The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 19, 1947 · 10
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 10

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
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Q PartI-FRIDAY,SEPT. 19, 1947 3LOS Ztl$ttS CitttCS Hayworfh i?oie Rated Triumphing , BY EDWIN SCIf AliLERT Glorification of Rita Hayworth as one of the nine muses, Terpsichore, is glamorously accomplished in "Down to Earth," and simultaneously Grecian mythology is mixed with Hollywood musical, and a slice of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" to make this film an event of manifest novelty at R.K.O. Hillstreet and Pan-tages Hollywood theaters. It is at all events a new approach, this picture, to the backstage story, and if you shut your eyes to its hackneyed moments, of which there are bound to be a certain proportion, you will find the production delightful in much of its content. Radiant Assignment This Is no "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" as we knew that ingratiating feature of a few years ago, but it has attractions in dealing with the supernatural. Its chief fault is that it is less spontaneous in this rarefied realm than its predecessor more contrived and complicated. 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A CYD CHARISSE Is lead in "Unfinished Dance" at Fox Wilshire, Los Angeles and Egyptian showhouses. VJ SORE TOES ; Don't Perspire Witft ECZEIM ."takes Burning Worse! Take this advice stay eool, relaxed, nd be sure to apply powerfully medicated Kesinol Ointment right on that burning-, itching patch of eesrrna. Notice bow tbia proven formula acts instantly to soothe and calm fiery, itchy akin helps reduce the ernbarraoainfr redness. It really works wonders, for Eminol contains Ingredients doctors often prescribe. Costa little at your drunais. Earth." She has the beauty to justify such an assignment. She pives the impression of being an Olympian adventurer in the grace and style that she brings to the screen: The role is in most respects her most resplendent exploit, and certainly suits her better than parts of more realistic acting demands. Traipses to Kiirth Her Terpsicliore is offended at the portrayal of herself in a Rroadway show. She prevails on Mr. Jordan in the hereafter to arrange for her transportation to earth. She practices deception in so doing, pretending that she wants to be a helpful lady. When she wins a place as the star of the theatrical production - because she is, after all, .Terpsichore she all but ruins it through her insistence on documentary exactness in the portrayal of Olympus. It is James Gleason, playing a show world agent, who sets off the plot of "Down to Earth." You may recall' him as a main source of comedy in "Here Comes Mr. Jordan," though his present role is a departure from that. However, he Is responsible for plenty of the current feature's comedy. His skill is ever reliable where an honest approach toward a fantastic situation is required. In the supernatural sphere it is Edward Everett Horton as an amusing messenger and Roland Culver as Mr. Jordan who contribute decisively. Horton is immensely good in garnering laughs. Competent Efforts To Larry Parks and Marc Tlatt plenty of credit must go for carrying through the more conventional part of the plot a thankless job that is relieved when they have a chance at a musical number now and then. They enact just such characters as you might find in any one of a hundred musical pictures, yet they do their work with a forthright spirit which relieves the tedium. The film, of course, gives one a different slant on the Parks personality after "The Jolson Story" and in this he is not aided by the Al Jolson voice either. Adele Jergens presents a peppery prima donna and does this well. George Macready and William Frawley have consequential duties. . Alexander Hall directed this picture from the screen play by Edwin Blum and Don Hartman. Spectacular in its Technicolor photography and scenic effects, as well as unique in many other departments, it should have a popular run. Do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? 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Add 3. tales tax. Free Litaraturs. HORMONE PHARMACY 6715 Hollywood Blvd. GL-3727 Local 'Mama Troupe Only One Presenting Play The Lewis and Young production of John van Druten's "I Remember Mama," in which Charlotte Greenwood is starred at the Biltmore Theater, is the only company presenting the play in this country. Although the opus ran two years in New York, establishing records for the Music Box Theater, the producers did not during that time follow customary theatrical procedure and send one or two road companies on tour but confined themselves to the Broadway production. Surrounding the star is a cast including Jean RutH, Grandon Rhodes, Eleanor Lawson, Ruth Lee, Raymond Roe, Marie Gale, Betty Roadman and others. 