The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 12, 1960 · 24
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 24

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1960
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"fe." . r. . r 4 V V rv' w ir - m v -v1.--- i - v Pert MSI., AUG. 12,1960 : Xp flnjtlr Omt -2 Pinch Will Join i 'Cleopatra' Cast - Boyd, Liz Taylor His Co-stars; Pearl Bailey Due in Britain 1 i , BY HEDDA HOPPER " 'Peter Finch definitely does Caesar and, Stephen Boyd Antony with Liz Taylor in "Deopatra." It hasn't yet been decided whether they'll be able to photograph it in Egypt. . Finch will be finished with this in time to do "Mutiny" since he's in lattej portion s of story.' , Part of "Mu- ( Elizabeth Taylor tinyLis being reassem- bled and re-written with Eric- Ambler, Borden ' 1 Chase and one other ? writer each ,. doing seg ! , merits, Metro ' tells me. " j James. .Clavell ', has -j - .'written'-'a' play titled J" "White . Alice" which Roger Stevens and Fred Brisson produce on Broad- ' way.' It's code name for our radar system alert-1 ing the President of a coming attack; only he can push the red button that will start war. They hope to get Robert Young and Christopher Plummer as their stars. .; . Allen Reisner in New York looking for a story. when he came across the novel 'The Captain Must . Die' which he and Steve McQueen will do as a picture, either at U-I or at Metro. He said; "It's an old-,. fashioned thriller.? " Allen's been in New York for months and his return was like a giant 'reception. Nothing Like Pearlie Mae I'm certain that England will roll out' the red carpet for Pearl Bailey on her arrival at Christmas time to play Palladium and for. two V specsj She's break: ing records at the Grove, has'another weeks to ' go. bneu taKe ner 4U. singers and dancers along. We have many .fine" Negro entertainers but 'to me Pearlie Mae heads the list as performer and human, being.' -.. , , j :T.'i'; ' -. . Mrs.- Ray Massey roaring, with, laughter when she, told me this: "I read In your column that Ray was going to London to play The Queen's Guard' with his son Daniel, so I called uphis agent who said: 'Oh, yes. I forgot to tell you.' Last April Ray discussed this with Mickey Powell then heard no more.. They did "The Invaders" together. Mickey said''When I get a good father and son story I want you.? ; She. said: "I have no idea where you got it," : "From London," said I. The Masseys between theni have two (laughters, two grandchildren, hers two -sons, one daughter-r-his four grandchildren. "Sons and Lovers" doing mighty fine at box office. Made in England by Bob Goldstein, but his name isn't on it, never wants his name on any picture. From a friend who sat in on Bob's first meeting with executives at 20th, he made it clear to all concerned that they are working in a highly competitive business, getting paid well for if. "It's not a country club and let's not treat it like-one." . Janice Rule heads cast of Leland Hayward's play "Angel, Angel, Down You Go," an originai written by her husband Robert Thorn. He's also writing screenplay on "The Captive" for Kim Novak. t Jeff Hunter, David Janssen and Vic Damone great In "Hell to Eternity," a picture you can't afford to miss. Some of their battle