The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 5, 1960 · 95
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 95

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, December 5, 1960
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Marlon States Liz Will Go On as Cleo : battle! Director Tells Why . i He Believes Epic to Resume BV PHILIP K. SCHEUER 'Andrew Marton is one man who still feels confident that "Cleopatra" will get under way "I think after the holidays, which Elizabeth Taylor, will spend -with the kids." And who is Andrew Marton? He is a first-unit director who can't seen? to escape being a second-unit director, simply because the moviemakers know ; he can be depended on to deliver first-unit quality to j even the biggest spectaculars. ; For William Wyler, the husky, graying, Hungarian-;bom; Marton staged the Dunkirk evacuation in "Mrs. Miniver.? For Wyler, he staged the chariot race in J 'Ben-Hun" For producer Walter Wanger and director Rouben Mamoulian, he will put on the battle scenes for "Cleopatra": "I'm working on them right nowpreparing, breaking down the logistics. Three fleets are involved at Actium Roman, Roman rebel and Egyptian. It'll be bigger than the sea battle in 'Ben-Hur.'" Marton believes "Cleopatra" will resume , because " "a great deal" already has been shot and because the "tremendous, authentic" sets are already built and standing at Pinewood outside London. Cast and crew . "have not been fired fired is an ugly word -but are on 'temporary layoff.' " Liz should eventually be able to go to work ("She has put on weight but this is no " obstacle who knows what Cleopatra looked like?") ; Stephen Boyd, the Marc Antony, is under term con-' tract to the studio (20th) , anyway, and if Peter Finch, the Julius Caesar, can't or won't be recalled, another Caesar will be found. Simple. As for the exteriors to be filmed in Egypt, they will have to wait regardless it's cold there now. In Athens He Bossed Ail Units In Greece, Marton recently finished "It Happened in Athens," which he directed all of. The year it "happened" was 1896, when, after a 2,700-year hiatus, the Olympic Games were renewed. Marton drew a willing audience of 60,000 "extras" to the white-marble stadium, completed that same year on the site of the original games. They all got to see Jayne Mansfield for free. Marton worked on the MGM lot 14 years; he has known Liz Taylor since she was 9 and came to the studio with her pet chipmunk. Although his contract said he was ajeature director, he didn't mind taking second units (he started with Garbo's "Two-Faced Woman") while he was a company man and "the good will was there." He wasn't a company man when he agreed to direct the "Ben-Hur" chariot race, and the late producer, Sam Zimbalist, promised him chariot-race screen credit. But all he got was divided second-, unit credit. On "Cleopatra" he has it written into his contract "battle scenes (or equivalent wording) by Andrew Marton." Hecht and Mahin-Birdwakhers Because it deals with bird migrations in Northern Canada, Harold Hecht and John Lee Mahin expect to take two years to color-film "The Strange One," a Literary Guild book by Fred Bodsworth to which they have just obtained rights. Mahin will script it. The human story concerns a young white naturalist and his Indian sweetheart. Production will