The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 28, 1931
Page 3
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TUSDAY, KI.YTHKVIU.K. (AUK.) COUKIHIl NKW8 PAOF, TURK) Real King Is Next-Door Neighbor of Foks at Purchase, N. Y. Praiacllihok .Works at His Trade ?s Kinu Even | While Visiting America.] BY PAUL 1IAKKISON j M:A Service IVrilrr ! PURCHASE, N. Y.—Onh'r Hall.. the 35-r,03in Norman cattle that j dominates a great estate near '-ere.: has become the eip't'ol c-l Slam. For tho'.igh Kinj Prapdhluok lelt his throne in the care of n • while he visiis America under the incognito of a ni^' prince, no delegation of responsibility can erase for him the CUTS ^ of his absolute momrcliy. j Takes Joli Seriously ' For I'ralaclhipok is a kin-; who, works al his trade, n? is n;UhJ."1 n playboy nor a figurehead, ! All alop'j ULs route., from Bang-: fcok to China. Japan to Vancouver,' ie kept in'touch by radio with de- j •lopmeivis'fin his O'.'in country. At | 'ery st-p mad.i by his train dnriuj j the transcontinental <Ias'n to New York, a thick shsaf of cablegram* and lelcjrams was delivered lo the royal car'. *< Today :a) Ophi: Hall, the gray stone mansion which for at least two mo'.i'hs will te tin home nf the first ! lelgn'.nj family to lak: up residence in the United Slates. special provisions Save b?sn made for rapid com'.nunicalion \vith the ling's ministers <:n tlie o'.her side of the world. For he slill rulci them, siilivholds Ihe power of lit:- nnd deatlv-over his 11,530,03!) subjects. lie Docs Everything "His Majesty not only is an absolute monarch In t'-eory. but in I fact." e::plaiue'J Raymond B. Stev- ' ens, Adviser in Foreign Affairs t? the government of Siam. "Every government acticn actually is made by; King Prajadhipok. The making of every appointment and every law represents his personal decision. ; He works lonj hours a. his desk, like any business man. "In addition, of course, there are many official ccremanies r-t which he' is obliged to preside. And as r result of all this, he is a very busy executive. "The government of Siam actual- AV is administered from day to day iyl-ry much as is our own. All of thj various departments are hoadxl by ministers, and the cabinet mar.; once a vvc?k. His Majesty created an advisory body called the picnic Council, composed of five of the older and more experience} princes, which also sits with the council. The regent is Prince Pari- batra, halt-brother of King Pr.-ij- adhipok, and the Minister of the Intcrlcr." Special Facilities Iirt,".llc;l However, a few officials of the government at Banjko'x, as well as members' of the Siamese legation, meet their monarch every day in the annex; to Ophir Ilall and guide, by remote control, tho auixi o: the cabinet in their distant country. A KING AND QURE.N' MOVED III NEXT DOOR . . . HUT CURIOUS TOWNSFOLK FIND POLICE BARRING THE FRONT ENTRA^E OF PALATIAL Ol'IllR HALL. AT PURCHASE, N. Y., WllEltE THE MO:!ARCI!S OF SIAM Al E LIVING IN NEAR SECLUSION. llic Mail On Tristan do Cunha Train Dispatchers Often Suffer From Unusul Disease of Eye Here is prac'.ically Ihe whole population of Tristan da Cunha, assembled on one ot the rare occasions when a ship brought mail to 1 this loneliest outpost of Ihe British empire. He likes to fly. He has three typewriters, In French, English anil Siamese, which he uses himself. H-subscribes lo many foreign maga- Su-j zincs and newspapers, and bcth'of | Their Majesties read a great deal, j including western biosraphy and | "lislorv." Keep Up With News Op at Ophir Hall, Ke km-; is keeping well abreast of current affairs. His secretaries read to hi:u when the eyestrain proves toa Island" Will Hear From tho Outside World BY MIT.TON BRONNER I They nre Invited to wonderful NE.A Service Writer \ ship's meals. Tluy get their mall LONDON — "The Postmaster. W uh letters, from kinfolk