The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 9, 1948 · 23
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 23

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1948
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't' 'r AND FILM Lcsangclcs Cfmcs2 WEDNESDAY. JUNE 9, 1948 i A jfc'SP,Vf'W Wltm PRINCIPAL Dorothy Lamour takes a leading role in "On Our Merry Way," due Friday ot the Music Halls. Choral Concert Ottered Newton Wanted as Star; Simmons Deal in Offing BY EDWIN SCHALI.ERT . Enthusiastic over results of Robert Newton's performance In The Unafraid," Harold Hecht and Burt Lancaster, who ran a rough cut of the picture, are already in communication with the British actor about returning before the end of the year. They want him for a story by Hugh Gray called ' Old Harry Out West," to be filmed by Norma. It is a Wally Beery sort of assignment for this star from England, although also doubtless bearing a re semblance to the part Charles Laughton played with such re markable success at one time in "Ruggles of Red Gap." . Debate is reported in progress about the title, "The Unafraid, nith some talk of a return to "Kiss the Blood Off My Hands." ENTERPRISE ARRANGING NEW PRODUCTIONS With its MGM release arranged, Enterprise seems to be putting on a new film-making -drive. Yesterday it was made known that Zoe Akins had completed the script for "Fursuit of Love" and that this picture will probably be shot in England with Jean Simmons sought as star. Simultaneously the company has taken an option on an original story by Actress Marie Windsor, called "The First Tasser," which promises to rival "Tucker's People" in dealing with a racket this time affecting race-track betting. The main figure in the plot is an electrical wizard, who cuts in on telephone lines to record results of races, and then on a delayed timing basis, relays them to bookie establishments, plac ing bets in the meantime on winners. CHILD STARS ASSIGNED TO "CHICKEN With Natalie Wood and Anthony Sykes just added in two of three children's roles, "Chicken Every Sunday" will go into work Monday at 20th with George Seaton directing and William Perl- berg producing. Dan Dailey and Celeste Holm appear as the par ents and their older daughter is still to be chosen. Percy Helton, Katherine Emery, Whitner Bissell and Mary Field will appear as boarders, Hal K. Dawson as an old prospector and H. T. Tsiang as a Chinese cook. "Winner Take Nothing." the Richard Quine-William Ashcr picture with Cameron Mifchell, Virginia Grey, Jane Nigh and Sam Levene, will be called "Loser Take All" on release by Columbia. JULES DASSIN WILL DIRECT 'MAGDALEN A Jules Dassin. who directed "Naked City" for the late Mark Hel-linger. will assume charge of "Magdalena" for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association, which is a coup for this organiza- tinn 33 n-f!1 nt: cr11inr timclipo frtr Dassin hraiis this 13 the new Yilla-Lobos operetta. In New York recently Dassin staged if"5f- -Joy to the World" with Alfred Drake and Marsha Hunt, the i1" fa ? fP?dyitl satire on motion-picture making. Mel Ferrer was once mentioned anfJ' uniqueness cf as a possible director. 