follow Hecht's "Bird Man of Alcatraz this bird (Burt Lancaster) being of a different feather. Steve Cochran will co-star Maureen O'Hara with himself in "The Deadly Companions," with Charles FitzSimons (Maureen's brother) as producer, in Arizona. After that: Cochran again in "Terrible Too-hey," also for his own company. Glenn Ford has optioned a novel, "The White Rabbit," by British Comdr. Yeo Thomas, for his own (Newton) outfit. It's a spy thriller of World War II. ft FIRST YEAR X t nnmLijnii T .SEATS AVAILABLE i ALL PERFORMANCES WILLIAM T WYIERST Y 'Photographic Itniw by PANAVISION V SEATS AVAILABLE ALL PERFORMANCES U NOW AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL. Tickets on tale at Egyptian Theatre, HO. 7-6167 So .Callt. Musle Co.,. 737 So. Hill Mutual Asenciei, other ticket atenciei. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THEATRE PARTIES TONIGHT AT 8 P.M. SHARP Perl. Nightly . Kef. Mats. Weil., Sat.. Saw. ,CWTTWT8t8 LOS ATI CELLS Ik 7 2944 I0UTW00I oy;i UTOtA 81418 QRff CI-IISI ritCfTlsW HENKYHATrlAWAT AO) Off K UIU iuw8 CAlfOftWA 18 74111 SIENOALE COMlt Metro 1IT u tun -r? "MAGNIFICENT!.. Ranks with lh. finest ever madr -LA. TIMES EUMIACHW SIEVE McDUEEN 9nl MAONinCKNT WKIKI See Dlrctorl8 for 2nd FoturTLL ORPKEUM MA. 4-6272 rail rtnnma Hsuywee HAWAII MO. 9 2275 rait pmxinc wtirwooo BRUIN GK. 7 2487 no. Houwo a PORTAL TR. 7 2983 PARK LU. 7 3442 iHOlfwOOO UNITED IRTISTS M.7-2177 rstD IESED OI.4 01S3 Tfil TWrttf r HELD OVERI i "THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" In DIrtctoriM for 2nd Vayiie Cafuccie Kovacs CrcwsBT OmmacoP& COLOU ky DC LUXE MICKEY SHAUGHNESSY - JKi iiiO'iraiaS'CiJKO BI4M 1.1 J DRY BUT DROLL Mr. Donald Swann appears with liis compatriot, Mr, Michael Flanders, in their two-man revue, "At the Drop of a Hat," now hold-ing over at the Hartford. Spanish Dance Team Lively Pair Though the high rate of interest in Spanish Dance is gradually , falling off, Maria Rosa and Martin Vargas , managed to collect some dividends for "Danzas Fla- menco" in Philharmonic Auditorium Saturday night. 1 ne pair, particularly Ma ria Kosa, is skilled in all phases of its specialty. It has temperament and imasr ination that are put to work in traditional flamenco piec es, in 18th century ballet and in free choreographies au of which found a place on me long program. Lively Show While this variety did not add up to richness, it made tor a lively and swiftly- changing show. Maria Rosa is neither the fierce nor spe cially sultry type of Span ish dancer. Yet she is capa ble of generating quite a bit of excitement by means of rhythmic precision and graceful flexibility. She also exhibits an attractive seren ity denoting the ease with which she performs some rather complicated and intricate configurations. Mr. Varga, too, is light on his feet but has not yet developed the snap and the commanding presence characteristic of the best of his colleagues.