The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 23, 1962 · 69
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 69

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1962
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t History n- Srhencr and "The French Own Best i Dramatist to Him - Bronston flaking Parallels With Past Pay Off Today BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER - Samuel Bronston is one producer who thinks big historically. And it is paying off in "King of Kings" and j, "El Cid." Mr. Bronston. who headquarters in Spain, is now knuckling down to the task of making movies about the Boxer Rebellion, the fall of the Roman Em pire and the French Rev-1 olution. Even Joe Levine. couldn't think bigger than . these. The Boxer Rebellion will be picturized under, the title of "55 Days at Teking." with Philip Yor- ' dan a? writer, Nicholas , Ray directing and Char)- . ton Hest,on in the starring role. The other two epics q will he called, simply and ' no foolin' around. "The Fall of the Roman Em- ; pire and The French Revolution. LI ( ids An- i thony Mann will direct the latter. Bronston, who may yet prove a great boon to the lonely writer of the original screenplay, was asked J recently why he is concentrating on "great historical ' moments" instead of plunging into the rat race for best-selling novels and plays of nonf-historical import j' a rat race that, after all, obsesses most of his contem- poraries. ' ,! ."It is my preference," he replied, "to take important " material from public domain and develop the story,! myself. j. . "I have found that" the crises and dramas of history have all produced extraordinary and exciting people far beyond the invention of the dramatists. The fact V that they were real communicates itself to audiences s even though they may not be students of history. I also s choose historic happenings which can be dramatized' to reflect the impact of the times in vhich we live and , add timelv significance as well as entertainment." El Cid's Spain, U.S. Have Bond In "El Cid," Rronston declared, he depicted a man , who believed it possible for people of various beliefs . notably Spanish Christian and Moslem to live and ' work together under a common leadership. "Isn't this,' . by extension, the story of the United States, which has proved that a welter of peoples could be brought tof-gether in tolerance?" ' Peking'' will depict that crucial period during whieji nationals from such diverse countries as the U.S. and 4 Britain, Russia and Japan, France and Germany werfe ' besieged by the Chinese in the international compound. Mr. Bronston: "The unity of peoples, no matter whal their beliefs, in the face of danger! This incident is what the U.N', symbolizes but has not. yet achieved." J For "Peking." as usual, he will draw on as many lands for his players. (Bronston distributes his films in much the same way, selling "pieces" in each to the preferred, if not the highest, bidder from the various na-' tions.) Ten miles outside Madrid, on a 40-acre site, he, is presently having erected the Imperial Palace at Peking and the adjacent foreign-legation community as they looked in 1000, time of the Boxer Rebellion. Roman Empire Sounds Warning "But to get back." Bronston said, "to this significance;' thing. 