1 niert voices. Alphonso Bedoya, who demonstrated such a unique personality The choir sang with assur-jf- in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," will have the role of Calico in j ance and enthusiasm. There was s "Streets of Laredo" at Paramount William Holden, Macdonald j always complete observ ance of j w;ii;-,m caniiv anH inna Wneman arn alrpaHv s.t dynamics and other internreta- 4 tive indications, but some voices LANG ANNOUNCES 'HOLLYWOOD TOUCH" stuck out above the others and; Fritz Lang of Diana Productions, which he asserts will pursue , its course, announces the acquiring of "The Hollywood Touch, by Frank G ruber, about an individual who manages for years .just borrowing money around Hollywood until shot by a Communist. This is a mystery thriller affair. Paul McVey's role in "Tucker's People" will be strong one of , the law partner of John Garfield, who puts his co-workeon the spot because of his association with numbers rackets. ) .1 'Creek' Stays on Screens "Coroner Creek," rousing western film in Cinecolor, will continue for another week at Or-pheum, Vogue, El Rey, Belmont and Culver theaters. Randolph Scott and Marguerite Chapman are supported by George Mac-ready, Sally Eilers and Edgar Buchanan. The added feature, "My Dog Rusty," with Ted Donaldson, John Lytel and Ann Doran, will also remain on the bill. 'Inner Sanctum Series Planned Walter Shenson, formerly with Columbia; Richard B. Mowos. son of Boris Morros, and Samuel Rheiner have formed a company called M.R.S. Pictures, Inc., to produce "Inner Sanctum" pictures as suspense melodramas. These were once a feature of Universale program. M.R.S. films will be made at Hal Roach studios, and the first release of the series through Film Classics will be called "Inner Sanctum." It will start shooting in three or four weeks. Stage and Screen Success Enjoyed hy Swedish Star Ingrid Bergman was a success on the stage before skyrocketing to fame on the screen. Well known on the Swedish stage through the Royal Dramatic Theater School, Miss Berg, man's first movie in her native country was "Intermezzo" and consequently her first hit in America. Her newest picture is "Arch of Triumph," in which she is co-starred with Charles Boyer and Charles Laughton. The film will open Friday at Warners' Hollywood, Downtown and Wiltern tfieaters. Celebrating its fiOth anniversary, the Ellis-Orpheus Club, consisting of some threescore male singers, presented a choral concert last night at Embassy Auditorium. Appearing as guest artist, Miss Janice Maudry, contralto, sang two groups of solos. This concert was considerably better than the one presented earlier in the season. The selection of compositions was of superior quality, with a comfortable amount of recognized composers presented. A minimum of arrangements for glee club made the concert more interesting for the discriminating listener. Dependency Shown This reviewer still does not look forward with eager anticipation to an entire program of choral works with piano accom paniment. The task is naturally the charm i unaecorr.p- Requiem in thunderous and superfluous harmonic configurations. Miss Maudry sang well last night. Her first group consisted of songs by Schubert, DuParc and Rachmaninoff. The young singer's voice i3 clear and devoid of the characteristic but unpleasant throb so lovingly cultivated by contraltos. Her German diction was distinct, but the words to DuParc's ' Chanson Triste" could have been more pronounced. Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson accompanied the Eilis-Orphciis Club with accuracy and intelligence. J. G. LAST 2 DAYS I STAND IN and FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT" Western Premiere j FRI. ew-r: - v CROSBY'RMAINE 'cat MIS SIMM touijnt mam -. i It's the All-Tims 'jf ( h All-Star Comtdy ' Smash I . Change ot Pace Richard Powers who played the part of a hero in his last six pictures, becomes a heavy in "Indian Agent," goes berserk and shoots four people to death. .A ' V m 1 . 1 1 cV PART 1 23 voowitiaiTHi iXv'fU Donald O'CONNOR SAN JUAN Martfa STEWART tew PMER ti r3v";q """" f 2nd IXCITINO FIATURII X . Z:7 h My "DEAR MURDERER" J U I' OMITID I FOX m$ GUIID j $TUW0 j mi on BelmoktI CCRf I VOCUEl CULVER PRLRCE otLMun I "z::L -- CCHUM81 HCTUftCS p C0BRA0I - EIRQ MATTERA ot ohmhousi HSKtM (' L fS- vlflt0 ' flim effigSe) UptowH J&mcu the tenor section sounded "harsh j ! and strained. vniw Valentino u'hn la f rpf-isnrmtr aftpr two vears inac-' - z T" , o u- led the group in ttvitj-as a seizmcit tomrdtit-e, juins inc r ium iai 1 number ' Mv m the role ot aiargo ana is testing at r-die-iiou iui itmmiiic , 5opw .air'i so-j t lead in "Red Stallion in the Rockies" title tentative, Soloist Fleases One of the best sounding compositions was Elinor Remick Warren's "Autumn Sunset in the Canyon," a pleasant, well-balanced work. Ben Edwards, di rector of the Ellis-Orpheus Club, one of his own Composition nded as though Hughes, Schary in Accord Howard Hughes and Dore bv the organization's production S-harv, vice-president in charge since the Hughes-Odium . a i . tju-n in (ieal and suggested indirectly, cf production at RKO, are in that Huches is takinfr an active comrlete acconi regarding pres- interest in the company. I ent policy and the projected j ye have a big schedule program for the company as a planned and we must bend our( result of a number of ta'iks to-; energies to making as many gether, it was indicated yester-' good . pictures as we possibly day in a statement by Schary' can." Schary declared, made with a view of dispelling. Most of the rymors have eon-rumors. It was the first pro-' corned management chanse, but nouncement cf this kind issued the Schary statement discounts' ! those. Rights Sought i Following the revival of the play. 'Men in White'' in New, York. Lloyd Cough, who co-j starred in the original Broadway j production with Jimmy Stewart and Sam Levene, is negotiating i now for West Coast rights to: the Sidney Kingsley drama. HILLSTR IIT ONLY LAST 2 DAYS I. ! i FRIDAY! AmtrUoR Prtmtifil STARS IN PiRSONI UCHTSI CtAMOURI IXCrtlMiNTI CHJ DON til MUTUAl COAiT-TO-COAST IIOAOCAST wnttooT cmn.oii's WHAT'S THE NAME OF THAT SONG is : i j x 1 airrMLiUM iw ERIC PCHTMAH m Corridor OF MIRRORS" UUttUI rcu jmcu ECANA ROMKEY A MfW f At -mm m 2 iiwM'(i(waivH JOHN FORD'S MASTERPIECE OF THE FRONTIER! jomn roto wmiiian c coom ESQUIRE 41 N riX M IH4 JOHN WAYNE HENRY FONDA SHIRLEY