The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 12, 1957 · 27
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1957
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, VLt angtleg imw tues.,marchu .957-Pc.ri 1 27 . - 11 Wtynn Joins All-Star fZanuck Cast; Skelton Western on Schedule " BY EDWIN SCIIALLERT X Errol Flynn will star as Mike CampbelLin "The Sun Also Rises," and that just about completes the big-time lasting except for Romero, the bullfighter, In the Darryl Zanuck production which will start March 18 with Henry ing directing. Tyrone Power as Jake and Mel Ferrer as Robert had previously joined Ava Gardner in the main 'Jine personnel, with Eddie Albert, appearing as a philosophical nsherjnan who ' is probably a counterpart tf Ernest Hemingway, the author. All four male assign-ments, including Albert's are 'highly important t Red Skelton and Director Norman Z. McLeod ars J Close to a deal for a picture based on McLeod's story, u"Mail Order Cowboy." They have had the idea for- such J$ film for approximately a decade, and recently revived j3t when Skelton starred in "Public Pigeon No. 1" with ; McLeod directing. Originally the two thought of this 'semiwestern subject when McLeod directed Skelton in ;fLady Be Good," his first film at MGM. The story deals 'with a cowboy who runs his life practically out of mail 'tjrder catalogue witl various amusing complications en-Uuing. "Public Pigeon No. 1," made at RKO, will be 'Teleased by U-I in June. t ' ' . , jpETER LORRE 'SAD SACK' MENACE Peter Lorre, recently in "Silk Stockings" at MGM, will be a first-line menace in "The Sad Sack" with Jerry 'Lewis, David Wayne and Phyllis Kirk.. He will be seen as El Mulai, an Arabian, . , " " ' -" in the picture which will , start at Yuma next Mo'n- , J day with George Marshall v" directing. 1 1 ' Reported considered for ' ' , I ' , the role of Griselda in "God's Little Acre" is Rox-,anne Arlen, recently appearing in "The Big Caper" and "The ' Helen Morgan Story." "God's Little Acre," Security Production, is to be directed by Anthony Mann, for Producer Sidney Harmon. Robert Webb, director, and Joseph Petracca, writer, have come up with a story titled "Crazy Boy" concerning the friendship of a young southern lad with a Negro singer. It is said to be inspired by the success of country and western warblers, who are enjoying such a vogue. Webb worked on this during his spare time while directing "Way to the Gold."' Ha, was the director of "Love Me Tender" with Elvis Presley, but there is no indication that the new picture is as yet designed for the rock 'n roll champ. Dave Siegel has engaged Judy Garland for three weeks, beginning May 3 at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. TV PRODUCER PLANS 'VICIOUS CIRCLE' , Shifting from TV to feature pictures as various people have done lately, Bud