- Handsome Scenes As a partner for Maria Rosa, however, he functioned well indeed and the couple made handsome scenes of "Escuela del Baile Espanol," "Viva Navarra," "Los Caracoles," "Malaguenas y Ver-diales" and "Siguiriyas." Manolo Leiva was as authentic a flamenco singer as they come, and the contri buttons of Adonis Puertas on the guitar provided the proper atmosphere. The pi ano accompaniments were cleanly played by Adrian Ruiz, as was his solo, "Navarra" by Albeniz. WALTER ARLEN. Man at Work George Duning Is dubbing the score of "Cry for Happy," the William Goetz-Columbia feature, using 47 men. - UmWBMTBTI ivy: j I .. .. Cutvta cm TOHCt KfiawaiK STUDIO TORRANCE pmtlm P 19 8491 KKWAIXHTH IX. 8 81)0 W4 UN. 1317 etoia EDWARDS mnt-m HI. 24178 STARtrrt t't in ArawM CI. I 78)1 COMPTON DWVf W NC t H CAMOQ MKK .ii.i.'i. PKKWICX tH. i i'21 CANOCt pui Dl fe211 nsot COLORADO SV. 8 9704 imt t a COIDEM CAT! AN.eaia ILI Itiwtat CAGE to ?Ml triw - la hr.Siw Tmn TO I MBS WVITTIf WHITHER OX. i 2712 atnoNoo STRAND r 21)00 OK 8 8448 Ftur lat; saw an J --HUH I W mumiI I BT tounaaTi H I B 18 4.1117 M m BJfc.1 IT imam wmwm n!rmrrn IbivW omn i ae-8JM env 8W m idbjt bb i I T!t I ..TSSti t Issm. I final 1 I H8iiH ns8 I eTri 1 Zm i M r'J"-'-..ji fiufmmMia THE SOUNDING BOARD 'Ballad of Baby Doe' Not Too Successful ! BY ALBERT GOLDBERG "The Ballad of Baby Doe" is an American opera all the way down the line.'The composer and librettist, Douglas Moore and' the late John L a t o u c h e, are American born; it deals with one of the lustier episodes of Western history, and it was given its first local ' performance by the young Americans of the SC Opera Theater in Bo-vard Auditorium Saturday night. It also was sung in the language Americans most commonly use, though there was often considerable doubt about that. i As an entertainment "The1 Ballad of Baby Doe" has its points, but it spreads put in too many directions to be a really successful opera. When it sticks to its. main dramatic line, the story of Horace Tabor, the Colorado silver king who abandoned his strong-willed first wife Augusta to marry an ambi tious baggage named Baby Doe,' it sustains the interest. although only the character of Augusta is fully realized. Sometimes Soggy But all this has a compli cated background, and when William Jennings Bryan and his doctrine of free silver, the failure of which was the ruination of Tabor, has to be expounded in detail the dra ma becomes soggy and diffuse. And the dialogue suffers from t.h disease that af flicts most American libret-hAr i a i i-. n : ios; in trying 10 ue couoqui-al it relies mainly upon em barrassing cliches, unsuit able to any type of musical speech or song. The music is best when it DORIS DAY-REX HARRISON JOHN GAVIN mltm in Eastman COLOR MYRNA LOY- RODDY McDOWAll HERBERT HARSHUL-NATASHA PARRY' JOHN WILLIAMS i i mm urn mmm Sea Directories for Ind Features Mtl'WMt ITMlfY-MMMri RIALT0 PIX (JIlTfRN. KMill I fcj't:u PICWOOD WftTCKtm PARADISE IHUNTINGT0I CH TfctMm 1 WCfHI i K Mill PARI I- "MIDNIGHT LACE" also at 3rd Shock Week ! mmun hit IITI HNOMMA -ZZ 8 mil Mint; 3 LAFF-FILLED WEEKI Have YOU had your daffodil? BOX OPFICS OPEN OTTO PRtMINGER PRESENTS EXODUS PREMIERE DEC. 21, 1969 MATINEES AT 2 P.M. - EVENINGS AT I P.M. ALL SEATS RESERVED MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED FOX WILSHIRE THEATRE 8440 WILSHIRE BEVERLY HILLS 0LM86J TtcnNicoLot mem at WUITI HDi k4 :Ttie BEVERLY Theatre 206 N tovorlr Dr. CR. 5-44S4 8:15 -AKOVING 1 LOVE STORY." s,Ko PAiMTAOES ttJt Hiyw4 6Vr. HO Hilt K&CRVtD SCATS tMontca Oom 10 a. a. tvtS SIS (Sim. tw 7-301. HATS Ml itj TICKCTSUOATMUTUAi.G(NCICS 4T GUILD STATI I' tM ro ih7t j j J Roxv A .. 