The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 3, 1963 · 61
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 61

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1963
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Showmen Poll Led Again by Doris Day Aldrick Picks Lollo, Ekberg; Hawks Plumps for Originals BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER Returns on Motion Picture Herald's 31st annual Fame" poll are in, and the result is pretty much status qua The theater owners of America picked Doris Day as top moneymaking star, just as they did in I960, and followed Doris with Rock Hudson and Cary Grant (her co-stars, respectively, in Lover Come Back" and 'That Touch of Mink"), John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Jerry Lewis Frank Sinatra, Sandra Dee and Burt Lancaster. ... , Miss Day has made six appearances on the Fame poll; first time in 1951 when she was No. 9. I don't know if Japanese-American exhibitors were in on the foregoing or not, but they are continuing to expand. The Toho Co. has taken over the briefly named Griffith Theater (for D. W.) on W 45th Street in New York and will convert it into a Broadway showcase. As the Toho Cinema, it will open Jan. 22 with, Kurosawa's "The Bad Sleep Well," which was accorded a special screening at UCLA Oct. 5. Star is Tc-shiro Mifune. It has been booked by the Toho La Brea here for early February. And a postscript: "The Island," the Japanese film, certainly belonged on my honorable-mention list for 1962. Probably slipped my mind because it was st-lent! . v-. v ; . - Aldrich Gets Two for Texas' Robert Aldrich, who directed "Vera Cruz" and Vhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?", two top moneymakers themselves, for Warners, will return to the studio for "Two for Texas," which he has written with Teddi Sherman. The leads will be played by those exotic Texans, Gina Lollobrigida -and Anita Ekberg. The new epic will be shot in and around Southern California.' . ' " . Christopher Plummer pulled out of "The MPs" with Liz and Burton in order to practice combat techniques and chariot driving for his forthcoming part of Com-modius in "Fall of the Roman Empire." Others who will be in this Bronston spectacular are Sophia Loren,, Alec Guinness and Stephen Boyd. James Darren will do his third Gidget movie for Columbia "Gidget Goes to Rome." This is under his new multiple pact with the studio. Darren will also make his night-club debut at the Las Vegas Sands. - Warner Bros, is Hearing the finish line with "Wall of Noise," which has been using "the entire facilities" of Hollywood Park for three weeks. Richard Wilson is directing the racetrack drama with Suzanne Ple-shette, Ty Hardin, Dorothy Provine and Ralph Meeker. Co. of Artists (Tom Corradine and Kyle Thomas) will develop new personalities in six picture! to be made at KTTV in 1963 these to be variously titled Depths of the Unknown." "Kroma," "Web of Terror," The Judas Tree," Dr. Jekyll's Monster" and 'Retirement Plan." My, my. Origimls BestHoward Hawks I'm not saying that novels and plays should never be brought to the screen. It's quite proper that they should. But as far as I m concerned somebody else can do it. It doesn't fit in with my scheme of things." Howard Hawks, one of the most respected film veterans, speaking. He is now directing 'Man's Favorite Sport?" at Universal. Some producers believe presold properties such as best sellers or Broadway hits insure the success of a picture," Hawks declared. "I