thou-' O.neral announces that for the cands of miles away and hear of first i'm» in some years mails, births, deaths and marriages which , for Tristan da Cunha will be dls-. occurred at least a year before. In spite of the wall of isolation , p at c >;cd via the steamship Seringa, I Trie ] as t time thry Eaw a ship I1Y 1)H. MOHK1S FISHBKIN Editor. Journal of tltc American Medical Association, and uf lly- cclii. tlic Htftllh Ma;xzlne \ The railway train dispatcher is responsible for recording on o train sheet the locution of trains, the orders for their movements nnd other fncts having to do with the work of the road. As is pointed out by Dr. Carey P. McCord. who recently Investigated a peculiar disturbance of the eyes occurring particularly unong such workers, the dls- latcher may have as many as 203 elephone calls In an hour rcjard- ng which he must make decisions, and he must enter on the train sheet, which Is constantly beln^ moved back and forlh and up and down, decisions thus made. Obviously this continuous motion of the eyes, the head and the sheet may prbduce ' undue strain on the mechanism of the eye, producing not only the abnormal eye movements known as nystagmus but also a twitching of the eyelids due to faliguc and defects of vision. Doctor McCord examined 121 train dispatchers In widely sepa rated sections of the country and from 17 different railroads. HI found some nystagmus In 81 or C per cent There is a form of nystagnmi which Is relate;! to disturbances o the Internal car, hut Hint whlc Runl Cnrnmiimlies Being Elect filial in Many Piivls of Dominion. lly NKAScrvlcp TORONTO. Out. —Rural com unities In Ctmnitn are being rap; ly elcclritU'Ll. An abundance wilier-power Is the reason. Ojxinlnii of ipw sourr-ps of py.ver x-redluii In nil throe, prairie rovhi-rs. In Albenn. a trnnsiiils on line from ihe Don- river to Kc lontnn is bt'lnii built, In Sil Mrhewnn n ixy.'/rr ubnl has b?i d HI (he Church'll. while l!i outV->i imrt fit thfl t»'nvlnc.i nittv Is Ix'liiT iir<i\vn fro-n coil ear K.slovai! nnd HLKS ^C the Pi-o- luclil Poivcr Conuulsslon nre belu^ r"sl''iirlcil In sovirnl 'Itrrctlons. In Manltnba new devr-l^iim^nt* p'-e* in Drryrt 1 ^ 1 ; on 111" M m lt n l }-< ivrr nnd the Mur.ltoti Power Coin- iiirslon Is reaching out to parts '•f h? province not lilthei'to served. Icre fanners nrn b"^iunlii'« tn C'n- ilnv electricity freely In farm op- Ncvci- Too Laic "I .shouku have ifonc to school 25 years ago and then I would have been able lo rjail and write til 50," declares "Aunt llet" Gurganus, '15. above. reslShiK near J?sper, Ala. Two years a^o she started trwd^hlu two miles a day ta a school in, the mountains near her horn;. Sh3 couldn't read r.or write then. Now she Is versed In the "Uirce R's." lu tlic other v>rMr! n the Wlniiliiex river. Power from this source Is bought from the city of Winnipeg. The great new plant belli? built by a' subsidiary of th? 'Winnipeg Electric Company at the i Seven Sisters Falls will have an appears tn train dlsiutchers Is no ot this character It Is Imoirlnnt reallw Hint thi vlMiul -llsturhanc li wholly associated with th5 occi p.illon The train dls-jitchcr or-ilnad begins this work between the ai; of 30 and 35. nlthoiiRli at n'- li;rc Is a tendency, for young men to co Into the work The co dltlon teiids lo proqrw to pmr- client the lo:iiier the man rcmain- at the occupation, bill dors not to go lo the point of total disability, as In the c ; ise of nystag- mus among miners Another Intcrcstlm; observation made on 1-iio train ulsnatrhers wa>- the fact that mnnv of them have fonie decree of hardnew of heirl"". Tills Is related lo the fart thnl til" train dispatchers wear rlr>F"-nilln" li'arln 1 ' anmratns mar tht left car llirciKh which there is n con!lni>- VK hi'iourlna of sound vcves. nn'l nlso due to the fact that the <vn.