1; aJ OX.8-2IM FR.24248 Pt-' 9t tyM OS CAU TMtl fO 5MOW nts ibm ?3 r il iifflEW-mrai I 1 11 11 1 is the earthiest and conjures atmosphere by means of au thentic tunes and dances of the period or reasonably good imitations of 1 h e m. Now and then, principally in Augusta's scenes, it achieves convincing dra matic force. But there is too much hoopla and too little logical procedure from point to point, and the final scene in which the ruined Tabor suffers delusions on the stage of his opera house in Denver reaches for conven tional grana opera with a pseudo pathos that is anything but native. Fine Vocal Power The performance was for tunate in having in Sharon Bliss a singing actress with the voice and the acting ability to carry the principal role of Augusta. It is a meaty part, and Miss Bliss endowed it with fine vocal power and a miry professional charac terization. 1 With the exception of Wil liam Vennard as William Jennings Bryan, a role forner. ft c HOLLYWOOD 325 PIX Hly'wS" nr. Vint H04-IH3 Cont. from 12:15 MIDNIGHT LACE ON THE BEACH SAN FERNANDO VALLEY 0 4r CALIFORNIA Btirbink John Wayne-Fabian Rnrhinll FlUKin IU ALASKA JL. TH 5-1507 CORNELL TCr TH 2-5251 HIGH TIME Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN P0LLYANNA ENCINO Encine Doris Day-R. Harrison MIDNIGHT LACE ON THE BEACH ST 4-8233 RESEDA r liooeda Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET Dl 4-0(53 f Q WESTCHESTER-TORRANCE 0 X PARADISE mphV ucl" JIU 8P -0300 ON THE BEACH ' V STADIUM Ef TcrrinM FA 8-6375 Gigantic! Fabulousl JOURNEY TO LOST CITY TEN WHO DARED TrPARK Qardtna R. Preston-D. McGuIre DARK TOP OF STAIRS DESIRE IN THE DUST DA 4-4040 BOX OFFICE OPENS' 5:30 pm SHOW STARTS a 33 LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA S. Tracy-F. March INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NIGHT n 4-3IM nt. k Sepul. CENTURY John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. fyj Cuntury t C'idaw W 4Jri nDAI FLORAL nft Wayne-Fabian ' rn ki .cu a in AN 2-076Q ninin i i.nnn Med. N. .f B'klyn MURDER INC. 'VlGILMORE W Vuc l in i S. Tracy-F, March WE 3-2211 3rd at Fairfax INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NIGHT OLYMPIC John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. GR 7-S8I7 Olympic at Bnndy SAN PEDRO Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET Tt I-SJ70 Gaffey at A'tulm Tlinifl Y. Brynner-S. McQueen V ' w w iu.uirif.rtiT crurM EX 8-8250 ffim.mriucm Seoul, at Jefften WALKING TARGET WfORRANCE .J FR 8-8491 Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Tor. W. of H'thn. WALKING TARGET VERMONT S. Tracy-F. March INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NIGHT OA S-4955 Vermont at Iliad '4 a PASADENA SAN GABRIEL AREA D Em aW 316 SKY S. Tracy-F. March INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NIGHT 'J EL B-2365 Duarta GEWOOD ,ohn Wayne-Fabian ED .M58 PtUnln II) HLWM Garer . af 8 Pt MURDER INC. W4 FDWAROS Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN JNI 7.817 Peck 4 Live Oik WALKING TARGET 111 013421 w otr.w. Nr.AiHia.Elllila. MURDER INC. Mm GABRIEL sji'MX a CUSS 18, AT 85021 "nenn mt uiuu 3 Valtey at D.I Ma? MENACE IN THE NIGHT Tfi8l ITF Y. Brynner-S. McQueen 8 87631. AT 48M8 wunir lucni RW at OarYf WALKING TARGET . iiipinri(.Fiir trvru VINELAND e- WtA'IP"" EO 8-7S II u ' DLUCJ B.t. Vly. 4 BarM) ON THE BEACH en LONG BEACH CIRCLE John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. 