at lu-offloa, k aiill, le. Calif. Mesle Csv,' inl ill Mutgel icemltt ; nip ' a"i ' 'ill' I iii

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