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' will point out -the danger in the adulation of and preoccupation with., things material, which has been credited with destroying a society. And 'The French Revolution' will show-the effect of an event which began with greed and avarice and which still affects the world we live in today." THE ART CIRCUIT: Cinema Limited, Inc., will screen an International Film Series at Pasadena City College on six Saturdays from March 3 to June 30 . features to include "The Blue Angel," "Aparajito," "I'm All Right Jack," "Paths of Glorv," "Good Morning"' (Japanese) and "The Cousins." Telephone TR. 3-3370. . "To stimulate tht creation of an adequate feature supply and relieve the prolonged booking crisis," a new' company has been organized, financed and directed by theater showmen meeting Feb. 16 in New York. They call themselves A.C.E. (American Congress of Exhibitors) and are not to be confused with the American Cinema Editors. Investors and sponsors include Amer-.' ican Broadcasting-Paramount Theaters, Loew's Thea-, ters. RKO Theaters and Stanley Warner Corp. Tresi-'' dent is Sidnev M. Marklev of AB-PT. -a small miracle In the casting of Rosalind Russell.. ..she makes Bertha a living doll. with her "Majority" a pleasure." -n.y.times KM LMm UIV WMULI N KHUC ..mmouhtu.muciwm, I.-. LEONARD SP1GELGASS,m.m..Mi,MRVYN IeROY -TECHNICOLOR FROM WARNER BROS.' Extlotlvi EnaifltRiint-IIOW-CoitliflM Pirftriuett roxVILLAGETfciitrt Wostwood 1 ronton Av. OR. 3-3041 Door Own 1:30 P.M. "A film that will still be important 50 years hence!" TALKED ABOUT ii MOVIt IN V MOTION J until! UlCTnaVIOJ" Hiroshima Mon Amour Viennese 1 Program Delights The stage in Philharmonic Auditorium looked the same as usual before shoy time Tuesday night, but when the curtain went up and Capt Julius Herrmann waved his baton, tne platform resem bled a three-ring circus with the Deutschmeister Band tootling, singers trilling, dancers prancing and flags unfurling. The occasion was lenna on Parade, a light- hearted combination of mu sic, song and dance from the capital of Austria, produced by Harald A. Hoeller. written and directed by Marrel Prawy and presented bv the Community Civic Music Assn. to a delighted near-capacity crowd. Capt. Herrmann, a keep- 'em-smiling individual, kept things stepping right along with his no-nonsense con ducting. His portly brass band may not have been a model of tonal purity but it had plenty of starch to keep its repertoire of marches moving crisply. Popular Songs Among the songs and dances was a goodly representation of operettas such as "The Bird Seller" by Carl Zeller, and Countess Mar-itza" "by Emmerich Kalman; and there were various folk and popular songs, as well as tributes to Johann Strauss and to Franz Lehaf, a 20th century composer and lead er of Austrian military bands. Eta Kohrer, R u t h i 1 d e Boesch and Spiro Makri carried off their songs with spirit, though their enthusiasm sometimes exceeded their vo cal capacities; Tony Niessner and Dolores Ling amused with song-skits; Lidia Co-ronica and Fred Meister, ballet dancers from the Vienna State Opera, contributed sprightly acrobatics; Kdi Von Csoka offered a violin solo; and Daisy Rhee made an animated mistress of ceremonies. Piano solos and accom paniment by Rudolf Bibl had real professional sparkle. M1MI CLAR 0 on the spoken scenes In his first rehearsal sessions. Character, he said, has been emphasized by putting Miss Roth, and other name plavers like Bambi Lynn, the into rehearsal as a musical .Dancer, and Harold Lang in with no singers and dancers as such and no stars. Miss Roth is one of a small company of 23 for a Bhow which will see big names like hers playing small parts land small names playing ma jor roles. 