8. Tracy-F. March Inherit the wind menace in the night RE 8.8911 Lone B.acfl LAKEWOOD SA 4-8931 Carton at Cherry Santa Fa at Hird HIGH THE MIGHTY LOS ALTOS - HE S-J422 , Btlltlearar.Sarlne Y. Bryn nner-1. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET SANTA MARIA ID IHI-VVAY f WE 7-3516 J. lewis-D. Reynolds BELLBOY SUSAN SLEPT HERE H0 I 8. Braadvay TONIGHT- i---- 8:00 P.M. HARP I won... mm m CARTHAY CIRC LE unii u V. - J.;.Z JI 17.7. 1T LJ g.u:niiiiiyiiia!Eifi:af HARBOR TE 4-8501 23322 So. Vortnont All THE YOUHG MEN CHARTROOSE CABOOSE HASTINGS TEN WHO DARED RlnVid at Foothill ALL THE YOUNG MEN LA MIRADA The Defiant Ones uNi.trilty 3-3111 Flrmtom at Arondra I WANT TO IIVE LINCOLN IA 7-2223 Bnena Park ALL YOUNG MEN MANHUNTJN JUNGLE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS MIDNIGHT LACE MISSION Pomona NA S-SSIt at Rinna Bl. MT. BALDY LY S-80SS FooiniM A Llncolo G.I. BLUES BEVIlt HAIRPIN GO OUT TO A MOVIE TONIGHT which neither composer nor dramatist could, discover anything particularly distinctive, the others were stu dents of varying degrees of capability stuck with ardu-i ous and not very rewarding assignments. 'twin! Bernard Bollinger did the best he could with Tabor, but the part take more voice than he presently ha a and something more than an olio type of acting. Diana Smith Yeaman wai as pretty as Baby Doe undoubtedly was, but her singing was too pallid to realize all the musical possibilities. There were nearly 35 other singing parts and none of them got far above the average student level. Except for Miss Bliss, very little of the text could be understood, so the performance did not accomplish much for the cause of opera in English. Walter Ducloux staged the opera and conducted with his usual skill an orchestra that for the most part played very well. There will be ad ditional performances on Fri day and next Sunday, Dec. 11. Maybe by that time the curtains will work and the 11 scenes can be shifted without intermissions long enough for a full course din- C I LONG BEACH J ORANGECOUNTY t. J TOWNE Tracy-F. March N. Betak INHERIT THE WIND 6A i-l'ii MENACE IN THE NIGHT STATE J. Wayne-R. Stark teni BMek THE SEARCHERS HS 7-2721 HIGH i THE MIGHTY ISPLL tPuVr HE e-3207 JOURNEY TO LOST CITY ATLANTIC wP,0iAsNne: Ne. Una Beaah .Uy,AN,2 CA 2-3161 G.I. BLUES Kl 2-4737 MENACE IN THE NIGHT tLZl MONTEBELLO j 1 GARMAR S. Tiacy-f. Marcn MVntib.ll? INHERIT THE WIND PA 8-1218 MENACE IN THE NIGHT VQGUE R. Preston-6. McGuIr MontebSle DARK TOP OF STAIRS PA t-1225 YOUNG CANNIBALS gi LA PUENTE rm STAR 2 Sc. Fict. Thrillers! La Pnte . THE BLOB ED 8-2463 It, Ter. fr. Outer Sp. r S-30 pm CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE Q SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Q CANOGA PARKynnerS L McQueer, 01 8-C2II MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Caneta Par WALKING TARGET I AIIRFI T. Brynner-S. McQueen EM 8-2588 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Laur. Cyn. W. Van WALKING TARGET Ala'da W. Vlttory WALKING TARGET RESEDA John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. Dl 3-5550 Ruada at Venewan SAN VAL S. Tracy-F. March INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NITE TH Z-II77 8. r . at SEPULVEDA S. Tracy-F. March INHERIT THE WIND MENACE IN THE NITE " E. Presley-J. Prowi8 ST 8-8520 Semi, at Vict VAN NUYS r 8-7sig Raco at