disagree. At least they don't provide sufficient insurance to warrant the astronomical prices asked for them. And after you buy such a property you still must spend almost as much adapting it for the screen as it would cost to develop an original screenplay. I don't buy pre-sold properties. I much prefer to work closely with my writers in developing a good story line and a set of unusual but solid characters, as in 'Hatari!' There is no such thing as a new story, anyway just the same old basic plots with, occasionally, new twists to the development of certain situations. John Fenton Murray, Steve McNeil and I worked together for many weeks shaping 'Man's Favorite Sport?', which is as broad a comedy as has been filmed in years. Yet it's believable. Also, I feel that Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss will come through with exceptionally fine performances because they are the characters they're playing. Almost from the start I had them in mind for the two leads." Title Changed ! Robert L. Lippert has announced that the title of the film "Evil Come, Evil Go" 6,. ' - 5 .1 I P ..; . , - 1 X Si: ROMANTICS Stephen Boyd and Poria "Dayjco-star in ilie gay circus musical, "Jumbo." at Hollywood Paramount. Martha Rare, Jiiuiuy Durante are featured. Mis Day is top nionej making etar'of 1962. ' PUBLICITY AVOIDED BY 'BARABBAS' STAR SilVana Mangano is a most unusual film star. ' 7 Unlike her more flamboy ant sister actresses in Italy,1 Miss Mangano dislikes the ballyhoo that has become an integral part of a star s life, both private and professional She did alt she could to avoid publicity during pro duction ot umo ue Lauren tils' "Barabbas," in which she stars at 14 city-wide the aters and Pacific drive-ins. Miss Mangano won early Taras Bulba' Successful Taras Bulba," which opened as a Christmas-New Year attraction in 125 cities across the United States and Canada, has been held over In every situation with box-j office reports indicating the film may be one of United rtisls' boxofice champions. Grosses rung up by the spectacle starring Tony Cur tis and Yul Brynner. with Christine Kaufmann, , in clude: New York 'Premiere Showcase opening day: $47,- 815; Los Angeles, multiple engagement, opening day: $21,545; Chicago, six days: 534,900; Dallas, first week: $14,012; and Detroit, five days: $10,507. New Assignment Gordon Douglas, who Just completed directing chores on "Call Me Bwana" with Bob Hope and Edie Adams in London, has signed to di rect Maurice Chevalier and Brigitte Bardot in "The Bride Said No." fune;hcn she appeared in "BiUer Rice," but, ironically, the publicity photos issued oetore tnau win was re-! leased made her famous. One striking shot of her stand mg 'in a rice paddy, with her long legs in black stock trigs and her . dress tucked into her belt, was published in virtually every periodical in tne world. v Since that film. Miss Man gano. has-married and now is the mother of two chu dren. Her husband, Dino De Laurentiis, persuaded her to return to films for 'Gold of Naples," and most " recently for his Barabbas," in which; she appears as Rachel. I FILMLAND EVENTS Miss Pickford, Lloyd Will Receive Honor FILM SHIP IN DEIAND H31.S. Bounty, the three masted sailing vessel built especially for "Mutiny On The Bounty," has become such a celebrated personality that she is being sought for a starring role in another motion picture. Producer - D I r e c t o r Fred Zmnemann has put in 2 bid for the ship for his forthcoming production of "Hawaii" which he will make for