'Ice Follies Outstanding Attraction BY JOH.V Ii. SCOTT "Ice Follies of 1048," the 12th annual edition of the Shipatads and Johnson frozen extravaganza, had its world premiere last night at Tan-Pacific before an enthusiastic crowd of first-nighters that included many members of Hollywood's film col on y. The new attraction follows "Ice Follies" traditions of beautiful costumes, well-rehearsed choruses of girls and boys executing graceful maneuvers in carefully thought out ensembles, and a stellar line-up of principals. There are some skating veterans gracing the roster, including one of the world's best. Roy Shipstad: Evelyn Chandler, Frick and Frack. Ericsen and Hutchinson, Harris and Fhyllis Legg, and Hazel Franklin. Brilliant newcomers are Marilyn Sahlin, the trio of Shirley Halsted, Ginger Clayton and Glee Patten, former members of the ensemble who have "graduated" with honors, and Monica Moran, who does ballet steps on skates. Grace and Charm Ice shows seem to have a grace and charm unapproached by any other form of spotlighted entertainment. Terhaps it is fluid motion that entrances the eye. Whatever the reason, "Ice Follies of 10 18" should command your early presence. While deadlines preclude detailed mention of the final third of this worthwhile production (opening night always must await tardy arrival of Hollywood's elite) the acts viewed rate high among the best offered by the Ships tads and Johnson. "Moonlight Symphony" was the curtain raiser, with Monica Moran, Shirley, Ginger and Glee and- the Ice Folliettes rating "ohs" and "ahs" from an eager audience. It constituted a spectacular opener. "Buenos Amigos" had Hugh Hendrickson, Ole Ericsen. Jim Hutchinson and Carlos Romero Jr. offering fancy skating and comedy in equal portions. Spectacle Landed "Crosstown" was a rather spectacular number which utilized the male and feminine choruses, Hazel Franklin and Mae Ross and Bill Stine, who depicted big city goings on. The Schramm Twins offered synchronized skating as "Shackled Shadows" and won one of the largest hands of the evening. Bill Cameron and Russ Tuckey had "Fun on the Farm," assisted by the Ice Folliettes and Ice Follies Boys. Betty Schalow and Harris Leg? were principals of "Sunrise," with both proving stellar attractions. Legg, with his leaps over, drums, electrified the audience. Outstanding Xu miters "Winter Scene" (1805) and "Okie King Cole" were other outstanding items on the program and featured Marilyn Sahlin, Bill Cameron and Dick Ras-mussen. The last named gave a hilarious impression of a "little" girl on the loose. The Scotvold Twins were hailed for their graceful work in "Olde King Cole." While we missed Roy Ship-stad's number, "At the Royal Hawaiian," and Frick and Frack, besides some others, they undoubtedly performed in typical st3ie, which is strictly A-l. All costumes were designed by Helen Rose of M.G.M. studio. Directors are Frances Claudet, Mary Jane Lewis and Stanley Kahn. Walter Rudolph supervised the music. 'Black Narcissus Exquisite Production BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER "Black Narcissus" is the only picture in several months to which I have returned eagerly. It was shown at a fancy invitational preview and then retired till yesterday, when it opened at United Artists, Ritz, Iris, Studio City and Culver theaters. And again I found it an exquisite cinematic jewel, an exotic bloom among the potted plants of Hollywood. Yet I cannot recommend it to everyone with impunity. There are those who will be bored, annoyed or perhaps even offended by its case history of a group of nuns and their ultimate failure to cope with mystical Mother India. However, a principal Catholic objection has now been removed, I would think, by the insertion of a revised introductory title plainly explaining that these women belong to a Protestant order of Anglican nuns. Double Departure But "Black Narcissus'' faces other hurdles. Most moviegoers, I believe, will accept a conventional story told differently or a different story told conventionally. The present one goes further in both respects: its theme is unusual, even esoteric, and the method of its telling is indirect. Viewing it is, to attempt a quick literary parallel, like reading one of the early