gepul. e.i. BLUES INDIAN FIGHTER VICTORY TR 7-4423 V'teryatCeldwater John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. HUNTINGTON PARK, COMPTON COMPTON Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET NE 8-5966 Baicr. at an. ml El CAGF y- Brynner-S. McQueen TO 27189. TO 28711 mwumrivtm oi.ti.ii Oaaa at Oarfleld wwimnu mnbti ROSECRANS S.Tracy-F.March . Laked & Rwer. MENACE IN THE NIGHT SOUTH GATE LO 4.1137 John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. hi Atl. & GL" ID ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET LA 8-3528 L men ft O'ttierea re,RBlVD INHEWT THEwfilt) Bet. Bolea.Edinier mtnwit in int. nmni H IVY AY 39 John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. E. Pre$ley-J.Prows8 G. I. BLUES TEN WHO OARED Nr. Ban. sr. Bl. TWInsaki 3-3561 ORANGE Kl 7-80)1 Santa Ana PAULO John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA MURDER INC. Kl 8-8318 Se. Santa Ana a D WHITTIER NORWALK AREA NORWALK BL. Y- Brynner-S. McQueen mi mi ms m m UN 8-83 7 nmunirnci.i Near Im.erl.l WALKING TARGET WHiTTiir 0X85237, PA I S. Tracy-F. March Pi IBl.i NMtK I Mt WINU Whit, at Rmemead MENACE IN THE NIGHT t"I BAN BERNARDINO BASELINE Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN WALKING TARGET 61 8.8138 San Birnardine TRI CITY TU t-2015 San Btrnardlne John Wayne-R. Stack THE SEARCHERS HIGH AND THE MIGHTY pi 1 ' nun1 Fin i i' ri"i VAYNE.WlDHASK.RAIttTr.GREATr MMj ninb,niwnnnn,nnniLi 0M neriei !T . T 1 77T - jeais now tor au renormances lots tarn bus it M. I ms 100 Mon ,hn) ThurssuN at 7 jo 1 "ts st s:ju rn mj k hoi I MATS st 2:00 Wad Set Sun (Hot ROADIUM STRANGERS WHEN M Etealf 1-464S Ptra mount-Qonttoa WE MEET JNEMY GENERAL UST DAYS OF POMPEII ENEMY GENERAL ROADIUM OA 4-2064 R'dondo Bth.-Cro. RUBIDOUX OVortand 1.4458 Hwy. (. W. Rwrtiao DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS LEGION OF THE NILE SUNDOWN HEAVEN KNOWS MR. ALLISON YELLOW SKY Dark Top of Stairs LEGIONS OF THE NILE " 8.L BLUES VIRGIN ISLAND WKittior OX 3-3242 602 W. Wuhineton iiUMLAND iSanlioa FLtr S-M.'S MI8 Foothill Bl. (WIN-VUE DAi 4-8127 S. Fnuoroo.l52B VALLEY Pom -Out. NA 8-7311 U.S. 88 4 Central Magnificent Seven JUBAL JLo&SLwUtiTlimtlt MON.;DEC.5,l?60Pertr15 CALL THtATWg i js I Swell 8MWs V",, .,,. nf'tl AIM )ri A I n .... U4 j Mtf-.? iff .a f . jy tmm 3 r : ..!$ . -,-H tnm Am U4 COtaMetroctuxC KXCL.USIVECY hi UV . Amh Im4 ONE WEEK DEC.1-7 To Qualify ACADEMY AWARDS "Hollywood couli...well taki not ..Miss Smith sings sturmingiyr 'V -H.v.iiN.a Vlf INK Ths Convsrsatlon Plies ( ths MELINA MERCOUR! F9M af T" "flhetii t E 2 "Never on Sunday1 pi UJ IDPTPR cpi I tDC I LOS ANGELES"" MtiaJ 1M Hos Aneeles Wff!"SI' ma 7-2944 ii :3B Plus Murder, Int. CARTHAY CIRCLE 6316 San Vlteata THE ALAMO Mon.-Thur. S P.M.; Frl.-Sat. 8:30; Sun. 7:30; 4 WE 3-8147 Matt. Wed.-Sat. Sun. 12; Reserve New) EL REY 5517 Wilihlrt WE 8-1 101 8:00 J. Wayne-S. Granger, NORTH TO ALASKA) Bells Are Ringing FAIRFAX 7907 Bev. Bl. WE 8-3118 8:49 Ivei-Winters, Let Ne Man Write My Epitaph; Surprise Package K-4 iCd FIGUEROA 4011 S. Fit. AD 2-0515 6:49 Ives-Winters, Let Ho Man Write My Epitaph) Surprise Package HIGHLAND 5B04 N. Fig. CL 8-8648 6:49 Ives-Winters, let No Man Write My Epitaph) Surprlio package LIDO 6307 W. Pie OL 8-8396 8:49 Fernanda!, THE BIG CHIEF) Pater Sellers, Matt In Cocked Hat MESA 5607 Cren.tiiw AX 1-6858 6:49 Im-Winteri, let No Man Writs My Epitaphi Surprlie Package STADIUM 6:45 Smoke CR 6-2083 Ives-Wlnteri, let Ns Men Writs My Epitaph) Surprise Package i BEYLRLY HILLS-WESIWCGD CULVER CITY WiKHIRF CR0WNIN6 EXPERIENCE till , will" 1 WnfJDts. l-?)pnly OL 3-0863 ts qualify for Acsdamy Award! Cent, Dly. 6:J0; Sat.