United Artists. M.G.M., which owns the vessel. Is saying "no," however, to all , future film appearances. The authentic sailing ship, which has visited many of the world's key cities in connection with openings of "Mutiny On The Bounty ,n can currently be Been sailing the screen at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Mary Pickford and Har old Lloyd, respected figures of the motion picture world, will be honored ' Sunday night when they will be come honorary members of Delta Kappa Alpha, national cinema fraternity, at its Sil ver Anniversary dinner in USC's Town and Gown. The committee directing prepa rations includes Bette Davis, George Cukor, Stanley Kra-i mer and Y. Frank Freeman. Peter Breck, who recently secured his release irom Warner Brothers, has formed Breckbourne , Pro ductions in association with attorney Murray Lertzman, and. will film "Prince of Pep," in which Breck will portray the life story of his father, vaudevillian Joe Breck. Breck was the star of Black Saddle on TV. Leon Ames and Stuart Er- win have been set for roles in Walt Disney's production of "Merlin Jones" now shoot ing at the studio. Miss Moreno Tours Kita Moreno will make a two-month tour of European cities in connection with her Oscar-winning role in "West Side Story" after filming a television spectacular in Mu nich. . . jeuerson Lee Davis, one of the last of the family of Civil War fame, has arrived here to talk to Cliff Robertson on his biography to, be published under the tftle of "Reap the Bad Seed.' A for mer member of the Tulane (University faculty, Davis, now retired, wants Robertson as the nucleus of a'cast and production crew- in the filming of his book. Composer By Dunham has been signed by producer Michael Wayne- to write Just Right for Me," a light love ballad featured in the Batjac Production, "McLin- tock!" - - . , Arthur "Weiss, who just completed the screenplay of MGM s "Flipper" feature starring Chuck Connors, has been signed by the studio to: write the screenplay of 'The Hunter,' African back ground story. Art Arthur wrote the original material and Ivan Tors will produce.! o John Tomerlin has- been signed to write the screen- J o trr- ill V : J i ., ' r I : v i PETER BRECK . . . Forms company. Zogflngtlrg Zttllt THURS.. JAfo. 3, 1963-Part IV Carnival9 Due Jan. 9 Carnival, which stops off Jan. 9 and 10 at Santa Mon- ica Civic Auditorium in its 100-city tcur of the nation, hvon'the New York Drama Critics Circle Award as a re sult of a daring theatrical experiment.' , i The usual procedure is to transfer a successful stage venture to the screen. But this production was made into a top stage musical from the starting point of a movie script. Taking Helen. Deutsch's 1953 film topnotcher, "Lili, author Michael Stewart1 wrote a new book. Composer " Bob Merrill turned out th songs and lyrics. Elaine Malbin of the San Francisco and NBC Opera companies and David Dan iels,' winner of Broadway' Donaldson and Theater World Awards, a few years ago, will star in "Carnival" Ex-Chorus Man Now Film Star Eddie Constantine, star of Joseph E. Levine's "7 Capi tal Sins," left the choms of New York's Radio City Music Hall in 1947 to become a , singer in France's music halls and, ultimately, the top male box-office draw in that country. play, "Its Alive" based on Richard Matheson's story. T" : m I k i.. national Pictures. He recent- fgj IJ U1U 04 l.llJiaj JLl AIP's "Operation Bikini." Harry Holcombe has been set for a role in Warner Bros.' "Wall of Noise." Su zanne Pleshette, Ty Hardin and Dorothy Provine star. ; y amtiiiiBSSil wtu. inuins wrt dn. CR. 4-0411 .One of th finest pictures in a tons time!" LA.Vmt 1 4 (el , mue 1 M vrnri rni Bossa Nova Festival Set To kill a Mockingbird GREGORY PECK -HAW EmH-PHIUlP HTOm-Rimi WH1TE-PAUIFIX tor orrrDc.toitK nurernii PtU)hiiiiM. SrntMd tmmLmm 2nd WEEKCont. 