Yorkin, pro&ucer-director of Tennessee Ernie Ford's show, has formed Nickroy Pro rV' benevieve Aumont that he is teing sought by Producer Charles Schnee for "Company of Cowards," written by Jack Schaeffer, author of "Shane" and "Tribute to a Bad Man." In thjs picture, Franciosa would have a tense dramatic part in contrast to his comedy role in "This Could Be th Night." Genevieve Aumont, who just visited the set pf "An ' Affair to Remember" at the invitation of Actor Louis Mercier, now has a part in the film as a French siren who is Cary Grant's girl friend before he meets Deborah Kerr. 2! SMASH ADVENTURE HITS! refill ' 0l5l ivmss& v w: mSM IU rum VMS- LI mm - U . rlf 7 ........ I " ........ I " '-.... liM nP'i'iCTa'B:, STUDIO VERMONT CCMPTOM V ZV -J " it IWWlt WMITTirt Sf ft CtrU IIS SKY VIN UTI FICXWICX totttW IM 0Mlwi H IM WlVft IM BfiiVf (M H l i i 1 f '-k bM I' '.4 tw ' - I nt :i Jj!f?t 1 f 1 ii" ! rama Roxanne ductions, which will make? "The Vicious Circle," a mystery drama about a Beverly Hills psychoanalyst. Yorkin, who wrote the story and screenplay himself, is being granted a leave of absence by NBC and expects to tie up with a major studio. He has produced shows for Martin and Lewis, George Gobel, Tony Martin and Spike Jones in the video medium. Anthony Franciosa is so well liked in "This Could Be the Night" at MGM Arlen 1 urn 1 .! at W'-f t . pfirM k i 3 &rW4WI assess """"IBirna, "am "WJ W'tiiir1 I TODAV III l..U f VINtNf n9'utusf p 1 1 I Hi.". NEWCOMER II ope Lange portray Mrs. Jesse James in "Tha Tru Story of Jesse James," due tomorrow at Los Angeles, Hollywood, L'ptmrn and Loyol( Theaters. Robert Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter play James boys. Opera Star Italo Tajo Signs for Taimy Here Italo Tajo, of the Metro- politan Opera Company, has been engaged as one of the stars of the Civic ' Light Opera's presentation of "Fanny." "Fanny," produced by David Merrick and Joshua Logan, and directed by Mr. Logan,-opened at the Majes tic Theater in New York in 1?54 and played for nearly two and a half years on Broadway. A special production of "Fanny" is planned for the Civic's 20th anniversary. Several members of the original cast will participate and negotiations are now being conducted , for 6ther impor tant personalities to give the California performances ad ditional distinction. "Fanny" will open at Phil Tononnoiv in 11 ilmi Hill ' 'fWi' i i t ..... v. ir v i i ffn'. lYd""""'""" VMPIA y1r'VOODOO ISLANO 4 V vi? TMMAOH'S CUHtr will ico. th r-t-t-t ( yl .ff i lit "h z 1 .1 I - harmonic Auditorium August J9 and is limited to five weeks. Clare Luce Pens Play for Gishcs NEW YORK, March 11 W) Clare Boothe Luce, both a diplomat and a Broadway hit playwright, has completed a new play for October presentation on Broadway with Lil lian and Dorothy Gish in the starring roles. Mrs. Luce is now finishing the script on this new. play, "The Little Dipper," in Phoenix, Ariz., where she re cently saw the Gish sisters do a performance- together in 1 he Chalk Garden. It was the first performance the stage and screen stars had done together since they were 5 years old, the Gish sisters said today. 