Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1960 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 23, 1960
Page 11
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, I960. THE. PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN MIGsSeen Around Cuba By LEWIS GUL1CK ; WASHINGTON (AP) - Several reports have reached Washington of the sighting of Communist- made MIG fighter planes in the area of Cuba. ,'U.S; officials said Saturday they have not yet obtained conclusive evidence that such jet warplanes from the Communist bloc have arrived in Cuba, but experts believe it likely! ' ";.":• If proof is obtained in time, the United States may include it in material used at the United Nations to counter Cuba's pending charges of aggression by the United States. ' ' . Word also has been received here of mass shipments of arms to Cuba, mainly from Czechoslovakia, for the pro-Communist regime of Prime Minister Fidel Castro. ' Shipments over the past few months are said to include rifles, machine pistols, mortars, artillery up to medium weight field pieces, ammunition and helicopters. Exact amounts are- not known here. The arms cargoes have been unloaded from ships under heavy security, including use of the Soviet ship crews instead of Cuban longshoremen. Reports of MIG sightings giver, most credence have been of planes in the air over Cuba and adjacent waters. Ad just mentis Over, Swing To Up Side Coming By STERLING F. GREEN HOT. SPRINGS, Va.. (AP)-Secretary of the Treasury Robert B. Anderson told 100 top" industrialists Saturday the country has substantially completed' a business adjustment almost:painlessly, and now can anticipate a period of sustainable growth. . Anderson spoke to the Commerce Department's Business Advisory Council at its fall meeting here with high government officials. The council was told Friday that national output, which dipped last quarter, would rise to a record, rate' of about '$508 billion a year this quarter.' The secretary declined to make Booklet Has Advice for Victims of Arthritis BYTHARDEDAERR" "Arthritis patients must realize that a home care program may mean the difference between-recovery with good joint function and recovery with burned-out, crippled joints." So says a facts-packed booklet, "Home Care in Arthritis," describing home therapy which an arthritic may follow under -supervision of doctor or physical therapist and in the case of. some exercises, with the help of a visiting nurse or a member of the family who has had. some, special instruction. : --•-. --•: ;.:-• ; The pamphlet is available free from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, 10 Columbus Circle, New- York 19,- N.Y.. KiwanisMeet At Montkello turned fc her home on Lake SKifei- following a nine-day tour south. She and her sister-in-law, Mrs." Joe Sullivan of Anderson, made the trip with the Miller MONTICELLO — Ralph Brown, I Tour Agency from Indianapolis. Monticello leave- auto for dealer who will lairger city will speak before the Monticello Kiwanis Club Monday noon, October 24th at the Holiday Inn. Miss Marlene K. Smith, the daugnter of Mrs. Martha P. Smith of Idaville, is enrolled at Porter College in Indianapolis. She began her Gregg Executive Secretarial Course on September 8. .Marlene was graduated .from Idavitle High IN. JUVENILE Seven youngsters COURT were Tieard before Juvenile^-court Thursday facing Judge Russell Gordon. The youngsters were 12 and 13 years of age. They were accused of implication in happenings with the court house elevator, which they lf ran up and down" after the county offices were closed, • entering: various =places and the .like. 1 -They were remanded to, the .cus- School where she was active in j tody of their parents, who were .--,.. .... -, - - . , -several-clubs, . I present''for-the court hearings. Maintaining-motion in ajomt is, the major aim .of a• rest-and-1• j- rid morn j nE . at 5.40 -, m - a | Mr.' and'-:Mrs. William;Reumler exercise program-for .victims of rheumatoid arthritis. __ _ ^ j. lg58 raoJde , car ;„ which ' six Navy | received painful bruises andbrok-, I enlisted men'were riding was in! en bones Wednesday evening on a kcr, Mrs: Beverly Fox, Miss San dra Dye, Mrs. Ellen Young and Mrs. Oliver Smith. There was a distinct variance in the type of selections chosen. Following the program refreshments were served by the hostess. To rest a joint most efficiently, keep it as straight as possible the booklet : advises,"Remember