5:45 pm Composer-guitarist ; Oscar Castro-Neves, one"' of the Ri lpartino' r.msirianu in lh rfA-i o velopment of the Bossa Nova, will appear with his quartet in the Shrine audi torium on Saturday in the Furst Annual Bossa Nova Music Festival. Castro-Neves, who began RV playing the guitar at the ageiVEi of 4, began appearing pro fessionally in the early 'aOs.VS when he formed a groupLX . ju-j Mum, with his brothers Iko.lgi All A uimu (bass). Mario (piano), andPg Ufcgjr Leo (drums). !(m I M BPEN 12 The Stan Getz quartet, the Dizzy Gillespie quintet, the Lalo Schifrin trio and the Laurindo Almeida quintet will complete the program. . rx A m4. L. UiCTM U1U1 K IT IS is daring, most of all. in ITS OWN TERRIFYING WAY, IT IS A LOVE STORY jncxicmmcn "DaYSC?Kir.2 cnanoscs" jack n IsraMUGii DheW t) ZM mm Ik M ty JP MUR. umii . nrrrr r . w 2nd I Z ,?. " "torn f ecu; i i m iwti Melina Anthony Baf Jules Mercouri Perkins Vallone Dassin's nuaenia Tour Scheduled Edward Everett Horton and Myron Natwick are setiVSl lor a national tour imipv PipTU:w "Nina," after the stage farce r fifri c closes ai uie rasaaena riay-house. !.Gf5LCOJ15OY Malroianni DlVOrCe fllli fltalianStriilMl Ri.TTii.TYii! mi LOS ANGELES ALL-TIME RtCORD-tREAKIHG m SENSATIONl . has been changed to "The Yellow Canary." Pat Boone, Steve Forrest, Jack Klugman and Barbara Eden head the cast. Three stories of the sexes...somewhat different, somewhat daring, somewhat dejieious! JOSEPH E. LIVING Tnffif Tin Tf TTI0 tr NT0i9 7 m LICHINOMNTI VinORIO DeSICA IEDERIC0 FELLLN cttll Bit c4mT Hntl Wimnf kU irKtt SOPHIA 10REN ANII EKBERG BOMY SCHNEIDER M tmBMsylrttfftifcoMl Fitlurei Mm m EASTMAN COLOR NOW PLAYING imu" . 44271 wurwDoa MO. M17I iHfllHtN OMt u mu (T.4IMI PtMN STATI ttwektc tUMUE CM.M1S CtTHttO U HJU wrmet mm M.M042 N HOtlTWOM ACAMMT T0MJUKS won mm Mtt.lUlT . IDWAKDI rilHill n.i i Ml 7-1171 1 t0Tu4 MUM 64 1 99M BIB DIXKCTOWIKt POH 2nd FRATUNB9 utHia I MM ft -Ml I m. iibt$ v. c t "ONE OF THE DOZEN BEST PICTURES OF 19621" MNiJtScrtfr U.Tm . METRO GOLDWYN MAYER . mMrti a J0 F AS1UUIC MtwiriM' BlLlf HOSE'S MBTROOOLOR CIC3 f TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' GREAT FIRST COMEDY! - I -V 1 The best AmtRfCAH COMEDy OF THE TEAR' 'to i nnPMiafri uwun i iui iwt ISNEIHEIDN n JOHHMCGIVD. U "WHEN YOU'RE HEAR ME, fM NOT AFRAID WHN YOU STOP LOVING ME,. I'LL STOP LWNGI" ' 11 I - METRO-60LDWVN-MAVEK tftitnx J BRI6ITTE BARDOT MARCELLO MASTR0IANNI A VERY PRIVATE AFFAIR" M-OfflN 0m Mm. thru Frt. If N'il tat. ft (m. 1tiN .m. tH 1( HHijimK f-M CmtTi nam Ul wrau Htm liwut fi y"-.J ' i3 OKd0yL0UI3MAU - Cz4fc':. Hmta to EASTMAN COUOR i . . . , j '.:' o-" h .'. ; ! -.: : " lt mkvmniw-jimnmiiMWMUwa 'i:ff; r- ViMucitd by CHf ISTINF, OOUZE RENAL jim iii ' . i ..! mi hngiii-cinU'jCQuiitrint'CCuitMi twrnaiiflirHillt muromi" ' ' j L' ' J."" ' ! -mm LtlAngalM I ui mm I tnWNM I lii'S.. ,"'4' IM(.UJrH WHUII MKVI.M nrruitaHMiPt iiraM MniMNK . cuutt cut mmi aiiu ctTt nun it miro stupio VMMoiir AH.M1M M. 44t U(, U344 ' OA, l-40f wnnMW mvovu Hwtmnm mmm uhm iti eouiiuio wamm . comptoh umn IklMtlafHMM MlBan CK IIII-IN -M W.t-77t W.M704 la I W44 . HfcUMf I7MU2 umo nm nmmumnmtm ti mmn mmm ' PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT A VERY PRIYATE AFFAIR MunmolMDtMI I tmum M1QX0UA I lowmMtMLTI inm.mim. I mium 1 twnitavkt, HO. KM II TK t-lMS I TONIGHT SHOW :K 1 lOMOUOWMAT.tMl. VtRINfi iHJUATIM (H2R I B-M(Hi ON THE BOUNTY uu::urt:rw TicwNicaW ITI! IIUTIOII IUI. MM MA. M2 tor Tf I mis nj Ini 100 W l h ( AS I aT U n tosM6EiErn "THE LONGEST OAT" CIRCLE Tonifht : PM tJIk ki Vtmrtt loof(ic Own 10 to I Wej-U7 RtStKVtB SLATS EL REY wt l-iiai JffiM 71107 Br. mi. WE -3HI:4J S. lortn-A. EMxrt BOCCACCIO 70 Wltk on tht Wild Sid "MUSIC MAM" ' If A Mm Anwr HIGHLAND CL . t:4S itrty lwi, IT'S ONLY MONET; loreit-GabK, It StirtH in Napitt IN Pirk MESA CrMiliav t59t:4S Ctnnet Festival Winntr! Varctlio Mistroiannl In "Oiwrta, Italian Stylo" Jrnf lewia, MONET; IT'S ONLY It Sta r: loran-woia, rtti In Naples VP WILSHIHE KYULTIUS-WUIVWI caiEicin OL l (M3 1:45 FINE ARTS tat Wii.tiir OL 2-IJ3 Js, ;.Vtf; rm village V3!r? f 'RV BRUIN UP C Vj rf. Ofv I CR 7-M87 ;jvi..'L, I Crigory Peck in . 10 kill A MOCKINGBIRD Melina Mercouri-Tony Periimt-Raf Vallone. PHAEDRA'; Oly 1.30 PM $. Lorcn-A. Ekbetf BOCCACCIO 70 Walk on th Wild Side "BARABBAS" Pietm That Took Homo Disney'i IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; Protley, Kid Galahad WESTCHESTER LOYOLA at io pt. 0ooooooooooooo)ooo3 X1 n !nglewooo n wis am. r. rJJ IPa-l4IOQ:4 Dliney't IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; Stowaway In the sky nMERVYN UROY mxtai tfS2 xmwiim.iwiiiiimxw mum at I iMMtaiMkMaMMInitrtliMlifta itiua MiahWillmhiUil Ingaumlnt 2nd WEEK RKO PANTAGES THCATRI HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD nMfVINI MO. Mil -Doon Ooll:45o.m. ACADEMY : PHi PL l-SIJI fox : S. loren-A. Ekbeil . BOCCACCIO 70; Walk on the Yrfild Side Disney'i IN SEARCH ! Of THE CASTAWAYS; . Th legend of Lobo 5TH AVE. ith-Maucii. PL-asM:45 "MUSIC MAM", ? Roman Holiday ' - 7" BEST MOTION PICTURE OF 1952' . -NaMwwl laW t Inlaw I JL: 1NGUW00D o. ORt-3lll ' ' J. Wayne-R. Buttont, HATARI) First SpKt Ship on Venut SANTA MOHiCA-VENiCE 42 stars in DARRYL F. IMUCKS ' 'v DAY aWaadMirC4MWtWIAM 4 tH hi NIGHTLY it 8:30 (SUNDAY 8 PiU Watt WED. SAT.-SUN. it 2 P.M. RtMfvid Miti at box office, miil, So. CilHsrnii Music C. and all Mutual Afincics CARTHAY CIRCLE (31S W. San Vicenti Blvd, Los Angles, 48 Phoni WE 3-9147 UIUIUK HURRV.-Last15Daysm. Hijhtly it 8:30, Sunday I i.m. T Hats.WiJ,Sat,Sui8t2p.m. WINNER OF 10 ACADEMY AWARDS! WILSHlRp? Ot. SMS Part ' ex .mi S. loren-A. Ekbtrt," BOCCACCIO 70; Walk. On The Wild Side - BUNDY MS-Ptrt EX 1-4414 Dimey'i IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; Magnificent Seven FOX-Venici HOMirarK ..... EXI-42IS Adult Fun Show! - "PARADISIO" '" 0es-0aren, If A Man Amwer ONLY MONEY; McQuOtn- Wagner, War Lover IED0NIM JUNKATTANHERMOSJI FOX-Redondo f:4t Park Fh 4-049 J RCSEKVEO SEATS, lQtnc;iya; lmS.CaWnM HHleC477ScMISt. Unlvtml proudly ptsnnli. John Huston's "FREUDr rSuperb drama T: ; ' 'LIFE 3rdWKKKl IXClUIIVElY . Continuous Dally from (:4S . Sat, Surt, t Hot. from lilS p.nt. ' ' BEVERLY HILLS MUSIC HALL WlllhlflltOfMMCM.mi 'HILARIOUSI ONI OP THI MAXIMILIAN ICHIll YEAR'S BEST" -i)nll4 Praia (3 Cfte Reluctant gaint NOW PLAIINB 10 N. CanM Or. CR. 1-5744 HERMOSA 0n 4 :41 , FR 2-52 1 J LTMAR - wanhatun ' PR 2-5ll f :4I Dlmey'l IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; Mejnlflcent Seven S. loren-A. Ekbetg, BOCCACCIO 70; Walk on the Wild Sld '"MUSIC MAN" - If A Man Answers HUNTINGTON PARK ELL'COMPTON D California Cant. I2mka . LU 7-5111 $. loren-A. Ekbert ' ' BOCCACCIO 70; Walk on the Wild Sido alcazaX 