tales of Englishmen in an alien clime by Maugham or, for that matter by Rumor Godden, who wrote "Black Narcissus." The film abounds in so many other credits one scarcely knows where to begin. The production, designed by Alfred Junge, unfolds a series of Technicolor tapestries as rich, detailed and beautiful as any I have ever seen. It was written (i.e., for the screen,) produced and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Press-burger ("The Archers") for J. Arthur Rank and Universal-International release. It seems almost incredible that thev shot it in London and not in the "Palace of Mopu," high on a-windswept crag in the Himalayas. But they did. Cumulative Drama Considering this comparatively confined setting, it is amazing how varied and interest-sustaining they have made the illusion. At times they whip up a synthetic excitement by sheer cinematic trickery, it is true; but they are smart enough to know that a movie cannot subsist on mood alone and besides, the slow-boil of drama, the simmering of revolt and its final bursting forth, is always there. Thus one of the great moments arrives when two of the group Deborah Kerr, the sister superi or, and Kathleen Byron, tne fallen-away nun face one another across a table in a lonely cell. In the intensity of their silent conflict the one staring into her breviary, the other painting her lips with scarlet you will glimpse the dual natures of all women. Excelfent Types You come to know these women gradually as their characters emerge, as it were, from their habits. Among the others all excellent are Flora Robson, Jenny Laird, Judith Furse and May Hallett as their chattering servant. Jean Simmons is a sensuous native girl. Sabu as a young Indian princeling, Esmond Knight as his father and David Farrar as the phlegmatic but wise Mr. Dean are very good as the not-so-mere males pitted against them. I can't say how authentic "Black Narcissus" is, but the lotus land to which it carries us is uniquely unforgettable. The atmospheric score is by Brian Stage Musical Plans Revealed Mail orders are' now being taken, for "Call Me Mister," stage musical which will open Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the Biltmore Theater. The musical, written by Harold Rome and Arnold Auerbach, has a cost of 82 headed by Carl Reiner, Edith Gidlof, Marilyn Day, Buddy Hackett, Rae Mac-Gregor and Alan Dreeben. Easdale and the London Sym phony". "Is Everybody Listening?" is the March of Time at Ritz, Iris and Studio City. The other theaters have a dramatic feature, "Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back." TOIIIGHT! 8:30 (and for limffttd run) Marine Sunday 2:30 Tht SUixtWl ami Jefttiaw mm V Of 1348 HxtffWt soo Buy saats am. an aianemi rim: t30, 3.00. l.M. 1.TS. 1 general admission Mats $1.00 n sal tonight at 7 a. PAN-PACIFIC II p al ) (Baa artiaa apaa 10 a. at. ta UJfiRnRS 9404 WIISH1RE BIVD. AT CANON D. BEVERtV HIILS CR-11121. CK-11122 NOW WYOMING IUPINO - CLARK - MORRIS DEE P VALLEY C&eaters poken Drama bHE WENT AWAY A HUSBAND HF PFTIIPKIFn A STRANfFPI J. ARTHUR RANK PRESENTS MICHAEL VALERIE DrnnDAur.unDcnu FLORA ROBSON . V CTi CT . . -i 0K. J. ft. r'-.m 4 7he years .Between f ESQUIRE Phona YO. 8114 419 N. Fairfax Cont. fr. 3:43 p.m. J ACHES STRANGE PIUS ADDED ATTRACTION EVELYN WEST rTuilH ' " 1 ' ' 337 SO- New ShBW Evry Wek Midnight Show Evry Sat. in iohrt Van Dratert' TTI.JO ILTMORE & nun txe.uN. psi OfV NCt SCPT 27 jgMTiwta-T.'i.joxaa I .ITU,' LrM .v KJP n PPT PROM HAT fOlW' 'MAMAS BAKtt KgUT jy JJg&Ae&. f--ttt - IT ivniuni o;aw ir7ft 'vr-y-r- fJt&V AnngJgffreysCTOSCA' '38 TTItMTS NOW: BOX OHKlMl.t W.S.CAt.PtlftKCa.MUTUAl AGIKItS" TJX IVE ARDEN BARRY SULLIVAN tdX. ""! -T " "BIOGRAPHY" as "Ns Exit" Csrsnst Thcatrs l . if 00 2.00 3.5S'pittw-wijf MAKtMoy, IAS PMS INs-tmPakum HI 0744 ODAY i -. FIRST TIME SHOWN AT CAt POPULAR PRICES v:.? th TERRIFIC MONTH IN LOS ANGELES-THE PICTURE THAT MOVIE-GOERS ARE SEEING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! NOEL COWARD'S TECHNICOLOR SAGA "THIS HAPPY BREED" STUDIO THEATRE - NO. 1-3661 Varment at Hllywd. Bl. starring CELIA JOHNSON ROBERT NEWTON JOHN MILLS Stanley Holloway -ci rAPITAfl T"":" ai ns linn nouTuswHTB. 1 ' 2 COMPLETE SHOWS" SAT. NlTWOO-WSMlf 3 SHOWS SUN. 2:30-3:30-8:1 i Phone GR.T147 WKSHTS '1.10 n 2.00 EXC fM-MT-trOUPYS '1.10 f 2M WTV 50e M.SO, sas tm ) WORLD'S RECORD OVER 5300 CONSECUTIVE PERFORMANCES JHEATRE MART MEW OLIO ACTS CntttlMIMTS INCLUDE! IP ADSllSStOM CUNTOM AT VtaMONT NO. 21MI . EVERY MMT v , --in -r rr-- i 1 -I '-PIC FAIR J-VERMUHT... 