scenes are hair-raising. Damone's so good in it that Irving Levin bought the Buddy Clark story about the band leader and singer who crashed on Beverly Blvd. and died. Doris Day used to sing with Buddy's band and recorded many duets with him. j (Released by th Chicago Trlbunt-New York News Syndicate, Inc.. I960) ! FILMLAND EVENTS v Ritz Bros. Signed as French Cabbies J BIG FELINES T&ee two jaguars are mate$ and co-stars of Walt Disney's new nature , feature, "Jungle Cat," screening currently at the ' F ine Arts only. 'The Idiot Now at Lido :The Idiot," Russian-made color dramatization ,. of the DostoevsW classic,' continues its.' run ' ..starting today ex clusively at the Lido Thea- Starred are Julia Borisova and Yuri Yakovlev in the title role, under direction xf Ivan Pyriev. "The Idiot" is the story of the impoverished nobleman who falls in love with a cyni cal beauty in his crusade to improve the lot of his coun-trymen. . . , Filmed in magnificent old St. Petersburg, ."The Idiot" wil show continuous - daily from 6:45 and week ends from 1:45 p.m. Edmond Chevie, who is go-' ing to produce the novel "Hope Deferred" by Jean- ette Seletz, has signed the Ritz Brothers to play the role of three French taxi drivers in the film. He ex pects to begin filming late this year in Paris. The brothers, are also up for another picture at Allied Artists, "The Three Acorns." 1 Connie Hines has been added to the cast, in a starring role, of Pat Crowley's production of Sidney Michael's "Dutch Treat" ' Tarzan Joins Marines Bruce Bennett, a former Tarzan, has been set by producer Sy Bartlett for. one of the top roles in "The Sixth Man," Tony Curtis picture which goes into production next week.. He will play a Marine Corps general iri the story of the Pima -Indian who helped raise the flag on Iwo Jima. A David Knapp, who recently finished a featured role in "Parrish" then 4 headed" for London for a role in "The Longest. Day," writes that he ha3 been signed for a film for Ivan Foxwell, "Let's Go, Mister Haywood," a comedy thriller by Jack Pulman. Foxwell is seeking Carv Grant and Doris Day to head the cast ' . Lippert Signs Marton . Robert L. Lippert liaison between API and 20th, after conferring with New York producer James S. Elliott who has signed to film "It fHappened in Athens," from a screenplay by Ladlo Vadnay, announced the signing of Andrew Marton to direct the film. It has been given one of the highest budgets ever alloted a production under the API banner. Lori Phillips, currently ap pearing at Ye Little Club, has just completed a new Tops Records release; "Falling in Love Waltz" and "All Alone." ' , V " June Michel and Marion Ross have , been signed for key roles' in Paramount's "The Big Boston Robbery." William Wellman Jr., son of the director. who plays a principal role in "Dondi" for Allied Artist?, has been signed by Tom Laughlin for a starring role in "tnnsto-pherWotan." - Producers v uliam Alland and Iixy Mascott have Signed Dana Bishop to make her film debut in '.'Look In Any Window" with Dan Grayam. Latin Pepper Buddy Pepper will be rou- 'Fanfare9 Will Be Danced Here Illustrating in dance the various Instruments of the sjmphony orchestra" i3 Je rome, bobbins' ballet, "Fanfare." ,tr the spirited music the Greek Theater on Thursday