'Character Musical Arthur Laurents, the play wright, directing his first musical, described "whole- Lillian Rotli Resumes Career in Music Play NEW YORK (HTNS) Lillian Roth, the actress and nightclub ginger who wrote about her up and down career in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," will come to Broadr way this season in the musical, "I Can Get It For You Wholesale." The new show, a David Merrick production with a Harold Rome score and based on Jerome Weidrhan's best-seller about life in the 'sale" as a musical of "charac garment district, has gone'ter" and put heavy emphasis taiSLtiitUtUmtir'-'' m. f EB. 23, 1962-Pcrt IV j Lang in' i ' P e that, iirv relatively minor roles. .1 ...-11 1 t . 'k mere wm ue mure tiidincieis i f - nmrr-ytfinxim- in this musical than in anyT fullungthi other one I can think of." vision! ' ' 1 Cast in the lead role of S Harry Bo gen, ambitious shipping clerk, is Elliott Gould, a tall young actor who had only a background part in "Irma La Douce," Miss Roth will play his! mother. rV titi met L """ ,,. mmm mmm mtm im ! rni t r t-1 M- -- tm DEUGHTFUL. HILARIOUS" IU4 ' NOW I I I MATINEES AT MOST THEATRES I CRASHES HOUYWCX)D 2o WILLIAM HOLDEN CLIFTON WEBB P. ?J jeRRYISWK yf rrriifAi'i.ii O-O "HEY, LET'S TWIST!" 4.-4 HKH sun ROUTW0C0 Hunm , LOYOU wi.toti -afOITAlMiiMUM V LAMM tMW4.TTl CAironu ' KA0CKT WOT COAST iom HtM n LEO McCAREYS SATfltl JEUEE1 SLIEP3 The crowning achievement of the man who gare you "Going My Way" and "The Bells Of SL Mary's" Busy Player "Gig Young, in Paris star t ine in Deadlock, win soon have two other films in re ease, "Touch of Mink" and 'Kid Galahad." "WEST SIDE ST0RV" Tonight 8:30 PM RESERVE SEATS Lewis, Errand Boy; Hey Let's Twist Added Special Col. Glenn Astronaut OPEN ALL NITE UNTIL S A.M. 0LY. Wait Disney's PIN0CCHI0; Adv. Of Huckleberry Finn f 1 1 urQ ' i -1 1 1 E J Vr-':iY7 'AM tt -i 1 1 k 25c gytttm Fk I L VOGUE If I If M75 Hollywood fr'&m I k HO 2-6621 1 1 :4S - smm. J .S 1 mmX tNXf CARTHAY . !JL CIRCLE ri J f I ilk' WE 3-9147 Jf W K lJ EL REY " j V ltuJ f .V V i J ' 7907 Bev. ai. ' i f Vmmk. WE 9-31 III :45 - - - 1 I 1 !rS nS3 ALL THEATRES r U, OPEN 12 Noon A fllAtb.TVittnii'k ALL-CARTOON FUTURE 1 . " " " a TECHNICOLOR 2nd feature "THE ADVENTURES Of HUCKLEBERRY FINN" in Color MIRACLE MILEGLENOAlEH0LirwOO0WESIW0O0 1 BELL I STUDIO CITY ( tLKtT I ALEX I IRIS I BRUIN I ALCAZAR 1 STUDIO CITY Van nuts In. long bfachi santaana ifulierionipdmona is Bernardino : FOX 1 CREST IWESTCOASTl FOX I FOX I CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE I PASADENA I VENICE j FOX I ACADEMY I FOX 1 V I ! M I aVA' 'i.T.l . 11 : UJ J ll'JB 111 f '9VI IX :".T.1 .1 J - - - - - - " - .--r mt A J j j i WILSHIRE sat a n "never ' 1 f58440 VIUhir. SATAN NEVER SLEEPS 0Ll-08j Op. 1:45 Every Day I f. Added Special Col. Glenn. Astronaut I FINE ARTS " Arthur Miiler'a I dil wfl." r? VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE,. 0L 2J 330 0p. 1:30 Everyday j' I VILLAGE "Rosalind Russell- , .weiiwood Alec Guinness In ! GR 3-3042 I JO MAJORITY OF ONE f Added Special Col. Glenn, Astromut Walt Disney's MOON PILOT; Plus Short, Bear Country IBRUIN I Wfitwood iGR 7-2487 12:00 Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PINOCCHlOi Huckleberry Finn "EL CID" Tonight-8:30 PM RESERVE SEATS AT BOX OFFICE Continuous 12 Noon Disney's FIN0CCHI0; Huckleberry Finn Sinatra-Tracy. DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK: Douglas, Town Without Pity f. Sinatra-!?. Tracy. DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK; The Phantom Planet ! I inn Robert Dhtry In 1 Ui" w Pic. LA BELLE AMERICAINE" 0L 5-83M ParkDIy 6:00; Sat. Sun. 1:45, I MESA r;;' a8i) Cronsha AX I -6959 6;45 CULVER 6:4ii bniok VE 8-3t24 1 LOYOLA v. BdiO Sf pill Pk. iSSP 6-1410. 