4-CIMEMA V' is. r 2nd HIT Th dynamic sfor of "THE HUCKSTERS" no "BLACK NARCISSUS" DEBORAH KIMS "LOVE ON THE DOLE" in th most BRILLIANT rolo of her Distinguiihad Career JESSIE MATTHEWS EDMUND GWENN JOHN GIELGUD (fh dancing divinity) (far of "Miract on 34th St.") in J. B. Priesiley's "THE GOOD COMPANIONS" RD SMASH WEEK SUNSET TH EATRE Phon GR. 9S Western of Sunset Coot, from 5:45 p.m. foday M 'TICttTS V friam V m "FREE FOR ALL" DONALD CU8TIS ON SALE AT BOX OFFICE. SO. CAllf. MUSK CO. om6 AO. MUTUA1 AGENCIES ?0-l.80-?.0-3 00 inc. to-Sun. Wnt. 9Qe-l 70-1 BO Ifie. tm-MiMy g-JO-Saw. Mot. Sp.m. SOPHIE TUCKER 8TAf CAST OF (0 BEAUTIFUL SIRLS De Luxe Dinner, $3.00-Without Jl JO Last 3 Performance JOHN EMERY Clasinr Sunday Tvk,s m,u.i NANCY COLEMAN TAMARA GEYA ' CORONET Theatrt Aircncies and Boiffj. CR. S-M27. Sau tl. 20, 2.40. 3.60. Inc. Tax. 366 No. La Cienega THE ACAS AWARD PSCTUKE Winner of Acadtmy AwrtsJ MfmAHD HUGHES' r GBeaVTEST PICTURES ! . I All Hills ahuila wn mifwis V m mi i m (ts tan Ksit AMERICAN 4711 J HM0T JEWE Tin wa;Tm CTZ. MARCAL 6025 HOLLYWOOD BL. NR. G0WER.HE. 7500 CONT. FR. 12:15 P.M. LEDESf4A- foil ALDAS, Premier. MON. 11 A. M. f :i w bar af-aa riirrr ,Ty375 Sit. "fit ASTHR3A M fern prwa that I hare nvr failed an a sintttfi raa of AMhrna regard of aca r d'iraiion. Write for fre fi'viklet. Sl?a brirt InstnrT of Jniir III-Ww. l'rfl Interview, by appointment nnly. DRU6LCSS ASTHMA CORRECTION THERAPY LIMITED 120 ta. Central. Clendala 4. Cal. 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Jelferson Adveaturel af Marco Pole: Junole Terror ARLINGTON. 2517 W. Waininaton Call It Murder: Racketeers ASTOR, 4021 8. Vermont Fiesta; Heavenly Days AVALON, 5258 Avalon Blvd. Wutherins Heiahti: Kit Carasa BALBOA, 87IS S. Vermont Cynthia: Cry Wolf BARDS, Crenshaw-Adams Dear Ruth; Blendie a Holiday CAIRO, 11021 S. Main They Won't Believe Me; Corpse Came C.O.D. CAMEO. 4907 N. Hunt. Dr. Possessed; Corpse Came C.O.D. CENTRO. 7764 S. Central Ivy: Vioilantea Return CENTURY, 6013 S. Broadway Cynthia; Cry Wolt CONGRESS. 7510 S. Vermont Dakota; Escape in the Desert CRENSHAW. Crenshaw at Jefferson Blaze ot Noon: Red Stallion DALE, 3526 Eaole Rock Blvd. They Won't Believe Me ; Last ol the Redmen DE LUXE, 1873 W. Jefferson Last ot the Redmen: Honeymoon DIXIE, 6520 S. Normandie Perils of Pauline: Undercover Maisio EAGLE. 4834 Easla Rock Blvd. Cry Wolt: Gunflqhtere EL SERENO, Huntinston Dr. aV Eastern Mamie: Junior Mls ELVSIAN, 1944 Riverside Dr.- Cynthia: Spnnqtime in Sierras ruiDir Pirt.Ai,Trin Perils af Pauline: Possessed FRANKLIN. 5502 N. Fioueroa Valley of Fear; Bringing Up Father -They Won't Believe Me: Slave Girl -ivy: tireat txpeetaiions FREMONT. Adams at La Brea cQEtH annnws Oftis. fi Main HOLLY. lfiZ4 Sunset l ney wont eieiieve mo-: woman m me KINEMA. Compton at Manchester Brute Force; Corpse Came C.O.D. KIVA. 52R3 S. Broadway Hucksters: Corpse Came C.O.D. KNOLL. 6SI2 Western Imperfect Lady: Riff Raff LAKE, 7th and Hlvarado Abilene Tovn; Nothing But Trouble LARGO, 1822 E. 103rd Kit Carson; Woman on the Beach LA TOSCA. 2930 S. Vermont Corsiean Bros.: South at Pago Pago LEIMERT, Vernon and Crenshaw Dear Ruth: Red Stallion LINDA. 1625 E. 103rd Egg and I: Philo Vsnce s Gamble MADRID, 8140 8. Vermont Possessed: Perila of Pauline MANCHESTER. Manchester and Broadway Red Stallion: Blare of Noon MlvFsin. H734 s Broadway Dear Ruth: Springtime in the Sierras ' M AYNARD. 2488 W. Wash. Wonder Who'a Kissing Her: Won t Bflievo Me METRO. 40 W. wasnington Slav uiri; I itcv eun i ocittno w, MIDWAY. 3138 W. Pice Hucksters: Big Town MISSION. 4258 S. Broadway ! Main Street Girl; Pace That Kills NORMANDIE. 4811 S. Normandie Scared to Death; Born ta Kill PARK, 5825 N. F inuerea Perils of Pauline: Woman an the Beach PICO, Pica at Figueroa Corpse Came C.O.O.: Bringinq Up Father PIX, 8812 S. Broadway Millerson Case: Carrol af the Mounted PLAYHOUSE. 1234' W. 7th Dishonored Lady: Born to Kill PRINCESS. 6105 S. Main Lest Honeymoon l Patient Vanlshea RAMONA. 2139 Sunset Blvd. Dear Ruth: Red Stallion RAMPART, Temnle a Rampart Flame ot aarnary toast: identity unanrwn Trouble with Women" by ALAN LADD REGENT. 4012 S. Verment- ROUND UP. 5421 S. Verment-8AN CARLOS. 2915 N. Main SIERRA. 5058 Eaglo Rock Blvd.-STRAND. 4411 S. Broadway SUN. 1408 W. Pico TEMPLE, 5862 S. Vermont TROJAN. 931 W. Jefferson UNION. 1122 W. 24th VARIETY. 5253 W. Adams VERMONT, 4365 8. Vermont VICTOR. 17th and Main VICTORIA. Pico and Vermont VILLAGE. Griffith Park-WASHINGTON. 747 W. YORK, 4949 York Blvd.