The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 10, 1958 · 43
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 43

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, June 10, 1958
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Welles Paradox f : .... . as Film Director K Great Potential Still Evident ( ! ' in Maker of 'Touch of EviV j . BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER 'p Orson Welles is one of the few great directors of motion, pictures, yet the only great picture he ever directed was "Citizen Kane.", A paradox. Nevertheless no serious follower of the cinema should allow himself to miss a Welles work as, remiss myself, I Orson Welles et Leigh, were three. "Kane" alumni Joseph Cot-ten, Ray Collins and Harry Shannon and two improbable "guest stars," Marlene Dietrich and Zsa Zsa Gabor. ? As usual, Welles has placed mood above content; But what mood! "Touch of Evil" is underkeyed, un-derlighted and undermonitored (for sound), but with the assistance of Russell Metty's marvelous mobile camera it charges ahead like the pure cinema it so Oi it'll sui-Uccua in ueuig, uuuipicic wiui uuih-ui miuwo. As the New Republic reviewer wrote, "If Touch of Evil' had come from France directed by, say, Henri-Georges Clouzot, it would now be playing at all the art houses, and phrases like 'structural plasticity' and delicate aiaDOiism wouia De niiing uie uriuuu au. Yet what happened? U-I tossed the film into gen- am) mlnQM orA i4- Viae wftnnH nn Inpnllv nc tVlP ca. - a 111 eta lacaoc aiiu L iirj tvw. nrH hnlf nf rtraihlp hills. EDITING DONE BY COUPLE OF OTHERS ' This is not the "Touch of Evil" which the rotund, orotund Orson left behind when he departed the studio. Retakes and final cutting are the work, of others. ;;. In London Welles answered a complaining critic by charging "wholesale re-editing of the film by yi t. ' i rwmmm .j j Janet Leigh the confusion further con founded preferably with, but perhaps of necessity Without, its maker. V The tragedy is that this gifted artist has riever brought discipline to his work-and discipline of himself least of all. For all its perverse brilliance "Touch of Evil" is, even in re-edited form, a taxing thing to follow. I What of the future for Welles the director? Recently he told another interviewer that he may quit directing altogether and concentrate on acting and ithat would be a pity indeed. Yet, said he, "Only once my own editing of. a film has been the version put Into release (presumably "Citizen Kane") . Excepting the Shakespearean experiments ("Macbeth" and 'Othello"), only twice have I been given any voice at all in the 'level' of my subject matter. I have to take what comes along or accept the alternative, which is not working at all." ; He is working now in Paris acting in "The Roots of Heaven." f uaui biiviu Sk Im ' 1 nTTnlTIc 1 j nun rLAi liiw ftfCTva 1 1 ii i . . wrMrw. .-J i ; screen! gj ,- ; j II li !il SlS I VOGUE bnpt TOCUt KOMTOEUI I CTlA te,Is,i bsK 1 !i pari Vr SHn eiTMPic rKiwKi K:.."- ZZ"Z. jrns.. tan 41 )UW WL WW RT II UNDER ROAD" "RIDE OUT FOR REVENGE" yx 2nd WEEK in If MARLON MONTGOMWy ...MAM... BRAIID0 CLIFT f.lARTIN realized when I caught up with "Touch of Evil" last Sunday at the Carmel Theater. "Touch of Evil" was scripted and directed by Welles for U-I. He cast himself as a slob of a'po-lice captain in an American border town who has an unhealthy prejudice against Mexicans. Jn his acting company, besides Charlton Heston and Jan- , S11 . 