44J1. t. Caea LU 1-3306 6:41 Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYSi Kettles In Walklkl Tower Comalon Par NE 0-I3I3 K:00 v Jerry lewis, IT'S ONLY MONEY! McQueen- Wamer, War lover "MUSIC MAN" No Man Is An Island ' I 1 repiandsban:iin3 REDLANDS PY SvVii.ll "BARABBAS" vt I-J7I4 .noman Holiday 1 I RIVERSIDE I 1 ' Sophia Uren-Anlt Ekberi-Romy Schneider ,ln "BOCCACCIO 70" RIVERSIDE Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS 9 Weeks In i Balloon tv4aL 0. I 1 SAN BERNARDINO T" Ss!ifarnia HOLLYWOOD CHINESE BR 2-iM HO 4-11 II last 15 Days! "WEST SIDE STORY Tonifht B.30 PM ' HollVWOOd 'trV.nn1, l2de-tA.H. BOCCACCIO 70 HOJ-SJ7I Walk on the Wild Side OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL S A.M. DAIIY IRIS Disney's IN SEARCH 2S. ante Pk. OF THE CASTAWAYS: mo 3-2144 I2:IS S. MacLaine, My Gcishw VflRIIF Jck lemmonlee M7i Niiivwtaa) Remick. DAYS OF MO lX"l WINE AND ROSESi Continuous Performances 12:00-2:0O4!XV6:OO-8i15-1O!J0 J SAN FERNANDO VALLEY STUDIO CITY Disney's IN SEARCH 0. i:4S Park OF THE CASTAWAYS; TR 7-H77 - Presley. Kid Galahad EL PORTAL N. HollvwMd TK 7-2983 12:11 S. Loren-A. Ekberg, BOCCACCIO 70: Walk on the Wild Side GUILD Jerry Lewis. IT'S ONlf iibi Unksnhin MONEY; Elvis Presley, PO 5-2272 J Follow That Dream LAREINA ShM-maR Oakt ST 4-1 141 6 J S. loren-A. Ekberi, . BOCCACCIO 70; . Walk on the Wild Side FOX Van Nuyt ST 1-2731 l!:4S Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS; If a Man Answers CAPRI S2M Van Naya T 3-3919 S:45 "MUSIC MAN". My Geisha cr SlENOAtE ALEX Cantiauaus 12 CH S-IS2S Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS: S. MacLaine, My Geisha GLENOALE o. ens CM S-2815 S. Loren-A. Ekberi BOCCACCIO 70: WALK ON WHO SIDE ir t PA5AKRA SB. PASAPtNA j " ACADEMY Cont. 12 IMU I-D5M STATE S:4i Par . V 1-7139 ' Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS Stowaway In the Sky S. Loren-A. Ekberc, BOCCACCIO 70; Walk On The Wild Side RIALTO So. PtaBtdent "BARABBAS" The War lover t 1 LONB BEACH I WEST COAST tsPhl lorn nll voni, if kiwik. numj ocimeiaer in bo mes-4;o 1 CREST AHantle Own S Park beTIonT Oacn 0:u0 ME S-IOIII BOCCACCIO 70 Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYSi BASHFUL ELEPHANT Imperial Own 12 MES-397J Film Festival! LAST " YEAR AT MARIENBADi Rocco & His Brothers BAY Sill Buck fiE 0-1123 Jerrv Lnwia. IT'S ONLY MONEY Disney'i legend or iodo Cannes Fest, Winnerl Rite Tushlngham In A TASTE OF HONEY I 1 SAN PEDRO STRAND Ian Pitfra TE 2-2H8I 12 KM S. Loren-A. Ekberi, BOCCACCIO 70; View From Bridge Q POMONA LA VERNE ONTARIO CLAREMONT D FOX Pom ana NA 2-I3SS.M9 MTTBALDY DRIVE-IN FMthlfl-Wklta LY 3-4HJI Sophia loren-Anita Ekberg-Romy Schneider in "BOCCACCIO 70" Anthony Quinn In "BARABBAS" Best of Enemies GRANADA Ontarla 41 VU 4-832 VILLAGE Ciaramont NA 4-2412 :M Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYSi Bashful Elephant R. Preston-S. Jones "MUSIC MAN" 1 ORANGE COUNTY West Coast Santa Ana HI 3-831 7 I2?4S fox Anaheim KH-3S0J. :4t FOX Pullarton LA 4-2181 4MI - Sophia Loren-Anlta Ekberg-Romy Schneider In "BOCCACCIO 70" Anthony Quinn In "BARABBAS" Ekberg-Romy Schneider In "BOCCACCIO 70" D. 12 TU I-2S7I DlsneVs IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYSi Bashful Elsphint BAXERSFIELD SANTA PAUtA D FOX Bknllie FA 3-7511 SMI CalifIJrnia" wakimficld FA S-3021, 12 Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYSi Bashful Elephant lanta I Paula JAMHMXl Anthony Quinn In "BARABBAS" ""BARABBAS" Best of Enemlsi

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