- "The girls I meet on the screen are fan... But every one of 'em packs a gun! To look in their eyes -Would be so much sweeter ...Than to gaze down the muzzle of a Colt repeater I" Watch for RAT MILL AND TERESA WRIGHT BRIAN DONLEVY la Paramoans'a THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN" STARTS THURSDAY P A RAM 6 U N T S Thev Won't Believe Me: Slave Girl Law of the Canyon: Dude Ranger Great Expectations: Bern to Kill Dust Be My Destiny; Marked Women They Wont Believe Me: Slave Girl Love of Rusty: Law of Canyon They Won't Believe Me: Slave Girl Riff Raff: Tarzan and Huntress PerfectMarriage: Calendar Girl Perils af Pauline; Sport of Kinoa Call It Murder: Racketeers -Perils of Pauline: Woman on the Beach Woman on the Beach; Last of Redman Imperfect Ladv: Snort af Kings Washington Living in a Big Way: Odd Man Out Odd Man Out; Thafa My Gal WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY MILLS AMRASSADOR. 3400 Wilshire BEVERLY CANON. 205 N. Canon DEL MAR, Pico nr. La Brei ESOUIRE. Fairfax at Oakwood-LAUREL. Beverly-Laurel MUSIC HALL. SUdO Wllsniro- Ray Miliand in Imperfect Lady r Scarfaee: Hell's Angela Spoilers of the North; Magnificent Rogue The Years Between: Michael Redaravo Extenuating Circumstances: End of a Dsy comedy Carnival: Death valley PAN PACIFIC. 7554 Beverly Blvd. To Each His Own: Hold That Blonde PICFAIR. Pica at Fairfai Searface: Hell s Anoela UCLAN, Westwood Blvd. -Wilshire Blood-Red Rose; Claudine EASTLAND THEATRES AN-1 -1000' ALISO 1520 E. First . Darling Clementine: Calendar Girl BROOKLYN 2425 Brooklyn Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now: Son of Rusty CRYSTAL. 2806 Whittier Hucksters: Sport of Kings JEWEL. 3817 Whittier Searface: Hells Angels JOY. 2016 E. First Great Expectations; For the Love af Rusty MERALTA. 2035 E. First Cry Wolf: Cynthia NATIONAL, 2229 Brooklyn Oust Ba My Destiny: Marked Woman TERRACE. 3915 City Terraca Dr. Cry Wolf: Gunflohtera VERN. 2811 E. Olympic Dear Ruth: Blajo of Noon WABASH, 301 Wabash Crtrose Cams C.O.D. ; Bruts Fsrcs DRIVE IN THEATRES 182nd- -Open Soon L. A. Alex. Ragtime Band: Last af -Mehirane -Perils of Pauline; Fear In the Night -The Rains came: Diamnnn Horsertoo DRIVE IN. Vermont at DFtlVE IN. 12109 W. Olympic DRIVE IN. Burbank DRIVE IN. Rertlands DRIVE IN. Santa Ana Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Thst's My Msn AIM AM BR A SAN GABRIEL VALLEY- ALHAMBRA eV ANNEX- Dear Ruth; Imperfect Lady SANTA ANITA. Arcadia GARFIELD. Garfield st Valley GARVEY, Gorvey at San 6abrlel- cuhONti, 130 w. asain- Weman en the Bearh; Cynthia Springtime in Sierras: Cade of West Brute Force: Cepacabana Sea Wolf: Sea Hawk Possessed: Corpse Came C.O.D. Possessed; Corpse Came C.O.D, MONTEREY. Garfield at Hellman ROSEMEAD. Rosemead STATE. Atuss - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now; Possessed TEMPLE, las Tunas-Rosemead Dishonored Lady: The Unfaithful TUMBLEWEE9. Garvey-Valley Bl. Blondie s Big Moment: Bar 20 Justice VALLEY, El Mania Born ta Speed; Newshotlndi LONG BEACH TORRANCE AREA- EBELL. 3rd at Cerritns. Long Beach Fiesta: Stairway to Heaven LA SHELL, 5384 Long Beach Bl. Housekeeper'a Daughter; Thunder Mtn. RIALTO, 117 W. Pike. Long Bearh Vampire Ghost: They Live in Fear RITZ, Long Beach My Brother Talks to Horses: Trail Street STRAND. 235 Pike. Long Beach Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Honevmoon TRACY. Opposite Auditorium. Long Brach 3 Features, 5 Cartoons VICTOR. 207 E. Seaside Dead of Night: Inner Circle: Kid's Last Ride EL SEGUNDO. El Scgundo Fun on a Weekend: Thunder Mountain PLAZA. Hawthorns . Cry Wolf: Oark Delusion REX. Hawthoane Dick Tracy's Dilemma: Thunder Mountain LENNOX, Lennox Cheyenne: Blind Spot L0 MIT A. Lomita Unfaithful: Ceparah-ang GAROENA. Gardens Perils of Pauline: Corpse Came C.O.D. PARK. Gardens Ghost and Mrs. Muir; That's My Gal GRAND. Torrance Last of the Redmen: Imperfect Lady TORRANCE. Torrance Affairs af Geraldine; Santa Fa Uprising RITZ, loglswoea You Cas t Cheat an Honest Map; I Stole a Million ARCADE, 534 8. BROADWAY. 428 CAMEO. 528 8. Broadway- CENTRAL. 314 S. Broadway- COZY. 320 8. Broadway LiNDA LEA. First at San Pedro- LUX. 825 W. Third MAYAN, llth and Hill MUSIC HALL. 802 S. Broadway- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN Braadway Cisco Kid Returns 8. Broadway- Eastsido Kid Fiesta: Turnabout OLYMPIC. 8th and Broadway- ROXIE, 518 s. Broadway-TOWN. 444 8. Hill St. UNITED ARTISTS. Sth-Bdwy Black Narcissus I Aeeusa My Parents; Gentleman With Guns Kszor's Edge; strange journey 100 Men and a Girl: Dead Ead Call Theatre for Program Little Mr. Jim: Thunder Mountain Foolish Virain: Playboy -Comedy Carnival; Death Valley Northwest Mounted Police; Iceland Marked Woman; Dust Ba My Destiny -Abie a Irish Hase: saadowed Drummond Strikea Back HOLLYWOOD -Rhapsody in Blue: Bov and His Dos Stairway to Heaven: Calcutta bcartace: nan s Angels Woman en the Beeeh ADMIRAL. Hollywood at Vin CAMPUS. Vermont a Santa Monlea- CINEMA. Western near Santa Manica- CLINT0N. 526 N. Western Perils of Psullne: HAWAII. 