11 'A? 1 It ww. w ...w ' . the executive producer, a . process of rehashing in which I was forbidden to participate. Confusion was further confounded by several added scenes which I did not write and was not invited to direct." The sad fact is that the studio may, well have been justified in attempting to clear up some of lOttAICI mvi-in m yum imw b VI IN n na 17 Theatres! INNOCENCE France Nuyen portrays daughter of Bloody Mary in Rodgers and Hammerstein James Michener epic, "South Pacific," n'ow exclusively in run at Egyptian Theater. 'Hot Spell' Will Start Two Academy Award win-' nmg players, Shirley Booth and Anthony Quinn, form the starring team in Hal Wallis' new production for Paramount, "Hot Spell, opening Wednesday at the State, Vogue, Fox Beverly, Academy in Inglewood,' Cal ifornia in Burbank. Golden Gate and Pasadena State Theaters and the Olympic, Van Nuys and Big Sky JJnve-ins. The picture, photographed m vista Vision, also stars Shirley MacLaine in her first dramatic role and Earl Hoi- liman, who first attracted at tention as the younger brother in "The Rainmaker." "Hot Spell" tells the story of a- family and the effect on it of an intense heat wave in the small Louisiana town in which they live. "Hot Spell" was directed by Daniel Mann, who has "Come Back Little Sheba" and "The Rose Tattoo" to his credit, features. Eileen Heck-art and Valerie Allen in important roles. 'Thunder Road in 14 Theaters Now showing at the Or pheurri, Vogue, and 12 neigh borhood theaters and drive- ins, "Thunder Road" stars Robert Mitchum, costars Gene Barry and Jacques Au- buchon and features Singer Keely Smith, Trevor Bar- dette, Sandra Knight and Jim Mitchum, Robert's son, LmSB Wfi THE . PiCTl MOST ACCLAIMED llPb-v JRE OF OUR TIME! W) VQ 8 awards UEuaiujiiMR-MomiMcun MtSo" I. tenm f tr flWIMI If MOT K LAST! OK THE A nwNK COOK nooucnori mctiwooo CENTINEU (MM( tflMM 0 9 7m TMIUKI tfMHM TORRANCE omvc-iN ft llW.ltmp SAN CAItlFl UUREl rPTTWTTTZTTTnmTH THE SOUNDING BOARD Paganini Quartet, Singers Perform BY ALBERT GOLDBERG Music for voice and string quartet is not one of the most widely favored mediums among composers, yet the Paganini Quartet managad to come up with three moderately interesting examples in the second concert of the Los Angeles Music Festival in Schoenberg Hall last night. Generalizations may not be possible from so small a survey of what must be a decidedly restricted literature, but one the evidence offered was that the combination seems to be best suit ed to the expression of solemn and melancholy sentiments. , Serious Pieces . At least the three pieces in this form by Samuel Bar ber, Ottonno Respighi and J. S. Bach were all serious, slow-moving and without any light-hearted relief what ever. The best known was Bar ber's "Dover Beach" a fairly frequently performed set ting of Matthew Arnold's poem of like title. The con tent may be described as philosophical, being reflexions inspired by watching the sea at night. The mood is somber and the music is agreeable enough without rising to any spectacular heights. The voice part, which is neither particularly vocal nor very grateful, was tastefully sung by Allen Gildersleeve, a young baritone with a good voice that has not yet real ized all its potentialities. ' Vocally Grateful Vocal gratefulness, however, was the essence of 'Respighi's "11 Tramonto," a setting in Italian of Percy Bysshe Shelley's long poem, "The Sunset." The mood here is likewise gloomy and unrelieved without any very sirorg musical pronie except the undulating vocal line, which is typically