TEMPLE PEDRO ARMENDARIZ t WARD BOND GEORGE O'BRIEN VICTOR McLAGLEN GRANT WITHERS DICK FORAN ANNA LEE GUY KIBBEE IRENE RICH MAE MARSH IOHN AGAR Fort Apache Dircti b JOHN FORD Sow play fey Fraak Ns(m "Mmttn'hj Jsmn Wmrmrr MUh AH AlOOtT riCTt'tl tilitmvd Ikru KO Km FtM. Int. M KUWtM KM ntAFMO IT BOSTON IUCKK" M i I3-- v Zrm Z tim.Z Smash l . i Wvuumv..f .j: KoUnd lulver Luciw ato , ' 1 1 V FT S I I TiTim ! "1 - Richrd Hdii Hircld VtrmKr. f f f j' fi f , 'f t M I ! it were trying to outdo Berlioz's! H M.liii.TUU , inl.' t y , '"J U tJ?4l3r :t VI ir M0 a ' - a DMA Ln nlJU An : - -t Z'1. fcJS. W'--1ati& CJHtlOX MITCHELL - ,. I j"0 Jl MEKVYN LeROY PRODUCnON - . 5 v .,k "-.IT M. Ut. . toM 1., N fwa ; T : ' ' ' WILLIAM OEMAREST HUGH HERBERT ,(SVDFfiiA!!uN - - ' i EDUAROO CtANSELLl CHARLES 0. BROWN k . cnuFtirn vmmi If . ' j ..-!:.. - t4 It Bwdirt Bottlut ml Burn Mtrrt.t "' "V" : f- . f-7V . -1 V.aot ,., I ?"!c rl ! TI SMITH'S 1 1 I 1 1 - ""-.r ) SS6YPTIANA , , -' . f n l l Vcuioj cw u is I ' ' '" ''V " " ''I '"" ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ' II ll.,..,M.M,l,,U...,.P.-i j I ' IS- : ' ' ' 1 I ' i JWWMaReCT!g---: SL : : THAT FASCINATING FAMILY FROM T . .. ! BROADWAY'S MOST PLAY S li AV-- ' f-Sr I kind of children - , .. i5rJ. ,Vi K I wanted... then Qfti WOTi Oil I ' -O mm. K CREKSH IT SUUSBU ntDci unuTCi fun I MAJOR STUDIO FEATURE PREVIEW! tht tht Kithn'i Imjh Hit "SITTING PRETTY" THEATRES MARKED WITH STAB () At O'EN Alt NIGHT I ARROYO 3256 X. Vis. Oo. 6:45. CA-8131 SCCDOA-HOO: 5CUUD.MT! uoior. Irene Dunne in I REMEMBER MAMA I BELMONT lgt-Vermont. Cl. 6. Randolph Scott, Mirfiret gntpmen in CORONER CREEK; MY DOQ RUtTY I BEVERLY Rev. Hllll. Op. 6:45 CR'MHl Mature, FURY AT FURtt tt,h.ll.Ccilill5. NBOSf HANGS HIGH BOULEVARD Wh.-Vrf Op.6 :45.R E-4111 STATE OF THE union,- I Hutten-Reynolds. ALWAYS TOGETHER BRUIN Wotnood. Opm 6:45. AR-39J Irene Dunne in I remkmbeh mm, trunnl.Hnn1 SCUOOA-HAY! esler CARLTON West'n. -54 l)p.5:S0 AX-189J2 Irene Uunne, I HtntmoKK nmmn SCUDDA HOO: SCUDDA HAYl CARMEL 8163 S . Snill'l HIT. Ofl-27a Bette Oei, winiik tni r...m.lri.L .k. In SAINTED SISTERS CARTHAY CIRCLE Kr Pi. Op 6 W E-T211 pet Cummim in CHttn h vr WYOMINO; THE COUNTERFEITERS EL REY 5M7 iinhire.Ci. 12 :SO. TO-Oeu Randolph Seett, Mariuenie unepman in CORONER CREEK; MY DOQ RUSTY EMBASSY W(!t'n.-Srd. Op 6:45. FE-3H Irene Dunne in I Rintmin """"i SCUOOA-HOO; SCUOQA-HAY! eolor i FAIRFAX B.v Fr!m. Kr. PSi. WY.311S Mature, FURY AT PUHNV fcnacn., Parfcer-Smith in WOMAN IN WHITE FICUEROA Kic-S Br.,Op.6:45. AD-0515 Mature, FUHT at runiiv unscrv, ParKer-Smith in WOMAN IN WHITE STAR W :Uh.-l.aBrPa.ip.Iz :30. Tg-n THE LOST ONE LA TKAVIAI Music by CiuMppe Verdi FLORENCE Hor.-Omptoo Ave. LA-7677 Abbott-costeiie. nuutc nnu rin, Caulneld - Lake in SAINTED SISTERS GENTRY Compton-f'-6th. L.A. LA-S5KJ R. Hayworth, lady i-hqm annnuni, Irene Dunne, I REMEMBER MAMA GOLDEN GATE 5176 Wmttier Ct. 1J:JC Tracy-Hepourn-jonnion in v THE UNION; WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN GORDON I.a Brea-Mel. Op. 6:45. WH-11S1 O Hara-Younn-ween. iittinb rniuij Welter Pidgeon. I f WINTER COMES HIGHLAND bb04 K. Filfuema AL-B648 Ceuineld-LaKe in iimtu iiiumi u.f.r. FURY AT FURNACE CREEK LA BREA 9ih-l-a Brea. t. R:45. WA-S05J Irene Dunne in i ntmcmo,n SCUOOA-HOO: SCUODA-HAYt eolor LARCH MONT l.arch.