12 .00 S Hayward-J. Gavin i BACK STREET; Douglas, , Town Without Pity N Wood, SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS; K. Douglas,! Town Without Pity Jerry Lewis In THE ERRAND BOYj Hey, Let's Twist fy FRANCE NUYEN NOW! Exclusively fiodimd and Directed by 1 LEO McCAREY Scmwipljy by CLAUDE B1NY0N and LEO McCAREY Bas4 M I nwel by PEARLS. BUCK OL3-08.3.0U2-1303 glSSSSi Show Times, 2:I5, 5:15. 7:45, 10:15, Every Day STUDIO CITY up. "ii 'i 1977 PORTAL 7-2D83 12:15 Added Special - I GUILD 5ilil Lankenhim PO 2-2272 8:45 Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PIN0CCHI0; Huckleberry Finn Jerry Lewis In ' THE ERRAND BOY; Hey Let's Twist -Col. Glenn, Astronaut M. Mercouri, NEVER " ON SUNDAY; Douglas, Town Without Pity I LA REINA Jerry l-ewis ,n !kerS 0?k. THE ERRAND BOY; TR3-3M0 6.45 Hey Let's Twist Added Special Col. Glenn, Astronaut Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PINOCCHIOj Huckleberry Finn : FOX Van Niiyj H ST 5-2731, MM I CAPRI 6208 Van Nnyi gST 5-3919 7:30 BEN-HUR 1 Pert. 8 PM 3 AcckimL. . THE MOST OUTSTANDING MOTION PICTURE YOU WILL SEE THIS YEAR! 3! ALEX Continuous I :I5 CH 5-1523 Walt Disney's PINOCCHI0; Adv. Of Huckleberry Finn GIFNnMF M. Mercouri, NEVER Op 6 45 0N SUNDAY; Douglas, S-iCH 5-2815 Town Without Pity Added Special Col. Glenn, Astronaut ST""" I II 1.1 Jiff-""-" WV uIirlBA'.,lTl& 1 M -T-1-J-W1, ' - ACADEMY Cunt. 12 U 1-851)8 Walt Disney's PIN0CCHI0; Adv. Of Huckleberry Finn D STATE :30 Pi T ft tSY 2-7139 M. Mercouri, NEVER ON SUN0AY: Guinness, Tunes Of Glory ACADEMY S Oo. 12 Park $iPU I-5I5I It-OX ' iiUD. iz:is Jerry Lewis in THE ERRAND BOY; Hey, let t Twist N. Wood, SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS; Donahue- W Kim .M2.t Stevens. Susan aiaae Added Special Col. Glenn, Astronaut ( SrTU' aUC M. Mercouri. NEVER "A Added Specil-;ol. Glenn, Astronaut ?,n:Mrn"h ON SUNDAY; Douglas,?, h P L ygse e :45 Jowri Without Pity RIALTO l.?.in?ls:.If!iy: llNGLEWOOD wym) jo bottom ...ri.n. ULVIL HI 1 U l-LUVB; i ,,..t ii Vt int JW J. utl, U 2.1259 6:IS Newman, Until They Sail & OR -3ll5 Tammy Tell Ma True ,-i EDDIE Torn By Thi Strangest Dtslrt That Evtr Achat IntldaA Mini .-i "war KATHY Thieirlln ThiltciSlia Hi Could NtvtrTouchl r ' ' 'I'll 1 ;,T ' i 5 w f I - -4t i I' 1 ' i. 1 I'M r CRITERION Conl. 12:15 fa y EX 5-8282 wncuior Vf ihviiini. ;45 Clin 8995 ARTHUR MILLER'S. Drama of Lov"a and Obsession THE STORY OF . A MAN WHO RAISED HIS NIECE AS" ' A DAUGHTER... AND LOVED. HER ASA.WOMANL.set'! in the turbulent world of Brooklyn's; docks. Men and women pushed and pulled by : emotions that run as high as the l 1 f v . HI I EX J- . J Add( O CALIFO f Ct. 12 S r I.U 7.511 Jerry Lewis in THE ERRAND BOY; Hey. Let's Twist M7 MercouriT NEV0R ON SUNDAY; Douglas, Town Without Pity fBUNDY S: 6 :45 Park EX 8-4414 Walt Disney's PARENT f. TRAP; Reynolds-Forrast, Second Time Around Added Special Col. Glenn, Astronaut IFOX-Venice S 17 Par ii EX 6-4215 Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PINOCCHlOi Huckleberry Finn m. ' " - . CALIFORNIA 2 smokt Jerry Lewis in THE ERRAND BOY; ' Hey, Let'sjwist " m! Mercouri, NEVEF ON SUNDAY; Beymer- Weld, Bachelor Fiat