night, -Aug. IS. Each of the different orchestra choirs strings, brass, woodwinds . and percussionis distinctively cos-. turned, as i3 each individual dancer representing an in- strument within the choir. The dancer performs as the . by Benjamin Eritten, one ' instrument plays the three opening selections . Also on the .opening pro. to be danced by the world-'gram, to run through Tues- renowned Royal Danish Bal-' sical director for Jane Rus- let when the lavish company sell on her South American of 130 begins-its engagement singing tour. - lot 15 vivid oerfbrmances in day night Aug. 23, are "Serenade" and :La Sylphide, h- the latter being the ro mantic Scottish story legand. MOW PLAYING! WLiimiMMisirmmm X 4 Mly'4 nr. HOUYWOOO NO. 4-1113 VIM . Cont. nom 12 Noo OCEAN'S 11 Platinum Hl(h School M j tJ SAW rfewNANPQ VALlET t.J H CALIFORNIA . 1 . Barkaak TH. .57 1- Matinee Daily PSYCHO .-CHANCE MEETING ITS LOVES AND LOVERS CORNELL Bvrbtnk TH. J.525I "ir ENCINO Enein -1 : sr. 4.m Matinee Dally OCEAN'S It Platinum Huh School Matinee Daily THE APARTMENT PARIS HOLIDAY RESEDA ReMa Bl. 4-OIJS Matinea Daily ONE FOOT IN HELL TRAPPED IN TANGIERS WESrCHESTER-TOSRANCE D JU PARADISE 4 WntrtiKtw , CP. 1.0309 ' STADIUIrf 1 - TOTTtfirt A- ' Matinea Dally ' OCEAN'S 11. Platinum High Schocl PA. I-S37S ' Mystery-Terror-Horror! . HOUSE OF USHER laat Dayt of Pompeii PARK . Gar teat da. 4-ma 52 Beat Picture Awardt Around World 80 Day SNOW QUEEN a tONG BEACH. eWANGC COUNTY. TOWNS N. Unt BMk 6. 2-I2H ' STATE , Lln Betch HE. 7-3711 Matinee Daily OCEAN'S 11 Platinum High School . . Matinea Daily. OCEAN'S 1 1 -Platinum High School RIVOLI v, Lm Baek " HE. 3207 " ATLANTIC Nt. La Baack 6A. t-3181 BROADWAY Santa Ana .. Kl 2-4737 Matinea Daily. RAT RACE -FUGITIVE KIND 4 ; Jerry Lewia -THE'BEUBOr HERCULES UNCHAINED . Matinee Daily. i PSYCHO CHANCE MEETIN8 ex MONTEBELIO GARMAR ' MaaltkalM PA. a-!2l ' F. Smatre-D. Martin OCEAN'S 11 Platinum High School VOGUE PA I. ISIS . Sandra Dee-Lana Turner , PORTRAIT m BLACK . ' ' FUGITIVE RIND -v," CZE IA POENTE I Or ear t til i - .' V St" r Jaw '"I f I i ifcg"l -Tl Mill II Illl II WW?1 vViJMtiJT. rC s it) j ff DON DAN STAR " La Pnenfo ED. f.24t Sandra Dee-t. Turner i . PORTRAIT IN BLACK FUGITIVE KIND . WW mm mmNmm GlNairwiAScoOCi - COLOR by DE LUXE DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES MOU.YWOOO VOGUE H0 2-6621 EVERIT HILLS BEVERLY CRS4484 VnTtTCHtSTER LOYOU SPW410 HIE PICTURE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT AND THE ONE YOU MUST SEE!" Archer W'msfen, New York Post "A LADr.1AR HOTEOn PICTURES!" ' "Saturday Review "A THOUSAND FILMS IN ONEI An acknowledged masterpiece. An intense, original piece of cinema!'1 -v Magazine "A FILM THAT ONE CAN PREDICT VILL STILL BE IMPORTANT 50 YEARS HENCE!" W.V. Herald Tribune "A COMPELLING TOUR DE FORCE! It cannot miss bsing among. the year's best!" , . ., - m , N.Y, Times hoi V r.i bl iaJ V SHOW STARTS AT DUSK CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE a aaMamiMaiiiiiiiBBiiBBBBa Bawwwiwi mim ni IfHiuaiiiMrl S3KMT III II Iniil 9 ---.MM - E!llMtf:, illiiiiiiUil r TECHNICOLOR . PANAVISioiT JiuuiB . TORRANCE. MGE. FlOMt ' t TZZ,ri SAN lABRIEt tit SKT. KQU VICTORY ' . ' T'. M ATlNUM UKEW000 ANAHEIM-HARBOR ItVO.