The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 19, 1957 · 4
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1957
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4 lot flnjtlf 3 Zlmti 2 Port l-TUES., NOV. 1$, 1957' IVIivM By Dick Kidson Thanksgiving is a pretty wonderful time of the year. Particularly for those who don't hold a grudge against food. For en thing, it ! a day that krinnx Isaithu llfai family groups, which seldom happens in hamlalt ai sprawled out o Lot Angolet where it it frequent-ly a sleeper jump to the homo of the noaroit rolativo. The one who is chosen to provide the festive board fnr the annual reunion is faced, however, with a fact that can be rather shatter in a Seems that evervone who shows up has sworn off eating for three days prior to Thankseivinsr and is out to make ud for it all at once. This is th typo of table ath- imtm wit. .nn wMak havoc an any turkey smaller than a water buffalo. Getting a bird big enough Is a tough proposition. Getting one, that is, that doesn't taste like a roasted flamingo and it twice as tough. You can find one that's a dandy, though, at any of the famous poultry palaces in THE FARMERS MAR KET at West Third and Fairfax. Have to order the big ones now, however, because it takes some doing to come up with a jumbo turkey that will meet FARMERS MARKET high standards of quality. That is why we are bringing the matter up at this seemingly early date, since Thanksgiving is still a week away from next Thursday. But if your dinner set up requires a king-sized bird it behooves you to get on the ball. The best idea, of course, Is to come over to West Third and Fairfax and place your order while taking advantage of the tre mendous shopping facilities at Mr. Earl B. Gilmore's iabulous trading post. But if you are busy at the mo ment a telephone call will turn the trick. Don't even bother to go to work on the telephone directory. We'll give you the names and the numbers right now. Wenger's is WEbster 6-4672, Puritan is WEbster 8-0312, Saunders is WEbster 3-5004 and Weeks is WEbster 6-8093. They can get you a big, juicy 35-pound turkey that will feed the whole crew. As a matter of fact, all turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner can be ordered over the telephone if that is more convenient for you. All these are local birds from the Antelope Valley and the surrounding foothill areas. They are dressed daily and brought fresh from the ranches to the poultry palaces in THE FARMERS MARKET. These particular feathered friends are the big, broad-breasted Bronze turkeys that were developed strictly for eating purposes. Lots of white meat on them. If there are only couple of members in the family, or the choice of light or dark meat runs pretty heavy in one direction or the other, it is possible to get only breasts or drumsticks, whichever you prefer. Only the finest birds from the flock are selected by the poultry shops in THE FARMERS MARKET at West Third and Fairfax. You can enter negotiations for yours at any time between V a.m. and 7 p.m. Brown Makes Bid for CIO Aid in Campaign Frankly Asks Union Convention to Help Him in Election Contest Against Knowland Atty. Gen. Brown made a frankly political pitch yesterday for the backing of the CIO segment of organized labor for his campaign for the California Governorship next year. Addressing the second session of the eighth annual California CIO convention in Long Beach, Brown asked 500 delegates to help him defeat Sen. Knowland on the right-to-work and democra- cy-in-unions issues. Praise for Action Brown praised organized labor foe taking the lead in putting its own house in order following disclosures before the Senate Labor Rackets Investigating Com mittee of venality on the part of some union leaders. "I believe organized labor is to be commended for its vigor in spelling out and en forcing a code of high ethical standards for itself," Brownj commented. "I do not con done the kind of abuses charged against a relative handful of officials among or ganized labor. Brown launched a full- scale attack upon Knowland and the latter's advocacy of voluntary unionism as op posed to compulsory union ism. 