10 theatres! l 1 rj 1 - 1 hi , ' )rH.f NH ' . .' ' ..... . .J . . THE SOU N DISC BOARD Strange Music Heard at Monday Concert BY ALBERT GOLDBERG What Virgil Thomson used to call the intellectual au dience" turned out en masse for the Monday Evening Con cert in County Auditorium last night, the magnets being the first local performance of Pierre Boulez s Le Marteau sans Maitre (The Hammer Without a Head), which the composer conducted, and an electronic tape designated as G e s a n g der . Jungnnge (Song of the Adolescent) by Karlheinx Stockhausen. One would like to stop there, for this sort of thing pretty well beggars descrip tion. Boulez is a 32-year-old Frenchman who in a short time and with comparatively few compositions to his credit has forged to the front among contemporary extremists, a position he shares with Stockhausen, a 29-year-old Ger man, and Luigi Nono, an Italian in the same age group. Group of Poems ' Le Marteau sans Maitre" centers around a group of three short poems by Rene Char, which were printed irt the original French in the program presumably because they are untranslatable. In Boulez's composition they are sung, if that is the word, by a soprano, with before and after commentaries by an instrumental ensemble consisting of alto flute, viola, guitar, vibraphone, xylorimba, and various percussion in-f struments. It is said that some GO hours of rehearsal were required to prepare the work and that is entirely credible, for while the technical difficulties of execution did not appear to be excessive except for the singer, the problems of getting the right notes in what the composer considers to be the right places must have been formidable and involve ft "'"W h o JT0NY CURTIS - MARTHA HYER 7 CHARLES BiCKFORD KATHRYN GRANT WILLIAM REYNOLDS -RUSS MORGAN BllKE EDWARDS lam ir BLAKE EDWARDS m I ROBERT ARTHUR ; 1 fib ClOm NAOCR'JUUE ADAMS MARIANNE (C0K-I15A MARTIJinil-CIA SCAIA SYCNCY CHAPIUKRANT VIUIAWS'JOHN CAVIM Tomorrow in . . . mm jti. if tj-i-.- 1 fit,! lit n a species of higher mathemat ics. Plainly there are ingen ious organizational proced ures in this music, but if there is any meaning in a musical sense it evaded us completely. It sounded more like Webern than anyone else, with a minimum of un related notes carefullv dis tributed and no doubt artful ly calculated, but combining m a way that relates to noth ing in past experience. Catherine Gayer, sang the solo, and the instrumental-1 ists Arthur Gleghorn, Mil ton Thomas, Theodore Nor man, William Kraft, Dorothy Kemsen and Lester Remsen semed to