- TRUtTY i iaiGH SCHOOL" 77 ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S W.J IU T7 iiiriinin nrnitnA irrni utirit atatrlat AniilUMI rCMmdlCM NllLCi) JOHH GAVIN mi JANET LEIGH NOV CENTURY SAN PEDRO SOUTH 6AltWWI JltR u. MUNic ainnuit, SEPUUEPi SAN VAX CIRCLE NIWAT 39 OM0OTNmC AlAN DON ftAM IADD MURRAY 0'HERUHY intU' WULURtS MICHAFLS i i unvu ran LAUREL . LONG lEACN k "-".-m Mui9.iASEUNE.KaWeTOiL-l IN TANGltK i .ii ihn at Jack Lemmoat SbirleT MacLaxae FredHacMssmy Vo-mYMPic.rttMOiff. ROSECRANS NORWALK ILVB.- EDWARD raN EDGEWOOD VAN NUYS PICKWICK . PARIS HOLIDAY" - wLTos..oitANSE v rr , ri rt mum n Dolores MmzsMmCoE,s ClNEMJKScoe COLOR by DE LUXE I Chart l.l.AI.ncttrl Wlntwij ( OOWNTOWM MOLLTWOOO 1 KANT MONICA WoLIWOOO KiUSTREET HAWAII - J CRITERIM FOX ' MAM27Zr M ;UH2K. nuti ' CULVt CITT HUNT, PWC PASADCN , OLtNOAU - , CULVER PARK t STATE GLENDALE VEM124 IU7-3442 SY 2 7139 CN 1S tniWOeiTT KOONOO J&LTL0C MMM STUDIO CITY FOX y RESEDA r H7-i9; ; .nwy SHOWTIME! 1-"IM. j towWimW '' Cn rm UKiVE-IMS - "TRAPPED im TAKGEfiS" GENEVIEVE PAGE GINO CERVI w roNIO CERVI Wf fTCIitlTlaV CERTIKELA MIMM OR 4-3144 IT COMPTOM COKPTOX aamm NE S-56 PACOIM uuRa EM 92MI COVIM VINELAND v HIVf.M . ED 6-7511 : CANoea pam ICANOGA PARK DMVC-IM W 6-6211 J "ONE FOOT III HELU' "Trapped in iSarJIS m 11 '-ammmmmmmm 11 (Ztt II V II US V Hop -Anita E1W, CE LOS ANGELES AREA ID 3ENTINELA OR. 4-3144 Cent S. Seaul. Alsn Ladd-Don Murray ONE HWI m HELL TRAPPE0 IN TANGIERS U . AA. aiilaiMfc-rlial.W'.tt :40V FLAYING! VX I .1 i V h v I v fit fa im m r V t rf . ti i a Y KA!iliila If" ' I."" p.l CENTURY w,frtD"icuhnc'l( ! OR. 4.9917 PSYCHO Ctnlury at C'hi CHANCE MEETING t FLORAL r- siS!i!SK Mrti AN. 2-07U OCEAN'S 11 met. H. of B'Hya Platinum High School GILMORE ''illJ1 WE. J-22II . BELLBOY 3ra at Falrf.T IQST WORLD DLYMPIC 1- lammon-S. Maclaine BR ".Mil THE APARTMENT Olymale at Bnniry PARIS HOLIDAY SAN PEDRO l'"Vt?cHhnC0ll', r. 1.337 PSYCHO Gaffer at A'halia CHANCE MEETING STUDIO r- Sinatra-0. Martin EX. -B25 0CN'S 11 Stuil. at Jff wai Platinum High School ORRANCE FR. 0-8491 Tar W. af M'tha F. Sinatra-0. Martin OCEAN'S 11 Platinum High School VERMONT DA. 3-405S Varannt at lUnf j. Lemmon-S. Maclaine THE APARTMENT PARIS HOLIDAY PASADENA SAN GABRIEL AREA BIG SKY EL I-25M " Uanravia P, Sinatra-0. MartiR ? OCEAN'S 11 Platinom High School EDGEWOOD i. Lemmon-S. Mscljin EO. a-ll7S THE APARTMENT Barvty I. f 8 Ptl. PARIS HOLIDAY EDWARDS HI. 7.8170 . Petk 4 Lin Oik X Lemmon-S. Maclaine . THE APARTMENT PARIS HOLIDAY EL MONTE Bl. 0.8421 Lr. Atna.tllh U Alfred Hitchcock' PSYCHO CHANCE MEETING SAN GABRIEL F-Sifl'X2,tM?r,,i" r. ii una it awn OCEAN S 11 4 valley at Di War Platinum High School TARLITE 31 87C4I, AT 4WSI H inl at 6afwy -Alfred Hitchcock' PSYCHO CHANCE MEETING 4 INELAN3 Ladd-Oon Murray J'B. 0-7010 " ONE fOOT m HtlL on. vij m varwy innrrtw in innmuH .id . WHITOI HOOWAUt AREA ' D NORWALK BLJ' J. UW. 0.0JI7 ,int Rrflnmnni Near Imafflat PARIS HOLIDAY VHITTIER 0X 04287 PA 1111 Wlt at Rawanaa' Alfred Hitchcock' PHYCH0 CHANCE MEETING ehly mm IS. CtRti Drivi it Wllsdlri CR, 0-1144 ta4a ft 0:40 t m. ttarrla, EMMANL'ELE RIVA ) EIJIOKAOA Preic I llrKttl t, AUIN RESNAIS A laaltk.lataraatatnal Rilaaae it I J -1 i t; BASELINE m rakiAiiMMA 'jSail arnirdiej . Alan Ladd Don Murray ONE FOOT IN HELL 12 HOURS TO KILL TRI CITY. iv; p. 2112a 1 :j Btntadlaa f. Smatra-0. Martin OCEAN'S 11 . Plalinum Hlgn School j SAN FERNANOO VALLEYtJ CANOGA PARK'lf-M Ol. 0.0211 ONE FOOT IN HELL Canata Par TRAPPED IN TANGIERS LAUREL Alan Ladd-Don Murray f3. .258 ONE FOOT IN HELL . Law. Cyn W. Van TRAPPED IN TANGIERS pickwick TpmaoPB.sBT;?ITi TH. a0723 " ' - THE APARTMENT Ala'da W. Victory PARIS HOLIDAY RESEDA-: r-,ofrtl".