-Bev. Ct. 7. OL-7417 Mature, FURY AT ruH P.rk.r . Smith In WOMAN IN WHITE LIDO l-e Oenepa-Pico. Kr. Pic. BR-?3633 O' Hare-Young-weBB, iitnau i-kkiii, Betft Oavie in WINTER MEETING LOYOLA Man.-SepaMr. Op. 6. 0R-S544 GIVE MY REGARDS TO HO"l Technicolor; WINNER'S CIRCLE MELROSE Mel. nr. Vt, Op. 6:45. OL-mzi Irene Dunne In I Rtninieii SCUDOA H00! SCUDDA-HAY, color MESA Crenh'.Suon. AX-169S8 Gala Premiere Tonight SITTING PRETTY; Lateet New Eventa PARISIAN Verroont-8'h DR-1013 Bette Davie in WINTER MEETING; Caulneld - Lake In SAINTED SISTERS RAVENNA Verra't.-Bev. Op. 6:45. FE-0060 Mature, FURY AT FURNACE CHten.; Smith . Parker In WOMAN IN WHITE REGINA 8556 Wiish. Op 6:45. CR-56464 Irene Dunne In I REMEMBER Caulneld-Lake In SAINTED SISTERS ! RITI Hra. C1.12 J0. WA-1241 Don 0 Connor-OIa San Juan in AHt YOU WITH IT?; DEAR MURDERER RIVOLI 4521 S. Vtrn. AX-28716 ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL; Gene Autry. PUBLIC COWBOY NO. 1 SEVILLE Wet. Bivd. at 64th. OR-82000 Randolph Scott in tORveiie r.-.3i R Milland. WINGS OVER HONOLULU i STADIUM Plco-R'bton. Fr.Pk. CR-62083 Irene Dunne in I remember Mt..r. FURY AT FURNACE CREEK STARLAND 2624 N. Broady. CA-8090 Cocldard-Cooper, unconuuekeu, roior; Wallace Beery. ALIAS A GENTLEMAN eTOWER-CVmpton. Fr. Pit. .NE-6131S Ahhntt.CAXalla. NOOSE HANGS HIGH Caulneld Lake in SAINTED SISTERS 4UNITED ARTISTS 5136 Whit. Op. 12:30 D. O'Koete. M. Hunt in RAW DEAL; Matuaa. FURY AT FURNACE CREEK U PTOWN W tn.-01ym,Ct.l2 :15. PA.1116 Dan Dailey, GIVE mt reuahu iu nwv . Taohniaolen WINNER'S CIRCLE VILLAGE W eat wood.. BR-04301, AR-33042 Heoburn-Traoy-Johneon In STATE OF IIMIAM; t LEAD SOLDIERS WESTERN Weuern-39. Kt. Pk. AX-21601 Milland-Laughton in THE BIG CLOCK; Mavwarth. LADY FROM SHANGHAI WESTLAKE AlY.-W,!st,,r. Ct 2. FE-3920 FURY AT fUHNAtt IHUH; Smith.Parker in WOMAN IN WHITE WILSHIRE Uev. HilU.Op. 12:15. WY-3154 Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Anne Baxter In HOMECOMING "DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES LINCOLN 2100 S. Central. MI-6275 Smith-Parker in WOMAN IN WHITE; Richard Arlen in SPEED TO SPARE LOS ANGELES 615 S. Bdwy. MI-627T Clerk Gable, Lana Turner, Anne Baxter in HOMECOMING LOEW'S STATE 705 S. Bdwv. RE-4111 n.i riail.v CIVE MY REGARDS TO BDWY., Technicolor; WINNER'S CIRCLE ! MILLION S 107 S. Broa.1v. MI-6272 I Humphrey Boaart In SAHARA; ! Ertw Q Robinson in DESTROYER NEWSREEL 744 S Bilwt. MI-6272 i EXCLUSIVE FIRST FILMSt ; OREGON DEATH FLOOD aORPMEUM-842 S. Broartuar Randolph Scott in CORONER also MY DOG RUSTY PALACE 630 S. li.iwv. Out. 9. Randolph 5cott in CORONER also MY DOG RUSTY A RIALTO SI a S. Hrnadvav. Mature. FURY AT FURNACE CREEK Irene Dunne in I REMEMBER MAMA MI-6272 CREEK; Ml -6276 CREEK; MI-6273 INGLEWOOD FREDRIC MARCH DAN DURYEA EDMOND O'BRIEN ANN BLYTH .itu FLORENCE ELDRIDCE ACADEMY 3 A. Fr.Pk. PL.