that lying in bed'-with finger elbows and knees bent—although'it'may-'seem temporarily more comfortable—leads-to-more disability." " Putting a small sandbag or folded towel under upper arm and wrist, while lying on one's back in bed, will keep the elbow and wrist so positive a .prediction, saying it straight A folded towel placed under the ankle will straighten the was impossible to'tell the exact week or month in which an eco- knee. It is even possible to design a light plaster or aluminum gutter turn would come. But he splint for wear at intervals to hold fingers and hands straight. ™HP« in a-'briefing ses- .. . F eet generally tend to turn out when.one is lying on his back, told reporters, in a briefing session after the closed council meeting: "The indications are for an increase — we cannot say how soon. "But there is no reason to be other than optimistic over the outlook for the next few months. The outlook gives a basis for both the short-term and long-term belief that a period of sustainable growth is ahead." Affi STRIKE BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - A | strike of maintenance crews One airline 1 pilot, who said he grounded flights of the Colombian got. a good close view, described the MIG as having no markings. Another sighting, unconfirmed, was over the Bahamas. airline Avianca Saturday, forcing homeward-.bound members of the Inter-American Press Association to switch to other .airlines. AUCTION Thursday, Oct. 27 & Friday, Oct. 28 Beginning at 10:00 a.m. (CST) and Continuing Thru Each Day . and Evening Until Soldi . On The Premises of ETNA GREEN, INDIANA Inventory Value 5200,000.00 Real Estate To Sell THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, PROMPTLY AT 2:00 p.m. (CST) Inspection 6 days prior to sale, - DESCRIPTION OF REAL ESTATE: . Two stories 29' x 90' with one story annex 12' x 28'. Office and sample room occupies approximately 1100 square feet. DESCRIPTION OF REAL ESTATE: , Entire building (including the driveway) is enclosed. The first floor is 68'-x 90' (including 16' x 90' driveway). Second floor covers 57' x 90' portion of this area. There is a freight elevator to the second floor. ... - . ... - . , ." Enclosed storage 20'x 17'. '• ;"' ... Open-storage 20' x 111' (with projecting roof to protect lumber). There are three heating units; Hot water system (coal fired) for office. Coal furnace (with forced air circulation) to heat glazing and work room (approximately 1400 square feet). . . ' Coal furnace (with forced air circulation) to heat entire mill area. Enclosed storage 23' x 35' (with projecting roof to protect lumber. .-,--' Open storage 23'x51' ... Enclosed storage 17'x85' • ' Mill (with inside storage for mill stock (59' x 77' with 8' x 25' extension. Closed bin 8'x 10'for dust collecting system. All sizes shown above'are approximate exterior measurements. This property has adjoining streets or highways on three sides; North: Federal Highway—West: State Highway-South: Street. the booklet continues. "This, strains the knee. Sandbags placed against the outside of the feet remove this strain." • Bed boards will give proper, support, keep the spine in better position and prevent hip joints .from bending when the'patient is on his back. • - '• Raising the bed by putting, blocks under its legs will make it easier for the patient to get in and out of it. Most chairs should be raised three to four inches by blocks. Chair seat should be flat and the back; should be broad, high and un- curved, according to the publication. . Much pain can be'j-prevented by maintaining good posture and avoiding fatigue, the booklet states. . .Another quotation:. "Patients must not forget-that doing one thing for too long, whether is" be-.sitting in a chair or" walking, or'doing some piece of work, will, eventually produce fatigue, and that it will rest them to change to something else. .collision with, a 1 ton truck Illinois arid Broadway. The six young men .were en- route from'their .naval base at Philadelphia to Peoria, Illinois and excessive speed, .contributed to the mishap. The auto driven by Howard-Durst, route .6, Peoria had just turned 1 right onto Broadway and.: was approaching the intersection of Illinois' when the traffic signal changed- and- Durst was unable to stop. Orval Brewer, route. 2; Monticello 'driving a 1948 ton .and a half truck- north on Illinois- and the Furst car and Brewer's vehicle came together .at' the cornor. The. truck was turned'complete- ly;around and the ear''fuil-of; sailors'.