-l : is ri-rr'nd on amidst no's* and din. nroducinc cvtra dependence on >"ioe cnnrliictlcn nf sound rather than air conduction. that has been thrown around the royal couple, they personally very friendly and democratic. But so great is the public curiosity concerning them that t-.cir i Sounr i5 i which will call r.t the island, wea- arc |th;r permitting." long ago this notice ap- ln the London papers. It almost like an annoucc- Speclal telephone and telegraph facilities hav= been installed there, connecting the temporary palace with Washington and As an experiment, before he left Bangkok.; King Prajadhipo* cal!ec" Washington by telephon2 and talked with Prince Amoradjila Krls- fcara, Siamese Minister to t'nc I United! Ktates. But King Prajadhipak in Kin- York b really more completely isolated from curious and friendly Americans .than Kinj Prajadhipok | on the Peacock Throne in Siani. Sentry: hexes have been built a' intervals around the Whitslaw I Reid estitp, and arnitd guards |ja- trcl its : borders. No one withou' proper .credentials Is alloa'cd to | prss its gates, and the outside world -"('.-11 gel.Jittle authentic informa- r:c:i about what 5025 on within the &',uare-tO'i'ered caftle. Health Is Trecarlous For in Addition to the cataract" I impairinj his slg'r.t. the frail, boy| Ish-flgnrrs5 monarch is in ill health Bronchitis rtcvelnp^d durins; lib Pacific voyage conflnrd him to his private car on the jcurney to Mew | York. Malaria and overwork hav reduced his weight to less ttan 100 pounds. American doctors, declaring that.(he success of the cp;ra- I tion upon' his left eye will rtepeni | largely upon his general health have ordered the king into almos! absolute seclusion. Absolute men r.rch Ihcilsh he Is. he takes hi I orders from his doctor, even as you I and I. J^j_ _ Stevens, the king's advisor In for| eign relations, declared that it- was this necessity for rest and qulot that wn's- largely responsible for Prajadhipok's decision to come to America Instead of making the | much shorter trip to Europe. Tlwrr lie would have been obliged t- I visit all the countries with Siamcs? legations and attend all manner of wearying official functions. They IJke America "The Kins and <3ue;n." explained the man who for five years h:r served as one of the kings counselors "arc tremendously interested In Am:rican affairs and Am;rlon progress. This is evidenced by the way the king has taken the material things of western drtllratlon plans must be kept secret. Occa- i men!, say in 1765, that a sailinj sionally they make surprise visits: vessel was leaving Britain to go to to New York city, motoring in with ' lne American colonies. But. even secret service operatives. While the ti :en the American colonies did King, like any ordinary patient, calls at the office of his Ameri:a'.i doctor. Queen Rambai B.irni !;o:3 hopping on Fifth Avenue. She is ;reatly impressed by the stylish hops, but is conservative in her oste in clothes. Both the King and Queen usu- have c. fair run of boats between them and England; the people tere not isolated; they were dependent upon the home, country for -linb in the way of provisions except tea ar.d coflss. Loneliest of Alt Tristan da Cunha, on the other at close auarters, before the Serin?a sailed this year, was three years aeo when the 22,OCO-ton liner. Asturins. Flopped there. She had on beard folk who svere making a world tour. Many of them were wealthy and generous Americans, who almost stripped them- Fnlvcs of their clothes, medicines, perfumes and other rvery-dav pos- s^ssions to Fliower the island people with rifts, so sorry did they feel for them. Nothing Just Nothiri- Nolhins all day but potato grow- Ins aid fishin". Nothing all night hut the rounding nf the sen and the rearing of the winds from the lly arc recognized, but by the lime i hRnrt ] js the loneliest outpost in rowds gather the royal cou;>le al- j a| , ^ v!isl British empire. Prop-1 7000-foot volcanic cone In the cen- vays has managed to slip away. i crly spc j lt i ngi j t consists of three | ler cf n , R main island. And. church The Siamese, Stevens HdmiUcrt.! (j volcanic islands lost out in the re not Infrequently shocked by • the manners of Americans. But Cing Prajarthipok and Queen Ram- bai Barni, both widely Wavelei and with western educations. un-Jer- i Rakov's Fortune -Turns Out to 'Be Slight Mistake I, vfV Trailed Babe With Seven Teetli A vision of wraith for Othel "Scud" Rishcp, 24, cake foreman at '.Fishers bakery, ftllmmcrod brightly and then flickered out when, officials of a lottery syndi- i cate Informed the local man that' reports he had won 134,000 on a baseball lottery were erroneous. The repcrt. spread quickly here late Saturday and Sunday when, according to reports, a report In bulletin form of the winners In. the lottery gave the local man credit for winning the fortune. Officials of the g'roup arc said to have later informed the cake baker that although the number of his ticket corresponded to a winning number, that a serial number necessary, was not the same. The report of Bishop's reputed OKLAHOMA niTY. (UPl—Wal- ter Ooodwin dirl not rnmlfler it- bad luck when h-. wns born with peven t.^pth seven vnnr^ ago — at lpf»*-*. his parenl.s didn'l. • P'lt hi-, did think fnte wns n<7 ninst }iim when n snrv colt kicked thw» of l'ir> tcrlh n»t. while VTS visiting his aunt down on thf fnrm. Walter's talc of woe did not end Two wpnVj; n^o 1'e wns bitten by i iloj thai had the rubies Fivn davs before 'that his own ''cz. "I-irlv" hnrl tf\ Iw, chol bn- "nuse she had contracted the rnb- of ;*"vcr lines across rural areas Is llkdi' (o bring In'o v opeiutloii this practice, w^lch hn» tor n K0"d rnnnv vcnrs b?"" wlilnlv followed In Ontario nrr! ; Quebec. Hnw »:!rrtrlollv Is I'srtt A recent survey of t 1 '? uses of electricity rn farms shows tint Manitoba Tanners nre now u'iliK 1 hydro power for such farm nur- Wf:S ns rlcanlng tjrnln. rhonninir and cnsshing grain. cuUlii" ,fesd diiviiw |K)\ver grinding machinerv pimiulni; water, rhsarln^ sheep air! clipping hones. Tbc bluqcitt Investments arc by those who have Installed waterworks In their homes. All users have llnhts In llisi' Jioii'os nild barns nnd ncnrlv nl 1 hnvn lluht In their barn yard'. M" 1 !' of Ihe farm h rt m»f3 cqulnncd wltV hvdro power have 'washing machines and electric Irons and radios. A few liavn electric stovc. e machines, f^ns. toast"^s. ho plates, vacuum clervncrs. hr-alers cr"<un senarators, churns, etc. Tho average Investment In anolt nnccs nlonc Is rcpartci) to be abou $!50. One of the most Interesting use nf electricity for the farmer I Manitoba Is In thrc^hmi. Whll (Ills custom Is not widespread, 11 ! minted out that the farmer \vh oloneercd In the use of hydro^lcc ultimate capacity o[ 224,000 horsj- powcr. It Is pointed out that the Manl- ba Power Commission has u eon- act for 30,000 horsepower fro-.n e Winnipeg Electric Company to 2comc available at prices from 3.80 lo as low as approximately .1 a horsepower a year. This icap power Is expected lo result l:i Idcsjii-ead use In'rural municipail- es. trlc power for this purpose In Mnn! been usine it ench yci since 1925. With electricity at cents n ktlowntl hour for paw*, equipment, he hns arcom plished a considerable saving I cost over tho methods formerly use In threshing his grain crops; Everything Electric Another appliance expected to Ix come common is Ihc electric mil In? machine, while there Is also field for electric Incubators an irocders. i The big source of electricity forj he Manitoba Power Commission Is ! n the hydro-electric planls along. SWISS AKK (JHEKSE CHAMPS GENEVA. fUP) — .Swlt/.>rlnn:l claims the distinction nf hfln» !.'