-15151.0R-71000 Hepburn-Tracy-Johnson. STATE Of irte UNION; will it narrta aum UNITED ARTISTS Ct. 12:30 OR. 81701 Den it it O'Keete in RAW DEAL; Sncial ScfHn Attraction FIFTH AVE. 5th Manchester. TW-9966 lobineon - Lancaster In ALL MY SONS; ARTHUR TAKES OVER NGLE WOOD 103 N'. I.a Brea. OR-74186 Mark Hellinger'e THE HAittu cm. Dannie Mnraan in TO THE VICTOR SEVILLE West Blvd. at 64th. OR-82000 Randolph Scott In CORVETTE K-225; R. Milland, WINGS OVER HONOLULU ORANGE COUNTY HOLLYWOOD -DOWNTOWN and WILTERN LAST 2 DAYS! ERROL FLYNNANN SHERIDAN in Warners SILVER RIVER JOHN DALL DONA DRAKE Screenplay by Vladimir Pozner Based on tht Play by LILLIAN HELLMAft Director of Photography: HAL MOHR. A. S. C. Produced by JERRY BRESLER Directed by MICHAEL GORDON BROADWAY Santa Ana Phone 300 Caulneld-Lake in SAINTED SISTERS; RLONDIE'S REWARO FOX Fuilertim. Phone 567 MacMurray-Valli-Sinatra, MIRACLE OF THE BELLS: APRIL SHOWERS WEST COAST Sart'a Ana. Phone 858 Clark Cable, Lana Turner. Anne Baxter In HOMECOMING FOX nhnm. Phone 3602 E. Flvnn. A. Sheridan. SILVER RIVER Hutton.Reynoldi. ALWAYS TOGETHER ANAHEIM Anaheim. Phone 4212 R. Mitchum, R. Scott In GUNG HO; Jon Hall In EAGLES SQUADRON HOLLYWOOD APOLLO Hiywd.-Wstn. Op.6 Ah. CR-4522 Milland-Lauihton in the biu blub.; fl'Hara.Yaune-Webb. SITTING PRETTY CHLNESE 6925 Hlvwd.Op.12 :15. RE-4111 uan uaiiey, vTC ntuonw., BDWY., Technieolor; WINNER'S CIRCLE EGYPTIAN CoEt. 12. CL-1109 Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Anne Baxter in HOMECOMING FILMARTE 1228 N.Vine Ct . 12. GR-7712 Mature, FURY AT FURNACE CREEK.; Smith. Paiker in WOMAN IN WHITE GUILO 6126 Hoilywi. Op. 12:30. HI-7111 Don 0 Connor, oiRa San Juan, t YOU WITH IT?; DEAR MURDERER HOLLYWOOD Cont. 12:31. HE-9371 Irene Dunne In I REMEMBER MAMA; SCUDDA-HOO! SCUOOA-HAY! color IRIS 6508 Mlyd. Rl. 1. 12:15. GL-5862 Don O'Connor, Olea San Juan in ARE YOU WITH IT?; DEAR MURDERER LOMA S.M.-Weit'n. Ct. 2,Fr .Pit. GL-8713 Irene Dunne in I REMEMBER MAMA: Mature, FURY AT FURNACE CREEK VOGUE KS75 Hljwd Ct. 12 .on.GR-255S Randolph Scott in CORONER CREEK; alto MV DOG RUSTY OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, W. L. A., CULVER CITY DOME Open 12:45. Santa Monica 63273 Stanwyek-Heflin, B. F.'a DAUGHTER; THE COUNTERFEITERS CRITERION ConU 12. B.M..5S2S2 Hepburn, Tracy, Johnson In STATE OF THE UNION; alaa CURLEY ROSEMARY Donr. op. 45. S.M.-6327S Humphrey Bogart in SAHARA; Edw. G. Robinson In DESTROYER VENICE Venice. 8. M. -63278 Tony Martin, V. Da Carle, CASBAH; Jamea Craig. MAN FROM TEXAS BUNDV Pico-Ceminela. Fr.Plr. AR-S5161 Sutan Peter In SIGN OF THE RAM; Eddie Cantor In IF YOU KNEW SUSIE TIVOLI 1152S Sta. Mon. Blvrt. AR-31836 MIUand-Lauehton In THE BIG CLOCK; SCUD0A-H00! SCUDDA-HAY! color NU ART Sawte!!e-ta. M"B. B!. AR-3370S Spanish, MATE ROSITA ALVAREZ; BRUMAS IN EL RIACHUELO WILSHIRE IS 1 4 W'il.htre Bt. S.M. -56995 Qrant-Yeung-Niven. BISHOP'S WIFE; Acad, Winner, Gentleman'! Agreement CULVER Wash. -Dun. On 5:30. VE-83124 Randolph Scott in CORONER CREEK; also MY DOQ RUSTY HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mat. prices 12-5. JE-5111 Hepburn.Tracy-Johnaon, STATE OF THE UNION; WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN LYRIC 7208 L.Beh.B!'