function accur ateiy under tne composer s direction. Assorted Sound Stockhausen's "Gesang dcr Junglinge" was' a collection of assorted sounds assembled on tape, with a boy's voice as the only recognizable ingredient. There were noises like the croak of frogs, the plash of water, the rattle of sheet metal, gastric disturbances, or what have you? and u this is music it's time to drop the H-bomb. The program began, not unsuitably, with Thomas Tel-lis "Lamentations" I and II, a pleasantly archaic exhumation euphoniously sung by Joyce Ferrin, Cora Lauridsen, Richard Robinson, Howard Ghitjian, and Robert Oliver,' with Robert Craft conducting. .fNS&i WWWI x SMI Jtiriim.i j CXI SHOW wjwowwcu ,! T0NITEI:39 HO 34191 Iu lififlt Mm m Im tmt. M fea UM TUB WNW . H lMI Ml Mil St Ml ' Hunt Ct. W fe Ml St M U KiM WX1I Kiiinna . . . The kind of HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURE very girl lives in her dreams! 12 city wet immi I . ViIiHIlI i 'i Greco Will Dance Vivid 'Fantasia "Fantasia de Valencia y ragon" is one of the high lights of the new program that Jose Greco and his Spanish-dance company will present when they come to the Wilshire Kbell Theater Friday, Saturday and Sun 'TONIGHT iTfTOifr2iry iU IT SVf ACADEMY (Inglawood) t CAll THIATRf S LAST 2 DAYSI tn OilhySliiMr R(n-0W NlfMltrktrt m-Th MNfGRID BfcBGMAN rf LAST DAYI AN KCITIWO NIW TRIUMPH PON ROCK HUDSON zgiS&ManzBEnnrfr liiruillin iiikn DAN DURYEA - ira -iw jot - aNmAScOPf-TtOTOLOl 3rd GREAT WEEKI unt Daily Ntta MAN WGGOt KEENAM miowon ' AA WEEK FINF. 8 WlJft flm a IVIRLT . Hllll. tit. nmin-Brirnur, AN ASTASIA, SI WONDER OF NIW OB HANS BOULIVARO Wlh.-Vr.:4S. R 1-14111 UN IXTKANO IN LA ISII.EII tINOIGAT 0 01 TI LIMIRON CI BRUIN -W.Hwddd, On. IKS. IR-04093 M, Irando, TaanmiM n tn auiuh Moan, C 8; PUniy't lerts W UH L RSV 5917 Wll. 0. II30. WI-11101 III TrtVlrt. WII BEORDKI Wretl M.rmu, IN TM1 fA RK SMSASIY-Wlll'n-3rd. 1 14. OU-34111 OKLAHOMA. Oil orinlnt-Millanil. 3 SRAVI MC IN FAIRFAX B.-F'lt. Il45. WI-S311I K, Mlldln-C. RlKir, RARV OOLL Fnd.MH. THt WRONO MAN FIOUIROA!45.AO-70SU K. Malden-C. Itlur, AIV OOLLl JIrnlnt-Mlll4nd, 3 RRAV1 MEN FINI ARTS 8rwil, 1 i4S. OL-VlUO J rtmr A THI MFtORIM V LOI 0 FrrtrJtr.WKnnLnn.OIIirt, 0 R K AT MAN , NOi FIlrMN.CMll! tui;77 LOI OAVILANCI! LA NINA FOFOFF QOLOIN OATI M7 Whlllltr, 9Ml4t IIFALDAI MOJAOAIl FUULO QUtlTO M 1 0 H LAND 6604 N . Fl .1 :4S. C L-59MI Ftndi.MM.i, THI WRONO MAN; larinlnt Mlllind, 3 ORAVI MIN LA REA-9lh-L r.l.l:4J. W..01 CMM'-MtOulrv, Frltntflf PtrauMlon, tlr.t K. DbuiIis, Lurt 1f Lilt, C'l LIOO Ll Cltnn-IM i4l. OL-I-I.1II Cooptr-MeOuIrt, Frindly Fartunlan, 4lr. K. Dulll, Lutt Iftf Lllli C I LOVOLA Man. l. IiQO. 0R-I-2444 Btriman.Srynncr, ANASTAIIA. C'l Flut WOND E R I FN t W OR L I A N I MEA Cran.-liiufon. 145. AX-1SHM CMFrMfiOulrt, Frltndly Ptrnuasian, alf-l K. Oautlaa. Luit lr Llll, Cl FAR III AN Vrt.