5941 Hollywood Blvd. Comedy Carnival: Death Valley HITCHING POST. Hollywood at Vino Code af the Saddle: Bells of Rosarita HUNLEY, 5115 Hollywood Blvd. The Unfaithful: Great Expectations LOS FELIZ. Vermont st Franklin i Possessed: Imperfect Lady MARCAL. 6021 Hollywood Blvd. The B-st Years of Our Lives. M ELV AN, Melrose and Van Ness Scarfaee: Hell s Angels MONICA. 7734 Santa Monica Perila af Pauline: Corpse Cams C.O.D. MUSIC HALL, 6523 Hollywood Blvd. Comedy Carnival: Death Valley ORIENTAL. 7425 Sunset Possessed: Slave Girt STUDIO. 1715 N. Vermont Noel Coward's This Happy Breed SUNSET. Western at Sunset Lova a the Dole: The Good Companions VISTA. Sunset at Hollywood Mom and Dad SAN. A MONICA BRENTWOOD-". AERO. Montana at 14th St. Great Expectations; King sf Wild Horses BRENTWOOD. II6II Wilshire- ELMIRO. 1443 3rd St.- Imperfect Ladv: Her Sister's Secret Unfaithful: Patient Vanishes HITCHING POST. 1448 4th St. Trail to San Antonio: 6anosters' Frontier MAJESTIC, Santa Monica Marked Woman; Dust Be My Destiny MERALTA. Culver City Dear Ruth: Little Miss Braadwsy w EAST LOS ANGELES MONTEBELLO WHITTIER : BONITO, 410 N. Ford flueen f Amuans: Violence BOULEVARD. 4949 Whittier Blvd. Slave Girl: Gunflghters CENTER. 4760 Whittier Blvd. Unlaithtul: Lev and Leara GARDEN, 4511 Telegraph Road Bluebeard: N ovale Kid STRAND. 4232 Whittier Blvd Hucksters; Bora to Speed UNIQUE. 3615 E. First St. Farmer's Daughter: Fslcon's Adventure ROXY. Whittier Great Welti: Blondie's Bia Moment WAROMAN, Whittier Red Stallion: Trespasser WHITTIER. Whittier Wyoming: Repeat Perfarmanca VOGUE. Mentebello Corsiean Bros.. South af Page Pago sn CENTRAL THEATRES.. 8. Central Cynthia: 7 Keys t Bsldpste S. Central Experiment Perilous; Silver Skates BILL ROBINSON. 4319 FLORENCE MILLS. 3511 HUB. 1007 s. Central SAVOY. 5326 8. Central Vigilantes of Dodge City ARCADE. 404 N. Central- AT WATER. 3183 Glendalo Blvd.- COSMO, 730 S. Brand Blvd ROXY. 417 N. Brand Blvd. VOGUE, 735 8. Brand Blvd.- ' GLENDA' F- Marttta Ivors: North of Rio Devil. Thumbs a Ride -Tobacco Rosd: Grapea sf Wrsth Odd Man Out: Corpse Came C.O.D. -Trail to San Antone: Ranqo Defenders Moss Rose: Stairway to Heaven -Great Welti: Two Mrs. Carrells BURBANK, 207 S. San Fernando- LOMA, 319 8. San Fernando MAGNOLIA. 4433 W. Magnolia MAJOR. 333 N. San Fernando- BURBANK -Blue Dahlia? Ramrod -Dear Ruth; Sono of the Sierraa Cry Wolf: Riff Raff -Cynthia: Dark Delusion PASADENA. MERRA MADRE. MONROVIA. SO. PASADENA RAYMOND. 129 N. Raymond 13 Rue Madeleine; King of Wild Horses SIERRA MAO RE. 87 W. Sierra Madre Brute Force; Fun on a Week-End LYRIC, Monrovia Blaze of Noon: 7 Keys to Baldpata MONROVIA. Monrovia Dear Ftuth : Crimson Key RITZ. South Pasadena Taxaa; Arizona SOUTH-LYN THEATRES ALLEN. 3809 Tweedy Blvd. Law Comes to Gunaight: Blondie's Big Moment VOGUE. 9325 Long Beach Blvd. Kisa of Death: Cynthia ARDEN. 11709 Lens Bearh Bl. Wander Who's Kissing Her: Crimson Key LYNWOOD. 11605 Long Beach Bl. Sagebrush Trail: Living In a Big Way sr v n t . AnA Sljt COUNTY WALKER'S, 3rd at Bush St.-STATE. 4th at Birch PRINCESS. 4th at Spurgeon L I DO. Newnort Beach BALBOA. Balboa WILSHIRE. Fullerton LAG UNA. Laouna SOUTH COAST. Laeuna -Maeember Affair: Sport of Kings ti raso ma: it s a Jnks. Sen -Loco Vegabeunds: Heart af the West -Romance af Rosy Ridge SURF, Huntinnton Beads- rnsT. Santa Ana BREA. Brea PLAZA. Orange LA HABRA. La Habr ORANGE. Oranee SAN CLEMENTE. Saa Clement Cynthia: Fabulous Susanna Nevada: Devil en Wheels Moth-er Wore Tiohts tlry Wolf -Gunflghters: Blondie's Big Moment -magnificent Rogue: Pursued Reams of Sunnyhreok Farm: Fighting Fury smoky River Serenade: Devil on Wheels It Happened ia Brooklyn: So Dsrk the Night eunflghters: S Unit Shaw Imperfect Lsdy ONTARIO ' CALIFORNIA. 