ALCAZAR ii tm e. gi S LU 5-3306, 12:00 Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PINOCCHlOi Huckleberry Finn PARK t!i04 Picilie LU 7..U42 Da. 1 Added Special Col. Glenn, Astronaut 1 TOWER Compton Park NE 6-1315 6:00 F Sinatra-0. Martin, ; SERGEANTS 3: Thret Stooges Meet Hercules - - - - - - Jerry Lewis In THE ERRAND BOY 42o Hey. Let iwist Added SpeclaJ Cel. Glenn, Astronaut CREST 4275 AtUntlt OpJJ Par BELMONT' Open 6 HE l-l 00 1 V storm tirlnfl : llUCOi i - . X Btinnitn I i (r iTlBillor, . ffl t '- Wv "C'S I. 1 I i 1 V:U 1 -WEST COAST . ' Cant. 12:00 t HE LCRE ' 4275 i I IMPERIAL S Oocn 12 She t-397) a Leigh, ROMAN SPRIN3 MRS. STONE; Reynolds, Second Time Around Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PIN0CCHI0; HiickleberryFinn Brynner-Kerr, THE KING & I; G. MacRae-S. Jones, Carousel "I STRAND g: ban Prdio TE 2-2MI 12 Ibay Si Sfal Bearh U BE 0-1 123 Leigh, ROMAN SPRING'. MRS. STONE; Douglas, Town Without Pity 1 sTHayward-J. Gavin, BACK STREET Turner, Imitation Of Ufa RIVERSIDE PrAmrwS- f REDLANOS Cant. 12. uj Disney s PIN0CCHI0; 0fnl.30 0v s-7212 Huckleberry Finn Spy 3.4331 jWdedSpeclt Col, Glenh, Astronaut GolrJen"SteEFS"i8ANNlNG Uaan2:U0 TO THE TH PLANtl; j5Opr7:J0 ov 4-4M0 Pirate of Black Hawk 5. vi -37i4 BEN-HUR ; 2 Perls. 4 4 8 PM 1 Pen , V Pan no 01 FOX mon 2. 1333, 12 (W CS HERrV ' F R 21 V ut. a aJk FR4 ) Add nrr- riAv "Tr mi nam.. iTs 1 (ffi iiyn iii $ ! i MARCO , Thi Li Of '. Vangaanct A L Th,t H, ' torfl Hlnl , .f TlKIIII EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT 2nd EXPLOSIVE WEEK! BX"t AI i nMP i a t. i t- -v t r i r JtAIN 5UKC1L IS MAUREEN STAPLETON ill RAYMOND PELLEGRIN " MORRIS CARNOVSKY carolT lawrnqe Directed bV SIDNEY LUMrTT . ARTHUR MILLED Produced by PAUL GRAETZ tcitaftt h oiia fiosiia eoiHNti t"Tutifi nr.. i t t - vfiia -Mm nau aOM WILSHIRE BOULEVARD NEAR LA CIENEGA BEVERLY HILLS OL 2-1330 CONTINUOUS DAILY FROM 1:30 P.M. ' LJILitl ,IULI- Continuous 12 Noon Disney's PIN0CCHI0; Huckleberry Finn MT BALDY HepbUrn-Peppard, noiWC IM Breakfast At Tiffany's; UrtlVt-iri . Bachelor In Paradise aainiii-waita ' ' ' . . T l.jose xooea apecm Col. Glenn Astronaut VILLAGE Claramont I NA 4-2612, :43 1 GRANADA- Ontana IV 4-IA32 6:4S Walt Disney's BABES IN T0YLAND) Plus Circus Start F. Sinatra-D. Martin, SERGEANTS 3i Elvis Presley. .G.I. Bluet HERMOSA 4S 11243 L I !n.N !.'M I.i:i.l A am California ' contmuout it noo ; a intnau i vin n.i.niin M. Mercouri. NEVER SVf,':',i,. . 1 " i.y.ij,.-, a,..' ON SUN0AY; Signorel, rtriri SnrlU Cnl Glenn. Astronaut FOX Redondo sPnder " 0. m me brass: R. oaninn, r 4 04s beorge nan siory Added Special Cnl. Glrnn, Astronaut l P.T TI'M ., .'Li 1 LAMAR tialtaa . 04. U K Jerry lewis In THE FJtRAND BOY; hey. let's Twist I mi a.n.117. I1M Huckleberry Finn ; cny f.Sinalr,0. Martin, l SERGEANTS 3; Elvis i Hi 5..1MJ. :4 Presley, Gl Blues J I Added Special Col. Glenn.Jkstrnnaut I FOX - Continuous ii Norin J i f.ii.rt.. ' Disney's PINOCCHIO; j k IA J-2ISI. 12:00 Huckleberry Finn EXCLUSIVELY IN 2 THEATRES STARTING WED. PRESENTED THE WAY TOMM PAfAViaiPN -- ITyWAS' MEANT TO BE SEEN I i.tack stinio sound 1 litui iin- " ill if HI afTJVrSilj f lllllltf n ii i in ui" rrnriTVA.r Froducd by i w AVI Diractad b ARTHUR H0RNB10W, Jr. FRED ZINNEMANN REOONDO aiACH . 21111 IK 2-1111 Tat Mast Dtjrirtf lav Sfr Ir llm4! NOW SHOW TIKES IT I0TU THEATRES 4 ?a WMtf?3 miCZA Ol 41 Sat 1 41 f H . f- l am flaw a .avjn .4fc-aa..swj.JJL A V 4 k aJ tMk,iMAV4"

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