-lth.Oo :4V DU -71013 K, M.M.n-C. tahar, RABV OOLLl Fanda-MIHl, THI WRONO MAN STADIUM PlM-Rhtin. 8:41. CR-61013 K. MaldinC. Bakar, BABY OOLLl larlnlna-Mllland, 3 BRAVI MIN tTARLAND 6?4 N. Brd. CA I-M90 LA MlT.IER X; plul ORAN MENTIROIA TOWIR Camp. 0. IMS. NI-I-131S M. Brando, Taahauta f tha Autual Moan ,TI RR .an, M I Nl NW A R UFTOWN Wtin.-OIrm, 1:30, R-4llf6 B. Ilanwvch. CRIME OF PAMION; Cattan-JJndliin24A LLIDAV RAND vKLAOi W.Hwl. CI. I JO. SH-33041 Hapburn-Lanoaatar. RAINMAKER, V-l R. Rran-A. Ray. MEN IN WAR WEiTLAKI AI..-WII. 17:1S. OU-31920 Fanda-Mllaa, THE WRONO MAN: I. Bargnlna-R. MHIand, 3 Bra.a Man vmiHiR e-1440 wii7bLTii3n3 oCioitsa R, Hudun-M. Hyar-D, Duryal in ATTLI HVMN, Clnamajooea, lr. LOI ANOELEt I1I t.Bdwy. Ooan '0 48 Bariman.Brynnar, ANAITAIIA. C'll plus WONOERI OF NEW ORLIANt (C ACADEMY Opan 11:00. RY-1-IMI E. Flynn-C. Berrhara. IITANBULI r. MatMurray, Oun lar C ayofd rt STAT I Cp. 1 :49. RY-101HV IY.17U4 LAIT DAY! ilpnaa, BARRETTS OF WIMPOLI IT. Barnman. Inlarmana RIALTO Op. 1:34. maln. RV.1.1781 Caapar-Mccuira, Friandly Fartuaaien, air.i K. Pamiai, Lurt a Lita, C I IL R Y Alh. Opan Ii4l. AT-1-4M1 Brandp-Fard. Taahauas af thp Auiutt Maan. C'll Dlanay't latrala a LIW IrOK- FaniMw. ti.lM. IY M1M Mlahal Ray, THE BRAVE ONE, C S 4. Arnaaa, BUN THE MAN DOWN ilTATC - Famana Canl. 1:04, LV-1-1844 EtCUILA 01 MUIIGA) 11 I VIILAOI Claramanl Op 1:41. IY-I-H1 lariman-Brynnar, ANAITAIIA, B ll Dana Day, JULIE a I 4PANA0A - Onlaua 148. Fnll.HM Fran pay, min in war: nara Bauilfa, TOP IICRIT AFFAIR WlirCBAIT lantlAna IJ317 R Rrtn Alda Bay, MIN IH WAR: Far..., W.ila.f) Ntjjii WtlltH. C I FOE-Attahaim " ' Bi.wU B. Mtpou.B 4. Napa, Iran Fall,al, V Y; 0aM I. rfWl.ll 90S fWIIIIM. l-4 Jill i'aiiaa'F" faaiipuaa pi lita Amiu.i M n I I. B4fma, 4 4'a.a Mtft. & I c tlllANftl p I tiAHr Fit.,.! alJI j.jL mmt.Co,o W sf SHOWING ?j-luii tun ibuii mimni 1 30. m 1 4. w? t i (,w.(tM i . . . rmvsnmmmuMi , , ; t'fl (") . e.iei- tlllMMl mm 1 1 . . 'la. . ,, . . IOC,PSCK.IQCf3FS!'.:'4 Blfll Ml '. '. ' lltf .11 II tK 1 1 M ll i pi ii i I el f M r - )( r H t hi ll f I Ci i '-it J i day nighU and Sunday matinee, March 22, 23 and and 21. and in Pasadena Civic Auditorium the next night. Greco himself dances th leading role In the vivjd "Fantasia," his own arrangement of dance sequences of color, excitement and tradition originating in the provinces of Valencia and Aragon. DUiCI r it. 1 .41 1 1 YUt BRYNNER HE iEN HAYES 5 Dm 11 rawraw - WVM tffVlttf HtUl 1 lIM AFOLLO Mwd.-Wlfn. 4:4S. M.74fl K. Odtillai, LUIT FOR LIFE, C'll KaiT-KatT, Taa and tympalhy, O'l HINISI-1V.4a. HO-37804, Rl-141li Dalliy-RaMra-Nlyait-RuiK-Randall, OH, M EN I OH, WOMEN! C I, air, NEW FOX 1131 Hwl.Op.NlMn.HO-loTai ul ANT FarHInt tit Evlrr Bay HOLLYWOOD 11130-8 p.m. HO-34371 MacMurray, OUN FOR A COWARD, C'll Efral Flynn, INITANBUL, 0 1 I R IS 4501 H4. Il4. 