- Ol. 1.5550 OCEAN'S 11 - Raaeda V'awtn Platinum High School t f. Rd. it WVae CHANCE MEETING SEPULVEDA wwjeoew ST. 0.U2A PSYCHO aul. 8. af Vict. CHANCE MEETING VAN NUYS ST. 0.7510 Rain at gem), i. Lemmon-S Mwlaint THE APARTMENT PARIS HOLIDAY VICTORY f'5iSK,Mfili to i aa,i OCEAN S 11 Vtary at cMatr Platinum High School HUNTINGTON PARK COMPTON COMPTON It. a-9MS Rate, at All, : Alan Ladd-Don Murray - ONE FOOT IN HELL TRAPPED IN TANGIERS GAGE F.Sinatra-O.Martin Tnniai Tn ami OCEAN'S 11 Saw at aaffleial Platinum High School ROSECRANS . J- Lmmon-S. Meclaino ME 4.4151 Lakawd-ReMtrani THE APARTMENT PARIS HOLIDAY SOUTH GATE LU. 4-1137 All Ftrfii- LONG BEACH Alfred Hitchcock' PSYCHO CHANCE MFfTINC CIRCLE GE. Mil Lane Staeli Alfred Hitchcock' PSYCHO CHANCE MEETING LAKEW000 . SA, 4-0031 Caraan at Cherry f, Sinatra-D. Martin . OCEAN'S 11 Platinum High School if aiita Fa at 23r0 TRAPPED IN TANGIERS LOS ALTOS -. NA. 5-7423 g1lH..lWrFa J, Lemmon-S. Maclaln THE APARTMENT PARIS HOMOAY ORAMT.E COUNTY ANAHEIM 'i't?.wfrtl IA. 0.3528 ' uvinna II L'maa a Q'tnraM riannum nign scnooi HIWAY 39 TWHMDke S.350I nr, ana. er. hi. Alfred Hitchcock'0 . PSYCHO CHWCE MFETING HARBOR BLVD f- la .mi OCEAN S 11 Bet. Reiia-Idleaer Platinum High School CFANGE - Killna 0-20JI Rnnfa Ana J, Lemmon-S. Maclaine THE APARTMENT ., ' PARIS HOLIOAY PAULO Kl. a.nil Sa Santa Ana Ain Ladd-Den Murray ONE FOOT IN HELL TRAPPED IN TANGIERS This is to help ' you enjoy PSYCHO more. By the way, after you see the picture, please don't giveaway the ending, it's the only one we have. Consult each theatre Box below for starting . times i , of Psycho N 1 J ANTHONY- 1 VERA mL ; a a I r. a. i l Mf! JOHN MARTIM JOHN JANET I This l to help you njoy PSYCHO mort. By the way, attar you tha pictura, plaasa don't glvo away tha andlng. It's tha only ona wo hava. ALFRnDlllU TIIAA1 j Screenplay lavmrTiliA BamtheNwfH u k.i v ii i nun i HOW PLAYING in 20 TIIEATHES S DRIVE-K!S! Dill ataaiitaiaMti . 00WNT0WR .. V - MA 7 4511 . . . ' imaiw -, r., 11:20-1:35-3:55 6:10-8:25-10:45 HOLLYWOOD IRIS H0 12114 amaacu aau vax mtr , (Attra ibonica a RET - F8X v WILSHIRE " M Mltl .',STV273t. . IXS0WS ', 12:30-3:00 L:3OO:0Oi10:3O COWFTON RCH31J : WOLIWOOO S-itcl L'tlitl 0f H77 ; . FKiWN - 8Srri8 A5TJSTS . OUMOM CAPITOL ; 'CUrutlAZef . v tmn C3LSCH CATf ; ' Ah IIIM 12:30 - 3:00 - 5:30 - 0:00 -10:30 WIST L A. PICWOOO 7:45 10:15 I,- t kbs -chakce Kiwrir a theatres m &xtm irm eaw . ua..i I 1; 'AT All PACIFIC DRIVE-INS 1ST SHOWING "PSYCHO" DAILY 8:15 (M J CAuiSnniA V -s-.v "PSYCHO" will tx tnown 2nd lama tetSowing "CHANCE KCEnNfi" TH4-1M7 a ii i i i I 1 I I I ' in i . '' Muu.uinna aOUTM aiTt iHMMIIC VAN PH7T .r?,,. 01 ttOWTf IL IRMtTt I 04H MOM 1:00-4:45 . conin teni un mmai sifbikm 2P umw spiKDio aa aaiMW aant taid-w ,t mm-m- , . .nf ariniai mihw i aarnia 8:30-10:15 0T,T, io-iii7! wmiit st cssa Suili w tehw

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