-'slid across the street into the traffic-.light post. • : - • .. ; . Officer; William Musall 'arrested Durai. for speeding in- a posted at! county :'grayel •auto slid into an "Automobile rides are~often too long for arthritis patients. Sitting j 20n ^. an j ), e re p 0r te<l about. $495 through a -double-feature movie, which many a patient does, becomes | damage to the truck and a -total very tiring because he is unable to change his position. .. | loss to,- the automobile. Theryoung Q—My husband has worked under social security as a salesman. He now-is'partly disabled. He is 53. Will he be able to draw any social security benefits?—Mrs. R. S. A—It is possible your husband may qualify for disability benefits, paid to people 50 or over who/may have a disability so severe it makes them unable ^to "engage 'in any substantial gainful activity." t suggest you writefor the'Social Security-booklet, "If You Become Disabled." It is available for 10 cents front: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. For regular social security payments, your husband would need 40 quarters. ' . -; '"-" ' ."" : ' - ~ ,. » » Q—My, husband will be 50 next March. .He has been ill and, according to ..the doctor, won't be able to work again. Please give me 'ullparticulars on disability payments.—M.Wi A—Send for the booklet I recommend in the answer above. ' 1 < ; •• . ...**«. Dear reader: Marie Daerr is unable to answer questions except hrough the column. She appreciates your comments and questions mt the volume of her mail makes personal, replies impossible. Office Equipment Insulation Glass Flooring Automatic .Fountains Boards Building Supplies Hardware Ceilings Gates -' Sash- Machinery Doors . Sidings Used Tools & Equip't Nails Trucks "'-••' . • Miscellaneous Lumber Sheathing Asbestos.. Paneling Mouldings Windows Frames Roofing & Bldg. Paper Metal Auctioneers Note: Attention buyers! Merchandise to be sold on Oct. 27 will be lumber'and'real estate. Evening sale will;sell hardware, nuts, nails, bolts, aluminum windows and doors.' V Merchandise to be sold on Oct. 28 will be all plant machinery,: trucks, office equipment, and all other merchandise on hand; Will continue throughout the day and evening until all is sold. Etna Green, Indiana is located on US Highway 30, 12 miles west of Warsaw, Indiana, and 12 miles east of Plymouth, Indiana. A large airport also at Warsaw, Indiana. 10 minutes'from airport to sale. Motels are located in Warsaw and Plymouth, Indiana. Be sure and make motel and hotel reservations early for you: are in a large business industrial manufacturing area. Make plans, now to attend this great auction. I am sure you will not be disappointed. TERMS:-CASH _ -.;. ; . _. All buyers responsible for merchandise as soon as sold. This Sale Conducted By:' HAROLD REISERT AUCTION SERVICE 12 North 9th Street . Richmond, Indiana. Phones 26310 - 23686.' Contact us for open'sale dates ' A.Nationwide Service Harold Reisert and Staff, Auctioneers For a sale bill listing all of'tie•items to be sold, contact the auctioneers. •' : -- . • .:•'•< suburb,."and the country is entitled to .have them thoroughly aired."- "' •'• • --. • 'Kennedy flew to St. Louis:from; New,York after his fourth TV- radio debate with Nixon,-arriving shortly before dawn. During the coming week the' Democratic presidential nominee is scheduled to swing through Missouri, Kansas,'Wisconsin and Illinois.. "There will be no more days off in these last 17 days of the campaign," he -said at a breakfast meeting., "And that's the way. I ihink it should be." The Massachusetts senator and members- of his staff, appeared ; ubilant over the -results . of Friday's debate with the Republican TheCHIROPRACTOR-and^ Results Prove Their Worth Results obtained .with .the use of the neurocalometer and: x-ray prove their worth. They enable the Chiropractor to _de- livermodern, scientific Chiropractic health service to his patients.' The.