'Calculated Call' The Democratic Attorney General described right-to-work legislation as "danger ous and destructive and said he opposes it because "it is a calculated call to class warfare. "I for one am for the pres ent right the present free-don-of an employer and his employees, the latter acting by a free democratic majority vote, to agree that anyone who is hired shall then pay his fair share of getting the benefits he receives," Brown asserted. The speaker urged unions N mam holtl, sna M mant monty. And Mlw no KiKtikt rtout it, tit rifht H UK uv you, not only M, but tint, incon-tnltnct, and worry ovtr both. Soctuii it's rifht In tho ctntor of ttiinp. Mi ktntilully furniihod suitti swut your tnlwl. So. com II you Oft, 00 ouictly nlrtthod, rttdy to ittp out to ihoo or thtitro or whtro you mill, end uo M t tho rifht H, GTEWART HOTEL Otorr Si'oot Union inunro FAMIIY SPOO ICfciloVtn ffl I fUTi UP 53 For toMrvotim hon TIL S34S tos artgele Clmts VoL LXXVL Timw Mo. 1. W No. Ml Bvorr Verntnf m fno Yoor Doily Founded Doc 4. lul Tho Timet BuiUino Leo Anooitt . Co'HonUe Phono VAd'ton 5-ZM5 CHWflnd Advortij.o, MAd.KXl AT NEWSSTAND! t"H Con loo Ooily. IS nntti Sunaov. K oonro Entered oocond-ciai mo "or Ooe, 4 IMI, tno pool oko t Loo Anso'n. ui. unoor mo m m owat iovt r cakrii Don end Sundar SMS ear rnenth Coiiy only I.M par rnontti Sunday only . 20 ear luu Beyond ami tons .... JS ear auua MAIL IATVJ Ytlf I ADVMtCI CALIFORNIA ONLY Col)y end Sunday, on monm ....... JJ.S Daily only, one monm ...... I. ST Sunday only, one mot irk by mu .... U OTHIR IT ATM Deny end Sunday, on mtnJ .... Da'iy enrv, an aionm . . . ........ iunooy only, an monfli , pottle commits Da"y and tundov. ana mum 1? Daily n iv. ana mono ............. I.1 awnoey oniy. ear easy ........ . 1 to accept their responsibilities to be fully accountable to their members. E a r 1 1 e r the convention heard from State Controller Robert C. Kirkwood and from Alan Cranston, presi dent of the California Demo cratic Council, who said he expects to be a Democratic candidate for Controller next year. Kirkwood said organized labor now faces a double danger: first, from a loss of confidence by the member ship and by the general public in labor leaders; second, from the possible passage of overly restrictive legislation. "There is a way out ior labor," Kirkwood advised. "It must put forward its own positive program to assure the American public that further abuse of power will not occur. Convention delegates re elected without opposition President Manuel Dias, Oak land, and Secretary-Treasur er John A. Despol, Los An geles. Speakers for today's third session are scheduled to be Al Barkan, deputy director of the AFL-CIO Council of Political Education, and the two top officers of the State AFL, President Thomas L. Pitts and Secretary-Treasur er C. J. Haggerty. Final ses sions will be held tomorrow. NLRB Hearing on Firings Opens The National Labor Rela tions Board opened a hearing in the Los Angeles district office yesterday before Examiner J. R. Hemingway on back-pay claims of 79 per sons discharged in July, 1951. by the Knickerbocker Plas tic Co., Inc., 11501 Hart St., North Hollywood. Henry W. Becker, district director, said specifications allege 79 claimants are owed in excess of $235,000 because of alleged unlawful discrimination against them. The Times Recommends (This may be clipped and taken to the polls for reference) Below Is a marked ballot showing The Times recom mendation for State Assemblyman in today's special election In the 64th Assembly District The district, which runs roughly from Coldwater Canyon to the Ven tura County line and from Roscoe Blvd. to the Los Angeles dry limits, includes the communities of Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Reseda, Tarzana, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Agoura. The Times is recommending the election of Lou Cusanovich, the officially endorsed Republican candidate. There are. one other Republican and three Democrats in the race. - LEGISLATIVE MEMBER OF THE ASSEMBLY SIXTY-FOURTH DISTRICT (Short term, ending January 5, 19."9) Vote for One LOU CUSANOVICH, Republican Lumber Business Manager CHARLES C. MORRISON, Democratic Attorney PAUL ROEST, Democratic Attorney . ALBERT E. SAUNDERS, Republican Accountant JESS WASSERMAN, Democratic Advertising Executive VOTE Continued from Second Page trict, including 50,544 Re publicans and 55,406 Democrats, Registrar of Voters Benjamin S. Hite is predict ing a turnout of only about 35. He pointed out that in an other recent Assembly special election, which was hotly contested, only 38 of the voters exercised their fran chise. The 64th Assembly Dis trict comprises an area bounded roughly by Cold-water Canyon and the Ven tura County line and Roscoe Blvd. and the Los Angeles city limits. It includes the communities of Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Reseda, Tarzana, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Agoura. LEONARD SHANE