13:15, M0-3-31I4 Conpar-MoQulra-Parlilnl In FRIENDLY FERIUAIION, air. VOOlil 1878 Hwd. Bl, CI 13. H0-7?58 Bariman-Brynnar, ANASTAIIA, O'l' plua WONDERS OF NIW ORLIANS 7, IRITIRION Cant. 11:M IXI-I7H1 C. OaBH. KINO A 4 OUIENI, C'l Mayward-Bamlai, Tap liarat Affair WILSHIRI 1314"wilN.Sl4S, IX-S4MS Janaa, Barralli pi Wlmpala Itratt, C t t, Ollvlar-J. Fantalna, REBECCA' FOX Van., 430 Llnooin.Fr.Pk. IX443II Caapar-MeQuIra, Friandly Fartuaaien, air. K. Dautlai, Luit lay Llla, ' I UNDV Pie at Can. Op, 6 45, IX -4441 4 4. ltaart-4. Allyion, Itrataila Air Cammand, V-V; Reanay, Bald A Brpirp CULVER Smaklni. Op, Si48. VI-11174 I. Mayxard-K, Dmijlai, TOP SECRET AFFAIR! Ryan-Ray, MEN IN WAf) CALIFORNIA Cent. 13, LU-71M1 Branda, Tiahaua at the Autuat Mn, CI; Dliney'a laerata Pi Lila PARK PaeiSa Blvd Op. 13. LU-71441 I. Wayne, THE IIARCHIRS: , Laneaater, Nil Maieaty O'Kaala, ilr. ALCAZAR 4431 E.0a.:45. LU-533H K. Oauilai. LUIT FOR LIFE. C'S Bannina-Mllland, 1 BRAVE MEN ACADEMY Pre Parklnf. PL-1-S1M TONITEI STUDIO FEAT. PRIVIIWI 4. Cmw, HALLIDAY BRANO FOX-115 N. Markal.Ct.13 30. OF 13173 C. Oabla, KINO A 4 OUCINS, C l Heyward-Dauylae, Tap Secret Affair FIFTH AVENUE Sth-Manah. FL--89i M. Branda, Tieheut at the Auiuat Mean, C Si FI, Ryan, Man In War f"IJnn'-' J! p REOONDO 4:45 Fark-lmia. FR.4-P4M C Oahla, KINO A 4 OUEENS, C'll let Mmae, ROCK, PRETTY BAST HERMOIA Open 1:45. FRpntlar 3-4545 R. Ryan, MEN IN WAR i 4. Allyaan, Yau Can't Run Away Frem It, C I LAMAR Mannattan Beach. FR-3D5na K. Oauilaa, LUIT FOR LIFE, C'll I. Napa-K. Nepaum, Iran Petti! 7f ALEX Open 13 Cant. CH-5-1S3S Cable, KINO A 4 OUIENI, C I: Hayward-Oeuilae, Tap leeret Affair QLENDALE OpanSlIO. CH-53li R. Bran-Aide Ray, MEM IN WARl Sal Mine. ROCK, PRETTY BABY - U- : WIIT COAST Cent. 11. Ph. S4304) Dan Oalley-a. Reiert, SM MEN, OM W 0 MEN , CSJ0 UN THE J4A N J! OW M CREST -Allantla mar Ceraon. Often t:MI R. Ryan-Aid Ray, MEN IN WAR, I. Chendl.r-4. Sru, DRANOO CP STUDIO CITY Open 1:45. FO-13.17? CeperMr.Oulr, Friendly Peraueaiwi, elr, K. Douitee, Lutt rer Lile, Clee IL PORTAL N. Hd. Op 1, IT-731S Brenda-Ferd, TIAMOUII OF Uft. MOONC It Flynn, Th l BiMdle CUILD LnkaWm.-Mei. 4 45 PO-3 3371 K. MelaenC., BABY BOLL ' Klrti DeujlllLUir FOR LIFE. I LA BEINA - Op M.IT 7)41 ty. 41141 NaarOeuliee. TOP lECRIT ' Ayy Al R C, Hmen. I V't'tul Fiaple VAN NUVI -Open 45. ITaia Itlii M.iH.a J.nai, 0PI.AHBMA, 4 14. Allyaan, Yau Sin I Rim Aay Fraaa II HNIN I II III l a I II VI IjM4 PleiifM'Miiinwm Ber PI Na tltiurn, en Waw,p, Nalit af Meuleiuntl (lvll,al Caol to It mi Cent. IMS H4LI.I04Y 4Nll C i.. SPlMl F PPIiip tvibie IIMI l.nt I DU IKIi i...r. ter . PxAII . i i m i,i mi lil el ( I 4 I' l II I p 'I . I 4 I tai j i I 'I ....-! Imm fliir.ll It lll'j I'll I I ' 1 : :ht;ti,H I j i I i if.:. I i f 4 I K i i I iif 1 1 ' ' NOW PLAYINO

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