-Sun. 12:34 FINE ARTS JSSSrkJSiS 8558 wilihlra SUNBAT) Open Eery PL 2-1336 Pay From 12 Neon VILLAGE wayne-S. Granger, w.,tw,S 6:41 NORTH TO ALASKA; All BR 3-3042 Fins Young Cannibals BRU N Tsl Brynner.THE GR 7-247 Bells Ars Ringini U4 CULVER 6:45 Snake VE 8-3124 S. Tracy-F. Mareh-6. Kelly, INHERIT THE WIND; Menace in Night westchestTT. LOYOLA ' )"" SrM(r. aaiS Saaalndt NORTH TO ALASKA; All SP 6.1416 6:48 Fins Taung Cannibals h4 if INGLEWOOD . ACADEMY J. Wayne-S. Granger, 8:45 Pam PL 1-5151 fUx On. 12:15 OR 8-2323 NORTH TO ALASKA; Thunder In Carolina Elvis Presley-Juliet Prowse, 6. 1. BLUES; Disney's 10 Who Dared 5TH AVE. 5th-Maneh. PL 8-9966 6:49 Riotously Funny! CARRY ON NURSE Captain's Table RED0N00 ANHATTAN HERMOSA FOX-Rettondo 6 :45 Park FR 4-0495 S. Tracy-F. March-6. Kelly, INHERIT THE KIND; Menace in Night Riotously Funny! CARRY ON NURSE) . Captain's Table n HERMOSA Own 6:45 FR 2-6345 LAMAR Manhattan FR 2850fl 6:45 1. Wayne-S. Granger, NORTH TO ALASKA; Plus Murder, Inc fP RIVERSIDE . RIVERSIDE UWife Cent. 2:00 NORTH TO ALASKA; ov 3-72i2 Plus Murder, Inc. GOLDEN McGuire-Preston, OARK Sli0e.2:00 AT TOP OF STAIRS; OV 4-4660 Curtis, Rat Race, Color Zi mm mm C POMONA ONTARIO CLAREMONT 3 rny J. Wayne-S. Granger, Pamena NORTH TO ALASKA; na 2-1353 6:49 Plus Murder, Ine. STATE Pomona NA 2-5544 2:09 Riotously Funny! CARRY ON NURSE; Captain'i Table 1 VILLAGE Wslt Disney's Colar Pro-Ciwrmnt Pom' POLLYANNAi . na 4-2612 7:08 Stevenssn's KldnaspeG GRANADA Ontario 6:49 YU 4-863J Yul Brynner, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) At war Witt Army IONS BEACH West Coast hSSSP&SSSK Cent. 12:00 NORTH TO ALASKAt me 6-4208 Piss Mtrssr, Ins. CREST 427) Atlantis Yul Sinner. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, US BELMONT Oinl.OS f Wis Presley-Juliet " Prowse, G. I. BLUES) Disney's IS Whs Bars " S. Trsey-F. Maroh-G. Kelly, INHERIT THE WINO; Menses bl Night IMPERIAL Oata 12:68 .. HE 6-3878 THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY! ' STANLEY KRAMER entente Tr acV March - Kelly Dick York donna Anderson Hi Hiatsnm WARRENS KA 4?7Z euro) IRIS Ho ism OB M li fv tvm rykMf IM Wtflll IAL0WIH KKa satin en nm If (fsi8E30KOO CUlVTJ wsjiaa nt 40498 auwi ua Cm aiut ELMIRO a sum ACAoturr w tasos ameiue studio cm CAPRI st siets Itsme-aaawi m Ofct - KIALTA TO ! .S)16)t CW. 4iQ4tt L TH F VI f iM I , A" 'I iH J-LJrh' tTLX:q: ijs mm ntAitinn JOAK COlilrNS-RiCHAHfl EGAK-DENIS O'DDi 'WMI11.WJKSI, Been Ope 12 Nee . yUlf HO. 2 6621 5r TECHNICOLOR WysBtrs St UCJnaffOL. 0LM3SS CaatlaMM Dally I'M Sat., San. IMS Inurnitlonil Film World I W1wta-lmtAirtt& (OWI Cont It . Noon Nira ar La Cm tvery Daf FIRST TIME IN L.A.I txemsivaH 01. S-U88 Prat Parkml 1 HOLLYWOOD"". CHINESE Jean Collinj-Rlchar 0a. II "5 Ui, ESTHER AND THI H0 4-SMI KINO, C Scope Coler H0LLYD J- Wayne-S. Brinier," 12 :30-5 a m. NORTH TO AUSKA : ho 3-9371 Plus Murder, Ine. : OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL S A.M. BAlLT IRIS Tracy-F. March-f. 25e Syltem P. 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