••• bI0pr-st cheese eating coimtrv In the world. The chni-sc consumntlon of Mie average Sw'ss K no Iriss than stand and are aimised by American ' ivays. His Majesty, an ardent ama- ' •J ' vast expanse of ocean between southern Africa and, th: southern part of the South Acerican continent. There is nothing to induce ships to go out of their way to stop there except sherr mere". There services on Sunday, with the plav- 'n~ of F» harmonium presented by Queen Mary. Just Ihe other dav the stcam- shi" Srr'ma virnlessed from a South African staticn thnt she had successfully landed at Tristan. She tcur photographer, is perfectly do- . ca i;!e stations: no wirfiess; cite when newspaper carneiamcn shout "Hey, King!" and order him about. Special Car Pkascd Them Prajadhlpok and his pretty consort are delighted with the new car ordered for their American vis- al ' e "° Coaling stations there; na,' b ,, , ,' h : f , ln "i laml! , n ts . it. 11 is equippsd with a radio. Incidentally, it is arranged with auxiliary' seats facing to the rear, 110 products fcr export. N'olhing but abcut ICO men, women and children, mainly cf Scotch who make a meager ' growing potatoes find catching Ash. They have a few sheep anJ cattle and once In a while have real f:cd on fresh meat. They a snnnlv of navy canvas presented bv K*n<? Gror?" to h' 1 used bv the. prize spread rapidly however and 2Q lx}umls n r , t!lh , roli ;,, the baker was questioned by all his friends Sunday. At the bakery shop this morning many calls were receiver! Inquiring as to the baker's "gocd luck". with a ncr capita commni.lon of 12 pounds a year: Holland "the home of the chees n " Eivorr.T? nil 1 ; 11 pounds ncr capita and Germany 1 nine pounds. FLOIiAI. GROUP FORMED PARIS. (UP)—A "floral group," I consisting of representatives of the. ; principal flower-producing departments of France, has been formed in the Chamber. 11 will concern Itself with such questions as quick- Courier New.c Wnnt Ads Pav. have poultry and. Their settlement is hence, named islanders in their boat buildln- ,. a ! ic ' sl ?'' From Quern Mnrv came a gift ofi cr delivery of flowers in Paris, la" ' y FJM'cr. runs and kettles for each of lenities for sale at the Central Mirth? thirty homes. There were also|kets, agreements between produc- Innded two tons of flour with bak- j ers and perfumers, and foreign inz rowder. one Ion of rice. 1600 competition, pcvnds of sugar, tea, jam and salt. 1 eggs. Edln- Then. If another ship does not CALISTHENICS FOR STUDENTS LI t my ACLii.d irtk-mg iw »."^ •%•»•*! •" x ne.i icLiitiiicui' ia iicuuuu ijujn- ... -i>ni-i_i' tsat no passenger will 02 able to burg and they live in homes like come within a vvar. it will be back. PARIS. (UP)-Callsthenlcs have turn his back on the monarch. The usual staff of 28 servants will care for the party's wants. No native chef was brought atom. Stevens explained, because Theii' Majesties prefer Western dishes anyway, wild the exceplion cf soni: ot the Siamese carries. For breakfast, for instance, Prajadhipok almost invariably has bacon anJ eggs. Bur Radio Station for Britain I.ONDON. (UP) — Trie Dritisll Broadcasting Corporation has decided to build a new Irish-power transmitter on the south shore of Bristol channel. The ner station will serve the thicUly-populateJ industrial areas of South Wales. It will be the fourth r.igh-po-.ver station In Britain. thosr nf the Scotch tiny flower gardens ii Xo News for 16 Years But time stands still for them, even though they have clocks. The- arc cut ofl from (he world's news until it come: tors and stale newspaper;. _ ._ .. year or once tn two or three years. I Once they were 16 years without news from the outside world. The great World War blazed up and consumed the lives of millions be- croft.'rs, with to no'a'ocs and fish. And yet they been prescribed for students living tront rcfiis- to tcive the island. Various j in lycees, or stale colleges, by the I attempts have hcon