138 N. Euclid Ave. PARK, 122 N. Euclid Ave. 5L MONTE. BALDWIN PARK EL MONTE. Valley at Tyler-BALDWIN. Baldwin Park tuviNA. covina- LleMnlng strikes: Trailia1 Trouble Blaze af Noon: Devil a Wheels COVINA. GLENOORA GLEND0RA. Glendora SUBURBAN and COMMUNITY Cynthia: Bahee en Rwina fttraet Cepacabana: Corpse Came C.O.D. Woman on the Beach: Vigilantes Return caiennsr uin: cowboy Blues RIVIERA. Avalon. Cetalin CANuiiA. canooa Park CORONA. Corona MERALTA. Downey HUNTINGTON. Huntington tLsinuitt, tisinore Park- -Hollywood Canteen Giinfighters; Born to Kill Little Mr. Jim: Stronger From Penea City Cvnthia : Born to Saeed Follow That Weman; Law of Canyon Kiss of neatn Kines Row: Spoilers of the North -Saddle Pals: Casnnova in Buregue Hombro con la Mascara de Hierro Corpse Cane C.O.D.: Cooa-shana -New Orleans: Corpse Came C.O.D. -Slave Girl: Hi IT Raff F0NTAN A. Fontan FILLMORE. Fillmore PALMS. Fillmore El MONTROSE. Montrose El. RANCH0. Moorpork LANKERSHIM. No. Hollywood- Oeeanside Little Mise Broadway: Oanoerout Venture E?i-0J'A1-2""n.,id" vict"' Mature in Kiss of Death 5.','?,r:f5ES.I-.Ri.',"'rwt THi"f Bagdad: Woman Chaaea Man TUJUNGA. 6719 Foothill Blvd. Woman an the Beach: Undercover Maisie RENNIE. San cr" '- Cg utu I?WN.-.8" Eernando Searching Wind; South of Chi-hotm Trail SAN GABRIEL. 330 W. Las Tunas Possessed: Corpse Came C.O.D. P.SPY5-- Ub'sno 1 Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now: Junslo Bonk UPLAND. Uolond MAYFAIR. Ventura VALUSKIS, Willowbrook- -F armor's Daughter; -Over Santa Fe Trail Riff Raff Devil Thumbs a Ride. WW V Tbs lasol-sfid-lSYS Hit IvsrYbad, i Talking AIM 01 1 WWUAM JOAN StUT tsWATO HOM N0lDENCAUlFIElD'D(W0lFE'A8H0l9-FREEa.AN AT THEATRES IHOW- --. &Jfo BOULEVARD, FIGUEROA, HIGHLAND, IARCHMONT, RAVENNA, STADIUM, UNITED ARTISTS, WESTLAKE, Los Angeles; GLOBE, Downtown; FILMARTE, Hollywood; HERMOSA, Harmoto; EL PORTAL, LA RE1NA, North Hollywood. THEATRES MARKED WITH STAR t ARE OPEN ALL NIGHT ARROYO 3236 N". Finueroa. CA-8S3J, ,Fre Pa. The Red Stallion: The Other Lev BELMONT 1st-Vermont. JiX-laal. Cont. S For Whoas the Bell Tells; French man's Crook BEVERLY Beverly Hills. fK-olHl. Op.i l Kiss af Death: Blsze of Noon BOULEVARD Wash.-Vrmnu BK-411L. On, :45 Dear Ruth; Red Stallion BRUIN Westwd BR-0t093. On. :f3 They Woa't Believe Me; The Red Stalliea CARLTON Weslero-5401. Ai-lsUJi Own 5:30 Cry Wolf: Cynthia CARM EL 8163 S. M. Blvd. GB-I72S. Op. 1:15 Cynthia: Cry Wolf CAKTHAY CIRCLE WE-Till. Open 8 Mother Wore Tiqhts: Technicolor Cartoon ' EL REY5-.17 Wilshire. WH-3;2. Crniu 1!:S0 For Whom the Bell Tails; Frenchman's Creek EMBASSY Westem-3rd. KB-loli Opent:4i Cry Wolf: The Other Lava FAIRFAX &eTly-Vsirfsi. Fr. Pk. Or. 15 Dear Ruth: Tha Red Stallion FIGUEROA Fis.-Sra. liar. AD-0515. Op. 5:15 Dear Ruth: Tha Red Stallion 4-8TAR Wihh. nr. La lirra. YO-M11 Ooen 12 Neon Gone With the Wind FLORENCE Flor.-tomp. At. l,A-777. Ft. PL. Tha Red Stallion: Woman an tha Beach SENTRY C'omD -66th. L.A LA-iOSS. Frea Pk. Gunflghters: Thg Other Lsvo GOLDEN GATE S176 Whituer Blvd. CL 12:30 Blaze af Noon; Wyoming CORDON La Brea-Mflrose. WH-llSt Who's Kissing Her New: They Wen t Believe Ms HIGHLAND .---01 N. Flcueras. AL.-961S Dear Ruth: Blazs af Noon LA BREA 9th-l.a Brea. WA-8502. Starts T Cynthia: Cry Wolf LARCHMONT I-archmont st Beverly. GL-T11T Dear Ruth; Red Stallion LIDO l.a I'lenesa-Plro. KR-53S33 Free Park Wonder Who's Kissing Her: Won't Believe Mt LOYOLA M anch. -Ser-ul OR-8J4I4 Open S Betty Grsbls ia Mother Wore Tights MELROSE Mel. nr. Vermont. OL-4421. Ft. P Wonder Who's Kissing Her: Won't Beiievo Ms MESA CTcnshavi-Sla'jMm. AX-1K9"9. Op. i:nn Wonder Who's Kissing Her: Won't Believe Ma PARISIAN Vermmit-Stb. DB-1013 Cynthia: Cry Wolf . RAVENNA Vermont-Rev. FE-0060. Otcn:15 Dear Ruth: Blare af Noon REGINA ". Wilshire. CH-S61B Lawrence Olivier in Henry V 70 and :3fJ RITZ Wilshlre-La Brea. WA-1321. Cnnt li:30 Black Narcissus: Is Everybody Listening? RIVOLI 4.VJ1 S. Western. AX-29T16 Rustlers sf Devil's Canyon: Volley of Vengesnea STADIUM Plro-Bnh'tsnn. CR-62083. Op. 5:10 Deer Ruth: The Red Stalliea STARLANO 2K24 -V Broadway. CA-8090 Seared to Death: Apache Rosa TOWER Compton. NE-6KU5. Freo Perklnf The Red Stallion: Waman an the Beach W UNITED ARTISTS 5136 WhlU BL Op. 12 30 Dear Ruth: Cry Wolf UPTOWN Wesfn-Olymnle. PA-1116. CL11J5 Mother Wore Tights: Second Chaneo VILLAGE W'enttvnnd. BR-4nnL AB-33042 K iss of Dosth: Blaze of Neon WESTERN Wetprn-rt9!h. AX-21S0L, Fr. Pk. Gunflghters: Riff RsfF WESTLAKE Alv.-Wihh. FK-3950. ConL 1 Dear Ruth: The Red Stsllion WILSHIRE Bev. T4iM CR-'.R!t7. Tont. 11 Unfinished Danoa; Pete Smith Short DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES LINCOLN 2300 S. Central. MI-6275 Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now; Blare af Neon LOS ANGELES 615 S. Hroaiav. Ml-6277 Unfinished Dance; Pete Smith Short SVLOEW'S TATE 7-, s. Hrta1ar. CooL IS Mother Worn Tiohts: Second Chsitce MILLION $ sn: Brnada. MI 6J7J Staqe: Tex Williams 4 'Smoks, Smoke, Smeko' SLOBE Hniftway near isth Dear Ruth; The Other Lova -SVORPHEUM 84i S. Brr.adv.ev. Ml-?72 For Whom the Bell Tells: Frenchman's Creek PALACE NEWSREEL 639 S. Bdwy. Ct. .30 SO-Minuta Program: New 8hew 4 p.m. wRIALTO 812 S, Brnartway. MI-6273 Gunflghters; Red Stailioa LONG BEACH CREST Atlantic; ar. Carson. LB. 4-1619. ft. 12 Carnegie Hall PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMBRA ACADEMY RY. 16508. Open II Singapore: Saroe Geaa to College UNITED ARTISTS RT.. 16377. Open 12 Henry V TOWER-ST. 38169. Open 12 Marked Weman: Oust Be My Destiny PASADENA SY. 6711:1 Open 12 Cry Wolt; The Red Stallion UPT0WN-PY. 3t;wii o;en;5 Cry Wolf: The Red Stallion STRAND -SV. SSI,' (rpen IX Brute Force: Copacabana WASHINGTON-. 