SUES CUSANOVICH, FINCH Plan to Open Nevada Hotel Accepted By a Times Correspondent LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18 Terms of a plan for the com pletion and opening of the late Tony Cornero Stralla's Stardust Hotel were accept ed nere today by U.S. Dis trict judge John Koss. Mrs. Rella Factor, wife of John (Jake the Barber) Fac tor, promised to put up $1,500,000 of a $4,300,000 in vestment by Jan. 15. Under the plan, the remaining debt would be paid off at $75,000 a month beginning eieht months thereafter. Mrs. Factor said the opening date will be about April 1. The Stardust contains 1061 rooms. Leonard Shane, advertis ing executive and radio-tele vision announcer, filed suit in Superior Court yesterday for $300,000 libel-slander damages against each of two defendants, Lou Cusanovich and Robert H. Finch. The complaint charges that Cusanovich, Republican candidate for btate Assem bly in today's special eleo tion in the 64th Assembly District, and Finch, chair man of the County Repub lican Central Committee, last Friday issued false and de famatory statements about Shane, a backer of Paul Roest, Democratic candidate for the post. Shane's Charges Shane asserts that Cusano vich libeled him in a letter written to Joseph T. DeSilva, secretary-treasurer of Local 770, Retail Clerks Union. Cusanovich, the suit says, com plained about Shane s activi ties in behalf of Roest and identified Shane falsely as an employee of the union. The same day, the suit adds, Finch published re marks to the effect that if Roest, a San Fernando Val ley attorney, were elected, he would be "little more than an Instrument of De Silva and Shane." The suit was filed through Atty. Harold Lovell. Cusano-1 vich is a Van Nuys lumber yard manager. Finch made the following comment: "As of this time I have heard absolutely nothing from either Mr. Shane. Mr. DeSilva or their counsel re- eardinz the position which I have taken with respect to their participation in ine 64th District special election campaign. Until I have been served formally 1 can only assume that this Is a fran tic last-minute propaganda effort on the part of Shane and tne Democrat- canaiaaie in the 64th District "In anv event I would like to have it known that I will stand by my earlier (statements and that as an at torney I am hardly intimi dated by any threats of le-Val action of this kind and that I believe that the ef forts of Shane and DeSilva in suDtiort of the Democrat candidate have not been in the best interests of our two- party system or of our democratic processes." Nuclear Ship Order PITTSBURGH, Nov. 18 UP) fWestinghouse Electric Corp. announced today it has received a $2,000,000 order to build turbine generator units for the Navy s first nuclear- powered surfaceship Supervisors to 1 Study Duties of Manager Post Up for consideration before the Board of Supervis ors today will be an official job description of the County Manager's post, to be vacated by retirement of Arthur J. Will, present incumbent, next Dec. 1. ; The Supervisors have the right to either accept the Civil Service Commission's specifications for the position or to make any changes deemed advisable by a board majority. j Separate Division In general, the description fits the present requirements of the county's chief administrative berth with the exception that the property management division, once a part of the County Mana ger's staff activities, is now a separate department under Robert Heuer. Previously, recommendations for removal of budgetary functions from the jurisdiction of the County Manager and also those of the safety division were voted down by a board majority. ''CV wf come 1 V " ; A I i , i i' see... . 1 , A. ffi ! J ' lilj informal If modeling 7 today V jj 12:30 to f in all 1 three edithl Win jamas- martin designs town to ;i ' '.T. I H ! i i : ' III : W.' I .'ij jK a . I ! 1 i tdv perfect tyissll it.. ,- I - nylon safari set! incomparable as travel companions and an impressive 'Christmas package'! tailored pajamas, button-down robe and matching scuffs in dip-dry-don tricot nylon, coral, aqua, navy, peacock or raspberry. 32 to 33 sizes in tricot lingerie, set shown, just 11.95 also, set with quilted robe, 15.95 refreshingly new one-and U life from new to springtime, shown: brusn Hforl2JS for half-sizes Marbrooke . . . interesting new tones and textures to light your .h'.f dress, check jacket; rose, aqua,t!ue. 29.95 .$7.25 to Jg-? 153 Fone ai, Nkfc W3iriea's ire5SS . los angeles, bweriy hills, pasadena -.1 t .5 "i ij M

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