marie to gel central school authorities of Prance. Ihom tn move in body, but they^The order ts seen as a revolution- have always declined. Hard and i ary step heralding awakened in- lonelv th- life ma" h". but Ihe tcrest In sports throughout France j ,„ lh,m Tn Ipl 1slan( ' t ' rs likp thcir '"edom. their The early morning period of gym- 'wspapcrs once a mcne s' lcss - tr ' sl ° 5s existence. I nastlc exercises started Just after fiosjieU Miss Oliv N'.'dham aid Miss fers the folk of Tristan da Cunha I Thelrm RMiarrVnn snent Satur- hnew p.nything about it. A char- ' day Easter vacation. PARIS, Tenn. (UP)—An cifht- footcd calf is owned by Roger Love, nesro farmer here. The calf Is developing normally. GENEVA. (UP)—A steady cmi- gralion for several years past cf I — luitomobllrs, electricity, radio. | Mennonltcs to Paraguay has devel- 1 telephone, aviation and all ^opsd Inlo an important, ccimmic r.d applied them to his own co'.in- j factor for that country, accarjlng without trying ta aller Its otl-1 to the Inlernatlonal Labor Burnx Vhlt PUnnrd br Radio C7ar IX3NDON. (UP)—Sir John Uelth. director-general of the British Broadcasting Corporation, will sail nl«ht ^t Blvthevillc with Mr. for New York May 15 to attend Mervin Richardson. conferences on education In rc'.a- Miss Gertrude lott. of Gosnrll | llo n to broadcasting. He also in- srent Wer'ncs-lay night with Miss lends to vlsil American stations and them a wireless set, bill it did noti A'"" 1 Necdham. jslwJy American broadcasting meth- . TOr t Miss Virginia Richardson spent'.ods. No Mone ! Vi " 1 ' rsA "" mBl11 wltl < Nlta L 0 "' I The islanders have no money.' g,, 1 ^,^, ^\J^i Vuh Thclmn Rich- It would, be no good to them. nr( ij 0n " s • ' i Thorj arc no shops, no movies no j Mr .' and Hrs . chas. Necdham shows, no newspapers no anything I had as u (r s , s Salurrt(iy night or, which to spend coin. The main ,„., 5 -,, Mrs ctar ,, Leat Mrs .| isle, which Is where Edinburg ls; u ,, ic Dl!nway and son . Ro y slluat^d, hns no drunkards, no g m :^ < The Camp FiT ?lrls of Gosnell R'ent on a hike Wednesday eve- itab!e newspspcr of South Africa once sought lo put them In contact with lh= outsiu- world by giving " RATIONS PLANTING SEED FOR SfilE QR TRADE 1'ure D. I 1 . I,. No. •$ nnd Stoneville No. 1 & No 2 §50 Cash or 2 for 1 J. M. STEVENS Dell, Ark where Edinburg Is no drunkards, no crimes, no jail. Dal It boasts of church and a school. The greatest event In Ihe lives of His people Is when a ship docs drop In on them. It's a universal holiday. The lonely folk are once ental culture, philosophy and roll-! The Mennonite movement. hr«5ly gion. ' from Canada, began In 1326. more in touch with the world. "He Is mechanically minded, ani T'.venly-flve different settlements Thev fee well-dressed pcopb. They | lias American cars and spesdboals. i have now r>:en established. ' hear the music of a ship's band, . Miss Ltlliap Ledbelter of Cornell spent Saturday nifrht with Miss Pai'line Neal of Y.arbro. Miss Beatrice Cook and Gertrude lx)U svcre the voek end guests ot Mrs F. G. Adams, rr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Progress and Power Present day imlustriui j/rogress of small communities is based in large measure on ample and economical power facilities which deliver power supply at once— when'and where needed. Small local plants serving single communities generally lack these facilities — lack the variety of volume and demand which is most necessary if the road for industrial growth is not to be blocked. The transmission system, which has resulted from a group of towns pooling their power requirements and resources, can deliver this power easily, economically at any time or place. Progress and Power go hand in hand in the small community. Arkaiisas-Mis§ouri Power Company "At Your Service"

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