70140. Open :4S Honeymoon: Ivy STATE SY. !71::9 Open 8 45 Great Walts: Stairway to Heavsa PARK SY. 42115. Open 6 45 Blaje of Noon: Kilroy Was Hers RI,LT07f!'.''- ,p""'n- SY-93161. Open 8 45 Slave Girl: Imperfeet Lady tt wV, 4!,d?in- Alhahra. Orn 1 -4!i I Wonder Who s Kissing Her Now: Crimson Kay HOLLYWOOD APOLLO Hljrwd. nr. Westn. GR-4522. Op. 6:4S Wonder Wht's Kissing Her: Won't Bslievg Ms CHINESE 625 Hollywood Blvd. Open 11 45 Mother Wars Tights; Technicolor Csrtoon EGYPTIAN Hwd. nr. Hjiliiland. 1.-I1U. Ct. IS Unfinished Dance; Peto Smith Short FILMARTE 12JS X. Vine. UK-7712. Open 5:45 Dear Ruth: Red Stailioa GUILD S126 Ulyivd. Blvd. HI-T1T1. Op. 12 39 Black Narcissus; Drummond Strikes Back HOLLYWOOD HE-salJ. Coot. li:30 Cynthia: Cry Welf IRIS 6JIJS Hijmd. Blvd. GI.-5R8S. Coot 12iS Black Narcissus; Is Everybody Listening? LOMA sta. Mon. -Western. UL--8713. Cont. S Cynthia; Cry Welf VOGUE 6675 Hlvud. Blvd. GR-J.VSS. Cnnt 12 Far Whom the Bell Tolls: Frenchman's Creek OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE. W.L.A- CULVER CITT DOME S.M. 6273. Open 12:45 Romance af Rosy Ridge; Blendig's Holiday CRITERION Santa M'mics ji-'2. Cent. 11 :4S They Won't Believe Me: 7 Keys to Bsldpata ROSEMARY Santa Mmica 6::2;. Opea Tobacco Read; Grapes of Wrath VENICE Venice. U.J.I. 6278 Woman an the Beach; Bruts Fores BUND V Piro-Centinela. AR-95161. Free Park Farmer's Daughter; Undercover Maisio TIVOLI llr.23 Santa Monica Blvd. AR-31SS8 Wonder Who's Kissing Her New: Possessed! NUART Sawtelle-Pts. Mno. Bird. AB-8370 Riff Raff: Dark Delusioa WILSHIRE 1314 Wilwitro Blvd. S.M. 56995 Miracle aa 34th St.: Tha Great Waltz CULVER Waehtngton-Dtiquesne. AR-S31J Black Narcissus; Drummond Strikes Back HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA JE-5111. Matinee prices 12-6 Blazs ot Noon; Repeat Porformonco LYRIC 720.4 hs. B.-h. Blvd. LA-060J. Op. 8:4 Dtshenorod Lady; Unfaithful ALCAZAR 4426 E. Gase. LA -3308. Op. 8:45 Cynthia; Corpse Corns C.O.D. INGLEWOOD ACAOEMY PL-13151. OR-710n0. 3 A. Fr. Pk, Song of the Thin Msn: Latest News Events UNITED ARTISTS OBcboo 8170L, Conu 1 The Red Stallion; Singapore FIFTH AVENUE Sth-Manrriesfer. TW-8964 Western Union: Daring Desperadoes INGLEWOOD 10.1 N. l.a Brea OR-74188 OL I Saddle Psla; My Brother Tslks to Horses SEVILLE West Blvd. at 84th. OB-82000 California: My Darling Clementina REDQNDQ, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REDONOO Redondo 5254. Smoking; Blazo sf Noon: Tho Red Stallion ST RAN D Reitonrtn 83011. Open 6 45 Shoot to Kill; West of Dodge City HERMOSA BerTnnrto 6245. Open 6 15 Dear Roth: Tho Other Love LAMAR Manhattan Bearh. Redmvto 85M Brute Force; Woman on tho Beach GLENDALE ALEX CH. 5125. "P" 12 Singapore: Sargg Goes to College GLENDALE CH. 52iil5. Open 12 Romance of Rosy Ridge; Tho Trespasser CALIFORNIA ( H. l.i7. Open 8. Smoking" Red Statlien; Guo6ghtero CAPITOL R 51 nil. l-n 13 Kisa of Death: The Other Leva GATEWAY f. Fer. -brand. CH 51631. Op. 8 41 Woman on tho Beach: Possessed 6LEN Cnlora-H-Adame CH 5176. Open 8:4 Perils of Pauline; Ghost and Mrs. Muir ORTr46lLYWOODrVANNUYS. SHERMAN OAKS. STUDIO CITY STUDIO CITY ST-7197T. KU-22377. Opra Block Narcissus; Is Everybody Listening? EL PORTAL Nf. Hollywood. ST-J2983. Op. IS Dear Ruth; Dark Delusion VALLEY No. Hollywood. ST7-2-S272. Open 8 4J Way Out West: Trigger Fingers LA REIN A ST -72942 ST-4114L, Open 8:48 Dear Ruth: Cry Wolf VAN NUYS ST-5273!. Onn 6 45 Slave Girl: Last of tho Redmea POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Open 6:45 Western Union: Daring Desperados SUNK 1ST TVmma Welcome Stranger: Peeifle Adventure VILLAS E-i'leiinont I Wenrfer Who's Kissing Her New: Possessed GRANADA Ontario Mother Wore Tights: That's My Gal ORANGE COUNTY BROADWAY Sants Ana -Wn Welcome Strsnger; Thunderbolt FOX Fullerton 27 Cry Wolf: A Likely Story WEST COAST Sams Ana 818 Riff Raff; Time Out af Mind FOX Anaheim 3i02 Romance of Rosy Rldgo: Barn ta Speed ANAHEIM Anatieim 4212 Kiss of Death: Robin Head af Texas t

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