-neurocalometer is a scientific instrument that locates accurately the point of soinal nerve interference by registering comparative heat readings along the spine. The x-ray shows the exact position of the'spinal vertebrae so that the- Chiropractor is able to-determine exactly how the adjustment must be given to ^correct .the nerve interference. - - After the Chiropractic adjustment has been given for the purpose of correcting, nerve interference, another reading along the* spine with the neurocalometer provides accurate knowledge as to whether the interference has been corrected. With x-ray equipment the Chiropractor is able to produce on film a shadow photograph of the spine, < called a spinograph. Scientific analy- sisi of this spinograph provides the Chiropractor with vital information in giving the adjustment. X-Ray and Neurocalometer .Service 4455 Speaksln Midwest EN ROUTE WITH' KENNEDY CAP) — Sen. John F. Kennedy opened . a .homestretch d.rive through four key Midwestern states .Saturday with another.de- mand that Vice President Richard M. Nixon meet him in .a .fifth debate. "There remain, vital issues be- candidate., Kennedy immediately followed it up with a % call for another face to face .meeting. ..He told a crowd at the Northland Shopping Center in St. Louis County: ... ;..>,.."The issues in this- campaign must not be hidden in the shadows of, ambiguity, or clouds of rhetoric. They must be brought into' sharp and clear focus'so that the American people can make an intelligent choice. men; waited ;for relatives • from Peoria in: order that they could complete their trip.- HOSPITAL NOTES White County Memorial Hospital news — Dismissals, Oct. 21, Mrs. Glenn Morgan and daughter, Francesville; Clarence Pherson, route 3; John Shelton, Box 233, IdavilJe. Norman Rayburn, 520 S. Maple St was taken "to the St. Elizabeth hospital, Lafayette, Thursday morning in the Miller. ambulance, Mrs. Helen Buckner is a pa-. tient in the White County Memorial Hospital where she submitted to surgery last Friday. She is recuperating nicely. J AT MAYO'S Mr. and Mrs. Milton Fry are at Mayo's in Rochester, Minnesota, where Mrs. Fry will undergo surgery. • . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell of. near Norway .have returned home from a vacation trip to Canada where they fished in Red Lake. They joined .Mr. and Mrs. Horace Templeton of the Angler's who had also gone there .on a fishing trip. Mrs. Cecile Sullivan has. re- tween us," Kennedy told a shop- Brothers Killed As Car Strikes Tree MUNCIE, Ind. (AP)-A speed- ing'car failed to make.-a. sharp : c i turn at a Muncie street intersec- ping center crowd'in a, St-Louis l l . um al f' ^ u . ncle sireei-™i e n,ec- ™burb- "and the countrv.is 'en- ?«•'• early, today and two .young brothers.were killed when.the car struck a tree. .. • The dead,.first weekend traffic fatalities in the state, were'. James Corinell, 20, Muritie, listed, by police..as the!.driver, and his.brother, Leroy, 16,.' 'y.-- . A passenger, Marilyn-Jamerson, 15, New Castle, was injured. She •was'taken to Ball Memorial Hospital in critical-condition. LEAVE FRIDAY HAVANA, ;(AP) --Ambassador Philip W. Bonsai and his wife will leave Cuba next Friday for Washington Bonsai has been recalled for consultations which are expected to -be lengthy. when their abutment and was totally demolished. Ruemler hit the: dimmer switch and the headlights on his car went out. He applied the- brakes ; and the vehicle, skidded into the abutment on the east side of the road. Mrs. Ruemler was found to-have suffered, a broken knee 'and her husband received broken ribs. She is 'a patient at the Monticello hospital while Mr. Ruemler is recuperating at the home of his daughter; Mrs. John- Humphreys at Wolc'ott. Sheriff Charles Miller was called to the scene of the accident. • . ' - ! White County Memorial Hospital news—Births, 21st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Criswell, Buffalo. 22nd, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Snavely, route 3, Delphi, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kleyla, Reynolds. Dismissals, 21st, John Shelton, I&a- ville; Mrs. Earl McMullen, 203 Edgewaler Drive; Mrs. James E. Snavely, 505 Freeman Drive. 22nd, Mrs. Walter Potts, and son,' Burnettsville; Sharon Capper, 809 North Main, Monticello. Mrs. Ted Ryan, route 5. Monticello.' Mrs. H. G. McLaughlin of Seattle, Washington, came Thursday for an indefinite visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Spencer at 604 W. Washington street. Mrs. McLaughlin is a sister-in-law of Mrs. Spencer. .Virgil- Huffman, returned home Monday -from the-Home hospital at Lafayette, after being : a-patient three weeks suffering . from a stroke after attending the funeral of his brother-in-law, Lee Miller, i He is able to walk with a cane! and'help. Benjamin H. Keiter of Monticello, has gone by plane to West- laco, Texas, to attend the dedication