Italianate and somewhat operatic. It proved to be an excel lent vehicle for the talents of Eva Gustavson, whose firm He's Here to Stay Peter Humphreys," star of British and Canadian motion pictures, has signed with the Glenn ShawiAgency for mo tion picture and TV repre sentation, and intends to make Hollywood his home. DOmEEED 0"a TAMCs( . tn ant fc 1MB KMS MUR MSH Wf rXCV DKKMNtH 9 CMWMM MffiM BIG MOVIE SCREEN! lIKEl-WMlEltKI ckumma nenm lt. wn mm TOMORROIV in 13 City-Wide Theatres! tOT11C SOUTH 6ATI tUAMK PICKWICK Ml VI (M VINEIARD . e-n a. nu rxa W MITT lit ORIVI-IM WW 9 and lustrous mezzo-soprano found grateful employment in the flowing melodic con tours. Miss Gustavson was also the able soloist for Bach's Cantata No. 53. "Schlaee doch 'gewunschte Stunde." funeral ode rather beauti ful in a quiet sort of way but not especially funereal in manner. In addition to the string quartet accompani ment this had a harpsichord played by Franz Waxman and chimes played by John v inceni. Jolly Work All was not gray gloom on this program, however. as might be inferred, for the Paganini Quartet opened with Haydn's Quartet in D Major, Opus 76, No. 5, one of the jolliest of the mas ter s works in this form and one that" contains one of his most moving and pensive slow movements. Thi3 was brightly and cleanly played, with a good tone quality that was espe cially notable in the finely sustained Largo. And there wa3 plenty of war AFTER you'v seen SOUTH PACIFIC I I if SEATS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES NO DELAY TONIGHT flt 1:30 EGYPTIAN FOX TELEPHONE RESERVATIONS SUN. thru THURS. CAU HO. 7-6H7 PARAMOUNT imxh 17? Ma with EILEEN HECKART-DANiS. manji james : (71X13 , -m -rr-T otihtmvw me Beriousness3 Io 2nstlf OmftJ . 1 A I .1 f .. oi ine vocai pieces in inc closing String Quartet No. 1 by the Argentinian Alber to Ginastera. TJip Paganini group- Henri Temianka, Charles Libove, violins; Charles Foi- dart, viola, and Lucicn La- porte, cello had played this here before and while it is not exactly a profound composition it is an interesting rimtlWUUUlli 111 IU BIILUIUUiS; ! ' There never J ifNfcA was a man A likethetid fP lltey couldn't kill S If ,..from the Cimarron f FROM 'i! c k n7 ' f zTFK$- " iii ",:" f fiA . i CincmaScopE , ? VjC -ffiV DON MURRAY- DIANE VARSI W Hll ' f CHILL V.1LIS-DENNIS HOPPER -... ferW'v, ROBERT 8UCKKER.iMH.)iR HA1rtAWATT.-,. ROBERT BUCKKEft M WENOFU UIYES M 1 . . . , & I : COMFORTABLY c . - pZ&ZIZSEgjQ Hfe S asky , 1 RE-,1niV-lie 0iil" l2N" Ul Sun. K-30 I wadiT 1 I lBTTr Sewon academy I -SIMM I VILLAGE CALIFORNIA CMiuuun I fix Test- 1 cp a.3042 m.7-sm - M0MTmad I " hohwooo .... k fTJ 2nd Fealur at above Theatres 2nd Hit at above DRIVE-INS I Starts TOMORROW in IO and diverting one, packed was given an invigorating with cleverly realized tonal and stimulating perform-and rhythmic effects, and itance. BRIQITTE BARDOT JbJ H" . Dul iouisjouroan y VAGABOND "THf IRIDI IS MUCH , TWA ID l&Vtf,?? TOO R-EAUTIEUll" AND I" DU I-M37 nHAGNANI is GREATi (-JWJ" lyi ta "The Awakening"! Sjy " 1 , ' steaming . night their . blood reached point! totk r4 2nd Future tt all Theatres except "BLAZE naf WILLIAM HOLDER Ann TUES., JUNE 10, 1y58-Pqrt IH f I; THEATRES! STATE Downtown I Fox BEVERLY OF NOON" Baxter .Stering Kajdei CM t Ul MHW UHHU ULWU vm visit fflgf K ) ' G E I S HATecfr 2 ALVARAD9 W 1 1151 wua nut PARK 1 STATE. U FOX l6oWlHGmwrJ.l eiYnric e set ;va m .wjIm-i iS'fITj7a .t ACADEMY im macs PICFAII PUMS CALIF0RK1I

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