. Op. 6:45. LA-0602 George Raft in INTRIGUE; Kerr. Pidgeon In IF WINTER COMES MAYWOOD 4417 K. Slatison. LA-8454 Cooner-Goddard, UNCONOUERED, eolor; Kerr - Pidgeon in IF WINTER COMES ALCAZAR 4426 E.Gaee Op.6 :45. LA-3306 Irene Dunna in I REMEMBER MAMA; R. Hayworth, LADY FROM SHANGHAI REDONPO, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REOONOO SmokiBf. R-dondo 5254 Stanwyek-Heflin. B. F.'e DAUGHTER: Smith . Parker in WOMAN IN WHITE STRAND Open 6:45 Redondo 8300 Keyes-Ford In MATING OF MILLIE; Margaret O'Brien in 10TH AVE. ANGEL HERMOSA Open 6:45. Rsdondo 6245 Tracy-Hepburn-Johnson, State ot Union; Marie Wilson In FABULOUS JOE. color LAMAR Manhattan Beach. Redondo S500 SCUDDA-HOO! SCUDDA-HAY ! color; R. Hayworth, LADY FROM SHANGHAI IONG BEACH CREST Atlantic nr. Carson. Ct.12. 4-1619 Edw. Robinson, B. Lancaster In ALL MY SONS; THE COUNTERFEITERS NORTH HOLLYWOOD, VAN NUYS, SHERMAN OAKS, STUDIO CITY STUDIO CITY Op.6. SU-22377, ST-71977 Don O'Connor, Olga San Juan In ARE YOU WITH IT?; DEAR MURDERER EL PORTAI N. Hilywd. Op.12. ST-72983 Mature, FURY AT FURNACE CREEK; Smith Parker in WOMAN IN WHITE VALLEY X. Hilywd. Op 6 :45. SU-2-2272 Jamea Stewart, CALL NORTHSIDE 777; Bing Crosby in BLUE SKIES Color LA REIN A On. 5 :4b. ST-7-2942, ST-4-1141 Matjre, FURY AT FURNACE CREEK; Caulfletd - Lake in SAINTED SISTERS VAN NUYS Open :J5. ST-52731 Ooddard-Cooper, UNCONOUERED, colori Sothern - Carson in APRIL SHOWERS PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMSRA ACADEMY Open 12:00. RV-16508 Tierney-Andrews, THE IRON CURTAIN; WRECK OF THE HESPERUS UNITED ARTISTS Op. 12:00. RY-16577 STATE OF THE UNION; Caulneld-Lake in SAINTED SISTERS PASADENA Owen 12:00. SV-67143 MacMurray-Valli-Sinatra In MIRACLE OF THE BELLS; THE CHALLENGE UPTOWN Open 6:45. SY -34330 MacMurray-Valli-Sinatra in MIRACLE OF THE BELLS; THE CHALLENGE STRAND Open J2:00. SY-38187 Hellinger'a NAKED CITY, B. Fitzgerald; Acad. Winner, Gentleman' Agreement WASHINGTON Open 6:45. SY-70140 Flynn-OeHavilland, Robin Hood, color; Wallace Beery, ALIAS A GENTLEMAN STATE Open 6:45. SY-27139 J. Stewart in CALL NORTHSIDE 777; Robert Young in RELENTLESS, color PARK Open h:45. SY-42115 RENDEZVOUS 24; CARIBBEAN MYSTERY RIALTO So. Pasa. Open 6:45 SY-93161 Cooper-Goddard, UNCONQUERED, color; 0' Hara-Young-Webb, SITTING PRETTY EL REY Aihambra. 4th & Mam. Op. 6:45 SCUOOA-HOO! SCUDDA-HAY! color; B. Ahern. C. Bennett, SMART WOMAN POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Open 6:45 Stanwyck-Hellln In B. F.'i DAUGHTER, Adele Jergen In PORT SAID SUNKIST Pomona. E. Flynn, A. Sheridan, SILVER RIVER; Edgar Buohanan In BEST MAN WINS VILLAGE Claremonf. Ford-Keyee In MATING OF MILLIE; Susan Peter In SIGN OF THE RAM GRANADA Ontario. Milland-Laughton In THE BIG CLOCK Richard Arlen In SPEED TO SPARE GLENDALE ALEX Open 12:00. CH-5-1525 Stanwyck-Heflin in B. F.' DAUGHTER; ARIZONA RANGERS GLENDALE Open 32:00. CH-52S15 Edward G. Robinson, Burt Lancaster in ALL MV SONS; ARCYLE SECRETS CALIFORNIA SmoMne. Op. 6. CH-S1387 Tierney Andrews, THE IRON CURTAIN; Joyce Reynolds, ALWAYS TOGETHER CAPITOL Open 12:00. CH-5-1401 Dennis O'Keete - Marsha Hunt In RAW DEAL; also 13 LEAD SOLDIERS GATEWAY S. Fern. -Brand, Open 6:45 Ooddard-Cooper. UNCONOUERED, color; Denni Morgan In TO THE VICTOR QLEN Colo. -Adam. Open 6:45 CH. 51786 Grant-Young-Niven, BISHOP'S WIFE; Spec. Acad. WlnrntBill and Coo, eolor A. -i.o.ts .aw!.,

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