exercises honoring the Indiana soldiers who were stationed there prior to World War I. He will return Sunday. The, Lafayette chapter of the American Guild of Organists met in Monticello at the home of ; Mrs. Charles Fox. The program included selections by Mrs. Elsie.'Slen- Lumumba Will Return/ It Appears By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH LEOPOLDVILLE.; the Congo (AP)—Col. Joseph Mobutu virtually abandoned his five-week-old military regime Saturday while his enemies redoubled' efforts to bring' Communist-leaning Patrice Lumumba back to. power. Mobutu, exhausted by his fight against opposition'from all sides and rumbling revolt in Ms own army, announced 'a face-saving trip to New York and .Western capitals next week to seek "understanding" for his .'almost defunct anti-Communist regime. With -the country torn by tribal warfare and near , anarchy, .the pro-Western group which ousted Lumumba rapidly withered away and the ex-premier's return to power .seemed only a matter of time. • , The U.N. Congo command openly: pressed for "a return to.legal democratic processes." With an impassioned parliamentary majority favoring Lumumba, this . clearly implied that the United Nations—despite its theo- retical noninterference in the Congo's domestic affairs—prefers Lumumba, to the present. military regime. Debates To Be Standard WASHINGTON (AP)-No matter who wins the presidency next month the odds- are that the "great debates",- on TV and radio will be a traditional part of future national political campaigns. The precedent-setting broadcasts starring both nominees, Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard ,M. p Nixon, have been 'carried on .all the major networks this year on an experimental basis. The.debates were "made possible in large part by legislation Congress passed earlier this year which permits a temporary dispensation from the law'that requires broadcasters to give equal time to all candidates for the same office. For this campaign, they, are/allowed to limit .the requirement 'to nominees of. the two major parties, insofar as the presidency and vice presidency are concerned,. Sen. Warren G. Magnuson, D— Wash., said Friday riight he will sponsor a bill to make relaxation of the,law permanent. But due* to.' variance in state laws, he said, the matter of debates between candidates for lesser offices should be left, to the individual states. He has wonderful automatic heat PUBUG AUCTION at the Royal Center Community Sale Barn Wednesday Night, October 26, at 7:00 (GST) Surplus Holsteins from three State farms, Logansport State Hospital, Richmond State Hospital and Indiana State Farm, will sell their surplus cows and heifers. 56 head of registered Holsteins from herds with 4.yearly records averaging over 500 Ib. fat and 14,000 Ib. milk. . 12 in production, with records to 561 Ib. fat; 15 bred heifers to freshen throughout next nine months: 12 heifers, ready to breed; 15 heifers 2 month to 12 .month old; 2 purebred bulls. All animals calfhood vaccinated and will be TB and Bangs tested. Inspection invited. .. For catalog or .further information contact herdsman, Howard' McCoy, Logansport .Hospital, Robert Skinner, Richmond State'Hos- pital, Doyle Clover, Indiana State Farm, Greencastle, or Harry Bridge and Orville -Etnier, sale mgrs. Not .responsible in case of accident. Lunch 'will be served. Don't forget time and place, Wednesday night, Oct 26, 7 00, Royal Center Community Sale :Barh. Just in time for Christmas - another shipment of those beautiful Ransburg Waste Baskets and Kleenex Boxes. " •*"*• w> Matching Bathroom Accessories by Rar sburg-Gody Girl-Ballerina-Powder Puff And Many Other New Designs in White— Gold—Silver—Pink—Blu«—B«ig« WASTE BASKETS ..$2.95°:; TISSUE BOXES \.l TIMBERLAKES "THE STORE OF A THOUSAND GIFTS" But He burns trash in the same old way! Automatic home heating certainly is a fine thing .., but it does make one household problem even tougher... th» disposal of trash and rubbish.. - • • -.--.Thousands of smart folks have solved this offensive problem once and for all... simply and effectively.'For them, those disagreeable cold weather trips to the backyard trash burner became a thing of the past when they bought a wonderful, work saving Gas Incinerator. Get an-automatic -C v GAS NGINERATOR! 7A* (j AS Company NOHTHIItN INDIANA rUlt 1C :tIIV:Ci:c»Ur ANT FRED A. HAUSS, District Manager

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